Friday, May 23, 2008

Please don't question me.

I know you all heard about this story: The U.N. is sending a race investigator to see if we have a racism problem here in A-merry-ca............Okay, there is so much I could say here but I will leave it alone.

Now to be honest, my first thoughts were, why? Why do we need a race investigator here in A-merry-ca? And if Doudou Diene (I love that name) does find racism just what the hell is he going to do about it?(I mean I guess he could write a scathing report, and embarrass A-merry-ca to the rest of the world, but we have no shame so what good would that do?) Honestly, do we need an investigator from the U.N. to tell us that there is racism in A-merry-ca? I don't think so. And couldn't the U.N. be doing more pressing shit like addressing world hunger, attending to the crises in Darfur, and the draconian measures that the IMF uses when they lend poor countries money? That's the kind of shit the U.N. needs to be focusing on, not racism in A-merry-ca. Yes we know it's here, but the shit is more individualized than institutional. There is no more Jim Crow, but there are still people who will pull up and move if they see a black family moving into their neighborhood. There are no more separate but equal schools by law, but people still self segregate themselves, and the result is a serious form of academic apartheid going on in our public schools across the country. All the U.N. investigators in the world looking for racism won't change that.

And Mr. Diene will be going to cities like New York, Washington D.C.,Chicago, Los Angeles, and.....San Juan? Okay, I guess the light skinned Puerto Ricans don't like the dark skinned Puerto Ricans and visa versa. So we really need an investigator to investigate that for us? And another thing, if Doudou really wants to see racism why isn't he going to places like Charleston West Virginia,Guntersville Alabama, or anywhere in Kentucky? Seriously, what the hell is he going to do in New York , or D.C.? just ask the man on the streets if he doesn't like people who are different? Hi my name is Doudou, and I would....what the fuck did you say your name was? Yo this is some kind of joke right? No I am really investigating racism for the U.N. Yeah well there is no racism to see here in America. Why do you think they call it the UNITED states. of America. And you better change your name fast pal if you plan to live here we don't like those funny names. I don't care if you do look like Seal. And I am sorry, but shouldn't the U.N. send a white man to investigate since we know that a real racist would never tell a black man like Mr. Diene how he really feels? The white man, on the other hand, will get all the information from the racist out there who thinks he is one of them. Brilliant huh?

I think the "racism tour" starts Monday. Good luck Mr. Diene, although you won't need it, you are going to find that A-merry-cans are some of the most polite people that you will ever meet.


Anonymous said...

Awesome comment. You had me rolling on that on. I love this site. Keep up the good work brotha.
CW02 Brown
US Navy

Anonymous said...

luckqui1, thank you for protecting our freedoms. We have your back around here.

Field, I hope this guy doesn't take a side trip to the Appalachians. Then again, I know a way he could get some interesting data for his study. All he has to do to fuck with them is say he's running for president. If I were him, I'd have a film crew tailing me as I punk'd 'em Borat style.

There's no better way to get the truth out.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

"I don't care if you look like Seal." ha!

I really don't understand the point of this investigation and agree with you they should have sent a guy from Denmark or something (okay I do realize that there might be a few of us in Denmark but you know what I mean).

Anonymous said...

Oh well has the US finally paid their dues that they've owed for like the past 10 years? I'm sure Ted Turner is tired of covering that note. OT, I was just watching Nightline and I have to give Madonna's plastic surgeon snaps because she doesn't have that totally frozen or pulled back look most of the celebs do.

field negro said...

"Field, I hope this guy doesn't take a side trip to the Appalachians."

Yeah he might not make it back to the U.N. if he does :)

Thanks luckqui1! Please keep coming back.

nyc/caribbean I know exactly what you mean.

heartsandflowers, maybe that's why they are sending the investigator, because we owe them so much money.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Field, I have an answer to your question, "Why does America need a race investigator?"

As a Civil Rights Enforcer for over 20 years with various Federal, State and Local government agencies responsible for enforcement of EEO, Diversity and Affirmative Action policies, I've seen it all.

I've seen the attempts to implement factors that would ensure failure of Civil Rights policies as developed.

I've seen the people charged with the responsibility to enforce EEO laws actively subvert and suborne them to the satisfaction of the management officials who hired them to do so.

I've seen America fail to police herself in the area of Civil Rights, Affirmative Action and EEO laws - not to mention engaging in like actions to prevent people from attending the schools of their choice, or get medical attention when they need it...I could go on and on.

