Monday, September 16, 2013

Shocked for a day.

Aaron Alexis has now allegedly joined a long line of American mass murderers by using his AR-15 to wreak carnage on a naval civilian facility in Washington D.C. today.

We are now learning that he acted alone, and that he does not fit the profile of most mass shooters (see white males)in America. Most. Just a few years ago a couple of black males terrorized the D.C. area as well. We didn't see that coming, either.

His friends say that he was a peaceful guy (they always say that) and that he even studied Buddhism. They say that all of this was out of character. But was it?

Apparently this Alexis dude liked to fire his gun, and he liked his video games as well. That is not a good combination. Alexis was actually arrested in Texas for discharging his weapon. (Those damn noisy neighbors) But Texas being Texas the district attorney there did not find it necessary to file charges.

Still, this won't be one of those we need gun control bash the NRA post; that would be too easy. This is about trying to find out what is happening in America to cause people to want to just take out innocent people because of their own messed up situation in life. Aaron Alexis became infamous today, tomorrow it will be someone else.

We will all be just as shocked, and just as outraged. But, when it's all said and done; we will do nothing. Oh the cable news shows will make some money, and politricksters and pundits on both sides of the political debate will go into their respective corners and start shouting in an echo chamber.

This will go on for about two weeks, and then we will be back to Miley and her twerk.



Anonymous said...

Two weeks? Nope, I give it a week tops.


Anonymous said...

"Still, this won't be one of those we need gun control bash the NRA post; that would be too easy. This is about trying to find out what is happening in America to cause people to want to just take out innocent people because of their own messed up situation in life. Aaron Alexis became infamous today, tomorrow it will be someone else."

Well, that is the $64k question isn't it? If we could figure that out we would know all about being humans on earth. Forget it. There will be no more understanding about 'why' than about all the other massacres. Except this one has a color twist to it..the man was Black. Guess it has to do with the post-racial era in America.

I think the bigger question is, "what's happening to the black race?" Have we gone completely insane? I mean, I use to say Blacks only go after the 'person' they had the beef with- and only Whites do mass killings. But I can't say that anymore.

You know what's surprising me the most? I once thought we were the 'chosen' people, according to the Bible. But I don't believe it anymore.

Anonymous said...

FN, well now you won't be able to say that mass murder is something only white guys do.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...
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Anonymous said...

I wonder what his reasons were? They've spoken about nonpayment of a job he did, not that that's a reason, of course it's not, but I wonder if he left a note or something...

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

These mass killings are usually cries of utter contempt for life, the killers' included. They know that their own deaths wouldn't even ripple the pond, so they take a crowd along with them as a final middle-finger to the rest of us, and it forces us to care about them for the first time.

Anonymous said...

Well Whitey, that's a thought! Could very well be. So does this mean that perhaps we should care more about each other?

But he seemed to have people that cared about him though. Friends that speak with concern and caring about him.

I dunno, it's wierd, I wish they would say everything. Because he shot one man in the temple. I think that may have been his primary target.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. Blacks have integrated mass killing. You Negroes just couldn't wait to be accepted, could you?

Looking forward to some Negroes commenting on this although there probably won't be very many 'black' comments about this. But I guarantee there will be a lot of 'white' hits. In fact, we just might set a new record on FN.

Yeah, let it snow!

Poor Field, he never saw this one coming. He'll probably retire after tonight. Too much snow for him to handle. lol

Oh well, 'all black good things must come to an end'..hey, that is poetic.. lol..

Anonymous said...

Blogger Desertflower said...
I wonder what his reasons were? They've spoken about nonpayment of a job he did, not that that's a reason, of course it's not, but I wonder if he left a note or something...

10:22 PM
dear Desert, I doubt if the mass killer left a not. Surely you must know that our peeps don't leave notes?

Anonymous said...

The man probably was depressed about being Black in America.

depressed Negro

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

DesertFlower said "So does this mean that perhaps we should care more about each other?"

It's worth a try.

Anonymous said...

