Thursday, March 31, 2016

Open thread.

MORE DISCLAIMERS I am on the road this weekend (traveling to some warmer climes), but I am taking my trusty laptop with me.

Anyway, I just saw an article about black and white folks not even being able to agree on how to cook cornbread. 

So tonight's question of discussion is this: What are some of the things that black and white folks agree on or have in common?

I mean we know the obvious ones, such as a love of sports and watermelon, but give me something that is not as obvious, like the music of Barry Manilow, for instance.

"Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl
With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there
She would merengue and do the cha-cha
And while she tried to be a star
Tony always tended bar
Across the crowded floor, they worked from eight til four
They were young and they had each other
Who could ask for more?"

At the Copa, Copacabana, the hottest sport north of Havana...

I freaking love that song.


Anonymous said...

Oooooh, you got that Latin fever real bad field x*D

PilotX said...

Anonymous said...

Hey Baby, where you at? You aint answerin your phone and you aint text me back yet, so I got no other way of reachin you, Bae. We still gonna spend the weekend together, right? I know you have mixed emotions about our relationship, but come on, we grown men. Grown BLACK men. Your wife don't have to know everything. ;)

Get in touch with me, Bae. I need you tonight. You my Man.

XOXOXOXOXOXO Love And Chocolate Kisses,


Anonymous said...

Hey Field, I love your blog and your sense of humor.

My Texan daddy called it "johnny cake", and my Wisconsin mother made it in a cast iron mold. It was thin and crunchy, shaped like half a corn cob.

As an adult, I use the Jiffy Mix cornbread because it is not so bitter, and the cornmeal is very soft and blended.

To give you perspective, I have met people who don't even know what corn bread is!! Make comments like they expect corn kernels inside bread or something. Give me funny looks when I serve it.

I've ordered it in a restaurant in Wisconsin and had it served with honey, but not so in Illinois or Indiana.

Anonymous said...

Damn Field, this Tay-Tay dude wants your ass. Why you doggin' him out like that?

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Timberland boots. Dave Chappell. BBQ.

The Purple Cow said...

1. The Wire

2. Balti Chicken and a Table-Top Naan

3. Aishwarya Rai

4. Mount Gay

5. Red Stripe

6. T20

field negro said...

TY anon@3:38, keep coming back.

PC, that Red Stripe is quite good call. I guess we could throw reggae music in the mix as well

Lilac,.I will salsa with the best of them.

Tay tay, I told u lose some weight and work on your hygiene and get back to me

Deena said...

I freaking love that song too! I bet Manilow puts on a fabulous concert!

ThatDeborahGirl said...

The biggest thing black folks and white folks have in common is that we are tired of the economy benefitting the rich rather than the every day working people.

Poor white people need to wake up and stop blaming black people and immigrants for their problems, get off the meth and heroin and stop raising their children to be mass shooters.

Poor black people need to stop blaming whitey for being asleep at wheel when, except for some petty privileges that don't get them anywhere, they're pretty much in the same boat we are.

If poor white people and black people ever really have this awakening, it will really change this country because then we can have a revolution for humanity - not just brother against brother.

The Real Lance Cockstrong said...

Blacks have a couple faults, but whitey has a lot more.

Limpbaugh said...

Whitey's Conspiracy had some good ones, especially Dave Chappell. I think there all kinds of examples in music. from Billie Preston to Willie Nelson. Or if you want to get more alphabetical about it, from Al Green to ZZ Top. But the best two examples I can think of are Michael Jackson and the Rolling Stones. I think the Stone's rhythm section (the bass and drums) is what makes everybody like their music.

Faith_and_Fairness said...

Safe travels, Mr. Field: Great question of the day along with some interesting feedback so far.

Outside of what can be construed as broad paint stroke regarding poor whites and blacks, I'm very much in agreement with Ms. Deborah.

The most powerful of the top elite in this nation have stacked the deck in their favor. So the sooner each of us can embrace what we have in common as opposed to focusing on extreme ideology the better we can ensure safe, healthy and prosperous communities.

I also believe the larger electorate must be realistic about the magnitude of our societal ills, fully understanding that resolving job creation, tax/immigration reform, ACA, poverty, law enforcement, education and environment issues will require more than the efforts of the next president and congressional leadership.

Without the private and public sector partnering with the government and citizens, the gulf between rich and poor and amongst religion, gender, ethnicity, and LGBTQ will widen to the point of inciting a human relations nightmare.

Back to the question: whites, blacks, hispanics et al love an off the chain mac & cheese recipe :-)

Now I am going to get my Lola on...

Things we all can agree on said...

Our criminal justice system, on the whole, produced more order and more justice in 1950 than it does today.

Things we all can agree on said...

