Thursday, May 01, 2008

Field are you going

to post about something else besides race, the "O" man, and Hillary just once?

Ahhh, I want to. But sorry, tonight I have a twofer. Why? Because it involves the Ice Queen, the "O" man, and race.

You all know the story. Apparently the Ice Queen darkened up the "O" man for a T.V. commercial, and her campaigned got called on the carpet by some left leaning blogs.

I have posted the pic. Is it much to do about nothing? I bet the Ice Queen thinks it is.

After all, she is just trying to show A-merry-ca what the Kenyan side of the "O" man looks like.

But hey, I am tired of all the racial stuff. I mean is it possible that maybe the picture just happened to be darker, and there was no nefarious intent on the part of the Clinton campaign?

I choose to see the glass as half full. I think the Ice Queen and her peeps were just trying to appeal to African American voters. After all, she is not doing so hot with that group.

Don't worry Ice Queen, if you become President, I am sure you will be the President of all the people. Even the darker ones.


The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Whenever someone needs to present a threatening Negro to scare the hell out of white people, darken up his picture when broadcasting.

Worked for O. J. He became the blackest man in America before his murder trial.

Only thing is that White America didn't count on that jury Johnnie Cochran managed to seat. They didn't count on Chris Darden's boneheaded moves during the trial, either.

The Borg Queen has accomplished her mission. The question is what will the "O" man do in response?

I wish he'd put her on blast as fast as he slung his pastor under the bus.

Anonymous said...

I remembered OJ when reading the post too. Wouldn't suprise me if it was on purpose but I don't think it will change minds. Did you read where Spike Lee suggesting Wright was being payed to contiue speaking out? I liked his first few movies for the new perspective but it's become tiresome now.

Liz Dwyer said...

Well, we know it's not for black folks because Clinton's minions made Obama darker. If they'd wanted to appeal to black folks they would have "brightened" him up a bit, since, according to Tyra Banks, we all secretly prefer lighter-skinned folks anyway.

ZACK said...

This is O-Bama, not O-J you guys!

But Field, I am growing a little weary of the Obama/Clinton posts.

Since it is a new month, could you switch it up and do a post about local politics or just talk about a side of you people will never see.

I'm just tired of politics, but I love your blog. Get inspired by watching people pass you today. An idea is sure to come.

field negro said...

Los angilista, did Tyra really say that? Oh my, no more Tyra pics on this site.

"But Field, I am growing a little weary of the Obama/Clinton posts.

Since it is a new month, could you switch it up and do a post about local politics or just talk about a side of you people will never see."

Yo zack, I feel you. But this is the political season my man. And the side of me people will never see I don't want to write about; that's why people will never see it :)

But maybe I will do some day in the life posts.....ahhh never mind, I think that would be a little tough for readers to take.

But we will see.

christ.prog. I think the "O" man will turn the other cheek.

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

Field, I made a decision to begin the detox.
Yes, I still support Senator Obama.
Why wouldn't I?
So faar, all the arguments I've heard about why I shouldn't support Obama sounds like folks that insist on finding something, anything to reject the brotha.
And no, I dare not suggest that Obama is exempt from critical dialogue. Except, some of the dialogue that I see being used to shake him down, in my opinion, is ridiculous.
But nevertheless, this whole process has led me back to my original thoughts on Obama.
I support him. I do not think he will win though. But I still support him.
I supported him in the beginning when I didn't think he would win. And that is what I will do until either Senator Klanton steals the nomination, or until grandpa and his entire klan steal the general.
So, I've decided to avoid too much Obama news. I've made a decision to stop reading blogs about Obama. Even at work, the place that I've totally defied our rules regarding talking about politics during work hours, I am avoiding political conversations. Example... Today at work, I enjoyed a nice chit chat about the Mariah and Nick rumors... Give me any kind of talk, even pointless celebrity talk, and I'll be satisfied.
Distancing myself from this political nightmare emotionally, even now, will help me not be so damn pissed until November.
The gradual detox will help me stay off my blood pressure medicine.
If I get hung up along the way, I might call you for some detox therapy.
(The Realest)

Grata said...

