Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Now what?

At least he has a flag lapel pin on.

And now the latest manufactured scandal from the Reich wing attack dogs to chew on.

Ready for this? Seems that one of the "O" man's delegates from Washington state is none other than Former Army Chaplain James Yee. You remember him don't you? He is the guy that our government accused of being a spy at Gitmo because he was a Muslim, and he had the nerve to tell us about the treatment some of the Muslim prisoners were receiving at the hands of their captors. For being a human being, he was branded a traitor. Apparently Muslims from poor countries don't rank quite as high on the human scale as us god fearing A-merry-cans.

So Mr. Yee will be a delegate at the DNC (no colored blogs allowed) convention in Denver. And the Reich wing folks are calling on the "O" man to denounce this traitor. On the FAKE NEWS Network tonight they were damn near foaming at the mouth.

Take it from me folks, over the next few days you will be hearing a lot about Mr. Yee. FAKE NEWS wll be running 24 hour loops of everything that he ever said and did. He will be branded a member of the hate A-merry-ca crowd, and his Muslim background will be played to the A-merry-can people until damn near every A-merry-can (including his wife, Michelle) will be thinking that Barack Obama is a Muslim.

So let's see how this latest gotcha works out for my loony friends from the Reich wing.

I am sure that they are hoping for a real scandal this time. It's getting harder and harder to find some real dirt on the guy, and time is running out.


brotherkomrade said...

Well this is a controversy that I can get behind (still not an Obama supporter) for him to have a delegate who was a whistle blower on Gitmo in the way they treat Arabs and Muslims should be seen as a plus. He's got too many Latte Liberals around him as it is.

Also Field, I can't be visiting your site when the wife's in the room, she's looking at your pic all crazy and shit...

Mark said...

On point as usual, Mr. Field.

Does this seem a little like desperation?

Funny, you look almost as I imagined you. Think anybody remembers the promise to streak down the street if ... etc. etc.

cheers. I read almost every day even if I seldom comment.

Anonymous said...

This is what they do when they got nothing. Manufactured BS. Get used to it, it's only going to get worse.


heartsandflowers said...


A.F. said...

Somehow I'm starting to think that the "Obama is a Muslim" storyline is just a decoy. It's something his campaign has expected and prepared for and it's simple to disprove. What I don't think anybody saw coming was the multilayered, convoluted retroactively transformational version of reality coming out of the Clinton campaign. Call me a conspiracy theorist but I think Karl Rove and she are working together to defeat Obama. I say that 1) because of her bragging that Rove thinks she's the best candidate and her borrowing of his political analysis in her own speech last night and 2) the fastpaced spin right now is nothing like I've seen out of democrats before. Suddenly it's Obama's fault that FL and Michigan aren't counted, Obama has run a sexist campaign (?), he's the 2008 version of Bush to HRC's Gore, and he is therefore also somehow associated with those who opposed suffrage, civil rights and even abolition??? It's all so quick and perfectly illogical yet somehow bizarrely effective as to smack of Rove-dom. Has he agreed to work for HRC if she uses her influence on her side of the aisle to keep him out of jail? I want to be wrong about all this. Really, I do.

NSangoma said...

Enough is enough.

Do you Obama-maniacs have any idea of who his unofficial advisors (kitchen cabinet) would be if he (Obama) is elected president?

We know from previous experience that Hillary-Billary-Bill Clinton (Oxford scholar) are not only smart, they also know some the most brillante people in the world.

Does Obama know a lot of brilliant people? Are they willing to be in his cabinet? More importantly, are they willing to be in his kitchen cabinet?

For we are in serious trouble, and this is just the tip of the ICEBERG

We need gravitās as the next POTUS, not he's cute, I like him, he'll be the first Black one. That is not worth doo dog-dog.


Christopher said...


It's going to be very interesting to see how long it takes for one of the Borg Queen's surrogates to try and smear Yee as "un-American" and call on Barack to denounce him.

field negro said...

Nsangoma,I take it you dont like the "O" man very much.

Damn it Mark,why did you have to remind people of that shit?:)

Heartsandflowers I love that response.short and sweet.

Brother Komrade it's all good fam.Unless of course Mrs.Komrade looks a lot like Lark:)

jody said...

Did a quick search to see if this has legs.... I would say not..... Those few that think this is a big deal are people who would never vote for a democrat. These are the far right, bloviating and I dont think most people who would be inclined to vote for Obama listen to them. In fact, this is the exact kind of thing that most voters say they are sick of and want change.....

As to Nsangoma's query..... I think Obama is smart enough (friggin Editor of Harvard Law Review). In fact, I think he has proven he has out-smarted your precious Clintons.

NSangoma said...

