Monday, January 29, 2018

Russian Bots and Devin Nunes are working overtime to protect the president. We the people just want the truth.

Image result for devin nunes intel committee imagesThose Russian bots are going to get their wish. The republicans in Washington decided to release a controversial and classified memo that seeks to make the investigators look bad and muddy the waters in the investigation of Mr. trump. The democrats have a memo as well, but the republican majority on the intel committee made sure that the democratic version was not released.

Don't you just love American democracy?

This all comes on a day when we learned of the ouster of Andrew McCabe from the FBI. The poor man was investigating Mr. trump, and that is a sure way to get removed from your job in Washington. 

From what we know trump really hated this guy, and he wanted him gone at all cost.

"NBC News is reporting that the day after FBI Director James Comey was fired, President Donald Trump called then-acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe to complain that Comey was able to fly home on a government plane.

And during the call, he decided to take a shot at McCabe after the acting FBI chief said that while he hadn’t been asked to authorize the flight but would have if asked.
The president was silent for a moment and then turned on McCabe, suggesting he ask his wife how it feels to be a loser — an apparent reference to a failed campaign for state office in Virginia that McCabe’s wife made in 2015.
McCabe replied: “OK, sir.” Trump then hung up the phone.
This NBC News story comes out just hours after it was reported that McCabe would be  stepping down from his post as deputy FBI director. While McCabe was apparently looking at leaving this spring, his departure comes weeks ahead of schedule and during a time when he’s clearly been in the crosshairs of the president."

Nothing pisses off Mr. trump like folks looking into his Russia connections. Whether it's golden showers or money laundering, we are learning more and more that there has to be some fire to go along with all all this smoke coming from Moscow.   

Of course, as is to be expected, the right-wingnuts are doing their best to protect Mr. trump. Devin Nunes is looking more and more like an individual who is doing his best to undermine democracy and the rule of law while he tries to protect Mr. trump. 

Adam Schiff had this to say:

We have votes today to politicize the intelligence process. To prohibit the FBI and the department of justice from expressing their concerns to our committee and to the house and to selectively release to the public only the majority’s memo without the full facts. A very sad day I think in the history of this committee. As I said to my committee colleagues during this hearing, sadly, we can fully expect that the President of the United States will not put the national interests over his personal interests, but it is a sad day indeed when that is also true of our own committee because today this committee voted to put the president’s personal interests, perhaps their own political interests above the national interests in denying themselves, even the ability to hear from the department and the FBI.”

I suspect that we are now on an inexorable march to a constitutional crisis. 

Grab your popcorn.

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LilacprL said...

Wow! Unreal! Grab your popcorn is right...

Unknown said...

The Truth is out there.

PilotX said...

The political pendulum is swinging very far in one direction and that usually means an equal swing in the other direction. Does that mean the country will be ready for a boring technocrat after 4 years with our drunk uncle trump? (Sad part is bro doesn't even drink). 2018 might be a good time for Hillary to run again.😂

Anonymous said...

That's not nearly enough!

dinthebeast said...

I saw someone in a video Saturday say that they wanted Mueller to ask Fergus one question: "Did you try to fire me?"
If he says no, it's perjury, if he says yes, it's obstruction of justice.
He's in a heap of trouble, but the goddamn Republicans will never let him be held to account for any of it as long as they have majorities in congress.
And on that note, two more Republicans announced they weren't running in 2018.

-Doug in Oakland

Not a Russian bot said...

Field Negro intones: "I suspect that we are now on an inexorable march to a constitutional crisis."

We could've avoided all this had you people just accepted the election results rather than trying to impeach our President on an accusation of collusion with Russia that you invented out of whole cloth.

Adam Schiff is a fucking loon. If anyone had told you just 2 or 3 years ago that the Democrats would be seized with the idea that "Russian bots" are behind every policy initiative or Tweet they don't like, you'd have laughed. At least Joe McCarthy found some real communists.

But today, the Field Negro is worried about a "constitutional crisis", not over a presidential administration using the country's intelligence agencies to try to influence and then overturn an election, but rather over an investigation revealing these abuses.

If you had an ounce of credibility, it's gone.

Anonymous said...