Unbelievable. The only good thing that comes out from such tactics is the revelation of who the Clintons really are. For those Black folk that ever doubted.

Anonymous said...

It was done on purpose. Just like the Obama in Kenyan clothing deal.

Field, good for you for finally putting Larry Elder where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

This seems kinda old. Didn't we talk about this already?

Field: Can you or someone else put that Karl Rove sign up on the site again? I want to use it for something.

? said...

In the ad, do they use a photo of Obama or is it all video?

Anonymous said...

oki-doke, illusion, obfuscation, game,
diversion, sleight-of-hand...

Watching an early morning national geographic program this morning I learned that China is currently consuming one-half of the world's steel, and over one-third of the world's concrete and demanding even more; not to mention their demand for the products of the world's gas fields and oil fields, along with their ever increasing demand for protein.

Don't forget that India is at the natural resource table too.

The American life-style is slowing grinding to a complete halt, and the task of the media is to hide what is going on from us.

Big gas-hog SUVz will become an anachronism, so to will big cribs that require energy consuming cooling in the summer and energy consuming heat in the winter.

Yet, what do we get? Obama's preacher and Hillary's colour schema for Obama videos.

Coming soon, not an invasion of Iran; but an invasion of the Caribbean, Central and South America. To confiscate their lands for the year round growth of alcohol producing crops such as corn, sugar cane, and sugar beets.

Hmmm, with China consuming more, and more natural gas, I wonder if I can heat my home in the winter and also cook with the finest Jamaican grown alcohol? And, I don't mean rum.

oki-doke, illusion, obfuscation, game,
diversion, sleight-of-hand...

hmmm, what about meat without feet, transgenic plants that grow steak and chicken wings? Gonna need plenty of sunshine to grow that too.

field negro said...

Angie, Mariah and Nick? Boy you are really detoxing. And didn't they get hitched? "Klanton"! Npw that's classic.

agentx I will see if I can find that picture for you.

"Hmmm, with China consuming more, and more natural gas, I wonder if I can heat my home in the winter and also cook with the finest Jamaican grown alcohol? And, I don't mean rum.."

Hmmm the folks at Appleton might have something to say about that.

classical one, I think you are right, I think it was all video.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nsangoma. Too much real shit going down... and I too, am experiencing fatigue... I want to know who wins the primaries next week, but beyond that, I am sick of the minuetia..... it does nothing but keep inane non-news news crap on a 24 hour spin cycle... I have long been frustrated by non-news news.
So, in that spirit, I want to report that yesterday, May 1st, International Solidarity Day, dock workers on the west coast of the US shut down the ports up and down the west coast to protest the war in Iraq. And, in solidarity, they received a message and action of solidarity from the dock workers in Iraq... all calling for an end to the war. NOW, THAT IS NEWS!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with everyone hear. I detoxed right after TX, OH and when Faux News ran the g-d America clip 24/7. I don't go to the Huffington Post, Drudge, or Politico as much. It's too depressing. Too many white people, rich folks, and corporate owned media are just scared shitless. So, they are overkilling everything on Obama. This is a media political assignation. I'm tired of looking at it and I'm not supporting blogs who are obsessed with it. Field, move other things. What about Iraq, gas prices, mortgate crisis, crime, etc... But please go light on these Obama posts.

Ann Brock said...

Field may be they are trying to give him some blackness since he has disown his blackness when he turned on Rev. Wright.

Christopher said...

Of course the Borg Queen's campaign darkened Barack's picture to make him look like the boogeyman to little old, white women.

After all, little old, white women are the Borg Queen's peeps. They worship her like she's the great Zardoz.

Barack has such a sweet face. His eyes dance with intelligence and wit, and his smile -- Michelle is a lucky girl! The camera just loves Barack's face. He's a sha-la-la bandit!

Meanwhile, the Borg Queen looks like a one of those white trash broads you hear at Target, pushing a shopping cart full of potato chips and cokes, braying at her 8 kids. She makes me sick.

David Sullivan said...

