Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The roots of the post- racial myth.

I am sure you have all seen or heard this before: "What do blacks have to complain about? You have a black president now. You can't cry racism anymore."

Or, "How can you complain about blacks being disadvantaged when you have folks like Oprah, and Jay Z out here making all kinds of money?"

It's a simplistic and narrow minded default position for those who are too selfish or stupid to realize what is really happening in this country.

The following article might better explain it:

"As the votes were tallied for the 2008 presidential election, conservative pundit William Bennett weighed in on the election's significance. “I’ll tell you one thing it means, as a former secretary of education,” Bennett said on CNN. “You don’t take any excuses anymore from anybody who says, ‘The deck is stacked.'”

Bennett, who is white, suggested that if Barack Obama could become president, so could any black man. Implicit in the argument was that systemic racial discrimination was no longer keeping black men and women from success.

Bennett is far from alone in arguing that a single black American's success is proof that impenetrable racial barriers no longer exist. In fact, it's a common view, according to a recent study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

The study authors, Clayton R. Critcher, assistant professor at University of California Berkeley, and Jane L. Risen, associate professor at the University of Chicago, found that exposure to a single African-American in a high-performing position -- any position outside stereotypical jobs in which blacks “traditionally” excel -- is enough to make whites more likely to deny the existence of systemic racism.

“People shifted the blame from vestiges of racism in America to problems in black communities,” Critcher told The Huffington Post over the phone.
To test this finding, Critcher and Risen recruited several hundred college students and adults to participate in eight experiments. In each study, participants were asked to identify images of marginally famous individuals. In most cases, all participants were shown the same images, depicting moderately famous white men and women. However in certain cases, one group was presented with an image of a successful African-American, like Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier, while others saw an image of a white person of equivalent success, like Lockheed Martin Executive Chairman Robert Stevens.

Then, participants were asked their opinion of the role of race in modern America, including whether they felt that race could influence workplace success.

The researchers found that non-African-Americans -- whites, Asians and Hispanics -- who had seen images of successful black Americans were less likely to believe that systemic racism persists. This held true even when participants were told these examples represented exceptions. They were told, for instance, that Kenneth Frazier was the only black CEO among Fortune 75 companies.When participants were shown images of successful black Americans who had excelled in fields that the researchers said were believed to be more “traditional” of African-Americans, such as NBA athletes or R & B musicians, they were less inclined to deny systemic racism.

Even though most participants indicated that their beliefs about race and discrimination wouldn't change on the basis of a single black person’s success, the experiments showed otherwise, Critcher said.

Systemic biases against black Americans are still very real. A recent study found employers may assume black job applicants use illegal drugs more frequently than whites, and the unemployment rate for black college graduates was nearly twice that of whites in 2013.

That’s to say nothing of the educational biases against African-Americans, or the racial wealth gap, which has been heightened by the recession.

Critcher said he expects this unconscious denial of systemic racism affects economic and social policy. For instance, non-African-American policymakers who believe that race-related inhibitors to success have evaporated may be less likely to back policies that seek to eliminate systemic racial biases, such as affirmative action. In fact, recent Supreme Court decisions made under the assumption that racial discrimination is a thing of the past suggest this view is already having potentially disastrous consequences.

"The bias is insidious,” said Critcher. “People weren’t even aware that their beliefs had shifted. That can make it even harder to correct.”  [Source]

Hopefully there will be a time when we can consider ourselves a post-racial society and the deck won't be stacked. Sadly, though, we are not quite there yet.


PilotX said...


Anonymous said...

Take it from an old white woman of the sixties, we're losing ground on all that we hold dear. Follow the money, the Koch brothers are buying elections, already dictating what economics professors teach in some institutions. The school David Brat teaches at received 500K for Brat to teach some Ayn Rand crazy economics. The Koch brothers bought some major air time on hate radio to take down Cantor. Cantor pretty much blows, but Brat is 3x the idiot.

