Sunday, June 02, 2013

Glad to be alive, and PBS kills a film.

Today is Sunday so I guess it's a good day to reflect on how lucky I am to still be alive here in America.

Sadly, as a black man in these divided states of America, it's pretty much a guarantee that your life will be shorter than everyone else's.

You catch it from all sides; from your own peeps to those who are supposed to be protecting you. I am still shocked to hear that a black man is killed every 28 hours by the po po or a vigilante. (I see you George Zimmerman.) It makes me want to strap on a bullet proof vest under my Tom Ford.

Here in Philly there were several shootings over the weekend, and I can guarantee you that most of those shootings were perpetrated by black men against other black men.

This, of course, is not a problem for most people, because they wouldn't be caught anywhere near where most of these shooting occurred. But unfortunately for the people who live in those neighborhoods getting out is not an option that they can afford right now, so sadly they live with the reality of those shootings every day.

"A significant portion of those killed, 68 people or 22%, suffered from mental health issues and/or were self-medicated. The study says that "[m]any of them might be alive today if community members trained and committed to humane crisis intervention and mental health treatment had been called, rather than the police."

Yes, but it's hard to focus on "crisis intervention" when you are afraid of walking out your door and getting shot.

Finally, I am disappointed with PBS for choosing money over principles. They canceled the showing of the documentary "Citizen Koch" because it didn't paint the wingnut billionaires in a flattering light.

The Koch brothers have been using their money to influence what goes on over at PBS and apparently the suits over there took notice when the Koch brothers threatened to cut off their money pipeline if they showed this particular film.

This is what having money can do for you in America. You can buy politicians and the public airwaves to influence political thought.

You have to feel for the poor guy who produced the film.

"When did you guys find out that Jane Mayer was writing about your film getting spiked by PBS? I'm not certain exactly when we found out. Jane's somebody whose work we know. We had taken note of when she had done an exposé of the political activities of the Kochs in 2010, and we'd been in touch on and off for the last few years. When she asked us the status of where we were with this project and with PBS and we told her, she immediately said she was interested in this angle because she had been aware of the various ways in which they had wielded influence with the network and had participated in some of the science programming that had aired on PBS. She was really interested in following up on this.

Speaking out publicly about what the experience wasn't a decision that Tia and I reached easily. But we felt that our film was exactly about this topic—the power that ideologically-driven wealthy Americans wield over the public debate. They determine what gets talked about and what's important, around elections for example. They're really interested in setting the parameters of the conservation.
So given our experience with losing the PBS audience for political reasons, we felt it was appropriate to be transparent, to answer questions, to share this experience." [Source] 

PBS might have some explaining to do.

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Anonymous said...

You take care Field! It's not easy for people of color with the law. The prejudices are there and real!

Have your Identification at the ready and be prepared. Although even that doesn't do much good as one can see with the Dr. Henry Louis Gates case.

I was just googling an interview he did with Soledad and he showed the cop two ids and he still arrested him!!!

It's not easy baby! :(

McNeil said...

PBS showed some sense in deciding not to air yet another libelous hack job produced by liberal loons. The Koch brothers are law abiding business men who made their money building businesses that employ tens of thousands of people. Moonbats hate them because they donate some of their money to Libertarian causes they believe in. This sponsorship is tiny compared to the tens of millions spent by liberal billionaires like George Soros, Peter Lewis, and Teresa Heinz-Kerry.

It is a sad feature of the Left that their hate drives them to try to destroy anyone who doesn't move in lockstep with their anti-freedom agenda. Kudos to PBS for stepping away from this sewer.

Chris Albertson said...

I will never forget a call I received in 1965 from Channel 13, New York's PBS station. I was then general manager of WBAI, NYC's Pacifica radio station.

"We need to borrow one of your Negroes," said the voice on the other end.

They had arranged an interview with H. Rap Brown, who insisted on the interviewer being black.

Charles Hobson had just started hosting a weekly show on black gospel quartets for us, so I asked him if he would like to do it. He was launching a career in broadcasting, so he jumped at the chance.

It did not go so well, because WNET had the questions written out for Charles, and they were—shall we say—naïve caucasian.

WBAI has since lost its brain and become the antithesis of what it used to be. Charles fared better—his unfortunate debut as an interviewer led to his becoming a successful PBS TV producer ("Black Journal", "From Jump Street", etc.).

Anonymous said...

"It makes me want to strap on a bullet proof vest under my Tom Ford."

Why is that? Are you planning on jumping a neighborhood watch guy and putting a beat-down on him?

Anonymous said...

Tom Ford, mmmmm, such impeccable taste! I like, like, like;)

Anonymous said...

Desert, "Tom Ford, mmmmm, such impeccable taste! I like, like, like;)"

What the hell is a Tom Ford? It sounds like it is new weapon. Is it a rifle or pistol? Well, I guess Brother Field would know about all kinds of weapons in his line of work.

Anonymous said...


Mrs Field picked it for him. Keep digging, honey. To the left, to the left...

Anonymous said...

Being a bm, I don't expect to live a full life. Sooner or later we all get it. The only way to security is to marry a ww. There is no other way. I'm going to start looking....sorry Granny.

Anonymous said...

Anon, a Tom Ford is a suit. Where do you live, Oakland?

Anonymous said...

Field, have you heard about Merritt Bakery in Oakland has burned down for the second time in 7 years? There is something fishy about that. Why don't you post about that?

