Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Is this the big one?

They finally have him now. Benghazi, Fast & Furious, his birth certificate, the IRS....they all pale in comparison to the latest "No Drama Obama" piece of drama.

Let's see him try to get out of this one.

 Cooking the unemployment books to win an election is downright Nixonian.

But wait..... 

"Conservatives are working themselves into a froth about what they believe is the next HUGE OBAMA SCANDAL: allegations that the unemployment numbers were cooked just ahead of the 2012 election.

This scandal may turn out to be just as devastating to the Obama administration as the IRS, Benghazi and Fast & Furious scandals. Not devastating at all, in other words. In fact, this one seems even flimsier than those pseudo-scandals.
New York Post columnist John Crudele, citing one anonymous source, claims that Census Bureau employees have been ordered to make up responses when surveying households for the Labor Department's monthly unemployment report. Crudele claims to have evidence from 2010 that one Census survey-taker was caught making up numbers to meet a quota. Crudele's anonymous source claims there were other incidents of surveyors making up numbers, that Census officials encouraged such shenanigans, and that fake-number generation ramped up ahead of the 2012 election.

This, Crudele suggests in a daring leap of logic, probably explains unemployment's drop to 7.8 percent in September 2012 from 8.1 percent the month before. That drop was reported on Oct. 5, 2012, just a month ahead of Election Day, and immediately seemed suspicious to conservatives like former General Electric CEO Jack Welch, who tweeted:

'Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can't debate so change numbers..'
"Conservatives were aflutter again on Tuesday about Crudele's column, with CNBC forehead-vein-farmer Rick Santelli declaring himself and Welch vindicated, and failed GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain tweeting:

'They faked the pre-election unemployment report & the employee who did it says he was under orders from superiors..'

But sorry, Herman Cain, no. "The employee who did it" does not say that. In fact, there is no such employee in Crudele's report. Crudele cites only an anonymous source who generally claims that numbers were made up. The "employee" who allegedly "did it" is one guy who allegedly made up numbers in 2010, which careful readers will note was two years before the election. That employee was not accused of raising or lowering unemployment figures -- just of making up numbers to meet a quota of households.

Update: CNBC's Steve Liesman reports that the alleged "employee who did it," Julius Buckmon, has not worked at Census since August 2011. It's highly unlikely Buckmon threw the 2012 election from his couch.

Obviously, if the Census Bureau is telling employees to make up numbers one way or another, that's a problem. Neither the Census Bureau nor the Labor Department had anything interesting to say about Crudele's report when contacted by The Huffington Post, although a Labor Department spokesman said the Commerce Department was investigating the claims. The Census Bureau, which is a part of the Commerce Department, did not confirm or deny that statement.

Still, it's not possible for one employee alone, or even a few, to have altered the unemployment rate by submitting false data -- Census surveys 60,000 households in one week, a massive task involving about 2,200 workers. That makes a rate-moving conspiracy highly unlikely.

"This fraud would have to be so widespread, to affect enough of the survey takers to affect the top-line numbers, that it seems implausible on the face of it," said Heidi Shierholz, an economist who studies unemployment at the Economic Policy Institute, a left-leaning think tank.

The 0.3-percent decline in unemployment in September 2012 was not an unusually large change, Shierholz pointed out -- the unemployment rate tends to be volatile. Unemployment also fell by 0.3 percent in November 2011, less than a year earlier. September's drop, though large, was not out of line with the overall trend in unemployment, which has continued to decline steadily, if slowly, in the year since the election.

And cooked or raw, these monthly jobs numbers aren't precise measures, anyway. The Labor Department says it has 90 percent confidence them. That means a reported 6 percent unemployment rate might really be 5.8 percent, or it might be 6.2 percent. For an 8 percent unemployment rate, the variation would be slightly wider.

In fact, if Obama really is cooking the unemployment numbers, he needs to send them back to the kitchen -- this has been the slowest job-market recovery since World War II. One month's unemployment report did not change that.
Update: The Census Bureau just put out a statement completely denying Crudele's report:" [Source]

Damn it! Another good scandal gone to waste. I hate when that happens.

But wait, I think I spoke too soon, I think there is another scandal brewing on the horizon. Wait for it....wait for it......OBAMA SNUBS 150th ANNIVERSARY OF THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS.

Over at FOX they are outraged, and conservatives are beside themselves that the first African American president would not go to the place where the union army fought valiantly to make us a more perfect union.