And, the Koch's are really amping up their racial divide shit. There is no racial divide, except what the 1% creates and fires up in the goobers (10% maybe, loud and armed to the teeth stupid) they need to deceive.

We sane folks understand, we had the goobers on the run, until Charles and David Koch found them useful to invent a divide among us sane folks and at the same time send the Koch roach crazies to intimidate us.

2014 is it! Help with voter registration, bringing out the vote and maybe if you are leery of donating to national funds, but have a spare $20 every few days or so, donate to helping obtain ID for our friends in districts that are trying to eliminate their votes.

Anonymous said...

"Hopefully there will be a time when we can consider ourselves a post-racial society and the deck won't be stacked. Sadly, though, we are not quite there yet."

There will 'never' be time when we can consider America post-racial. Prejudice against Blacks are embedded in the American psyche. That includes Blacks, Browns and Whites. At one time in America, slavery was the norm. Then Jim Crow laws became the norm.

When Obama was elected, people voted for him in the hopes that we would finally be free of racism. In fact, the opposite occurred, which gave racism more power and more momentum. Racism went off-the-charts....stereotyping of bm went off-the-charts.

Just look at the White AND Black prejudiced comments against Blacks. I include Blacks against Blacks because it's true. The STEPHENS, who consciously and unconsciously believe 'White is right' are all over the map... esp in the Bay Area and Hollywood.

I have no fantasies or dreams that racism will die out. It's in every American's bones. It won't go away nor will Blacks be fully accepted. Of course, there will be 'exceptions' for the 'exceptional' Black person. But if you are norman and average, forget it.

Anonymous said...

"The bias is insidious,” said Critcher. “People weren’t even aware that their beliefs had shifted. That can make it even harder to correct.”

Of course it is insidious and impossible to correct. People don't even 'see' what is in their face. No awareness. And you can't correct something or change something you can't see or even acknowledge. Racism operates on the 'dark side' where many can't see and many don't care. After all, if you are White or non-Black, it's no pain to you.

In any case, I don't think it matters at this point in time. America and the human race are headed to the end. I can feel something is coming and it isn't good.

Anonymous said...

Post racial, yea whatever. Just like the word " DEMOCRACY" continue to be UTILIZED in america apologetically to represent the dictatorship of the exploit ing DEVILS & it loses it's deeper meaning, & in my opinion, SEPARATION is the ONLY ANSWER. As i said before, this whole integration was a FARCE from the beginning & it was ALWAYS ONE-SIDED. No FREE people in the history of the World was ever GIVEN FREEDOM. Its NOT FREE. Our struggle for LIBERATION will NOT deny our BLACK PEOPLE'S wishes to be FREE, that wishes to be MASTERS of our own ECONOMY, that wishes to PROSPER & to reach ever higher goals of SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT. aamerica is on the way OUT. BELIEVE THAT. CRAKKAS will NOT go down without a FIGHT.

Swift Uppercut said...

“The researchers found that non-African-Americans -- whites, Asians and Hispanics -- who had seen images of successful black Americans were less likely to believe that systemic racism persists.”

This is exactly the problem with Amerika. Instead of focusing on the condition or plight of black Americans as a group, instead, they pluck a few successful people who done quite well and apply this image to everyone. This is not only shallow thinking, but presumptuous thinking as well. Amerika in its rush to disrobe from the ghost of structural discrimination against blacks, will believe almost anything in order to feel better about themselves.

Amerika would love nothing more than to shed the horrific images that are still solidly attached to this country such as slavery, Black codes, Jim Crow laws and of course racism targeting African Americans.

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:34 said: "No FREE people in the history of the World was ever GIVEN FREEDOM. Its NOT FREE."

I hear you Anon!!! Black people, you must fight for freedom. Don't wait on the Democrats or Republicans to free you, IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!

Kinky.Con said...

Wasn't is white liberals who started the whole post-racial thang?

Of course you wouldn't dare post about that.

