Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Groundhog Day"

Haven't we done this before? The Ice Queen wins yet another Bubba state by huge margins and yet she gets no closer to winning the dumbocratic nomination. In fact, this time the "O" man actually won a state to officially clinch the pledged delegate count of the dumbocratic party.

Historic times indeed. Imagine, a black man will be representing one of the major parties to become President of these divided states. So why am I not enjoying it? I guess the fact that the Ice Queen is still in the race and racking up huge victories among a certain ahem, ahem, demographic, just takes some of the shine from the "O" man. At a time when the party should be rallying around their potential candidate, the Ice Queen is saying on to Puerto Rico and yet another ass kicking for the chosen one.

This doesn't seem right, someone, anyone, should tell her to stop. Last night I saw her begging those poor folks for money so that her campaign could go on. Talk about chutzpah. Those poor people should have been begging her for money. One hundred million in five years, and she is begging for money? If she wants to stay in the race she should be loaning the campaign money out of her own pocket. She should see folks like Michael Bloomberg, and Mitt Romney to learn how this is done.

In a way it's sad. I kind of feel sorry watching the Ice Queen go through this exercise in futility. Watching her reminds of of that Barry Manilow song, "Copacabbana." "She was a show girl with yellow feathers in her hair and a dress way down to here...but that was thirty years ago when they use to have a show. Now it's a disco but not for Lola, still in the dress she used to wear faded feathers in her hair...." Hillary just won't get off the fucking stage.

Oh well, the coronation will take place in Denver, and it will be historic. (Even though the DNC is fucking that up as well by excluding bloggers of color from the floor. Sorry colored folks, we only allow certain white liberal blogs to participate in this process....don't even get me started about these mofos. Digression alert!) And I just wonder what Hillary will be doing (and thinking) when all that confetti comes streaming down on that tall lanky black man from Illinois. I take that back, I don't want to even imagine it.

**On a serious and more personal note. I want to thank everyone for their kind words of encouragement after my previous post. That shit was some serious ass field Negro behavior. Thanks again. And Mrs. Field thanks you too.


Ann Brock said...

Field I agree Obama can't even enjoy his history making moment because Missy want sit her butt down. Shame on DNC for not putting a stop to this early on.

classysbf said...

Yeah,I'm tired of this rerun,too.BUT June 3rd will be here before we know it.
Obama knew that this wouldn't be easy;Sen.Clinton refuses to cede the spotlight or to publicly acknowledge the reality.

And I'm tired of pundits keep blathering on about his "working class white problem."

They ignore the fact that he had no problem with that demographic outside of WV and KY.AND they totally forget that both Gore AND Kerry didn't get the Appalachia vote,so it isn't JUST Obama,it's cultural mistrust toward the Democrats in general.

When McCain and Obama are side by side in a future debate,their contrasts will be blatant and obvious.

And it's always the economy,stupid!!!!


Anonymous said...

She is one of the zombie-like pod people from the movie Night of the Living Dead! She just keeps coming and coming and coming and...

Jody - Well stated!

Christopher said...

The east coast media elites keep blathering on about "Obama's problem with workingclass whites." They say he has a deficiency and hasn't reached out to them.

But the fact is, these same east coast media elites NEVER turn their own argument around and ask why Hillary can't win with college educated, middle and upper-middle class white voters who reject her for Obama in state after state.

Let's not forget, Obama kicked Hillary's ass in the Cheasapeake states of Maryland and Virginia, southern states like Georgia and Mississippi, and in unlikely states out west like Colorado, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Hawaii.

All these media gasbags chortle about is "Obama can't win the racist voters in West Virginia and Ohio." I'm sick of hearing their one sided rhetoric.

Kristin said...

Puerto Rico, the first problem Biliary has is that they are grouping all Hispanics in one category. Mexican Hispanics are different from Puerto Rican Hispanics which are also different from Cuban Hispanics which live in Florida. So for the Clinton’s to group all Hispanics into one Monolithic group is a mistake and should be insulting. It’s over but the Clinton’s have run such a dirty campaign there is now no way they can gracefully exit.

Anonymous said...

Field, First... thanks for honor in the side bar....Im gonna blush!

As to Clinton... I think the most ridiculously humorous thing I read this morning is now, Bill is saying its cuz of sexism.... Bill.... charging sexism??

As a so called ideal demographic of Ms. Clinton, I find this absurd. I have not read repeated claims that she is weak, or that she cant make up her mind, or should we worry that her harmones might cause her to make bad decisions or that shes not smart enough.... ALL of those assertions and I would have been howling sexism.... But, she has repeatedly been called smart, tough, determined. She just cannot get over that fact that we want Obama and not her. It is not sad, it it pathetic. She is over... she will go away, and fortunately it will be sooner, not later.

Anonymous said...

Day-um!! Dey eben put harsh chemicals in deh little girl's hair:


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Another reason to switch the station when a Barry Manilow song starts playing. I will never be able to hear to Copa Cabana without thinking of her.

If you want to talk about appeasement. The DNC is appeasing her by giving her all this time to talk smack!

Christopher Chambers said...

Field, Mr. Morton just did an interview with Essence and he was actually fairly normal. So it begins, no ends...

ZACK said...

The DNC is just showing their true colors: rednecks, white skin, and blue (blew) promises.

Of course they wouldn't have bloggers of color on the main floor. Why should they be honest about their intentions now, if they couldn't do it before?

What I mean is that they are using Obama to get back into the White House. So, there's no need for black voices at their white convention.

