Friday, September 20, 2013

Billo on Trayvon. The Chicago "killing fields".

Now from the ignorance with a capital I department comes Bill O'Reilly. Mr. O'Reilly, in his infinite wisdom, has declared that  Trayvon Martin died because of the way he looked.

"The reason Trayvon Martin died is because he looked a certain way, and it wasn’t based on skin color. If Trayvon Martin had been wearing a jacket like you are and a tie, Mr. West, this evening, I don’t think George Zimmerman would’ve had any problem. But he was wearing a hoodie, and he looked a certain way, and that way is how gangstas look. And therefore he got attention.” [Source]

Holy crap! So we shoot people for what they wear in America, now? Look, there has been a time or two when I wanted to put some dude out of his misery for rocking a short sleeve dress shirt, but I never acted on it.

Bill, you are wrong, the reason Trayvon died that night was not because he looked a certain way; it was because he was born a certain way.

And speaking of dying, some folks are wondering why we made such a huge deal when a deranged killer shot up the Navy facility in Washington, but there is no non-stop cable coverage about the 13 people shot (including a three year old) in Chicago last night.

The killers used an AK-47 assault rifle to carry out his horrific and depraved act. (I had a debate on a national radio show with some clown from Chicago once, and the dude actually claimed that street criminals didn't use assault rifles. I would love to talk to him now.) The story is not getting as much attention as we would like it to because it's a dog bites man story, not the other way around.

Sadly, we have no one but ourselves to blame for what is happening to these young killers out here. Everyone wants to be a "shotta"; no one wants to be a straight A student. Hitting your books and making good grades doesn't give you "street cred," shooting an innocent child on the street, does.


Reggin Esaelp said...

"The reason Trayvon Martin died is because he looked a certain way,'

And because he was out at night in the rain, skulking between houses, and decided to jump an armed neighborhood watch guy.

Just keepin' it real, Field,

Ace Freeley said...

"And speaking of dying, some folks are wondering why we made such a huge deal when a deranged killer shot up the Navy facility in Washington, but there is no non-stop cable coverage about the 13 people shot (including a three year old) in Chicago last night."

This is a very weird effect of PC -- for years they embargoed stories about blacks committing crimes, ostensibly because Media You Guys helped perpetrate negative attitudes about blacks.

But it also has this bizarre side-effect: You have a bunch of victims here, who, were they white (or of differing races) would be America's Top Story. But because they're black, the media just shrugs and says "Meh."

So a rule imposed ostensibly to "help" blacks winds up also imposing a code of silence about blacks being victimized by crime and tragedy.

The Truth is always the best policy. Always. When you get cute and decide some Truths shouldn't be reported, ostensibly for the Greater Good, you will soon find that you're actually advancing the Greater Evil.

I have to think right now that blacks might well be wondering why a mass-shooting in which most victims are black fails to generate the slightest blip on the national media radar.

Doesn't the media even care? I have to think some blacks are wondering.

And the actual answer, I think, is this: Yes, they do care. In fact so much they're willing to suppress the news of all tragedies that befall you. Because they think that is what is best for you.

So complete media silence on a tragedy due to a policy designed, condescendingly, to "help" blacks.

Has it helped them? Who knows. I don't. Perhaps it has. But it does result in a complete embargo of most crime occurring in inner-city mostly-black communities.

Perhaps the media is upset because people outside inner-city mostly-black communities don't seem to care. How could they care? The media has redacted all of this from the public record. How do they even know about it? The media's own policy is designed to ensure they don't know about it in the first place.

But when you deviate from the path of the truth, you travel with lies. And lies will lead to all sorts of bizarre outcomes, like a media which is suffused with White Liberal Guilt deciding that a bunch of black people shot in a mass shooting in Chicago is No Big Whoop.

I'm always amused by liberal critics who make fun of the media for only reporting crime involving or affecting whites. White blonde girl is kidnapped?, they giggle. Wow! That sounds like 24/7 coverage to me!

Well, first of all, let's point out that the kidnapping of a child is a major crime which naturally interests (outrages) people. It's a bit bizarre to suggest that such a thing is unworthy of coverage at all.