Darkening him up might bring out the "gangsta" vote, so I say its just one more miscue by the Clintons. Can "O" muster up a jail bid like Akon? We all know how inportant it is to have street cred.

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

"Senator Klanton" Yes Field, my anger, disappointment, and 24-hour temptation to be pissed off at Klanton helped me come up with that to describe our dear Hil. Use it as you wish. It's free. **smile**
BTW: What does NPW mean? Catch me up on the blog talk.

And yes, I heard that they jumped the broom. What the hell is that all about. 38 and 28...
I'm not hating on Nick, but her hooking up with Nick is like me hooking up with Chris Brown. While that is tempting for financial reasons. If I had my own stash of cash, I wouldn't have no parts of Chris. Know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

most white people don't even notice the minute color differences we do.

i'm for the detox.

The news about the dockworkers strike is GREAT! i am passing that one on.


Anonymous said...

Why is anybody surprised that the ice Queen will do anything to get elected? She did anything to get Bill elected. Can we ask aliens to pick her up and take her away?

crys said...

i can make a booger talk!

Dan freeman said...

Did you guys see this video from the dailyKos? It's a video of Carville, George Stephanopolus, and he current campaign advisor. This video is from like 1992. They call cats in Indian..White Ni@@ers.

It's amazing how this stuff gets out. I wonder if this will replace Rev. Wright?

Anonymous said...

The pictures look like the yellow or red was diminished; the reds in the background look more purple, while the blues look a bit darket. Mr Obama's shirt, on the other hand, looks to be a slightly brighter white, increasing the contrast between his shirt and his complexion. With the yellow missiong, his complexion tends more to the black than the brown.

But the difference is so subtle that "plausible deniability" comes into play. Someone who was inclined to give the lovely Mrs Clinton the benefit of the doubt could do so; I am not so inclined.

How any Democrat could support the Clintons is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Constructive Feedback,

Glad to see we're closer in beliefs than we think.

They had a saying on wallstreet (still do, to watch that rally ride):
"Socialize the Risk, Privatize the Profits"

I think that shit is immoral.

Now, I want to get back to what you was saying earlier -- that it's the Democrats that are not doing what they should be in the inner city, ergo one should vote Republican. This is a damn strange argument, when everyone in the city is Democratic, the only real election is called a Democratic Primary. And the only real enemy is the Democratic Machine (trust me, I know someone who got so bungled up in Philly politics that he swore an oath not to mess in local politics ever again [this means I have to drag him out to vote, btw]).

Folks, if you live out in the boonies where there's no chance in hell of a Democrat ever getting elected to local office (representative, mayor, etc.). Please, register Republican. Primary the heck out of the stupid head-up-their-butts people (and remember that some of the old republicans still have some vestigal morality left. Just look at Thornburgh (or my old Mayor from Camp Hill, who went public with his party-switchin' to vote for Obama).

Anonymous said...

Oh, and people? The gene pool got a bit bigger when white men came on the scene (it was an adaptation to less sun, to get more vitamin E). Humans are adaptable that way, and let's celebrate the diversity.

Anyone who wants to claim that whites came first is just a stupid bigot who doesn't know science.

However, black genes are not dominant over white genes -- it's more of a many-genes, you mix white and black paint and you get some variety of gray, most of the time, sort of deal.

Just to set the record straight.

Christopher Chambers said...

No, those traits are "dominant," within the bio/genetics definition of the term.

Barack's lips looked purple in the interview with Meredith Viera (who used to be a real journalist). Cigarettes?

Hillary is desparate and yes, this can be likened to the Japanese in the waning days of WW2, not just with the kamikaze, but the whole mobilization of a population to inflict as many casualties on US and Allied forces as possible to what end? Negotiated peace rather than unconditional surrender. I would say shes succeeding in the infliction mode and she doesn't want a negotiated peace. She wants the other side to give up. In a nation where the punditry and this soap opea style of news melds with passive viewing, intellectual laziness and the triumph (and escapist comfort of belief over truth...and let's face it this is universal; there are people on this blog who exhibit the latter and I'm not talking abouthouse negroes or Lrry Elder types at all)you have a recipe for Hillary's success.