But I'm sorry for your loss. I didn't understand yesterday's post because I couldn't make the connection. My bad, and my condolences. You get a REAL internet hug this time *Man-Hug*

SouthernGirl2 said...


Don't you dare start about those precious little girls! Got it!

Anonymous said...

One of the state blogs that got left out in blatant unfairness appears to have a black blogger on it (that's Cotton Mouth from Mississippi, if I read having Malcolm X's autobiography as a favorite book as being some sort of indication of color).

Kos and 12 of the other state blogs are throwing a fit. NJ, NY, AL, MS, Michigan -- all the good blogs got left out, and because they DARED to criticize the elected officials from their STATE!

Yeah, people are pissed.

And yeah, I do think that somewhere in that Black Belt (where the only dems are black, it seems), they coulda found a state blog that was proudly african american.

Did you apply for state blogger passes to the convention, field?

Anonymous said...

Just started reading your blog. It's very good. I do wonder about your use of "The Ice Queen" in place of "Clinton" or "Hillary." A good way to dehumanize anyone is to refer to them with a pejorative name - it amounts to an ad hominem attack. Your use of the "'O' man" for Obama is fine; it's not pejorative and shows a good feeling of familiarity and alignment with the person.

I think I'm tired of epithets for both candidates: The Wicked Witch of the East, The Bitch, The Muslim, Osama, etc. Many of your points are good, and I'd rather hear your opinions about the candidates straight up, rather than be distracted by off-putting labels.

Kellybelle said...

Hillary as a faded showgirl: LOL!
She and Geraldine Ferraro can do "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane"

Hathor said...

During the last few months the Democratic party should have explained to the electorate how the conventions work. In the past few years they have seen like coronations, but it is possible that the candidates that have run could not get the nomination. If the floor fights get to nasty vying for those last few delegates votes. Only if it is to unite the party.

There are still people out here holding out hope for Florida's and Michigan's delegates to go to Clinton.

Black bloggers do need to be inside that convention, if the shit hits the fan we need to know from which direction.

RedLipstick said...

Thanks for the continued commentary Field--you certainly could've given yourself some time to digest the loss.

Christopher, your point seems to be lost on the pundits. Why CAN'T Hill draw the college educated, upper income white person? Are these folks more liberal than Hill the centrist? Or do they just reject the triangulating politics of Hill & Bill?

Let me just say that it's really foul how she clearly pandered to a certain demographic in West V. and Kentucky to exploit the racial polarization and then turned around to ask why O can't close the deal with these voters.

I listened to people from both states interviewed on NPR say that they would not vote for O b/c he was black--in fact an older white man said he would never vote for a "colored"!

I mean seriously, it's not rocket science--there are plenty of white folks (upper & working class) who clearly reject the way she exploits the racial divide. And those who don't can stick with the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

No disrespect to any women of color who prefer straight hair to natural (I admit, my wife is natural)...y'all are adults and can do what you like, but I have to laughingly agree with Nsangoma. I do worry about the young'uns going under that process of a headful of harshness so young...can't we at least let 'em go natural a while first? Dont' they get enough chemical exposure just breathing, eating and drinking every day?

Anonymous said...

Field, I see your pic, and I just want to say: Damn, you're fine. You and Mrs. Field look good together. I bet you do everything she tells you, don't you??? Plus, you look like you can be a ton of fun. You have a wide waist. I like a wide waisted-man, but not a man w/a big butt. You don't have a big butt, do you??


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Field I don't know if you saw the New York Times story about Hillary and gender but several of her peeps including Ms. Ferraro said "Obama is sexist". They interviewed some older women who said they were going to actively campaign against Barack. Hmm okay so call me crazy. I don't think a man who calls his wife the "c" word is the most gender sensitive person.

And for Bill Clinton to say anything about sexism is joke with all his freaking Madonna/Whore issues.

p.s. Mrs. Field is beautiful.

p.p.s. I thought I had added your blog to my blog roll months ago. I'm doing it now. I just got Internet after my move and am getting organized again.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

deacon blue I don't think you have to worry. The girls probably had their hair blown out which is not the same as putting those chemicals on it.

Anonymous said...

"the ice queen"???

i'm no big fan of Hilary's but watch your language b/c that comes across very sexist. every now and then when you talk about Hilary, your word choices are questionable. Criticize the the person, not the gender.

outside of that, really do enjoy your blog.

field negro said...

Chris you are right,I am getting sick of the he can't win the white working class vote thing too.

Jazzy, good point about the diversity of our Hispanic friends.

Thanks redlipstick but this is therapy for me.

Zack thanks for the hug.Chris did you say Mr.Morton was in Essence?OMG what next,the frat boy in Jet?

Anon 10:49am thanks for reading the blog,and don't mind the nick names you will get used to them.

Girl Southern you are killing me,I was hoping no one would notice that wide waist shot.LOL!But that was a couple of years a go,yes I was eating too well.But I am down to a 34 waist now.Hey that's what gyms are for.Oh and sorry I think I do have an African butt:)

Nyc/caribbbean,thanks for the kind words about my better half.

Whitney B. said...

Well, here goes. I'll air my dirty laundry. I've got a house in Kentucky. Boo! (I voted absentee last month of the O Man). Kentucky was an easy win for Hill-billy. They are a bunch of crackers down there for sure. With a big sprinkling of Hispanics, 'cause, like who else will work the fields and the chicken farms?

However, I would be willing to bet that Hill-billy didn't win big in the only bastions of sanity in Kentucky: Lexington (I doubt even the Hard Boots voted for her) and Louisville.

