Thursday, June 06, 2013

Sorry Sarah.

I hate to come off as an asshole.....ok, I take that back, I don't really care if I come off as an asshole or not.

So anyway, I agree with HHS Secretary Sebelius that the little girl who is in Children's Hospital here in Philly and waiting to get on the adult waiting list for a lung should not be moved to the adult list.

The doctors who set up the transplant criteria set it up the way they did for a reason. While I feel for the little girl and her parents, her mother getting on television and crying for her little girl should not change the policy because this one little girl has gotten all this public sympathy.

Now, because of public pressure, the Secretary is calling for a review of the policy, and a federal Judge took the unusual step of ordering the Secretary to make exceptions for this little girl and put her on the adult waiting list.

Now look, I can't say that I blame her parents, if I had a little girl that was dying I would do everything in my power to save her as well. But that doesn't mean that we should change the rules in our society for this one little girl.

Now, as a result, Pandora's box has been opened.

"A second child at a Philadelphia hospital is asking a federal judge to order that he be put on the adult waiting list for a donated lung. 
The mother of 11-year-old Javier Acosta filed a lawsuit Thursday that says if he does not get a donated set of lungs soon he will die.

The case was initiated a day after a national organ transplant network complied with a judge's unusual order and placed a dying 10-year-old girl on the list.

Javier, a boy with cystic fibrosis who lives in the Bronx, is currently in the intensive care unit at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

The legal filing says Javier's brother was his age when he died while waiting for a lung transplant two years ago." [Source]

I wonder if some of these people crying for little Sarah would have cried as hard for Eduardo Loredo who also needed a transplant but couldn't afford it because his parents didn't have the money to pay for it.


Palin was Right said...

"Now, as a result, Pandora's box has been opened."

The Pandora's box was opened when Obamacare was passed.

Now we have a situation with judges or government officials arbitrarily allocating organs based on the best sob story or the best lawyer. This is exactly what the whole "death panels" argument was about. Once again the rich and their protected classes will benefit at the expense of the vast middle.

Obama has already used the IRS and the EPA to stiff conservatives elsewhere. You don't think that "low-level bureaucrats" wouldn't do the same with healthcare?

What if, God forbid, we ever have a conservative government again. Would you trust them to be more honest than the current government has been?

Do you really want a situation where your chances at getting a life saving operation depend on the results of the latest election?

PilotX said...

We have always been in a situation where the rich benefit at the expense of everyone else. They have the access to the best schools, best healthcare and food. Obamacare may not be the answer but it's a step in the right direction. Let's work to make it better because us regular folk outnumber the rich.

Anonymous said...

The lord god Obama , who decides who lives or dies. Whether by drone strike, or death panel. Romney may have gave me cancer but its Obama who will kill my old ass.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard that either of the parents has been screened as a potential donor. Since it's apparently possible that the girl could survive with a partial lung transplant, why haven't they stepped up to the plate?

I should add: my husband is diabetic. I have volunteered to be a pancreatic donor for him, if it's possible, which it may not be because I don't have the same blood type. But both my kids DO have his blood type, and they've both volunteered. Parents can donate kidneys- I've read of parents doing this.

If it was my kid or grandkid, you can bet I'd be asking for screening. I could manage with one lung if I needed to.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

While it's wonderful that she has been given a chance, as Field says, the law then has to be changed for everyone.

There are reasons why there are pediatric and adult waiting lists. The size of the lung being a major factor.

Because the lungs work in conjunction with the heart one will affect the other. Which is why often there is a heart and lung transplant together.

I don't know the details of this child's condition but hopefully something will be found that is a match and will work for her.

It would be a pity to use an adult lung only to have it fail because her heart is too small or too weak at this point. It's in Gods hands now.

We have had a rash of near kidnappings here in malls and such. The rumor is that they are being sought as organ donors which would bring big money.

Fliers have been distributed and the police have alerted the public.

God should forbid!!!

Controversial subject this one!

MatanzasGV said...


i agree with you 100% and i know a bit about this from my former career
Also i wonder if the same issue would have come up had it be Fulani Ali or Nkechi Taifa a friend?