Because America's leadership can be and most often has been, inherently dishonest about herself and race relations in this country, the only way things get corrected in this country is when an outside third party gets involved. That's what I consider the United Nations' involvement; a Third Party shining a spotlight on America and America doesn't like it.

America has this image of herself; land of the Free, Home of the Brave; with Liberty and Justice For All. Problem is, "For All" usually doesn't include every man and woman, regardless of race, color, religious or national origin.

When I've tried to do my job, as advertised and as required by law, I've either been transfered, fired or forced to resign. And I couldn't get any member of the Congressional Black Caucus, for all of their talk, to take my claims seriously.

And they wonder why it seems that the growing number of racist incidents and bigotry appear to be back in fashion these days, just like pre-Martin Luther King days. Bush didn't bring back latent bigotry; he just made it more acceptable in the mainstream. For every incident he didn't call out or have someone fired, other HNICs believed it to be okay because the President did it.

So if the UN blows the covers off America's whoredom which includes bigotry and racism, and it causes America to be shamed on a global scale as well as weaken her position on "bringing democracy to other nations" when we don't have our own backyard cleaned up, I'm all for it.

Sorry, for the rant, but your post touched a nerve and I needed to respond in comprehensive fashion.

Anonymous said...

I know in this country we have all been carefully educated to dismiss and diminish the United Nations. The US has been obstructionist from almost the very beginning.... But, I invite you all to read the following 2 documents. First, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which the US is a signatory. Please note those sections where we are woefully lacking:

And then read the Document that came out of The Word Conference on Racism and see what the world has committed to in tackling Racism. This document came out of the Conference that was held in Durban, South Afica in 2001. Remember, the US walked out and we have not signed on:

Say what you will about the UN... but it is, today, the ONLY place where every country has a seat at the table and where International diplomacy and agreements are made. I would encourage all here to take a closer look...

Just one example of the positive impact on the US, more and more groups (ACLU, National Lawyers Guild, Human Rights Campaign) are using the language of Human Rights under the framework of the UN Declaration because it goes much further than "civil rights" to promote not just equality, but human dignity.

Finally, remember, that when we sign and ratify international agreements, they are then US Law. Read these documents and see the implications if these were respected as US Law.

So, I welcome the UN... its about friggin time they sent more investigators... I hope they send more!

Anonymous said...

Field - Cheap shot if that is indeed his name.

That said, we can save Mr. Doo Doo and the UN a lot of time and money by just providing him the answer he is seeking—Does a corpulent canine have gas? ;-)

Christopher said...

Doudou Diene can start right, smack dab in Massa Hillary's plantation, called New York City.

In all my travels I have never seen a more segregated American city than New York and one where the cops prey on people of color like lions on prey on wildebeests on the Serengeti.

Los Angeles is bad (I lived there for 10 years, so I know) but New York City belies its rep as this liberal bastion.

Constructive Feedback said...

My friend Field-Negro:

The United Nations is going to inspect the United States with respect to "racism"? I have in my hands right now the March/April edition of Foreign Policy magazine. There is an article titled "A World Enslaved" which states that there are more "slaves" in the world today than ever before. They point to the INEFFECTIVENESS of the United Nations to do anything about it. Get this bro - the United Nations looks to the UNITED STATES to lead the way in CONDEMNING nations that permit slavery (indentured servants, sex slaves, etc).

But wait - this is not the main theme of your post is it.

[quote]There is no more Jim Crow, but there are still people who will pull up and move if they see a black family moving into their neighborhood.[/quote]

Can we logically walk through your statement FN? If indeed White folks move OUT when 'too many of us' move is happening in the mixed community that I live in....does this degrade ME - who is a fully self-actualized BLACK MAN? Should I cut my grass any less? Should I allow the paper to blow around? Should I not attend the PTA meetings at the increasingly "browning school"? My children are holding their own per their report card, thank you very much.

Instead of focusing on WHITE FOLKS MOVING it is my opinion that we need to focus on the lingering "Non-White White Supremacy" that we have which allows us to SEEK VALIDATION via their own actions?

I will fight vigorously against any policy that prevents anyone from living where ever they want to. I will EQUALLY be opposed to any policy or government SANCTION that PREVENTS anyone from MOVING AWAY for any reason of his own choosing. The tactics used to force them to STAY are likely to be more undemocratic than the benefit to be obtained.

