Tuesday, August 04, 2015

A comedian recognizes a joke.

Image result for dl hughley trump images     I have to agree with D.L. Hughley's take on Donald Trump.

"Comedian D.L. Hughley isn’t a fan of Donald Trump and thinks his popularity says a lot about American voters.
“The more racist stuff Trump says, the better he does in the poll,” Hughley said, adding that if Trump says the N-word next, he’ll be “elected tomorrow.”
“Trump being president is like Flavor Flav winning a spelling bee,” the former sitcom star said.
Hughley said the real estate mogul has turned the whole presidential race into a reality show and that it’s kind of pathetic that real candidates are getting their “ass whooped by Donald Trump in a political event.”
He poured cold water on Trump’s “supposed business experience,” and thinks Trump’s popularity is more of a reflection on American voters than anything else." [Source]
Yes, it's appropriate that Hughley is a comedian, because I am sure that a professional comedian can spot a good joke. And, make no mistake, Donald (Bad Hair) Trump is a joke.
The fact that he is getting so much support among republicans and leading all the polls says all you need to know about some folks in America.
Image result for dl hughley trump imagesI won't even get into all the reasons why this man is not qualified to lead the free world, because, quite frankly, time would not permit me to do so.   
You might want to look at his speech announcing his run for the presidency to get a glimpse of his craziness. And yet he is leading in all the polls.
Someone said this recently, and I have to repeat it: "If we Americans elect Donald Trump to lead us, we will get exactly what we deserve."  
*Pics from TMZ and liberalamerica.org. 



Reality is Racist said...

The word racist is completely meaningless now.

The Tea Party advocates for limited government? They're racist.

Donald Trump calls for curbing illegal immigration? He's racist.

Everything progressives don't like is "racist"

I don't like cherry ice cream. Cherry ice cream is racist.

Anonymous said...

Field, "Someone said this recently, and I have to repeat it: "If we Americans elect Donald Trump to lead us, we will get exactly what we deserve.""

Here's the thing. It's always been the American voter's ignorance that have elected ALL Presidents. Unfortunately, the media has ignored the stupidity of the American voter and blamed everything on the politician.

We have always gotten what we deserved. Sometimes it turned out ok, sometimes it didn't. But it rarely turned out great.

That's because Americans are stupid jackasses with money and guns. That's how America was founded and that's how America will end. There is no other way.

America is not a civilized country. It is a country with money. Trump is proof of that.

Pam said...

Here's what I've heard from The Donald so far, Field:

"I I I I I I I I ME ME ME ME ME ME I I I I I I I I I I I I ME ME Good night!"

Anyone who votes for this dude does so at their own peril.

Anonymous said...

the fact that the same democrats who are soooo outrage at what trump has said have no problems taking his money and going to his wedding. that also says a lot about some folks. at least d.l. isn't calling black women nappyheaded hos anymore.

Wesley R said...

Everytime The GOP, or Conservatives don't like something or someone they call them a nazi. Let's not forget that.

Anonymous said...

I encourage everyone to watch the O'Reilly interview of Donald Trump tonight. Donald is the real deal. He is no joke! He is wise, and will make a great President.

Brother Field, as a bm I have this good feeling that Trump is the best candidate for us.


Barack Hitler said...

Wesley is a racist Nazi.

Dale said...

Elite black political action has become largely about translating black failure into political power. Failure, fed through enforced faith in the equality of the races, is black political power. The black elite and their white allies love black failure, even if they don’t know it.

The Talented Tenth is unique among elites in that their legacy has become suffering, and they hold fast to that legacy because it’s invaluable–the perception that black Americans have suffered uniquely among peoples has them dominating politics and culture; not despite a history of failure but because of it. It’s the greatest con ever. Combined with black dominance in culture and sports, it has this population hitting above its weight like no other. By “weight” of course I mean its contribution to the commonweal.

