Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mike Pence's plane and Clarence Thomas's hands.

Image result for pence skid plane imageWhat a day.

In a way, Mike Pence's plane skidding off the runway this evening is a metaphor for the entire trump campaign.

I am glad everyone is safe, though. It could have been a very tragic situation.

Anyway, speaking of trump, apparently some of his operatives have been busy leading up to this election. Sadly, instead of leading a get out the vote campaign; they have been working hard to suppress it.

"The campaign of Donald Trump, who has been complaining that the election is rigged against him, is admitting that he’s doing everything he can to suppress voters who won’t vote for him.

A senior official admitted that the campaign has “three major voter suppression operations under way,” according to a report from Bloomberg, which focused on the campaign’s “Project Alamo,” a digital database and get-out-the-vote foundation.

A major part of “Project Alamo” is that it’s not a get-out-the-vote operation, though. It’s quite the opposite.

Instead of making sure that Trump supporters get to the polls — there aren’t many out there, the team realizes, noting that their internal polling is similar to that of FiveThirtyEight, which has Trump losing by a landslide — Alamo is devoted to keeping as many people as they can from the polls.

To discourage white liberals from voting for Clinton, the campaign has been mentioning some of the controversies connected to the hacked emails being published by WikiLeaks from the account of her campaign chairman, John Podesta." [Source]

And lets not forget, in order to discourage black voter turnout, trump is running ads on black radio and on facebook which focuses on Hillary Clinton calling black kids  "super predators" back in the day.

I gotta give it to the trump man, he is pulling out all the stops.

Then there is the story that broke today about our friend Clarence Thomas. Somewhere in America Anita Hill is saying I told you so.

"A woman has accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of groping her in 1999, when she met him as a young Truman Foundation Scholar at a dinner party in Falls Church, Virginia.

On October 7, Moira Smith posted on Facebook -- her account is now deactivated -- that Thomas groped her at her boss' dinner party when she was 23. "He groped me while I was setting the table, suggesting I should sit 'right next to him,'" Smith wrote, according to the post as reported by the National Law Journal.
    The Supreme Court declined to comment to CNN, pointing to a Thomas statement it provided the National Law Journal: "This claim is preposterous and it never happened."

    Smith, who is now vice president and general counsel to Enstar Natural Gas Co., did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CNN. Laura Fink, a friend and former roommate of Smith, issued a statement to CNN on behalf of Smith saying that she stands by her allegations.

    "I choose to speak out now in the hope that this will change; that my daughter will live never having to experience these wrongs, and so that both my children might experience a world where no one is above reproach or justice," Smith wrote in the statement." [Source]

    My take: In the age of predator trump, more women are coming forward to tell about their horrifying experiences with powerful men, and that's a good thing. 

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    Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes said...

    Define "groped"

    dinthebeast said...

    Ana Marie Cox called "Project Alamo" (Really? Project Alamo?) just what it is: a grift. All of those Trumplets, and all of their information, ripe for the fleecing.

    -Doug in Oakland

    Anonymous said...

    Jesus, negroes have the minds of children! They believe every single thing the mainstream corporate media spoonfeeds them without question.

    "Trump gropes women" ... uh, okay. Any proof? And why are ALL starting to come out now? Why not ten or twelve months ago?

    "Vote rigging iz a con-spuh-racy theory!" ... Except in 2000 and 2004, right?

    "Trump says all Mexicans are racists" ... But no, he didn't. Watch the speech again.

    And on and on and on and on.

    Anonymous said...

    Trump is going to win in 11 days and there ain't a damn thing you, oprah and Megyn Kelly can do about it.

    Kiss the ring, bitches!

    Anonymous said...

    "Instead of making sure that Trump supporters get to the polls — there aren’t many out there,"

    Yup, there's only about a dozen people supporting Trump. No need to worry folks. Nothing to see here.

    field negro said...

    "Megyn Kelly" is the enemy of wingnuts now? I thought she was a FOX VIEWS darling.🤗

    field negro said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Limpbaugh said...

    Do young voters know that Hillary told Wall Street that she wants to raise the Social Security eligibility age?

    anotherbozo said...

    Clarence's hands: no surprise. Didn't read any stories of the esteemed Justice going to abuse rehab, so always assumed he was unreformed. Smart money is on added recurrences, though he should probably keep his hands of Kagan and Sotomayor.

    Anonymous said...

    Mike should have given me a call, from the reports I'm hearing his pilots sucked. I know it would have been an intersting look for him to have a brother or two flying him around but we would have greased every landing and not run off the damned runway. Ridiculous.


    Anonymous said...

    Got to be pretty bad to run off a 7,000' runway.


    The Purple Cow said...

    ""Trump gropes women" ... uh, okay. Any proof?"

    Uh, yes. He said so himself. It's on tape.

    ""Vote rigging iz a con-spuh-racy theory!" ... Except in 2000 and 2004, right?"

    Except never. It's a myth. Unlike the Republicans Gerrymandering of their congressional districts.

    "Trump says all Mexicans are racists"

    Nobody is saying that.

    Anonymous said...

    PC, you anywhere near Manchester or Birmingham?


    Yisheng is a genius said...

    Speak Brother Pilot, SPEAK!!

    The Purple Cow said...

    "PC, you anywhere near Manchester or Birmingham?"

    About 30 minutes from Manchester, about 60 from Birmingham.

    Anonymous said...

    Aw man, I gotta hail you up if I get a Manchester trip. I can buy you a cheap American beer.


    The Purple Cow said...


    field negro said...

    Be nice to be in England and catch an EPL game today. My dollar would be a little stronger, too. Thank u Brixit.

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