But second of all, let's do note that the reason for this strange outcome is that the media is dutifully obeying the rules laid down by the liberal critics themselves: Crime does not exist except if it involves white people, preferably on the "perpetrator" side of the ledger. And a kidnapping of a white girl will usually involve a white perp, so it's likely to turn out to be a "safe" story.

And so here then is the result of trying to be cute with the truth, of trying to outfox the truth: 13 people, largely (or entirely) black, were shot in Chicago, and the media which loves stories about mass shootings has absolutely nothing to say on behalf of the victims.

My prescription for the media is the same I'd give to the government: Why don't you start treating people like adults deserving of respect and deserving of the truth, rather than misguided children who have to be forever insulated from it?

Anonymous said...

"The reason Trayvon Martin died is because he looked a certain way, and it wasn’t based on skin color. If Trayvon Martin had been wearing a jacket like you are and a tie, Mr. West, this evening, I don’t think George Zimmerman would’ve had any problem.
Holy cow! That's really insulting to say something like that! He did that on purpose to provoke, rub salt in the would! He knows better than to say something like that!

It was an insult, a slap in the face! And I do wonder how Mr. West answered that? Did he protest or did he eat it?

Anonymous said...


What a person wears does not affect your assessment of them?

BIGJ said...



That is all I am saying concerning Bill 'o Reily.

Guillaume Faye said...

12-year-old Autumn Pasquale was strangled and dumped in a recycling bin by a black 15-year-old and 17-year-old because they wanted parts from her BMX bike.

12-year-old Jonathan Foster was abducted on Christmas Eve, tortured to death with a blowtorch, and dumped in a ditch by a black woman who may have killed others.

If you’d never heard of Autumn or Jonathan until now, but you have a strong opinion about George Zimmerman defending his life by putting a bullet in a different black 17-year-old, you just might be an ‘anti-racist.’ Give yourself a pat on the back, if you feel like it.

In the guise of combating racism and xenophobia, this doctrine encourages discrimination in favor of aliens, the dissolution of European identity, the multi-racialization of European society, and, at root, paradoxically, racism itself.

Anti-racists use their fake struggle against racism to destroy the European’s identity, as they advance cosmopolitan and alien interests.

Anti-racism, moreover, translates into a racial obsession and contradicts itself, since its partisans deny the existence of races. In promoting open borders and dogmatically encouraging multi-racial society, anti-racists end up objectively provoking racism.

The dominant ideology imposes a quasi-religious anti-racist faith that promotes integration into its politically correct society. Anti-racism is quintessentially a form of intellectual terrorism. Whoever disapproves of immigration or affirms the superiority of European civilization — and identity — whoever denounces the evils of multi-racial society, whoever observes the ethnic character of the growing criminal element — is demonized and branded by media, society, and the law as a ‘racist.’

Touchstone of the self-righteous, anti-racism is the most advanced expression of postmodern totalitarian ideology. It demonizes all forms of rebellion and anti-system opposition. Similarly, it neutralizes and keeps potential dissidents within the system’s ideological bounds. A certain intellectual Right, hoping not to alienate the ruling powers, has in this way been recuperated, marginalised, and subjected, losing in the process any hope of being publicly recognised. … This egghead Right… is not content with publicly declaring itself to be ‘anti-racist,’ but goes so far as to denounce whoever publicly defends his European identity as a ‘racist.’ Incredible, but true.

This all goes to show the paralyzing and integrative power of anti-racist dogma, which demands that its collaborators become informers — which probably isn’t a very sound calculation.

Anonymous said...

Keeping it real: Sadly, what a person wears DOES affect and determine our response/assessments.
When you dress and act "gangsta/prison/ex-con" appropriate, STFU when you are treated like one.
Active-duty veterans returning from Afghanistan might well "serve & protect" the citizens of "Chi-raq".

Wesley R said...

I have an answer for the fools in Chi-Town but no one would agree, so let's place the State Police cadets that go to the State Fair to kick ass, and place them in the areas where all of this violence takes place. Call it training 2.0.