Conventional thinking on race doesn’t exaggerate the problem, it inverts it. Reverse the arrow of causation, reverse the arrow of moral responsibility. The uneasy Left senses this. It isn’t that white America cannot honor its debt to blacks because the sins are too profound, it’s that black America can’t honor its end of the bargain–to become peaceful and productive–due to a lack of human capital and will. Anchored to a moralistic fallacy–black intellectual inferiority is unthinkable ergo impossible–we can only go down, and we do, scrambling to define deviancy down and adapt mores to accommodate black behavior.

It’s also a proven political model, adopted to all manner of newcomers; black failure is the gift that keeps on giving. Some angry, Suge Knight type guy should be fuming through his cigar right now over how the brothers aren’t getting paid for this.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should watch the documentary "White People". I believe Field said he would get back to it but he never did. This documentary is essential to the survival of America and the 'necessity' of talking about 'race' in a constructive manner.

This documentary is quite revealing about race in America and White people:


Anonymous said...

You niggas are getting scared now - more and more Americans are less and less afraid of being called "rayciss".




dinthebeast said...

If Bill the Cat, I mean Trump makes it to the general, he'll be squashed by whoever he's running against. As a narcissistic asshole, he's somewhat entertaining to some people, but as an option for the presidency he has all the appeal of a butthole infection.
To test out my assertion, I'd like to see some woman behind the rope line light up that thing on his head with a can of bee-spray and a Bic lighter from a few feet away, and see how presidential he handles it.
At least that would be worth a good laugh, and would show definitively that he is not made of what is required in a president. As it stands, it's just kind of sad and depressing.

-Doug in Oakland

dinthebeast said...

On second thought, that was a bit harsh. A can of spray-on hair dye, or a bucket of glitter would work just as well.

-Doug in Oakland

Jimmy Miniscus said...

"it's just kind of sad and depressing."

Like Doug in Oakland.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You niggas are getting scared now - more and more Americans are less and less afraid of being called "rayciss".
You are afraid of the term white privilege. You should really watch the documentary "what white people are like". You might learn something about your ignorant ass.

Anonymous said...

I am a believer in Donald Trump. I predict that he will carry the bay area by a landslide. Make no mistake about it, the Donald is on fire. Go Donald, Go!

Anonymous said...

@ Dale 9:37 PM:

Blacks are the mascots of modern Leftism, and the inversion of failure that you are talking about permeates the way we now talk about anything and everything.

Hence all the Yakov Smirnoff rhetoric from politicians about how "Our schools are failing Mexicans!" and "The legal system is failing blacks!" and "The tech industry is failing women!", etc.

Another way to look at it is to think of blacks as an ersatz Christ figure for a post-Christian society. You can see this in references to America's "original sin" and in the Morgan Freeman "numinous negro" archetype. It's a means of harnessing the Christian last-shall-be-first sensibility to Cultural Marxism.

harry said...

Decades ago, Shelby Steele wrote a book on this theme: "White guilt is black power." After the civil rights movement, whites transferred their moral authority to blacks.


Whitey's Conspiracy said...

If donald trump was standing next to the Hindenburg there would be two nazi gas bags there.

Bill said...

I wonder why the non-foxnews is giving trump so much more airtime than the other candidates?

field negro said...

Harry, it's too early to be smoking the good collie weed.

Anon@9:27, u are not black.

Dale, I have no freaking idea what u just wrote. And I don't even think u do.

I bet it sounded good in your head when u were pounding out your computer keys.

Liberal Tormentor - tormenting liberals with logic and facts since 1982 said...

If donald trump and whitey's conspiracy was standing next to the Hindenburg there would be three nazi gas bags there.

anotherbozo said...

Field, I like the fact that you're off the racist patrol for the day, but you must check out this vid from a cop's treatment of a wounded bystander in Philly:


Today's column only. Maybe you know about the vid.

Bill said...

No surprise.

FieldNegro likes his fake stories.

Video of HitchBOT's Destruction in Philly Likely a Hoax

I wonder if FieldNegro still thinks I look like the eagles jersey wearing prankster.

Bill said...

