Monday, March 10, 2014

Why some countries are rich and some are poor.

It's always interesting to read what racists have to say about white superiority as it relates to different countries in the world.

They love to talk, for instance, about how wonderful white ruled western countries such as the United States are, and how horrible predominantly black Third World countries are.

This ignorant and shortsighted view of history fails to take into account the effects of colonialism and wealth grabs by older more established countries from smaller less established ones.  

India, for instance, went from a 22% share of global income in 1700 to 4% when they became "independent". This is true of most Third World countries.
An excellent article about decolonization and the effects of European imperialism on developing countries can be read here.

Another excellent article on the subject is from Jamaican producer and writer, Keiran King, and it is such a good article that I found it worthy of a cut and paste job. It understandably focuses on Jamaican, but it could be about any country in the Third World.

"It's an embarrassing but inescapable truth about Jamaica - most of the time, we're a complete mess. From arresting criminals to developing industries, diversifying exports to simplifying taxes, creating wealth to erasing intolerance, Jamaica lags behind much of the world.

Our GDP per capita is less than half the global average. According to the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, almost one in three men and one in two women in their early twenties can't find work. Forty per cent of all the jobs in the country are in farming, fishing and car repair. Construction and tourism provide a quarter of the rest. And those hard-baked jobs pay about J$11,500 a week, not enough to afford the computer to read this article.

What's a beautiful banana republic to do? Two hundred years ago, Jamaica was the richest colony in the British Empire by a distance, and its citizens, like Simon Taylor and Thomas Thistlewood, the most wealthy. Falmouth famously had running water before New York. How did we go from such prosperity in 1814 to such poverty today? Why is Jamaica so poor?

It's the billion-dollar question, one the best and brightest social scientists have been chewing on for decades. Here's the most influential living economist, Robert Lucas: "Is there some action a government of India could take that would lead the Indian economy to grow like Indonesia? If so, what, exactly? Once one starts to think about [it], it is hard to think about anything else."

It's easy to know what makes a market healthy - just write down what the First World does. Modern economists agree that balancing state budgets, suppressing inflation, allowing free trade, and investing in infrastructure is the way to go. But what's good for the country is not necessarily good for the government. In a democracy, where politicians only last a few years at the top, it makes more sense to spend as much as you can, protect the interests of powerful friends, and skimp on infrastructure apart from big, prestigious projects.

Still, with selfish people in power everywhere, why do rich countries stay rich and poor countries stay poor? In 2001, a Turkish economist, Daron Acemoglu, solved an amazing, disturbing piece of the puzzle. He discovered that he could predict the current GDP of 70 countries, including Jamaica, by looking at the mortality rate of white men in the 1800s. Wait, what? How in the name of Paul Bogle are those two things even related?

It turns out that wherever European colonisers survived in large numbers, like Australia and North America, they imported the rule of law from home. But where they mostly succumbed to disease, like much of Africa and the West Indies, they didn't bother to set up strong institutions. Instead, they set a precedent of grab-and-go, short-term, extractive policymaking that persists, like the viruses they feared, to this very day. Out of many, one example - inefficient bureaucracies that encourage and even tolerate widespread corruption.

Tim Harford, yet another economist, explains: "Development is thwarted because the rules and laws of the society do not encourage projects or businesses which would be to the common good. The small amount of education and technology and infrastructure [in a country like Jamaica] could be much better used if the society was organised to reward good, productive ideas. But it is not." By contrast, America's patent system, effective courts and venture capital paved the way, as much as the literal investment in highways, for a good idea like FedEx to flourish. In turn, FedEx created the delivery network for Amazon, whose supercomputers now enable Netflix, and the virtuous cycle continues.