Sticks and stones may break my bones BRING IT I'm back! FIYAH PLEASE is that all ya got lotflmao

MatanzasGV said...

making it plain and spkntruth2power

One must be very vigilant allowing adult transplants s for children
i know a bit about this as a former nurse and now as a lawyer an forensic scientist

Field there must be no tears and no pity pot parties
Rather there must be knowledge and trust that Obatala is in charge
And there must be a willingness to let go

YES, i said it LET GO just like in tornado alley LET GO
And then become the change you want to see

What is needed more than anything is knowledge and truth The medical professional must tell the truth and when that truth is shared those parents will find themselves better prepared UNLESS its all about them?

Now, i have many grands and if this were myne i would know the deal and if not i would ask about RISK and be unafraid to let go been there done that

Bottom line many suffer for lack of knowledge and belief in lies

MatanzasGV said...

PilotX said...
We have always been in a situation where the rich benefit at the expense of everyone else. They have the access to the best schools, best healthcare and food. Obamacare may not be the answer but it's a step in the right direction. Let's work to make it better because us regular folk outnumber the rich.
Milagros said

Pilot x They don't get it however,
knowledge is power so Spk truth to power, drop the science and let go! They may figure it out

MatanzasGV said...

Desertflower said...
While it's wonderful that she has been given a chance, as Field says, the law then has to be changed for everyone.

There are reasons why there are pediatric and adult waiting lists. The size of the lung being a major factor.

Because the lungs work in conjunction with the heart one will affect the other. Which is why often there is a heart and lung transplant together.

It would be a pity to use an adult lung only to have it fail because her heart is too small or too weak at this point. It's in Gods hands now.

Milagros, read what i said about letting go and Dr's providing good solid info and facts You are right so is field..Its time to let go or prepare to do so That baby is suffering, however the whiners and the no nothings about the correlation between organs don't GAD..Its not their child

MatanzasGV said...

Making it plain

no wonder Issa is apologizing all over town

Obamacare may feel the brunt of this

MatanzasGV said...

Like others i do not care who has my number! all i can do is die once

Jack Frost said...

When we are all on government healthcare, and we will be, as Obamacare was never designed to actually function more than a couple of years, do you think the government will apply social justice formulas and quotas to the dispensation of precious healthcare resources?

In light of recent revelations on how the democrats are running the IRS, I think white male conservatives have something to worry about as Obamacare is implemented.

I heard a doctor on the radio last night say that whites donate organs at a much higher rate than other demographics, but equalitarian concerns mandated that there be no racial disparity in who receives organs, leading to higher rejection and complication rates among black recipients, and, one would think, some white patients dying before an organ could be found.

In France, where organs are matched to recipients based on medical reasons alone, the rejection rates of white and black patients are virtually identical.

Political correctness kills. Politics have no place in medicine.

Frustrated Negro said...

The ultimate choice needs to rest with the physician...

However sometimes gutsy decisions have to be made..

She looks just like the lady who currently runs the IMF

The judge isnt a DR, but there may be some other factors we arent privy to. U never know...

PilotX said...

"I think white male conservatives have something to worry about as Obamacare is implemented."

And they say blah men are paranoid. Don't worry Jackie, white men have always been taken care of in this country. Conservative white males are very much represented in government and the media. Rest assured Hannity, Limbaugh or some other dingbat will stick up for you.

PilotX said...

Actually I dare say overrepresented.

Lois Lerner said...

"Don't worry Jackie, white men have always been taken care of in this country"

Just ask the IRS.

PilotX said...

Interesting read.

PilotX said...

"Just ask the IRS."

Yeah, boo hoo. Overtly political groups didn't get tax exempt status. Talk about oppression. Whew, must be so hard being white. I think you guys need to leave, things are too tough for you here.

JournoList 2013 said...

Every day, a new scandal involving the Obama administration comes out. It's almost as if the media held everything from the first term, and then dumped it all 6 months after the election, thinking the American people would get scandal fatigue and just forget it all by the 2014 elections.

Yep, almost.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Dear Mr Field, The New York Times has written an article titled, "The Obama Administration Has Now Lost All Credibility."

Please read the following excerts of what written, . I would be interested to know if YOU still stand by the 'beige' man in the WH.

With Glenn Greenwald's bombshell scoop in The Guardian that the NSA collects phone data from millions of Verizon customers, the New York Times continued in its wave of criticism with an editorial saying the Obama "administration has now lost all credibility."