FieldNegro must have missed this story.

Just another dumbocrat making false claims against the police.

The Austin County Sheriff's Office released the dash camera video of a July 14 traffic stop of State Representative Garnet Coleman Tuesday to refute claims Coleman made last week about being disrespected and treated "like a child."

There must be a good reason so many dumbocrats need to make up stories.

Kinky_Con said...

Looks like Hilla the hun has found her southern accent again.


Blahs sure love Democrats treating them like mentally challenged children, don't they?

I wonder what would happen if Chris Christie used a 'southern accent' when talking to blahs? Field and other Dems would call that racist.

Hillary! said...

You'd better watch it Kinky, unless you want to wind up like Vince Foster.

Ace Freely said...

Barack Obama, in an accidental self-revelation today:

"I know it's easy to play on people's fears."

It is easy, especially when you have the media behind you.

The Purple Cow said...

"The Tea Party advocates for limited government? They're racist."

Straw Man.

That doesn't make them racists that makes them hypocrites. Many Tea-Partiers were happy to take big government money when it suited them. Ask how many were on Medicare or Medicade for instance. The first thing that happens when their house gets flattened by a tornado, or when their crops are flooded out, is they turn to the government and ask "But what are YOU going to DO about it."

The reason we called them racists is because they say racist shit.


"Donald Trump calls for curbing illegal immigration? He's racist."

Straw Man.

The reasons we call him a racist is that he has been saying racist shit in public for forty three years.



"Everything progressives don't like is "racist"

Demonstrably untrue. I hate American beer, but I don't think it's racist. I just think it tastes like piss.

Bill said...

Kinky_Con said...
Looks like Hilla the hun has found her southern accent again.

Obama has damaged the dumbocrat party.

The leading dumbocrat candidate is an old rich white woman that not even dumbocrats believe is honest. She's a train wreck and she's currently the best chance the dumbocrats have to win the white house.

More republican state legislators than anytime in history.

More republican governors.

The last election was historic in the number of dumbocrat seats Obama lost.
Has President Obama 'lost' more Democratic seats in Congress than other modern presidents?

And now dumbocrats are allowing Hillary use a southern accent to pander to Black voters.

Good thing there are double standards.

Imagine the outrage if FieldNegro was allowed to talk about dumbocrats like he does rethugs.

The Purple Cow said...

But Rethugs are cunts Bill, so anyway you talk to them is good.

Unless you're talking nice...

Anonymous said...

Purple Couw thinks American beer is racist.

The Purple Cow said...

"Purple Couw thinks American beer is racist."

Do racists taste like piss?

Lick yourself and let me know.

Sam Adams said...

The Purple Cow said...
"Purple Couw thinks American beer is racist."

What an idiout.

Kinky_Con said...

Bill bring the facts. No wonder field hands hate him...

While Obama has got elected easily, his fellow Democrats have gotten historic ass kickings. Obama has lost more seats than any president in modern history. Leaving democrats in Ohio, Florida, WVA and many other states struggling to find candidates for 2016. Obama also did something Republicans struggled to do-destroy the Clinton collation.

Republicans should be thankful of the blah man in the house...

Wait, field, what do you call blah men who have it better than most blahs, supportive of the white power structure and lives in the house??? What are they called?

bartcopfan said...

"Yes, it's appropriate that Hughley is a comedian, because I am sure that a professional comedian can spot a good joke."

That reminds me of the Amazing Randi, http://web.randi.org, the skeptic and retired magician who debunks paranormal claims (including offering his "Million Dollar Challenge"--which remains unclaimed).

The Purple Cow said...

Is this big news on your side of the pond?



Bill said...

The Lying Purple Cow said...
But Rethugs are cunts Bill, so anyway you talk to them is good.

I'm sorry your mother didn't love you the way you needed.

Which explains why you believe using "cunt" is an insult.

Psych 101 LyingPurpleCow.

The Purple Cow said...

"Which explains why you believe using "cunt" is an insult."

nounvulgar slang

an unpleasant or stupid person.