This is all very depressing, because it suggests the problem of poverty operates on a scale larger than anyone's lifetime, that as a colonised people, we were predestined to struggle far past Independence, and that we are our own worst enemy in implementing solutions. But depression is not despair. We have to find a way to align the short-term interests of our elected officials with the long-term interests of the economy. How to do that remains unanswered, but with the world's best and brightest on the job, it'll probably only take another 200 years." [Source]

I don't agree with all of Keiran's theories as to why countries like Jamaica are still poor (countries like the United States still try to destabilize other governments when their political and economic interests are not suited), but he certainly makes some interesting points about how to fix some of our economic problems.




Anonymous said...

Field, your post proves that Whites are more advanced in running countries than Blacks..Maybe Jamaica should open its doors and invite many Whites to improve its economy? the same for Africa.

It is clear we don't have the vision, money, KNOW-HOW or the DISCIPLINE to be a solid black nation anywhere on the planet.

This proves another truth: We are tied to our white brothers and need them. We need humility instead of foolish pride.

People with the attitudes toward Whites like Granny, and certainly like Dr Nuwang, make it hard for Blacks to get ahead. Thank God for O'Reilly because he is committed to lifting us up, while he ignores Negroes like Granny, Dr Nuwang, PilotX, and PC. Those Negroes are hurting our cause.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lawd! O'Reilly humbled Russell Simmons and ripped Beyonce about her latest filthy album. All this in one sitting on the Factor:

Anonymous said...

To ALL FN fans, esp FP, "Killing Jesus" was the #1 best-selling book in the world. Just thought you'd like to know this. I am backing up my comment with FACTS:

Anonymous said...

Back run countries are poor because black people run them.

The wealth of countries correlates very strongly with the average IQ of it's population.

White average IQ is 100. East Asians average about 105.

Indians average about 85. The ones who come here are the top 1%.

Africans average about 80.

This is why African countries run by Africans will always be poor. They would be better off as colonies.

African Americans are about 20% white and are smarter than Africans on average.

That doesn't mean there aren't genius Africans and moron Chinamen, just that the bell curves have different shapes.

America will likely get poorer as its average IQ decreases through immigration. Mexicans average IQ is around 90.

IQ is destiny.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Back run countries are poor because black people run them.

The wealth of countries correlates very strongly with the average IQ of it's population.

White average IQ is 100. East Asians average about 105.

Indians average about 85. The ones who come here are the top 1%.

Africans average about 80.
You sound like a person with an above average white IQ.

Do you know 'why' Africans have the lowest IQ average? Can you explain this phenomena?

Well, if you are right, then Whites are clearly superior to Blacks and should dominate over them.

One thing for certain. Since Whites are superior in intelligence, it explains why they made slaves out of Africans to serve their purposes. And annihilated the Indians. The ones with the highest IQ's can do whatever they want to others without impunity, right?

Your superior IQ has made your white history beautiful. Even the Gods can't boast such.

PilotX:Freeing Slaves from the republican plantation since the 70's said...

I heard an interesting story about this topic and how it relates to the IMF on Tavis Smiley's radio show. One of the premises is that many "third world" countries are run by dictators who will use many of the funds supplied for their own benefit and sometimes the ideas about investing are misguided. The bottom line was sometimes in our attempts to assist other nations we may harm them in the long run. Some of it is also arrogance where those with wealth and power think they know what's best for the impoverished nation.

Anonymous said...

Field, the REAL reason some countries are poor and others are rich is simple:


All the explanations and political rhetoric and human history can be boiled down to destructive human greed, selfishness, self-centeredness. It's our human nature.

That's why GOD is so important because only HE can rid us of this satanic bs. Humans certainly can't do it. When we try to do it on our own, things get worse.

PilotX:Freeing Slaves from the republican plantation since the 70's said...

Found it.

Kinky.Con said...

Long on blame and short on answers are we field?

Hypocrisy! Double standard! said...

"Long on blame and short on answers are we field?"

Maybe Kinky can give us some answers instead of criticizing Field. Hypocrisy! Double standard! Right Bill?

Kinky.Con said...

Silly boob. I'm not the author of this blog.

Also,field, don't racists tell you America is black run?

Kinky.Con said...

And field, no mention of Dontadrian Bruce and Desmond Davis? I can't believe right wing blogs are all over this racial injustice-and you have yet to post about it.