Earlier this week, executive editor Jill Abramson appeared on CBS News' "Face the Nation" and said the Times feared "news gathering is being criminalized." She added, "The reporters who work for the Times in Washington have told me many of their sources are petrified even to return calls" in light of the Justice Department's agressive investigations into leaks.

Late Thursday afternoon, The Times published another scathing editorial about the sweeping court order that allowed the NSA to collect Verizon customers' phone data. The board wrote:

"Mr. Obama is proving the truism that the executive will use any power it is given and very likely abuse it. That is one reason we have long argued that the Patriot Act, enacted in the heat of fear after the 9/11 attacks by members of Congress who mostly had not even read it, was reckless in its assignment of unnecessary and overbroad surveillance powers.
The board added that it was not objecting to the legality of the court order but argued against using the Patriot Act for this purpose.

This stunning use of the act shows, once again, why it needs to be sharply curtailed if not repealed."

So, Mr Field, are you still in love with Obama and do you think he will remain the "teflon man"? This story has a lot of legs. It is going viral.

JeedBe said...

Figuring this will be another right-wing hatchet job on ACA, I did some research on this policy. It was implemented in 2005 so has nothing to do with ACA. Kathleen Sebelius can't just simply change a policy at her whim..that is why a judge interferred and has now opened a Pandoras' box regarding at least lung transplants for those under 12.

There is a medical reason for the 12 year old limit...children at that age probably will not be able to tolerate adult lungs. It depends on their size, weight, physical condition, etc.

Now, if and when Sarah receives the transplant, who will be blamed if she dies? I certainly hope that doesn't occur, but when you take just one case and change the rules, the results may not be positive.

Anonymous said...

Field, "I hate to come off as an asshole.....ok, I take that back, I don't really care if I come off as an asshole or not."

Brother Field, I appreciate your honesty in acknowledging your true character. There is no shame in being an authentic asshole. Be Proud, brother.

Anonymous said...

Field is no different from the rest of Dem-leftist-anti-God anti-religion-anti-church-anti-Christian-Negroes. One by one, they are all going to hell.

Anonymous said...

Making it plain and keeping it real

Last word:

There will be no croc tears or pleas on my part. i feel no pity no remorse and no sadness, in fact if that child died tommorow or during transplant i would bet her surviving adoped sibling would suffer more

I also wonder if as much effort would have been put out for the sister? Who do they think they are fooling?

So the euro ghosts have gotten their hands on another Afrikan child to make thier freak show complete hmmm
Obatala, no telling what is going on in that house and no telling what that little penis is doing to that Afrikan daughter of my root

The cavewoman and caveman pervert are here looking like trolls and as nasty as they wanna be ie TPTrash
Yes, i said it and be clear it makes no diff neighborhood or educ or race except in this case

Everyone knows from my own blog how i think and feel about interracial anything
AND its time for all of the hatas to rize and get over it .
Because i am here to piss you off again and spktruth2power Bring it i will return sometime next week Bring the fiyah and do not stumble

Everyone within my circle overstands what low down nasty perverted child pedophiles (ie esp euro), pale, stale educated or miseduc poor cave men do to Afrikan children upon adoption or other

We know and i have seen firsthand the tragedy of young interracial children who have been adopted or kidnapped as in Haiti, while i was there after the tornado.

I know all about the pigs who have pimped out their adopted boys in cases such as this one and other cases i will add as i move along

Father 'raped his three adopted children and pimped them out to other men'.YES they are Afrikans! .. AND he was in the process of adopting a fourth
UPDATED: 19:00 EST, 29 February 2012

The man, 39, pictured, who Mail Online is not naming to protect the identity of the children, has been charged with raping his adopted children
An adoptive father is accused of raping three of his children and allowing men to have sex with at least one of them.
The 39-year-old from Western Ohio, who Mail Online is not naming to protect the identity of the children, was also in the process of adopting a fourth child.
The junior league basketball coach, who has been suspended by authorities in Troy, is charged with three counts of rape and one count of compelling prostitution.
Two other men - Jason Zwick, 29 of Beavercreek and Patrick Rieder, 31 of Dayton - have been accused of having sex with one of the children, a 10-year-old-boy.
'We’re hoping that we don’t have any other (victims) and we hope that we have stopped this before it got any further,' Troy police Capt. Chris Anderson said.
An investigation into how the adoptions took place will be carried out by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.
'We are absolutely pulling the paperwork from this case and staff is looking through it,' said Ben Johnson of ODJFS.

