Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One more "turncoat".

Add Scott McClellan to the list of Bushites who don't want to go down on the wrong side of history. Seems my man Scott has written what is being called a "scathing" memoir about his days in the frat boy's White House, and from all accounts it won't be nice. The soon to be bestseller will be published next week and I can't wait.

Of course you have to wonder, why now? Why didn't this little weasel speak out when all the shit was going down? Reminds me of my man Colin Powell. When it mattered, when he should have stood up for what is right and said no Mr. President we are charting the wrong course here, he didn't. Instead he waited until it was all said and done to have reservations.

Now here comes McClellan, as the saying goes, "a day late and a dollar short". Well, I take that back. he won't be a dollar short. In fact, I am quite sure that with this memoir old Scott will be raking in the dollars. Which, at the end of the day, in A-merry-ca, that's all it's about isn't it, the dollar.

So get ready for the smear any day now. You will be hearing what a traitor and lightweight McClellan is and was. The Bushites will be out in full force. The frat boy apologist like Rush limp- boy and the other whacked out right wing talking heads will be all over the guy, and they will be quick to tell us what a bad person he always was. They will tell us that he was never down with the cause to begin with, so we shouldn't listen to him or trust anything he says now.

The frat boy's approval rating is currently the lowest of any president in A-merry-can history. I think like 25% of the people here in A-merry-ca thinks he is doing a good job. Obviously Scott McClellan isn't one of them, and he was on the inside. You know what's really scary? I will tell you what: that 25% of A-merry-cans still actually believe in this guy.

May god bless A-merry-ca.


Anonymous said...

Quoting Field:

"Why didn't this little weasel speak out when all the shit was going down? Reminds me of my man Colin Powell. When it mattered, when he should have stood up for what is right and said no Mr. President we are charting the wrong course here, he didn't."

I always felt he did speak up in the appropriate meetings and was shouted down by the neocons. I thought he didn't speak out to the public or media because he's a soldier, that would have been out of the chain of command, same reason he didn't resign when he knew the duped him. You're a soldier and you finish your enlistment. And I don't mean that in a disrespectful manner, I felt he voiced his objections in the proper venue, the rabid wouldn't listen and that's why he didn't return for a second term. I always thought he left the Administration and went home and took a long hot shower.

But I've always been a Colin Powell fan so I could be full of crap. Known to happen.

Anonymous said...

Yep, he was a soldier. Still the timing is good. Maybe that is one thing he learned from working for Bush & Co.

Anonymous said...

YS RA EL, must be restored in order for Jesus to return; aw glory now.

Our presleedent was just doin-nin his very best to help facilitate this.

Gen 15:18
In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates:

2 Chronicles 9:26
He [Solomon] ruled over all the kings from the River [Euphrates] to the land of the Philistines, as far as the border of Egypt.

Aw glory now; blessed be his holy name.

Anonymous said...

Those bastards... Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Pearlman, Rice, all of them need to be on trial. And, the jury should be made up of family members of soldiers who have died or been injured, that and Iraqi citizens.
Then they should be imprisoned in Abu Graib to live out the rest of their miserable lives.
And, all of their personal money should be given to the Iraqi people for reconstruction.... yes a drop in the bucket.. but they should forfeit all fortunes made from this spectacular blunder.
And, maybe before they are flown to Iraq for jail, they should be marched down Pennsylvania Ave, to be pelted by crowds armed with rotten fruit!
Yeah.... that might be what justice would look like.

Ann Brock said...

Field a passage from his memoir accuses President Bush, Karl Rove and Vice President Cheney of being "involved" in his giving the press false information. So, we really don't know who's zooming who.

The Roving Reporter said...

Is anyone honestly surprised by McClellan's "revelations?"

I've always knew that Bush had to convince himself that invading Iraq was the best thing for our national security. I always felt that the administration was in denial about Hurricane Katrina.

So, what McClellan is saying is nothing new to me.

Anonymous said...

The thing that pisses me off, while I watch MSNBC, is that you have these news people sitting here upset going "son of a mean the Press Secretary was lying to us???" I mean, the lies of this Administration were so obvious and I find it frustratingly amusing that the media just now is understanding how foolish they were. As if it's some kind of revelation that the war in Iraq was a PR war first and National Security Issue second.