Nsangoma,I take it you dont like the "O" man very much. ...
field negro said... 7:37 AM

Likin-nin a sucker and electing him POTUS because he drinks beer straight from the bottle and sits on his front porch eating pork-rinds has contributed to getting us into the mess we are in today.

Bumpity-bump likin-nin him, does he (Obama) have the gravitās to do the job; and do an excellent job at that?

... I think Obama is smart enough ...
jody said... 8:04 AM

Bump how smart he is, he cannot and does not know everything, who will have his ear; who are his people, his closest advisors?

WildlMagnolia said...

This just seems like more diversions. No substance at all.

Mrs. Fields is beautiful. Louisiana lady, right? That's how we roll. You're going to be in big trouble when she sees her pic posted. Good thing you're an attorney.


Christopher said...


Mrs. Field is lovely.

I have an idea? Why not get her to author a post here? You know what they say:

It's a family affair....

I'd love to read sumpin' written by her.

Phil4Real said...

Traveling through Europe and Germany I talk to a lot of people that know more about America than Americans. They all ask, how did we vote Bush into office? I had a difficult time explaining the ignorance that exist among educated people. They thought Jim Jones was reincarnated during the 2004 election. It's hard to tell people that racism has plagued our country, that it's impossible for some Americans to think without considering stereotypes first. I pray that America wakes up and open their eyes to reality.

jody said...


An article that identifies his advisors.... interesting. Since quite a few were a part of Bills admin... and you think they were brilliant...
this should put your mind at ease...,0,3844054.story

Kellybelle said...

When is FOX gonna foam at the moouth about Hagee and his crazy-A ideas? He's talking about how the Holocaust was part of God's plans for the Jews. If Barack had said that his campaign wd be over. Bleh.

The Fields are a lovely couple indeed. Lark ain't got nothing on Mrs. Field!

RisingTide said...


Those are state blogger credentials, only good so that they can have a permanent seat with their delegations.

They will also have general blogger credentials, and those bloggers will be allowed down on the convention floor to do reporting (with a floor pass).

I'd love to see you down on the floor in Denver.

An' you may be right about not being quite what people were expecting from a state blog -- but Pennsylvania isn't quite what people were expecting from a state, now is it?

We'd have to find a few more PA bloggers (at least one for Harrisburg, at any rate) -- but I think we could pull it off.

Mithras said...

Yee was held in solitary confinement for weeks and threatened with the death penalty for treason, before having all the charges dismissed and receiving an honorable discharge. If the Repugs want to make an issue of false charges against an innocent Army officer, I say bring it.

NSangoma said...

Thank you for the link jody; here it is again for the one or two others out there who may be readers and thinkers.
Obama's policy team loaded with all-stars

READ and THINK North American Negroe, then read, and think, and do.

Bumpity-bump all this borg-queen, ice-queen krapp; this election is serious bid-ness!


Thembi said...

I see that you're impressed by academic things - you are aware that the O man went to Harvard? There's no shortage of brilliant people there.

As someone with lots of Muslim friends, I'm so tickled that the issue is "Obama is a secret Muslim" but no one has bothered to ask why that really should matter. The very question does nothing but reveal desperate prejudice.

Ok so on the low, I'm in the Gulf right now and Ive had the same conversation three times with different Arabs. It goes: "Isnt Obama a Muslim" and I say "No, he's not." And they go "But his father was a Muslim?" And I say "Yes, kind of, I read that he denounced his faith though." And then they say "But his father was born a Muslim?" And I say yes. And they say "Well, then Barack Obama too, is a Muslim."

NSangoma said...

I see that you're impressed by academic things ...
thembi said... 11:02 AM

No, I am impressed by $5.00 per gallon gasoline, predicted for this summer. $12.00 per gallon gasoline, predicted for within the next 2 years.

thembi, will you be in the gulf this winter, or will you be here purchasing heating oil?


Thembi said...

This winter I'll be back in Philly trying to figure out how to get a new job and apartment if they dont figure out something with these oil prices! Between my heat bill in an apartment that is "so cool in the summer" (read: freezing in the winter) and a 45 mile commute, Mr Bush and his cronies have played me lovely. And guess how much gas costs here in the Gulf?? Lets just say the number is so low its ridiculous.

tenacitus said...

For some reason my post about your brother in law's death was not posted. Like many people I read your conversation with the marine, it was very sad.

I am very sorry for your family's loss. Your brother looked like a kind hearted and attractive man. I wish you all the best and my sympathy goes out to Mrs. Field for loosing her brother.

Did you go to Central High?

yliza said...

I agree with the comments that say "bring it". The rabid right-wingers are stupid to make issue of this, as it just gives Mr. Yee a forum to tell his story. Faux News won't bother with the truth, but MSNBC might.


RedLipstick said...

Fox [as a nice southern lady I know used to say] is STUCK ON STUPID!