To me, I think mass murderers kill for different reasons.

One kills because he's crazy has perceived slights and is delusional like the Aurora guy.

And the another one kills because of a real grudge caused by a real slight/offense by someone and they just snap.

Either way it's wrong, and it's no way to handle a situation, but I'm just saying when they're crazy they're crazy. And when they snap, they snap.

Has nothing to do with black or white really.

Unless the offense was race related.

Who knows, this is complicated stuff:( I just know it's so endemic, my gosh!

Anonymous said...

Whitey's Conspiracy said...
It's worth a try.
11:06 PM
Yes it is! That's why I like to treat everybody well,and lovingly,(at least I try anyway:) because you never know what pain they are carrying around and hiding, and why not try to make it better...

Black Sage said...

Give it few days and we’ll learn that this guy probably had some deep seated racial issues with whites. I’m not saying that this is a good reason to commit a massacre. However, it just doesn’t make any darn sense in terms of how this story is being reported. Everything is being placed back on Aaron as though there was something INTERNALLY wrong as being the causative factor for the shooting without giving any thought to something EXTERNAL (racism).

Conjure up the Chris Dorner incident. Remember, Chris was a former Naval personnel also. LAPD essentially made a monster out of a normal person through intentionally overt and pro-longed harassment. As we all witnessed, the end result was the same here for Aaron.

I see some eerie similarities and I’m even more suspicious when all of the blame is placed on the shoulders of a dead black man. Certainly, the US isn’t a perfect country for blacks.

I spent a few years in the military and I don’t know how many times I’ve heard how the Navy was the most racist branch to enlist into if you were black. I understand that Aaron was a civilian and doing contract work. But still, it’s the same environment.

We’ll see though, give it a few days.

Anonymous said...

Yes Sage, exactly. I'd like to know the reasons too.

The officer that was shot in the legs had an exchange with him and he can speak and I'm sure has said what Aaron told him.

and why not shoot to kill, he was an experienced shooter. He shot the officer to stop him, not to kill him.

This is interesting. I do hope the authorities tell all.

Anonymous said...

Black Sage and Desert, you two amaze me. Always looking for an excuse to minimize the crime. The man killed 12 people, He's a bad guy, whatever the reason may be. What's more he's a mass killer and he is Black. Whatever his reason for killing he killed a lot of innocent people. It's just that simple.

If every bm killed because of racism, whether real or imagined, there would be nobody left, or at the very least, there would be a war going on.

Anonymous said...

desertflower, "This is interesting. I do hope the authorities tell all."

there is nothing interesting about a mass killing.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
there is nothing interesting about a mass killing.
1:00 AM
Well if it weren't all that interesting, we wouldn't be here discussing it, and you wouldn't be commenting on it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Black Sage and Desert, you two amaze me. Always looking for an excuse to minimize the crime. The man killed 12 people, He's a bad guy, whatever the reason may be. It's just that simple.
12:59 AM
I don't think there's anything "simple" about these mass murders.

It's becoming an American phenomenon and it bears studying and investigating as to the causes.

As for being "bad guy" thats just too simplistic an answer. I think "bad guy" pales by comparison.

Anonymous said...

Another (yawn) mass shooting and killing; and predictable "shock" - wink-wink...
Because we a-merry-kkans love, worship and glamorize our guns and gun violence, what IS surprising is that there aren't more frequent mass shootings and killings. But, perhaps I speak too soon; stay tuned, another (yawn) mass shooting/killing is coming to your neighborhood real soon.
Our national identity reeks of guns, blood, and violence.
Justice - the proverbial 'chickens come home to roost' - is upon us. And, boy is she ever pissed.

focusedpurpose said...

until folks get familiar with MK...

then understand that it permeates ALL facets of life from entertainment to politics to religion...

nothing is going to make much sense. folks will continue to run/talk in circles.

there are different programs...

miley cyrus is on a beta sex program. so is the thicke blurred lines rapey person for that matter. truth be told his butt was looking a LOT rounder than miley's in that ritual all that watched subjected themselves is no accident all the creepy child molesters felt 'awakened'+ vocal. dumb azz carnal men and women would do well to know/recognize that ALL women are someone's daughters, sisters, mothers, etc. are people REALLY this dumb? folks best believe Almighty is real+patient.

some folks are on an assassin program.

military folks make great assassins.

until folks get familiar with the truth...those speaking it will appear 'mad/crazy'...


