Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Clueless Becky with the blonde hair.

Image result for tomi lahren images  * I am still stoked over the speech that Jesse Williams gave at the BET awards show. Truly powerful stuff.

Of course, as is always the case, there were the haters who are totally clueless when it comes to black people, and yet still choose to give their two cents on all things black.

Take for instance Becky with the blonde hair over at Blaze television.

"Most of us probably wouldn’t know who TV host Tomi Lahren was if her rant about Beyoncé‘s ‘Formation’ video hadn’t gone viral.  But it looks like the young television host has set her sights on a new target: Jesse Williams. {Read}

Girlfriend is mad because Williams is a an actor who makes more  money than she does, and thus, in her world, doesn't  have the right to speak out against injustice. As if some nobody from that no one has ever heard of speaking out against injustice is going to get the attention that Williams did.

Sadly, some black folks cringed at his speech as well. Apparently that colorism thingy raised its ugly head again.

We need to get over that, ASAP.

Light skinned brothers let me holla at you for a minute: You all are my brothers no matter what. I understand that Mr. Charlie might treat you a little differently because you are less threatening, but that's on Mr. Charlie, not on you.

If you are conscious enough to speak out on issues that affects us as a people, I say speak on.  Don't let our differences in skin tone divide us.

"Of the millions of conversations that happened online, in solidarity and in complaint, one that caught my own light-skinned eye was a heartfelt exchange about what’s called “colorism” and the easier time that people of lighter hues have in the world. Did Williams, a light-skinned man, have the credentials to speak this way?"

Of course he did. And when we start asking ourselves these types of questions, sadly we find ourselves sounding a lot like Becky with the blonde hair.  

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Anonymous said...

Whose Becky? More importantly, why can't she have an opinion?

You have all sorts of misguided, poorly informed opinions. No one is telling you to shut up.

I know, it's your blog and you can post whatever nonsense you like.

Thanks for keeping it real (gone bad).

I'm Just Saying!! said...

Field, here's what I wrote on another site in response to someone who claimed he was attacked, because of his "light skin," from both sides of the colorline:

Who are the people with whom you interact. Like you, "I am a 'light-skinned black' male," but I have never encountered what you have described here.

As for being black, black is a state of mind. As a state of mind, I view the world from a black perspective, and that perspective gives me the experience known as the black experience. In addition, my light skin has never shielded me from the racist hatred that prevails in this society.

Frankly, I wouldn't want it to, as I seek solidarity with my black sisters and brothers, and not to be singled out by whites or blacks as "different."

As for colorism, I prefer my women as black as I like my coffee, but that doesn't mean that my preference preempts my appreciation of the Black Rainbow, all the various shades of black in-between, from very black to latte, and beyond.

We lose when we fall for the colorism hoax that's paraded before us, as it's divisive, counterproductive, and injurious to our social, political, and economic progress as a people.

One last comment: As a light-skinned black, I struggled right along with my darker-skinned brothers and sisters to find a place in this white world. I never saw skin color as an advantage that others did not enjoy whether they were lighter or darker than me. To be sure, I wasn't favored by whites, nor by blacks, but had to prove my worth daily and persistently.

V.V. Ward said...

Blonde white women are overrated as hell.

Ward Cleaver said...

You wouldn't know.

Barry Soetoro said...

Light skinned blacks/half-breeds are always overcompensating. The whiter they are, the more they proclaim themselves down with the struggle.

Anonymous said...

@ VV Ward -

Then stop raping them.

Anonymous said...

Field, on your other blog, A Gay Black Man With AIDS Speaks, you mentioned the importance of condoms. I couldn't agree more - I used to spend a little time with Jesse Williams before he was a star, and I hope he didn't catch anything from me!

Looks like he didn't, tho. Cool. We need all the lite-skin bros. and sistas we can get - they really confuse Mr. Charlie. Poor crackers don't know what to do!

Keep up the struggle, and take your meds. Everything gonna be just fine.

Cay said...

You all have to check out this amazing video! It speaks real truths about the black/white dynamic in this divided country. Trust me, you will be the better for it after you've watched it.

PilotX said...