Oregon was an amazing victory for The O Dude!!! Why, because I lived there, too, and the lower part of Oregon, well, anything outside of Portland, is very blue collar and Oregon is known as the "Appalachia of the West". He won big time if you consider that most Oregonians are very redneck. They even have Hatfield/McCoy type feuds in the Southern part of Oregon.

OREGON is a huge victory! O for Oregon!

And no Hill-billy for the VeeP for the sake of sanity!!!

We all better get together on this because McCain does not want to run against The O Man.

Anonymous said...

David Cross said it best about redneck: no matter were you are at in America, they are the same all over. Progressives/Liberals/Socialist/Communist = The Modern Democrat whatever you chose to package yourself these days are located in American east cost cities and along the I-5 Corridor (omit San Diego). You mix in Illinois and you have yourself a little St Petersburg.

Now here is the bad news.

Here is the thing called the Electoral College that was designed so mob rule dose not happen. Designed to make states like "the south" and out in the "Mtn West" matter. Yes states like Utah, New Hampshire, Minnesota and more swing states like Ohio, Florida and thanks to Obama now there is swing state like Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Hillary is your best bet however roll the dice with Obama.

Operation Chaos strikes again.

Anonymous said...

Ayup, they love them some Obama, any place there ain't no MACHINE. Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, Kansas... the list goes on! (we ain't gonna win Arizona this year, natch).

Thank god for Proportional Representation!

Christopher said...

I am so tired of hearing the Borg Queen's voice.

Especially, when she raises it and starts to bray like a donkey. I swear to God, I either cover my ears or if I have the remote, I quickly turn the channel.

The Borg Queen reminds me of that old racist Cincinnati Reds owner, Marge Schott. As a life-long fan of baseball, I could never forget or forgive Schott for calling outfielders Eric Davis and Dave Parker "million-dollar n*****s."

Everytime I see or hear the Borg Queen I see a more dolled up Marge Schott representing all her bigots in West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think the way to win the election is to dismiss all the voters who chose Clinton over Obama as racist rubes? Why is it that the voters of MA, NY, NJ don't seem to get this same level of hatred hurled at them?

Why does the education level of the 90% of African Americans who vote for Obama never get called into question? How many of those voters are college graduates? Could it be that as far as black people are concerned it is not acceptable or accurate to confuse education with intelligence?

The biggest mistake made by the Clintons was the assumption that because they had a good record on African American issues that black people were in their pocket. Bill probably thought that black people really believed he was the first black president. LOL

When given a choice, African Americans like most other groups, will vote for the person who looks most like them. White candidates won't even bother to run in major cities, like Newark, Detroit, etc. Somehow, this is never described as racist. When a white man became mayor of in Baltimore in 1999 it made headlines in the Washington Post. This preference is almost never described as racist.

A final question: if Obama does not win the general election, will his supporters be able to be proud and happy that a black man was able to secure the nomination of one of the major political parties?

Anonymous said...

Field Negro,

Do you read any of those State Blogs? Even the PA one?

At least three of them, by my count, have black bloggers on them. You'll have your representation, sure enough.

If you want more representation yourself, start your own state blog -- hell, I'll help!

Admiral Komack said...

"Christopher, your point seems to be lost on the pundits. Why CAN'T Hill draw the college educated, upper income white person? Are these folks more liberal than Hill the centrist? Or do they just reject the triangulating politics of Hill & Bill?"

-The pundits won't talk about Hillary's race-baiting either, or the fact that she can't get a lot of the black vote (I find the Hillary supporters whining about Obama being sexist laughable/Where is your proof? "Sweetie"? PLEASE!)

After all the name recognition, campaign warchest, and campaign experience around her, Hillary got p'wned by Obama!

Mrs. Field is a very beautiful woman; Field, you are a lucky man!

tenacitus said...

Anon, I cannot speak for all black people but I think most black folk might have had similar feelings about Colin Powell in '96 before Bill started shooting his mouth off comparing Obama to Jesse in '88 and referring to his opposition to the Iraq invasion as a fairy tale.

I think other things such as Hillary's campaign insinuating that the O man was a former coke dealer. And having the head of BET talking smack about him pissed people off. Not to mention Hillary's inarticulate & ignorant comments about LBJ & MLK

Then there were things such as Krugman comparing him to Nixon. As some one who was very skeptical of any democrat producing a progressive agenda I had no opinion on the O man till I started noticing that he was being attacked in a way that seemed to at worst use racist stereotypes and at worst would disparage him.

I think that just like many women identfied will Hillary when she was being unfairly malinged. Once they saw the O man being unfairly treated they rushed to defend & express their opinion with their votes. In short Hillary is having problems getting black voters not because Obama is black or because his positions are so very different from hers but because I think her campaign offended many of them in a very personal way.

Now this is just my opinion as someone who is very suspicious of what the democratic party represents. I am only optimistic about the dumbocrats ability to sell a real progressive movement down the river.

tenacitus said...

As to your last question only polling will tell if his supporters will be happy if Obama wins the nomination but looses the election.

kid said...

