Friday, November 29, 2013

Commercialism takes down another day.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Brown Thursday....hold up, BROWN THURSDAY?!

I know that we live in America and that commercialism rules the day, but this whole Brown Thursday thing seems a bit much. Now, sadly, Thanksgiving (a day I have some historical issues with to begin with) has gone the way of so many other holidays in this country.

It's hard to believe that folks can't take one day away from shopping to spend time with their families, or, to just chill out and watch a damn football game. I guess nothing beats spending your hard earned dollars on electrical gadgets and toys. "That apple pie looks good Aunt Jane, but I have to run. I have to get a good spot in line at Best Buy."

In America shopping has become a combat sport. (I know, I live with shopping hall of famer) buy my goodness, when is it enough? This culture of crass commercialism has taken over these divided states like nothing else. Christmas has gobbled up poor Thanksgiving and the turkey day never saw it coming.

Every holiday is now an opportunity to market a sale. "PRESIDENT'S DAY BLOWOUT", "COLUMBUS DAY REDUCTIONS", "MARTIN LUTHER KING MARKDOWNS"...enough already!

I guess there is irony in all of this is that this is what the country we are celebrating has truly become. America has no soul. No conscience. Materialism rules the day.

As I sit quietly in my office this Friday morning, and I reflect on the joys of family and what it means..."Honey, my sister and I are going to run to the store and do a little shopping, did you need anything?



A Black Panther Forever said...

Brother Field's funny (not the ha-ha-ha one) how the people I know that have aged view our holidays from the lens of the past. It sad thinking that too many of us will remember our traditional holidays as to what we brought.

Maybe this buying frenzy will allow us needed time away from the stresses of this New America. Or does it makes more stress when it comes time to pay the piper. We have always shopped around holidays, usually big box items that we WILL remember afterwards. Now this urgency in buying these items JUST BECAUSE of a date on the calendar makes me wonder- when did we become so addicted to this new "sport"(your words and I agree) called shopping. Maybe I can venture on the idea of Major League Shopping- too bad "MLS" is already registered.

Now, I can rest because Mrs. A was on the injured reserve list this Thanksgiving and all the best deals are gone. Ps, Driving past the Walmart was like going past a stadium. They had city police directing traffic on the Walmart parking lot. Enough now. Have a blessed day and stay the course.

Black Sage said...

"Honey, my sister and I are going to run to the store and do a little shopping, did you need anything? Unbelievable!

LOL, just when you thought commercialism was on the porch continuously ringing your doorbell!

Black Sage said...

The state of this country’s consciousness is in shambles. Nothing is sacred anymore. Welcome to contemporary Amerikkka where a once budding Democracy was actually a Slaveocracy ruled by a Monarchy. Later, a form of Timocracy appeared. Subsequently, an Oligarchy came into being and now it’s being shared with a Corporatocracy style of government. Sigh!

Dave said...

My own (snarky) thought on this time of the year is to just let Thanksgiving and Christmas (etc.) fade into the shadows and have a national Shopping Week. There's no end to the crap that people can buy if it's on sale.

Anonymous said...

Field said...
"to just chill out and watch a damn football game."
FOOTBALLl? Did I read football???

Nah! I must be seeing things... Crude,horrible,rough and tumble, foul mouthed football players? NAH! Bad,bad,bad..uh, no way!

We don't watch we? ;)

Anonymous said...

Field you have missed a good opportunity!

Although it also depends on if "Honey do you need anything means: Honey just tell me what and I'll pay"
"Honey do you need anything? okay give me the money and I'll get it"

if it's the former which I suspect it is, then you coulda asked for free stuff ;D

If it's the latter, you coulda said "yeah hon, get this and that I'll pay you later, no hon, I don't wanna get up to look for my credit cards now, I'll pay you later" :D

Either way, it was a win win for you!

In my house anybody asks me that, they pay,it's the unwritten law!:)))

Anonymous said...

Panther2 said, "Maybe this buying frenzy will allow us needed time away from the stresses of this New America. Or does it makes more stress when it comes time to pay the piper"

It 'continues' to make more stress. However, it's not the frenzy that's causing the stress. It's the stress of running away from ourselves...what's deep down inside us. To avoid spending quiet time with oneself is to avoid oneself. And you can never get away from yourself without frantic activity to cover it cover up who you really are.