'when a well packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.'
-Dresden James


Anonymous said...

Anonymous1:58 AM
Another (yawn) mass shooting and killing; and predictable "shock" - wink-wink...Because we a-merry-kkans love, worship and glamorize our guns and gun violence, what IS surprising is that there aren't more frequent mass shootings and killings. But, perhaps I speak too soon; stay tuned, another (yawn) mass shooting/killing is coming to your neighborhood real soon.
you say it so casually. Aren't you concerned that it might be in your neighborhood? I mean, that's the thing, who knows?

Stillapanther2 said...

If you once had means to survive in America and then emploment brick, survival bricks are taken away and you see no means of survival in your future; that's pressure. Living in DC (I attended school there), I know that there are pockets of opulance as well as abject poverty. That is not the place to be if you are concerned about money. Having safety nets are so important/mandatory for the sane as well as the insane.

I don't know what caused this Brother to have taken his pain and placed it on the innocent. Again we will have many opinions as to why. But like my opinion and yours, we may never know. Speculations are to ease our pains (and fears); humans must have something to "hang my hat on".

I can't imagine how much pain is on the families. I pray for the families.

Black Sage said...

Anonymous 12:59 said: “Black Sage and Desert, you two amaze me. Always looking for an excuse to minimize the crime. The man killed 12 people, He's a bad guy, whatever the reason may be. What's more he's a mass killer and he is Black. Whatever his reason for killing he killed a lot of innocent people. It's just that simple.”

Nope, that’s not what I’m attempting to do here and it’s not just that simple. You must be broad minded, not miniscule minded. And you shouldn’t believe the narrative of officials until you’ve heard a little more substance of the background issues at play here. Furthermore, I’ll advise you not to be so quick to believe everything that’s placed right before you and refuse to look towards another angle for the REAL story. In regard to any incident, you must study the nuances and idiosyncrasies at hand, not what they tell you through tel-lie-vision. Get your *ish together and Remember Chris Dorner!

Even further, it’s always suspicious to me when all fingers regarding blame are pointed at the dead man, it should be the same for you as well!

field negro said...

Anon@10:39, field will have plenty to say. Especially with folks like u crawling out of the woodwork.

Sage some of his victims were black. Unless he has self hate issues like frustrated negro (posted above) and others, I would have to say that this was not racially motivated.

Anonymous said...

in a nation of psycho gaming drugged dregs

this will happen again...soon.

cc his cloned crazed drugged unarmed child kkkiller gz

his next kill will be grander...asap..

how soon will hobama/hitler 2.0 pimp this to disarm us all?

cc dhs/fema/ndaa/wwiii/jobless/homeless/hopeless/africom...

Anonymous said...


u incessantly take the time to post sexist drivel about me

but u refuse to take even one brief moment to pen one mf thing about ndaa/africom/assata/wwiii....shame!!!!!!!

we do see u indeed u hobama nazi nig.

Anonymous said...

false flag to mask syria???


how soon will hobama/hitler 2.0 pimp this to disarm/distract us all?

cc dhs/fema/ndaa/wwiii/jobless/homeless/hopeless/africom...

Anonymous said...

Queen FP;



monarch children

mk ultra

cia sex slaves

lone nut scripts

sirhan sirhan

jared lee loghner

false flags

hobama/cambion scars/cia kin/red diaper baby

manson clan/defused flower power


Anonymous said...



mark david chapman

jim jones

hologram hobama


Black Sage said...

,Field Negro, damn, he must have been on strange brother!

BARBBF said...

"Just a few years ago a couple of black males terrorized the D.C. area as well. We didn't see that coming, either."