Anyhoo, just take solace in the knowledge there are whites like me who are down with the struggles of bf/bm.

Anonymous said...

There will never be a post racial society. Race is real. Obama is half white.

Equality of opportunity has been achieved, equality of outcome never will. Blacks will never be equally represented at the top because blacks aren't smart enough to be CEOs. We need to stop living in a fantasy world and deal with reality.

Black Sage said...

Kinky said: "Wasn't is white liberals who started the whole post-racial thang?"

Genaralities are comforting, specifics are much more meaningful! WHO?????

Anonymous said...

Blogger Kinky.Con said...
Wasn't is white liberals who started the whole post-racial thang?

That's true. So what? White Liberals contribute to racism as much as conservatives...maybe even more.

Of course, Field nor the likes of PX would ever mention it. That is why we call Field STEPHEN, and PX uncle tom.

They contribute to racism and not even know it.

Anonymous said...

"Kinky said: "Wasn't is white liberals who started the whole post-racial thang?"

Genaralities are comforting, specifics are much more meaningful! WHO?????"

He can't give you an answer because he pulled it out of his ass.

"That is why we call Field STEPHEN, and PX uncle tom."

And that's why we call your mother when we need to be "serviced".

Kinky.Con said...

Going all the way back to 2008 you will see liberals use the term "post-racial" in the The Economist, NPR, LaTimes and NYTimes. They used it to describe Obama's victories in the primaries and general election.

The term spread through the left-wing media/blogosphere like a STD.

Soon Republicans(Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck)would start clowning the left.

Then reality set in and white liberals and blacks soon realized Obama isn't the messiah.

Now the left is trying to claim the "post-racial myth" was started by stupid white Republicans.

Sad day it was when the left woke up to discover the joke was on them.

Anonymous said...

"White Liberals contribute to racism as much as conservatives...maybe even more."

And stooooopid mother fuckers like you contribute to the country's ignorance.

Kinky.Con said...

I'll give you an example. You can google the rest.

A New, 'Post-Racial' Political Era in America

Anonymous said...

Well, for what it's worth, the election of Barack Obama was significant as an indicator of racial prejudice. It is meaningful that he got 40% of the white vote to win election. I think that would have been an inconceivable outcome in 1970 or 1980. This doesn't mean racial prejudice is totally gone, but it is a pretty good indicator that the level is less than it used to be.

If there's a big lie in our society, it's not so much that racism is over. That lie is bad enough, but it's not the worst.

The really huge lie is that our economic system is this pure meritocracy. Which means rich people are all considered super-duper achievers, and poor people are just lazy and undeserving.

That dishonest concept of "perfect utopian capitalism" prevents any measures from being put in place any policies that would allow poor people any to work their way out of poverty. Poor black people, poor white people, poor Latino people -- doesn't matter. They're all pretty much fucked, unless they're some kind of miracle workers.

Anonymous said...

Dear FN, I was surprised to learn today that FOX NEWS is rated as the most "trusted" news company in the country. MSNBC was last! Brothers and sisters, I don't understand how this could happen unless more and more people are turning to FOX for more accuracy in their news.

FN, I believe some of you Negroes ARE getting your news from FOX like me, for accuracy.

Limpbaugh said...

William Bennett is a rabid racist. Justice Roberts is a better example of someone who might really believe that 4318we are in a post racial society. He hangs out inside a bubble with Clarence Thomas.

Anonymous said...

