Monday, July 18, 2016

If you thought that the Oscars were white.....

Image result for gop convention cleveland white imagesI tweeted this earlier, and it is worth repeating for this post: The problem with not knowing any black people or having any "black friends" (I see you Paul Ryan), is that when you need to trot out a black face you are forced to go with lunatics like Sheriff David Clarke.

Dude is one of the speakers at the RNC convention tonight (Don 't worry David, that white only elevator sign was just an oversight), and to say that he is a bit unhinged is an understatement.

Let's just say that the sheriff from Milwaukee has some issues.

I certainly hope that speakers like David Clarke will be few and far between at the RNC convention this week.

And I hope, for the sake of the country, that we won't have anymore of this:

"Donald Trump has moved on from the birther movement to float another equally reckless conspiracy theory about President Barack Obama.

After three police officers were killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the president said that “there is no justification for violence against law enforcement. None.” He made similar comments after five officers were killed in Dallas on July 7, calling the attack “vicious, calculated and despicable.” He also flew to Dallas on Tuesday to speak at a memorial for the fallen officers.

Still, Trump questioned the legitimacy of Obama’s grief and concern.

“I watched the president, and sometimes the words are okay. But you just look at the body language and there’s something going on. Look, there’s something going on,” Trump told “Fox & Friends” on Monday.

“There’s just bad feeling,” he said.

Trump was responding to the head of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association’s claim that Obama “has blood on his hands” because he also condemned the police shootings of two African-American men.

“The president of the United States validated a false narrative and the nonsense that Black Lives Matter and the media are pressing out there to the public,” Steve Loomis said. “He validated with his very divisive statements and now we see an escalation.” [Source]

I suppose that president Obama can't grieve and show genuine concern know.... those Black Lives Matter folks have to stick together. *big eye-roll* 

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Lance Cockstrong said...

Loomis also asked Kasich to suspend the open carry law. In light of that Mr. Loomis Sir, any chance the blood might be on the hands of the NRA and their right wing errand boys in Congress?

PilotX said...

I guess they couldn't find the rock Mia Love is hiding under. Where is she? Field, I'm kind of worried can you look into her whereabouts? If these guys have a problem with Barack's conduct at the Dallas funerals they should be outraged at W's performance. Dancing and smiling at a solemn event isn't exactly Presidential behavior but I guess as long as he isn't Presidenting while blah it's ok. Sad. Polarizing individuals like Trump and Guiliani talk about how divisive Barack is without bothering to look in the mirror. Introspection is not a big thing in Cleveland.

PilotX said...

"Loomis also asked Kasich to suspend the open carry law."

Absolutely not! If the rest of us average Joes have to deal with these open carry assholes so do Republican convention goers. Sometimes you reap what you sow.

A Black Panther Forever said...

Poor Dr. (Kit) Carson.... Sheriff David Clark is the new "negro in town". Donald can only stomach one at a time.

PilotX said...

Dr. Carson will be speaking. Donald doesn't let his African-Americans go so easily.

PilotX said...

A sitting congressman sounds a bit like some of your commenters. Gotta love the party of Lincoln.

Koofah said...

The drama around the RNC warms the cockles of my heart.

dinthebeast said...

Sure, they got white elevators, but what they don't tell you is that they only go down...

-Doug in Oakland

Yīshēng said...

Will someone tell nipples in chief that she owes FLOTUS writing credit for that plagerized speech.

dinthebeast said...

"Once again, white posers seeking to profit by stealing from black artists." -Driftglass 7-18-16

-Doug in Oakland

I Hate Spics, Gooks, Kikes, and Faggots said...


Lance Cockstrong said...

Butt Trumpet will be filing suit against Michelle Obama for stealing Melania's speech

field negro said...

Yeah that was a word for word rip-off in some places.

No wonder #FamousMalaniaTrumpQuotes
is trending on twitter.🙄

field negro said...
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anotherbozo said...

Obama is "divisive." Yeah, and up is down, freedom is slavery, the sea is sweet. The President has spent his whole career trying to bring people together, even to working with the Tea Party retards in Congress whose one-word vocabulary is "no." Indeed it seems to be the way he's wired. Remember the Henry Louis Gates/Cambridge policeman beer party? Obama doesn't care how hokey it looks, he never quits. It's who he is.

So you know they've left the planet when they accuse him of "divisiveness." That, and accusations of "dictator." How dare he try to do anything without their input? (which, of course, has always been "No.")

Anonymous said...


What? Racist? Oh for god's sake. How ridiculous. Besides which, you seem to have forgotten i've spent a whole lifetime hearing white people telling me about racism so i know the drill. If memory serves, I believe my excuses should be in this order - sorry if I've forgotten any:

1) YOU'RE racist for making this a race issue.

2) I don't see colour or race, just human beings so maybe YOU have the problem?

3). Source? Link? It's YOUR job to prove I'm racist.

