Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Getting an early start.

If any of you fellows reading this are like me you probably have a picture of your palm in your wallet. (Hey, practice makes perfect, right fellows?)

Anyway, thanks to republican Congressman, Michael Burgess, of Texas, we are starting to learn where this love of......self comes from.

"The House's proposed ban on late-term abortions is justified because fetuses masturbate as early as 15 weeks, proving they experience physical feeling, according to a member of the GOP Doctors Caucus.

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas), a former OB/GYN, suggested Monday that he has witnessed "movements that are purposeful" in fetuses entering the second trimester.

'Watch a sonogram of a 15-week baby," Burgess said. "They stroke their face. If they’re a male baby, they may have their hand between their legs. If they feel pleasure, why is it so hard to believe that they could feel pain?'” [Source]

This explains a lot. So it seems that we have been at this masturbating thing for a very long time.

Thank you Mr. Burgess for that brilliant insightful revelation. I guess you politicians are good for something after all.

I don't know how this war on the female body started again, but at least this time around we are learning something.

Finally, I would like to thank Elijah Cummings for doing what he threatened to do and release the full transcript of the interview with a key IRS employee.

As we expected all along, there was no smoking gun. I suspect that this is why Mr. Issa did not want this transcript released: He wanted to keep the illusion of an IRS scandal going.   

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Wesley R said...

Michael Burgess and Michelle Bachmann were separated at birth.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe there was no smoking gun. Somebody can't read. The WH had to be involved.

I am sure the GOP will find out. ISSA is from Cali and rhe people of Cali don't elect liars. Just ask Whitey.

Anonymous said...

Field, Christian men don't masturbate because it is a sin. However, non-Christian men do it all the time because they don't live by moral principles.

I am a Christian man and have NEVER masturbated. I want to be right with my Lord when I die. But everyone knows that you are a sinner.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this blog hasn't mentioned anything about the death of James Gandolfini, the star of the "Sopranos". R.I.P.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Huh? Okay, I get it now, test tube babies have infiltrated the GOP party and are suffering from malfunction. Is that it? Or are they just well you know...crazier than a road lizard? Smh!

Oh well, goodnight folks.

Anonymous said...

Granny, it's only 7:35p on the West Coast. Why are you going to bed so early. You know how they say about us being lazy. So why are making us Negroes look bad?

Anonymous said...

Women masturbate too. All the time.

PilotX said...

Republicans are good for laughs, horrible for governing but good for the occasional ha ha.

A Black Panther Forever said...

Brother Field...allow me to apologize to Frustrated Brother...Sometimes the knowing of the tragedies that so many suffer weight me down. Yesterday I wanted to go looking for all the ones that are bringing my people down. Sorry Brother Frustrated. I too am tired of this drug war that only bring too many into the real world of crime. I was told today that our jail (Newport News)has 250 beds but 750 bodies. Cruel and unusual punishment? Sometimes I think ignorance is bliss. Not. :)

PilotX said...

Watching VICE about the Dennis Rodman trip to N. Korea was pretty interesting. Check it out if you get a chance. Not quite the clown show the lame-stream media portrayed it as.

Anonymous said...

ABPF, thank you for your comments. I come to FN because I gain insight from people like yourself about the incredible hurt and suffering that has happened to the black race. It is sad, scary and profound. Even worse, the conditions seems 'hopeless'. That is what's most frightening that shakes the soul. For it is 'hopelessness' that crushes the soul. There just doesn't seem to be any answer or help for the multitudes of Blacks who have no voice or support.

Leaders like MLK, MalcomX, JFK, and Bobby Kennedy are gone. The America today with its capitalism and democracy doesn't feel right. But it never did feel right. It's been great for the rich, who keep getting richer. I often wonder: "how much money does one man need for himself and family?" Greed and power are what the human EGO loves. The suffering that ensues to feed this ego is incalculable, and it goes on and on.

field negro said...

Yes, Tony Soprano is no longer with us.

Sad. I liked that dude. He was a very underrated actor.

field negro said...

A Black Panther.. that is very sad news. But unfortunately, it is what's happening in cities all across America.

Here in Philly we are closing schools and laying off after school workers and building new jails. Go figure.

MatanzasGV said...

Buenos Dias Field:
Bendiciones Colleague, a ti y la tuyo
See Bro your at it again ))) Made my day

Making it plain, Cuz i know ya'll are reading

Starting early?:
Hmmm jacking early they claim makes the little johnson get bigger with practice However, if people judge the practice on their religion we all can overstand why some still have small heads as adults
Follow me ya'll Lol get it off ya chest ))))))

See my colleague, i sent this to u via twitter. i did so as a woman interested in health issues etc
Alas my brother i should have known that you would stroke my penchant for messing with little Christian penis's WTF omg !

To those who have never bopped their shawty we can only wonder why? ( Just messin with one narcicisstic, histrionic lying fake DSW1v candidate in particular)

i also suggest that if there is nothing of substantial size there why bother? Is it shame, "RELIGION" dishonorable, or just that some cannot fit the large palm?
In other words
masturbate what? Lets get down and doity Tmpabay style

Again allow me to reiterate, there certainly has to be something there to jack. There must be a reason other than religion or lack thereof for the need to NOT! bop bootlick butter up, flatter massage, manipulate, stroke, rub or otherwise tantalize ones manhood (PENIS)

And as a former health prof and the mother of 5 hijos, sister of 7 bros grandma to 18, 12 who are youth with penises
i have certainly seen more penises than most. And trust me i know all!
Besides that i have been married to ONE man for more yrs than most here have been alive and i know the entire BIG deal! :))))))))

And as a former sex educatorSANE RN, back in the days before law, i have never been ashamed of talking about SEX , and as a forensic scientist, sex organs, sex RAPE Fellatio cunnilingus or masturbation etc are always on the agenda.
I have traveled extensively and have discussed the human body with men from all over the world, from Congo to Cuba, China to Canada, And esp during the early yrs of AIDS..