The truth can NEVER be denied. It can be delayed but sooner or later you have to pay the piper, the truth about yourself. All these electronic gagets, Black Friday, more and more commercialization, more and more frenzied shopping WON'T stop the upstoppable Spirit of truth. We can only delay it by covering it up with bullshit, and sometimes that won't even delay it. The Spiritual Truth is too 'inconvenient' for the materialistic addicted human ego. Hence, more 'stuff' is needed to try to stop the impossible.

Good Luck, Americans. I read where our materialistic society had just about killed off God. That is, less and less people felt there was/is NO GOD. Now, recent research is showing a more awareness and discussion about God. Son of a bitch! Just when you thought HE was dead, HE's back!

Lucifer performed his trick on humanity when he convinced the multitudes that he doesn't exist.

God does the opposite. HE lets the multitudes that HE DOES exist.

Could it be that there is a spiritual war going on? And many of us are so unaware that we don't know it?

Anonymous said...

Re: Anon3:01p,...


“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” ---Carl Sagan

Josh said...

Consumerism, commercialism, materialism -- these are all things which benefit society. They increase innovation and production. They foster competition, which in itself ushers in changes and advancements at astounding rates. Without a consumer-driven, rewards-based market, we might not have iPhones and 80" TVs, but we also wouldn't have better heart valves and diabetes medications, etc.

However, our materialism has shot through the roof!

There are advantages to having a device with Internet connection. But bowling over people to get the latest gadget to hit the shelves is just moronic!

It's a me-me-me, I-want-what-I-want world today, and people just go too far with it.

What irks me the most is that most people I've seen out on Black Friday sales for the past 8-10 years aren't out there shopping for others, either. I don't see people with cart fulls of gifts, including wrapping paper (which is also on a great sale on BF), and other typical gift adornments.

Instead, I see people buying TVs and tablets and appliances for themselves mostly. And not because they don't already have one, but to replace the one they do have.

parvenu said...

Field, it is appropriate in view of America's worship of the almighty dollar to remember the original European concept of this country. The reason why such a concept is so critical is that the original European concept has over the past three centuries become inculcated into the hearts and minds of the American population to the degree that it has actually become the very soul of this American nation.

Just to clarify exactly what I am referring to I will briefly review the age-old European concept of the governmental and administrative purpose of the colonies in the Americas. The original concept of those European powers three centuries ago regarding the primary function of the American colonies was exclusively to provide WEALTH for those self-same European nations whom owned the respective colonies. All other matters associated with life in the colonies came in at a a far secondary in comparison to the primary task of generating WEALTH for the respective European nation in possession of the colony. As mentioned above this concept became ingrained into the very soul of the colonies and continued its dominance even after the American revolution.

The revolutionary war and the establishment of the American Republic only obliterated the identities of the European royal recipients of the WEALTH produced on American soil, but these events did absolutely nothing to reduce the original European initiated obsession with doing everything possible to create more WEALTH here in the former English colony.

Over the centuries a weak effort continues to be made to establish a real sense of an honored respected national American identity among the members of a growing American population. Unfortunately neither this effort nor the numerous persistent American Christian Cavalcades have been successful in turning American hearts away from their fanatical obsessive worship at the altar of the god of Commerce. In every instance the religious purpose and deep personal introspection associated with such holy celebrations have been suppressed in preference for the flow and dominance of monetary commerce throughout America.

For a nation that supposedly prides itself upon the continuity of the religious identity of its founding fathers, hypocrisy rules its actions. For example consider this range of celebrations starting with the birth of Jesus. This sacred observance has been greatly obscured by the gigantic ICON of the image of a fat white man in a red suit whom we teach our young to worship as "Santa Claus". Now consider the most sacred Christian religious observance, namely the death of Jesus Christ the savior. This most solemn event is itself over shadowed by the celebration of the even more popular pagan symbolic image of the coming of a frisky white Rabbit who spends its time immediately prior to the holy day of Easter hiding cooked painted chicken eggs and chocolate candies for our children to find and eat as the Easter celebration. Few of those children excitedly participating in the egg hunt have any knowledge as to the real intended religious purpose of the Easter Celebration.

So why is it that we in old age wring hands and openly wonder at the utter obsession with WEALTH in America when we continue to teach it to our children throughout the centuries?

Bill said...

I guess there is irony in all of this is that this is what the country we are celebrating has truly become.

Good point.

This is the country that voted for Obama twice.

Anonymous said...