4). Some of my best friends are really PASTY - plus I own a couple of Smiths records - the last thing on earth i am is racist.

5) I'm so sick of you people blaming racism every time you have a problem - WE have problems too you know!

6) See what you're doing is REVERSE racism, just as bad as me!

7) Look, your accusation of racism has REALLY UPSET me. Look, I'm nearly crying. STOP.

8) If racism is still a problem, how come we have a WHITE prime minister, eh, eh eh?

9) Look you're really articulate - I wasn't talking about people like you, just, y'know the kind of white people I'm taking about.

10) I just think you need to LET GO OF THE PAST. It's history - you've got to get over it.

11) Deal with the fact I'm OFFENDED by you saying I'm racist. DEAL with my OFFENCE. I wasn't even born when the world was racist

12) Occasionally I've been to the white side of town - I've got no fear so how come you have?

Judging by how often I've heard all the above I'm assuming this has successfully defused all accusations.


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Melania Trump has just issued a press release defending herself against those who accuse her of plagiarising Michelle Obama's 2008 speech. Melania says it has been a very difficult few hours for her and her family and was particularly distressing for her daughters Malia and Sasha.

field negro said...

Now see😁

Anonymous said...

There were elevators labeled Red, White,and Blue. You find fake racism and ways to be offended at every opportunity.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many people didn't get my Melania press release joke.

I despair for the future of social media I really do.

Anonymous said...

negros need not apply!

Puerto Rican food is nasty shit said...

Melania Trump is one plastic-looking bitch. She would have 1/100th of the class that Michelle Obama has as FLOTUS.

Anonymous said...

A second police officer within two months has been shot and killed in Kansas City reportedly getting out of his police car after being called to a scene of people shooting guns.

James Bold said...

"I hope, for the sake of the country, that we won't have anymore of this"

I hope, for the sake of the country, we won't have any more of "the officer acted stupidly" when a chimp with a professorship wouldn't shut up and let him do his job.

I hope, for the sake of the country, we won't have any more of "if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon".

I hope, for the sake of the country, we won't have any more scandalously disingenuous groups like "Black Li(v)es Matter" being received at the White House.

"The President has spent his whole career trying to bring people together"

To the point of honoring dead robbers and attempted murderers while denigrating the entire profession of law enforcement.  Yeah, that's "promoting unity".  Of the Crips and the Bloods, maybe.

"Remember the Henry Louis Gates/Cambridge policeman beer party?"

That was when he was insecure enough to have to walk back his words.  It was also the last time he did that.

Ssdfkjsdfaksdlfsdfdfaass said...

If it's between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, you might as well just elect Trump.

Anonymous said...

Melania gave a speech?

Trump is living in your heads rent free. Too easy.

Someone gave a speech that was written for her and Melania used portions of the same speech. Oh the horror!

That's far worse than lying about why people were murdered in Benghazi.

We must move to impeach Trump. Wait, he's not even president. Laughing and shaking my head.

ctrl+halt+del said...

Steve Loomis said. “He validated with his very divisive statements and now we see an escalation.”

President Obama has made quite the impression on some in the neanderpeon community.

"Instead, 71% of police who've been shot and killed so far in 2016 have been killed by good old-fashioned white men."

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Unbelievable. Perhaps we should just eliminate the words "black", "white", "yellow", "red", green, also. Let's not forget those purple pieces of Pygmy shit from Africa. (Who seem to be a delicacy from the Congo)

Hey! Lets have "Black Gates, where only Negroid folks are allowed?

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Puerto Rican food is nasty shit said...
Melania Trump is one plastic-looking bitch. She would have 1/100th of the class that Michelle Obama has as FLOTUS.

6:10 PM

Explain this you Puerto Rican Bastard.....why do you brown/black -skinned guys always grab you a white whore, whence you get some bling?

I've asked this question 50 times on this blog, and never gotten a straight answer.

I'm sure I won't now.

What about the Sistas?

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

I would like to notice....This cop-shooting crap, or violent protests don't happen in Mississippi, where I have lived all my 55 years.

We live our own lives, but are respectful.

They leave us whites a lone, and we leave them the same way.

Jessica Chambers lived in N. Mississippi, and died a horrible, horrible, death. Want to see her killer? Google it.

I have never seen one of you assholes defend her.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

No answer?

Of course...were never has been one.

Omigosh said...

I'm not going to know what's going on until they announce who gained control of the White's House. All of them are older than cat shit, they're wrinkled like prunes, they'll make the white folks happy again. Yippity Yip Yi Yeah.
Hope whoever it is doesn't plan on sending sons and daughters to die for them when they get in a squabble with some foreigner or another. These fuckin' "leaders" should perform duels upon each other, and leave the rest of us out of their mess. Since you don't want BLACK FOLKS anywhere, make sure you don't volunteer any of MY BABIES. Thanks in ADVANCE.