Anonymous said...

"It turns out that wherever European colonisers survived in large numbers, like Australia and North America, they imported the rule of law from home. But where they mostly succumbed to disease, like much of Africa and the West Indies, they didn't bother to set up strong institutions."

I think it's probably incorrect to say that some former colonies don't have large white populations mainly because disease killed off white inhabitants. That isn't the key reason for the difference in immigration patterns.

In the Caribbean, the climate is such that crops could be grown that were more amenable to slave labor than in the U.S. Therefore, huge quantities of slaves were imported and whites only immigrated to rule them. That's why the Caribbean is black today.

In Africa, there was a pre-existing labor force to do the work of extracting minerals for European industry, so not much white immigration was required there either. (And Europe didn't rule Africa for that long, all things considered.)

I do agree that in many majority-nonwhite colonies, Europeans set up feudalistic societies in which all the wealth accrued to the ruling class and the rest of the populace were powerless peasants. Many former colonies still haven't changed from that 19th-century economic and political model.

Anonymous said...

KinkyPorn said: "Silly boob. I'm not the author of this blog."

I'm aware of the fact that you're not the author of this blog, however, you certainly made an asinine comment!

Nat Turner Reloaded

Anonymous said...

KinkyPorn? Wow! I am stunned at the meanness toward KinkyCon. That is not right. We are to learn to love each other. That is our sole purpose on earth. We are all God's children and should treat each other as loving compassionate brothers and sisters.

Yet, all I read are put-downs of Whites like KinkyCon. Again, that is not right.

Please brothers and sisters, can't we all get along? Brother Field, you should be posting as much as you can about loving each other.

To date, I have NOT seen ONE post where you have reached out to our white brothers. You've reached out to our white sisters, but not our white brothers.

I haven't a clue as to why brother Field will reach out to half the white race but not the other half. I am totally stumped on this one.

Is there anyone on this blog who can give me an explanation for this? Please, don't tell me it's racism because clearly it is not.

Bobby said...

Africans and Native Americans killed, enslaved and took land from each other long before Europeans or anybody else ever showed up. There were many Native tribes that were genocided out of existence centuries and millennia before Europeans got here. Some people act like whites invented slavery, war and genocide about 500 years ago.

Generally, average IQ of an ethnic group has to do with how close your ancestors were to the equator. Life expectancy is and was short closer the equator, but food was easier to come by due to the tropics; the further away you go from the equator it's the opposite. This created differences in future time orientation over countless millennia of generations that still very much exist today.

This even holds within racial groups: Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese vs. southeast Asia (Singapore is about 3/4 ethnically Chinese). Northern vs. Southern India, Africa, Northern vs. Southern Europe, and the Native Americans. Here's a recent list of average IQ by country:

The above explains the findings of the Turkish economist. Take the Americas. European diseases and war basically wiped out the Natives in the US and Candada, but native diseases prevented the same thing from happening in Central America and Northern South America. There was a great deal of mixing with Natives in those areas (so much that those mixed descendants are the majority), but not nearly as much the further you get from the equator. We know the US and Canada are rich, but we would also expect the richest part of Latin America to be the whitest: Southern South America (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, far southern Brazil). And it is.

But the economist can't talk about evolved genetic IQ.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Field, I have nothing to say about your post. However, I DO have something to say about your consistency in posting:

Mr Field, as a wm who has been following you for years I have noticed that you have not missed one day w/o a fresh new post. I find that remarkable. I mean, you shatter the prejudice of Whites who think bm are lazy.

Of course, that begs another race-related question: "Do you have white blood in you? I have never heard you say so but you have too much dedication and energy to be 100% Black.

I am not a racist but if you have some white blood in you, that would explain why you are so consistent and such a hard worker. In other words, it would explain 'everything' about your discipline and intelligence. I mean, no African can do what you do.

Which brings me to my main point: Have you considered leaving the black race, moving to Los Angeles and living in among us Whites? We would love it so much. We have researched your background and we are certain you would not turn out to be another OJ.

