Thursday, August 27, 2015

People in glass houses....

Image result for joe scarborough hillary image       There are some stupid high profile people in America who actually influence political thought.

He is a former republican congressman who left office under mysterious circumstances (more on that in a minute) and now co-hosts a sometimes popular inside the beltway political talk show on cable television.

This is what he said about the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal earlier today as described by Tommy Christopher over at Mediaite:

'"I know people have raised questions about my e-mail use and I understand why, I get it. So here’s what I want the American people to know. My use of personal e-mail was allowed by the State Department. It clearly wasn’t the best choice. I should have used two e-mails, one personal, one for work, and I take responsibility for that decision.'

Again, think what you will about the “scandal” — take Hillary’s sober tone with a grain of salt, if you’d like — but this was pretty clearly an attempt to make a dent in moving the trustworthiness numbers that have so many people worried.

Or, if you’re Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough, this is clearly an attempt by Clinton to cover up the email “scandal” with the corpses of the two journalists who were murdered on live television yesterday, because… well, just because:

“I hate to tell the truth, but I’m going to tell the truth. I’m going to say it on the air. The timing of this was suspect at best. When they knew that cable news networks would be 24/7 on a horrible news story. come on, you know it was planned to be dropped this way. This is how campaigns think.”
Well, he got one thing right, Joe Scarborough really does hate to tell the truth. After that, it’s nonsense because, as Mark Halperin pointed out, Hillary didn’t “drop” even a milligram of new information or admission. I’d like to give Halperin more credit here, but the appropriate response here is “Are you an insane person?” not “I disagree with you about the timing.”

But as Halperin also pointed out, the idea was for Clinton to evince a more serious attitude toward the story in an effort to move beyond the email issue, the entire point of which would be to let people know that she is taking a more serious and sober attitude toward the email issue. Scarborough is essentially accusing the Democratic candidate of trying to use the murders to distract people from the thing she really wants them to know, and/or things she has already said many times. It’s the answer to the question “Could God create a take so hot, it would burn Him?”

Beyond being really stupid, though, this is the kind of sick thinking you’d expect to find in the recesses of Alex Jones‘ comments section, not on the air of a major cable news network. This is the show that’s on every television in Washington, D.C., every morning, and its host just accused Hillary Clinton of political necrophilia. Scarborough should apologize, at the very least." [Source]

He won't because he doesn't have to.  Americans,  no matter how "educated",  do not have the ability to differentiate between logical thought and over the top hyperbole for the sake of ratings or a sound bite lead.

So this too shall pass, and the Clinton legend, thanks to people like Joe Scarborough, will continue to grow. This might not rise to the level of the Vince Foster suicide to the black helicopter crowd, but it certainly adds to the narrative.

The irony of a guy like Joe Scarborough going into these dark places is that he has some alleged skeletons hiding in that closet of his as well.

"That state of affairs came to a screeching halt in July of 2010, when Moulitsas found himself summarily blacklisted from MSNBC. His offense? Mentioning, on Twitter, the strange, sad story of Lori Klausutis, the intern who was found dead in Joe Scarborough’s office when the “Morning Joe” host was still a Republican congressman.
Here’s their exchange:
Markos: Like story of a certain dead intern. RT @JoeNBC: Luckily for the White House, the media has been negligent on this story since Day 1.
Markos: But if you want to talk about bullshit “scandals”, @JoeNBC, there’s this one about Joe Sestak and the White House you might’ve heard of.
JoeNBC: @markos Unbelievable. You have a long history of spreading lies suggesting I am a murderer. This is the 3rd or 4th time by my count.
Markos: @JoeNBC, I’ve never suggested you’re a murderer. I’ve noted media hypocrisy in going after Gary Condit. But he was Dem. You aren’t.
JoeNBC: Anyone in media who interviews @markos, know that you’re extending your credibility to someone who regularly suggests that I’m a murderer.
Markos: A bit touchy, @JoeNBC? Links for where I accuse you of being a murderer please.
After this happened, MSNBC president Phil Griffin wrote to Moulitsas to say that he was banned from the network. It was one of the more bizarre pieces of cable news weirdness in history. It was also one in a long line of mini-wars Joe Scarborough has waged in an effort to stop getting people to insinuate that he killed his intern." [Source]
I guess those "rumors" and innuendos can go both ways.
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Anonymous said...
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You Know Who said...

Hey honkey honkey,
George's finger on the trigger.
Trayvon was an honorable young man.
The young man didn't take a swing,
And here's the thing,
George blew his brains to the moon anyway.

The blood of two innocent whites is not on Field's hands. No Black person will be held responsible for yesterday's murders because that's how sane people roll.


Anonymous said...

BTW, Joe Scarborough is a hack and a bit dim witted as most conservatives are. Why would MSNBC have his goof ass on at all?

Anonymous said...

Hey diddle diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon...HUH?

With songs like these...I mean...yeah, it's a white thing I guess...

PilotX said...

Looks like the sistas were right all along.

Brad Fuller said...

Black, white, Latino, Asian...all are racist pieces of shit.

field negro said...

Sorry Anon Inc., had to clamp down a little on your peeps. Besides, there is that outstanding bill.:)

But not to worry, as soon as the asylum picks up some of your Anons that were running loose, we will free up the comments section a little bit.

Anonymous said...