As far as Bill'O The Clown. He licks his fingers, and then puts them in the air to see where the wind's blowing on a topic. Then his show comes on that's the direction he bends. No original thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
What a person wears does not affect your assessment of them?
12:02 AM
Oh of course it does! You know that as well as I do!

As they say, "you only get one chance to make a first impression" AND "the clothes make the man"

But this is a KILLING, a DEATH, based on a hoodie? Based on that he was "supposed to be wearing a SHIRT and TIE" to go to the store?

I don't think so, your analogy fails because it has nothing to do with the content!

That comment of O'Reillys is so out of place, it deserves at the very least, a get up and walk out of that program!

Not even an answer, not even a verbal one anyway.

Very nasty thing to say, and extremely provocative!

Guillaume Faye said...

The best historians of the Roman Empire note that its wars of conquest in the pre-Imperial period obeyed neither a desire for economic hegemony (which already existed), nor a defensive engagement against the pacified Barbarians, nor a politico-cultural Roman imperialism (which too was imposed by soft power, without legions). The historian of Gaul, Jean-Louis Brunaux notes that Caesar himself, in his famous Commentaries, never logically explained the reasons for his engagement, particularly against the Belgians, northern Gauls (Celto-Germanics) who in no way threatened Rome, which required lethal operations condemned by the Senate for their strategic uselessness.[3] Nor could Augustus three generations later justify the loss of Varus’ three legions recklessly sent into Germany against the “traitor” Hermann (Arminius). History offers countless similar examples: wars or military operations that do not follow a rational logic, and whose goals could have been achieved by fundamentally easier means.

The paradox of war is that it may have an aspect of “creative destruction” (to use the famous category of Schumpeter), especially in economic matters. In addition, in techno-economic history from the earliest times to the present day, military technology has always been a major cause of civilian innovations. In fact, conflict and the presence of an enemy creates a state of happiness and desire in the private sphere (because it gives meaning to life), just as in the public sphere, war initiates a collective happiness, a mobilization, a rupture with the daily grind, a fascinating event. For better or for worse. So what to do? We cannot abolish the act of war. It is in our genome as a libidinal drive. War is part of the pleasure principle. It is tasty, attractive, cruel, dangerous, and creative. We must simply try to regulate it, direct it, somehow dominate it rather than do away with it.

The worst thing is either to refuse or to seek war at all costs. Those facing Islamic jihad who refuse to fight back will be wiped out. Like those who deceive themselves about the enemy—for example, proponents of strikes against the Syrian regime. Everything fits in the Aristotelian mesotes, the “mean”: courage lies between cowardice and rashness, between fear and recklessness. That is why any nation that disarms and renounces military power is just as foolish as those who abuse it. War, like all pleasures, must be disciplined.

Anonymous said...

Shooting are up 13% since they ended stop and frisk in New York.

I know it must be just can't put my finger on how this is some white guys fault, could you help me with that Field?

Why is crime so high and things so bad where there literally are no white people in the country? Who gets blamed their?

Do you believe in Darwin or Are you very religious?

A Black Panther Forever said...

Brother G. Faye.... The rap about war sounds good and the innovations (medically and al.) are great. Even the rap about man needs wars to feel alive. One important piece you failed to address..... You spoke from the side of an observer, surgically making conflict enjoyable. BUT, what about the actual participants? I like the way the non participants always ride the backs of the destroyed (the actual combatants). Commenters on this blog has heard this before.

Go to the VA hospitals, the jails, the prisons and under the bridges in Amerca (the destroyed, no longer needed Brother Veteran). I know about your glorified wars. As an 18 year old child (wanting to save my brother in Vietnam) I went to Vietnam as a medic, in 1969 fresh out of high school (Hampton High). I am STILL in Vietnam. For 40 plus years the war has raged in my mind. Maybe some of your innovations can restore/fix my minds and all the other minds of the forgotten "heroes"- your kword, not mine's

field negro said...