Anyway, please consider my offer. It would be a great opportunity for you to break free from the clutches of Philly. Just think, you could live like a king in LA--better than OJ(did). You could run your blog from your hollywood home. It would be like 'peaches and cream', if you know what I mean.:)

The Purple Cow said...

"Yet, all I read are put-downs of Whites like KinkyCon. Again, that is not right."

Yes it is, he's a cunt.

Like you.

field negro said...

The first fee comments must have come from FOX studios. My goodness, what's with all the O'Reilly love?

Intelligence quotas huh? Hmmm, so how do we explain white run countries like Bulgaria and other Eastern European hel l holes?

field negro said...

few not "fee".

Bobby said...

Bulgaria isn't a hell hole by world standards, but it is behind the European average. Many US urban areas are far worse than Bulgaria's and are on par with some of the worst in the 3rd world. It's nickname during the Cold War was something like "the Soviet footstool". Decades of Marxism have yet to be overcome. Also they were fighting off the Ottoman Turk Muslims for centuries before that along with much of other Eastern and Southern Europe. Millions of European Christians were enslaved to Muslims over centuries, but this isn't talked about much (Hmmm... why not? LOL). IQ isn't everything. The Bulgarians and most of the rest of Eastern Europe have served as a buffer for Western and Northern Europe against the Muslim world and then Marxism.

Some more links from the same site I linked to earlier:

Possible Causes of IQ Differences among Countries

Success of Nations - compared to their citizens' IQ, SQ, Ambition

There's more good info on that site on this topic.

The book:
"IQ and the Wealth of Nations".

Wake up call said...

"I can't believe right wing blogs are all over this racial injustice-and you have yet to post about it."

If they're all over it why do you need to read about it here too? I knew you were a right wing tool.

Anonymous said...

BobbySnobby said: “We know the US and Canada are rich, but we would also expect the richest part of Latin America to be the whitest.”

First and foremost, … F%ck you!

When 100 Yard sprint runners line up at the starting point, everyone is on the same footing at exactly the same line of scrimmage. Same thing goes with the human race, you cannot have one group of the human race (black/brown) to begin 100 yards behind another demographic (whites) and within a span of one-hundred to two-hundred years, expect the group that began the race from behind to somehow overtake or surpass the other group (whites) economically and socially that was improvidently granted to begin with.

And just in case you haven't noticed, black and brown people are right in your ass even after being held down and are still being held to a certain extent!

Again, ...F%ck you!

Nat Turner Reloaded

The Purple Cow said...

I.Q. tests were developed by white middle-class 19th century Austrians to estimate the intelligence of white, middle-class, 19th Century Austrians. They didn't even do that very well. The only true value of an I.Q. test is to test your ability to take I.Q. tests.

The U.S. Army has taken more I.Q. tests than anyone else they have found no meaningful statistical difference between races, though black and white people from north of the Mason-Dixon line out-perform white and black people from the south.

Anyone can raise their I.Q. by studying how to take I.Q. tests, for every hour studied your I.Q. will increase 2.75 points.

The US Army showed that simply changing the colour of the invigilator in charge changes I.Q. scores. Putting a black man in charge increased Black respondents I.Q.'s by 15 points, whilst simultaneously reducing white men's response by 6 to 15 points depending on what side of the line they were born on.

Clearly neither of those things would be possible if an I.Q. test was genuinely a test of intelligence.

Bill said...

Instead of comparing Jamaica and america, why not compare Detroit Michigan and Austin Texas.

Why the huge difference?

Is it just the difference in political beliefs?

Vinny said...

You are so damn ignorant and like Barry you are incapable of learning. So Columbus when encountering the first native Americans immediately caused them to devolve into the stone age?
They are many reasons for differing economical evolutions, and it's quite funny when you defend other cultures and meanwhile you criticize them. Wealth variation if that's how you wish to define a people their value, you capitalist pig, are caused by many factors, but colonialism isn't one. Educate yourself and read a legitimate book for a change. Try "Guns' Germs and Steel" and learn the real factors in cultural development. Stop being a racist for once and look for other factors rather than blaming, once again, the white man.