I have a picture on my blog that I DON'T want to show you,Sen.Obama in a rifle crosshairs from a "Southern" newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Field, you are "right on" on this one. Hillary's selfish, self-serving, "narcissism" is playing right into the hands of the republicans. She doesn't give a damn about the American public. After all wasn't she the first one to play the "race" card as soon as she felt "threatened." She did a great job of using that tactic to get the "red neck" vote. That's why the rich folks like her in this country keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. Just keep brainwashing the "red necks" into thinking that the "nigger" is their enemy while rich white corporations keep selling our country down the river to the highest bidder. She's part of the rich corporate machine that has profitted and made millions from foreign oil, moved jobs out of this country, created a recession, got us into an unnecessary war, allowed high credit card interest rates, allowed foreclosures, reduced spending on education, supports unaffordable health care costs and the list goes on. However, if they can just keep "Trailer Park Trevor" believing that his enemy is the darker brother it will be business as usual. After all they've already said that if Obama is the democratic candidate, they'd rather take another republican "ass whipping" than to vote for a black man. This "former" super power that we call America is headed for disaster and is imploding from within. Great job Hillary...and it's my guess that you'll also win in Puerto Rico. After all, you know what they say about buying ice from your store...It's "colder." But then again Hillar is used to "stealing from the poor." After all wasn't the title of of her book "It Takes A Village" stolen from the African proverb?

Anonymous said...

Brother 'Field'

Additional sympathy for your family's loss. Each of us might continue to honor him and all vets by: 1. Speaking to and offering support to the next military person you encounter; 2.) Getting out to vote in November for candidates who can not only deliver on their promise to bring our troops home ASAP, but, also be transparent and hold themselves accountable.
Re 'tenacitus' - As a black feminist male (not an oxymoron) early on, I loudly advocated and supported HRC's run for the Presidency; even agreed with her challenge re 'O' man's DC/'Inside-the-beltway' experience. But, the more she allowed herself to use race, gender, class; the more she pimps the fears of her real constituency (flag-waving bigots) to differentiate herself from Sen. Obama, I continue to lose respect for Sen. Clinton. And/But, I also remain optimistic that the DNC/"Dumbocratic" Party will, again, lose what few remaining b..lls it might have. Tsk,, tsk, tsk; this is all really repugnant and disgusting (would almost rather have 'O' man drop out and retain some dignity [Colin Powell's wife was correct]).
Thanks for the blog, 'Field'. Bye ya'


grown said...

Now she has the women crying sexism all over the place.

As a woman I find that offensive to the umteenth level.

Not everything is based on gender, race, etc. Sometimes a bitch is a bitch. They can be male, female, black, white, orange, whatever. A sheisty person is a sheisty person no matter what way you slice it.

And her stance on Florida and Michigan are a perfect example of why people don't like her...FL and MI broke the rules, Barack adhered to them, you did not, and now you want to be rewarded for not following directions? I'm confused. Why should they be seated and why should you reap the benefits when it was made perfectly clear from the beginning that the states were in the wrong. It's this kind of sheisty-ness that makes people call her a cold, caculating, manipulative...well, bitch.

Ms. Field is a looker. You go boy!

La♥audiobooks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
La♥audiobooks said...

I saw the pic, but I didn't want to be the one to bring it up. I'm always detracting your threads. No wonder you like Lark, but she still can't compete with Mrs. Field.

Btw, I like the baldie pic of you I saw a while back on another site. I have to admit, you almost resemble my ex in that one.

But hey, you can't say I don't still try to be nice to you...

Anonymous said...

nyc/caribbean ragazza said
I don't think you have to worry. The girls probably had their hair blown out which is not the same as putting those chemicals on it

You know, NYC, I hadn't considered that possibility. My wife had chemically treated hair when I met her and then went pretty much straight to natural midway through our marriage. I never got the personal experience of being exposed to blowing out hair or using hot combs or anything else non-chemical.

LOL...The hazards of me growing up melanin deficient...

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

"In a way it's sad. I kind of feel sorry watching the Ice Queen go through this exercise in futility."
field, I agree. But my sadness is mitigated by the fact that she continues to play the gender card and give McCain talking points by suggesting Obama can't win the white working class vote.

She had the opportunity to exit the campaign with style and grace by going after McCain and talking about uniting the party and settling the Florida and Michigan delegate stuff. But to show class I guess you have to have some.

field, I know some people are saying there's plenty of time for this. But after saying Obama doesn't have the experience to be president, after saying all he has is a speech, who's going to believe her when she speaks well of Obama now? And how can anyone not be suspicious that she's remaining in the race (at least in part) to continue to batter Obama, to make him fail in the general so she can get the democratic nod in 2012?

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes a bitch is a bitch"

I believe that came out of the mouth of a pundit on CNN.

And I nearly spit out my beverage at the Baby Jane reference!

I think Obama is just being so cool. I bet behind the scenes he's playing hardball. He's got millions if voters, millions of dollars that haven't waned, brilliant strategists and Michelle. What more does he need? I can't wait for Michelle to be First Lady!

Chris said...

She is an incredibly delusional person and it's just hilarious for me to watch McCain and Obama start the general election with her still clinging onto the past.

Ms.Martin said...

Hillary is crazy, but don't forget about Bill. I'm sure he's telling her "they" can win.

I wan't my celebration, I want her out now!


The Field Negro...

This is referred to her as 'lola'!! *LOL* Can I put that on my blog? It's just too good not to repeat! *LOL*

This blog needs to morph into a pay-per-view television show...SERIOUSLY.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Christopher said...

The Borg Queen is one psycho bitch.

In an interview Wednesday with The Associated Press, Clinton said she is willing to take her fight to seat Florida's and Michigan's delegates to the convention if the two states want to go that far.

Asked whether she would support the states if they appeal an unfavorable rules committee decision to the convention floor, the former first lady replied:

"Yes I will. I will, because I feel very strongly about this."

She doesn't care if she destroys Obama and the Democratic party along the way. She needs to be locked up and placed in a padded cell.

field negro said...

"If you want more representation yourself, start your own state blog -- hell, I'll help!"

risingtide, thanks for the offer, but you and I know both know that I wouldn't exactly fit in. Still, some of my fellow afro bloggers should get a serious look form these folks. There are some good ones out here.

baatin. said...

in chris rock's infamous comments, "i'm tired of this shit. tired tired tired. tired of this shit."