Bill said, "Good point.

This is the country that voted for Obama twice."

Why is it your comments point to so much hypocrisy? And, you do it so nicely but it hurts so much, esp on a blog like FN. But I can't argue or find fault with your comment, and it drives me crazy.

Who are you?

field negro said...

He is a wingnut. Albeit one who can reason somewhat coherently. :)

Still, a wingnut is a wingnut. Don't let the illusion of logic fool you.

focusedpurpose said...

Anon 3:01pm, 3:09 pm,- sound, wise observations.

it's a long post. lots in my Spirit today;) after a nationally observed energy feels taxed. even if folks want to pretend not to know there are also spiritual roots along with massacre ones for the "tradition":

Anon that asked...Bill is a spiritual vampire. lol. speaking truth with ill intent is much= just as destructive as telling a lie. wild Bill can be a bit of a sticky devil booger;) allow him no free rent mental space. lol.

focusedpurpose said...


speaking truth with ill intent = just as destructive as telling a lie. wild Bill can be a bit of a sticky devil booger;) allow him no free rent mental space. lol.

Anonymous said...

FP, for the first time you and Field agree that Bill is a vampire...well, Field calls him a wingnut. Wingnut, vampire, same

Thanks for the warning about Bill. Bill seems like a likable white guy. He must be one of those 'smooth' vampires, which means he is probably one of the most dangerous. He must be if you AND Field don't trust him.

He's very different from Frank D who Field seemed to adore. Now there's a vampire if I ever saw one.

BTW, what ever happened to Frank? Did he get caught by daylight? Does daylight still burn the hell out of vampires? I saw a movie once where vampires have become immune to light, just like roaches are no longer bothered by light. It seems like 'everybody' is evolving except us. WTF is going on?

focusedpurpose said...

@ Bryan from last thread.

your comment about stiff resistance from family about checking their false sense of superior humanity...made me think of a comment that had me cracking up.


"Reinberk November 26, 2013 @ 1:35 am

it is a fashion now a days to hate and to bully White men. And to secretly and openly declare extermination of White men’s influence and biological existence.

That is a corrupt fact. It is common in Jewish, communist, Feminist, Negro, Hispanic, secret society’s hatefilled mentality.

But also in Asian Russia, where Muslim Afghani and other non-Russian Muslim Turkish tribes distribute heroin to Russia to destroy the White Christian Russian youth.

In some cities 20 percent, mainly young people, are heavily addicted to heroin. Non Whites, often non Christians, always are in war with Whites. That is a fact. South Africa too.

There is an irrational extermination campaign going on against Whites who keep the country running and produce cheap food to feed the country.

No discussion with them. We are superior and they need to hold their temper or else…"


why does that crack me up? maybe because they are whining up a storm about the jeWish, while holding some of the same mentalities.

it seems some white folk REALLY think other folk hate them because they are 'jealous' of them...not because quite a few wfolk don't know how to act.

Whites like Wise, Peck, Hacker, etc throughout time have had to stand up.

folks that are interested may follow the convo here:

folks can go to any website and see a grip of forbidden, sacred, golden calf protecting hypocrisy in full effect.

oh and Bill! american citizens don't really elect the presidents anymore. that stopped long before the white woman's baby, BO, showed up on the scene. though he is related by blood to the folks that shut it all down. lol.

focusedpurpose said...

Anon 10:14 PM-

" Bill seems like a likable white guy. He must be one of those 'smooth' vampires, which means he is probably one of the most dangerous."


and as soon as you forget are going to be all shocked when he does something mighty white + hurtful. lol. he can't help himself. it ain't personal. he told folks yesterday. all dead pan with it;)


what's happening to US as a lost, sleeping nation? a nation busy sleep or chasing after everything but Him? acting white comes at a great cost to US as a nation:



Isaiah 3:12- They which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

but there is Good News:


Isaiah 6: 26- And he will lift up an ensign to the nations from far, and will hiss unto them from the end of the earth: and, behold, they shall come with speed swiftly.

Isaiah 10: 20- 21

20 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the remnant of Yahuthim, and such as are escaped of the house of Yacob, shall no more again stay upon him that smote them: but shall stay upon the Almighty, the Set Apart One of Yahuthim, in truth.