After loops and loops of Jeremiah Wright screaming God Damn America they still want to use the muslim angle? Brilliant, just brilliant!

ListenToLeon said...

This is similar to the conversation I had with someone earlier today. People are STUGGLING to find some kind of dirt on Obama, but to his credit, he's kept his nose clean and handled business thoughout this campaign. The worst folks can do is talk about OTHER people, since they can't find anything on the man himself!

That said, he is black, and this is America...So I'll be watching with cautious optimism, but I won't take anything for granted until I actually see the man elected President.

mellaneous said...

Hey Brother Field:

You are right going after Mr.Yee undermines what the country is supposed to be about. Instead of being denigrated he should be commended for making sure the country lives up to its highest ideals. And why can't he serve as a delegate? Is there a loyalty/dogma test that's required?
Something that reads I accept all this government does and agree with all it does right or wrong.

Somebody help me out here but I saw something on FOX about a high school that was run by Muslims that had come under attack in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Does anyone have any more info on this it was quite disturbing.

There really is a real anti-Muslim prejudice in this country and the right wing of the ruling class is doing a good job of exploiting it.

I agree with sister Thembi what does it matter if someone is a Muslim or not and they are running for president. Well let me put it another way,in a real live democracy it wouldn't matter.

Hey Field the others are right wifey got it going on, forget about Lark. I know you have heard the expression that the grass on the other side always appearing greener.

field negro said...

"Hey Field the others are right wifey got it going on, forget about Lark. I know you have heard the expression that the grass on the other side always appearing greener."

Hey, mellaneous, I would love to, but I can'tr get those Lisa Turtle images out of my head :)

Chris, I will keep trying to get Mrs. Field to write a post. Although I can't imagine what she would post about. Probably something like what a loser her husband is.

No "tenacitus" I didn't go to Central. [I didn't grow up in Philly]. But Central is a fine school from what I hear.

catty greenglen said...

although you are a man, I believe that even a male can make some sense sometimes... Hilary is smart. She went to college and wears suits, and although I would never fix my face to compare myself to Hilary whose station in life is high above any of us chattering fools, she inspires me to want to vote for her or even McCain if that unqualified buck gets the nomination. Whys is he running?
Why? Why doesn't he just sit back and act like Jesse and Al and just sable rattle for the black vote and gives it to the white folks? Can't he just know his place like the rest of us and entrust the running of big things like government and the world to Hilary and Bill, or even McCain? Of god this negro and his love for ali-babas, and hippie bombers...the time for his hi jinxs and shenanigans needs to stop. He had his show..must he keep running it until he runs it into the ground along with the Democratic party? The white people made the party and they made it good, and without the help us fucking it all up!
Oh his monket shines, his mysogynist hi jinkery like saying the word, 'period' whisch by the way, is a sexist word!
Oh, the patriarchy!
Oh, my blood pressure!
Now let me get back to the that makes me feel good when I'm feeling low and sad under the spur-heel of the patriarchy!
NoBama in '08, '12, or '16!

Michelle said...

A.F. at 3:28 AM wrote a comment that had this gem ...the multilayered, convoluted retroactively transformational version of reality coming out of the Clinton campaign.

I don't know about the Rove thing one way or another -- but that description is so accurately said that I had to highlight it. Wherever that nasty-ness comes from, that is really a true description IMO.

Personally I feel like there are plenty of possible sources since the dominant culture of the U.S. is historically and currently based on that kind of thing in many ways.

I really appreciate that Senator Obama chose this time to step up and run -- I'm significantly to the left of him on various things but I have to give the man respect for choosing the exact right time and place, and for being more of a real threat to the status quo than I would have originally thought.

Anonymous said...

The charges were dropped according the PBS and his record was cleared. He was not exonerated. Little green footballs was right about that. Still a big non-issue in the campaign. If Obama can pacify Hillary and her supporters, he'll do good. He'll need those votes. Maybe he should donate money to Bob Barr's campaign too.

sytgrl said...

I heard Shamity foaming at the mouth about this on his radio show. They are really reaching on this one. But, if you a) listen/watch Faux News and b) don't know how delegates are chosen, then there is probably little that can be said to you anyway.

Whitney B. said...

I'm a subscriber to Sirius radio and I have to wonder why the lefties aren't talking about this on Talk Left. Whassup with that? Since I don't watch Fake News or any of the cable news nets, I hadn't heard about this. (Glad the Inquirer stays above some of the b.s.)

Will "they" stop at nothing?

The swifties are lining up the punches for when it comes down to the ring between the old white dude and the O man. O man better get it together 'cause he ain't seen nuthin' yet. Time to take the gloves off.

Good thing I've got Field to keep me up to date with all of the yuck factors out there.

Thanks, Field!

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