Sunday, April 30, 2017

Getting paid is not for everyone.

Image result for obama images My father- in- law is a humble and hard working man, who built a pretty good life for himself and his family. He did it by working hard and persevering in South Louisiana at a time when racism and ignorance was rampant.

He likes to tell me the story of when he bought his first home. He was working on a very large pecan farm as a manager, and he was the person charged with keeping the tractors running. He went to the owner of the farm (a man who he thought he had a good relationship with and who he had worked with for years ) and told him of his plans to buy his first home, because he had saved a substantial amount of money. He went to the man, he said, because back then in the small Louisiana town were he lived, just having money to put down on your home and a history paying your bills on time was not enough; you needed someone of a certain hue and stature to co-sign for you. He said his boss changed after he expressed his plans to him, and soon after that the man fired him.

The moral of his story to me was this: Never let certain folks know how successful you are. Because, if you do,  they will try to take it from you. Never show your wealth or be too boastful about the things you acquire in your life. He lives by that credo.

Anyway, I have been thinking about my father- in -law a lot lately. And I have been thinking about him because of all the hand-wringing and consternation over the former president getting $400,000.00 to speak to a Wall Street firm. And, to be honest,  most of the chirping has been coming from the left. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were both  expressing their displeasure of president Obama getting such a large amount of money from Wall Street.

Go figure.

Since when does someone who served as president does not get to go into private industry and profit from his time as president? Every previous president has done it. George W. Bush has been quietly making millions from speaking fees, and yet no outcry. Why do you think that's the case? It's a rhetorical question. I know why. (I see you father-in- law)

Mr. Orange Hair has been president for 100 days, and he and his family has been already profiting in numerous ways  because he holds the office, and yet no outcry from those on the left or the right.

Let's not forget that former president Obama is now a private citizen, and the last time I checked this is America, and he should be free to earn as much money as he can.  It's what every president before him has done.

I heard Van Jones on CNN today talking about how America needs a Bobby Kennedy like poverty tour to places like Appalachia and South Central. "Poor white people in West Virginia and Kentucky are suffering from a serious crisis of opiate addiction" he moaned, "who is going to speak to them?" He later said. "President Obama should do a poverty tour for them before he starts collecting speaking fees."

This debate, of course, is laughable. As president Mr. Obama did a lot to try to help some of those very same "poor white people", but they voted against their interest and put a guy in office who, as of this date, has kept zero of his promises to them.

I read a funny tweet today, and it's worth repeating: "If you are a middle aged blue collar white guy and you have not yet been interviewed by the New York Times, you are doing something wrong in your life."

It seems like everyone wants to reach out to the poor blue collar white guy, including people like Bernie Sanders and other folks from the progressive left.  They think that the dems lost the election by ignoring them and their concerns. Forgetting, of course, an organized voter suppression effort of minorities by those on the right.

"Elizabeth Warren isn't too keen about former President Barack Obama's $400,000 fee to address a Wall Street conference on healthcare this fall.

''I was troubled by that,' the Massachusetts senator said Thursday during an interview with the SiriusXM show "Alter Family Politics" on Radio Andy.
She then proceeded to discuss her disdain for "the influence of money" in the nation's capital.
"One of the things I talk about in the book ["This Fight is Our Fight"] is the influence of money," she said. "I describe it as a snake that slithers through Washington. And that it shows up in so many different ways here in Washington. People understand the money that goes into campaign contributions. And when I say 'understand.' I don't mean they think it's okay, but at least people see it.
The money that goes into hiring lobbyists, but it's also the money that goes into bought-and-paid-for experts, the money that goes into think tanks that have these shadowy funders."'
Ms. Warren said all of that, but then this happened:
"Also in the interview, Warren was informed that her new book reached No. 1 on The New York Times Best Seller list. This pleased the Senator. But she was far more excited to hear that the person she replaced in the top spot was none other than Bill O’Reilly.

Oh! Sweet!” Warren said, clearly overjoyed. “Sweet! Oh, you just made my morning!” [Source]

Of course he "made your morning", Elizabeth, you will be making even more money now. See how that works? 

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mike from iowa said...

Wingnuts are trying their damndest to force every non-white wingnut into a vow of poverty by giving all the money to the whitey billionaires.

I read something today about Bill Gates becoming the first trillionaire.

Kyle Winstead said...