Would that fam had fought as hard for the Afrikan? Prove it
Next terror in Haiti

Anonymous said...

Making it plain

Bringing fiyah

No one can tell me that i don't have a clue Frank Lombard, is a pedophile who bought and sought the children of Afrika to exploit Why? They were cheap!

i have seen the damage done to children by men i have sent to prison, children in hosp as well as men whom i have fought for while on death row
So stop the tears pull up ya baggy pantalones and be the change you want to see. UNLESS you also prefer the but

As one comment said
Homosexuality is not a sexual orientation. The very idea of "sexual orientation" is a sad invention of our time. Homosexuality is a deep perversion, a sick psyche. We should call for rescue from this degeneration, not acceptance. Amazing how liberal ideologues will hear, see, and not for one second consider opening their closed minds to this overt truth. How they must so desperately cling to their lies that they would sacrifice truth and health of society.

Now, eye see any pedophile as a sick danger regardless
So does this make children who are adopted by homos more dangerous than others ,i think not however i stand my ground when it comes to adoptions of Afrikan by cavemen
Hold on peeps there is more ))) Time for a game of Dominoes? game is sacred in Cuba

Anonymous said...

Making it plain in my state

Rape of children Adopted children
This is the tragedy of some adoptions and esp as it relates to brown children i know this case well and its nasty..These children are all hues and perhaps they should not been able to adopt The female children were raped repeatedly by the old male and the Afrikan Dominicano was murdered

The birth parent was not any better

Barahona was old and former foster care parents They abused those children for yrs and thank Obatala that someone called for help even too late..This pervert tried to get rid of the evidence

The state dropped the ball and there was a fam SECRET oh what havoc a little penis can create
Here in Fla social workers are now obligated to work weekends.

More to follow

Anonymous said...

Making it plain

Adoption of Afrikas finest abused and mistreated and left to die how did that happen was she starved on purpose? YES

Hana Williams, adopted from Ethiopia by the couple in 2008, died on May 12 after she was found unconscious outside shortly after midnight, in temperatures hovering around 40 degrees, authorities said.

SEATTLE | Fri Oct 7, 2011

(Reuters) – A couple accused of starving their adopted 13-year-old Ethiopian-born daughter and locking her outside in the cold, where she died from exposure, pleaded not guilty on Thursday to homicide and child abuse charges. Read more.

Updated: Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Washington state couple has been arrested on homicide charges in the death of Hana Williams, their 13-year-old daughter who was adopted from Ethiopia.

“Larry and Carri Williams were arrested Thursday and jailed on $500,000 bond,” The Skagit Valley Herald reported. “Prosecutors say the girl, Hana Williams, lived in a closet and was denied meals for days at a time.”

According to the paper: “The parents were charged Thursday with homicide by abuse for the treatment of Hana Williams. They were also charged with first-degree child assault of Hana’s 10-year-old brother, who was adopted with her.”

Hana was found unconscious on May 12, 2011 in the backyard of the Williams’ home in Sedro-Woolley, a city about 70 miles north of Seattle. She was pronounced dead at Skagit Valley Hospital an hour later. The autopsy report indicates that she died of hypothermia, but malnutrition contributed to her death.

Court documents show that Carri Williams called police in the early morning hours of May 12 saying her daughter was not breathing. She told the 911 dispatcher that she found the girl face down in their backyard with mud in her mouth. She said that Hana was being “rebellious” and would not cooperate in coming back into the house. REBELLIOUS so she is starved? hmmmm

Pale people blame the victims but the women may have been jealous that short penis was finally getting his pervert on

What was the purpose ?PEDOPHILIA

Anonymous said...

Making it plain

When affirmative action was white : an untold history of racial inequality in twentieth-century America
This is a book we have owned for a long time a classic
All of the so called affrimative action was needed by the pale man primarily when those cavemen came to amerikkka crawling
But when it came to distributing the wealth which the Afrikan made possible it was RUN don't let them in keep them out let them die BUT leave the woman smh

Anonymous said...

Making it plain

People How plain do u need it hsve i failed to make myself plain@! Heck no deal with it
But never raise your hand

Afrikan children do not belong in pale homes with cavemen who actually hate them

On the Wednesday, March 3, World News on ABC, inspired by current efforts to adopt orphans in Haiti, correspondent Ron Claiborne filed a report promoting the view that black children may be harmed psychologically from being adopted and raised by white parents. Claiborne focused on the case of black filmmaker Phil Bertelsen who complains that "he and other black adoptees tell a similar tale, of feeling estranged, cut off from their own racial identity and culture."

