Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How Donald trump blew his chance to form a true populist movement.

Image result for populist imageDonald trump started it all off wrong from the get go. His misguided and racist declaration that rapist Mexicans are pouring into our country and are somehow taking away jobs and (in his twisted mind) even lives from Americans, was the catalyst for his race to the bottom campaign that had racists and neo -Nazis jumping for joy. Instead of unifying poor brown and white people so that they could all embrace his populist message together, he chose to use the tried and true formula of dividing people by race.

With the demographic that now chooses to follow him it was easy, and he chose the easy way out. That's what grifters do.

It was always going to e a tricky dance, regardless of who decided to go down this populist path. America is not Europe or Asia with its homogeneous populations, but it was doable. Surely someone could make poor people of all races realize that they were being played by the establishment. Surely someone could mobilize them into a true populist force.

Sadly,with an intellectually lazy person like Donald trump, a man with a huge and unchecked ego, the movement was doomed from the start. Donald trump was not going to be that leader. Donald trump needed a gullible audience, and with his "basket of deplorables" he got one.

The only thing some poor uneducated white people have to hold on to is their skin color and the place of their birth. We may be dumb ignorant and  poor,  but at least we ain't one of them Negroes or one of them immigrants from another country. It's really sort of sad, but the more things change...

Dr. King and the civil rights movement relied on Northern educated whites and intellectuals to help mainstream the movement and embarrass Southerners ---who were against change--- into doing the right thing. Some of those same Southerners now see a new leader in trump, and they will defend him and everything he stands for with their last dying breath. The more things change...

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Anonymous said...

You're just another black racist. Have fun in your shithole.

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

Trump = White Male Entitlement.

@10:18, you're just a soon to be minority.


Lance Cockstrong said...

"Reasonable" Republicans such as Ryan throw up their hands in phony angst over how it could possibly come to this. Contrary to what they would like you to believe, Butt Trumpet is not the disease, just the symptom. The disease is the Republican base which is rotten to the core, and there is no cure. Like the McCarthy sickness before it, it will run its course. Sometimes the patient survives, sometimes not. Only time will tell.

PilotX said...

Hard to overcome 300 years of dehumanization.

dinthebeast said...

They keep saying that a better Republican politician could have won this election, that someone with even basic political skills would have had the advantage of following two terms of the opposing party and all of the dark money you could use. From there, perhaps a real populist movement could have been manufactured. It sure looked like Bernie had the beginnings of one going for a while.
Out of the seventeen candidates who ran in the Republican primary there were maybe one or two who fit the required description, but as it was a Republican primary, they never stood a chance. They had to have their fire demon of a candidate as revenge for all of the years they have been used and lied to by the Republican party, and they got him.
Now, what did they get? A pampered narcissist who never wanted to do anything political but stand in front of adoring crowds who hung on his every word and clapped for every stupid thing he said, and the stupider the thing they clapped for, the more he got off on it.
Right now the entirety of the Trump campaign is "earned media" by his campaign staff and a handful of surrogates, and rallies. No more fundraising for him or down ballot Republicans, just Trump himself slowly coming unglued in front of his fans. Kind of reminds me of the Pink Floyd movie "The Wall", except that Roger Waters just did five viciously anti-Trump shows, three of which were in Mexico, just to be playing symbolically on the other side of Trump's wall.
It's kind of sad, really, but I don't have much sympathy for him, because again, with the resources he inherited, he could have done almost anything, even overcome the upbringing he got from Fred, and this is what he chose out of all of those possibilities.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

@ Yisheng, a/k/a Shitstain, a/k/a Uppity Chubbalub -

We already are a minority in the world, and we're STILL top of the heap. And, naturally, your kind will always be at the bottom; that's just the way it is, honeychile. God gave you the minds of little children and you'll always be five miles behind the rest of the world, LOL.

Now go raid the fridge and dream about those white men who won't even look at you. :D

Anonymous said...

The saddest thing is, you honestly believe Trump's supporters are all stupid. Just because your kind have outbred us (largely thanks to white technology) that you are superior to us. No, you have merely played upon our biggest weakness - our sense of fair play and decency. And now people are not only seeing you all for what you are ("World Star!") but are becoming bold enough to say what they believe without fear.