The Roving Reporter said...


The news media all but jumped on the bandwagon when it came to invading Iraq. The Bush administration fed them this patriotic, 9/11 bullshit and everyone was afraid to question it for the fear of being labeled a turncoat.

However, when it came to the CIA scandal, I see where you are coming from, though. The press should have dug deeper on that issue.

Christopher said...


Have you seen this? The KKK has officially endorsed John McCain!

You can't make this shit up.

Anonymous said...

New Black Woman,

That's my point. How the media allowed this Administration to basically shut them up by saying if you criticize us, you are unpatriotic is ridiculous. The purpose of the media is to dig deeper, ask the tough questions and seek out the all times. Now, 8 years later, they want to start questioning the Administration's tactics and I'm like "where the hell have you been?" The CIA leak issue was possible because of the media's complacency.

I know we've all seen Chris Matthew's roasting of Kevin James for his use of the word "appeasement" and not knowing what it means. While I liked it, I'm thinking to myself "Damn Chris...why didn't you do that when the President was talking that "unpatriotic" bullshit?"

AgentX said...

I'm surprised they didn't endorse Sen. Clinton! what, she was too black for them?!

Anyway, this should be evidence enough that the media is not 'librul' by any stretch of the imagination. Nonetheless, they might have to ask Rove about the Plame affair again. If he wants to run then I hope Conyers brings him back to Congress in leg irons and handcuffs.

Christopher said...


I heard that.

Hill's peeps, her "hard working white people," have to include a few Klan.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of my man Colin Powell. When it mattered, when he should have stood up for what is right and said no Mr. President we are charting the wrong course here, he didn't. Instead he waited until it was all said and done to have reservations.

Yeah. Fuck these slimy rats deserting the sinking ship.

Back in February, I had this to say about Powell:

You frittered away all your credibility as a serious military man on the fevered war fantasies of Bush’s raving wackaloon neo-con “advisors”. The Iraq invasion and occupation–which if not for you would possibly have remained nothing more than a limp-dick neo-con wet dream–utterly destroyed the global good will towards the United States that was built up through careful nurturing over many decades. And now you have the fucking gall to sanctimoniously lecture the nation about how “Frankly, we’ve lost a lot in recent years”!?

Anonymous said...

Wow...Brings water to the eyes just to see and hear limp wristed, cheese-d...ked, pencil neck, talking heads even now question the veracity of one of their own. Can't wait for 'Leeza Rice to "jump ship".
Truth be told, our most profitable export (guns, instruments of death and suffering, mayhem) really provides many of us a vicarious participation in macabre sexual arousal and stimulation.
Critical thinking in a "good soldier" is an oxymoron - i.e., witness those "good soldiers" and "patriot" citizens who gladly escorted some six million plus to their death; incinerated dozens at My Lai; continue to incarcerate and torture hundreds in the Guantanamo Bays and Abu Ghrabs(sic?)in our midst.
Yes, Field, it brings tears to the eyes and gives me the urge to puke to see and hear from those who still believe this "Smoke-more-Bush" howdy-doody leader and his ilk are still doing a good job. I dunno; give 'em some chicken and a little $$$ rebate. Thanks,

Georgia "Flash"

Kai said...

Its good that this is out, because this makes it 'official' that they lied and covered up things, but I see this is still another diversionary tactic because he says this:
"The president’s real motivation for the war, he said, was to transform the Middle East to ensure an enduring peace in the region."

Yeah, so Iraq just coincidentally happens to be the worlds 2nd largest oil resource, and ExxonMobil coincidentally happens to be breaking profit records each quarter after the war, AND the very opposite of peace has been achieved in the process. I suppose none of these events arec connected.

He has basically used his position as insider to confirm what all of us with sense already knew, while he tries to steer us away from obvious other conclusions. Sorry, I'm not buying it. This isn't an expose' this is damage control. He's also going to be a rich man, because tons of people are going to buy this book.

Anonymous said...

THERE ARE A NUMBER OF EXCERPTS FROM THIS NEW BOOK THAT HAVE BEEN BROADCAST ON THE CABLE NEWS SHOWS, AND THOSE EXCERPTS AREN'T PRETTY. Keith Olberman, whose show I like, blasts away. Rachel Maddow, another talk show person, gives a great perspective on the book as well. The most damning passages, which will get the most airtime when the text is fully released, were out on Monday, 5/26/08.