Free trade will not make most Americans better off.

anotherbozo said...

it's gotta be music. Jazz. You guys invented it. Pop. You guys shaped it. But then there are all the great A-A musicians and composers who added to "our" music, which isn't white or European any more but is really world music.

My first foreign exhibition (painting) was in a museum in Paris. The reception naturally served excellent cheese and wine. There was a trio hired to play, too. What do you think they played? Debussy? Not a chance. It was jazz.

My parents were Southern-bred and came by their racism organically. My father's favorite singer, however, was Mahalia Jackson; she got him close to tears. My mother's was Nat King Cole.

It's gotta be music.

The Purple Cow said...

I forgot one.

7. Charlotte Church

Woof Woof!!

Gregory Peckery said...

Everybody looooves white women.

Anonymous said...

We have more in common than we don't.

Anonymous said...

We all work for the benefit of Jews.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, Anonymous 7:56 PM.

A Jew

Anonymous said...

We all feel Love the same way.
We all feel Joy the same way
We experience Sadness the same way
We all feel Suffering the same way
We all feel Pain the same way
Birth and Death.
Chicken? xD Shrimp po'boys,corn bread,

As Anon 7:50PM said,"We have more in common than we don't"

Field gonna be dancing! xD

Anonymous said...

and Politics in common too!

Wesley R said...

Field, what is your view on Al Jazeera America going off the air. I really started watching about 6 months ago and I'm hooked. They tell straight news from around the world that it would take hours to find out going to and from different websites everyday.

Also, keep an eye on the case in Minneapolis. Seems like there's been some things reported that are not true.

ATL said...

Philly cheesesteak, Stevie Wonder,NY pizza...

Anonymous said...

1. Birthday cake!
2. Swimming nude!
3. And the biggest one! The great common denominator: The big O!


Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Even a majority of white American men, the demographic who views him most favorably, (51%) view Trump unfavorably. Unfortunately for the Republican Party, the 47% of white men (and 29% of white women) who view him favorably make up about 40% of Republican primary voters. Just enough to give him the nomination in a first round vote and destroy their congressional majorities.

I'm buying a popcorn popper.

You pathetic dick said...

99% of everyone hates Whitey's conspiracy.

stillaPanther2 said...

Sports, the common denominator. Looking forward to the boycott of this year's final 4. My lord they make mad money using these boys images.

Too bad the races can't be in accord to this gross misuse of these moneymakers.StillaPanther2

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Now, I'm you guys realize Lola was a trannie?

Might be your down-low favorites, but not mine. Listen to the lyrics. Google them. Hell I ain't doing it for you.

The Real Lance Cockstrong said...

Trannies are my secret fetish.

The Ministry of Truth said...

"Now, I'm you guys realize Lola was a trannie?"

You're talking about the transexual Lola from the song by the Kinks, not the Barry Manilow song.

These are completely different pieces of music.

The Real Lance Cockstrong said...

Does anyone else get a stiffy when listening to Barry Manilow?

The Ministry of Truth said...

Pretty sure the cornbread racial divide is only a Southern thing. I think restaurants outside the South often serve cornbread with sugar in it, and white folks have no trouble eating it. (Although, it is indeed possible to put too much sugar in cornbread, to the point it becomes disgusting.)

Everyone's got their preferences, but I am sometimes surprised at people who are so closed-minded and traditional they can't try anything new. Apparently, a bunch of black folks got mad because Whole Foods made some collard greens with peanuts.

Obviously, this is not the traditional way to make collard greens. But have you tried 'em with peanuts? They might be good! Experimentation is how all new good ideas come to pass.

It ain't that serious.

Anonymous said...

You're talking about the transexual Lola from the song by the Kinks, not the Barry Manilow song.

These are completely different pieces of music.

C'mon MoT, these ignorant racists will never admit their mistakes. Just like when James the Botch thought Field was talking about Vietnam when he was really talking about the war on drugs. Stupidity abounds in their type but always want to point out the faults of others. Funny, they don't know they're the butt of their own jokes.

Anonymous said...

Where the heck is Field???

I long is he going to be gone???

Warm climates are nice but it's caption Saturday for Pete's sake,and I feel devilish-y! :p


Anonymous said...

Now see...this is one of the things I don't enjoy about Field! He's always taking these mini vacations,at least like what,10 or 20 a year?? Then, he doesn't say exactly WHERE he's gonna be,so we all jus have to guess and imagine where he might be at! He doesn't post any pictures,nothing,nada! WT!

Let's trash Field, why not, he's not here right?

What DON'T ya'll like 'bout Field, and what DO ya'll like 'bout The field! the pros and the cons! Let's hear it! Serves him right for deserting us like this on Caption Saturday night too! :(

PilotX said...

Interesting story.

"and I feel devilish-y! :p"

Oh really? That could be interesting.

Yīshēng said...

PR, you so nasty, LOL!!