No anon, I am not religious, but I am smart enough to know that there is a direct correlation between poverty and crime. And since Mr.Charlie has chosen to keep black folks down in Amurderca for generations, guess who ends up being poor.

You reap what you sow.

Just keeping it 100%

California Girl said...

There's no talking to people like O'Reilly. I sometimes question his and Rush's and Ann's sincerity as they seem more about keeping their names in the media by pot stirring outrageous ideas. But the end result fuels the worst prejudices and base instincts of those inclined to listen and agree. Therefore, the damage is done.

Anonymous said...

Field, "Holy crap! So we shoot people for what they wear in America, now? Look, there has been a time or two when I wanted to put some dude out of his misery for rocking a short sleeve dress shirt, but I never acted on it."

There is something naive and innocent about O'Reilly. On the other hand, he has said many things that make a lot of offering solutions to the disintegrated black families, WHICH is the CAUSE of the killings going on in the black community. I think most Blacks can agree, which is why I 'also' agree with Don Lemon.

The TM case, has been put to bed by a 'lawful' and so-called 'just' legal system, of which Brother Field is a part of. However, you won't see Field 'Headlining' in his posts- the destruction and dissolution of our families in our communities. Nope. THAT would make us look bad, and we don't do THAT. As a few black brothers have said, "We need to keep stuff like this among us."

Well, the media is doing just THAT...keeping it 'secret' among us.

"We are as sick as our secrets." THAT'S why we are soooo sick in our communities... Hiding the 'indestructible truth' will do THAT to you. It makes LIARS crazy.

Bill said...

FN Said...
And speaking of dying, some folks are wondering why we made such a huge deal when a deranged killer shot up the Navy facility in Washington, but there is no non-stop cable coverage about the 13 people shot (including a three year old) in Chicago last night.

Easy answer.

The liberal media does not care about black deaths unless the blame can be put at the feet of the NRA or republicans.

Black on black crime does not fit that description so, no concern. No non-stop media, nothing from the liberal media.

Besides, if the liberal media did start talking about black on black crime the race baiters like you would be whining about racism just like you do when Billo speaks out.

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 11:20AM

Agreed 100%. Well said.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field-Homeskillet, does it still chap your ass that GZimm wasn't white?

field negro said...

The thing is, in his mind GZ believes that he is white.
And folks like you accept him as such. Especially after he killed that little "thug" Negro.

Anonymous said...

Trayvon died because he was a thug, a criminal teenager, and he attacked and beat up George Zimmerman. He was on his way to a life in prison. His parents never gave him a stable homelife. Most of the blame is on his parents for not raising him to be a moral, upstanding citizen of the U.S. They corrupted him by not disciplining him. Now they're collecting money off his name which proves they only care about the money his name brings in. He was a typical violent black male.

Anonymous said...

Well for what it's worth, GZ is half Anglo. His father is white.

I bet when he looks in the mirror he sees his fathers face looking back at him. Not his Carib Indian face.

But I have some unfortunate news for him :D with those facial features, all he needs is a poison tipped arrow, and he's good to go, I can see it now :)

Poor GZ I think that's is biggest problem.

Jonah said...

Desertflower said...
Well for what it's worth, GZ is half Anglo. His father is white.

Technically, he is zero percent Anglo; his father is Jewish.

Why does this matter?

This obsession with Zimmerman's whiteness shows how liberalism at its core is racist.

focusedpurpose said...


i know the identity of the gay bm that came crazy at me with lies that you now feel you owe an apology for refuting.

because he had his meltdown as an Anon...i will leave him Anon, though Almighty showed me who he was and why he had me to come at him with love...of the biblical variety. despite homie richly begging for and deserving a verbal smackdown.

i address you both and the tone of our homo convo here:

in conversations about HUMAN SEXUALITY folks refusing to address the kinsey report, while claiming 'intellectual/scholar' status reveal themselves to be on script+ agenda'd. few will come out and say yes, i must push an agenda. i don't need those words...i watch behavior.

kinsey is to HUMAN sexual behavior what freud is to psychology, what einstein is to physics.

speed posting other irrelevant links...changes this NOT.