Danielle said...

There was absolutely nothing, NOTHING Colin Powell could've done to stop this war. Bush and Cheney wanted it. He could've gone on CNN, Fake News, whatever, and it would've still gone down the same fucking way. He could've spoken up maybe he thought he still had some influence and I think when he realized he did not and they were looking at him like he was the house negro he called it quits. Some people actually believe in the government, no matter how fucked up it is. They want to believe that they're doing the right thing and the idea that it could be so very wrong is devastating especially for someone who has based their life on the system. To be honest during the first Irag war I was too busy losing my virginty in St. Kitts to actually know what was going on, I do remember though he was the goto man for that one and for this war they disregarded him because he wasn't on their team. And you can keep on looking for him, I don't see hin anywhere in the near future speaking about it, I think he mistakingly thinks he's got him some blood on his hands and he doesn't. Bush had/has an agenda that I think Powell wasn't privy to and 9/11 helped him implement it.

Kai said...


He absolutley has blood on his hands. He went around and made the case in front of the world! He used his considerable credibility and threw it all behind the build up for war on Iraq, based on lies. Whether he could have stopped it or not does not matter, he actively contributed to it, he made it easier, and cannot be absolved of that.

Danielle said...


I seriously believe that he thought he was doing something the time it was going on. I do not think he was in on the whole cover up. He might be a rethuglican but there is something about him that I feel is a lil real. I don't look at him and cringe. It could be because he black I dunno. We'll know the truth in about 20 years.

Don said...

On point.

Things like this make me really wonder about the country on a whole. Not worry, just wonder. I don't understand how people can step up to the plate once the game is over. But they do.

Then, as you stated, the worst part of it all is the fact that there will still be those who sit and await and cheer.


RedLipstick said...

The best point I've heard so far is that these folks didn't know when to cut the campaigning and begin the governing.

The right is going to trash him b/c they feel he's disloyal. These fools fail to grasp that the Bush administration in its totality are the treacherous "turncoats" that have sold the country out for the sake of oil!

Don said...

@ jjbrock; incredible. Absolutely incredible.

ZACK said...

Did you call him a little weasel? LOL! GREAT POST (as always).

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

field, you're dead on about McClellan. He was part of the propaganda. He chose to go along with the b.s. to keep his j.o.b., knowing he would have the option to someday do a so-called tell-all book and attempt to rewrite history and wash that blood off his hands.

Kai, Danielle: Yes, Powell has blood on his hands. But there's a difference between him and McClellan. At least, Powell spoke up while he was there. In fact, he was the only one who would seriously challenge Cheney in meetings. Everybody else treated Cheney as if he were the president. That's why Powell had to go after Bush won in 2004. Cheney was sick of him. But that wiesel McClellan said whatever Cheney and Karl Rove told him to. The problem with Powell is that he didn't do a tell-all book afterwards. If I had been fed false info for a bullshit speech that ruined my reputation, I would. But Powell had this kind of loyalty that military people have for the commander-in chief; and Bush used that loyalty to get Powell to do that UN speech. Now, he must live with it the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

Kai you laid it out plain as you always do. I think we share some ideology,just a guess.

The truth is the truth and Colin Powell sided with US imperialism against the best interests of the Third World and developing world. There is no other way to put it. Black folks have a legacy of at least challenging this system even those who choose to be a part of the machinery. Powell went against that legacy and supported most of the goings on in the White House and the goals and policies of US imperialism. He just disagreed about tactics.

Field and others are right, he didn't have to go through with that lie he told to the UN about trucks carrying weapons of mass destruction. Powell is and was a house Negro and a dupe for US imperialism and the blood of many people are indeed on his hands.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

mellaneous: Nobody said he didn't go along with imperialism. I was just saying that there was a difference between Powell and McClellan. If you want to really extend it, we, American citizens, went along with imperialism and have been going along with it for over a hundred years. But just dealing with recent history, we voted in a guy twice who was nothing less than a fucking warmonger and are seriously considering voting in a guy (McCain) who was to continue his warmonger policies. It's not just about sorry administrations. It's the American people who vote in jerks, because we're an imperialistic people who think we have the right to lord our way of life over other people as we take their resources.