I was going through the radio station the other day & i herd rock then i herd the Spanish music then i heard asian music, & then i turned to the Black station & low & behold it was n----r this & n----r that & i tell ya, i have just as HATE for that rap NOISE than i do for a David Duke speech. I say that to say this, not only MUST we SEPARATE, but we are going to have to leave these BUCK DANCING KOONS behind. If thats what they mean by " POST RACIAL " i want NO PART of it. Let me make this PERFECTLY CLEAR, there's NO LIVING IN PEACE WITH WHITE FOLKS, NONE. The ONLY SOLUTION IS COMPLETE SEPARATION from them. america has CONSISTENTLY FAILED to CONFRONT the issue of RACIST INJUSTICE, OPENLY calling eachother n----rs is NOT progress & these Black KOONS should be ASHAMED of themselves. america has NEVER, & NEVER WILL COMPENSATE Black People for the WRONGS of SLAVERY & the VIOLENT, WICKED, RACISM that still CONTINUE S to this day. america can & did COMPENSATE the Japanese for putting them in CONCENTRATION CAMPS, & they SHOULD, but no 40 acres & a mule for us which was PROMISESD & then BROKEN, no surprise there. The very Black People who's FORCED LABOR built this country from the GROUND UP. & What did we get for it ? NOTHING but our Black Women getting RAPED, Black Men getting BURNED ALIVE, HUNG, SHOT, MURDERD, Black Babies getting CUT from Black Womens STOMACHS just for the ENJOYMENT of a pale, PURE DEMONIC VILE CREATURE. & now they say, " PULL YOURSELVES UP BY YOUR BOOT STRAPS & STOP COMPLAINING. And look Black People, i am DEADLY SERIOUS about this, this is NOT just a COMPLAINT, like i said, the Natives in america, the SO-CALLED holocaust FAKE JEWS of Germany have WON the FIGHT for REPARATIONS, but not us, they want us distracted with some Bull SHYT post racia CRAP. Dr. Martin Luther King jr. said it right, that " america had given Black People a BAD CHECK MARKED INSUFFICIENT FUNDS"

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Links for you KKKy:

Cantor's polster's done the math, sniffed around, and reached the same conclusion that I did.

Turnout was so low, 12% of registered voters, that ANY organized group of voters (like this one? )had a disproportionate impact.

Looks like a ghost from Elections Past pulled a Marley on Cantor.

And teamed up with Brats campaign.

Don't tell me that you're surprised that the "media" missed this huge story, but do remember where you heard it first.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Brat didn't ride into office on an anti-immigrant wave alone; there just weren't the numbers for that:

"72% of voters in Cantor’s district support the bipartisan immigration reform legislation on the table in Washington right now to only 23% who are opposed. And this is an issue voters want to see action on. 84% think it’s important for the US to fix its immigration system this year, including 57% who say it’s ‘very’ important. Even among Republicans 58% say it’s ‘very’ important..."

unless the motivated anti-immigrant republican were augmented by about 15k trouble making Democrats to push them over the top.

StillaPanther2 said...

In Phoenix AZ. Tonight. To see Grand Canyon, a gift to my spouse that has been on life's ride for 40 years. Happy Anniversity to me. This is not the time of year for me to be here. Temp 105. But I would not have had any peace if I would have stayed in my comfort spot in America, The East Coast. I can fairly read the people. Very few African Americans I saw today. Demo 5%.

One blip about today's subject! We as Blacks have been conditioned to be so proud of "the first Black and the 'only Black'" that it has been easy for the majority to gloss this "one ism" on usall. Now they use this one Black that been "allowed" to represent speak ugly to us as the situation exist, Tmz use those "chuckling Blacks" to demonize other Blacks. I don't see why our society can 't call the racism that other Blacks "racist" when it is so easy to say other whites are easy just by expressing their true feelings. I think the bar for whites should not be so low that they are afraid to "offend the African American". Especially when we do more damage now.

Swathe FUBU man on Arsenio " talking about how many stores he has worldwide, I guess he was not "allowed" now to pay back all the Blacks that brought his rags . Surely if you own/have 200 plus stores in Korea, etc,,,you Can have 100 minority owned stores in Chiraq'. In his talking with Arsenio, he made negative comments about the Black females on their shows and compared their behavior to the "smart ladies" on Shark Tank.. Sad for a Black man to belittle his "mothersisterdaughterauntetc" just to be able to have lunch with rich white men,

Thank you Mr. Sterling for telling it like it is. Your comments about what Blacks do when they prosper was right on time, please don't take what I say as bitterness. After all my age crew were the first tokens, and I can tell a token,e

StillaPanther2 said...