I lived in DC when the 2 black males were arrested for terrorizing the area. it was before the TIVO I didn't have the option of recording anything... I was looking at the news program, I think it was on the local channel 4 or 7 (we didn't have 2000 channels way back then). The voice over reporter was explaining that they were waiting for the police with the cameras to get to the area before they opened the vehicle which belonged to the accused. There was a policeman standing behind the vehicle. I saw a man in uniform (white man, short, mid-forty or fifty wearing a Maryland police uniform) who was carrying a rifle..look over his shoulder, turn back to the trunk, then open the trunk, and put the rifle in the trunk. It was obvious that he did not realize that the TV camera was on him. I called the TV station to ask why there was no comment about his putting the rifle in the trunk. There was no answer. I waited for the news to come on again. They never showed the policeman putting the rifle in the trunk..that part was cut. I was shocked and disgusted. I made more calls to the TV station and never got anyone to pick up the phone. I wrote and called the Washington Post to no avail. Later when the 2 went on trial..I tried to contact the office of the public defenders but they never replied to my calls either. I know they confessed, but who knows what they went through while in police custody. I think the news did report some time later that the younger man confessed to avoid the death penalty. I don't even know if DC still had the death penalty then. Who knows?

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...


Son you didn't know?
Remember our conversation in DC? This was going to happen, and my reach now is to those who survived and those whose fam mem were lost
All others will have thier day in the big court

Anonymous said...


clandestine military shooters

2 military shooters FILMED at sandy hook's false flag

bombs at 9/11

wtc 7/sunken with no plane crash

2 shooters at colorado etc

2 shooters at the dc navy yard

obama's osama hoax

dick c/demanded that af stand down on 9/11 and LET planes crash



Anonymous said...

hobama's pimping this to disarm masses has already negun

what a gd shame!

Anonymous said...

hobama has failed at everything!!!!!
even his bff warren b agrees...

see hobama lie in chi:

Anonymous said...

Again, the genie is out of the bottle. No (gun)laws, restrictions; obviously, incarcerations and death penalties can ever put the genie back in. The genesis; the DNA of our national identity is a tragic-comic(?) and obsessive love affair with guns and gun violence. Americans are helplessly infatuated with guns and violence; we nurture a pornographic fascination and glamorization of guns and gun violence. So... We will, predictably, wring our hands, momentarily mourn the victims; then rapidly get over this most recent orgy of gun violence in short order - "the beat goes on" - and get back to the real business of america: Marketing more violence. We can't help it; it's in the DNA of our national identity. Get over it, america... Get some popcorn; stay tuned for the next orgy of violence coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

Anonymous said...

kudos to don lemon and bill cosby!

2 real men who are my heroes!!!

all black deaf blind hobama nazis are no-groes!

cc cbc/africom/ndaa/mongrels

Anonymous said...

George Zimmerman was a (non-white) hispanic who shot a sacred black youth. Now a black youth shot a hispanic.

Can the homies please cover this story. It is also in Florida.

field negro said...

Anon, was the black youth arrested? If he was u have a non-story. GZ was not arrested until public outcry.

AB, do u think president Obama sent out this shooter to diatract from Syria?

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

i am not a conspiracy theorist

i am a conspiracy scholar/researcher!!!

hobama is a serial global war criminal

who has unleashed serial false flags

dc is only his newest

do stand by

cc sandy hook/osama/co etc

cc africom/syria/wwiii/ndaa....

Anonymous said...

hobama's false flags are more routine that his rabid amoral scanda;ls

mk ultra is real

cc hobama's cointelpro 2013/snowwden/manning/assata etc

cc craft international at hobama's false flag in boston


Anonymous said...

dc = the new boston/sandy hook etc

do stand by for more false flags via hobama/hitler 2.0

cc craft international/OTHER shooters etc

Anonymous said...

hobama is an evil liar and a global imperialist/fascist/terrorist dog

and he only fools hobama nazis

more false flags loom asap

cc his handlers/owners/g soros/bilderbergs/banksters...

cc drones/africom/wwiii....