Ask Granny, she knows. She was on top of the Muslim Bakery when it went South, too. Granny gets around.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Oakland where Granny lives is a hot spot where Blacks don't live very long due to Blacks hating Blacks. But you won't hear a peep out of Granny about it.

Field, you are to be congratulated on your post about our dangerous situation. I guess it's due to our Black Karma that continues to fester. We are just not valued very much. We are throw away humans without a prayer.

Anonymous said...

Field, "Today is Sunday so I guess it's a good day to reflect on how lucky I am to still be alive here in America."

There is a God.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Field, Please write this important piece of information, regarding what caused Michael Douglas's cancer. It was not from smoking, it was from eating pussy. EVERY MAN should know about this disease:

Anonymous said...

Granny preferred to get her stuffed muffins from Your Black Muslim Bakery, but she always liked to get her butter from a white man.

Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Michael Douglas is alright. It is good to know that cancer of the throat from oral sex can be cured. Watch who you eat. These days, you never know. They say collard greens and pig feet eaten right after oral sex will prevent this cancer from arising.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous12:43 AM
Mrs Field picked it for him. Keep digging, honey. To the left, to the left...
Well then she has good taste too! The important thing is that he's dressed impeccably for court and sets a fine example of the African American man.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous12:40 AM
Desert, "Tom Ford, mmmmm, such impeccable taste! I like, like, like;)"

What the hell is a Tom Ford? It sounds like it is new weapon. Is it a rifle or pistol? Well, I guess Brother Field would know about all kinds of weapons in his line of work.
Brother Field knows everything he needs to know about everything he needs to know about. Rest assured. ;) oh yeah!

Anonymous said...

Desert stop playing me about Field. You know he knows nothing about nothing. .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Mrs Field picked it for him. Keep digging, honey. To the left, to the left...

12:43 AM
What the hell does "To the left, to the left" mean? What happened to the right?

Anonymous said...

That's it. I'm outa here! You FN leftist folks aren't ready for prime time.

I am a producer looking for extras in my new movie. But you Negroes failed the test. So, I am off to a conservative black blog.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous1:02 AM
Dear Mr Field, Please write this important piece of information, regarding what caused Michael Douglas's cancer. It was not from smoking, it was from eating pussy. EVERY MAN should know about this disease:
Oh man! Anon! That's just your sneaky way of bringing sex talk into the blog!!! Under the guise of a helpful health article! I know you!

Don't get y k w started! Now we'll never hear the end of it tomorrow! OMG! This is a political blog not a sex blog okay! Oh lawd!

field negro said...

Desert, u are going to get me killed by your stalker troll. :)

Anon@1:02 am, if that's the case I might be f****d.

Anonymous said...

"PBS kills a film."

The Koch Brothers are Zionists who contribute millions each year to the state of Israel. They also contribute large sums to organizations which ridicule clean energy /climate change etc.

The fact they have managed to get PBS to cancel the showing of this film should not be a surprise, the manipulation of the media by wealthy Zionists has been happening in the US and elsewhere for a long time;

The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview (1976)

Mr. Rosenthal, learned in the Jewish ways and involved in the workings of government in Washington, D.C., explained the Jewish involvement.

" controlling the banking system we were able to control corporation capital. Through this, we acquired total monopoly of the movie industry, the radio networks and the newly developing television media. The printing industry, newspapers, periodicals and technical journals had already fallen into our hands. The richest plum was later to come when we took over the publication of all school materials. Through these vehicles we could mould public opinion to suit our own purposes."

MatanzasGV said...

Let me clear my throat (its hot in Miami) and make it PLAIN:

Nice piece Field:
And to make it real clear some who are supposed to be in the vanguard of defending the rights of man are often the victimizers


Mark Omeara is an atty who has possibly done more harm to his own clients case than he believes . In essence, he has provided poor representation, and bad ideas


Suffice, IMO Omeara as possibly caused his client to believe that he did nothing wrong, and no amount of blame can fix it

Now lets me clear We who are close to this case know that a jury will often throw a curve ball however, as an atty myself i do not believe in telling lies to a jury or trying cases in the media
This is why i now work with my King and do the research. Bottom line we i prefer straight a speak your truth position and a knowledge of the law. And use it to help your client SIMPLE.

Do not be fooled by my colleague Ben Crump do not let his country speech fool you He and my spouse won one of the states greatest monetary decision against the butt digging child pedophile Boston Red Sox for a client who is still a friend..

i preferred a straight even in my early years which is one of the reasons why i left CC and entered the defense. i am also aware of the repercussions which have the propensity to follow me all the days of my life and i " WANT MY BLESSINGS"

Atty Omeara's client is like a trapped animal and someone whose feelings and thoughts i am very familiar with since i have seen it often " ITS chilling and beyond scary. And the sad thing is he "Trayvons kiler" brought it on himself What a way to live smh

Ps i play to win The book is called Major league addiction

MatanzasGV said...

Making not plain: Whose lucky to be alive? duh!

Storm chasers bold arrogant and stupid enough to mess with MOTHER!
EL RENO, Okla. — Three veteran storm chasers died doing what they loved: Roaming the Great Plains in search of dangerous storms like the one in Oklahoma that ended their final pursuit.

We looked at this over the weekend from time to time and someone said, why do those crazy white boys put themselves at risk for something which can end their lives?
My statement WHAT LIVES? And what makes any Afrikan think that he can use a gun etc to take my possessions? laughter!