"If he says no, it's perjury, if he says yes, it's obstruction of justice."

It's not obstruction of justice if it is for cause.

And the President has the right to fire anyone.

Garth said...

I just hope Ben Carson can keep the Housing and Urban Development battalions loyal.

Antonio Grammy said...

Theory: A genuine "Resistance" movement probably wouldn't be effusively celebrated in the halls of cultural power

Fuckenhoffer said...

I hope Trump Tweets the memo.

Anonymous said...

> Whether it's golden showers or money laundering, we are learning more and more that there has to be some fire to go along with all all this smoke coming from Moscow.

We've known that the entire Steele dossier was complete BS, cut from whole cloth by a series of bad actors starting with Republican candidates suddenly afraid of Trump's strength and going on to the DNC itself after Trump won the nomination.  The smoke is coming from Democrat party HQ.

McCabe's involvement in leaks to Reince Preibus that he then blamed on the WH was exposed in The Memo.  His position was untenable, so he was out.

> I suspect that we are now on an inexorable march to a constitutional crisis.

Just you wait until Obama is exposed as ineligible to hold the presidency and EVERY ONE OF HIS HIRES, DISMISSALS, PROMOTIONS, APPOINTMENTS, XO'S AND SIGNATURES is thereby invalidated retroactively.  That will be the mother of all Constitutional crises, and Trump will be smiling through it all.

Obama's legacy will be a stretch of scorched earth, and a White America bent on revenge that you and all leftards deserve completely.

Lance Cockstrong said...

Damn if Butt Trumpet didn't want to testify why didn't he just say so ...

Feinstein released the Glenn Simpson transcripts against the rules ... when Nunes memo gets released then Schiff damn well better release his own memo and fuck the rules

PilotX said...

If you have to say you're not a Russian bot you're probably a Russian bot.😂

PilotX said...

"We could've avoided all this had you people just accepted the election results rather than trying to impeach our President on an accusation of collusion with Russia that you invented out of whole cloth."

Nah, the intelligence agencies confirmed the existence of Russian influence in the election.

Anonymous said...

The house of commie cards is just starting to fall. 2018 is going to be a very good year indeed.

The Dems said...


PilotX said...

Doug and Mike, is this similar to Watergate? Was Nixon denying everything? I know he fired investigators but in the lead up was it like this?

PilotX said...

Sooooooo, trump isn't going to enact the sanctions against Russia that congress imposed? He chose Rexxon Tillerson, who was awarded the highest honor a civilian can attain in Russia, as his SoS. If there isn't any Russian collusion this is the damnest case of coincidence I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

It's hilarious how all the dickless white cucks in the media are falling over each other to praise Black Panther. It's like the fake crying when Kim Jong-Il died, or the Two Minutes Hate sequence in 1984.

It's pure hokum. And nobody can come out and say it because ... DAS RAYCISS!

mike from iowa said...

BBBBBBBob Bork was a typical wingnut, placing party loyalty over the good of America when he fired the Special Counsel. Wingnuts tried to reward him with a seat on the Scotus.

Back in those days, two parties worked together to protect the Nation's interest and forced Tricky Dick out of office. Then rules were passed so this wouldn't happen again. Guess which party of stoopid fucking wingnuts disbanded all those rules so we could have another shot at a Watergate moment? One hint it wasn't Dems.

The Coatesville ExPat said...

Ya' know what Judge? You're speaking on something you know little about. After breaking free of the Coatessville Plantation paradigm, I spent 20 years in the Armed Forces and the past 15 years with the DOJ. Mr. McCabe lost his way when he put his personal hatred and political ambition ahead of Fidelity Bravery & Integrity. He has committed violations of the FBI standards which would have landed junior agents/employees in a Federal Lockup. Most damning is his possible violation of the Hatch Act.

No Judge, he wasn't "fired for doing his job", he was caught in a web of his own making.

Its 2018 Judge, come out of the field and join us in the living world.

mike from iowa said...

Drumpfuck the dumbfuck is using the SOTU speech as a fundraiser for re-election. If you donate $35 bucks you get to see yer name flashed on the screen during the speech, if you aren't in the bathroom puking yer guts out.