But if we're going to deal with these issues, we need to know how people think. The lesson about Powell is that many military generals may be good on military history and strategy, but can be easily had in the political arena.

No, the blood is not just on his hands. It's on ours too for intentionally remaining ignorant of other nations and voting in people like Bush who don't give a damn about them or us, just their rich, white class and their families.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

It's one thing that everyone is overlooking, some of the CEO's who owned the news media have invested and are profiting from the war in Iraq. Fox News that is if you want to call it a news media was one of the main ones supporting the war. Therefore, why wouldn't they play the game "I didn't know," since the cat is out of the bag now.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]I always felt that the administration was in denial about Hurricane Katrina. [/quote]

The people who saw what Hurricane Betty did to New Orleans and who knew that their city is below sea level were in GREATER denial for entrusting their lives to "Government Levees". Did you see that the rebuilt levees are leaking again per a report last week? Who is in DENIAL regarding the immanent danger that these people are in with a man made structure separating them from North America's most powerful water way which is on a winning streak against everything that man throws up against her?


Lets walk through the logical reference of the "Academic Would Be President" who was "against the war from the start".

(and no I am not diverting attention to Obama. I'll get back to Bush in a minute. Obama has a policy that you all support so it works as a comparison.)

He supported the invasion of Afghanistan because "They attacked us on 9/11 - not Iraq". He would have invaded Pakistan to capture Osama Bin Laden.

As we have seen - Insurgents have crossed the borders into Iraq to fight the "Infidels" (that's the United States) who dared set foot on Islamic soil. If you believe Obama's narrative - the same people who will as the #2 man in Al Queda said in December 2007 - "We will fight the Infidel in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia" then you have to believe that upon having United Nation's APPROVAL to invade only Afghanistan that Al Queda would have not gone en masse into Afghanistan because it was a "Legal War".

Thus as we rationalize the position down it comes down to We will fight our enemies who wish to destroy us but ONLY on legitimate battlefields.

A few months about the B.S. tit for tat was fired back and forth with the notion that "There was no Al Queda in Iraq BEFORE EVIL BUSH INVADED". This does not hold up to the behavior that THEY HAVE SHOWN. They are going to fight the INFIDEL (this includes you) no matter where they are.

Throughout this fight many of the Anti-War protesters have focused on getting the UNITED STATES to stop doing what it is doing. When 9/11 happened these same people largely believe that this was a "chickens that came home to roost" action. But wait - if America is blamed coming and going - what say you about the actions of the Islamacists?

The problem is that you can't protest effectively against someone who DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THEM and you have no DEMOCRATIC CHANNEL TO GET THEM TO DO OTHERWISE.

In summary many of you are fighting this battle using an alternate strategy that hardly maps to the real world.

If there was one single reason that I would consider voting for Obama (who is like the Verizon Wirless Man as he is encircled by some of the most detestable left wing operatives around) it would be to a person that you all favor in power and having to deal with Al Queda in his way.

Keep in mind that we still use the oil from the Middle East. You can have a hydrogen powered car on the new car lot today. It will take about 20 years to have the balance of the gasoline engines off of the road and the infrastructure in place to host this energy independence.

Thus we are back to the CO-CONSPIRACY thing. Plain and simply your THEORIES don't match the real world CONSUMPTION that you register in your own lives. I did not say "we had a right to invade BECAUSE WE NEED THE OIL". I am saying "DESPITE your opposition to the Oil are not pissed off enough to STOP USING MIDDLE EASTERN OIL".

For me there is the marketing of the war and the FUNDAMENTAL ISSUES behind the war. Indeed the marketing of the war was flawed and the execution.....well WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD. Every single war that the United States engaged in had people who were highly critical of the strategy and the loss of life. The soldiers who fought at Iwo Jima thought that they were used as cannon fodder after they took an island for an airstrip that the USA never even made use of. This particular war was popular so many of these details are glossed over in history.

Regarding the claims about engineering the story around Scooter Libby - please note - Libby was not charged with being the ORIGINAL SOURCE of the information. He got caught in the cover up.

Please remember that about 5 years ago the Republicans had control of the chess board - look at them now.

Reality proves very different than THEORY and this works both ways.

