Friday, April 08, 2016

Things I learned this week.

MORE DISCLAIMERS It's been an interesting week. And, as is always the case, I learned some interesting things in my Field Negro travels.

I learned that contrary to popular perception it's not only black men who are deadbeats, and that there are some irresponsible white dudes out here playing rolling stone to multiple kids that they can't afford as well. (14 kids by the age of 26 has to be some kind of record.)

I learned that not all mothers should be mothers. (How the hell do you get an octopus in a toddler's throat?!)

I learned that sex might be the key to a longer life.

I learned that Donald trump is a more horrible person than I thought. 

I learned that there is no such thing as non-lethal force when it comes to police and black people.  (Even black women.)

I learned that Bernie Sanders doesn't think that Hillary is qualified to be president. 

I learned that Bill Clinton let this being the first black president thing get to his head.

I learned that they don't like Donald trump in the Midwest.

I learned that they don't like Ted Cruz in New York.

I learned, after only a couple of games, that the Phillies will suck again this year.

I learned that the cop body slamming young girl craze is spreading.

I learned that there are still  a lot of young black kids out there who make me very proud.

I learned that in American you can get a life sentence for stealing candy.

Finally, I learned that there is no place like home.


Anonymous said...

Oh Field! God! You sure learned a lot, but so sad,and bad...:(

I read about the octopus too! I mean, Jesus! There's some pretty sick people out there!:(

And, I know, the police brutality,the slamming,killings, it's not good at all, but that Bernie thing, that's true Field! You know it! I won't go there again but you know why! and she's sold out to the pharma giants totally! No bueno!

And yes there is no place like home! *sigh* and you have a home to go to, thank the good Lord!

God Bless us all, Field, God Bless and protect us,from the barbarities of this world...

PilotX said...

Good post man. Where were you to discover there's no place like home?

Anonymous said...

As a white man I must say that Trump is indeed our Lord and Savior.

The Shadow Knows... said...

I learned that Bill should shut his trap, and close his flap, or he'll sabotage Hillary's run for the White House again.

I learned that the state of motherhood should be respected although it's clear that not all mothers make good mothers.

I learned that all three of the Republican frontrunners are hobbled by a political philosophy that put party loyalty ahead of people loyalty.

I learned that Bernie Sanders assessment of Hillary Clinton, that she's unqualified to be president, to be spot on, as she can't be loyal to the people and mammon, too.

I learned that the Wisconsin electorate are more likely to kiss the ring of the Republican establishment by voting for Cruz, than voting for the renegade Trump.

I learned that New Yorkers don't take kindly to being singled out as having "New York values," clearly a reference to the city's predominant liberal views on Gay Rights, and a Woman's Right to Choose.

Finally, I learned that there is no place like HOME.

field negro said...

The Shaddow, that was cut and paste worthy.

Pilot, I was way off the grid. I don't even think that United flies there. :)

Tell u when I see u again.

Bless u too, lilacpr, and u still need Jesus. :)

Anonymous said...

I know x*D

PilotX said...

Ha ha! Sounds like somewhere I need to go.

Frank Drackman said...

so sad about the afro-amurican girl getting murdered at U. Texas by the Racist white guy, when is POTUS/A.Sharpton/J/Jackson gonna make a statement?

Limpbaugh said...

Hillary is qualified to be president. LBJ was qualified to be president. He lied about the Gulf of Tonkin to escalate the Vietnam War and he covered up things like the attack on the U.S.S Liberty. He should have been hung. Reagan and Bush Sr. were qualified to be presidents. They sold weapons to Iran in exchange for Iran not releasing American hostages. It was a treasonous coup against the United States and they should have been hung. Bush Jr. lied us into the Iraq War. He should have been hung. Obama supported ISIS to overthrow Libya and Syria. But you don't even need a trial to know that he protected the Bush Administration war criminals. He should be hung. Hitler was qualified to be fuhrer of Germany and he should have been hung.

Donald Hump said...

I'm hung.

Anonymous said...

so sad about the afro-amurican girl getting murdered at U. Texas by the Racist white guy, when is POTUS/A.Sharpton/J/Jackson gonna make a statement?

That is bad news Frank. When are you racist asshole types gonna make a statement about the white babies being raped and murdered by white men? Oh that's right, you only give a shit about your people if they are harmed by a negro. Yep, I guess that makes sense because then you can ignore 80% of the murders of white people, 90% of rapes of white women and so on. You racists sure are lazy, we can tell by your lack of critical thinking skills. I wonder if stormfront or some other white pride site gives a shit about white babies being raped by white men or do white baby rapists get a pass in your community? Is that some no snitch shit? Why do we never hear about this Frank? You and James are real silent about baby raping white men. Why is that? Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmm.

field negro said...

Hi Frank, when did you get out? Don't forget to report to your probation officer.