Saturday, June 08, 2013

Cory makes a run, and Jay fails at funny.

Good luck to Cory Booker with his run for the U.S. Senate.

I see that he is trying to go the same route as another popular African American politician: Ivy League cred, community organizer establishing his street credibility, and a run for the U.S. Senate.

But will he be a political moderate like the brother currently occupying the White House? Or, will he be aprogressive left winger?

In order to start positioning himself for higher office he better start heading to the middle. Americans tend to like their policy makers to be very vanilla (pun intended).

Speaking of African American politicians, I see that Jay Leno tried cracking a "brotha" joke about the one in the White House on his show.

 "On Thursday night, future former Tonight Show host and National Treasure Jay Leno took on the roiling NSA data collection story with the wit and sophistication his fans have come to expect. During his monologue, Leno joked that the saddest part of the story is that “it turns out 90% of phone calls Americans make are to order a a pizza,” and followed that bon mot with the observation that “When I was growing up, I was, we were afraid of Big Brother watching us. Now with Obama, we actually have a brother watching us!

Get it? Because he’s black!

Wait, sorry, I screwed up the transcription. What Leno actually said was “Now with Obama, we actually have a brothahh watching us!”

In case anyone in his audience missed the translation, though, he repeated the line in White English, adding, “You see what I’m saying? We got a brother watching us.”

Oh, my God, I’m still laughing, because President Obama really is a brothahh! See, “Big Brother” is a reference to the dystopian George Orwell novel 1984, and “brother” is a slang term for a black man.

Still, I think Leno could improve bits like these if he went to Robert Townsend‘s Black Acting School, and really learned to get his jive on. You gotta really drag the syllables out, like “We actually have a BRUH-thuuuuhhhh watching us,” and you gotta get your behind swaying, and maybe throw in a pimp-walkin’ hand gesture. At this rate, he’ll be in line to replace Bill Maher when the Tonight Show gig is up, which might actually be a big improvement."

Decent article , Tommy, but  don't you dare mention Robert Townsend's Black Acting School in the same article with the likes of Jay Leno ever again! That s*** is blasphemous to us black folks.

Jay Leno doesn't even have a funny card let alone a black one to be cracking black jokes.

Gladly, he and his lame jokes will be gone soon.


1%'r said...

Jay's one of the funniest stand ups ever. Even Chris Rock and the Kings of Comedy would have to admit. Your problem is he's finally allowed to speak the truth about the nonsense and failure of the Dems and Barry instead of being politically correct. I love it.

1%'r said...

Leno: 'We Wanted a President That Listens to All Americans - Now We Have One'...

Head McMan said...

Uh-oh. Five years into his presidency, someone makes a joke about President Obama.


PilotX said...

President Booker huh? I wonder if he'll still get to run into burning buildings and save dogs. We all know Crispy Creme can't do it, unless he's saving donuts, cakes or pies.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Field, I see you clearly have been avoiding how Michele Obama intimidated that poor LGBT White protester during her speech. Well, Glenn Beck had plenty to say about that. He called the First Lady a Monster!

Anonymous said...

Field, "Jay Leno doesn't even have a funny card let alone a black one to be cracking black jokes.

Gladly, he and his lame jokes will be gone soon."

Brothahh Field, I got news for you. Jay Leno is one of the greatest comedians EVER! Maybe because you are Jamaican you don't think he's funny. In Jamaica, they don't laugh at anything....don't even crack a smile. So, considering, I'll let you go on this one.

Baz Bamigboye said...

"Good luck to Cory Booker with his run for the U.S. Senate.

I see that he is trying to go the same route as another popular African American politician: Ivy League cred, community organizer establishing his street credibility, and a run for the U.S. Senate.

You forgot to add gay.

Why is it only down-low brothers can get nominated by democrats?

Until a black man can get elected President without having to have sex with men in gay bath houses, we will not be free.

Anonymous said...

Cory Booker has not been sanctioned by Gov Chris Cristie. That means he doesn't stand a chance in hell to be Senator in NJ.

Anonymous said...

Field, can we talk real talk for a minute? I have noticed for years that you have NEVER posted anything positive about Whites. Why is that?