IMO (storm chasers) they did not value life they did it for the FUN vs the science as they claim..There is something about the cave man which makes him believe he is immortal

Many are like Evel Kneivel, and the many stock car racing hounds who think they are immune as well

Its not like a gun or a knife that one can see coming, this is madness insanity and a disregard for life SMH
This also applies to Afrikans who hate themselves and one another enough to comitt crimes against the comm smh AGAIN none of them get any defense from me

Anonymous said...

Desertflower said...
Anonymous1:02 AM
Dear Mr Field, Please write this important piece of information, regarding what caused Michael Douglas's cancer. It was not from smoking, it was from eating pussy. EVERY MAN should know about this disease:
Oh man! Anon! That's just your sneaky way of bringing sex talk into the blog!!! Under the guise of a helpful health article! I know you!

Don't get y k w started! Now we'll never hear the end of it tomorrow! OMG! This is a political blog not a sex blog okay! Oh lawd!

2:38 AM
I should have known you wouldn't take this very well. Did you read the article?

I sure hope Field read that link and get to his doctor pronto. In his profession, He really needs his voice. Can you imagine the Judge asking Field a question and bam! he can't answer with, "well, your Honor, it was like this?" Lord have mercy.

However, the up side for all of us is Field doesn't need his voice to keep his blog going.:)

MatanzasGV said...

Making it plain And saying it AGAIN! Sue me!

Dead people walking around seeking photos in Okie
Death and destruction all around possible bodies to be found UNDERNEATH those PICS smh!

And the pale stale and nere' dead are seeking momentums for what?
What about the babies elders and infirmed Any concern other than THIER shit?

I will not back down, it matters not what is said too me, bottom line man is his own worst enemy
One arrives alive after destruction and the only response is MY HOUSE my furniture MY MY MY? Who does that>? Ungrateful pale stale already dead fakers who perhaps have yet to thank Obatala/ the most high.

The first tornado killed many this one is on track for more and yet people are SENTIMENT about pics and a home Its time to move on " Pick up your stale pale ashes and rebuild and do it better or MOVE OUT!
I keep saying that amerikkka is falling apart and it IS NOT OVER YET

MatanzasGV said...

Making it plain

DIKS( my spelling) with small penis's often find them selves buried in porno and online all night bopping and peeling back their Mexican( small ones) banana hoping for a score
They also have a hard time telling the truth and becoming the person they want to be
Theyb are crippled with IE jealousy BIG penis envy and lack of education( knowledge)

Those kinds of people are the ones who get mad when they cannot get a positive response from females and resort to abuse of the women or others they cannot convince to give them a shot.
Frankly, i like them (not as humans) but as a chess piece WHY? I like them because i can slam them down hard and do!

LMAO cya

S&G said...

Mantanazi is an extreme case, but she is a good illustration of how many blacks ghettoize themselves intellectually by basing their assertions and beliefs on alternate histories and fact sets.

A black college dorm mate once told me "Whites know that blacks have an extra muscle in their legs and we are superior athletes. That's why you guys spent years trying to keep us out of professional sports." I tried telling him that if what he were saying were true, the evolution of an entirely new set of muscles would probably constitute blacks as a different species, and being that I was a pre-med and a biology major, I tried showing him anatomical charts etc. His reponse - "They don't teach whites black medicine. Only black medical schools teach black medicine." Truly, that was one of the strangest conversations that I've ever had.

Matanazi is stranger.

Victor said...

S&G said...
Mantanazi is an extreme case, but she is a good illustration of how many blacks ghettoize themselves intellectually by basing their assertions and beliefs on alternate histories and fact sets.

Had a black coworker in 2004 tell me that blacks in America were treated no better now than in the 50s. "Not much has changed" she said.

Of course she's the same woman who, when I brought up the American Revolution in a conversation asked me what it was and then asked "America was once run by another country?"

She was a 50-something year old MSNBC fan with very strident political views.

Oil Field Trash said...

I taught in a school that was 99% black in the deep south. Somehow it came up in a class that I voted Republican. The response, from a room full of already brainwashed 7th graders?

"But Republicans HATE blacks and poor people!!!"

My response? "If I hated blacks and poor people, would I be here?"

Anonymous said...

Mantanzas, we might be looking for a memento among the debris in Oklahoma, but we are not looking for momentums ya ignorant bitch. Usted es basura, puta. I spit on you and your jungle gods.

" El Diablo Blanco"

Republican Racist said...

@Oil Field Trash: I worked in the Hollywood movie industry and all my movie friends were liberal. One night six of us were piled in a car going out to eat, and they started ragging on GW Bush, who was running for president for the first time. This was before I came out as libertarian/conservative -- in other words, a Moron.

The consensuses among my friends was that Bush must be stopped at all cost because we could not allow Republican racists in the White House.

About 2 days prior to this, Bush appeared at his ranch gate for a press appearance with two people at his side. He brought them down to his ranch to ask them to be a part of his administration if he should win the presidency.

Standing at his side were Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice -- the first and second black Secretaries of State in American history, which arguably set the stage for the first black president.

My friends had not seen this announcement and I debated whether to bring it up. I decided not to because I would be the turd-in-the-punchbowl blamed for ruining the evening and it wouldn't have made any difference anyway: Republicans are racists, and no evidence to the contrary would make any difference.

And here we are, more than a decade later and, as predicted, Bush's picks have had absolutely no effect on the liberal consensus that Republicans are racist. They are completely forgotten, just as the Republican efforts to pass Civil Rights legislation in the '60s.