Scandal? Not so much. Turns out quite a few presidents before "No Drama Obama" turned down the opportunity to speak at Gettysburg.

"Yeah, but Field, what about God? That Muslim left out the word God in his reading of the Gettysburg address."

Seems there is an explanation for that too. Sorry.

Oh well, keep searching. A good scandal is sure to come along.

Hey, I hear the First Lady was on BET. Surely there is a scandal in there somewhere.  



Bryan Ortez said...

haha, that's rich.

It doesn't matter what he does. They hate him because he hates America.

Black Sage said...

Damn it! Another good scandal gone to waste. I hate when that happens.

But wait, I think I spoke too soon, I think there is another scandal brewing on the horizon. Wait for it....wait for it......OBAMA SNUBS 150th ANNIVERSARY OF THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS.

LOL, I'm not a fan of Obomber, however, super trolls and conservatives have been aiming at him for quite some time now and they've been unable to shoot straight enough to really nail him. Keep trying, perhaps the next propagandistic, skullduggery or hackneyed plot will do him in!

Anonymous said...

Dumb one.

They already admitted it.

Damn it must suck to be so racist you only see skin color and don't care who thinks you are stupid.

NSangoma said...


Did you forget something, field booty?

Staffer hurt, 9 students in custody after Overbrook High School fight
10 pupils fight at Overbrook High School, nurse hurt

Overbrook High School, is in Philadelphia isn't it field?



Now here is the STEPHEN that we all KNOW , and LOVE...

Incessantly spinning fairy tales about this criminal administration....

I emplore you to watch this video H. Rap Brown talked about O-Bomber long before he was selected to further the agenda of the military industrial complex...with a side of Wall ST


Why is this administration allowing JP Morgan Chase to pay a fine of 13 BILLION dollars admitting wrong doing in the mortgage crisis of 2008??

Just announced today..

Why has there been NO PERP WALKS
for any of the Too Big Too Fail Banks...??

Why do the Dept of Justice ALLOW "Too Big to Fail" Banks to exist ??

Just a slap on the wrist , (equivalent to a few months profit)

I know..I know.... it isn't O-Bombers fault...

Its the mean nasty Racist Republicans you keep crying about every day....

Carry on....

PilotX:Helping Slaves off the Republican Plantation said...

Fox wouldn't exist if not for these fake scandals. What would Rush talk about?


And if you STILL arent upset at the concept of JP Morgan paying a 13 Billion dollar settlement...

Consider the FACT that Ben Bernake under the Federal Reserve has been buying up 85 Billion dollars a month in Mortgage Securities for the last 4 years... Quietly called Quantitative Easing QE1,2,3 to ensure interest rates dont explode.

PilotX:Helping Slaves off the Republican Plantation said...

13 billion and an admission of wrongdoing versus nothing. I'll take door number 1.


I'll take door number 1.

NO You obviously like number#2 all over you ...

for such a weak minded stance given the unique set of facts involved with this case.

ESPECIALLY because it deals with sub prime loans split and bundled with other high risk loans into AAA rated portfolios, and resold to hundreds of investors.

Anonymous said...

The JP Morgan did "nothing" for mortgages under water.

What did this do for anyone? $13 Billion? ...give me a break. Another publicity stunt that works on fools like PilotX

Anonymous said...

When is Field going to post the latest on the ratings on Obama and his signature policy called Obamacare, a sure loser?

Cal said...

Pseudo scandals? Just what the hell does this guy have to do to get you to stop being his bitch? Faking the unemployment numbers, using the IRS to attack opponents, lying about healthcare, dead ambassadors, crossed red lines, dead Mexicans, Solyndra, spying on American citizens...

WTF man?

PilotX:Helping Slaves off the Republican Plantation said...

Well BIB just jump on the impeach Holder bandwagon with the gop and see how far that will get ya. If a hefty fine and admission of guilt is nothing then you can have what's behind door #2, NOTHING! The financial services industry has billions it can use to steer elections thanks to Bush SC appointees. Methinks getting what you realistically can is a good deal but in your fantasyland in which the president waves a magic wand and fairies and unicorns appear you'll get what you want. He may grant your wish right after he singlehandedly passes universal healthcare.

field negro said...

Cal, he has to start acting like his predecessor.

Pilot, do u think BLACKISCLUELESS was this outraged when W was running the country into the ground?

I know, I don't, either.

The Purple Cow said...