Stay classy, Drumpfuck.

anotherbozo said...

The smart money has to be against American democracy at this point. We've gone too far down the rabbit hole of plutocracy to ever come back. Change the Supreme Court makeup, de-gerrymander voting districts, un-Citizens United the laws, un-suppress the vote, put in new anti-lobbying laws, install term limits, re-join the Paris Accords, forcibly retire all the arch-conservative federal judges---ain't gonna happen. They won, folks, the greedy bastards for whom all was never enough. And infrastructure? Same bastards are shooting themselves in the foot. Their fortunes will falter if trucks can't get through and nobody's left to buy their crap. But by the time they realize it the country will be totally laid waste anyway.

Trouble is, Field, popcorn won't taste so good while folks are dying for lack of health care, Social Security payments, a decent wage. Pass the gin.

Black actor said...

"It's pure hokum. And nobody can come out and say it because ... DAS RAYCISS!"

Or maybe because it's a good movie? I have a sneaking suspicion you're kind of racist and dislike the movie because it's got a lot of negroes in if. I could be wrong.

mike from iowa said...

There is more truth in the Steele Dossier than in the entire stoopid fucking wingnut establishment.

Every fucking member of Drumpf's campaign and family and, most likely his cabinet had meetings with Russkies before, durin and after the election. Including collusion on sanctions and trying to get dirt from Russia on HRC.

Then you have had Nunes and Drumpf and others interfering with official acts and obstructing justice. This stinking heap of sheep shit stinks from top to bottom of corruption, greed and malfeasance, dishonesty and criminal intent. The sooner we sweep this load out the door the better for America.

Oh, yeah- Sanders sez Drumpf wants the Nunes wrote memo relesed for full transparency. Is he releasing his tax records and business dealings with Russia, too, in the interest of transparency?Don't make me laugh.

dinthebeast said...

"It's not obstruction of justice if it is for cause."

If that cause is to impede the Russia investigation, like the damn fool has already admitted on national TV, it's obstruction of justice.

PX: There are a lot of parallels, the most important of which (in my opinion) is that it wasn't the break-in that took Nixon down, it was the cover-up.
The differences are maybe more important, though, and chief among them is the state of the Republican party. During Watergate, there were still Republicans who were outraged that a president would act like a two-bit criminal in the oval office (they weren't so alarmed by the more massive crimes, but that's an entirely different issue) and it was a gang of fucking Republicans who finally convinced Nixon that he was toast.
This extends into the Republican electorate, also. Watergate was before there was Rush Limbaugh or Fox News, and there existed a fairly large cohort of non-southern-strategy Republicans who were appalled by Nixon's behavior.

Now the Republican party is falling all over itself to help Fergus escape scrutiny, and there aren't really many (if any at all) Republicans who give a rat's ass about Fergus' behavior, as long as said behavior makes liberals cry. And no, Frum, Gerson, and Rubin don't count, they're just trying to build life boats for their careers.

During Watergate, there was a genuine possibility that Nixon would be removed by two-thirds of the senate, and it was that information that supposedly finally convinced him to resign.

Right now, Fergus could be caught on video from three different angles eating a live baby and there wouldn't be sixty votes to begin the debate.

So I don't think he'll be removed. He will, on the other hand, engender a serviceable backlash, who will make sure that everyone knows the actual rules next time and won't be caught flat-footed by the level of cheating they will have to overcome in order to win.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Progressive Center Left=New Nazi Party

rent slave said...

You can't handle the truth:Obama is an impostor,a Saudi spy via Indonesia sneaked into Harvard.

Lilacpr said...

Just read that senators will be wearing a purple ribbon to the State of the Union address to bring awareness to the opiod crisis! Awww! How sweeet! and on the other lapel a blue ribbon to bring awareness to the crack joking hehehe only the purple one...

field negro said...

"You can't handle the truth:Obama is an impostor,a Saudi spy via Indonesia sneaked into Harvard."

I am not sure how you got out of the mental hospital, but please find your way back. You are a danger to your community.

Flying Junior said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Flying Junior said...