Calling someone an "unpleasant or stupid person" sounds like an insult to me, son.

If you disagree that's your problem.

Limpbaugh said...

Trump has the loudmouth racist vote sewn up. He isn't a politician, and he isn't afraid to not be politically correct or to say something stupid. Those two factors and him getting his positions from Fox News talking points are exemplified by things like his Obama birth certificate crusade. Now Fox News follows his leads. That's because Roger Ailes is a loudmouth racist. Other Rupert Murdoch media properties, like the Wall Street Journal, don't propagandize for Trump.

There are some more positive factors in Trump's favor. A lot of Trump's competition is arguably worse than him. And they are owned by special interest groups. The last time Trump ran, he was impressive talking about China. We owe them money so we have an upper hand in negotiations if they want us to pay them back. By being bold and independent from special interests, Trump could conceivably surprise us with some good ideas. 26% of the polled Republican voters isn't a lot of people overall, but if you get in the Superbowl anything can happen.

Anonymous said...

'count' as the queen would say,
'you little count you'

Anonymous said...

As a bm I am not sure why so many of my peeps consider FOX News racist. Just because they don't have Blacks anchoring their shows doesn't mean they are racist.

Jesse Lee Peterson is considered a wise black intellectual who frequents FOX News just as other Blacks do.

So brothers and sisters and Field, please tell me "honestly" why you 'think' FOX News is racist?

Anonymous said...

Let's face it. FOX NEWS is the most powerful media in television news. That's why it's #1. Americans can trust FOX to deliver the truth, esp on the FACTOR.

Fox News killed JFK said...

Fox News does have blahs anchoring their shows. The fact that leftwing conspiracy nutts always be hatin' on Fox News makes Fox a pleasure to watch

field negro said...

"Jesse Lee Peterson is considered a wise black intellectual who frequents FOX News just as other Blacks do."

Lord have mercy!! :(

I need a drink.

Anonymous said...

I hear Jesse Lee Peterson will be one of the moderators in the Republican debate tomorrow night. It should be quite interesting and very informative. Of course, FOX always roll that way.

PilotX said...

"Is this big news on your side of the pond?"

Not really PC. Chris Hayes did a story about this on MSNBC a few months ago but in reality a few local newspapers have done reports but it seems that everybody knows about this location and the "disappearing" of people is a bit overblown. That being said the article isn't 100% inaccurate.

Anonymous said...

"I need a drink."

So, will it be Jenkum or Purple Drank?


Anonymous said...

Trump makes your ears bleed and looks like Pig from Back in the Barnyard. Yuck!!

Limpbaugh said...

Anonymous @ 9:04 PM.

Fox tends to have the most viewership on cable news, but a lot more people watch non cable network news, like NBC, CBS, and ABC. And shows like SpongeBob SquarePants have more viewers than Fox News. SpongeBob SquarePants viewers have also scored higher on current event knowledge surveys than Fox News viewers. To be more precise, it was people who don't watch news who scored higher than Fox News viewers. The survey didn't actually ask if they watched SpongeBob or not.

Mack Lyons said...

"...it’s that black America can’t honor its end of the bargain–to become peaceful and productive..."

So blacks aren't peaceful and productive? Or is it they're only considered "peaceful and productive" when they're picking cotton on some landowner's plantation? Slavery's not coming back and prisons are a piss-poor substitute for slavery. The folks over at Parchman and Angola try to do it right, but it pales in comparison.

If someone were to invent a time machine, you'd be seeing a lot of folks traveling back to 1955 or 1855.

Mack Lyons said...

BTW, only the mouthbreathers think Trump will win.

Remember how everyone thought Newt Gingrich would be a shoe-in for the nomination? He wasn't as bombastic as the Donald, but he came close. He didn't win, either.

Even the Donald doesn't really think he'll win. He's only here for the screen time, the publicity, the notoriety. Oh, and the campaign contributions.

Bank on Scott Walker or Jeb! as your GOP nominee.