"Pseudo scandals? Just what the hell does this guy have to do to get you to stop being his bitch? Faking the unemployment numbers, using the IRS to attack opponents, lying about healthcare, dead ambassadors, crossed red lines, dead Mexicans, Solyndra, spying on American citizens..."

How's that working out for ya Cal?

Millions of torch-waving citizens bearing down on the White House demanding a lynching are there?

Republicans must be WAAAYY ahead in the opinion polls, I guess?



Oh dear.....

Black Sage said...

Since this country’s inchoate inception, wrongdoing, controversies and cover-ups have lingered around each and every administration. Therefore, Obomber’s whirlwind of supposed failures isn’t anything new at all. The only thing that visibly different is Obomber’s biological characteristics. Konservatives are continually manufacturing tales simply because he’s BLACK! And due to this fact, every supposed misstep is keenly focused upon, magnified, polished with an O’Reilly twist and temporarily hailed as his down fall.

It just makes me wonder, where in the hell were these folks when Bush stored drugs on an oil platform to eventually distribute to the black communities? What ere were they during the Iran-Contra controversy?

Time and time again, we’ve seen these stories targeting Obomber wither away just as soon as a pair of fresh eyes gets a hold of the story, unaffected by presidential ambitions and political jaundice!

Bryan Ortez said...

dam right black sage

Cal said...

Obama is not "Black". He is not descended from West Africans brought here as slaves centuries ago. He is the son of a white woman and a an East African citizen of Kenya whose ancestors were not slaves.

He was raised by white liberals in Indonesia and Hawaii and hardly even saw a black face until he was in his mid twenties. He went to rich man schools and never had to work a day in his life. He never faced any hardship or discrimination because of his skin color. Quite the opposite in fact.

He never associated with Blacks until it became expedient to do so. He adopted his Black identity purely for reasons of political gain.

He expropriated the political capital of Black America built up through centuries of injustice and spent it all on building the myth of his birthright.

This is the biggest swindle of Black America since Reconstruction.

Black Sage said...

@Cal, I refer you to the "One Drop Rule", you fat idiot!

Bryan Ortez said...

'Obama is not "Black" ... He never faced any hardship or discrimination because of his skin color.'

Is this some way of admitting that the discrimination has affected the average black American since 1961 (the year Obama was born)?

NSangoma said...


That night, a group of teenagers attempting to knock Michael Daniels out with a single punch wound up beating and stomping him to death, according to police. A 15-year-old and a 13-year-old have been arrested, and Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler said more arrests may come.

Who dey daddy field? Where dey daddy at?


Anonymous said...

obama is black like zimmerman is white.

Cal said...

Obama's failures and crimes are his alone, not Black America's.

Yet Black America will defend this lying sack of shit to the end.

Go figure.

repubs are hypocrites said...

This sounds like the familiar story of the last few days of the Obama administration’s rollout of the exchanges. But, actually, those quotes, and that scenario, are taken from the Bush administration’s efforts to implement the Medicare prescription drug benefit in 2005 and 2006.

Not only was Bush’s rollout “anything but smooth,” but administration officials had “some trouble getting the [online] tool up and running” and had to delay its debut for weeks. What’s more, computer glitches caused low-income beneficiaries to go without needed medications and sent pharmacies the wrong drug information. Before it was all resolved, Dr. Mark McClellan, Bush’s head of the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), appeared at hearings before the House Committee On Energy And Commerce, laying out the flaws in the law’s implementation and detailing how the administration would address them.

As the House Energy and Commerce Committee holds its first hearing on the implementation of the the Affordable Care Act on Thursday, it’s worth noting that some of the very same Republicans who are lashing out against Obamacare, arguing that the botched rollout is proof that the government cannot implement effectively and should repeal the law entirely, gave the Bush administration a pass and urged Americans not to pre-judge such a complicated process. At least four of the Republicans still on the committee had argued that early implementation hurdles should not taint the entirety of reform:

REP. JOE BARTON (R-TX): “This is a huge undertaking and there are going to be glitches. My goal is the same as yours: Get rid of the glitches. The committee will work closely with yourself and Dr. Mark McClellan at CMS to get problems noticed and solved.” [Barton Statement via, 2/15/2006]

REP. TIM MURPHY (R-PA): “Any time something is new, there is going to be some glitches. All of us, when our children were new, well, we knew as parents we didn’t exactly know everything we were doing and we had a foul-up or two, but we persevered and our children turned out well. No matter what one does in life, when it is something new in learning the ropes of it, it is going to take a little adjustment.” [Murphy Floor Speech via Congressional Record, 4/6/2006]