Anonymous said...

false flags/lone nuts = scripts via msm

,more proof that hobama rules all msm

cc censored povery/ndaa/africom/wwiii/genocide/frankenfood....

Anonymous said...

I'm so amazed! oh my gosh! Alexis had such a violent past:O OMG!

He did this he did that, he did the other! Why there was that time at the age of two he threw his pacifier on the floor.

Violent, violent,violent! The media is ALL OVER IT!

While Zimmermans violent, and aggressive past behaviour. Which included assaulting a cop, among other stuff, was barely touched upon. snd then only in print on the internet!

I never heard any of the main newscasters, including Anderson or anyone discuss GZs violent past. I'm still waiting!

Anonymous said...

foreclosed hm = belated proof

no lies live forever

cc oj/gz...

i told u so

the same pimped fools who adore oj
adore hobama

what a gd shame,

Anonymous said...



Seems to be an overwhelming trend in these shootings ...

Pysch meds...
Love of guns...

Violent Video Games

This looks mighty MKultra-ish.

There has to be a link between the pych meds depression, and violence...

Not too much focus will be on those things though...

Anonymous said...

Yay for Dr Janis Orlowski for speaking out about the need for more mental Heath resources in the country!

Anonymous said...

mk ultra and false flags and gun grabs

cc hobama/hitler 2.0/bragamus/mabus


Anonymous said...

cc that creepy clown in dc/hobama the celebutante drone man

cc circus in syria/africom/wwiii...

Anonymous said...

more on dangerous whites:

Anonymous said...

more on dangerous white cops

Anonymous said...

more proof that the racist hobama has made amerikkka more racist than ever

cc tyra/naomi/alek...

Anonymous said...


"Anon, was the black youth arrested? If he was u have a non-story. GZ was not arrested until public outcry."

Homepiece, GZ was initially nabbed but then released, they didn't have a murder case ever anyway. It wasn't until the masses wanted their scapegoat that they went ahead and conducted the farce. That wan't true with the black youth killing Miguel Pilotos.

Anonymous said...

will hobama and his thugs ruin YOUR city next???

chiraq = the new destroyt

cc hobama's dl eff buddy/our illeal mafia mayor rahmbo/his new casino seats for the hobamas

cv hobama;s jobless/homeless.hopeless/unchanged base

cc china owned GM etc


Anonymous said...

cc hobama's dl eff buddy/our illegal mafia mayor rahmbo/his new casino seats for the hobamas

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Here's a hint on the the shooter's thinking fellow comment-taters, back in '88 he was kicked out of the Navy Reserve for a civilian arrest for "damaging furniture" in a bar fight in Atlanta and cussing his adversaries out in front of the popo. Having once been arrested for that very set of crimes in Norfolk VA when a couple of local fellows welcomed me to their hangout with a pool q & a barstool, I can see how the blatant injustice of it might stick with someone. Especially if it began a spiral down.

Luckily it had no such professional ramifications for me, other than some extra duty. The powers that be kind of expected such things from young Marines on port call.

focusedpurpose said...


tell it!

folks best believe IT IS ALL RELATED. the homosexual agenda fits neatly in the mix as well.

for those that need white folks to tell them that this ish is real:

and then understand that BO's fascination with lincoln+ reagan is NOT an accident. double talking devils have GOT to TELL YOU WHO THEY ARE...if you are too ignorant to hear/believe them...that's on you. free will exercised nevertheless.


i AM coming back to discuss the homosexual agenda- which requires decent homosexuals to stand up and tell the dang truth. folks acting crazy in the middle of the convo be damned.