Apocalypso said...

"Mantanazi is an extreme case, but she is a good illustration of how many blacks ghettoize themselves intellectually by basing their assertions and beliefs on alternate histories and fact sets."

"O.J. didn't do it."

"Free Mumia".

"Reagan invented crack"

"The CIA invented AIDS"

Anonymous said...

King, Jr. not only drew a correlation between militarism abroad and suppression at home, he drew one between military industrial complex SPENDING vs. DOMESTIC spending.

All one needs to ascertain about the Shitty Crats Party and the lame-ass progressives is there DELIBERATE REFUSAL to question "why is military spending and wars abroad exempt from the fiscal crisis and domestic spending isn't?

It's one thing to listen to the Black punk-ass apologists talk about he ain't the hood president and yet not attack his military vs. domestic spending, and the same applies to other phony progressives.

The Post-Racial, Nobel War Prize President that is Heaven Sent, has expanded the police, surveillance, and military state more than Bush and done even less on the domestic front than Bush. The military/intelligence budget is off limits while the progressive domestic budget is front and center of cuts. The silence of fake progressives and Black folks speaks to their abject moral bankruptcy and/or their terminal mental illness.

Optimizer said...

Republican Racist said...
Standing at his side were Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice

You remind me of the CNN gushing over the Situation Room photo from the Bin Laden raid. They called it "diverse" because there were, maybe, one or two women there.

Everybody but the Prez was white as the proverbial sheet. I guess they "forgot" that if that had been a photo of the Bush team Powell and Rice would have been in it.

Oh, and they literally brought up a racial stereotype - of the black man as a threat to be feared - and how their Messiah stood in contrast to that "black man as the protector". So, weapons grade racism, to show they're not racist. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I keep saying that amerikkka is falling apart and it IS NOT OVER YET

Well aren't you special! Lets just hope you'll be long gone by then

Anonymous said...

I hear all of you and your political views. But I tell you that the most important news is cancer of the throat and what causes it. Field should seriously consider writing about this menace.

GoY said...

"O.J. didn't do it."

After the OJ verdict, a liberal friend admitted that OJ was guilty, but he was glad OJ was acquitted because it made him understand how blacks felt when white people got away with lynchings. His exact quote: "Now, I know what it feels like to be a black man."


Was the purpose of the Civil Rights movement to make everyone feel society was unjust?

We were told that it was to make bring justice and equal rights to everyone, but it has achieved a world where the beneficiaries feel nothing has changed and the majority now feel they are also victims.

I think someone is fucking with us.

Margarita DeVille said...

Filed Negro:
Here in Philly there were several shootings over the weekend, and I can guarantee you that most of those shootings were perpetrated by black men against other black men. This, of course, is not a problem for most people, because they wouldn't be caught anywhere near where most of these shooting occurred.

Democrats/liberals don't give a damn about our inner city crime. As long as the savages stay in their own compound, and as long as they vote the right way, who cares?

Adrian Fernandez said...

Wow. This is disheartening. Welcome to a Police State folks.

parvenu said...

Field, not much response above over PBS getting in the sandbox for Chuck Koch over a film bout' him and his bro. This move by PBS shoveled a ton of dirt on the memory of "Front Line" and other shows that stood in the public way and spoke undetered by power and its threat machines.

In fact PBS should hook up their "Buzz machine" (that they use to "blip out" any profanity before broadcast) to recognize the words "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" and "buzz" them out before broadcast. The number of national media outlets still free of political influence is now down to just the C-SPAN channels. Sad, sad, sad for America.....

Ace Freeley said...

Did IRS targeting of Tea Party groups dear inspiration from NPR?

NPR is a partisan organization-- the IRS is not permitted to choose a partisan organization from which it will take its marching orders. That is to say, saying "We got the idea from NPR!" hardly lets the IRS off the hook.

Furthermore, all liberals, not just NPR, were buzzing about how to stop these Tea Party Monsters (that is, law-abiding US citizens) at this time. The fact that NPR reported on it hardly means that no political actors then picked up the ball. In fact, I'd bet good money someone in the Administration or in Congress sent an Action Demand to the IRS, clipping the NPR article as "proof" of the allegations leveled.

This is the way it works in the Media-Government complex. The Democrats give marching orders sotto voce to the media, and the media shouts the marching orders back to the Democrats. It's a two-step manner of "laundering" the marching orders.

Political actors planting stories in the press in order to then justify their intention from the start -- "Look what the media is saying!" (unmentioned: I planted the story so that the media would say this) -- is very well-known tactic. It happens, literally, 100 times a day in Washington.

None of this means that the political witchhunt wasn't political and wasn't a witchhunt.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why no one on this blog is concerned about throat cancer. There has been high interest on the other blogs. That's the thing about FN. It's always behind the news.

rob said...

Jennifer Rubin, in the Washinton Post today:

It is ironic that the right-wingers who argue against protectionism, against the minimum wage, against unions (which inflate wage rates) and against Obamacare want to keep domestic wages artificially high by restricting the labor market (e.g. keeping out immigrant workers). That effort is not only inconsistent with free market principles, but, according to stacks of research, it also is empirically dubious.

That's how they are pushing immigration "reform" now, by telling us our wages are too high!

estoban said...

@ Adrian Fernandez:

You are correct, if the Supreme Court is not interested in defending the Constitution, it will not be long until it is a worthless piece of paper:

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I forgot something.