This jet lag got me off center. I want to say as usual the Sis, FP nd the white lady from Anon 1960s we're thought provoking,

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

“Peace between races is not to be secured by degrading one race and exalting another, by giving power to one race and withholding it from another, but by maintaining a state of equal justice between all classes.” ~~Frederick Douglas~~

field negro said...

Sup Granny? Hope all is well on the left coast.

I agree with Panther, there were some good comments earlier. Anon@10:24 and Kinky Con-man being the exception.

Dr.Nǚwáng said...

Kinky.Con said...
Anyhoo, just take solace in the knowledge there are whites like me who are down with the struggles of bf/bm.

Actually, Cuckoo there's not a damn thing someone like YOU could EVER do for ANY Black person because: 1) you're not doing that much better than the people you claim to be "down" with, 2) you're FAR less educated that the educated/middle class on THIS blog, and 3) there's not a damn thing a person like you EVER did to help ANY other race than your OWN.

Kinky.Con said...

One we dig up the soil and examine "The roots of the post- racial myth." we see the lies below the surface-the lies of the left who nurtured and help these roots take hold.

Now that the left sees the post-racial tree bears no fruit,they want to blame everyone but themselves.

"Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognized by its fruit."

Matthew 12:33

Kinky.Con said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kinky.Con said...

"Actually, Cuckoo there's not a damn thing someone like YOU could EVER do for ANY Black person"

What is the one thing black women hope to have more than anything else?

The thing white males can give them?

Children with fine hair.

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Making it plain:

Field this is by far one of your besat..I will send it to my site from Houston and comment later I am in airport in Birmingham Thanks a lot

Bill said...

The left sure got punked pushing that 74 school shootings talking point.

Indeed, the United States is the most violent of all the developed nations, experiencing 74 school shootings in the 18 months since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in December of 2012

CNN reports -

CNN determined that 15 of the incidents Everytown included were situations similar to the violence in Oregon -- a minor or adult actively shooting inside or near a school. That works out to about one shooting every five weeks.

The group founded by a billionaire cited cops chasing suspects onto a school parking lot and shooting them as a school shooting.

People without an agenda consider "school shootings" when someone trespasses onto school property and shoots innocent children.
Not police chasing wanted suspects nto a parking lot.

Either way, the list of school shootings by a billionaire with an agenda was debunked.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hi Field,

Everything is fine. I've been busy, still working on finishing the goal I set out to do and enjoying my new grandbaby. When I get a chance, I'm sending you an email to share something with you.

Taye Diggs looks older than he is on that picture on the sidebar. He looks sixty years old. It must be the hat or the glasses.

PilotX said...

Hey granny. Missed ya.

DQAE said...

Kinky.Con said...
Children with fine hair.

So WW have babies with Black men so their kid's hair won't have that "canine" aroma?


Anonymous said...

Hey Granny, you're right. Taye Diggs does look a lot older. In fact with the hat on he looks like Sammy Davis Jr.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:13 said: "Taye Diggs does look a lot older. In fact with the hat on he looks like Sammy Davis Jr."

Well, you know the old saying, ALL BLACK FOLKS LOOK A LIKE! :)

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hi PilotX and Anonymous 5:13.

I missed you guys too, but I have a lot to do at the present that has been keeping me pretty busy.

Anonymous said...

"In fact with the hat on he looks like Sammy Davis Jr."

I thought he looked more like Dr. Queen.

focusedpurpose said...

Still a Panther-

Happy Anniversary to you.

wanted to say for the record, i have not posted a comment outside of this one on this thread.

time won't find me posting as Anon really.

kudos goes to another soul;)

blessings all!

Bill said...

Little youtube video of Biden telling us Iraq was going to be one of the great accomplishments of Obama.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


In spite of the myth that all African Americans have coarse hair, that's not true. Many African Americans are born with silky fine hair and both parents are African American.