[quote] There are no more separate but equal schools by law, but people still self segregate themselves, and the result is a serious form of academic apartheid going on in our public schools across the country

Wow. I bet you could not bear this out with fact. You are yielding to the notion that All Black schools in 2008 are by definition INFERIOR SCHOOLS - just as Liberal White Supremacist (in my personal opinion) Jonathan Kozol argues. Will there EVER be a point at which every Black student has the "benefit" of sitting next to a White kid to receive the supplement toward his education? Do you see how "non-White White supremacist" such a statement is?

[quote]All the U.N. investigators in the world looking for racism won't change that.[/quote]

Field Negro - Instead of seeking to eliminate RACISM why don't you first eliminate MURDER in this society? It would be an equally futile journey. How does one judge this society by the assumed number of RACISTS and not be said to give that ONE IGNORANT, TOOTHLESS White man in Montana who doesn't like Blacks more power than he actually has?

Isn't it more logical to evaluate the GOVERNMENT and if it chooses to ENFORCE ITS OWN LAWS when someone violates the RIGHTS of Black people.....their racist motivations being irrelevant?

I do have a question for you though. In the NAACP "Crisis" magazine that I hold in my hand right now they have a reprint of a previous poster from 1965 which reads "The Crisis Remembers Mrs Viola Liuzzo, Registration Volunteer From Detrot; Shot by a KKK sniper on March 25, 1965 returning from a march to the Alabama state capital"

Question: If THIS is a CIVIL RIGHTS violation per the NAACP then why aren't the killings of Black people on the streets of Philly and/or the low Homicide Closure rates that allow their killers to remain free not considered CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS?

I am even one step ahead of you. If you say that Liuzzo was killed for attempting to advance voting rights and thus this is different - please look at the recent murder by a gang member of two Black people who were set to testify as he attempted to enforce "Stop Snitching" thus suppressing JUSTICE.

Why wasn't the gang member charged with violating the CIVIL RIGHTS of the Black people that he killed. He was Black himself just to make note.

Thus the question must be asked: WHAT IS A CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION? Clearly it is not only what the NAACP chooses to chase after.

The United Nation's actions might be cheered by some but will be irrelevant to the lives of most Black people who have more measurable threats from things other than just "racism" but which are not as attractive to "chase" after.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Doudou Diene can start right, smack dab in Massa Hillary's plantation, called New York City.

In all my travels I have never seen a more segregated American city than New York and one where the cops prey on people of color like lions on prey on wildebeests on the Serengeti.[/quote]

Wow. You'd think that with New York City having 51 city council people and 47 of them being DEMOCRATS that it would be a city of Brotherly love. Oh wait - that other city has a similar partisan profile and this hasn't reduced the bigotry there either.

(Sorry for going against your grain. I just notice that you are able to argue using a cherry picked set of facts, ignoring things when they don't fit your argument. Or maybe its just my fault for noticing your techniques. Sorry Deacon Blue for talking to another poster on Field Negro's blog)

Anonymous said...

Christian Liberal,

You are among good company, in getting your ass fired. Trust me, some of us are taking notice, and we are NOT pleased. 'Course, we ain't exactly the big shots... But one of the reasons I would have voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton is to get our Civil Service back.

It's criminal when the Bush Administration starts to undermine the legal arm of the Voting Rights Act.

It's criminal when they say that "you have to have photo id" to vote. That's baloney, and they know it. But now it's law, based on some stupid Supreme Court that thinks it is allowed to write whatever laws they please. (republicans do that more than democrats, you know?)

Christopher said...

Whenever I see one of (Un)Constructive Feedsack's posts I can't help but be reminded of this George Bernard Shaw quote:

"Two percent of the people think; three percent of the people think they think; and ninety-five percent of the people would rather die than think."

Anonymous said...

Why the U.N.? Why here? Why now?

Probably because the world has been watching us with regard to Barack Obama, wondering if America can finally put a non-white in the top spot, and the more this drags on, the more they wonder if we even remotely have our act together.

I agree that it's silly to come here and assess whether racism is an issue here, when there are more important global things to worry about. But I truly think the Obama situation is what got the U.N.'s attention.

Anonymous said...

Another example of the ineptitude of the UN (and so many other organizations). It's so much easier for them to focus on the irrelevant than it is to address the real issues they are tasked with fixing.

It makes me sick that they waste time and resources on this, but hopefully Mr. Dienne will get to connect with a few brothas and sistahs while he's here, because he's not going to accomplish much else.

Anonymous said...

The UN is sending a African to investigate American racism?
Shit, Field, this won't take long. He'll see how racist this country his before he even leaves the airport.