REP. MICHAEL BURGESS (R-TX): “We can’t undo the past, but certainly they can make the argument that we are having this hearing a month late and perhaps we are, but the reality is the prescription drug benefit is 40 years late and seniors who signed up for Medicare those first days back in 1965 when they were 65 years of age are now 106 years of age waiting for that prescription drug benefit, so I hope it doesn’t take us that long to get this right and I don’t believe that it will. And I do believe that fundamentally it is a good plan.” [“Medicare Part D: Implementation of the New Drug Benefit,” 3/1/2006]

REP. PHIL GINGREY (R-GA): “I delivered 5,200 babies, but this may be the best delivery that I have ever been a part of, Mr. Speaker, and that is delivering, as I say, on a promise made by former Congresses and other Presidents over the 45-year history of the Medicare program, which was introduced in 1965 with no prescription drug benefit. And what we have done here is add part D, the ‘D’ for ‘drug’ or, if you want, the ‘delivery’ that we have finally provided to our American seniors.” [Gingrey Floor Speech via Congressional Record, 4/6/06]

repubs are hypocrites said...

stop listening to these sale out negro's and white folks. seek it out for your self. Obama is a great president,

The Purple Cow said...

Quote Cal

"Obama is not "Black". He is not descended from West Africans brought here as slaves centuries ago."

So you have to be descended from slaves to be black?

I've got some Nigerian friends who are going to be shocked when I tell 'em they are no longer black.

Cirze said...

Grasping at straws.

Even made-up straws is all they have.

But remember . . . Crossroads under KarlKKK just released the gazillions it's got budgeted for the 2014/16 elections and all these straws will be the platform of Truth.

It's not gonna be pretty.

Keep their noses to the grindstone, Field!


BARBBF said...

The Butchering of Gaddafi Is America’s Crime

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

“Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton appeared like ghoulish despots at a Roman Coliseum, reveling in their Libyan gladiators’ butchery.”
Last week the whole world saw, and every decent soul recoiled, at the true face of NATO’s answer to the Arab Spring. An elderly, helpless prisoner struggled to maintain his dignity in a screaming swirl of savages, one of whom thrusts a knife [4] up his rectum. These are Europe and America’s jihadis in the flesh. In a few minutes of joyously recorded bestiality, the rabid pack undid every carefully packaged image of NATO’s “humanitarian” project in North Africa – a horror and revelation indelibly imprinted on the global consciousness by the brutes’ own cell phones.
Nearly eight months of incessant bombing by the air forces of nations that account for 70 percent of the world’s weapons spending, all culminating in the gang-bang slaughter of Moammar Gaddafi, his son Mutassim and his military chief of staff, outside Sirte. The NATO-armed bands then displayed the battered corpses for days in Misurata – the city that had earlier made good on its vow to “purge Black skin” through the massacre and dispersal of 30,000 darker residents of nearby Tawurgha – before disposing of the bodies in an unknown location.


Are you aware that there are reports from non-US media that the slaughter of Black Libyans is still happening? I do remember Obama declaring that it was necessary to come to the aid of the "democracy-seeking" rebels (which have now declared Sharia law) to avoid to massacre of 6,000 Libyans. There were reports as of this past September that the number of civilians murdered as a result of the NATO invasion..which was supported by Obama was over 50,000. The NTC admitted to the deaths of 30,000. All Obama supporters..especially those people of color..should be proud.

Anonymous said...

""Obama is not "Black". He is not descended from West Africans brought here as slaves centuries ago.""

Obama's mother was white. His father was a Kenyan.

Obama is not descended, on his father's side, from black American slaves. This does not mean that Obama is not "black", it does means that he does not belong to the same ethnic group as black Americans who are descended from black American slaves.

Anonymous said...

not on today's topic, but you might enjoy this item, Field:

"After LAX Shooting, Young White Males Fear Racial Profiling"


Bill said...

The Purple Cow said...
How's that working out for ya Cal?

A new CBS News poll finds that Obama’s approval rating has plummeted to 37 percent, a nine-point drop from his 46 percent rating in October. His disapproval rating is at the highest CBS News Polls have indicated, climbing to 57 percent.

I'm not sure about Cal, but it's not looking good for Obama.

This is bush like approval/disapproval numbers.

These numbers prove it's more than right-wingers that are giving up hope.

Bill said...


The knock out game is starting to get national attention.

Will FN cover this or does this not fit the FN agenda.