PilotX said...

Looks like the sistas were right all along.

10:17 PM

Yup! and saying "sorry,my bad" just doesn't cut it.

The harm is done. Reparations are in order.

Although frankly I personally don't see how they can repair this damage...

I wish some judge would think up a way where they would feel the brunt in the same exact way as these women were subjected to!!!

Professional women that spent years studying and preparing themselves for lives of service to mankind, being subjected to this treatment by a couple of redneck crackers that prolly didn't make it to high school,so being train attendants is the most they could muster!!!

The sheer nerve!!!

Anonymous said...

Sure is quiet in here.

Anonymous said...

ABC still hasn't released Vester's race war manifesto?

Yet they released dylan roof's manifesto.

Not all manifestos are equal to a biased media.

Anonymous said...

And check this out!!!

If she'd been Black or Brown? Guess what? Riiiiiightt! x(

Anonymous said...

This woman led the cops on a chase, arrogantly got out of the car tugging at her pants and opening the waistband where she could have had a gun, then mocks and dances in front of the cops! I'm thinking she should'a been dead by now, but,ooops I forgot 'double standard'

Professional Black women get thrown out for laughing, Sandra Bland was too "arrogant" and so on and so forth.

I certainly hope this gets used as the case/example to set the standards by!!!

So she could have had a gun in her waistband,but it's alright if she used it cos she's white.

Anonymous said...

lilacpr2000 said...
If she'd been Black or Brown? Guess what? Riiiiiightt! x(

Reports are saying she is gay.

Being gay is a protected class in Los Angeles.

Gotta love those double standards.

Anonymous said...

Oh I looove this!!!

IT WAS A STOLEN CAR TOOO!!! Somebody give me a f****** break!!!

Bill, gay or not I really don't think has anything to do with it, because she doesn't have on a shirt that says 'Gay' on it so the cops could know.

She got away with all that because she is white.

Had she been black what do you think would have gone down?

Totally infuriating!Totally!

Anonymous said...

Here's another beaut in the list of things black people better not ever do!

The cop admitted it on camera so there's no ifs ands or buts. You just cannot look a cop in the eyes if you are black!

It's the law! Obviously!

Is this getting ridiculous or what?

field negro said...

Lilacpr, it's called white privilege. :)

field negro said...

"You eye-balling me boy?! :)

Anonymous said...

field negro said...
it's called white privilege. :)

Again it's a city controlled for years by dumbocrats.

The pattern continues.

Limpbaugh said...

Scarborough talked about Clinton saying the that State Department allowed her to use her own server.. Since she is the head of the State Department, that translates to she allowed herself to use her server. Scarborough said Obama didn't allow it.

It reminds me of the reporter asking George Bush why he was appearing before the 9/11 Commission panel with Dick Cheney? Bush answered, "because they want to ask us questions, and we look forward to answering them". The reporter clarified that he meant, but why together? And Bush repeated the exact same answer.

When Bush and Cheney went before the panel, it was behind closed doors, not under oath, with no recording allowed, and no official transcript. I can imagine that Clinton might have wanted as little publicity as possible for her awkward statement too, although I certainly don't know that Scarborough's accusation is true. And I don't know that Joe Biden is getting ready to run because Clinton is headed for legal trouble, but its possible. Maybe the White House Press Secretary recently praised choosing Joe Biden as Obama's best decision, with the implied implication that Clinton wasn't, for the same or similar reason. Maybe not.

Maybe Clinton won't be able to answer questions because the CIA was in Benghazi collecting weapons from Libyan rebels so they could give them to Syrian rebels. Maybe the Republicans know that she won't be able to defend herself without telling how we funded ISIS. OK, OK. That's a little far fetched. We all know that Republicans aren't that smart.

Alex Jones hides real conspiracies by promoting a plethora of fake ones. People are crisis actors because they wear khaki pants. When the Joint Chiefs of Staff want to cover something up they tell Alex Jones and Glenn Beck the truth. They give CNN and ABC the fake stories.

Anonymous said...

field negro said...

Lilacpr, it's called white privilege. :)

3:24 PM

Yeah, I know...and it's horrible...totally!

I just don't understand how they can get away with this behavior! You have to walk around in fear!

shaking head...*sigh*

James Bold said...

It's simple.  Black people, including Black women, have a well-deserved reputation for hair-trigger deadly violence.  White people do not.  Once the drunk/drugged/crazy woman had stopped and gotten out of the car empty-handed, the police knew they were not in danger and had the luxury of time to try to figure out what was going on.  When you are dealing with people who can go from zero to deadly violence in half a second, you do not have that luxury.

If you don't like that reputation, change the behavior which created it.

Anonymous said...

James Bold said...

It's simple. Black people, including Black women, have a well-deserved reputation for hair-trigger deadly violence. White people do not. Once the drunk/drugged/crazy woman had stopped and gotten out of the car empty-handed, the police knew they were not in danger and had the luxury of time to try to figure out what was going on. When you are dealing with people who can go from zero to deadly violence in half a second, you do not have that luxury.

Yeah right! It's a nice fantasy dear, whatever floats your boat I guess. You go right on ahead and you keep believing that mkay!

It's this kind of negation and making up of ridiculous excuses that keeps the fores burning. But like I said, ce la vie, whatever floats your boat hun.

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