you linked Makow...who by the way i don't think 'hates' homos, women nor blacks. what is up with gay folks hurling those labels...while they fight to be label-less?

i just don't think he cares about the rights of these groups as much as he cares for outing the illuminati while trying to maintain white supremacy + white male privilege. he is fighting a losing battle. it is that white supremacy that has America lined up for Almighty's it is written. those Yahuthim in slave ships...yep, folks WILL pay...just not reparations. lol!

it appears that makow has learned Scriptures was whitened and the folks depicted are Black now he wants to dissolve the concept of Yahuthim altogether. lol. how convenient, you former wish you were Hebrew person.

the most interesting exchanges happen in the comment section...there was a woman who married a modern man who needed a roommate to split bills more than a wife. when she commented about her experience as a traditional woman-the kind makow acts like he wants to see return to the fore front, makow acted like she had not spoken. his agenda is white man land+ white man privilege world wide. his efforts to shine light will NOT impact said white supremacy...

i have told him as much, just so you know. my Father is not a respecter of persons...neither am i.

my reference to chem trailing in our homo circular convo...was born of my attempting to get folks in real life to look up and ask questions about why we are being sprayed like bugs.

it was actually at makow's blog that another soul wrote a piece that highlights what it is like to try to get folks to acknowledge what is plainly clear to the human eye...with no success.

despite your ability to understand me when i am speaking on OTHER suddenly could not understand me. that's ok, AB. one cannot see the extra business attached to the 'gay agenda' with the naked eye. aren't you the same one that claims your third eye is wide open? how are you missing what is obvious while you claim awake status? might 'gay rights' be your blindspot?

focusedpurpose said...

since you are linking might want to check out his latest offering regarding the Father of Psychology Freud...

ps. i don't think Sandra Rose 'hates' gays either-herself being a lesbian. she is just bound to tell the truth it seems. decency will not allow folks to play along with the code of silence. this is true in all camps.

as you are aware Rose was molested by a woman...THAT was her introduction to the life. she seems to take pleasure in taunting straight women about how many of their 'het' husbands have gay lovers. it is NOT hate to call this out. it is simply THE TRUTH. and these same men will go back for more routinely, while SWEARING they are NOT gay. the quickest route to hiv is anal sexual activity. is this a newsflash? don't trip...i have said from jump...many 'het' men are practicing their gay moves with women before they wander on over into gay territory for real.

ugly. but truth nonetheless. folk telling it are not 'homo haters'. those up close+personal with the false idols/change agents/celebrities get strong doses of truth. then folks make their deals accordingly.

PilotX said...

Well, they didn't used to use assault rifles in Chicago. Hopefully this isn't the beginning of a new trend.

focusedpurpose said...

those of us that DO read Scriptures and understand prophecy are NOT shocked in the least by the antics of the whore of babylon, which has a date with destruction like nobody's business.

you clearly do not listen when i speak... i have said again and again that i am NOT 'Christian'...folks bowing down to wood and stone have already been warned on that in Scriptures.

those calling themselves "Christian' don't bother to read Scriptures for themselves, pray and ask Almighty to reveal His Truths. they are following men around in circles...THIS is why they think Messiah came and did away with the Law+prophets. despite Him CLEARLY saying otherwise:


Matthew 5:14-18

14 Ye are the light of the world, A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

15 Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.

16 Let your light shine before men, and that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

there are a grip of in the church on sun day all their lives 'Christians' that have no idea of the law, no intention of following it, and will get real salty with a 'g-d knows my heart' dismiss in a second. like they don't know the law re: their hearts even. lol. truly folks perish for lack of knowledge.

the 'scholar'/'intellectual' ones these days are the MOST REMOVED from Universal Law...they act like it is up for debate or subject to mass appeal. this is true for the dartmouth, usc, nyu, brown degree'd devilish folks i know personally, and others observed world wide, that never cease to amaze me with their non stop new school unlawful foolishness. i am NOT joking when i say folks are having their good sense 'educated' out of them. pink floyd back in the day called it what it is...mind control. i add only my observation of an extra dose of devilry disguised as 'freedom'...