I hope some FN posters here can explain why Field doesn't present fair and balanced Black and White issues in America.

Bob said...

Booker is, at present, a political moderate. There's much knee jerk support for Cory by people who don't yet know his views. Frankly, I tend to think of him as a hot dog, & I live next to Newark, where he hardly enjoys universal support. Two of his opponents, Frank Pallone & Rush Holt, are superbly qualified to be senator. I'm probably not voting for Cory in the special election primary.

field negro said...

Bob, u are the kind of voter Cory has to worry about. Folks who are in the know about his actual accomplishments.

Anon@11:32pm, didn't u predict Romney in a landslide? Yes, I think u did.:)

Ann@11:25 pm, please provide a link.

Take all the time u need. I will wait....

The only thing funny about Jay Leno is his jaw.

BARBBF said...


After initial testing in two precincts, The Seattle Police Department and Mayor Mike McGinn announced last week that they will now deploy their “Predictive Policing” software to all five precincts.

The federally-funded cloud-based crime prediction software known as PREDPOL, uses mathematical algorithms similar to ones used in earthquake prediction to predict when and where a future crime is most likely to take place down to a 500-square foot area. The program combines five years’ worth of past crime data with sociological information about criminal behavior.

“We’ve had anecdotal successes with the pilot project in East and Southwest Precincts, so we’re expanding Predictive Policing citywide,” said Mayor McGinn

“We’re asking the community to get involved by reporting even minor property crimes so we can improve our data set and predict where crime is likely to occur. This is a tool that can help us prevent some crimes before they happen, so it’s very important that community members get involved.”

Despite the assurance that the program doesn’t target individuals, civil liberties advocates have already questioned the software and the possible dangers to privacy and constitutional rights down the road. Some worry the Police may target citizens who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, simply based off of what a computer tells them.

Given the City of Seattle’s involvement in the secret pilot program TrapWire, a surveilance camera program that ran citizens faces through facial recognition software unknowingly, Seattle residents are hesitant to trust the program or the Seattle Police who were recently under federal investigation for their routine and widespread use of excessive force.

Even with some hesitant citizens, the Seattle police are asking local residents to report any and every crime to help build up the department’s crime prediction database.

“With the community’s help, we can prevent some crimes before they take place by being in the right place at the right time,” said Deputy Chief Metz.

Seattle also received a $5 million federal grant last year which went towards 30 Department of Homeland Security-funded surveillance cameras on Seattle’s waterfront area. Despite the claim that the cameras were for the coast line to protect the Port of Seattle from terrorism, the cameras were caught pointing inward, watching Seattle residents by “accident.”

Anonymous said...

>The only thing funny about
>Jay Leno is his jaw.

Making fun of the way people look is messed up.
Maybe you just don't like white people.

Just pointing out the obvious.

field negro said...

"Making fun of the way people look is messed up."

So is making fun of the way people speak.

Anonymous said...

Field, since you have not responded to my comments about Michele Obama and the NSA/Verizon privacy problem, I will be making a special trip to Philly on a day when you are in court. I plan to be in that courtroom to call you out and embarrass you.

"Your Honor, have you heard of FN? Please consider removing Mr Field from your court room and this case."

Now, do you want that to happen? I think not.

PilotX said...

"Anon@11:32pm, didn't u predict Romney in a landslide? Yes, I think u did.:)"

Being wrong is required for being conservative.

Anonymous said...

"Anon@11:32pm, didn't u predict Romney in a landslide? Yes, I think u did.:)"

No I did not. Field has framed me before. First as a White man, now this! I am really thinking about suing for defamation of character. It has hurt my chances to make the money I could have made. I could have been rich but Field eff'd that up.

alicia banks said...

kudos to leno!

that blackish "bruh" hobama has taken big brother to cosmic and global levels!

cc ndaa/nsa/cispa/africom/gunless etc

cc assata


alicia banks said...

cc that global warlord hobama's international and domestic spy drones too...shame!!!!!!!

hobama is the new gwb 3.0/hoover/nixon/hitler/mabus/bragamus/beezlebub/wwiii etc

go leno!!!