Anonymous said...

Posted this elsewhere, will reiterate it here: Considering the latest Jim Crow act by Hillary Clinton and Massa Bill to push the Florida/Michigan delegates-- despite the fact that Hillary herself, along with all other candidates, agreed to the rules, and that Obama took his name off the ballot in Michigan (a state he'd win easily)-- it's obvious that Hillary has no intention of acting like a mature adult, supporting Obama as the nominee, and seeking out unity in the party.

There is only one response to this, and those of you who are veterans of the civil rights struggle know what that is-- first, we try to act respectful and reasonable with our opponents. Second, if this fails, we fight intensely but with restraint in hopes of convincing our opponents, through reason and sound arguments, that our rights should be respected. Failing this, and especially when facing hateful racists like the Clintons, willing to employ the most specious arguments and chicanery to persist in their narcissistic campaign (despite Obama leading in pledged delegates, votes and states), there is only the third option, our "nuclear" option-- you fight viciously, bare your talons and fight tooth and nail, until you utterly destroy hour hateful, racist opponents and break their will to continue in their campaign.

Those of us around in the 1960's, along with the abolitionists of the previous century who worked to free our people, knew clear and well that a subset of white racists, many of them powerful, would stop at nothing in their hate campaign against the African-American population-- lynching, mass murder, disenfranchisement through subterfuge, all were permitted. The only way to beat these people, frankly, was to destroy them. These racists declared war against us, and our only recourse was to fight back viciously.

The Clintons are the modern version of such racists. We have attempted to be reasonable and fair to them. However, they have shown that they will stop at nothing to suppress and ruin us as a people, use any duplicity and chicanery to sate their personal ambitions. So the only recourse is our nuclear option-- we must make a concerted effort to utterly and absolutely DESTROY HILLARY CLINTON AND BILL CLINTON, destroy their political career, destroy their lives and make them miserable. They have declared war against us, and our survival depends on this, because if we waver here and allow ourselves to meekly capitulate to their chicanery, then in the future, there will never, ever be a deterrent against whites in power using every tool in their disposal to damage our people and keep Blacks out of power-- they'd see the example of the Clintons, and rightfully sense that they could get away with anything. THIS MEANS MILITANT ACTION AGAINST THE CLINTONS.

What specifically? Here are the things we need to do:

1. When the Democratic Rules and Bylaws Committee meets on May 31, assemble yourselves, peacefully but firmly, and make it abundantly clear that any duplicity on these two states, on the basis of rules that were agreed to by all candidates, would result in a mass boycott of the election by African-Americans and the permanent loss to the Democratic Party of their most vital, most loyal constituency-- and the utter destruction of the Democratic Party as a viable political organization. Obama, Edwards and all the other candidates were not allowed to campaign in either Florida or Michigan owing to the rules that all (including Hillary) agreed to, and the most basic element of an election is the act of campaigning itself-- obviously in Obama's case, as seen on Super Tuesday, it was his intelligent campaign that enabled him to perform so well throughout the nation. Moreover, Obama did not even have his name on the ballot in Michigan, so giving him zero votes or delegates in Michigan-- a state which he would easily win, as Jesse Jackson himself did, with its high African-American, student and progressive population-- would essentially be akin to the same tactics that totalitarian governments, including the Nazis, have used to falsely claim legitimacy.

The fairest solution in Florida (a likely Hillary state though by a close margin) and Michigan (a certain Obama state) would be to merely halve the total delegates as a penalty and deterrent for queue-jumping the future, and to seat them 50/50 for each candidate. This would be the most sensible action. The most that we would accept-- and only barely-- would be first halving the total Michigan and Florida delegates, then seating the Obama + Edwards delegates in Florida for Obama, and in Michigan, giving the uncommitted delegates to Obama. This would have little effect on the total results, and would still leave Obama with an advantage of more than 140 pledged delegates than Hillary, a critical threshold that would deter attempts by Hillary to harangue superdelegates to overturn their commitments. But even this should be a "last resort"-- it should be halving the delegates, and splitting them 50/50.

Again, DO NOT fall into the idiot trap of trying to be conciliatory to the Clintons and conceding anything-- they have shown themselves not to be trusted and they would not in any way "bury the hatchet" with any Obama concessions, but consider the Obama team and African-Americans as chumps, while continuing their scorched-earth campaign, and again, the only way to beat them is to destroy them if they refuse to negotiate, to break their will to fight.

We have tried to be kind to the Clintons, tried to allow them to save face, and yet every time, they just take our peace overtures and use them against us, to prolong their ruinous path. The only remaining recourse is to be extremely rough with the Clintons, to be harsh to them, to destroy them and to do so in the most painful way feasible. And we need to stop worrying so damn much about this horsecrap about "HRC's supporters not supporting Barack if she feels offended"-- Hillary is doing this ANYWAY, she has NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER and will never, ever go peacefully. The only way to stop this is to destroy the Clintons now, the sooner the better so that by November, this idiocy will be a distant memory.

As others have pointed out, the problem with appeasement is that it doesn't work with enemies who are unreasonable and/or filled with hatred against you-- they merely take your kindness and use it against you. We must give up the fantasy that we can make concessions to Hillary, be kind to her and give her something, and make her unify. She won't do it-- she and Bill Clinton are stuck in their own delusional fantasy world, and will not stop until they are shut down. We should be as respectful as we can be, and try to allow them to save face, but make no tangible concessions, and continue to stand firm against them. So pour all your determination, toughness, ruthlessness and malice into destroying the Clintons for good, so that they can never recover. I wish it hadn't come to this, as I was one of the people before urging a conciliatory attitude toward the Clintons, but have shown themselves to be so wrapped up in their pathological narcissism that no such overtures will ever be effective.