When President Obama’s opponent realized the desires to help the working class was working for President Obama in the polls, he changed his campaign slogan from helping the rich get richer to his concern about the working class. Many of the young ones were able to see through such insincerity of President Obama’s opponent.

And...Congratulations Rene and Jack. Rene, I'm praying for your moma. Tell her don't let that bother her or pay any attention to how the media snub her and left her name off y'all wedding pictures in the papers. She might not be rich, but that don't make them better than she is. Tell to keep her head up!

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MatanzasGV said...

Mrs Field picked it for him. Keep digging, honey. To the left, to the left...
Well then she has good taste too! The important thing is that he's dressed impeccably for court and sets a fine example of the African man

Milagros said:
The best taste, like a QUEEN fit for a KING Similar to Michelle and Barak SABES? hehehehe Now watch the bullets fly )))))))

Bring it oh billy i have a few hills far ya

MatanzasGV said...

Making it plain;
Keeping little Penis's in check )))
The billys are at it again Now u know whats next murder by cop trumped up charges, abuse and all manner of BULL!

They cannot stop this film
i know they wish they could

Video captures Jasper, Texas, police officers beating woman

A southeast Texas town with a history of racial unrest on Monday fired two white police officers recently captured on video slamming a black woman’s head into a countertop and wrestling her to the ground.
“The amount of force used was abominable,” the woman's attorney, Cade Bernsen, told Yahoo News.
The incident was captured by security cameras at the Jasper, Texas, police headquarters.
Keyarika "Shea" Diggles, 25, was brought to the jail on May 5 for an unpaid fine, according to Bernsen. He said she was was on the phone with her mother trying to arrange to get the $100 owed when Officer Ricky Grissom cut off the call.
There’s no audio on the video, but Diggles and Grissom were apparently arguing when Officer Ryan Cunningham comes in behind Diggles and attempts to handcuff her. When she appears to raise her hand, Cunningham grabs Diggles by the hair and slams her head into a countertop. The officers wrestle Diggles to the ground before dragging her by her ankles into a jail cell.
“She got her hair pulled out, broke a tooth, braces got knocked off … it was brutal,” Bernsen said.
Diggles was charged with resisting arrest for arguing with the officers, a charge dropped on Monday, according to Bernsen.
Cunningham, reached by phone Monday afternoon, hung up on a Yahoo News reporter. A message left for Grissom was not immediately returned.
The officers’ firing comes 15 years to the week after an infamous hate crime in Jasper, a town of about 8,000 people two hours northeast of Houston. James Byrd Jr., a black man, was tied to the back of a pickup by three white men and dragged for several miles until he was decapitated. The high-profile case triggered marches by the New Black Panthers and Ku Klux Klan.
Last year, a majority-white Jasper City Council fired the town's first black chief after 16 months on the job. Rodney Pearson is now suing, claiming his civil rights were violated.
“It’s a different part of the world, man, it’s crazy,” said Bernsen, who's also representing the fired police chief.
Jasper's interim city manager confirmed the terminations, but referred questions about the Diggles case to the interim police chief, who was unreachable Monday afternoon.
“The more things change, the more they remain the same,” Jasper City Council Member Alton Scott said of the city's racial troubles.
Scott obtained the video in the Diggles’ incident and turned it over to a local TV station after he heard that her written complaint against the officers was apparently being ignored.
“There’s nothing she said that could have justified what they did,” Scott said. “They are supposed to be trained professionals. They are supposed to be above that. It was inexcusable.”
After terminating the officers on Monday, the council requested that the pair be investigated for possible criminal charges. Bernsen said he hopes that probe is done by the FBI or state police.
“I don’t trust the Police Department as far as you can throw them,” he said.

The popo tried to lick her coochie but could not get it up because they c ould not agree to share viagra (((( HUSH Milagros get what up? )))))

Hey billys & little penis's bring it!!! You have'nt seen my best yet

MatanzasGV said...

Making it plain

The po po were mad, they looked at the Afrikans crotch and decided that the dehumanizing look was like WTF wheres yours duh!
)))) Any excuse to get a feel an Afrikans package

de humanizing Stare” [VIDEO]
Miami-Dade Police Tackle, Choke 14-Year-Old For Giving Them “Dehumanizing Stare” [VIDEO]

Tremaine McMillan, 14, was tackled to the ground and choked by Miami-Dade Police officers because they claim the teen gave them a “dehumanizing stare,” reports
McMillan was on the beach roughhousing with a friend while his puppy played nearby and his mother watched just a short distance away.
So-called peace-keeping officers told McMillan that rough play was “unacceptable behavior,” so the teen grabbed his puppy and walked away. That wasn’t enough for the officers — who apparently got their feelings hurt because a teenager gave them a mean look after being harassed — so they followed on ATVs, jumped out and pinned McMillan to the ground, choking him.
His mother, Maurissa Holmes, who captured the entire incident on video, told WSVN-TV, “I ran over there and said, ‘That’s my son, that’s my son. Can you get off of him? He can’t breathe.’ “

Its a miracle they did not try to feel her up! little penis pale males

MatanzasGV said...