Today's agenda is try to cover for Obama, just like the bushites did for bush.

Bill said...

Anonymous said...

not on today's topic, but you might enjoy this item, Field:
"After LAX Shooting, Young White Males Fear Racial Profiling"

An article custom made for FN.

PilotX:Helping Slaves off the Republican Plantation said...

Man Field, how about that nuclear option? IMHO, they should have let the Repubs do it in 2005 when they threatened to do it. The Bush got everything he wanted anyway so it wouldn't have made a difference. Maybe now BIB will be happy that Barack may be able to implement his agenda.

PilotX:Helping Slaves off the Republican Plantation said...

Yeah right, white males will get profiled. In other nes pigs started flying! Ha! Must be a satirical site.

PilotX:Helping Slaves off the Republican Plantation said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PilotX:Helping Slaves off the Republican Plantation said...

The knockout game is nothing new. It's getting national attention because other folks are getting hit in the head. Bill, like others, is just late to the party.

Anonymous said...

President Obama isn't hated because "he hates America", he's hated because he had a "BLACK" father!! "Black" is despised in America. Too bad this wasn't realized 500 years ago. For 500 years Caucasians have been pains and harboring pain on every part of the Africans' anatomy. Creeps!!!!!

NSangoma said...


field negro, aka, disinformation central.

There is documentation that demonstrates East African Negroes, Madagascan Negroes, South African Negroes, as well as, West African Negroes were brought to the Americas and enslaved.

Additionally, the Oceanic Negroe (Negrito) was brought to the Americas and enslaved.


The Purple Cow said...

Quote BARBF-the-Nazi

So Barb would you have the Libyan people continue to live on their knees? The Libyans killed Gadhaffi for a reason, that reason being that he was a murdering fucking psychopath.

"Trying to maintain his dignity..."

...are you fucking kidding me? If he was so concerned for his fucking dignity perhaps he should have refrained from killing 10000 of his own people. Perhaps he should have refrained from imprisoning, torturing and raping hundreds of girls in the cellar of his Palace?

Doncha think, BARBF???

The Arab spring is an attempt by the Arab people to free themselves from decades of oppression by some of the most vicious repressive regimes the world has ever seen.

It will not be a neat clean process, revolutions rarely are, but the process has begun, it cannot be stopped.

The fact that you, BARBF, think that millions of Arabs should continue to live under the yoke of vicious fascist tyrannies simply because it suits America's foreign policy shows just what a perfectly vile human being you are

The Purple Cow said...

"Obama is not descended, on his father's side, from black American slaves. This does not mean that Obama is not "black", it does means that he does not belong to the same ethnic group as black Americans who are descended from black American slaves. "


Do you even know what an ethnic group is?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

The GOP's problem is that they're prevented from tranferring the taxpayer's money into their own personal coffers. Michelle Bachmann with her dizzy self is upset about that farm money her and her family were collecting. Paul Ryan is upset about that little sweet oil deal that his family would have profited off of if he could have passed his bill to steal grandma and grandpa's check and hurt the poor people. Paul Rand is upset because Obamacare puts a dent in him robbing sick folks and accepting kickbacks. I could go on and on, but I'll stop right there for now. Its all about the money.

The GOP has not learned their lesson yet. They're a stiff-neck bunch of folks. Look like they would get tired of being defeated in their B.S. and the light shined on their hatred. I guess not. They keep coming up with all these fantasies. Funny part is that the President is not running for another term. If I were the GOP, I would stop because this time he might make them look so bad until they'll never be able to recover from the shame and disgrace.

Interesting that they want to give people who receive food stamps drug test when members in their own party are snorting coke. The way Michelle Bachmann keeps coming up with all those far out illusions about the President, I swear she acts just like an undercover dope fiend herself. Wow! They want to privatize low rental housing and charge seniors more than their social security check. Do they realize that poor people have to eat, buy toilet paper, and soap too? I guess they expect them to use corn husk for toiletry needs.

Anonymous said...

@Purple Cow:

Do you even know what an ethnic group is?"

My Webster dictionary defines the word ethnic as "a member of a minority group who retains the customs, language or social views of the group".

With the aforementioned definition in mind, blacks descended from black American slaves are a distinct (ethnic) group. As are blacks descended from Nigerian blacks, Kenyan blacks, or blacks from other countries. Each group has its own "customs, language or social views".

Anonymous said...

Ok PilotX. Only the po neegrow be profiled.

PilotX:Helping Slaves off the Republican Plantation said...