Now, in terms of practical action, please contact members of the Rules and Bylaws committee POLITELY and RESPECTFULLY, tell them that as an American-- not just as an African-American but as an American, period, joined by Americans of all stripes-- that the most basic element of the American nation is fair play and the rule of law rather than the rule of favorites, and that Obama was simply following the rules to which all parties agreed in Michigan and Florida, and that the delegates should be apportioned equally between the candidates.

There are 30 members on the committee, and while 13 of them are said to be "Clinton backers," in fact they are more just former officials in the Clinton Administration who do not necessarily back Hillary now (as shown by the Clinton Administration officials now backing Obama). By and large, they are fair-minded, reasonable people who just want to do their jobs, and they know that, to prevent chaos in future elections, they need to levy some penalty on the queue-jumping states in any case (stripping them of half their delegates, most likely) and give Obama at least a large fraction, likely 45%, of the delegates-- especially in Michigan, which he would win easily, and where the history of racial tensions would indicate a furious and combustible reaction if an African-American candidate, in particular, were to be denied votes and delegates. They are largely fair-minded and rational people, so be sure to treat them as such.

Here is the Website to which you should write:

Here is the Huffington Post page with the full names and descriptions of the Rules and Bylaws Committee Members:

Once again-- BE FIRM YET POLITE AND RESPECTFUL IN YOUR CALLS, LETTERS AND EMAILS TO THE COMMITTEE MEMBERS. No threats, no rage, no badgering. It is fair to note that the Democratic Party would effectively be destroyed as a viable organization if the delegations from Florida and Michigan were to be seated based on the totalitarian-style primaries with Obama not even on the ballot, just following the rules, and if Obama were to be denied delegates especially in Michigan. Tens of millions of Democrats would leave the party and just stay home. Yet this fact is obvious to just about anyone, and should be noted in a non-threatening, matter-of-fact manner that is respectful to the people on the committee.

Along similar lines, here are some superdelegate petitions (for the remaining uncommitted superdelegates) to present:

Once again-- kind, nonthreatening, polite, positive and respectful.

Finally, once again, write to the DNC and superdelegates who represent you, and make it clear that the DNC will not get a dime until this charade is ended and Obama is accorded the support and respect he deserves. The DNC is suffering severe financial pain and paying a steep price for letting this stupidity drag on, and it will only get worse for them if it continues like this.

2. Now for the other aspects of our tactics to hurt the Clintons:

REINFORCE THE HILLARY = MARIE ANTOINETTE "LET THEM EAT CAKE" MEME at every opportunity, in letters to the editor, and in other mainstream fora. Hillary's claim to be the champion of struggling Americans, blue-collar, the "lunch-pail crowd" or any other description, is just truly ludicrous by any standard. She and Bill have made well more than $100,000,000 while most Americans are struggling to get by-- much of that money from foreign donors who don't have the best interests of the American people in mind-- and now, Hillary is over $31 million in debt as of the beginning of May, and HILLARY HAS NOT PAID THE VENDORS AND OTHER SMALL BUSINESSPEOPLE whose services she has used. These are mostly local, mom-and-pop people-- hoteliers, equipment rental companies, local suppliers and other people just getting by during these difficult times, and Hillary is arrogantly screwing all of them over, refusing to pay her bills and debts. Would any of us, trying to scrape by, be allowed such latitude?

Drive this point home, again, not just on the Blogs-- use letters to the editor, op-eds, calls to radio shows and other mainstream avenues to point out how Hillary is indeed stiffing working-class people directly with her "let them eat cake" attitude. Never miss an opportunity to note this in the harshest light feasible!

Remember too that, as shown in the most recent polls, Obama is now by far the most popular candidate among Whites and Latinos as well-- among all groups. Those of you with any connections to Puerto Rico, who can speak Spanish and so forth, bring attention to Hillary Clinton's racism, which as anti-Latino as much as it is anti-Black-- her "hard-working Americans are White Americans" comment was just as insulting to Latinos as well as Blacks. Point this out in the Puerto Rican newspapers and humiliate Hillary for it.

3. Clinton Corruption in the ugly spotlight-- once again, the Obama campaign has been too nice and treating the Hillary campaign with kid gloves on this, not pointing out examples of their obvious corruption and allowing them to "save face" in hopes that they would be reasonable and line up behind Obama. The Clintons have no intention of doing this, so the only recourse is to get brutal against them, bombard newspapers and radio shows with examples to humiliate the Clintons at every turn. As always, get your white working-class and Latino friends, as much as possible, to write in and hit the Clintons hard. Some things to bring up:

a. The Clinton Foundation and the Clintons' dirty dealings with e.g. Kazakh uranium magnates (the whole Giustra affair), Arab oil sheikhs and others at the expense of America. The Clintons still refuse to release their donor list, so use this to point out that the Clintons, contrary to claims, are not "vetted and tested."

b. The incredible Clinton Corruption in their last year-- the pardon of the criminal Marc Rich, the theft of items from the Lincoln Bedroom, and other acts that show their criminal pathologies in a very harsh light.

c. Hillary's truly pathological lying to the point of repeated fabrications, on the Bosnia sniper incident, Chelsea being at Ground Zero on 9/11 (she saw it on TV), being prominent in the Northern Ireland peace process and other blatant BS-- make particular reference to this, and hit Hillary Clinton hard on it.