I am still attempting to figure what Black Democrats are getting out of the deal as our communities which are nearly 100% dominated by the Democratic machine continues to prove to be less than the anticipated package that was promised. Again that THEORY versus REALITY thing.

Anonymous said...

Con Feed said:

Then get your ass over there..... if you do not, then you are as guilty as you say we all are of participating in this system while criticizing it... OK Con Feed... I expect you to be at the recruiting office first thing tomorrow! NO EXCUSES!

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Then get your ass over there..... if you do not, then you are as guilty as you say we all are of participating in this system while criticizing it... OK Con Feed... I expect you to be at the recruiting office first thing tomorrow! NO EXCUSES![/quote]

My friend Jody - I hear all of the talking points over time and thus I have a response.

I will join the US Military to fight for this war that I support when you:

1) Join your local police force and become a conscious police officer who does not racially profile, beat the hell out of Black males and arrest them for trumped up drug charges for the benefit of the Prison Industrial Complex

2) By pass the US Tax collection system and express your view that American citizens have a RIGHT to certain resources such as free health care, QUALITY education (with the government as the main purveyor of QUALITY)

3) Support Living Wages by paying Dunkin Donuts cashiers the amount that YOU THINK they are worth rather than what their employer who is exploiting them thinks they are worth.

Living up to one's theories is kinds tough isn't it?

(Pretty good for an Intellectual Lightweight - huh former Brother Anarchist?)

Anonymous said...

Con Feed....
Now you are just showin how full of shit you really are...

If you truly support this war, it shouldn't matter what I or anyone else is or is not doing.... to the recruiting station!! Now... off with you!!!!

burpster said...

unCon Feed @ "He supported the invasion of Afghanistan because "They attacked us on 9/11"

I don't recall the Afghani's attacking the US of A? When did this happen? As a Canuck I might have missed that attack.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

What Wine Dog said.

But to answer his question, Scotty Boy, just like everyone else who is a former Bush Cartel member, is speaking up because (a) they have nothing to lose, and (b) it's profitable to write a first-hand account of what an incompetent jackass the Supreme Court put in office and foisted on this country.

The only ex-Bush official I respect is Paul O'Neill, because when he's referenced, he's always identified as the Treasury Secretary who GOT FIRED.

Not Asked to Resign. FIRED. Big Difference, because he made Bush kick him out for standing on principle.

Scott McClellan and anyone else penning memoirs are trying to get paid. Nothing more or less.

field negro said... WTF are you talking about? Honestly,sometimes,just sometimes you actually try to put forth a logival argument(albeit a wrong one) But not this time. Obama supports the war effort against islamo terrorist therefore we should support the frat boy's misguided war?Are you insane?

And yes folks Colin f****d up. I am almost ashamed to call him my homeboy. But he is a soldier so I guess he was just standing by his commander.

Anonymous said...

Field - In case you don't see my comment from yesterday's post. You mentioned you had Tivo I think. You add Lark to your season pass and set it to auto-record.

Anonymous said...

They all knew the jig was up. I never believed Colin Powell for one second. I was in the UK when Iraq started and people were so mad! But there was no media blackout of anti-war protests or of showing the civilian casualties. I only needed to see a child with their leg blown off from cluster bombs once and knew that would not be shown in the US ever. People here just turned a blind eye. I know they were still reeling from 9/11 but it's too much like so-called liberal whites who know nothing about Black people or anti-racism efforts but like to think of themselves as being up on all the issues. And because they're not in the KKK they can't be racist and don't see any correlation to or take any responsibility for acknowledging their white privilege. I think that if this 'war' hadn't tanked the economy and less soldiers died people would STILL be oblivious by choice. Field - don't fund the foolishness by buying that dirtbag's book.

microbrother said...

I think his leaving the Mad House at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and exposing The Manufactured Candidate's dirty drawers makes Scott McClellan eligible for "Field Negro for the Day". He's got my nomination.

A.F. said...

If Scott McClellan's book, which I have not read, is instrumental in any criminal charges against some of these thugs, then great.

Other than that, Americans seem to have the greatest knack for collectively doing the most godawful things, and then once the harm is done, looking back and saying, "Oh, the horror." And I too think that Scott McClellan is just going where the wind blows/where the money is. I read Scott McClellan says, "[insert lie]" to many times to trust him. Plus, MSNBC trots out Tucker Carlson to talk about this chicanery? Like since he's no longer wearing a bow tie, we won't remember he's the same guy who yelled at and abused those who made arguments against the war, like every night, on CNN?