Bill said...

A mummy voted in Detroit?

Voting Records Raise Questions After Mummified Body Found

How many mummys vote in Austin Texas?

Bill said...

This is pretty funny.

The Purple Cow said...

You've gotta feel sorry for Bill

The Purple Cow said...

"Instead of comparing Jamaica and america, why not compare Detroit Michigan and Austin Texas.

Why the huge difference?

Is it just the difference in political beliefs?"

Probably yeah. Austin is one of the most corrupt cities in America, and the governor is just about to close down the only organization investigating Texan corruption.

Bill said...

The Purple Cow said...
"Is it just the difference in political beliefs?"

Probably yeah. Austin is one of the most corrupt cities in America

More bullshit from PurpleCow.

It doesn't even make the top 6.

If you believe Austin is doing so well because of corruption, please try and explain why Chicago isn't doing better.

Don't go crickets again PurpleCow.

PilotX:Freeing Slaves from the republican plantation since the 70's said...

Doing better at what? Chicago is doing just fine. Why don't you visit before you opine?

focusedpurpose said...

@ Bill, yes, that was funny.

i like it better when folk know BO is joking...

instead of listening to him lie + lie, while straining to believe. calling everybody that calls out the lies a "racist".


though some ARE racist, to be clear.



the fact that the world wants to "kill" who they think is Messiah, does not shock nor offend, really.

that's what's written. "make war" is how it is described, i believe.



Revelation 2:17- And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of Almighty, and have the testimony of Yahushua Messiah.



Yahushua Messiah = J-sus Chr-st

+ Almighty does no sneak attacks. He/His Word tells folk up front what the Deal is. what they Believe is indicative of their free will + faith. if they don't bother to get familiar...they, too, are addressed. perish for lack of Knowledge;(



Revelation 12:10-11

10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our Almighty, and the power of his Messiah: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our Almighty day and night.

11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.



the question becomes:

who you with?


for me and my house, the decision + Stand has been made and is on-going daily. while anxious for nothing- though folk try to make me hurry or worry;)

now...just to show folk how well put together this plan is against the saints/humanity. take a look here, all nicely tucked in a history lesson that most folk never got. there is truly nothing new under the sun:


"The same Illuminati bankers responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution and the greatest mass murder in human history control the United States today.

Is America on the precipice of another "Red Terror"? There are some disturbing signs:

Empowered by the "Patriot" Act, the Homeland Security Department could become a Cheka, (secret police) and FEMA's detention camps a gulag archipelago. Last year the Department made headlines by ordering 1.6 billion ammunition rounds - enough to kill every American five times.

Edward Snowden's revelations of NSA spying on everybody.

Executive Order 13603 gives the President the power to take control of all national resources, public and private, and to impose martial law.

NDAA 2014 gives the military the power to indefinitely detain American citizens without charge and without trial.

To facilitate enslavement, the Bolsheviks outlawed gun ownership. Their war on the people became "machine guns against pitchforks." Although Americans aren't disarmed yet, the pressure to ban weapons has never been greater, as staged "lone gunman shooting sprees" have increased. In general, false flag terrorism like 9-11 and Boston point to a general contempt for the public.

focusedpurpose said...

• We aren't razing churches yet, but the media relentlessly demonize Christians while courts increasingly suppress religious expression.

The US military is trained to view Christians as extremists and terrorists.

Genocide is not overt, but the elites' comments about population control reveal the agenda behind legalized abortion, HAARP, GMOs, and mandatory vaccination."


the "greatest AG of all times" has ALREADY told folk that the banksters are too big. in other words, what he would need to fix, in order to fix the problem... is UNfixable.

