Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Cruz control, and Princeton backs a segregationist.

Image result for cruz images Congrats to Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders for winning their primaries in cheesehead country tonight.

It has been a tough week for Donald trump, the orange one has made more than a few missteps, and now the cracks are starting to show. (Five different positions on abortion in three days?)

Ted Cruz, who always sounds like he is auditioning for a Shakespearean play, was downright giddy tonight.  I tried listening  to Ted's victory speech but it was hard. That face. Dude was quoting JFK and taking about a safe and "sane" future for the country. He was calling for "unity" for crying out loud. Yes, this Ted Cruz. 

On the dem side Hillary is obviously going to have to get used to Bernie and his peeps "feeling the Bern." The old man is not going away, and neither, apparently, is the FBI.     

Finally, one of America's finest institutions of higher learning has decided to keep their monuments to a racist.

"Princeton University's board of trustees has decided that it will not remove Woodrow Wilson's name from its School of Public and International Affairs and from a residential college, despite student protests over the former president's segregationist views.

At the same time, the trustee committee weighing the issue said the university "needs to be honest and forthcoming about its history." It adds: "This requires transparency in recognizing Wilson's failings and shortcomings as well as the visions and achievements that led to the naming of the school and the college in the first place."

I hear ya Princeton, but being a devoted segregationist and blocking African American students from entering your university is more than just a matter of "failings".

But this is what happens when you are on the wrong side of history, it always comes back to bite you.

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The Ministry of Truth said...

Princeton made the right call.

It's one thing if you're trying to take down monuments to people who were famous mainly or solely for being racist. I don't really see why we should be celebrating Nathan Bedford Forrest, first grand wizard of the KKK. He's not notable for anything we'd admire today.

But it doesn't make much sense to be complaining about monuments to people like Wilson who weren't being celebrated for racism in the first place, but merely happened to be racist. If you go back far enough, almost everyone was racist. Racism was the social norm. If this is the standard, we'd have to throw out our entire history!

Do we also burn all the books because they were written by sexist men? That's most of the library, up in flames. What about homophobes? Not allowed to celebrate their accomplishments, either? Once again, that's pretty much everybody, if we go back more than a couple decades.

There are far more productive things these students could devote their energies towards than some pointless crusade to delete the past.

Princeton alumni said...

Woodrow Wilson supported women's suffrage. There is more to this country's history than just black people.

dinthebeast said...

George Mason University is re-renaming its law school in order not to point out what an asshole Scalia was...

-Doug in Oakland

The Ministry of Truth said...

"George Mason University is re-renaming its law school in order not to point out what an asshole Scalia was..."

That is pretty funny. I imagine not that many law grads would want to put the Antonin Scalia School of Law -- abbreviated as "ASSoL" -- on their resumes.

Sadly, Scalia's name will still be used; the school will instead be called the Antonin Scalia Law School. George Mason was not about to give back the $30 million to Scalia's biggest (or at least richest) fan.

PilotX said...

You see the Republican governor of Mississippi decided to celebrate confederate heritage month? When will these fools figure out their side lost?

Bert said...

How come nobody here talked about the incident at San Francisco State University a few days ago where a black girl confronted a white guy and with dreads and harassed him about appropriating her culture? Oh, that's right. Blacks can't be racist and the only stories worth reporting are the ones where they are victims.


ez said...

And she affected the white guy to his detriment how? Crickets. Racism allows the racist to effect the object of their racism reality to a degree equal to the racist power within the system of white supremacy. That woman complaining about culture appropriation did not affect that white mans realitu not one iota.

field negro said...

What ez said.

MOT and others, I agree that history can be complicated, but the point is we have to acknowledge it and move forward. Memorializing Wilson in such a manner is a step backwards, IMHO.

But hey, that's just me, I feel the same way about Jefferson and other frauds from our history.

field negro said...
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James Bold said...

"And she affected the white guy to his detriment how? Crickets."

But you whine about "cultural racism" and "microaggressions" that are "holding you down"?  You are un-fucking-believable.  Funny, though.

If White people could get away with treating Blacks that way today, segregation would not be a problem; it would be the absolute unquestioned way of things.

Yisheng said...

Black folks are good for complaining without backing it up. If we don't like the memorial at Princeton, let's stop sending our kids to school there.

ez said...

That is true why support what you claim to dislike.

lilac sucks donkey dick said...
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James the Biotch is a sick fuck said...

Hey James is back. You would think he'd be too busy protesting the rape and murder of a white 1 year old baby girl. Oh that's right, it's ok to kill and rape white babies if you're white.
Sick fuck!

Anonymous said...
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James the Biotch is a sick fuck said...


This is what James and his sick ilk do in their free time. Maybe he should spend less time bashing negroes and more time trying not to watch child porn and rape babies as his kind are doing so much.

Sick fuck!

Str said...

White people truly piss me off like no other.

field negro said...

"White people truly piss me off like no other."


Anonymous said...

As a black man, I'm getting sick and tired of the constant Digital Blackface Alerts. Not all blacks think and act like Field or PC or PX or (God forbid) Yisheng (blech).

PilotX said...

"Not all blacks think and act like Field or PC or PX or (God forbid) Yisheng (blech)."

Actually they do. You would know that if you were actually blah.

James Bold said...

"You would think he'd be too busy protesting the rape and murder of a white 1 year old baby girl."

I refer everyone to the previous thread.  The authorities are doing their jobs, so there's no misfeasance to protest.  Black people protest BECAUSE authorities do their jobs!  "Too many Black men in prison", they whine!

"This is what James and his sick ilk do in their free time."

This is quotably funny, because most what I do in my free time is so abstruse that I'm certain that not one single Black commenter here could understand it.  None of it involves looking at images of people, let alone children.

When Black people are certain that White people are sexually abusing children all the time, what they're doing is projecting what THEY want to do.

Omigosh said...

Woodrow's now enclosed in a box as mega bones. Worry about the one who's living and name's on every building in America that sounds like he's 13 years old on a good day, looking like Spongebob's long, lost cousin that's applying for the "presidency." Only reason anyone pays attention to him is because his daddy left him heaps of money. If he wasn't wealthy, he'd be enclosed in a mental institution for the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

Yikes!Tough crowd.