And it's sooooooo good to be a UNC Chapel Hill Alum!!!! :)

Tar Heels baby!

Faith_and_Fairness said...

So Lila is perturbed about Field's mini vacations. Just to get a rise out of Yisheng (because I really do care) me still wishes for an edit feature in the comments section. Dreaming of an Edit Feature for Christmas....

Anonymous said...

PilotX said...

"and I feel devilish-y! :p"

Oh really? That could be interesting.

11:31 PM

Umhmm! xD VERY! :p

Faith_and_Fairness said...

@Pilot... Great post of online Raw segment featuring members of Texas mosque standing up to an armed protest movement in much need of a rude awakening. Pretty much like two can play that game in terms of intimidation tactics.

On the other hand, how about the irony of Dr. Ben Carson's comments coming to fruition regarding armed citizens to counteract threats and violence. Still a very complicated proposal if enacted in places like school settings.

A point brought up in this story that struck me as odd is Southern Poverty Law Center classifying the New Black Panthers as a hate group, which seems an over reach given the Panthers quest to safeguard social and economic stability amongst vulnerable communities.

Anonymous said...

Faith_and_Fairness said...

Dreaming of an Edit Feature for Christmas....

12:17 AM

Faith,I don't think Blog Spot supports an 'edit feature', at least when I was on here it didn't. It does allow you to delete a comment though which WordPress does not.
Heck with it Faith, just throw it out there and the heck with it, like I do! Ahahaha!

@ Yisheng: Yeah 'cos Field thinks he can just lay around the beach all day and night drinking MaiTai's and Red Bulls, and dancing reggae and salsa and just leave us here all lonely doing nothing! x( !

( I might just be jealous though...not sure...)

Anonymous said...

"On the other hand, how about the irony of Dr. Ben Carson's comments coming to fruition regarding armed citizens to counteract threats and violence."

I wouldn't be too worried about goofy militia groups, they've been around forever with no real consequence. Dr. Carson is kind of a flake and I tend to disregard anything he says as religious bias. His beliefs are couched in end times theology which always tells us things are getting worse when in reality humans have never had it better than right now.


Anonymous said...

Now that's what I call equal! The haters went with guns and found the other side armed also!!!

Now see, it should always be like that. An eye for an eye and stuff...

O'Gurl said...

Both black and white ppl usually like:

1. Clean water (ask Flint, MI residents)
2. Clean air
3. Good food
4. A comfortable home.
5. Gainful employment
6. Good healthcare
7. Good family relationships
8. Good friends
9. Freedom to practice their religion
10. Educational opportunities
11. Cornbread .... i like mine sweet.
12. Grits ... with salt, pepper and butter
13. Chocolate
14. A good cup of coffee
15. Sports

Mooner Johnson said...

Field. OK, while I think there are many points of agreement between you and my suntanned lily-white ass, I'm thinking the one thing we can both agree upon without any compromise would be black skinned women. Married two myself and miss them both.

Then you'd have your chicken and waffles, chicken gizzards and butts. Big ass fried chicken butt might be the best part from all the parts. Then, again, fried gizzards are something special. OK, and collard greens and pot liquor. And best cornbread is semi-fried. Hot lard heated in a cast iron skillet, dump the batter in, hot-bake in the oven. Crusty brown top, crunchy brown bottom..

Like I said, I miss my ex-wives. So, fuck Walmart!

Anonymous said...

That was pretty cool at the mosque!

I think it's great and all of them should have guns on them at the ready just in case!

Wonder what Field opines on this? Oh that's right,I forgot! He's body surfing in the ocean and soaking up the rays! Be careful Field there's a lot of currents and riptides this time of year in those 'warmer climes' :)

Nasreen Iqbal said...

I'm not black or white, but I am a music fan. Black and white people (at least under 40 years of age) all seemed to agree that Kendrick Lamar's album was the best album of 2015.

I know this because I do not agree, thereby proving I'm not black or white.

pluky said...

@PilotX - Their mistake was thinking this was just another run of the mill American mosque filled with basically well mannered immigrants from predominately Muslim countries, not home-grown Nation of Islam Muslims. Founding principle -- we take no sh*t from no one!

PilotX said...

"Their mistake was thinking this was just another run of the mill American mosque filled with basically well mannered immigrants from predominately Muslim countries, not home-grown Nation of Islam Muslims. Founding principle -- we take no sh*t from no one!"

As the esteemed poet Biggie Smalls said, well if you don't know now you know.

The Purple Cow said...

Socialist bed linen!!!

Including a Michael Manley duvet cover!!

You know you want one...

Anonymous said...

Yisheng = nigger

Anonymous said...

lilac = cunt

Lance Cockstrong said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 1:11 and 1:12 AM = micro dick asshole.

Sybil Amber said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 3:24 = faggot