Well ol' field it seems your poor depravid trodden on underprivileged folks keep it reells. Baltimore over 100 so far, and beleive it or not it ain't yt. causing all this murder. You folks just cant help killing any and everything you come in contact with. It just seems to be the way you are. But unfortunately I don't believe there's enough yts who yet believe this. Not to worry I was in the Marines we have a kill ratio of more than 6 to 1. Good luck with that ape people.

dinthebeast said...

"I read something today about Bill Gates becoming the first trillionaire."
Better him than Bezos,IMHO, as at least he's giving most of it away and he treats his employees better.

"If you are a middle aged blue collar white guy and you have not yet been interviewed by the New York Times, you are doing something wrong in your life."

Or you're a liberal, like me.
They don't want to talk to any actual liberals on camera or in print because then they might be forced to admit that the right has lost its damn mind and the left has been right about it all along.
The High and Holy Church of Both Sides Do It Lyintology (h/t: Driftglass) is their bread and butter and cannot be allowed to suffer the slings and arrows of reality, which has a well-known liberal bias.
I think Sanders and Warren are trying to frame themselves differently from the Clintons, (who have taken more shit for their speaking fees than anyone ever) and have seriously misplaced concerns on this subject.
They and all Democrats will do better if the greatest orator their party has produced in a generation or more speaks more. If he gets paid for it? Perhaps he'll want to do it more. Barack Obama is not in danger of becoming a detriment to the party or the office by speaking for money. If you can't tell the difference between him and a rapacious billionaire, you're probably so far beyond reach that you're not worth trying to include.
This is a tactical decision that must be made in order for Democrats to win. There's a reason (besides narcissism) Trump talks about the 2016 election every time he's within fifty yards of a microphone: Republicans want it to become the new political normal instead of the aberration it was. We can't let them make us keep fighting the last battle. Either of the two previous to it would be more appropriate, if for no other reason than they were fought in a shittier context economically, and 2020 will not be as prosperous or stable as 2016 was.
They must be made to own the damage they do, and I wish Obama was better at making them do so, but for many well explicated reasons, he feels he can't.
This is going to matter less and less as the Trump administration wears on, and like the Bush administration before it, alienates everyone with two working neurons to rub together.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Van Jones can stay in the house with his white massa..I mean wife. Why would Barack waste time with a poverty tour for people who resent him for being a successful black man, and they aren't successful? Why talk to people who hated him for the ACA and voted for Dumbfuck a L'Orange to take the healthcare they need away from them? And let's not forget, no one told them to ingest illegal drugs, or take more legal opiates than they were prescribed. They chose to do it.

And yes, the left has been mainly silent about the thief-in-chief and his family, except for a black woman. Maxine Waters.

Anonymous said...

$400k from Cantor Fitzgerald today and ka-chi-n-n-n-n-g! from the Saudis tomorrow. Barry hasn't even started making his global collection tour for all the payoffs he accumulated over the last dozen years. Bandar Bush has a nice piece of change that he's holding for the Xprez. Michelle will be shopping the Ginza while "O" sings boiler plate rhetoric to the Yakuza for the big Yen pay-off. Yeah Barry 'gon be bagging them ducats for maintaining the status quo for the last dozen.

the goyim know said...

As president Mr. Obama did a lot to try to help some of those very same "poor white people"

As president Mr. Obama waged an all-out war on poor white people. That's why his masters are rewarding him now with $400,000 a week.

kang said...

thinking back to it.. most slaves, only had to deal with one master. the Modern Field Negro blogger has it far worse, having to please millions

Blas Gomez said...

"Elizabeth Warren isn't too keen about former President Barack Obama's $400,000 fee to address a Wall Street conference on healthcare this fall"

The democrats have learned the lesson of the last election, that negroes just aren't that useful anymore. Got to get those poorly educated whites back on board, keep the borders open, and put some distance between the party and yesterday's featured minority.

Lance Cockstrong said...

The obvious difference between Obama and Hillary Clinton being that Obama will not hold public office again so there is no element of quid pro quo involved. Sanders and Warren are misguided in their condemnation but I don't expect there will be any further comment from them on this subject. Van Jones' viewpoint is reasonable and he is entitled to it like everyone else. Hopefully Obama and Cantor Fitzgerald will agree to make the contents of the speech public, if they don't then no doubt a Russian hacker will.

mike from iowa said...

You wingnut bastards like snowflakes? I have a yard covered in white tonight. Who ever figured NW iowa would have snow when the asparagus has been up and growing for two weeks? Surely a sign from the spirits that America is in deep shit because of lying wingnuts colluding with Russians to destroy America.

