Sunday, April 16, 2017

In the battle of the bad haircuts, who will blink first?

Image result for north korea images    It's nice to be back home.  I hope y'all enjoyed your bun and cheese (if you are Jamaican) and your chocolate Easter eggs.

A lot has been happening in the world. The two world leaders with the worst haircuts in the history of world leaders, have damn near brought us to the brink of World War III.

Our president has threatened North Korea with a preemptive strike if they don't chill out, and we even dropped the "mother of all bombs" to make a point. Sadly, though, it didn't seem to have an impact on the North Koreans. Not even all those war ships steaming to the Korean Peninsula seems to be scaring the little bad haircut guy.

The American press, as is always the case, have been getting this one wrong all along. They have been declaring the North Korean missile test a failure, which it probably was, but that's not the point. The point is that there was a test. Even after trump all but dared Kim Jong-un to test another missile.

Apparently the blustering didn't work, because the North Koreans were not deterred. Dare I say it? "trump blinked first". 

I am not sure how this is a fight that trump believes that he can win. I mean when you are dealing with a suicidal maniac you don't try to play chicken with him. Unless, of course, trump himself has some mental issues. Which, if true,  might make this the last Easter Sunday many of us  will spend here on earth.  

Tax day will be on us in a couple of days, for all of you have not done your taxes you are running out of time.

This is also a good time to remind everyone that we have still not seen the president's tax returns. I suspect that this so called audit will last at least four more years.

Folks protested about it this weekend, and the president was no pleased.

"President Donald Trump on Twitter Sunday lashed out against citizens who'd taken to the streets to exercise their First Amendment rights.

While claiming that thousands of people who on Saturday demanded Trump finally release his full tax returns were "paid" protesters, Trump tweeted, "The election is over!"

"Someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies," Trump tweeted a day after thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in more than 150 cities across the country.

An hour after wishing his 28 million followers a Happy Easter, Trump hailed his November win and called out those making his undisclosed tax history an issue. "

Someone should have told him that the election was over when he was doing his redneck victory tour.

Anyway, it's time for our orange haired leader to put down the golf clubs, delete his twitter account, and start focusing on the stuff happening in the world.

I think I speak for most people when I say that staying alive and avoiding a global catastrophe is what's most important to me right now. And seeing the president's tax returns would give us confidence in our commander in chief and would allow us to trust him a little bit more.

Let's face it, the man might lead us into a serious war any day now, the least he could do is show us his damn tax returns.

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Flying Junior said...


I guess it would be up to congress to declare him unfit and remand him to the care of a psychiatric facility.

Maybe a woman? A beautiful Ukrainian that could distract him? I'm grabbing at straws here. Just a seventy-two hour hold might be just what is needed. Have him declared gravely disabled? If we could only somehow trigger him to laugh uncontrollably, then they would understand.

Anonymous said...

Pence went to DMZ AFTER failed attempt. What courage him and Donald BEATING DOWN THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES.

Listen Up! said...

One thing left out: Obama will be blamed for every misstep that trump, and his Russian cabinet, manage to make for the time he's in office.

Reality said...

You can smell the desperation in Field's posts.

He needs Trump to fail, or he'll fall to pieces.


Trollio said...

Flying Junior said...
I'm grabbing at straws here

You sure are.

And for future reference, the term is "grasping at straws".

Since you do it so much, you should use the proper reference.

Tariq "King Flex" Nasheed said...

When liberals start dressing like ISIS because they don't like Donald Trump, you know you voted for the right person.

PX said...

Maybe Kim isn't as crazy as we think. He has thousands of American soldiers just to his south and American warships off the coast. Hundreds of thousands of Koreans died during the Korean War so this isn't just an exercise in abstract this is real to them. He also saw what happened to Khadaffi and Sadam so it stands to reason he thinks he needs nukes to stay safe. Can you blame him especially with the angry orange cheeto in office.

teh stupid said...

When liberals start dressing like ISIS because they don't like Donald Trump, you know you voted for the right person.
teh stoooopid is strong in this one.

dinthebeast said...

Yes, I know I voted for the right person. The right people, in fact: my congresswoman, Barbara Lee won her election with 90% of the vote, and the sane, non-corrupt candidate won 2.8 million more votes in the general election.

North Korea is a good example of the reason why Republicans are dangerous to the country. If North Korea starts a war, they will get squashed like a bug, but more than likely flatten Seoul and its twenty million inhabitants in the process. So why would they do something so stupidly suicidal? Because they believe the propaganda they are served up every day and think they can actually "win".
Lies and insanity are a very bad diet for a population with a military, and the more the pig-people get addicted to the lies they are served daily by Fox, Rush, Breitbart, Spicer, and the fucking president of the United States, the farther they get from the ability to recognize suicide when they are staring it in the face.
Which is OK for them, I guess, but not for the millions of decent citizens who stand to be harmed by their dramatic flame-out.

-Doug in Oakland

The Purple Cow said...

April 17th 2017. Meters of wall built = 0.

mike from iowa said...

Drumpf doesn't pay any attention to any danger until it is time to light the roman candles of US military overkill.

Rumour has it Russia has re-targeted their nukes to take out every golf course with the stench of Drumpf surrounding it-first.

Rumour also sez Drumpf offered NK millions of taxpayer's dollars to rename the Korean military parade in Drump's honor and let him sell cheap memorabilia for profit.

Don't forget boys and girls, if it weren't for dumbass dubya's decision not to negotiate with NK, they might not have nukes now. dd completely ignored NK until it was too late to stop the nukes then they blamed the Clinton administration.

anotherbozo said...

"And seeing the president's tax returns would give us confidence in our commander in chief and would allow us to trust him a little bit more."