The irony and not soap opera but true opera tragic element is that whether Hillary succeeds in damaging O man beyond repair (in the eyes of the average voter) or gets the nomination, the result in November will be disaster. And then as Bill commits suicide and she sings the ritual final aria and the curtain's falling, even her most die hard supporters will gasp at what they've visited on us all...

...of course, I think Mr. Morton is going to pleasantly surprise y'all (in certain policies and approaches). See we'll have to see.

Anonymous said...

Christopher, you don't trust this cat? Well, lazy cat found you a link, then.

Incomplete dominance in multiple genes. This means that neither black skin nor white skin is dominant over the other... If you mix the two, you get something inbetween. Note that since there is at least three different genes here, you don't have just coal-black and bright-white. But you knew that.

Apparently my freckled face produces much more 'red melanin' than most people's do.

Kai said...

CLinton's are pulling out all of the racist cards, but whats new? Liberal racism is just beneath the surface.

Obama needed to man up in the "more perfect union speech". He should have addressed Wrights points substantively, he should have defended some of those remarks instead of sprinkling vague comments that paint Wright as a old man stuck in his time. I think that was a bad move.

Lastly, he should have shut the Wright questions down. Let reporters know, I have answered every concievable Wright question, and I cannot be held accountable for the toothpaste he uses or making late payments on his mortgage. Enough. He cant sound mad, but he can sound firm and serious, talk about how HE is running for president and not Wright and how his Rev. has been a distraction. Talk about how journalists are doing their readers a disservice by not focussing on the issues.

Instead, he says on Fox that Wright was a legitimate issue for people to be concerned about. No it was not, and he is helping to hang himself by suggesting it is.

Julie said...

Of course the video was tampered with. Increasing the contrast is a quick, easy way to make someone appear ominous, threatening. I think this was the intent, more than making him look "blacker." That was just a bonus.

But I'm tired of all of it. I will continue to believe that Obama will come out on top of it all - but I can no longer invest a whole lot of time agonizing over how he gets there.

Christopher said...


We call Larry Elder the Black Laura Schlessinger.

He's just another moralizing hypocrite, who flaps his piehole and tells everyone else how to live their lives cuz' the money is better than working the graveyard shift at HomeDepot.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field Kai makes a good point about journalist doing us a disservice by not focusing on the issues. But Kai misses the point the journalists decide the issues that are important and in so doing they keep the American people ignorant and paranoid and misinformed and they are making quite a hefty profit doing it.

It is why they are in essence the big business press there job is to support the status quo. Does anybody ever ask why there are no leading stories with pictures about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. How many folks know that the US bombed Somalia yesterday under the pretext of going after a terrorist?

Hmmm aren't they supposed to have a day in court?

Field they probably did darken the Obama picture but she didn't have to the big business press has already done that. Now we can stop pretending about where we are as a country and join with those who will join us and ignore those and oppose those who are against a real just society.

Oh yeah I think its interesting how many workers are opposed to things that would benefit them because the press told them they should be against it.

vanishing point said...

Seems to me that Clinton's camp has had a strategy of wearing people down in such an underhanded manner, meanwhile she earns the title of fighter, having o's, ect.
I do find it hard to read the negative articles in the media, and I am tired of hearing the pro's and con's of Rev. Wright.

I have been looking into the Peter Paul case, and I was surprised to learn of Gov. Rendells involvement in the law suit.

On the skin tone issue, a good digital darkroom like adobe could adjust the skin tones using RGB numbers. Here's a link to an article about adjusting skin tones:

Kai said...

Kai didn't miss the point, Kai misses very few points. (Couldn't resist talking about myself in the 3rd person)

I could take it a step further to show you how much I didn't miss the point. The media's true role is to misinform because the US ruling class has a vested interest in keeping people unaware. Its the only way this charade can continue. Not that O or Hillary are challenging the ruling class in any way.

Hillary and O are basically
on long public interviews to see who gets the job of front-person for American Imperialism.

Anonymous said...