Now, more than ever, we need a purge of whitey wingnuts and all the diseases they bring. Burn them all. Or have them all spayed and neutered.

Anonymous said...

America must be destroyed. The sooner, the better.

Flying Junior said...


Thank you for sharing that very personal story about your father-in-law. It is a timeless lesson, but it brings to mind the situation of the black sharecroppers in the South in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Blacks were safer in a dependent relation with their overlords that bore as much similarity to slavery as possible.

I say this because I just looked up a discussion of Erskine Caldwell's masterpiece of the short story The End of Christy Tucker.

Christy was a "biggity" sharecropper in Georgia who had come from Alabama. He was noticed by the plantation owner because he had built a nice white picket fence around his cabin. He had also made some extra money with the chickens that he and his wife raised in a chicken coop that he built. It was known that he had purchased a radio, but he had not bought it at the commissary. The owner summoned him to take him to task for this independent bent. He was "biggity," because he wanted to get ahead and not owe money to the company store. Christy actually thought that the owner was going to commend him for his industry and ambition. When he began to speak of his hopes and dreams, the owner reminded him that it was he who had sent for Christy. After explaining his crimes to Christy, the owner demanded that he take off his clothes and bow down to receive his flogging with a leather cat-o-nine-tails fitted with brass rivets. When Christy refused to submit to this punishment, the owner attempted to strike him across the back. Christy was able to grab the whip and hold on fast. With his other hand, the owner was able to shoot Christy three times.

There was no trial. Christy had simply threatened the master. And so he was shot in self-defense.

And all of the other sharecroppers who knew Christy knew exactly why he had been summoned and exactly what would happen to him. They more or less shunned him as he came to the center of the town. He had to collar one of his friends to try to get some sense of what was going on.

The Purple Cow said...

1st May 2017. Meters of wall built = 0.

field negro said...

FJ, thanks for sharing that story. Very insightful.

Kyle, may I suggest a girlfriend to helo pass the time? This whole Nazi thing is not a good look. 🙄

field negro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anotherbozo said...

My earlier response to Sanders' and Warren's criticism of Obama's speaking fee was "Get perspective, Democrats!" Trump made as much as Obama's speaking fee in the first day he was in office, most likely, and continues to capitalize from his (illegal) ownership of the D.C. hotel, Chinese acceptance of his brand (what a coincidence!) on the mainland and (another coincidence!) Ivanka's go-ahead to peddle her wares there. And we don't even know about any ongoing deals with Russia, Azerbaijan and God knows where else...

But Field, it's the story of your father-in-law, so routine, so believable, that sickens me. All the worst legacies of being white come back to haunt. It's not enough to believe we're superior, we've got to actively KEEP THEM DOWN to maintain the fiction. If it's not the worst of human behavior, period, it's particularly ugly because it's one maintained coolly and systematically. Primo Levi once wrote of not being allowed to bathe for weeks when in a concentration camp, and then being called a "dirty Jew" by his Aryan supervisors. Having someone you thought was on your side stab you in the back—when there is no reason to suspect they should— must sting more than anything.

Anonymous said...

White people couldn't care less about Obama's future earnings.

Biggity Smalls said...

Flying Junior said...
"Thank you for sharing that very personal story about your father-in-law."

It's a bit of made-up family lore. I'm sure.

Never really happened.

mike from iowa said...

Obama is free, white and over 21. If he wants to earn ungodly sums of money why should I tell him no?

George Soros said...

That's how the Liberal ruling class rolls.

Bill and Hillary have been paid tens of millions of dollars for "speaking engagements", some of which they didn't even have to show up for. When they show up, it's 45 minutes of rehashed boilerplate that no one listens to. It's a payoff for services rendered and a retainer for future favors. Just like their book deals, on which publishers have lost millions.

Obama was also given a $65 million book deal for his memoir, the highest amount ever. There is no way Random House will ever recoup this outlay, but that's not the point. These publishers and Wall Street conferences are fronts for the global interests who fund the liberal politicians who do their bidding.

These greasy politicians have made their patrons untold billions through crony capitalist deals, money that came straight out of our pockets. A couple of hundred million kicked back is a quite reasonable cost of doing business.

H.F. Mudd said...

Well said. Only one point of disagreement - there has been plenty of outcry from the left (and some from the right) regarding the Trump family's profiteering since assuming power. Even the Failing New York Times.

mike from iowa said...