As far as the VP running mate pick-- I have to weigh on this-- choosing Hillary as VP would be monumentally stupid. She could be promised a Supreme Court appointment, a Cabinet Post, even a high-ranking Senate position, but running mate? She'd bring all her negatives to the ticket and bring Republicans out to vote in droves against us, she'd give no geographical advantage, she'd cut down Obama's change argument, probably subtly undermine Obama (I'd watch my back if Obama were elected), plus there'd be Bill Clinton doing his idiocy in the background.

The best VP choice by far IMHO would be Sam Nunn of Georgia. He is the closest we have in the USA today to a statesman, a political figure who is universally respected by Democrats and Republicans. He's an elder figure even more than McCain is, a respected fighter, with national security experience, from Georgia and popular among Appalachian voters as well as everyone else, and just plain smart! Otherwise, I'd say someone like Hagel, or Jim Webb. I like Kathleen Sibelius overall and I think she'll be a star in the future, it's just with her on the ticket-- might be too much change for voters to stomach at this point (though she should definitely get a high-ranking post to help accelerate her own political career). Ted Strickland in Ohio-- doubtful, seems he might try to undermine Obama and he has corruption, unless he's had a change of heart.

But the upshot of my post, is that we need to stop treating the Clintons with kid gloves. This only works with reasonable people, not with pathological narcissists like the Clintons. The only way to stop them is to hurt them, make them feel tremendous pain so they lose their will to fight, if necessary to utterly destroy them.

Because if we don't destroy the Clintons, then the country will be destroyed.

What I'm about to say will sound scary but please hear me out:

I've been in touch with friends and relatives on the ground throughout the country, from places like Oakland and LA in the West through Houston, Baton Rouge, Detroit, Chicago, Montgomery, Atlanta, Columbus, New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., Raleigh and Baltimore in the East.

What has become clear, is that if the Michigan and Florida delegates were seated as Hillary wants-- basically not giving Obama any pledged delegates from Michigan, when he was simply following rules and took his name off the ballots-- it would be ugly and horrible, with mass rioting, violence and unimaginable horrors that will destroy the country as we know it.

First of all, I don't encourage this and I've pushed for peaceful protests as much as I can, and second there's not a whiff of exaggeration.

But third, this isn't a "Black Thing" vs. a "White Thing"-- whites and other groups have also historically had violent reactions to stolen elections.

The simple fact is, democracy was invented essentially to provide a common set of agreed-upon ground rules so that succession of power could be agreed upon peacefully, without violence. Remember, throughout history, succession of power has been largely decided through violence and military might-- democracy gives an alternative to that, but it only works if all candidates to power agree to the same rules and follow them. If one party becomes so narcissistic as the Clintons have become and tries to change the rules after they've been decided, then democracy breaks down, and violence is the inevitable result. It's almost a natural law, like opposite charges attract or oxygen is a gas at room temperature-- when the basic rules of democracy are violated, violence is the result. Thus if democracy were to be so blatantly flouted anyway, as the Clintons are trying to do with their backroom BS with Florida and Michigan, then things would get ugly.

We African-Americans have been fighting for centuries for respect, and if we were to see a backroom deal at this point blatantly attack the very foundations of our democracy-- and be used against an African-American candidate who had prevailed by following the rules and working his heart out toward success-- then it would be the final straw to show that Blacks in the USA could never receive justice by following the rules, there would always be some excuse, some other demand to "wait our turn" or "go to the back of the bus," some other form of White favoritism and patronage used against our people.

The USA, today an Anglo superpower, has become such a superpower on the backs of African-Americans-- it was our labor as slaves, and then virtual slaves after 1865 under the Jim Crow system, that built the USA as a superpower in the first place. Now, after all these years, we are approaching a point when one of our own becomes a leader for this nation, and in the fairest, most respectful way possible. If after all this, the same kind of white privilege were used against us, then the only recourse is to tear down the USA as an Anglo superpower.

Think of it as the kind of divine justice that Abraham Lincoln himself would invoke-- if the USA were to insist on remaining a superpower at the expense of African-Americans, a mortal sin of our nation, in the form of a white candidate like Hillary Clinton bending rules to hurt one of our own who had won fair and square, then divine retribution will result, in the form of widespread rage that will destroy the United States not only as a superpower, but as a nation.

As I've said, I fear this and I don't encourage it-- it's just that it would be as inevitable as the destruction caused by a massive tsunami if Hillary's Florida and Michigan chicanery were to be allowed. And while I've had my objections about US policy before, I still care about this country, and I don't want it to be destroyed in violent rage, which is what would occur if Hillary were to have her way. So rather than standing by and allowing the USA to be destroyed, the only alternative is to utterly destroy the Clintons.

Do whatever in your power to make this happen. Take off the kid gloves and hit the Clintons hard. Train your rage and your attacks on the Clintons, once again, don't threaten or intimidate people like superdelegates, but make it clear and firm that we will only accept the validation of Obama as the nominee, and that there would be hellish consequences and the utter destruction of the Democratic Party, and the nation as a whole, if Clintonian backroom dealing were to be allowed. Do not be sweet and conciliatory here, since that's exactly what the Clintons are hoping for, for us to be chumps. Fight tooth and nail here. Those of you into voodoo, hoodoo, witch doctors, whatever-- place a curse on Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and condemn them to Hell for damaging the nation like this.

As others have been noting, the Clintons consider African-Americans and other minorities to be merely ants, unworthy of being taken seriously.