Field, you really wrote that? You don't think the tax returns will reveal all kinds of compromised dealings with Russia, the Emirates, and dictatorial regimes the world over? And be so much a definition of "emoluments" and expose so much "treasonable activity" that even the hilariously named Freedom Caucus will have to deep-six him?

James Bold said...

Trump!  Pyongyang!  Jeff Sessions!

Anything to distract and deflect from murderous Black people running around Cleveland and points east.

Hey, his cell phone was pinged in Erie; maybe he's headed your way, Feeled.  How'd you like to take him to lunch, try to talk him down?  And if you can't, well, you would just be taking one for the team.  The media would bury your name faster than your family would bury you.  Doesn't fit The Narrative, you see.

mike from iowa said...

Had he been a white wingnut racist, the bald guy would be the first to offer shelter and a free ride where ever he wanted to go. Remember Olympic Games bomber/murderer Eric Rudolph? He was hidden from authorities in hillbilly Appalachia because he bombed a family health clinic and white racists wanted to make sure he never got caught.

We came, we saw, he died said...

PX said...
He also saw what happened to Khadaffi and Saddam so it stands to reason he thinks he needs nukes to stay safe.

Killing Khadaffi was a completely unnecessary mistake, the consequences of which will reverberate for decades. Khadaffi had given up his nuke program and, unlike Saddam, complied with all UN inspections.

You are right, the lesson to dictators everywhere is get you some WMD's.

mike from iowa said...

and Drumpf's family would be more than happy to sell them some as long as the taxpayers keep funding their business travels they said wouldn't happen as long as dad is in the White House.

field negro said...

Did someone above say that I was desperate for trump to fail? Not sure about the desperate part, but hell yeah I want him to fail.

And frankly, I won't have to wish too hard. Orange man will make sure of it.

Reality said...

Keep wishing in one hand and shitting in the other, Field.

See which one fills up first.

mike from iowa said...

Wingnuts forget the last 8 years where every nutjob in Congress worked overtime to make Obama fail-and failed. God that has got to hurt. Too bad so sad.

President Zero said...

Yeah, Obama failed all on his own.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

"2:04 AM
Blogger The Purple Cow said...
April 17th 2017. Meters of wall built = 0.

7:47 AM"

As always, thanks PC, for the update.

As I am sure you realize by's just a matter of time.

BTW...why in the world would you care about the US building a wall on our border with Mexico?

What business of yours?

James Bold said...

It is laugh-out-loud hilarious to watch the likes of Mandingo opine about what I'd do.  The projection is SO obvious.  Fortunately for him, Steve Stevens was headed east so he'll never have to worry about giving him shelter only to wind up like Robert Godwin... which he probably deserves, being just another old guy.

James is kinda dumb said...

Wow, James took time from writing his best seller to share a few words with us. We should feel special seeing as how he is also busy checking math books for errors and doing "engineering" projects.


James is kind of a pussy said...

Anything to distract and deflect from murderous Black people running around Cleveland and points east.
nah, we were pretty sure some racist asshat would act like this was the only story on the planet. Why don't you go hunt him down toughguy? Oh that's right, you only play tough on the internet. In real life you're a pussy.

James is a sick fuck said...

Just glad it wasn't a murderous white boy, they like to shoot classrooms full of 5 year olds and rape babies. James is probably on his way to find some kids himself. What a sick fuck.

James the genius said...

All the other poster "serious world events"
James with the supposed 150 IQ "ooooh lookie lookie a Black person somewhere did something". Really James?And you want us to believe you're smart?"


Anonymous said...

Fuck the gooks and chinks!

James Bold said...

"Why don't you go hunt him down toughguy?"

He's a Black guy who goes around hating on and shooting Black people.  Why should I get involved (especially since he's headed 800+ miles from me)?  He's doing the Lord's work, and I don't look for trouble.

"James is probably on his way to find some kids himself."

I'm actually working on some energy balances for one piece and fleshing out descriptions into full-fledged scenes in another, but thank you for projecting and showing where YOUR mind is.  It's late and I needed a laugh.

field negro said...

I just saw a story about the Newtown(?)massacre and how the parents are coping on 60 Minutes.

I hope that all of our trolls watched it as well. It was quite sobering. :(

I mean who would slaughter a room full of children? Can u imagine if that was posted on facebook?

Anonymous said...

"I mean who would slaughter a room full of children?"

A crazy autistic kid with no father,

...Mike drop...

Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes said...

You dumb apes. N.Korea has a GBU-57 A/B in their future.

You think the MOAB was bad-assed?

Let the NORKS eat a few of these:

Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes said...

For you geniuses, here's a link which gives you more info on the MOP's capability:

It's the Father of the MOAB. Also called the earthquake bomb.

James Bold said...


— is still going on about Sandy Hook more than 4 years later.

— has NOTHING to say about the 161 shot and killed in Chimpcongo JUST THIS YEAR.

The difference is that the former was White kids while the dead in Chimpcongo are mostly Black.  Obviously, Black Lives Don't Matter to him.

Jevon Culver said...

Gooks are a bigger threat to black people than crackers are. Fuck those slanty-eyed, shrimp-dicked midgets!

I'm Just Saying!! said...

JAMBO said...

I Feeled Good...

— is still going on about Sandy Hook more than 4 years later.

— has NOTHING to say about the 54,000 mostly premature deaths of middle-age white women in this country over a 15 year period due to opiates and anti-anxiety drugs.

The difference is that the former was White kids while the dead in Peckerwoody are mostly white women. Obviously, White Women Lives Don't Matter to him, or he'd speak out about the white women dying because of the demands place upon them by chauvinistic white men who need Viagra, and submissive wives and girlfriends to get it up.

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