Making it plain

BMW or PMW? (pale male without) PENIS ENVY under the guise of an auto Noone but a little penis would do this lmao

Seriously though

Now all of the non Attys here will think the driver was wrong because the media sais so NOT!
However i will admit that he needs to attend our classes about how to respond to a police stop We call it street law 101

Jon-Christopher Sowells (pictured) took a test drive that he’ll never forget!
The Gwinnett County, Ga., man went shopping for a BMW and decided to take the car for a test drive. What happened next was disturbing. The cops pulled him over and cuffed him for obstruction, according to the GA Daily News.
SEE ALSO: Tayloni Mazyck: 11-Year-Old New York Girl Paralyzed After Being Shot By Stray Bullet
It all started when Sowells drove a BMW out of Philips Motors in Snellville for a test run. He drove onto a highway and was stopped by police officers soon after. According to Sowells, the officer said he didn’t have any tags on the car.
“I said, ‘No problem.’ I don’t have any tags on this car because it’s not my car,” Sowells said he told one of the officers. “The dealer is right there. We can get it all clarified.”
When Sowells asked the officers repeatedly to call and confirm his test drive with the dealership, they allegedly refused. Sowells said the officers asked to view a document that was strewn across the vehicle’s back seat. Not knowing what it was, he refused.
Bad move!
The officers then resorted to using bully tactics, Sowells claims. “They asked me to get out of the car. I said ‘I don’t feel comfortable.’ They commenced to open up the car door and they tried to drag me out of the door by my left arm,” he contends.
It was at this point that the officers called for backup.

MatanzasGV said...

Making it plain

What some teach their ilk YUK

As i always say, cave women are nasty, and nastier than any other women i have ever known, in all of my world travels, or those whom i have defended or prosecuted (shaking my head)

However, i overstand thier frustration they have to deal with controlling small pkg pale males, insecure DSMV candidates with histrionic behavioral attributes, etc and pale males with insecurities so profound that they are mindboggling even for me.

Last we we have the beastialist AND THE ZOOPHILE"
A Bestialist uses and abuses animals for their own gain, this may include
pain, force or injury in the process, much like a rapist. A Zoophile has a
relationship with their animals akin to that of a Husband and Wife, or two
lovers, the sexual activities are consenting and mutually enjoyed, with
the Human and animal sharing their unique sexuality and non verbal
communication, it truly is a unique and special relationship. Now with
animals, if the sexual contact is performed in a manner compatible
mentally and physically with the animal, it will not be damaged mentally
or physically.
Yes animals can be pressured, even trained, but to me that is
something which is unthinkable. A zoophile would not train his or her
animals to "let themselves" be screwed. Such actions are the action,
This leads me to this

Afrikan men are you crazy?

Maryland Teacher Busted Having Sex With Family Dog [NSFW]
Maryland special education behavioral specialist, Stephanie Mikles, 45, was busted having sex with the family dog over a month-long period in August 2008, reports the NY Daily News.
An unrelated search of her home during an investigation into her activities initiated by the child advocacy center of Harford County turned up pictures and video of them engaged in various sex acts.
Though the Harford County Schools System would not comment on personnel matters, including what prompted the investigation, they confirmed that Mikles did interact with children in her job.
Mikles, who is employed with the Hartford County School District to care for students with special needs, was charged with “unnatural or perverted sexual practice.”
Harford County State’s Attorney Joseph Cassilly said he was uncertain how many times the alleged acts occurred, but because the indictment says it occurred over a period of time, “[that] to me says it’s more than one instance,” reports the Baltimore Sun.
Investigators seized a number of video recordings of the alleged acts that “took a while to go through,” Cassilly said. “As a result of what they found, they placed the charges.”
She was suspended from her position without pay on May 1 and faces 10 years in jail and a $1,000

The dog is still living with the family.

WHEW No wonder some people are in denial about their race

MatanzasGV said...

Making it plain

YES billy keep trolling and reading you know you like it.));) Your teacher never told you the truth You will love this why? Rabid insane lovers of terror its in the DNA
Another fake charge in order for pale males to feel a real derriere"

Debra Simmons: NAN Vice-President Tasered At Miss. Civil Rights Rally [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]
Debra Simmons: NAN Vice-President Tasered At Miss. Civil

Debra Simmons, 55, vice-president of the Mississippi Chapter of the National Action Network (NAN), the civil rights organization founded by Rev. Al Sharpton, was violently pushed to the ground, held down and tasered Monday afternoon at a civil rights rally in Natchez, Mississippi by deputies of the Adams County Sheriff’s department.

Simmons and members of NAN traveled to Natchez to throw full support behind Glennese Smith Scott, 33, a social worker and author of the book, “Surviving A Thousand Deaths,” who is in the midst of an uphill court battle against the Sheriff’s Department for abuse — and negligence — she allegedly suffered at their hands that caused her to miscarry twins.
“It is truly a disgrace how the Adams County Sheriff’s department turned a peaceful rally into something ugly and utterly violent,” said NAN member, Crystal Jackson. “This was the point of the rally, to address [Scott's] mistreatment by this department and they did not fail to prove themselves worthy of their allegations!” READ
Welcome to the new world order!

MatanzasGV said...

Making it plain

White women and sex with dogs How common?

Is this what the caveman teaches his children and what the cave man allows his children to be taught?
And there is time to worry about someone else's house at 1600?

Worry about the Afrikan in the WH will not prevent children from being exposed to this kind of insanity.

Or is it that most know it but believe it happens to OTHERS! Or that its okay? I suggest that perhaps its time to pull up your draws and become the men you want to be unless this is who you are

A Girl's Guide to Sex with Dogs

My name is Jamie, and I am not ashamed to say that I enjoy having sex with dogs (and I've been doing it since I was 14!), I am totally "normal" in almost all respects: I'm 28 and live in Los Angeles. I have a boyfriend who is pretty good in bed and I have a great job as a graphic artist. But I've found that dogs can actually be better and more satisfying lovers than either men or women!