Pretty sure no blah people discriminated against Barack because his father was from the continent. Especially second generation folks have the same blah experience as folks who's ancestors have been here for a while. Only somebody outside our community would bring that up that as an issue.

Cal said...

The point was, moron, that Obama has no cultural, social, or even genetic ties with Black Americans, whose mantle of moral debt he took for his own shoulders.

He has less in common with the average American black than the average American white does. His 'blackness' is an act.

Keep clapping, loser.

Anonymous said...

NSangoma said...

That night, a group of teenagers attempting to knock Michael Daniels out with a single punch wound up beating and stomping him to death, according to police. A 15-year-old and a 13-year-old have been arrested, and Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler said more arrests may come.

Who dey daddy field? Where dey daddy at?


10:10 AM
You fool. Don't you know we don't talk about where their fathers are? Nobody knows who their fathers are, you fool. That's the problem in our fathers. Hell, ask the mothers of these boys where and who their fathers are. I bet they couldn't tell you.

Accept the fact that it is part of our culture not to know. It's the same problem that permeated our race during slavery. Nobody knows who is who. Thanks to uncaring racist slave-selling Whites.

Anonymous said...

Father's Day, the most confusing day of the year in the 'hood.

field negro said...

Anon@7:53, I bet when u thought of that line a light went off in your head and u said, I just thought of something brilliant to say.

Anonymous said...

Mr Field, it was brilliant, and it's true in the hood...and so?

PilotX:Helping Slaves off the Republican Plantation said...

"I don't identify with other blah Americans becauses my ancestors weren't slaves" said no one ever.

Anonymous said...


Bryan Ortez said...

Cal, sorry you don't seem to think Obama is black enough to try to combat systemic oppression.

Here are some points I recently came across about systemic oppression in the United States:

- Systematic oppression continues to be integral to the social systems in the United States

-White Supremacy is a thread in US systematic oppression. White Supremacy is an extremely well documented ideology and slavery was not the final instance of injustice against black Americans.

-The dominance of the owner and middle classes is a thread in American history

-We all participate in this society-therefore we all participate in its systems of oppression whether we want to or not

-Only by recognizing something can we do something about it.

The rhetoric of Barack Obama seems to support addressing systematic oppression or systemic inequalities between white and black American communities.

It hasn't been easy, especially with such stalwart opposition from Republicans.

Nor is Barack Obama a perfect person.

Nor can inequalities have a magic wand waved at them and just disappear.

David Blaine said...

I wish I could wave a magic wand at Bryan and make him disappear.

He really brings the stupid.

BARBBF said...


It is expected that Lincoln be removed from his position as “hero” and relegated to a more appropriate position, to somewhere near the status of “Columbus” and “Hitler.”
We demand that Abe Lincoln's dishonest and shameful face be removed from the "occupied" and desecrated area called “Mount Rushmore” immediately.

see online petition at

Text of Order to General Sibley, St. Paul Minnesota:

"Ordered that of the Indians and Half-breeds sentenced to be hanged by the military commission, composed of Colonel Crooks, Lt. Colonel Marshall, Captain Grant, Captain Bailey, and Lieutenant Olin, and lately sitting in Minnesota, you cause to be executed on Friday the nineteenth day of December, instant, the following names, to wit [39 names listed by case number of record: cases 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 19, 22, 24, 35, 67, 68, 69, 70, 96, 115, 121, 138, 155, 170, 175, 178, 210, 225, 254, 264, 279, 318, 327, 333, 342, 359, 373, 377, 382, 383].

The other condemned prisoners you will hold subject to further orders, taking care that they neither escape, nor are subjected to any unlawful violence.

Abraham Lincoln,
President of the United States"

"On December 6 (1862) President Lincoln notified Sibley that he should "cause to be executed" thirty-nine of the 303 convicted Santees, Execution date was the 26th of December. At the last minute, one Indian was given a reprieve. About ten o'clock the thirty-eight condemned men were marched from the prison to the scaffold. They sang the Sioux death song until soldiers pulled white caps over their heads and placed nooses around their necks. At a signal from an army officer, the control rope was cut and thirty-eight Santee Sioux dangled lifeless in the air.

A spectator boasted that this was
"America's greatest" public execution."

Dec 27 1862 (Saturday)

rent slave said...

Speaking of the birth certificate,why don't you put your money where your mouth is by asking the Iowa Futures to post a prop for the document's authenticity?Not enough Soros' money could keep that prop from soon having a worth of zero.