Trump called the individual mandate, to the orgasmic cheers of every republican present, "the cruelest tax on Americans earning less than fifty thousand per year." How about the cruelest joke? $695? The joke's on you suckers. See how much your premiums go up in 2019.

Any time the president said that he promised to work together...

Trump promised to end the war on energy. That's actually funny. Then came the money quote, "beautiful, clean, coal." Every one of his sycophants present erupted in wild applause and cheers. Invest in job training? Let's see it before you boast about it. Obama made training for 120 professions and trades available for free to the displaced coal miners. Somehow one of the courses was in coal mining technology. Guess which one the interviewee on NPR opted for.

Prison reform. Give parolees a second chance at life? Again, let's see something real. You can't just say that. He doesn't care about anybody in prison. Maybe he's thinking about an old movie where the one guy plays harmonica. Truth is he wants to privatize prisons more and more and lock up more people than ever before.

Trump's brand of immigration reform will somehow help struggling immigrants. How? By deporting their parents?

Two seconds later he contradicted himself by saying that we need to protect ourselves from unskilled immigrant labor? Why not just train the suffering citizens and let the unskilled jobs go to immigrants? FFS. Restaurant jobs used to be considered unskilled. I know. I worked eight years in five restaurants. I am proud to say that one of the restaurants was owned by a really cool Iranian. I honed my Spanish every morning. One time I was even invited to smoke weed with the Mexican bros in an apartment in Pacific Beach. That's where I got to know El Cuervito.

News alert. New boogie-man identified. Look for it on FOX and other alternate fact sources. MS-13. Home run. They are Mexican. They smoke weed. They are a gang. Game over, right? Trump wins!

I guess Trump's speech writer went over the inscription on the Statue of Liberty or maybe something about Kennedy. He talked about protecting the needy, the under-privileged and the struggling all over the world. Sorry brother and sisters, I just can't laugh at this kind of stuff.

Then all of a sudden he is back in the continental United States plus Alaska. "We will work together to protect and defend every U.S. citizen without thought to color, religion or creed." Nice try Donald. Look at your record.

"This means we will build a great wall on the southern border..." I knew that he was thinking about the great wall of China all the time. My estimate? Let's see. 320 feet of wall in a flat area of the border near San Diego, $20 million? If he builds fifteen hundred miles of wall from here to Houston, I get $495 Billion. Let's be fair and call it $250 Billion. Tell your friends you read it here first.

Finally end the horrible and dangerous practice of, "catch and release." Good speech writer. Look for this ridiculous meme coming soon to a theater of the absurd near you. Again, the, "Give me your tired, your poor..." Oh what the hell?

Terrible crisis of drug and opiate addiction? You have been on this for one year. Nothing except salaries for family members. Tougher sentences on drug pushers? When was the last time you thought about this, 1969?

Anonymous said...

Fuck the gooks and chinks!

Anonymous said...

So now the "Great White Hope" POTUS is ready to jeopardize national security to keep himself out of jail for collusion with the Russians by releasing the Nunes memo.
Proof that POTUS has no alegiance to this country. His only concern is saving his own ass.

I'm sure that Putin is laughing his ass off as he divides and conquers the United States of America.

Putin is laughing his ass off Watching the POTUS fighting with the American FBI. (Divide and Conquer).
It's no wonder that the Russians look at the United States as nothing more than a bunch of Dumb Ass Americans. Starting with the POTUS

Putin has enough shit on the POTUS and this country to bring it to its knees.

Nothing like the POTUS to fall into the hands of the Russians. Putin's got him by the balls.

Putin is laughing at the POTUS's base too.

Trump is too afraid of Putin to impose those sanctions against Russia that were supposed to be imposed.

Putin is laughing his ass off at the way he hacked a US election... and how Trump's base cares more about being racist against blacks and hispanics than protecting their country from Russian espionage.

But then nobody is surprised by that either...after all, Putin's face is WHITE and for this reason alone, most white men have absolutely no problem with the fact that a foreign government hacked their election.

While POTUS continues to push their negative propaganda about blacks and hispanics...sooner or later this country will be blindsided and overtaken by unsuspecting sources laying in wait for a weak target.

Putin is very smart, and very cunning. Much more powerful than our POTUS.

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Ankita Tiwari said...