Jackie said...

McClellen's book is indeed a little late but maybe it will show some non believers and fence sitters what the Bush crew were up too.
McClennan says he was lied to and hung out to dry by Karl Rove and co. He became disillusioned and hurt that these men were using propaganda to start a war and being deceitful to Americans. McClenna would have been tarred and feathered if he had turned on them but he should have done it. Maybe it will help us defeat McCain.
I've been disgusted with the press since 9-11. All day they have actually been admitting that the big corps shut them up from asking hard questions or appearing anti-Bush thus unpatriotic in the post 9-11 atmosphere. The media failed us as much as the government did, maybe more.

c'mon said...


& J.J., Rev. Sharp., and J. Wright endorsed Obi. Did you expect them to endorse a woman also. Right something we already didn't know. Instead of the obvious to piss someone off.

Christopher Chambers said...

The town here is jumping. The machine is going full tilt. And to think...McClellan was the very symbol of the Texas golden boy Bush disciple.

Et tu, Dude?

As for Powell, a lot of Jamaicans have turned sanctimoniousness and petulance into a fine art. He's not on of them. He believes in being a good soldier. It's just that he hasn't moved out into the spotlight enough to be hamered by the right wing machine.

Muze said...

hey field! just checking in.

letting you know i haven't gone anywhere. *smiles*

hope all is well.

Hathor said...

I didn't believe the WMD argument, because it required that one disbelieve nuclear weapons and fissionable material was only available in Iraq. Why else would the US be trying to help the Russians contain those things after the breakup of the Soviet Union. There was enough science out there to make Bush's argument suspect. No one was making the factual argument only a moral argument.

I admit that I didn't do enough to try to stop it and I think quite a lot of opponents did not do enough before. Was any body's congressional seat threatened if they voted to give Bush the ability to use military action? Many of us are just as culpable as Colin Powell.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I think his leaving the Mad House at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and exposing The Manufactured Candidate's dirty drawers makes Scott McClellan eligible for "Field Negro for the Day". He's got my nomination.

Microbrother, au contrare:

Exposing The Manufactured Candidate's dirty drawers while in the Mad House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would have mad McClellan eligible for Field Negro of the Day, because you call out a person's dirty drawers while you're still in the mess, regardless of whether or not you keep or lose your job.

That's Field Negro Behavior - doing that shyt, regardless of the personal cost, for the greater good.

Anonymous said...

Now, if Field had a "Porch Negro of the Day"....maybe

AAW said...

McClellan joins a long list of folks in the Bush administration that need to appease their conscience: Richard Clarke, Gen. Wesley, George Tenet, and the list grows . . .

Whitney B. said...

Well, as you said, add him to the list. Little Scottie-boy! It doesn't surprise me as he always had pout lips when he had to make his sneaky snake announcements. Looked like he had a bad case of squirts. A weasel none the less. But, who else would work for the Shrubs, et al?

As for Trash Dumbah and his ilk, what would you expect? They have to back peddle for their little wonder bread and all of the rest in his baloney sang-which. Who will have to pay? Your kids and grandkids, that's who! A-merry-ica is doomed, whatever color or gender ends up in Le Maison Blanc.

Eh, c'est la vie!!! Whatever will be will be.

Whitney B. said...

!Oh, yeah, and another thing:


Humble servant,

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

I watched him on the Today show this morning along with the quotes form the Administration. Even Ari FLetcher showed up to call him a nobody!

It was all too entertaining watching them spin.


field negro said...

What's up Muze? I hope all is well in your world.

Donald said...

OUCH! The truth hurts. There is a big gaping hole in the Bush facade and now the sunlight is shining in. Which we all know IS the best disinfectant. Good job, Scott. Time will judge you a hero.

Anonymous said...

I normally have a lot to say however on this matter all I can say is this:

Stop Snitching Scott!

please run him in front of Congress

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Anonymous said...

You answered the question, he is a weasel and his little penis was no larger than the bushwackers go figure..I'MMMM back!! )))))))

Anonymous said...

Anybody everybody

Does this killer look like a scared cornered broke rat or what?