Many Mother's mess their babies' hair up by putting oil and grease in their baby's hair. Babies have natural oil in their hair and don't need oil or grease in it. If the mothers would just dampen the baby brush with water, it would stay fine. When they put baby oil or grease on it, it dries their hair out and makes it nappy.

Another myth is that all African Americans have short hair. That's not true either. Many African Americans have natural long hair that grows fast and were born with a head full of hair.

Most African American women with short hair, hair would grow longer if they took the time out to brush it a hundred and fifty strokes before they go to bed at night. Brushing the hair stimulates circulation in the scalp and growth. Clip the ends only during a new moon or full moon. The only thing that would keep their hair from growing is if they have some type medical disorder that prevents it. Nevetheless, it depends on how they take care of their hair.

Don't let the fact that African American women like to buy hairweaves fool you into thinking that all of them buy it because they must not have any hair. Even African American with long thick hair buy hairweaves and wear them for convenience, certain styles that they cannot do with their own hair, and to avoid overuse of chemicals in their hair.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Bill said...

"This marks the first time in a CNN poll that a majority of Americans have an unfavorable view of Obama," said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. "And, at 51%, his unfavorable his higher than his favorables for the first time as well."

First time on a left-wing CNN poll.

How many democrats have flip-flopped on Obama?

Just like bush never had democrat support, Obama never had republican support.

The drop in his polling reflects Obama voters no longer supporting him.

Anonymous said...

So, tell me folks, has Bill convinced anyone that he knows what he's talking about in regards to politics???

Better yet, who gives a SH%#!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


When PRESIDENT Obama's term is over, he is not running for President again. Don't you worry about PRESIDENT Obama support or polling numbers because whenever his term is up, his numbers will be back up, I guarantee you that.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks and the Republicans haven't learned their lesson yet from the times he has had to make them look stupid. He's a gentleman and he doesn't believe in participating in all of the GOP's foolishness. When he gets tired of the BS, trust me, he is gonna smack the GOP so hard until they'll be grasping for air.

His legacy will be in tack and just fine when he leaves office. However, it might be a long time before the GOP recovers from the next smack down. The GOP party needs to shut up and grow up.

field negro said...

Bill, "Romney by a landslide"?

Anonymous said...

Bill, is David Brat the Repubs new front man??

focusedpurpose said...

hi Granny!

Bill said...

GrannyStandingforTruth said...
Don't you worry about PRESIDENT Obama support or polling numbers because whenever his term is up, his numbers will be back up, I guarantee you that.

Of course.

The same CNN poll shows that is also true for bush.

Bill said...

field negro said...

Bill, "Romney by a landslide"?

Didn't the same experts predict cantor in a landslide?

Your point?

PilotX said...

Of course his poll numbers are down, right wing media spends 24/7 tearing him down and the gop has admitted to block anything he does whether or not it will help the country. Obstruction not governing is their main concern.

field negro said...

"Didn't the same experts predict cantor in a landslide?

Your point?"

My point is that it must have really hurt you when Obama won a second term.

Especially when you and your peeps were measuring the curtains at 1600 Pennsylvania, Ave.

Dr.Nǚwáng said...

I thought he looked more like Dr. Queen.

And given that I'm related to Sammy Davis Jr, I guess this all makes sense. ;)

Better luck with your next insult, lol!!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hi Dr. Nuwang

Dr.Nǚwáng said...

Hey Granny, waving ! !!!

Anonymous said...

This guy is a real Field Negro.

Anonymous said...

A lot of poverty pimps out there in the world of tax exempt organizations.

Limpbaugh said...

It probably wouldn't have been hard to come up with a straw man description of the post-racial view, but Field presented the most intelligent argument there is for it. The people who say we are a post racial society now are the same people who used to have other excuses. They used to say affirmative action was unfair to white people before Fox News told them to believe that we don't need it anymore.