21 The remnant shall return, even the remnant of Yacob, unto the mighty Almighty.

Isaiah 11:12- And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Yahuthim, and gather together the dispersed of Yahudah from the four corners of the earth.


folks lying hard trying to be US. while we look everywhere but to Him +within...that we might win, as it is written;)

hope that helps. if you get a chance and can get through it...i wrote alone those same lines, at my house on my latest post.

blessings to you! thanks for making me laugh + smile. what a blessing;) i AM thankful.

ps. i was shocked to see that FN and i arrived at the same conclusion as well re: 'ole Bill. while Desert hosts the same spirit uncalled out. let me hear tales of FN and Bill at lunch. lol! i will most likely shortly thereafter nominate FN as handler of the jedi mind trick playas;) i dunno...for sure...for now. but i AM watching closely;)



Agree with your words -- "America has no soul. No conscience. Materialism rules the day." -- barbara

Anonymous said...

To Field and FN readers:

"MATERIALISM does not give us any reason why the powerful should not oppress the weak." --Francis Story

Makes perfect sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Field, "America has no soul. No conscience. Materialism rules the day."

Hey, that is why Americans are the hardest working, and hardest shopping people on the planet. It's something we are very proud of. Hell, you don't need a soul for that. Nor do you need a conscience.

"By constantly thinking of 'worldly' things, a man becomes calculating and deceitful."--Ramakrishna

focusedpurpose said...

folks REALLY act like they don't know who is behind all of this.

most are just afraid to call it, i AM convinced.

figure out who you can't criticize...and you will discover your masters.

who runs the whole retail driven goyim, pagan, h-ly day season? folks are practicing "judeo christianity" after all.

the ones no one can fix their mouths to speak on joke about retail being for goyim. lol! they are the wholesalers for the most part.

those that are supposed to Love Almighty, have abandoned posts in large numbers. while the devils move with great boldness worshiping defeated satan faithfully + with great discipline.

just because the powers that be want folks to bomb rush retailers...doesn't mean we must act like mindless, obedient, consumer sheep and do it.

it appears more folks need to act like they know + start telling the Truth.

or not...

it's all coming out anyways;)

forgive any typos. i AM almost sure some made it through...

Bill said...

Anonymous said...
Why is it your comments point to so much hypocrisy?

Simple answer.

I'm talking politics.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

@Folkways Notebook, you know it has been said that everyone has a twin look alike somewhere. I had to do a double take on your picture because you and a dear friend of mine that I've been friends with for forty years could pass for twins. She is French, but she can cook a mouthwatering soul food dinner that would give some sistahs a run for their money. :)

Anonymous said...

Bill, you are so clear in your answers and they make so good sense. There is truth in your words.

You sound so right on. You really must be something for Field AND FP to team up against you. I mean, they are the most unlikely two to come together on anything--political or spiritual. But you have skillfully managed to bring them together for this brief moment in time..

Bill, you have made history and the Hall of Fame on FN. It's only fair that Field honors you in his side bar for a 'long' time. But you know how he is. I think he'd rather jump off the Ben Franklin Bridge than to honor a person who he 'thinks' is a wingnut.

The last time I saw Field, I happened to mentioned Conservative and GOP in the same sentence and his left eye started twitching so much it scared the shit out of me.

I mention this because I wonder what kind of impact you might have on him? I bet both eyes start twitching.

And Lord knows what FP might start doing...probably start sticking needles in those dolls she ordered from New Orleans. The last time someone used dolls on me I had diarrhea for weeks. I mean, it wasn't pretty....I was always late making it to the bathroom. In the end, I had to buy a new wardrobe. In the right hands those effing dolls work.

But FP is a CA girl. Californians don't know shit about voodoo dolls. I mean, it's unlikely those dolls come with instructions. So don't worry about it.

Anonymous said...

Granny, did you make any sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving? I looked all over the east bay for some and couldn't find any. There is something wrong with the Blacks in this part of the country.

focusedpurpose said...

"And Lord knows what FP might start doing...probably start sticking needles in those dolls she ordered from New Orleans. The last time someone used dolls on me I had diarrhea for weeks. I mean, it wasn't pretty....I was always late making it to the bathroom. In the end, I had to buy a new wardrobe. In the right hands those effing dolls work.