IF folk think BO is about to transfer the wealth of the rich/elite to the poor...


worshiping at the bm sacred calf got some folk REAL messed up. EVERYBODY calling it ain't racist. though some are for sure. mammy mules attempting to run up, regulate, or silence, just don't know what time it is.


somebody asked what the out 7 looks like. i don't know. it depends on how the in 1 looked, i suppose. that's His job and i know He's got it + is about it, so i don't worry.

don't know the how's and why's to much. not my job to know. those that don't Believe will find out and that's Good enough for me. hope folk got their life + health insurance in order;) Almighty doesn't really play. touch not the hair of my anointed, seems pretty straight forward.

what i CAN tell folk is the mammy mules that stand in the way of Truth---muling HARD to keep the dysfunction going. they can get it. like the news story from a few years ago, where the chick in Philly listened to her neighbor be raped/tortured for hours. took a nap rather than call the police on "another bm". her. verbally taking her head off = what's up.

the women that aid, abeit, and bottom b accomplice those that would bring harm to other women. those women that participate in the harm to other women and children. these traitors can get it. i have already told folk i have no golden calves. i AM with Him/His Word. folk that don't know nor follow Him/His Word do NOT get to tell me what MY walk should look like. go mind control someone else troll mole. i am NOT the one for that defeated nonsense.

additionally, everybody talking about what they see going down is NOT speaking of a personal experience. educated fools get that as they discuss the fluff stuff that keeps them on puffed up mode.

it is a mammying mule and the ladyboys they ride + die to protect that make such assertions when happy to be nappy, Glorious skinned, UNapologetic Blessed Black women DARE to Stand and Speak. defeated. having an opinion = "attitude" and i STILL don't care. STILL, i refuse to be quiet. so no, i don't think folk CAN see me, Ms boo boo new school.

other wise they would peep the Ancient flow + NOT step to test me 'round about now. lol. verbally ripping demons to pieces indecently is just fine by me. though i AM praying + striving to knock it off. huffing, puffing, smack talking mules...MIGHT just be in the wrong place at the wrong time though;)

heads up!

i hope it is just sleep deprivation. glitch in the alter program? time for rehab? lol.

focusedpurpose said...

ps. back in the land of the free, home of the brave, did we know folk are removing citizens from their wrongfully foreclosed homes with swat teams? right now. seems to me a dead white man warned folks of just such happenings if we allowed BANKSTERS to take control of the $.

who cares about that, though. let's get the government in everybody's health care. cause the government cares for + respects life. truly.

won't be so good for white folk, when that happens. whatever Black folk do is criminal. what white folk do is already a medical issue.

"professional" minions have already set this up to take out whole families. Black folk have already been getting this government manhandle. i should say particularly Black women and children.


Pilot X...with those types of sentiments...

one could only reach the conclusion that SOME bm don't blink nor see anything abnormal about Blacks dying daily in staggering #s.

THIS is the problem with chasing racism while being colorblind. colorblind for negroes = they can't see other Black folk.

on what planet is the expectation that historical enemies...US government + the white folk that run it for Real will care MORE for Black folks than the best educated + $'d folk do?

this whole post makes me sick really. deadhead negroes that look like Blessed Black folk make me sick.

that said + yet another area that requires prayer in my journey.

in Obedience to Him, since i AM called to give His Word. that's what i will do. folk are chasing racism and behind white folk in a way that is just embarrassing. (sp?) kindda like chasing behind folk like Tiger Woods begging them to be Black.

you know, negro is taken from the greek word for dead...i think calling Blacks that reinforces their dead head, spiritually shackled, mentally oppressed condition. words are quite powerful.

forgive typos. moving a bit quickly...

Correction: UNIVERSAL LAW: Rev. 12:17

saw a too typo also. moving too quickly to fix;)

focusedpurpose said...

@ FN-

"It has to be an act. :)"

finally we agree. as you sit your angry at the Bible self over here and promote each and everything that will only bring $ to some + harm to many.


surveillance = safety.

blame whitey.