Yeah, but....Libs do it, too. Yeah, but....Libs do it, too. Yeah, but....Libs do it, too. Yeah, but....Libs do it, too. Yeah, but....Libs do it, too.

B & HRC were millions of dollars in debt the day Clinton left the WH. All because of the vast right wing nut job conspiracy claiming Clintons are crooks with no proof and zero fucking convictions.

Clintons are entitled to make as much money as they can legally. Wingnuts, otoh, are the fucking crooked bastards. Drumpfuck is robbing the treasury blind while wingnuts control all aspects of government and you don't hear a peep out of wingnuts.Wingnuts can't govern and they for sure cannot be trusted to investigate and/or police their own. They are all crooks-every last wingnut including the unborn future slimy bastards.

Fact Jack said...

mike from iowa said...
Yeah, but....Libs do it, too. Yeah, but....Libs do it, too. Yeah, but....Libs do it, too. Yeah, but....Libs do it, too. Yeah, but....Libs do it, too.

No, actually ONLY Libs do it to that extent.

Unabashed. Shameless. Provocative. Such words perhaps begin to do justice to the decision by Barack Obama to accept payments of $400k for each of two public appearances. Two so far. A researcher earlier this year suggested that the Obamas “could earn as much as $242.5m from speeches, book deals and pensions.” But that modest calculation was based on an estimated $40m in book fees for the couple and a $200k fee per appearance. The book deal turned out to be worth far more, $65m, and now we see what Wall Street firms and large corporations are prepared to pay the ex-president for his dollops of wisdom. The two speaking fees alone put the former candidate of “change” into the top 1% of income earners in Pindostan. It is extraordinary. Eight years of the actual Obama, who ruled exclusively in the interests of the financial oligarchy and the military-intelligence apparatus, disabused and disillusioned millions, thereby opening the door for Donald Trump. They can’t apparently help themselves, this current crop of Pindosi politicians. They don’t merely represent enormous wealth, they are themselves enormously wealthy, they are flesh of the oligarchy’s flesh, blood of its blood. Rubbing their riches and privilege in the public’s face is a mode of existence. It comes nearly as naturally as breathing. The NYT, along with various Demagogs and others, registered a certain nervousness about Obama’s actions. The NYT attempted, impossibly, to balance the “two post-presidential Barack Obamas,” one obviously greedy as sin and the other, “civic-minded”:

Throughout his years in the White House, Obama championed the problems of the poor even as he showed an affinity for Hollywood superstars, elite artists and technology billionaires.

He never “championed” the problems of the poor. He paid occasional lip service to them, the deceitful stock in trade of the Demagog Party. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat from Massachusetts and “influential progressive” according to CNN, described herself as “troubled” by Obama’s payoff. Warren has recently made the astonishing discovery that “the influence of money” in Faschingstein is a serious issue. She told CNN that money was “a snake that slithers” through the nation’s capital and “shows up in so many different ways.” Bernie Sanders told CNN on Friday that he found Obama’s plan to receive $400k for speaking at a Wall Street conference “distasteful.” Tellingly, he added:

At a time when we have so much income and wealth inequality … I think it just does not look good.

This was also the theme of Jill Abramson’s column in the Guardian:

The optics of some of Obama’s decisions since leaving office have been damaging … the vacations … the former president did deserve a holiday. But did it have to be with the Billionaires’ Club? There was a widely reported visit to Richard Branson’s place in British Virgin Islands for kitesurfing, photos of which went around the globe. In French Polynesia, this was followed by a jaunt on David Geffen’s 45ft yacht (sic, actually 454 ft!) with celebrities including Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey and Bruce Springsteen.

After noting that the “habitual kowtowing of senior Demagogs to the billionaire class has left their party close to morally bankrupt,” Abramson argued that “Obama needs to be the leader of the Demagog party right now.” The disclosure of his personal corruption, however, runs the risk of leaving the Demagogs even more exposed and vulnerable. Farcically, in the midst of the widespread revulsion with Obama, the Nation too proposed that the former president should be the moral and intellectual leader of opposition to Trump.

Fact Jack said...

mike from iowa said...
B & HRC were millions of dollars in debt the day Clinton left the WH.

LIE! Hillary left the White House with at least $8 million in her pocket:

Hillary Clinton may not have been as “dead broke” as she’s claimed her family was upon leaving the White House in 2000. In the final month of her husband’s presidency, Clinton reportedly inked a near-record book advance deal worth millions.