But FP is a CA girl. Californians don't know shit about voodoo dolls. I mean, it's unlikely those dolls come with instructions. So don't worry about it."



somebody put roots pronounced ruts, on you, huh?


i AM a southerner, to the soul;) humidity + skeeters and i don't get along so well. so i live in california.

you are pure comedy. thanks for making me laugh. they called my Father the devil. so, practicing voodoo is rather mild by comparison. according to the


by far the Most High of instructions...His folks, WIN. so i AM all Good. + much obliged for you sharing your wit;) a good belly laugh is ALWAYS all Good.

blessings to you. i don't know about 'ole Bill on the side bar...he crumbles so funny, FN and i had no choice but to call it;) sometimes it be like that. lol! much Love to all! Shabbath Shalom;)

focusedpurpose said...

@ Bill-

it's all Love and this right here:

" I mean, they are the most unlikely two to come together on anything--political or spiritual. But you have skillfully managed to bring them together for this brief moment in time.. "

is a Gift;)


as a side note:

"The purpose of the phony opposition is to co-opt the opposition and discourage any genuine grass roots political movement from starting. Their mission also is to fight trivial battles and distract us from the stealth establishment of world government. Remember the year the Republicans spent trying to impeach Bill Clinton over Monica Lewinski? Government ground to a halt."

"Do we have any real leaders? You can recognize them if they are marginalized and anathema to the mass media. Our real leaders are the people they slander, bankrupt and imprison or kill."

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

@Anonymous 1:41:

Yes, I made a sweet potato pie, a peach cobbler, and several different cakes.

field negro said...

Stop it Granny. I might have to come out to the left-coast and raid your kitchen. :)

Bryan Ortez said...

FP lol, whining up a storm, that's what it is. All that defensiveness deflection, afraid of staring at the truth, projecting their own immorality onto others. Absurdity.

Bryan Ortez said...

Focused purpose, you might be interested in this conversation between Chauncey Devega and Beother X Squared over on We Are Respectable Negroes.

focusedpurpose said...

thanks for the link Bryan.

Brother X is a lot to handle. lol. reminds me of my little girl days when men like this were all around me. (NOI) they would look folks in the eye and speak on it.

the sexism turns me off. but i still have love for BM that will call things what they are...then stand.

this right here:

"Only sociopaths celebrate the genocide of millions of people that the white man and his media and corporations have elevated to a high type of civic holiday in a temple built on racism and evil. If I were a weaker man, Thanksgiving would make me both vomit and empty my bowels at the same time."

pretty much. lol.

instead of going in like BX, i simply ask folks to think about what they are allowing their energy to be harnessed for...


the pic attached to FN's post is PRECISELY what i have talking about. grown azz women in tights with no tunic/covering are liable to do...anything.

i got stuck on the leggings. i.can't + won't go there with big grown azz women that think they need to be fighting over any china made over priced walmart trinkets.


folks can sleep on + laugh at the russians if they want to...

it was russian folk busting a gut about the commie, coloured, ivy league educated, new american potus that was one of them- long before i laid eyes on BO.

read of the MO transgender thingy as well elsewhere. it would not shock nor surprise me.

BO has been killing his Black extramarital flings for a minute now. women+men.

the 'official' Carey baby daddy is a BO college buddy. that mystery man was the one sliming Carey's name with the 'prophet' stories so non believing goyim animals could make fun of her.

folks called her 'crazy'...i guess these dead heads missed the fact that precisely what she said would precisely what happened. BO forces slaughtered her on national tv after monitoring her for awhile.

what i want to know is if Carey's little girl has been returned to Carey's family? at the time all of this went down...the baby was in non family custody- while family was being blown off/disallowed info on child's condition.

folks are losing their lives + children in this madness. while the masses sleep, shop, chase mammon/idols, and play.

Pastor Manning has been letting BO have it for longer than a minute. guess folks missed the BO high school classmate Manning interviewed? she couldn't wait to let folks know BO was an out gay teen in high school.

the whole nation has been hoodwinked. those riding to the end for BO...have been hoodwinked the hardest;(

also Bryan...i don't think many wfolks understand. dropping the white is right ain't optional. folks will have no choice but to get with His Spirit + Truth. there are a group of folks where all nations of people will gather. folks stuck in white is right land...WILL miss the it is written.

i AM a reformed, FORMER, Black nationalist. when He woke me of the first things He showed me was that it was NOT about color. it is about the Spirit. this is why we are called to try the spirit by the Spirit/Word of Most High;)

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


If I ever come out that way, I'll make a special one just for you.

How far are you from Lincoln, Mass and Martha's Vineyard?