+ more dumbness daily.

folk talking 'bout "their potus". guess they missed when the dems let the cat out the bag about this man's ineligibility to be potus. guess folk were not paying attention when that man's wife told folk he was born in kenya. lol.

yes. you MUST be putting on an act + throwing in well adjusted to oppression jamaican jigs just because...

it's the white man's fault.

smh + lol.

and at the end of the day...i STILL got nothing but Love for ya. Love ya enough to call you on your madness Black man.

The Purple Cow said...

"It doesn't even make the top 6."


Dr. Nuwang said...

Actually stupid Bill, the difference is that one is a state capital and one is not. Do you know which is which, Billy Boy?

Kinky.Con said...

"Chicago is doing just fine."

Glad to hear the war in Chiraq is coming to an end.


Austin is a paradise compared to Detroit.

Anonymous said...

PC, "I.Q. tests were developed by white middle-class 19th century Austrians to estimate the intelligence of white, middle-class, 19th Century Austrians. They didn't even do that very well. The only true value of an I.Q. test is to test your ability to take I.Q. tests."

Brother PC, that shouldn't make any difference for us. Like sports, we should still be able to beat those white suckers at their own game. I mean, they aren't that smart.

The question is why can't we succeed at having the highest IQ instead of talking about how unfair the test is? I mean, since 'when' has Whites 'ever' been fair? Still, we have overcome their bs to stop us and I believe we can do this too.

It is written, at least I hope so, that "Good always triumph over evil". FP, are my words true?

Anonymous said...

"Austin is a paradise compared to Detroit."

7:07 PM
You know, I have never met a brother from Austin in my entire life. Are there any there?

field negro said...

Austin is still in Texas.

focusedpurpose said...

Anon 7:40pm-

i doubled back to give a word of encouragement.

those of US with Him/His Word...


Anon,that's what's written. that's what it is. if you dare to Believe.

this post = ode to the mighty whitey infallible esau.

like folk can't read Scriptures.

white folk need US. we don't need them. THIS is why keeping tabs + tight control on US = their mission ALL DAY. THIS is why they are so fearful of US. always have been. even before our people had been successfully programed to self destruct. the learned ones among them, KNOW the Truth. they just think they will be able to lie their way to victory. like dupes + devils tend to do.

since folk are quick to pretend i AM speaking of ALL anybody. i am NOT.

like most folk...most whites are caught up in the durty game, that was well underway long before they came on the scene. caught up feeling either straight hostile, entitled/thankful or guilty. caught up...just as all other nations.

it sickens me to see Black folk hurry up + bow down at the alter of the wm...and his daughter.

while REFUSING to bow down to Him/His Word DESPITE it clearly indicating that...

Blessed Blacks.

folk will call this UNdeniable history book a "fairy tale" while holding firm to vicious white lies + a Real nightmare born of our spiritual disobedience/wickedness.

folk want to listen to ALL scholars except the Biblical ones, while playing games of make believe with themselves.

jamaica just could NOT be messy at all because of the notoriously messy, heathen, jamaican men + the women mules that ride hard/cover "secrets" for 'em, huh?

same with Black Americans. it is ALL white folk? not at all the do what thou wilt, sin all day, heathen behavior of the Black nation?

blame whitey!

MUCH more convenient, i guess.

white folk are not mighty to me. they are just white. i know what i am told i should think + believe. i just tend to seek the Truth. beautiful comes in all colors. intelligence. creativity. etc. etc. folk acting like white folk have a monopoly on any of the above = slave.

+ once i add what is written pertaining to white folk...i PROMISE you, i am most happy not to hail from the house of edom.

for those that can hear me, that happen to be white, please know there is no hatred as i speak. i just don't do patty cake with grown folk. relax my hair + opinions so white folk can feel comfortable + relaxed in my presence. it is not what i do. that's not my job + folk can't pay me enough anyways.

understand though- it is not about color. it is about the Spirit of that it is written.

His Word on the matter. His promise if folk want to know:



Galatians 3:28-29

28 There is neither Hebrew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Messiah Yahushua.

29 And if ye be Messiah's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.

Genesis 15:13-14

13 And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years.

14 And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance.


it is truly my prayer, in Messiah's Name, that more all around the world will...