And their (our) numbers are growing, and will continue to grow until, one day the dam bursts. And when that day comes, well, to quote Nux from Mad Max: Fury Road, "Oh what a day, what a lovely day!"

Anonymous said...

Hey, how come nobody's going to see 'Birth Of A Nation'? It's supposed to be the Most Important Movie This Year, yet it's only pulled in about 13 mil in three weeks.

On the other hand, 'Madea's Halloween' has already made 27 million, and it's only been in theaters for a few days!


field negro said...

*me yawning* You do know that Mad Max is a movie,right?😐

field negro said...
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Lance Cockstrong said...

What they got was a New York Billionaire. Nothing a Real American hates more than that. All in all just another brick in the wall eh?

Anonymous said...

yisheng swallows a lot of anger...and a lot of fried chicken.

Anonymous said...

yisheng ooked...

"@10:18, you're just a soon to be minority."

Yep, that happens next week. You are a whole bunch of stupid.

Limpbaugh said...

Your other choice told her bank sponsors that she is for fracking, for Wall Street insiders regulating Wall Street, for the TPP, and for open trade and open borders in the hemisphere. Corruption, bribery, and collusion with the media have been exposed. Her sleazy buddy financed a third of a political campaign for the wife of the deputy FBI director in charge of investigating her. And we know now that Obama corresponded with her through her basement server using an alias email address. Wikileaks published an email that proved they knew they were supporting ISIS through Saudi Arabia and Qatar. And Judicial Watch won declassification of a Pentagon report that told who the "moderate rebels" were, Al Qaeda in Iraq and other jihadist extremist groups. Kerry's State Department has already been caught making a false war crime accusation against Russia. Julian Assange said his DNC hack wasn't done by the Russians and we are having a power consolidation here instead of an election. The Democrats used the Republican's Citizen United decision and beat them a their own game. Trump has at least expressed non interventionist positions, steps to clean up the political cesspool, and spoken out against the media lying. The third of Hillary's supporters who think she should be in prison instead of president are at least making an informed choice. The rest should send their kids to fight Russia, China, and Iran, over Syria.

F*ck the deplorables said...

@4:03, Fuck you!

F*ck the deplorables said...

@8:21, and you swallow a lot of your Uncle's semen.

F*ck the deplorables said...

@8:24, and you are a whole bunch of stalking ignorance.

Uncertain Trumpet said...

Hi Field Negro from London, UK.

Been reading your Twitter feed and occasional blog for a while now, especially as your election approaches.

I think you’re essentially right with regard to Trump. The only person who tried to honestly ‘make poor people of all races realize that they were being played by the establishment’ was Bernie Sanders and for me backing him was a no brainer.

I think part of the mass support for Trump is a backlash of having had 8 years of Obama in the WH. A section of white America (generally older, southern and rural) were never reconciled to having a black man as president. And now they’re faced with the prospect of having a woman as president!

The GOP caused this mess starting in the 1960s with Nixon and the Southern Strategy and on through successive GOP campaigns that appealed to the racial resentment of poorer whites while screwing them at the same time. I think the core of Trump’s base want to see the old familiar racial hierarchy reaffirmed because they think that will somehow also mean the good times for them return.

I’m no disciple of Hillary, but I’m praying she wins by a landslide. If the Dems get Senate & Congress then they could work on the unfinished business of reform started by Obama. Nudge Obamacare towards Medicare for all. Ensure regulation of finance and banking. Make real progress on gun control. Invest in government funded programs for college education and green infrastructure. Why not? All stuff that would redistribute wealth and provide jobs pulling Americans at the bottom, black and white and brown, up out of poverty.

Who the hell am I to worry about or having an interest in American politics?

Well POTUS is the world’s most powerful job and what happens on the say so of the person in the WH affects all of us.

I’m convinced that most of you are decent people.

I hope that Trump is the first ever American contender for president who is defeated – and I mean a good old pants down ass whuppin’ - by a woman. And I hope the GOP is broken spends its 40 days in the desert reflecting on what just happened to it

Good luck.

Uncertain Trumpet.

Yisheng = nigger said...

Trump would have had more success had his supporters been significantly more intelligent and less hickish.

F*ck the deplorables said...

Trump would have had more success had his supporters been significantly more intelligent and less hickish.

F*ck you BITCH!

dinthebeast said...