Ironically, on the Monday, March 8, The View on ABC, as the group discussed the film The Blind Side which features a white family taking in a black teen, co-host Barbara Walters complained about those who criticize interracial adoption as the more left-leaning Joy Behar and guest co-host and actress Vanessa Williams complained that the film portrayed white parents as being the answer to social problems of troubled black kids.

On the March 3, World News, after recounting that black social workers used to "condemn" interracial adoptions as "cultural genocide," Claiborne passed on that, although that view has softened up, there are still those with concerns:

GLORIA BATISTE ROBERTS, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BLACK SOCIAL WORKERS: Children deserve the right to be with people who look like them, who can understand what they are going through, understand their culture.

Love is not always the reason for adoption Often this is pay back to the Afrikan male PENIS envy

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Afrikan said...
Afrikan said...
Making it plain

Fuck euros who want to adopt my people Yes call me ole skool and whatever..i know what euros really like and its not a kiss on the lips

Whites adopting blacks: Love not enough
Published: Dec. 20, 2011 at 2:17 AM

WICHITA, Kan., Dec. 20 (UPI) -- Racism and discrimination remain a reality for many black children adopted by white parents and this may affect their mental health, U.S. researchers say.

Darron T. Smith of Wichita State University and Cardell Jacobson of Brigham Young University, who wrote the book "White Parents, Black Children: Experiencing Transracial Adoption," said black children growing up in mostly white communities encounter racial marginalization.

To live under a constant threat of being singled out on the basis of skin color can take a heavy toll on physical health, Smith said.

"If white folks intend to raise black children, they must know that denying or downplaying racial slights or taunts, for example, only adds to the misery of their children," Smith said in a statement. "Because white Americans are least likely to understand racial discrimination they must have a real incentive to help their child learn to cope."

Read more:
Teaching truth2pwer

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Afrikan said...

LIES in the name of amerikkkas GOD " named short penis"

A group of Baptists kidnapped children from Haiti — some of whom were separated from their family because of the devastation there, not because their parents had died — in the name of Jesus.
Ten U.S. Baptists detained trying to take 33 children out of earthquake-shattered Haiti without government permission say they were just trying to do the right thing, applying Christian principles to save Haitian children.

Prime Minister Max Bellerive on Sunday told The Associated Press that the group was arrested and is under judicial investigation “because it is illegal trafficking of children and we won’t accept that.”

The church group’s own mission statement said it planned to spend only hours in the devastated capital, quickly identifying children without immediate families and busing them to a rented hotel in the Dominican Republic without bothering to get permission from the Haitian government.

“One (8-year-old) girl was crying, and saying, ‘I am not an orphan. I still have my parents.’ And she thought she was going on a summer camp or a boarding school or something like that,” [orphanage spokesperson George] Willeit said.
It would be so much harder to attack Christians who funnel their donations into food and water and other useful things.
When they mix it with proselytizing, separating kids from their parents, and circumventing the legal system, that becomes the focus and deservedly so.
The group and their church are saying this is all a big misunderstanding. I hope they’re telling the truth, but Christians who proselytize don’t have a good track record when it comes to being honest about their intentions.

nuff said

field negro said...

Anon@1:18, at least I won't need sun tan lotion. I hear it's hot there.

Co-signing with JeedBe.

Anonymous said...

Making it plain

lets be clear no kidnapper/pedophile gets my sympathy we will not defend them

Frustratred negro i still have not received that email? Whats up?

moving along

Who did these perverts think they were fooling $$$? to pay off debts? So where were the children headed? PDA

News > World > Americas
Missionaries turn on their leader over 'kidnapping' of Haiti children
Charity head from Idaho had debt problems and faced legal action

Aftershock: How Haiti's quake hit the whole of Hispaniola
Thousands of Haitians at risk from flooding and disease after tropical storm Isaac

The leader of the Baptist missionaries from Idaho charged with trying to remove 33 Haitian children from the country illegally knew many of the so-called "orphans" still had living parents or other close relatives but tried to move them over the border anyway, her own lawyer, Edwin Coq, has claimed.