He/His Word will.not.lie.

the Tribune said...

"Glad to hear the war in Chiraq is coming to an end."

Day late and a dollar short as usual. Crime stats have been on a downward trend since the 1990's. Leave it to conservatives to be the last to know facts.

PilotX:Freeing Slaves from the republican plantation since the 70's said...


My man.

Kinky.Con said...

Know facts?

Like the Chiraq death toll tops that of Americans killed in Afghanistan?(Same time period)

Like Chicago is the murder capital of America?

Dem facts? Leave it to a liberal to downplay their failed policies and the net results.

the Tribune said...

"Like Chicago is the murder capital of America?"

Not even close. Omaha has more murders per capita. Facts escape cons. You and Bill are probably brothers.

the Tribune said...

Then again when have cons ever relied on facts. Romney in a landslide.

"CHICAGO — If the grimly regular tally of shootings provides plenty of grist for both the local and national media mills, the reality of violence in Chicago may be quite different — at least according to a study about to be released.

Crime in the city of Al Capone and John Gacy has dipped to a 40-year low, said Andrew Papachristos, a criminologist and associate professor at Yale University who conducted the research. Chicago officials aren't missing their chance to seize on the data and tout the improvement.

This year alone, "Chicago appears to be on track to have both the lowest violent crime rate since 1972, and lowest homicide rate since 1967," he said."

the Tribune said...

People come to Chicago from around the world to visit our world class museums, music venues, outdoor festivals and sporting events. Normal people, but cons like Bill and Kinks stay in their homes curled up in the fetal position clutching their gun scared of the "haters" Wayne LaPierre scare them with. They can't come to Chicago because they're afraid of the knockout game Wayne and Sean Hannity warned them about.
Boo! (See, made them jump).

Anonymous said...

Purple Cow's comments on army IQ tests are utter nonsense.

Army IQ tests, like every other group of IQ tests across countries, centuries, and generations, finds a one standard deviation between blacks and whites.

This should be meaningless in judging a person on an individual level, as their are smart and not so smart people of every race. But it should disabuse of the notion that there should be equality of outcomes in all areas for blacks and whites.

We all deserve the same rights and respect as people, but trying to close the "achievement gap" is as futile as trying to achieve an all white Olympic gold medal 4X100 relay team. It's not gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Field, you owe Chelsea Handler an apology. Your past post about her insinuated she was a racist and even worse, that she was an insignificant comedian. That could not be further from the truth:

Kinky.Con said...

More Americans have been killed in Chiraq than in Afghanistan.

Chiraq is America's murder capital.

People in Chicago nickname their city "Chiraq".

Nuff said.....

Kinky.Con said...
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PilotX:Freeing Slaves from the republican plantation since the 70's said...

But yet there are fewer homicides than in 1972. Have you ever been to Chicago? I'll take you around, you'll have a good time.

field negro said...

Pilot, don't do that. Let him live in ignorance.

Bill said...

PilotX:Freeing Slaves from the republican plantation since the 70's said...
But yet there are fewer homicides than in 1972

Are you seriously denying chicago leads the country in murders?

Chicago now murder capital of U.S., FBI says

What about the facts?

PilotX:Freeing Slaves from the republican plantation since the 70's said...

Omaha is ahead of Chicago in per capita homicides. Fewest murders since 1967. Facts.

PilotX:Freeing Slaves from the republican plantation since the 70's said...

Point was Chi is a great city and you are also welcomed to visit. Go to the Blues Festival, you'll have a blast.

Bill said...

PilotX:Freeing Slaves from the republican plantation since the 70's said...

Omaha is ahead of Chicago in per capita homicides. Fewest murders since 1967. Facts.

Just in case your interested...

CORRECTION: The article has been revised to emphasize that the state of Nebraska as a whole has the highest rate of black homicide victimization in the country, not the city of Omaha. The author regrets the error.