You heard about what happened to the Italian guy who flew in to visit his fiance? That's what's waiting for him, though the airport will probably be a different one.

Anonymous said...

For starters is there some genocide that the UN should be screwing up right now. Shouldn't the UN be busy with two devastation disasters in Asia?
Personally for a Black Republican, life is just hard because you are shunned by your own people. Now will the UN folks see that... errr no. When you have blacks who are quick to defend Michell Obama and her "I'm not proud" comments because blacks want to fell like they are victims because with victims status there is always perks however in the long run go to any Black neahood in Urban America and Hispanics, Arabs and Asians own the stores, gas stations, restaurants ect. Blacks will really learn the hard way when other minority groups get political (and in some places its already too late). Just come to Roxbury and you will see who owns the business around here. When I was a younging, I sip the conspiracy kook-aid however that when i was in the 4th grade. As I got older and i realized that those Arabs who open that grocery store in "tha hood" have more courage and more of the American Dream than Michelle Obama could ever imagine. They could be Lebanese were they lived under a "civil war" and are willing to work from sun up till late at night in order to live that American Dream. The same go for Hispanics who are willing (legal and Illegally) to come to America. It boggles my mind to walk into a store front or restaurant and the workers and the owner can barely speak English however they own a flipping store. Don't get me wrong, I'm not even mad, however I'm more disappointed at my own people saying to myself: what have we done to our self waiting of the Socialism Train that is never coming.
The American Dream is what is lost because most people think its 3 cars, 4 flat screens or a Loft in the North End of Boston or Midtown Manhattan then when College Kiddies graduate and realized life is more than a test on paper get look to Democrat Politics to heal there wounds of there weaknesses and people like Obama and Co play on that. Blacks have been tugging the "Donkey Pander-Bear" for about 40 years plus and now you can see the slow transition from Blacks being the "golden victim" to Hispanics and all I have to say is "i tried to warn ya"

The American Dream is getting your bills paid and living with in your means, taking risks, possibly failing and picking yourself up and trying again. Some of Americas wealthiest people started of with simple means like Warren Buffet (too bad he forgot his roots). You even got Al Gore getting rich off his Global Warming Religion. Now that is a guy that reminds me of those Snake Oil Salesman of the late 19th Century.

Blacks are going to lean the hard way that the Democrat Party will cast you out when they dont need you. First was the "average white man" the "non-starbuck, building the coffee shop so you can sit on your MAC book, I attended State School types. Now it Hillary they are trying to send out to pasture and blacks are next. Hispanics are growing (because of good ole Illegal Immigration) and Democrats (and RINO Republicans) want there votes: good bye Blacks, you render yourself away like the Native Americans (that Former Gov Elliot Spitzer (Democrat, because the press forgot to ad that) tried to collect taxes on cigs and gas from). The only political clout in New York State they had was to burn tires on the thruway and close the Casinos... Wait at least they have Casinos, what do Blacks have?
American tends to have to learn things "barney style" to connect the dots. Trust me, if America as a whole was smarter, we would be Drilling in ANWAR for starters and MSNBC/DNCTV/Obama News Network would be render to a basement operation in Wilie Ayers Basement on the (safe side) of the South Side of Chicago.

Now were is the UN when it comes to the weather underground?

google me!

Anonymous said...

Good post, Field. The UN promoted the guy in charge of Rawanda at the time of the massacre and they won't call what's happening in Sudan a genocide.

Lola Gets said...

"Probably because the world has been watching us with regard to Barack Obama, wondering if America can finally put a non-white in the top spot, and the more this drags on, the more they wonder if we even remotely have our act together."

Interesting point of view Deacon Blue. And its not the first time that Ive heard that folks in other countries are looking closely at this election, wondering if a Black man could truly become president, or will his efforts be thwarted by the oligarchy.

Overall, I think this investigation is wildly amusing. I think the US needs to get our hat handed to us - not that we'll pay any attention. We'll just keep on doing what we do.


Anonymous said...

I think it's 40 years too late, and something that the UN should have done then. I do agree that the UN has more pressing issues to attend to as the situation in South Africa, where South African citizens are attacking and killing Zimbabwean immigrants because they feel that they are taking their jobs. Sound familiar?

I think we tend to use the word racism too loosely, and agree that we are dealing with people who bigots than racist. Racism is institutional, and bigots are the Archie Bunkers of the world have do not have the desire to learn about other people who are from a diffierent culture and religion.