I know that sounds weird, and a lot of you will be shocked by this, but thousands of women and girls worldwide agree with me, and, by all indications, more women are discovering this secret every day. Women have been having sex with animals for centuries, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any woman who wants to experience what is possibly the most intense and electrifying sexual experience there is

If you have a dog, chances are he is practically your best friend already. He is more loyal than any man, and loves you completely, unlike many men. He doesn't talk back or argue, and he's always there for you. Why not take it a step further and let him become your sexual lover? Male dogs are naturally horny practically all the time, so helping him relieve some sexual frustration can just be a demonstration of your love for him, and a lot of fun for you! Unlike men, dogs are almost always ready to have sex when you want to, they won't tell all their friends about your experience together (and who cares if they do?), they can't expose you to AIDS or other sexual diseases, and, perhaps best of all, they can't get you pregnant!
Now, I'm not some weirdo who advocates sleeping only with dogs and not with men. Far from it: I have a good relationship with my boyfriend and we are sexually active. (I've also had one serious relationship with a woman.) However, I seem to be hornier than he is, particularly at certain times of the month. There are times when my guy isn't around, or doesn't feel like it, or I don't want the emotional complications involved with human sex. I can then turn to my doggie to get off, and its great.

I'm sure many of you are disgusted by this whole thing, and that's okay. Just quit reading now and go on with your boring "normal" sex life. But if you want to learn more, keep reading.

I first had sexual contact with a dog when I was 14, and it continued off and on until I went to college. But I always felt ashamed or weird or guilty, and that kind of ruined the experience. After I graduated and had my own place, I also got a dog. One night, I came home drunk and ended up messing around with Max again. Afterwards, I thought about it, and I decided that I didn't have to feel guilty about pleasing myself and my dog. I decided that if God didn't want us to do it, he wouldn't have made dogs so interested in sniffing and licking human females. It's my body, and my puppy, and I can do what I want as long as it doesn't hurt either one of us!

DSW histrionic?

MatanzasGV said...

Making it plain
Continued from above

white women and BOW WOW woof sex and the DSWV

And yes i can prove they are pale That will be next!

Now that we gone over all the wonderful things that a dog can do for you with his tongue, lets talk about what you can do with yours. According to several doctors and veterinarians I have spoken with, a dogs cock is three times cleaner that a mans cock. A dog will spend considerable time every day cleaning it, how many men do you know that do that? So, why not try it? I find that when I am sucking off a dog, I have a tremendous amount of mental stimulation that gets me horny as hell! Just knowing that I am sucking on an animals dick will get me so horny, that it doesn't take much to get me off. I will usually use a free hand to masturbate while I am sucking him, and I have some of the greatest orgasms this way.

Most male dogs will gladly allow you to suck them and there are many positions to do it in. I find that two positions are very good and are easy to accomplish. For those of you that are just starting out and are nervous about doing it I recommend that you have him lie on his back with you next to him. This will give you full access to his cock and be able to control all the action. But, another great method I use is to lie on my back with the back of my head slightly raised by a pillow and have him stand over me with his cock within reach of my mouth. Then he humps me and does all the work, leaving my hands free to masturbate myself with. One important thing to remember when sucking a dog: While most men like to have their balls rubbed or fondled while having their cocks sucked, this is not so with all dogs. Before starting any sexual activity with him touch and feel his cock and balls to insure that he does like it. The next thing that we are going to do now that we have gotten into the position that we prefer is begin to get him aroused. I find that the best way is to first gently stroke his cock through his sheath until it begins to enlarge and slip out. Once you have at least an inch of him out of his sheath you should gently take him into your mouth. You should continue to gently stoke him with your hand while you begin to slowly move you mouth back and forth over his cock. As you do this his cock will continue to enlarge until he reaches full erection.

While you are moving your mouth over his cock you should try to place the tip of you tongue into the indentation on the head of his cock as this will cause his to reach his climax. As he gets closer to his climax you will notice that at the base of his cock there is a very large bulge known as his knot. This knot is used to hold his cock inside a female (dog or human) until he has finished ejaculating. If you are considering going further then you should make a mental note of the size of his cock and knot. The average large dog has a cock, when aroused, that is 5 to 7 inches long and 1 and half to 2 inches wide. The knot for a dog whose cock is 6 inches long and 1 and a half wide can be two inches long and 4 inches wide. A dog is different than most mammals as from the time they begin to become aroused until they begin to get soft they will have some form of ejaculate coming from their cocks. At first arousal there is a clear thin fluid that tastes like iron and has the consistency of water, this is his precum that is for lubrication so his knot will slip into the females vagina. At full arousal is when he actually will produce his sperm and you can tell when this happens as his cum will begin to have a slightly salty taste to it. You should be aware that his cum will never be as thick as a mans but he will produce about twice as much as a man. I personally think that dog cum tastes much better than man cum

To be continued
I want to let all of you unconscious palre stale ole and younger readers, (even a few of the house negors)responders et/al know that i know who you really are )))
And that the agitator has arrived and asks
Who are you going to blame now?

MatanzasGV said...