Becky seemed a bit hot under the collar. Geez, clam down babe. I love the way she, like Bill O'Reilly, get to jump on their soap boxes without any response. Hopefully she can have Jesse on her "show" and he can respond for himself. I doubt he ever heard of her.

dinthebeast said...

Blaze television? Really? What, couldn't they get anyone from Infowars?

-Doug in Oakland

Eric Jacobus said...

Jesse William's speech was so full of shit. Typical black blaming white America for all his problems. And of course he is a rich, successful actor. Why do blacks so willingly follow this rich, half-black asshole?

Eric Jackassobus said...

Why do blacks so willingly follow this rich, half-black asshole?
The same reason whites follow Trump's half orange ass.

The Great Turning said...

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Let me be, The baby gruff

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Tomorrow day, nothing rings
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Anonymous said...

John Brown is being sodomized by Mike Brown in Hell right now.

Eric Jacobus said...

If Jesse Williams is the best you people can do, the future of black America is bleak.

I Hate Spics, Gooks, Kikes, and Faggots said...

Mr. Williams is truly an inspiration! I haven't heard a speech that good since Obama dropped the mic!

field negro said...

I want to leave a comment, but I am still laughing at what Eric posted at 1:10 AM.

field negro said...

"I'm Just Saying", I am feeling what u wrote as well.

Kinky Con said...

"Of course, as is always the case, there were the haters who are totally clueless when it comes to black people, and yet still choose to give their two cents on all things black."

Just like there are haters who are totally clueless when it comes to whitey, and yet still choose to give they two cents on all things white.

Unfortunately, for many on the left, we still live in a free country and such things have to be tolerated.

H. Hart said...

Peace and freedom can't co-exist. Which one is it gonna be?

Black Democrat Privilege said...

A House ethics committee subpanel today found Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel guilty of 11 of the 13 charges of ethics violations against him.

The panel, composed of four Democrats and four Republicans, emerged after private deliberation to announce their findings.

"This has been a difficult assignment," committee chair Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) said. "We have tried to act with fairness, led only by the facts and the law, and I believe we have accomplished that mission."

The subpanel will now submit its findings to the full ethics committee, which will schedule a public hearing to determine the appropriate sanctions to take against the longtime New York representative. Whatever action they decide on during the sanctions hearing will then go to the full House of Representatives. The committee could go so far as to recommend expelling Rangel, but that would be unlikely. Other possible sanctions include a House vote deploring Rangel's conduct, a fine or a denial of privileges.

The only other investigation of this scale was James Traficant's, and he was eventually booted from his lofty position in Congress.

Unsurprisingly, Rangel claims he wasn't treated fairly. Apparently the fact that the panel was four Republicans and four Democrats is irrelevant -- they were being mean to him or something. He also cites a lack of legal counsel as an issue.

However, Rangel had counsel. They dropped him after allegedly butting heads over defense strategy. Rangel seems to think the investigation should have just ground to a halt until he could get another attorney. This despite his claim that he couldn't afford a new lawyer and was unable to set up a legal defense fund so others could pay for it on his behalf (apparently GoFundMe is just too complicated).

BTW, this isn't the first ethics violation he's been been cited for. But since he's a Democrat, following by a slap on the wrist, he’ll get to go right back to doing the same things…

Poop on a Stick said...

White America will never be comfortable with ANY black person who doesn't dick ride white sensibilities.

Eric Jackassobus said...

If Jesse Williams is the best you people can do, the future of black America is bleak.
If Donald Trump is the best you people can do the future of white and orange America is definitely bleak.

White Republican Privilege said...

But since he's a Democrat, following by a slap on the wrist, he’ll get to go right back to doing the same things…
Well, he could be cellmates with Dennis Hassert but then again it's Republicans who seem to like little boys.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It does seem Republicans tend to be more likely to be child molesters.

Nasreen Iqbal said...

Perhaps it would be easier on her not to watch the BET awards.

Seriously. If you know you are prone to anger, it is easier simply to watch cartoons or something.

I'm sure there's something in the cartoons that could make her angry if she really worked at it, but I know cartoons work for me.

I'm only thinking of her health.