i AM Yahuthim. the Hebrews written of in Scriptures...get that right AB...then you will be closer to understanding who i AM...and closer to being able to apply Angelou's quote appropriately as it relates to me.

focusedpurpose said...

i have been showing you who i am for years. if anyone is getting a chance to see true is me, my friend. yet, i am called to wait for Him. otherwise i would be laying bishes OUT all my mind and in real life. those mental azz whuppings folks get when they come reckless mouth my way...THOSE are my daily sins.


sis, when you rolled into my house calling Scriptures 'bull' like you have no home training...i promised i snatched a few of your locs out- in my mind. baby booty smooth bald...did ya feel it? lol! sin nevertheless. i both confess and repent;)

the pope is on one in a major way. what is NOT being reported here in the states 24/7, like the latest precursor to race war/disarmament Trayvon Martin psych op the fact that gay ped has been linked to the pope's office DIRECTLY. those decent souls releasing documented proof were PROMPTLY imprisoned.

additionally, did you miss the pope discussing the massive powerful gay lobby? maybe he is a 'homo hater' after all, according to what seems to be your logic.

the pope not only wants folks to leave him and the rest of his gay ped buddies (throw some nuns up in the mix!) can come be apart of the church even if you don't believe at all. just be sure to bring your mammon and your children! eff your soul. we want those babies and your gold/mammon!!!

you may want to catch up, quiet down, or prepare to be ignored on this one sis. too much at stake and i AM about my father's business with focused purpose. there will be no apologies nor asking of permission...the righteous are to be BOLD as lions.

folks best believe the devils are real bold, too, as they pretend they are US.

Shabbath Shalom all!

GangsterX said...

PilotX said...
Well, they didn't used to use assault rifles in Chicago. Hopefully this isn't the beginning of a new trend.

Why, back in my day, we had shoot each other with revolvers. None of this semi-automatic stuff for us no sir! Had shoot 'em the old fashioned way, one at a time. It was a lot of work to shoot 13 people, let me tell you. Kids today don't know how easy they have it.

BARBBF said...

Bill O'Reilly kept spewing the lie for weeks and weeks that Blacks committed 10x as many murders as whites...ignoring the most recent complete FBI report on crime in the USA, which showed that whites..being the majority in this country, committed the most murders, rapes, burglary, vandalism, arson..and on and on.

Anonymous said...

My dear FP, I have heard you say you were not Christian and have accepted that. But I have not heard you say what you follow or denomination you belong to?

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting take on the Pope. That is, he might be gay. It's possible. The Catholic Church is full of gays and pedophiles. Yet, their doctrine, which they adhere to publicly, and publicly to the Bible, say it's a sin to be gay... or rather it's a sin to engage in homo sexual acts.

It's all pretty confusing when you listen to both sides, i.e. the gays and the Vatican=politics and religion. I often wonder where the true GOD is in all of this? With gays and politicians playing God it's hard to tell what's what these days. Life is getting darker and darker, very little light these days.

BARF said...

BARBBF said...
Bill O'Reilly kept spewing the lie for weeks and weeks that Blacks committed 10x as many murders as whites...ignoring the most recent complete FBI report on crime in the USA, which showed that whites..being the majority in this country, committed the most murders, rapes, burglary, vandalism, arson..and on and on.

You are truly an idiot.

Blacks commit more than half the murders in this country DESPITE their being SIX TIMES AS MANY WHITE PEOPLE AS BLACK PEOPLE.

You should not be allowed to vote.

Anonymous said...

BARBBF, I agree with BARF, you truly are an idiot. Here we are today in Chicago where damn near ALL the killings--IN MASS---are Blacks and you are busy arguing that it's not so bad because Whites are doing the most killing. You FOOL! Our neighborhoods and communities are being destroyed, drive by shootings are killing our kids and YOU, you dumb shit, are trying to split hairs with O'Reilly. No wonder our situation and circumstances keep getting worse. We have folks like you in profound DENIAL, which means you LIE to yourself everyday.