Making it plain and blaming


What is being taught to pale knots

This is whats being taught while little penis pale adults worry about Big penis Barak Hussein Obama

Moving right along

There are some things that you should consider before you attempt allowing your lover to mount you for the purpose of anal sex. You should be experienced with anal sex, by this I mean you should have no difficulty taking your human lovers cock into you. You will not always be successful with achieving penetration and if you do you may wind up with his knot inside you. If you now still want to try it well lets go. In finding a good position for male canine/human female anal sex I have tried dozens of positions and found many that work and many that didn't.

I have found that the best position is one called a modified doggy position. To get into that position you should first find a open space, very private of course, inside your house or wherever and place a soft pad on the floor for you to kneel on. You then kneel on the pad and get into a normal doggy position. To achieve the correct position you now bring your knees forward and tuck them up into your stomach. Now that you have done that you rest the front of your body on your elbows. Great you have mastered getting into the proper position, now there are some other things you have to do before you call to your lover. We have this little problem with lubrication that has to be solved with something otherwise this will really hurt. I have found that natural oils such as olive or corn oils work best and will not hurt your lover. NEVER NEVER use vaseline or that like as they will make the dog sick or even worse.

Well now we know what lubrication we are going to use we must now apply it. It is not enough to just smear a little oil on the outside of your anus for this to work, you must lubricate both outside as well as inside. The easy part is the outside and I leave that until I am in position to do. To lubricate the inside I have found that if I lubricate as much of the inside of my anus as possible I have no discomfort at all. I use a large eyedropper, that will hold about an once or so of oil, to get the oil inside and when I have done that insert one finger to spread the oil over the muscle.

Congratulations you are now ready, you have done your inside lubrication and are in the proper position and here comes your lover. You should now take your oil and rub some on your anus and the area around it. After he has mounted you you will probably have to guide him into you. Once he is inside he will hump just like an vaginal sex. The same precautions concerning his knot should be used here as well. I do not recommend those just starting out to try having him insert his knot. As there is not as much stimulation with anal sex you may want to gently masturbate while he is in you. There is one way to increase the stimulation and that is place a dildo into your vagina. This will transmit his movement inside you to you clitoris and help you reach climax.

Just a few footnotes about the fun of canine human sex. You can do all of these things while a human lover, male or female is present and in some cases the experience is more enjoyable. I would have liked to have had illustrations for this but I have not found someone to pose for them and I am more than a little nervous about having my picture here. Ladies any volunteers?

Now if this is deleted i will respect that i just wanted all of you trolls to know that we all know just who u REALLY are :))))))

2b cont
U sick yet?
Now we all do not have to wonder why men with small penis's cannot cut it

MatanzasGV said...

Contined Making it plain

Why Are So Many People Having Sex With Dogs?
By Buck Wolf,

This has to be the most disgusting trend I've seen in 15 years walking the weird news beat: Once again, someone is accused of having sex with a dog. This time, a pit bull.

Oregon police have charged 20-year-old Brandon Vongthongthrip to 200 counts of aggravated animal abuse and 200 counts of sexual assault of an animal after he allegedly admitted to having sex with his pet more than 400 times over a five-year period.

"Authorities first learned of Mr. Vongthongthrip's criminal activity when an anonymous caller contacted investigators at the Oregon Humane Society," Special Agent Austin Wallace told

The 20-year-old man -- the latest inductee to the Weird News Mug Shot Hall of Shame -- had no prior arrests and has no history of mental illness. And yet investigators say they found pictures of him posted on the Internet of him sexually abusing his eight-year-old Red Nose American Pit Bull named Rocky.

This comes just week after a Florida woman was charged with making dog sex videos, prompting state lawmakers to propose new anti-bestiality laws.

A few months earlier, we reported on the legal proceedings against Diane Sue Whalen, accused of making and trying to sell videos of herself with two dogs


As a woman who has been exposed to the worst of the worst This is just the beginning
This is sad but i have the hutzbah to handle it my career and my Afrikan being has afforded me the ability to spk truth 2 power

Get knowledge and become the people you want to be "MEN
Do not worry about what you do not like about me or Barak, we are still standing HA!

MatanzasGV said...

Making it plain

Exposing the truth
Not only are many frustrated with what is at home they are suffering from mental illness Wonder why?

Now you pale stale wanna be's must remember the Afrikan has suffered from more lies and misinfo than any people So get over it READ! This is info your put out so if its a lie deal with it.

Also, i will debate anyone about anything IF" they know how to draw me into a debate T date ..i have met only one who thought he could do that , and he did it well a class act

Anonymous said...

Wow,Mantanzas is one sick bitch. Really Field you've allowed your blog to become a stage for this sick twisted, perverted racist, who calls you a colleague, friend and mentor. Do you pray to the voodoo gods too Field. What do you and Mantanzas talk about over your morning oatmeal? How does she know the size of your bone? Mantanzas usted es basura, puta. I piss on you and your jungle gods. If she represents you negros I pity you all. " El Diablo Blanco "

Anonymous said...

Anon, mental illness is a terrible thing. It is very difficult to deal with.

The Field is a very nice, gentle and accomodating person who does not like to hurt anyone's feelings.

Pay no mind. It will eventually play itself out. Hopefully sooner than later.

Until then let's just try to laugh it off, although its a lesson to all about the tragedy of mental illness.

Anonymous said...

deleting my jonas post will not erase my truths about the dl hobama and his kids' mutual carnal obsessions with white males...


MatanzasGV said...

Making it plain


You should know by now that you have no power over me and that i will die before i will allow anyone to stifle my speech
When you take one step remember the shit on your shoes