Racism can be tackled and eradicated, but how people feel on a personal is another matter. People will always hold prejudices and it's the unfortunate part of human nature, but it doesn't mean that people can change and expand their minds.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I've commented a number of times lately that a trip to Amurkkka to study racism that doesn't include a jaunt into Appalachia is a waste of time. It's pitiful how some white bloggers are indignant over the UN sending a racism investigator.

You also make a good point about white racist. It is astounding to me how so many of them seem to think that any white person is open to hearing their racist bullshit and use of racial slurs.
I'm always amazed when someone makes a horrendously racist statement that often includes the "n" word . . . antisemetics seem even more emboldened as do those bashing Mexicans and other latinos.
They only do it once in front of me.

Anonymous said...


The Nerd from Nebraska has not forgotten his roots, as you so quaintly put it. That's why he endorsed Obama! All self made entrepreneurs love the Democrats. Why, you're gonna ask, and get all pissy? Simple: health care. When your employees are practically family, and you have to turn to them and say "Here's the money, how much of it do you want to go into health care?" And you know that you can't afford anything fancy... well, that's why their democrats. Fair Market, No Advantages. Every Other Country gives universal health care -- it's only the small businessman in America gets penalized.

Jibreel, you seem rather uneducated in the wealth disparity in this country. A black man, on average, has a tenth of the wealth of your average white man. Systematic discrimination going on for generations. Slavery? They think y'all should be mad about that?! Be mad about the Homestead Act, FHA loans, redlining, Jim Crow... there's so many things to be mad as HELL about!

You wanna talk white priviledge? Bring it. Or maybe you ought to check out Pitt's Center on Race and Social Problems before opening up your pie hole again.


RedLipstick said...

Mr. DouDou may need to get to South Africa first—there’s some serious black on black racism that’s getting out of hand.

“Blacks are going to lean the hard way that the Democrat Party will cast you out when they don't need you.” jibreel riley

So you’ve been embraced by the Republicans?

Look Jibreel I appreciate your position, but consider the current events in South Africa and the similarities with blacks in the U.S. The black South Africans are reeling against the more educated and industrious Somalis, Zimbabweans, Angolans etc. There are stores in townships that are owned and operated exclusively by immigrant Somalis and Indians just like the stores in many urban black communities are operated by Asian immigrants here in the U.S.

Yes immigrants of all stripes in many cases do exceedingly well in their host countries. There is a reason for that though—many of them come from HELLISH like living conditions in their home countries and so the consequences for failure are dire!

There’s no question that many natives here in the U.S. languish and sometimes for no good reason. Nevertheless immigrants have a different motivation—mainly that they don’t want to return to a tin shack with a dirt floor where food, clean water, and electricity are scarce.

My bottom line has always been that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans or any political party for that matter can SAVE black people or turn things around for the black family. That is some bottom up work that has to come from individual folks working within their families and communities.

Lenoxave said...

LMAO! The UN has shown itself to be an ineffective do nothing but talk organization. This sh*t is hilarious!

Send a black man named DouDou into various cities in America to investigate racism. I can stop laughing at the sheer stupidity of this one.

Foofa said...

"In all my travels I have never seen a more segregated American city than New York and one where the cops prey on people of color like lions on prey on wildebeests on the Serengeti."

Christopher: Really? Have you been to Chicago. I've spent a lot of time in NY and while it is very segregated it's nothing like Chitown.

That being said, this study is damn foolish.

Jonzee said...

I agree with you about the foolishness of wasting resources on this study.

However, I am hoping I mis-read your question about what he might find in NYC versus Charleston, Wva (which, as a college town, is probably a lot less biased then other towns in Wva-from experience.

NYC has its own special brand of bigotry-alot like the Chi. What has muted it, is the fact that so many New Yorkers have had to move. There are so many parts of town that you just didn't go to (and in some instances stil don't) if you are of a certain hue it ain't funny. PR doesn't do DR. African-Americans versus Carribeans. And lets not forget about the Italian neighborhoods like Bensonhurst, SI, and Ocean Pkwy.

If anything, it might be more interesting (if this study was something that made sense) to look at the covert racism that has developed in Northern and Midwestern Cities (Cleveland, anyone) as well as to try to measure the change in levels of overt racism in the south now versus 50 years ago.

But that is just the geek in me, trying to make foolishness, seem reasonable.

Dirty Red said...