You don't know the difference between lies and truths. You should join the gang-bangers with a 'special' twist: instead of shooting other brothers, just shoot yourself.

Bill said...

FN said...
made such a huge deal when a deranged killer shot up the Navy facility in Washington, but there is no non-stop cable coverage about the 13 people shot (including a three year old) in Chicago last night.

Have you noticed the "non-stop" cable coverage has already gone bye bye?

I wonder why.

I mean besides the fact the shooter, a black Obama supporter doesn't fit the agenda the media wants to push.

focusedpurpose said...

Anon 9:02pm-

i follow Scriptures...which CLEARLY states that we are to follow NO man.

the 'man'-THE Man- that came for us...we rejected. WE are the Messiah killers...written of in Scriptures. that's the down side to being the Chosen Mighty Ones. however, we are Chosen to be light unto the nations and speak His Word to all with boldness and love. we are NOT called to make folks feel like strangers...THIS is why we the ALL white folks are 'mutants' guy is missing the point...

folks can think it is the impostor europeans of Revelation...if they watch too much tv (controlled by said impostors) and are truly married to their whitened deliberate Psalm 83 MISeducation, if they want to...

we are in babylon. it is NOT a 'Christian' nation for those that think that term makes sense. it IS a freemason nation...that would be more accurate. which is why the selected government puppets, who are controlled by a hidden hand that REALLY governs from behind the scenes, swear in using MASONIC bibles...

Anon- i don't really do labels. everybody seems to need them in order to process what is going on...

presently i AM waiting for Him to release me to put this hebrew israelite y-hw-h ben y-hw-h fellow, (sexist+ Law ignorant as all hell...yet has a young daughter in THESE last days)...grow me in patience individual that seems to auto assume i am an idiot. um...point me to the Scripture that supports the notion of Messiah being born in 1935 in the US...a child molester no less+ said arrogant sexist severely misguided guy ALSO believes HE is a g-d.

no, i am not all that concerned with labels nor denominations...none truly seem to be turning out a great many that will stand and deliver His Word to the lost ones...

i used to attend church of the harvest...which the pastor is now going to be on that corrupt cat daddy marathon mockery of Almighty tv show churches of la. cat daddies slanging scripture sortta for DOLLARS. ugh. though the music was BANANAS. lol! when Almighty told me plain as day to come out from among them...i kind of wanted to argue. but but the!

if you visit my blog...the sidebar is really where i AM coming from...we all must DO something. we either believe Almighty or we bow in fear to the world. THOSE are THE options. however you get to where you need to be is really between that soul and Almighty. i believe the Scriptures+ the books that were deliberately edited it relates to the human condition.

those that choose to believe the world will feel helpless, hopeless, back against the wall, and mighty fearful...when these same folks tell me i am 'crazy' truly does tickle me;) i consider it a compliment!

i don't know how to label my journey...ALL churches have been infiltrated+ controlled by the hidden satanic hand to some degree at this point...not just the Catholic church. they are just so flaming extra all would TRULY need to be blind to miss it.

much love Anon;)

focusedpurpose said...


THIS is why the ALL white folks are 'mutants' guy is missing the point...

focusedpurpose said...


there is no need to wonder about what Almighty thinks about the nonstop chaos coming out the churches and their present role as co-conspirators...

this is not about picking on the catholics. ALL 'denominations' are getting it in...what's up with the bm/hispanic pastors molesting everyone they come in contact with? the men AND women teachers are going OFF! it is truly chaos already. they just have not revealed next level just yet. i see clearly because He shows me.

we are called to try the spirit by the Spirit. try all things by His Spirit for those of us that serve Him. we know it is of His Spirit when it lines up with His Word.

the folks yelling about how invalid His Word is...seem to want to do any 'ole thing under the sun. that which is prohibited...actually brings harm to one's life. WHY are folks fighting so hard to hold onto it all? folks are fighting doubly hard to hold onto it while demanding justice, peace and love on earth...because they are smart enough to make up ish that is not at all Scripture related. any wonder there is such chaos?

forgive any typos. long day...

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