In an interview with Diane Sawyer, Clinton explained that she and her husband had to earn millions from speaking engagements because they were so deep in debt. “We had no money when we got there, and we struggled to piece together the resources for mortgages for houses, for Chelsea’s education — it was not easy,” she told Sawyer. But in a December 2000 article, the New York Times reported that then-senator-elect Clinton sold her memoir, Living History, to Simon & Schuster for $8 million. The newspaper described the effort to nab her book as a “frantic weeklong bidding war” after she held an open auction on the proposal.

Clinton’s 2000 deal was of near-record size: At the time, the largest advance ever given was $8.5 million for Pope John Paul II’s book in 1994, according to the Times.

PX said...

Man, can you imagine Barack coming home and explaining to Michelle how he turned down $400,000 for about an hour's work? Good luck with that.

PilotX's Boss said...

Michelle would feel the same way about telling Barack how she turned down $40 for about five minutes work.

Anonymous said...

FY 17 budget and no money for the wall. I guess The Donald is tired of winning?


Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes said...

Yuk, even think that Obama wasn't a cash stinking pig, is delirious.

And yeah, he does have to make sure Michellas, and Vihalia & Vidalia keep their mouth's shut.

Anonymous said...

Oy vey, The Donald wants to go after the First Amendment. He wants to make it easier to sue media entities. Great. No more First Amendment but more Second Amendment rights.


field negro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
field negro said...

Pilot, can u imagine if O said that he wanted to go after the 1st Amendment?

dinthebeast said...

I wonder how his amendment would affect the movie that the "Citizens United" case was all about, Fox News, Breitbart, Alex Jones, Rush and the rest of hate radio, Drudge, and the rest of the right wing lie factory?
I bet he didn't think of that before he ran his mouth.
Without their propaganda machine, how would they keep the pig-people in line for buggering? Crazy Uncle Liberty isn't gonna maintain his own mental illness without the daily dump they take in his skull.
Ya done fucked up again, Donnie.

-Doug in Oakland

Self Awareness said...

Libs have been undermining the 1st Amendment for decades.

What do you think "hate speech" laws are?

Remember during Obama's first term when they tried to censor talk radio by reinstating the "Fairness Doctrine"?

The whole "Net Neutrality" push was at least in part an attmept to create the ability selectively discriminate against internet sites based upon content.

In 2014, Senate Democrats introduced a campaign finance constitutional amendment that would not only set aside the Supreme Court’s First Amendment jurisprudence and invest Congress with virtually unlimited power to regulate the political activism of private citizens, alone or in groups, but would also give the federal government and the states the power to shut down newspapers, television stations, and radio networks that displease them.

Getting conservative speakers banned from campuses, or attacking them if they try to speak in public is a denial of first amendment protections.

mike from iowa said...

In 2014 Senate Democrats controlled neither house of ill repute so there was no chance any bill they filed would go anywhere.

Getting conservative speakers banned from campuses, or attacking them if they try to speak in public is a denial of first amendment protections.

This is a perfectly appropriate exercise of the 1st amendment. Two sides disagree and a decision is made that both sides live with.

Now we just have to relearn idiot wingnuts how the judicial system works and then re-educate the fucking moron in the WH that he does not get to dictate what the courts legally decide in cases concerning him.

I love how concerned wingnuts are now that Libs are starting to fight right wing violence with violence of their own. Typical bullies. Once they get socked in the nose they whine and cry its not fair for the bullied to fight back. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahashasha!

antifag said...

"I love how concerned wingnuts are now that Libs are starting to fight right wing violence with violence of their own."

You are insane retard, or a degenerate liar. This is 180 degrees from the truth.

mike from iowa said...

antifag said. blah,blah,blah. You are a wingnut, devil worshiping, sub-human garlic clove and wouldn't recognize truth if it bit yer ass.

On the lighter side, another shit eating dog is out at Fake Noize. Bill Shine-buh-bye.

mike from iowa said...

U of Texas 1 dead and others injured in knife attack. Where were all the ammosexuals carrying guns when they were needed?

dinthebeast said...

He offered a similar assessment on "Face the Nation" yesterday, arguing, "I think the rules in Congress -- and in particular the rules in the Senate -- are unbelievably archaic and slow moving. And in many cases, unfair. In many cases, you're forced to make deals that are not the deal you'd make. You'd make a much different kind of a deal. You're forced into situations that you hate to be forced into."

That's right, dear, the system was designed to thwart just such nitwits as yourself, and force extremists of every stripe to compromise with their political opponents.