Field you gotta be fucking kidding me right? The UN is actually doing this shit? All they need to do is do a little blog hopping and they will see all the evidence they need. Hell, all they have to do is watch Faux News.

The cost of him going to the most diverse cities in America is not coming out of our tax dollars is it?

Don said...

lol @ some of the most polite people you will ever meet.

the U.N. must be living on Mars. Of course we have a racism problem. The history of this country all but guarantees it.

Whitney B. said...

I never experienced racism in Chicago. I lived on the far Southside for over a month and was the only white folk on the bus going home. Never experienced anything but men jumping up to offer me a seat on the bus. Lived all over Chicago and never heard the N word. Nor, was I ever called a cracker.

The N word is used a lot in Philly among the working class whites. Philly should be a part of this tour! Along with KY.

Good point. Besides the fact that this is a dumb ass idea.

isonprize said...

She has lost her mind!...

Hillary Raises Assasination Issue

Anonymous said...

Too funny, all they had to do was put a black man in a suit and tie in front of the UN in NYC and see how long it would take him to get a cab! Or cross the street with a bunch of white ladies and see how many hold thier handbags as tight as possible! or, send him to macy's in any city in the country and see how long he could deal with eh secruity detail that would follow him! All of this could have saved money and the report done in a couple of hours!

Anonymous said...

Brother Field as always I feel your sentiment on this.

However it is important for the UN to expose US hypocrisy it used to help a bit when they would be embarassed by the fact that they run around moralizing and they are treating people like second class citizens in their own country.

In fact the US armed services were segregated until the Axis powers pointed out the US hypocrisy during WWII.

Having world opion on our side or at least exposed to whats going on helps even if just a little.

This is true despite what some ill informed, traitorous, self-hating members of the race try to imply.

And brother Field what some of the other folks have said about the prevelance of institutional racism is right on. Brother Field there are jobs right here in South Florida in which qualified Blacks are still being kept out of. In fact the calls to our local NAACP office about discrimination in the workplace in 2008 would blow you away. We have a company that is a national food distributor and they hired their first Black salesperson about a year ago and when they hired the second one, a female black, one of her co-workers boldly told her on her first day in front of other co-workers that her Black---- didn't belong there. And he wasn't disciplined and she has had to dodge a lot of racist bs since.

In some cities Blacks are still suing to get into what have become white job trusts. Black firefighters in some places still struggle. And Wall Street is reportedly one of the biggest discriminators against qualified potential Black stock brokers.

No brother the institutional racism thing is really killing us. The unequal education, unequal access to health care, underemployment and even the red- lining that is still going on is damaging us almost as much as it used to its just not framed in Jim Crow lingo any more.

Bring on the investigation. Expose the hypocrisy that is the US.

Anonymous said...

Everyone including Mr. Doudou Diene
knows that there is racism in America.
To me, this is a waste of time... unless of course, the aim is to embarass America!


Hey Field Negro!

I saw a comment that I have to respond to!

You said:
"Okay, I guess the light skinned Puerto Ricans don't like the dark skinned Puerto Ricans and visa versa. So we really need an investigator to investigate that for us?"

Since I am black and Puerto Rican, I can say that this statement is NOT TRUE in all socioeconomic classes within the Puerto Rican community....and it is similar to the norms that exist in the lower socio-economic classes of the black community in the U.S. that are not prevalent in the other socio-economic classes of all blacks....

Blanket assumptions about ALL Puerto Ricans can not be made....any more than blanket assumptions about ALL black men can not be made...

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

RhondaCoca said...


You lost me when you said this:

"Yes we know it's here, but the shit is more individualized than institutional."

Are you joking? You people cannot be serious?? No wonder blacks in this country have managed to make so little progress. Stop looking at racism from an interpersonal standpoint of "oh someone called me this" and "someone called me that". Its mostly institutionalized. We must think broader and if we dont then things will stay the same.

RhondaCoca said...
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RhondaCoca said...
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Anonymous said...

BlackWomenBlowTheTrumpet- will have to convince me that it is not the case. I have experienced, heard, studied and seen enough to say the opposite.

I'm no where near saying that Hispanics are racist but do people know the realities of the issue of race in Spanish speaking countries like Honduras, Cuba, Columbia, DR, PR etc... do people not know. Too say that it is not at all the case, in anyway isn't accurate. While it may not be pervasive in some places, it exists. I know this. I'm a black Latino from Cuba...hello!!

These countries consist of different types of people as in races. Its not about "light" or "dark" as amongst blacks. It actually has to do with race.