Laura Silsby, among the 10 Americans now in custody in Port-au-Prince, where they are accused of "child kidnapping and criminal association," deliberately ignored the lack of correct paperwork to enable her to bring the youngsters into the Dominican Republic legally, he said.

Ms Silsby's companions are well-meaning people caught up in a scheme they did not understand, he went on. "They were naïve," he said of the nine. "They had no idea what was going on and they did not know that they needed official papers to cross the border. But Silsby did."

"I'm going to do everything I can to get the other nine out," Mr Coq, who has apparently quarrelled with Ms Silsby, told reporters in Haiti. "I hope they will be released today."

Meanwhile a newspaper in the missionaries' home state of Idaho claimed that Ms Silsby suffered from financial problems and was involved in a string of legal disputes back home. In two weeks' time she was due to face a jury trial in her home town of Meridian, Idaho, over $40,000 (£26,000) she allegedly owed to the former marketing director of, her internet company.

The newspaper Idaho Statesman claimed that Ms Silsby has been the subject of eight civil lawsuits and 14 unpaid wage claims. The state newspaper said she has a long history of failing to pay debts, and has repeatedly been convicted of failing to buy motor insurance, or properly register her car. The newspaper also said the local property where she had decided, shortly after a divorce in 2007, to set up her New Life Children's Refuge organisation, was repossessed in December.

The revelations will provide grist to the mill of children's charities who have been highlighting the risk of child trafficking in the aftermath of last month's earthquake. Coverage of the disaster prompted thousand of well-meaning couples in the US and Europe, to offer new lives to bereaved children. Many of them are happy to pay huge fees, sometimes

Naive NOT! simply scheming and manipulative all under the name their GOD
When a child is turned over in the DR the result if more often a trafficking issue There are thousands of euros waiting for young Afrikan and other children
The $ is abundant depending on sex, age and race and the process is simple
Often an unwanted child is left to wander the streets in the DRep or passed around to pedophiles and or murdered.

go figure..
Educate yourselves

WORD i will be in in court all week next week leaving today

i want FIYAH no excuses wimpy behaviour or soft touch ya'll leave no stone unturned
Fiace, triage me your best narcissistic personality disorder behavior and histrionic anger Will you do that?


Ps learn to play chess because to date all of you have fallen in the trap and had your castles taken And frustrated house negro just gave up hmmm what a bomb ;*(


MatanzasGV said...

Making it plain and in ya face

There should not be any real prob although Docs will have to give him a reroute job
i feel sorry for any chick who messes with that loser
Now do the research on the sheer numbers of helpless Afrikans who were castrated via euro fear and lies i feel nada,,Now bring it

Now he can get perm disability even though there wasn't much there anyways
He can also save a few dollars and turn over smh

Out the door!

MatanzasGV said...

Making it plain

The part we all play
Before i go

Man purchases all of the high tech phones that can do everything but ship in a toilet So what do you expect, people use including my fam use blackberrys androids and other devices to use on social networks and every where..So what now?

Blame anyone you want to and YES we do have a right to privacy but trust me even if you have just a house phone DADDY would be in your biz if your important or just TPT

This has been going on for ever and did not start with the Bushwacker Do your research

Sure Ma bell verizon and all other jacklegs know your biz WHY? We allow it with our purchases and daddy does it because he can double down.

Another secret program came to light when The Washington Post and The Guardian reported that the NSA and FBI can scour the nation's main Internet companies, extracting audio, video, emails and other documents to help analysts track a person's movements and contacts. Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube and Apple were all included. Most denied giving the government direct access.

Frustrated Negro said...

Frustratred negro i still have not received that email? Whats up?


Everyone knows you dont read....

Why the hell would I have any further discourse with you??

I would post the same links you refused to copy paste earlier..

You WATCH MSNBC , and Al Sharpton...

You probably WATCH Rachel too..

Hence the reason you have absolutely NO clue about whats goin on.

You claim to support Assata ,but you fawn all over O-Bomber..

You think Assata is supportive of Obama???

You think she would advise Afrikans to support the power structure that wants to capture her??

Please continue to embarrass yourself...

Give me comic relief during the day...

Whats the name of your firm again???

Adrian Fernandez said...

MatanzasGV is absolutely correct about the eavesdropping via landlines and wireless. Do you honestly think when the GOV'T wanted to reduce monopolized MA BELL for the sake of "free enterprise" so the Baby Bells" could prosper. You think this offer was without any strings attached? Clandestine back door access has been going back since Herbert Hoover shenanigans .