"Where were all the ammosexuals carrying guns when they were needed?"
Who cares? I've never needed one and I don't foresee needing one any time soon.

-Doug in Oakland

mike from iowa said...

Apparently the Syrian missile attack was after dinner entertainment for Mar a lago guests, according to commerce secretary.

Certainly in keeping with Drumpfuck's character.

Anonymous said...

BO was attacked for going after the 2nd ammendment which he didn't. Ha!


dinthebeast said...

Speaking of money, the new CR agreement doesn't look all that Trumpy (from Crooks and Liars):

No money for border wall construction
No money for deportation force or federal cuts to sanctuary cities
No funding cut for Planned Parenthood
National Institute of Health funding increase of $2 billion
No cut in money for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
$150 million for the National Endowment for the Arts and an identical sum for the Humanities endowment, instead of zero proposed by Trump.
Increase clean energy and science funding
Energy Efficiency And Renewable Energy is up $17 million over Fiscal Year 2016
Department of Energy Office of Science is up $42 million over Fiscal Year 2016
Provide permanent fix for miners health insurance
$295 million for Puerto Rico Medicaid
Restored year-round Pell Grants

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

mike from iowa said...
U of Texas 1 dead and others injured in knife attack. Where were all the ammosexuals carrying guns when they were needed?

UT campus is a "gun free zone", you piece of shit.

It would be sweet justice if some nigger randomly stabbed you in your thick skull, but that would probably be better for you than living out the rest of your pathetic, miserable life.

Fuck you.

Anonymous said...

Field Negro of the Week Candidate:

The former Executive Director of the District of Columbia's Public Employee Relations Board, Ondray Harris, stood up to two Jewish board members who told him to bar hiring of any one with conservative views and to not hire anyone who is white, regardless of their political views.

He resigned from his position as a matter of principal and brought this situation to the attention of the mayor's office.

dinthebeast said...

Anon @7:15: I suggest you go get buggered to death by a sheep. That would at least be amusing. Of course the sheep would have to be euthanized, because no creature has time for that.

"I mean, had Andrew Jackson been a little later, you wouldn't have had the Civil War. He was a very tough person, but he had a big heart. He was really angry that he saw what was happening with regard to the Civil War. He said, 'There's no reason for this.' People don't realize, you know, the Civil War, you think about it, why? People don't ask that question, but why was there the Civil War? Why could that one not have been worked out?"

I knew he was a moron, but this is even beyond my own imagination of the sort of idiocy he was capable of. Uh, slavery? The civil war was over slavery, Mr. President, and Andrew Jackson owned over a hundred slaves, who were the primary source of his wealth.
Any school kid would know that Jackson died in 1845, so he most definitely did not say "There's no reason for this" as it didn't happen until he had been dead for almost twenty years. As for his big heart, there didn't seem to be room in it for the native Americans he ran the genocide of.
You know, if Donald Trump accidentally drowned in a bucket of weasel piss, I wouldn't even cry.

-Doug in Oakland

Brigade Fifteen said...

The issues that led up to the Civil War were festering for decades, Doug.

mike from iowa said...

Anymoose lied-again.

As of 2016 Nazis at the U of Texass are allowed to conceal carry. Fuck you. I hope some white guy stabs you in the head with a rusty bayonet, shit fer brains.

Anonymous said...

Slavery really wasn't so bad.

shooter mcgavin said...

mike from iowa wishes a Nazi had shot that negro at UT

go figure

Lance Cockstrong said...

And ... $120M to protect Butt Trumpet and the Strumpets ...

mike from iowa said...

mike from iowa sez ammosexuals with guns run at the first sign of danger, despite their bragging about how they would save unarmed libs lives. What a freaking joke.

dinthebeast said...

"The issues that led up to the Civil War were festering for decades, Doug."

Sure they were, and Andrew the fuck Jackson knew just which side his bread was buttered on and would not have done himself any financial harm. All Trump did was watch a goddamn movie and think that meant he knew something, and like in most other things, was spectacularly wrong.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Slavery was actually kind of fun, in a way. And a lot safer than living in Baltimore today.

Random redneck said...

Anon @ 7:15 pm, it would be sweet justice if some red neck randomly shot you in your thick skull, but that would probably be better for you than living out the rest of your pathetic, miserable life.

Slave master J said...

Slavery really wasn't so bad.
Glad you think so, I expect you to volunteer. Maybe I'll go easy when I take a whip to your pussy ass.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you fag

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