Trust me MASTURBATION is done in all religions, so readers do not believe the hype or the religious lies.
Masturbation is a form of release and an outlet for frustration It also helps one sleep
It is pleasurable and needy in many cases and done without shame GET REAL@!

The sadder thing is the fact that masturbating is as "NATURAL a PHENOM" as breathing
So there should be no shame, the only shame, is when one lies ( AGAIN)about behaviour and blames religion as to why one refrains from the practice vs admitting there is little to palm?

Shame on you!

MatanzasGV said...

RIP Sopranos star actor Field i liked him too and still have the old videos
Wow quite a loss

Also my bro Elijah Cummings
Field said:
Finally, I would like to thank Elijah Cummings for doing what he threatened to do and release the full transcript of the interview with a key IRS employee.

As we expected all along, there was no smoking gun. I suspect that this is why Mr. Issa did not want this transcript released: He wanted to keep the illusion of an IRS scandal going.
Matanzas said
This is certainly the DNA of white man little penis issa who cannot even think for himself (wonder if he palms he is a CHRISTIAN smh)

Lets be clear..i do not agree with all of the politricks of Pres Barak Obama, i sense that this was simply a EURO" witch hunt And i remain consistent i love him and admire him

We do not hate anyone we are too blessed for hate, we simply do not respect/trust CAVE" people and i refuse to go with the flow, there will be no compromise in my thinking..i am consistent Therefore
We prefer to deal with the enemy we know well and make sure we KEEP the euro devils ass at arms length
In their story vs my story there is and has never been any proof that the caveman cares about any people who are not WASP period! Therefore most cannot be trusted End of discussion

Anonymous said...


only those hobama nazis who smoke hobama weed

believe in such alleged smoking guns/anything that liar hobama says


Frustrated Negro said...

Brother Field...allow me to apologize to Frustrated Brother...Sometimes the knowing of the tragedies that so many suffer weight me down. Yesterday I wanted to go looking for all the ones that are bringing my people down. Sorry Brother Frustrated. I too am tired of this drug war that only bring too many into the real world of crime. I was told today that our jail (Newport News)has 250 beds but 750 bodies.

Apology accepted....

I speak from life experience past , and current.

I advocate for a complete overhaul of this criminal "War on Drugs"

Check out this peice from Matthew Fogg ....

Retired Chief Deputy US Federal Marshal says he was blocked from doing drug busts in the suburban parts of Washington, D.C. -- as in, the parts where white people live. U.S. Marshal Matthew Fogg, who is black, says "I personally witnessed racially biased enforcement procedures when I ran a joint [Drug Enforcement Administration] task force... When I requested equal enforcement of upscale suburban areas, I met internal resistance," published in a statement released by Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. The group, working with Blacks in Government, is calling for a federal investigation into why more than half the people arrested for drug offenses are black, even though whites and blacks use drugs in equal amounts.

MatanzasGV said...


OLE STALE PALE peeps never had any leaders like Malcolm..NOT~!

Pale people need to stop and desist their wanna be Afrikan agenda, and cease and desist trying to push themselves into FB blog with lies

Field does not include you so stop kissing his ass, and kowtowing Field knows who u are and has told you that? REMEMBER?
Be who you are and defy anyone who does not like it MAN UP BOY

Leaders like MLK, MalcolmX, JFK RFK cannot be connected or spoken in the same conv with Malcolm or Martin who was a fool for whoop ass! and dog bites

Those two redneck, Irish sons of a beer thug from Boston, should never get any raspect (my spelling)
Case in point JFK did what he did by force not choice! Is that civil rights human rights or VOTING!

Leaders like Malcolm, should never be found anywhere near those two racists esp the elder Malcolm spoke on it\

The murdered Pres was no more than a vote seeking racist whose true his - story one needs research..Read Malcolm

JFK, had exp few personal connects with Afrikans in his life, was totally and fully resistant to assisting any civil rights concerns for fear of exposing cowardly cave men racism to the broader world community.

That son of a drunk was also afraid of dividing and otherwise causing pale Bostonians et/.al and Bayou dixiecrat, and carpetbagging voters in his efforts to appease the Afrikan vote
Now where does his name fit next to Malcolms? No where!

The whore monger and drunk wanted to focus on what he considered as more pressing issues of foreign policy IE Cuba, appeasing the Miami Mafia in Cuba and the Cold War. This is the educ i listen to she taught me about all of the bam boozers hoodwinkers and liars who merely sought a vote smh!

Leaders JFK, and Bobby Kennedy are gone.
I say And they should be smh!

MatanzasGV said...

Making it plain

Making it plain Lunch time in Sanford


Funny the democrats of today are better at keeping me scratching my head and asking WTF were they thinking?

MatanzasGV said...

The great and indomitable Malcolm X
His last message

Anonymous said...

cc hobama's irs lies

BARBBF said...

I also want to thank Elijah Cummings for not speaking out when Libya was invaded and 50,000 Libyans were murdered. I appreciate his silence when the new Libyan government instigated "ethnic cleansing" of Black Libyans and African immigrants. I was happy he did not speak out when US drone attacks went from 54 during the 8 years of the Bush administration to over 300 during the first 3 years of the Obama administration. I am proud that it did not matter to him that 3,000 innocent civilians were murdered, including 176 children. he so brilliantly announced recently.."death is a part of life".

MatanzasGV said...

Making it plain

Libyans are dumb as fuck and they got just what they deserved
One cannot help a people who do not STRUGGLE to help themselves and or accept any amerikkkn assistance.. Even to death
The great and indomitable Malcolm X
His last message