Here is a great find for anyone who doesn't know what I mean. Its with Tego calderon. He speaks about being a black latino.

Here's an excerpt:

"There is ignorance and stupidity in Puerto Rico and Latin America when it comes to blackness."

Here's the article:

I always feel alone and get knocked down when I discuss this. Its the truth and it must be discussed.

I know the things that PR's say about DR's because they have more blacks in their country and visible black in them. I have heard it!

Grata said...


It is actually easy for a White American to confess feelings of racism to an African by framing it as "you are different". So the Senegalese won't have much problems getting "confessions".

Bob said...

Racism? If we had racism you think we'd allow some U.N. guy walk around freely? Heck we ain't got no stinkin' racism. See how nice we are to each other? Ride buses together & all nowadays.

-=Topper=- said...

[This is in response to a comment earlier. They should be able to make the connection...]

It never ceases to amaze me the shallow mind of a conservative. If it isn't happening to them, it isn't happening.

If they are healthy, so is everybody else. If they have never been discriminated against neither has anybody else. If they are well off so is everybody else. If they can work, so can everybody else.

And it doesn't matter the race, creed or color of a person. And it didn't take much for me to get a true idea of the mind set behind the words.

Can Field present facts presenting how Americans segregate themselves? Does he need to? You can go to many schools in the nation and see for yourself. You can go to any prison and see the existence of racism in this country. You can go to any large city, small town, burg or parish and see it for yourself.

The UN needs to have someone come here and point out an obvious? It really is to me obvious enough.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Field,

How do I get my picture in the comment section?

Whitney B. said...
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Whitney B. said...


I hope you weren't referring to me. That was years ago, but I am sure that the same applies today, and that is what real folks do for each other; black, white, Hispanic, whatever.

Prejudice is insipid. disgusting, and weaves its tangled web throughout all of society, whether poor, rich, or middle class. It has no fabric but evil.

I am not some snooty white bee-atch. I have lived in some gritty neighborhoods all throughout the country and I know how to behave in most situations. Fear is not in my middle name, nor is stupidity. I have a healthy respect for myself and my body. I do not think that where I have been or what I have done is beyond anyone, whatever color, stripe or sexual preference. And I highly object to being made fun of or source humor in a humorless subject. My life has been one of repectful dignity and total disregard for prejudice, whatever form it takes...and I have been on the receiving end from Native Americans in the West. Though humiliating, it was an interesting experience.

With pride, I am without prejudice and do not see color in folks unless they provoke the race card. Then, I turn about and move on. I am not interested in you for your color, only for your humanity.

As I constantly say, RESUME THE DRAFT, and then we will see the end to injustice, whatever color, stripe or sexual orientation. FAIR AND BALANCED IS THE END OF GENOCIDE FOR FOLKS WHO WERE FORCED TO SIGN UP FOR THE ATROCITY THAT IS "A POLICE ACTION" WITHOUT WARRANT!!! Whatever color, it is wrong to send the mostly poor to a "war" which is not a war but a means to some evil end.

And, the poor innocents, who had to leave their fellow brethren behind due to injuries which brought them home, to a country that could care less about their mental stability.

Whitney Brown

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Whenever I see one of (Un)Constructive Feedsack's posts I can't help but be reminded of this George Bernard Shaw quote:[/quote]

Isn't that special Christopher?

Can I give you a hint about my analysis of you thus far Christopher?

You are an attack dog. Slander is your middle name.

You say that "I" don't think?

I bet you and anyone else on this blog to make liberal use of ANYTHING THAT I HAVE POSTED and tear it apart. Point to the illogic, lies or misrepresentations.

Since "I don't think" it should be relatively easy for you, shouldn't it Christopher?

It seems to me that I am a check on your RANTINGS and thus anyone who makes you justify your spiel is a problem for you.

Constructive Feedback said...

In getting to know some of the posters on this particular blog I am able to stitch together their arguments said on one particular subject and then apply it to those said on another. (Look and learn Christopher)

My friend mellaneous.

Recall last week that we were debating about CORPORATIONS and CAPITALISM?

Could you tell me why YOU would be interested in having Black people to participate as co-conspirators in this system while working on WALL STREET? In my estimation Wall Street should be a contaminated area for your ideology. (That is IF you have any consistency represented within your thoughts as it is applied to the real world).