Black Sage: you and your emotional tantrums REALLY make me tired man. this is my follow up from a thread or two back.

you with your nonsense derail important exchanges. you need to revisit your Scriptures...and get REAL CLEAR about His people's call to judgment. i told you before i shared my observation that is was NOT judgment. why would i need to lie about that? you excused yourself by accusing me of 'judging' and suggesting because you are on the plantation you have to act like a least that's what it appeared you were saying.

you would do well to remember that even SMALL CHILDREN are known by their behavior. this is not the first check you have begged for from me with your snot nosed, ugly face crying, leg kicking, fall on back, shoe+ sock flying off, girl fighting tantrums all out in public, sir...with some Scripture tossed in for good measure. if you are not ashamed to do it...i am not ashamed to tell you what i think about it. deal?

with all going on in the do BM decide they have time for THAT type of madness? or preaching to womenfolk about hair weaves? lol. folks STILL pretending they got a bulk of dating 'options' ya'll don't. lol. you foolish folks have LOTS of opportunities to get all plagued+ she deviled up. running up in church just before over used stuff falls off or breaks down notwithstanding. the church women are getting hip to that game as well. folks think only the occult is being revealed? all this game is being aired out...the good 'ole docile ww took a golf club to tiger before she took his money on back to white folks. the heiress thinking she got good with Phylicia Rashad's attention. she is shredding that negro. random every day negroes that latch onto ww for their credit and cars...get cute and make her call the cops on that behind. lol. brothas need to get real...with each other.

smart women are NOT paying attention to all the talking bm, in gross numbers, are only prepared to girls/ womenfolk. the same audience they use to carry them...

focusedpurpose said...

judgment and discernment are two different things...His people are called to walk in sound discernment+ judgment. and yes...i AM qualified to share with folks when they need to act like they are grown ups. i AM qualified to notice the poopy diapered spiritual toddler melting down in the comment thread over here at FN like he needs a diaper change, snack+ nap. my pointing it out does not mean i hate nor disrespect said offender. my suggestion that one gets up and cut out all emotional melt done out of love.

your mess derailed AB and my conversation...that was going somewhere UNrelated ENTIRELY to the massive meltdown you brought to the table. + you a man, too? will need to get that together, sir. or toughen up as i call you the hell out on it. each time i have to call you out...i AM coming harder for you. light taps are supposed to get your attention. you need a verbal sledge hammer to the dome...i got you on that one, too. however you want+ need it in order to get back over into your lane.

BIB, i see why your position on the FED player guy is as it is...i am wrong to want to get things sped up a bit...impatience on my part and a total violation of the Law. thanks for your thoughtful response. i ask questions because i am growing and learning just as everyone else.

Anon, i have not forgotten your doctrine/religion question...and AB, i will address your comments and our homosexual conversation. after watching the homo attacks...while folks are all mealy+excuse mouthed with their occurred to me that a bit of pause would probably be best.

the conversation is very important...many many folks are being hurt by the spread of false/misinformation.

last week was a lot on my plate. came through it more than a conqueror style in His Name, though. now i AM practicing being Love. the shout it outs...had the deadhead slaves out themselves. lol. i tend to be bold and in folks face when they slander my name and lie on me in my face. LOL. Almighty is making me act right...too much at stake.

learned in the process the importance of words. sometimes...folks can be truly blessed or destroyed by words. they are that powerful...i seek to be a blessing...

focusedpurpose said...


i hear you.

in the last few months, Almighty has awakened me at different times to reveal things to me.

not too long ago in LA...there was a shooting killing four bm in the early morning hours in their apt.

the news report at 6am was so odd the teleprompted talking heads couldn't segway properly. they seemed visibly upset...and proceeded to ask obvious questions. how would the police KNOW that none of these men's neighbors were in danger?

'four bm have been killed by gunfire early this morning. the police want all neighboring citizens to know that they are safe. there is no danger to the public at this time.'


that's how the teleprompter people covered it. then later in the day...that story was spun to unrecognizable.