Uncertain Trumpet: His ass whuppin will not be administered by one woman, but by tens of millions of them in her service.
Also, did anyone see the Newter fighting with Megyn Kelly on her show? Desperation cornered, and I told you he was a mean son of a bitch.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

yisheng's ass has bruises from being poked with a ten foot pole. That's a lot of bruises.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:48 -

Naw, she calls those "love bites." And she dreams a white man gave them to her ...


F*ck the deplorables said...

yisheng's ass has bruises from being poked with a ten foot pole. That's a lot of bruises.

And you've only got a hole left because you're a 2520 and because your last John ate what was left.

F*ck the deplorables said...

@3:55 ain't no body dreaming about no tiny d*ck m*therf*ckers!

field negro said...

*RAISES HAND* Truly pathetic.😑

Lance Cockstrong said...

Yeah Megyn will be the latest in a long line of Foxes making their way to CNN.

Ever notice how many right wingers have dog names? Newt Mitt Reince Rove(r)? And the dogs have people names (Seamus). No wonder they are so fucked up.

Anonymous said...

If it were only this simple, but it's not. You trying to make it 100% about race is exactly why Trump will probably win. People are tired of everything being about skin color. If you think "dumb white people" are his only core, you're either not paying attention or you are just catering to your racist audience here.
Can't wait for your Nov 9th post.

Anonymous said...

But it's true. Field spends his time chasing racism. It does not matter if it's real or imagined. Well, it's mostly imagined.

Yisheng is a genius said...

Looks like some brilliant souk took a sledgehammer to Ttumps Hollywood star:



field negro said...

"Can't wait for your Nov 9th post."

That makes two of us.

Flying Junior said...

My gift to you Newtie!

James Deplorable said...

"The only thing some poor uneducated white people have to hold on to is their skin color and the place of their birth."

True.  It's not like they get EBT or Section 8 housing vouchers or much of anything else.  They're the bitter clingers holding onto their religion, their guns... and their race and homes.  Blood and soil.

Wars have been fought over less.  The bulk of the front-line forces of the US armed forces are Southrons.  Do you seriously want to have them sit things out when the regional chimpouts in Fergadishu and Bodymore and Chitcongo become an insurrection that White people finally try to put down themselves... or go in on the White people's side?  Because that's what you're looking at.

A Trump victory gives you a respite, a period of law and order to get your inflated egos down to size.  In a Hilldog administration things go to Civil War II and all bets are off for you.

"Dr. King and the civil rights movement relied on Northern educated whites and intellectuals to help mainstream the movement and embarrass Southerners ---who were against change--- into doing the right thing."

Michael Scott King had a penchant for beating up White hookers.  He was a serial philanderer and probably a rapist.  The "non-violent" cibil rites movement was always portrayed as the good cop against the bad cop of the Black Panthers and other murderous gangs.  In 1964 White America was sold a bill of goods which said that, in return for legal equality, you would behave yourselves.  You have failed to uphold your end of the deal.

You have completely failed to do the right thing for the last 52 years.  Payback is coming.

"The disease is the Republican base which is rotten to the core, and there is no cure."

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy -- willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddently bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

"Hard to overcome 300 years of dehumanization."

You'd have to have been human in the first place.  You DO realize that the whole point of importing millions from south of the border is to replace criminal, riot-prone savages with less-violent, more-productive peons who will vote the same way?  You're already being cleansed from places you thought of as yours, like Compton and Harlem.  Soon it will be the whole USA... one way or another.

F*ck the deplorables said...

Whooteemoos don't think Blacks are human?

What else is new?

Anonymous said...

10:18 here.

Blacks commit and are victims of gun murder at 8 times the rate of whites. For black men, it's 10 times. Blacks are 12.6% of the population but commit 52% of the murders, and even more in the cities.

Within cities of more than 250,000 population, rates of violent crime and murder have a correlation of 80% to 90% with the black population. Anyone familiar with social science research, which would include no one who comments on this blog, knows that correlations of 80% and 90% are a social scientist's wet dream. They are unicorns, virtually never found.

But those would be numbers, and this would be a black blog.

Anonymous said...

10:18 again.

If "Black Lives Matter," then maybe you should think about not killing each other so often. Just saying.

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs and I'm so very proud to be counted in this number!!!


Anonymous said...

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