NSangoma said...


Strawberry Mansion High School in Philadelphia, is what your punk-ass should be concerned about field booty:

One of the Country's Most Dangerous Schools


Anonymous said...

cc hobamacare

hobamacare is a MUCH bigger bloodier pandora's box

filled with FAR more death panel policies

that bankster hobama is a liar!!!...

hobamacare is a HUGE pharma corps casino...a mandatory endless boon for his pharma corps peers etc...

we will all pay more for less!...shame!

may god bless us all

Anonymous said...


Who dey daddy field booty, where dey daddy at?

Whatsa' matter wid deh Negroe mynz in Philadelphia PA, field booty?


Raul said...

African Matanazi said...
"Everyone within my circle overstands what low down nasty perverted child pedophiles (ie esp euro), pale, stale educated or miseduc poor cave men do to Afrikan children upon adoption or other"

The fact that someone like you exists has diminished my overall view of humanity.

You are truly a vile piece of shit.

Adrian Fernandez said...

I meant J Edgar. Probably back then as well.

tito said...

Liberals screeched like scalded cats when W authorized listening in on Al Qaeda’s overseas phone calls in the aftermath of 9/11. The War on Terror is over now, as is the liberal outrage. All we have left is Islamic terror’s war on us, and the federal government’s war on liberty.

Anyone think it is only Verizon that has been secretly enlisted as a domestic surveillance agency? When stories like this go public, we catch mere glimpses of Obama et al.’s massive undertaking: the arrangement of the building blocks of a totalitarian police state.

That's what "Change" means.

Anonymous said...

j edgar hoover was black and gay


the dl hobama is the new dl jeh

cc cointelpro 2013

Frustrated Negro said...

OBAMA 2007:

I will provide our intelligence and law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to track and take out the terrorists without undermining the Constitution and our freedom.

That means no more illegal wiretapping of American citizens.

No more national security letters to spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime.

No more tracking citizens who do nothing but protest a misguided war.

No more ignoring the law when it is inconvenient. It is not who we are.


I know your playing "Damage Control" because it looks like a new scandal every week...

Tell me though....

Obama must deem it really necessary to EXPAND the very Patriot Act he caimpaigned on re pealing in 2007...

Was he forced to do it by the "Mean Republicans??

Or is he just the figure head to a openly criminalistic police state group of interdepartmental agencys??

I think its the latter....

Anonymous said...

new day = new hobama scandal


when even the nyt and chris matthews see hobama as he is...the end is near!


Anonymous said...

Field don't care about what's important to black people. Hell he's not even American. He days he's a citizen of the world. Just another house Negro jiggin for his globalist masters. And praying at the altar of Obama.

1%'r said...

First time I've agreed with you. The Right is wrong on this one or at least too afraid to admit their actual thoughts. I know I am. The truth is dangerous.
"Triage"- is the process of determining the priority of patients' treatments based on the severity of their condition.
3 categories
Those who are likely to live, regardless of what care they receive;
Those who are likely to die, regardless of what care they receive;
Those for whom immediate care might make a positive difference in outcome.
The sickest ARE NOT the priority.
The goal is to maximize the number of survivors.

Anonymous said...

1%'r5:05 PM
"The sickest ARE NOT the priority.
The goal is to maximize the number of survivors."
True. These protocols have been established and serve as guides for the health professionals in times of mass casualty or various patients in an emergency situation. The first ones into the ambulance are the ones that have the most probability of living.

But, those protocols are somewhat reversed in transplant standards with the opposite being true although there are many other factors involved as well.

Perhaps it's time to revise those standards as some argue that it's more beneficial to society to save the life of a younger person who can have a productive life ahead

Anonymous said...

"I wonder if some of these people crying for little Sarah would have cried as hard for Eduardo Loredo who also needed a transplant but couldn't afford it because his parents didn't have the money to pay for it."

Field, Field, Field. Why must you always use the big R lenses wherever you look?

BARBBF said...

Fortunately, there was a judge who disagreed w/those..including the US government representative...who sided with an arbitrary and discriminatory age now the child is eligible for a lung transplant. UNFORTUNATELY, it might already be too late. In a way I selfishly reflected..what if it had been MY child..or my grandchild.