IF folks pay attention...sometimes real comes through all the simulated 'reality'. you appear to be describing another such instance.


speaking of MK, tupac, ronald reagan, lone gunman, what appears to be mental health issues,miley cyrus, satanic influence etc...

time for folks to tell the truth and shame the devil. some of us are dealing with devil madness daily in order for folks to know what is REALLY going on...eff the 'official' stories. seriously. will the brave please STAND UP so that we can get to the land of the free bit? white have been lied to ALL your lives. the devil does NOT like you either. plus those of you that continue to love the white lie...will perish with it. they are already coming for your children full force. the day the ww can no longer be the face of porn+ the epitome of femininity = the end of your whitened madness. think i am joking...keep watching. molly'd out, twerking, white chicks are about to go next level...while wm go in search of dirt floor non western women to control+ manipulate.

these defeated satanic bastards can't kill us all...and they are damn sure torturing me ALREADY with all this satanic, bassackwards, whitened, DAILY psyop, insult the intelligence nonsense!!!

LOL. for real is time for folks to choose sides based on the Spirit they serve...Truth or lies...

field negro said...

Soooo...this was an Obama conspiracy. *tipping slowly away*

focusedpurpose said...

ps. the game...a foster child from days of old...who today torments his beard for the whole world to see on tv...used to have a monarch butterfly on his face. he covered it over with something else...

those of us in the know...understand. when we say homothug...we are NOT seeking to insult. we are calling out the change agents ('stars') that are being used to program het men into homo behavior...starting with womenfolk before they get to full out homo behavior.

that that think women/girls are to be used, abused, and WILL have a chance to get that back. trust.

LOL! WHAT do folks think is sitting at the top of the ish pile if not a lot of pasty abominable activity?

focusedpurpose said...


those that think women/girls are to be used, abused and WILL have a chance to get that back. trust.

FN EVERYTHING about BO IS a conspiracy...keep tipping away from the Truth if you don't believe fat meat is greasy!

grown azz menfolk tipping around the truth is NOT working out so dunno?


Anonymous said...

Blogger field negro said...
Soooo...this was an Obama conspiracy. *tipping slowly away*

7:30 PM
Well, Mr Field, you said YOURSELF that Obama was the best politician you have ever seen because he knows how to play the game smartly. Therefore, this 'could' be an Obama conspiracy.

Hell, any President planning on bombing Syria and embroiling us in another war in the middle east is capable of anything horrific.

PilotX said...

We've had mass killings in this country since its inception. Why should things be any different now?

Anonymous said...

PilotX what's different now is we have brothers mass killing innocent Americans. That is WHAT'S DIFFERENT. And, considering how violent bm can be, there should be an FBI and CIA 'joint' effort to stop this ASAP.

Josh said...

I'm not a fan of the way we classify murderers -- spree-killers, psychotics, etc. The main reason I'm not a fan is that we don't really put any label whatsoever on gang-affiliated killers, whether they be Italian mafia or Chiraqis, other than calling them "criminals."

In the grand scheme, you would expect any shooter (outside of Americans ganglands) to be white, by percentage alone. But, also in the grand scheme (including gangland), it's not shocking whatsoever that a gunman is black. In fact, it's more statistically representative of what's happening in America: Black males murdering people at greater rates than other males.

Oof-ah. The way these things are calculated and presented is strange and even dishonest.

Some people are just nucking futs, and white males don't have that market cornered. There are just exceedingly fewer black males (outside of gangland).

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...


Are you ready for the next thunder? Turn on CNN

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Aaron is one whom Chrystal Wright and short dick white crakka anonymous would love. Too bad they missed the real truth about this jajaja

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...


Son this is a fact

Afrikans have been committing mass murders for awhile now. At least since the 60's in big numbers
And any number over 4 is considered mass murder duh!
Now the only issue here is the majority of those kiled were creepy crakkas

Bill said...

FN said...
by using his AR-15 to wreak carnage on a naval civilian facility

The lie you are repeating has already been proven a lie.

Please try and keep up.

Bill said...

FN said...
AB, do u think president Obama sent out this shooter to diatract from Syria?

Of course not.

But the media is going to take advantage of the situation and use it to cover for Obama.

Much like how you saying the shooter used a AR-15, just using what you've got to cover for Obama.

Ankita Tiwari said...

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