What good is it to your cause to have a BLACK MAN do just as a WHITE MAN has done? When I register my trades on Charles Schwab - do I see anything different based on the race or gender of the "Little Eichmann" ?(as your boy Professor Ward Churchill called them)

[quote]In some cities Blacks are still suing to get into what have become white job trusts. Black firefighters in some places still struggle.[/quote]

Wow. A few years ago when the new Black sheriff of Clayton County Georgia came in and cleared house - the WHITE FOLKS he fired filed a lawsuit charging racial discrimination. Are you pointing to something that is particularly unique to "oppression of Black folks" here?

[quote] And Wall Street is reportedly one of the biggest discriminators against qualified potential Black stock brokers.[/quote]
See above mellaneous. CONSISTENCY of your reasoning is important.

[quote]No brother the institutional racism thing is really killing us.[/quote]
Gee after reading this month's edition of Ebony Magazine and their story on GUN VIOLENCE across America's big cities......I figured that it was the THUGS that are killing us. Shame on me for THINKING. (Right Christopher?)

[quote] The unequal education, unequal access to health care, underemployment and even the red- lining that is still going on is damaging us almost as much as it used to its just not framed in Jim Crow lingo any more.[/quote]
Simply freaking amazing.

Unequal Education - WHO IS RUNNING THE SCHOOLS WHERE BLACK FOLKS ARE MOST CONCENTRATED? (hint Black Democrats) You seek to INCREASE their power rather than hold them accountable for their failures to IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF THE EDUCATION YOU RECEIVE.

Unequal Access To Healthcare
This is not what you want mellaneous. You want the COSTS of health care ABSTRACTED from the CONSUMPTION of health care. Let us be real. Let us be honest. As I debate the "Black QUASI-SOCIALIST Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" (my more functional label for Black Liberals) I try to get you all to SEE THE COSTS of your flawed strategy as it is born upon OUR PEOPLE! It comes as no surprise that I think that your entire package of economic theory is whack.

You want to make health care a function of YOUR RIGHTS as an American citizen. Since the STANDARD OF CARE is a function of technology and the skills that the practitioners bring to the table and the aggregate money available to pay for all of the above - the only thing that you can see to do is to shift the MONEY from the "point of care" over to the TAX SYSTEM of the country.

Is it that or is it UNDERSKILLED? If you are not conscious of what your ACTUAL VALUE is per the skills that you bring to the table then no doubt you will be inclined to think that it is actually HIGHER than the benefit that someone actually is obtaining from your unit of labor. Indeed you and others seek to make this wage rate a function of THE EMPLOYEES NEEDS rather than the actual value of the contribution to the business process. When the EMPLOYEE recognizes that his lifestyle demands more money HE WILL ACQUIRE MORE SKILLS that are worth more for sale in the labor market.

mellaneous - you are a loan officer at a major evil capitalistic bank. Your job is to GROW the loan portfolio or GET FIRED.

You run across this story about Clayton County Georgia - a Democraticly dominated county in Metro Atlanta that has all sorts of problems. Question - would you loan money into this market after seeing this story? Is THIS redlining or COMMON DAMNED SENSE?
Clayton County's rate of seriously delinquent mortgages has reached epidemic proportions, with nearly one in 10 mortgage accounts at least 60 days past due, according to data from one of the nation's largest credit reporting companies.

Clayton had the highest delinquency rate for mortgages in an 11-county area of metro Atlanta, according to Chicago-based Trans-Union.

Indeed you VALUE the individual human being in America so never even think to ask him to be vigilante in his consciousness of all that he does in life, seeking to maximize his utility in what he is able to sell his services to the market place in exchange for the HEALTH CARE, HOUSING, and general lifestyle that he will receive in exchange. It is far easier for you to place this load on the GOD-vermit and make it a RIGHT. He will be your BFFL.

By the way - mellaneous did you and Christoper see the numbers for entitlement liability? (And we don't even have nationalized health care yet)

Bring on the investigation. Expose the hypocrisy that is the US.[/quote]

It seems that the biggest example of hypocrisy and a discombobulated set of beliefs can be found in YOUR THOUGHTS.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Field said lol

I think the "racism tour" starts Monday. Good luck Mr. Diene, although you won't need it, you are going to find that A-merry-cans are some of the most polite people that you will ever meet.
------------------------------------------Milagros said

YUP and he will find out just what hue he is and that da merikkk nn man hates him because they suspect he has a BIGGER pkg hmm i wonder why??? ))))));) But that the cavewoman will capture him with the quickness

Ps be careful dou watch your pkg they like to examine strange fruit