Found this another blog..make sure you all go the site and watch the video...

Clinton Advisor Kantor - Indianans Are ‘White Niggers’

Mo’Kelly doesn’t make up the truth…he just tells it. Mickey Kantor, advisor to both Hillary and Bill Clinton’s presidential campaigns puts in his two cents on the upcoming Indiana primary. And notice who else is in the video, George Stephanopoulous…hmm. Folks want to talk about “advisers” like Jeremiah Wright…well it’s time we talk about EVERYONE’S “advisers,” “associates” and surrogates. Nice how “Nigger” is always the fallback “diss of a people” word.

Black people - Niggers

Middle Eastern people - Sand Niggers

Indianans (people of state of Indiana) - White Niggers

Black people TO Black people - Niggas (See the correlation, all of you who like to toss around the N-word?)

My people, you know what to do with this video. (Only available at, not available in feedreader or email blast)

This video is from a 1993 documentary film The War Room about the polling results from Indiana during Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign.

Anonymous said...

Can I ask you a side way question Mr Field negro?

I have noticed that black people want Obama to win but they are not saying why they want him to win?

Fileld Negro I have not heard anyone on the liberal side ask about the Council on Foreign Relations and Mrs Obama's role there.

I believe Dr Wright was hard Done by, but I think he is deeply involved with the liberation theology and the interfaith movement.

Wright comes straight up on the NAACP and the CFR and the foundations Internationalist agenda.

CNN never asks about the CFR policy monopoly in The USA and The UK. To the credit of patriot groups and radio, they are asking hard questions.

field negro said...

"Clinton Advisor Kantor - Indianans Are ‘White Niggers’"

mesha, is that crickets I hear in the direction of the MSM.....yeah I think so.

field negro said...

"BTW: What does NPW mean? Catch me up on the blog talk."

That should have been NOW not NPW.(Just my sloppy typing :) No deep hidden blog message there.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should hust accept the fact that unless someone has and publishes a (genuine) videotape of Hillary Clinton screaming, "I can't believe that people are supporting that nigger over me," there are going to be a lot of Democrats supporting her -- and there might well be even if such a video is published!

I hope that Mr Obama wins the Democratic nomination -- and I'm the far-right wing white guy who's going to vote for John McCain.

sakredkow said...

Who the hell lightened Obama up in those other pictures?

A.F. said...

Just when you think Hillary can't get any damn crazier...

Why doesn't she just go ahead and say he was too busy freebasing and stealing purses from little old white ladies, etc? I'm sure she'll get around to all that in the next ad.

I still won't cast a vote for HRC, Field!

andyfrombrooklyn said...

dear field, thanks for the obama blogs. it is the story and your blog is a window into one of the communities that the msm does not allow on t.v. so thank you and keep it coming. what is your wife thinking these last couple of days?

rikyrah said...

TV Alert:

Full Barack and Michelle interview on MSNBC tomorrow, Saturday, 8 am EST.

Anonymous said...

"Clinton Advisor Kantor - Indianans Are ‘White Niggers’"

mesha, is that crickets I hear in the direction of the MSM.....yeah I think so.

I hope this is not true and if it is where is MSM on this one...I look at the video several times and the movement of there mouths, it look real or someone did a darn good job, field........

Anonymous said...

The video was removed from youtube by the owner. Before it was though it was compared to the original and it was found that the audio was altered. Dkos, atrios and everyone pretty much called it a scam, including mesha's link. If it's a conspiracy, I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

look at this, field...

said that the film was doctored...yeah right...

they took it off the, but check out some of the comments on both...

Ann Brock said...

Well CNN just reported that it was not true. Like we would take their word.

field negro said...

Damn mesha,now I have to get to the bottom of this.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, field...I have so many concerns...Why take it off of you tube and the Mokelly report so fast?...Why try to correct the misdeed so quickly...Where was all this swiftness when it came to Rev. Wright's video...make you want to say hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......... smell fishes to me and others....

? said...

There has been stretching of the image that's for sure and some overall darkening but it's hard to tell if the darkening is due to poor production and duping (as Hillary is darker as well) or if their some operator intent here.