The Clintons have forgotten, however, that African ants are carnivorous, and we have a special taste for the flesh of humans who attempt to torment us. We ants will cover Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton from head to toe, sink our claws and fangs into them, and utterly devour them, to the bone, for their shameful behavior. It is now that we must demonstrate our profound ferocity.

Anonymous said...

Finally David Gergen put Hillary on front street last night and said she needs to tell voters who have flat out said they wouldn't vote for Obama because of his race, "I don't want your vote". Took long enough for somebody to just say it. Screw'em if they wanna keep living in 1942.

Anonymous said...

HeartofFury!!!! Bless you, love you!!! And mucho thanks to the 'Field' for posting your response to this mind-boggling rampage.
"HeartofFury'... I can't/Where do we begin to thank you for the tremendous amount of rigor and work so evident in your post here. Thank you, thank you for real-time, simple, straightforward tools that we have at our disposal to register our righteous OUTRAGE. Thank you for demonstrating how we can direct our rage/anger. Your post should be that much-needed breath of fresh air; each of us should feel empowered.
Thank you, 'Field' for providing this forum (I found it via perusing NPR's site). And, hallelujah! Finally, others - like 'Heart of Fury' - thank you, thank you! I promise to get the word out. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

The Clintons have forgotten, however, that African ants are carnivorous, and we have a special taste for the flesh of humans who attempt to torment us. We ants will cover Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton from head to toe, sink our claws and fangs into them, and utterly devour them, to the bone, for their shameful behavior. It is now that we must demonstrate our profound ferocity.

Got self-hating negro much?

Anonymous said...

To second Anon-- self-hating Negro? No, just a classic example of taking an insult thrown at our people and turning it around to take down our tormentors. When I was a kid growing up, white racists called me just about everything under the sun-- N*****, cockroach, maggot, snake, monkey, jungle bunny, animal, what have you.

Oh, and the majority of these racists weren't the obvious Bull Connor racism-on-the-sleeve types, they were exactly like Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton-- pretending to support civil rights in public, but privately racist to the core, a fact which came out only when they were challenged.

So I learned to twist around their insults, realizing that even the insulting comparisons they made could be twisted around to invoke qualities of strength, particularly things like swarming rage and ferocity. Since my teenage years, I've never been messed with, and it's because I learned to treat people with kindness and respect-- but unleash my claws and fangs if anybody tried to pull any crap.

It's something that the Democrats need to learn when taking on people like Hillary Clinton and Rush Limbaugh. Civility and respect are cornerstones of society, but we need to realize that narcissists like the Clintons have no intention of following those same norms, and every intention of taking the respect others have shown them and using us as chumps.

When facing people like this, respect and indulgence are not the right responses, since they will only encourage narcissists to take further advantage of a permissive system. Only harsh punishment and vicious responses are called for.

Anyone with New York roots-- encourage someone like Nita Lowey to issue a primary challenge to Hillary, encourage New York Democrats (especially Charles Schumer) to take Hillary to task-- "Shame on you Hillary, now step down"-- and hit where it hurts most. Bring charges of impeachment against Hillary, whatever charges you can put together-- if nothing else, it'll drain scarce funds away from her-- publicly humiliate her in local and national media, raise the specter of the Clinton Foundation and its tremendous corruption. Even go spreading nasty rumors in the tabloids to humiliate the Clintons further. Make it hurt for them, it's the only way to slap down narcissists like this.

Unknown said...

I do not see HRC as some crazy bitch. I see her person use to entitlements. Yes she ultimate priviledge white women. She is a woman who rode her husband coattail to get where she is now. She became senator of New York because her husband was the ex POTUS and decided to move to New York. She is in the race mainly because of her husbands political reputation. Her career moves where directly linked to her husband access to power (Law work in Arkansas and Walmart New York State Senator) And she has become accustomed to it. If fact she beleives it is natural law.

In recent years, we had two other women vying for the presidency. Elizabeth Dole, the her husband is Bob Dole, E Dole is a politician in her own right. I do not remember seeing the whole cadre of feminist/women rallying behind her that way I saw with Clinton. Also Carol Braun Mosley there were no feminist contingent that I can remember --Oh yeah I forgot Carol Braun Mosley is Black and that cancels out her being a women. No mainstream feminist/women support for her.

However I digress. When someone is use to things given to them and gotten for them, they believe they are entitled what they want. That is how HRC is acting. Let me be clear she is riding on success and popularity of her husband. She is a the wife of Bill Clinton and implicitly states that is her qualification for presidency --her the 30+years of experience. She not a politician who worked her way up. Despite her political ideology, she has much more in common with George W. Bush (My Daddy was a politician and ex president) in that regard than any other high profile politician. And like W she wears arrogance with a fierce vengeance. (But unlike Bush, she is has the raw material and talent to do the work.)

That is why she is about herself because all her "political career was always about her --or how she can benefit from her husband power and influence. She does not come from the traditional path women take to enter politics. i.e grassroot work, community involvement, local elections and moving up the political ladder. That type of political mindset that evolves in moving up the political totem would not afford a scorch earth mentality and approach to the campaigning that Hillary inhibits.

Think about it. What does she have to offer any elected national politican other than her husbands influence and access to power. She know that she is not a national power broker in her own right. No nationally elected official wants Bill on there team. If they did they don't need HRC to be the middle man. She has not accumalated 30+ years political networking through the tradition political route that affords that the type of currency.

She has to win because politically she because it is about her that has been her career orientation. She is not going to change that orientation just because she running for POTUS. It got her this far. Moreover, she knows does not carry much political leverage. (Remember in 2000 alot of W. people were his daddy's peeps)

Anonymous said...

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