Anonymous said...

Here Mesha, have fun.

Anonymous said...

mesha you dumb idiot. Sit in any poly sci class and you can see and hear the original. Better yet, buy the DVD. This was a doctored attempt at slamming a few people who do not even work for Clinton.

Get a grip.

rikyrah said...

Operation Anti-Chaos: The Narrative on 'White Voters' is FICTION

Anonymous said...

This one is good.

Whitney B. said...


Keep your eyes on OH and PA in the national election!!!

I worked in OH for Voter Protection in 2004 (remember Kerry/Edwards?). I worked in a predominantly black district. It covered 7 precincts, I and my group covered 5 of them. The lines at one precinct were 8 hours wait. We used our cell phones to call in re-inforcements so folks could take a bathroom break. There were all kinds of problems and many folks had to fill out paper ballots. 99.9% of the folks at all of the precincts said they were voting for Kerry. There was one lone black man in a suit and tie who zipped into the only precinct that didn't have a line and would not talk to us or give us "the Victory fist". I think he voted for the Shrub.

Anyway, that night, back in my hotel room, I was shocked and awed that in the wee hours of the morning, that district came in as 65/45 Kerry-Bush. No freaking way! The 5 precincts I covered were 99.9, at least while my co-hort, a lawyer from CA and I were traveling run amok between precincts.

So, between that and the Hill-billy bunch making Obama blacker, there are more dirty tricks in store, believe me!!!

Anonymous said...

What difference does it make whether they darken his skin or not? He is still being seen the same. OJ Simpson would still be viewed the same whether he was darkened or not. He killed a white woman. People are so silly. Black is Black and white people will often remind "Red bone" of this during various different situations in their lives.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field....pssst!

You might be on to something.

DebC said...

Field...This photo darkening story came out in March. Believe what you want, as I know you will! :-), but here's a link to a site I often peruse. It addressed the issue back then:
Thought it might help you "get to the bottom of this"

mesha..."Why take it off of you tube and the Mokelly report so fast?...Why try to correct the misdeed so quickly...Where was all this swiftness when it came to Rev. Wright's video..."

Maybe because the director of the original Kantor video said it was doctored and had the film to prove it, an-n-n-d maybe because Kantor threatened to sue their ass?? As for Rev. Wright's videos, they may have been soundbites, but nobody doctored them. He said what they showed - and good for him! The originals in their entirety are for sale through the Church remember?

Joseph said...

Not THIS again! It was laughed out of court weeks ago by people with technical expertise. If you communicate with me privately, I can get you in touch with a video editor with over 20 years experience who will back up what I said in my own blog.

Once more, into the breach...

There are these things called video codecs. These are lossy compression schemes which make the file size of a video small enough to go online.

The lossy naure means that the image is degraded in all sorts of ways. One major way is that the image is darkened. If you compare many YouTube videos with the original source material (for example, clips from Hollywood movies available on DVD), you will this process in action.

Similarly, the clip may go wider due to differences in pixel aspect ratios.

It is possible to compensate for the darkening nd the widening, but too often people simply do not take the time to do so. That is why two different uploaded videos of the same event or filmed segment may look very different, depending on which codec was used and how well the compression was done. You can, for example, see versions of Obama's 2004 DNC speech in which he (and the background against which he stands, and the audience) look very dark. This was NOT intentional.

It is completely wrong to compare one frame of the Hillary ad to the debate footage. The shot of Obama was NOT singled out. The part you are leaving out is this: the ENTIRE Hillary ad went dark when the commercial went online. The shot of Hillary. The shot of the sleeping little girl. The shot of the White House. The whole thing!


I'm doing all of this from memory at the moment, but if you will go to my site,, and use the search engine to find my pieces on this topic, you will find links to competent technical authority. I cite papers on video codecs written by experts.

Scrappled said...

Field, you catch these maps?

Anonymous said...


so whatcher sayin' is that Hillary can't be bothered to spend an extra hour or two lightening the video before putting it on youtube?

Anonymous said...

i say kill that nigger now jo-jo

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