Sunday, August 26, 2007

Francis & The Kossacks

I wasn't going to post today, because I had some more important stuff going on. But then, like the addict that I am, I got on the Internet and caught this post from my man Francis Holland about the Kossacks again.

I swear I had to post this link. (He compared the Kossacks to the Klan!) My man Francis will not leave Markos and the folks at Kos alone. Now he is posting from Political Fleshfeast, a spin off of Myleftwing, which is wild as shit. Seems they gave Francis the green light to post as much as he wants, and boy is he going to town.

I have said publicly and privately to my man Francis, that I really don't co-sign with his need to post constantly and stir the pot on these large white blogs. I think he should use his immense talent to devote his writing and research to black causes and on black blogs. (Like the ones in the Afrospear for instance) But....he won't listen, and he just keeps trying to kick the door in to the white folks house.

Still, I love how he is trying to expose Markos, because let's face it, Markos has become an important political figure in this country. If he is doing or has done some shady shit in the past, well then he should be called on it.

So "write" on Francis. I tried to rope you in, but I guess there is no stopping you. You're the white folks problem now :)


Christopher Chambers said...

I applaud Francis as well. it is just as important to rattle liberal whitey's cage as it is to waggle our things (or the female equivalent hahahaha) at the right wing clowns. The Blogsphere in general has gotten as tribalized as the world. It wasn't supposed to be like but hey that's human nature. I'm sure the inventors of the Web and Net didn't forsee porn and id theft, etc. but that's human being for you. We are too busy rattling around in our kitchens then interacting.

PS--I was outraged at the pandering to Communist China re: the choice for the King Monument, even more so by the outpouring of truly screwey opinions about Mike Vick yet none of these negroes seem to know about the MLK thing or the Jena Six. Likewise, I just put up a blog post on Ted Nugent asking Obama to suck on his machine gun and yet I hear no outrage from the urban league, the black caucus, Barack himself, or the NAACP who considers Vick such a repentent victim?

That should be our role. Informing and rousing, but not constantly chattering amongst our own. Then it becomes masturbation, not blogging...

field negro said...

"That should be our role. Informing and rousing, but not constantly chattering amongst our own. Then it becomes masturbation, not blogging... "

Preach Chris. Are you sure you didn't major in Theology while you were getting that Ivy League education?

Although I do believe that we have to get our house in order too. I think as black folks we have some unique challenges, and we shouldn't lose that focus.

Anonymous said...

Isn't is strange that as much as the O'Reilly's, Limbaugh's and right wing blogs of the world hate Kos, they haven't picked up on any of Mr. Holland's revelations?

Anonymous said...


A big part of our problem is that we don't have a house. We are beggars. There's a fine line between letting white folks know what they are doing to us or telling them they need to get Plymouth Rock off of our ass and pandering to them seeking attention or validation from them so we can feel better about ourselves.

We align ourselves with parties or institutions, asking them to acknowledge us and our interests, beg them to do for us what we can do for ourselves if we'd only stick together. That behavior undermines our self-respect and our respect for our people.

Jolli said...

i do wonder why Black folks bother talking to white folks about how white folks are being racist.



whats their point?

does Mr. Holland think they will change their ways?


you don't think Rush has the right to say what he thinks?

and do you really think making him apologize is going to...change his mind?

whats the point of checking him on what he says? what point does it prove?

rikyrah said...

I'm glad Francis lives outside of the country..I'd be worried for him if he lived here.

I, too, wanted him to concentrate on the Blackosphere, but this seems to be calling him right now.

I don't get why Francis upsets them so. He's passionate and a little intense at times, but I don't get the's just not right and against the spirit of the internet to me.

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention the exact date in this post... So, I can't be exactly on point. But I still wanted to drop you a line and wish you the very best today and the years to come. Make sure you do something enjoyable to celebrate the beginning of your life. You're worth it.

Your sis,

Lola Gets said...

Happy birthday! I hope you did something you enjoy, besides blogging, lol.

Are you married?? I thought your Lark Vorhees lusting ass was single! Dont make me take you off of my "future polygynous husbands" list - dont make me do it!

Lola Gets said...

Happy birthday! I hope you did something you enjoy, besides blogging, lol.

Are you married?? I thought your Lark Vorhees lusting ass was single! Dont make me take you off of my "future polygynous husbands" list - dont make me do it!

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

08 27 07

Happy Late Birthday FN:

I do hope you get to meet Madame Voorhies at some point.

As to Mr. Holland:
Francis I don't get your borderline obsession with DKos. It does seem as though you are trying to run with folk who don't give a damn about you. But I am also uncertain as to your motives so good luck with whatever you are trying to do!

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...


While I agree with your position about Markos (ex-ReThug and needs to be watched very carefully), I think you're also right regarding Francis' need to keep posting on boards where the "leftist" leaning is not necessarily "favored towards people of color unless convenient".

My Left Wing's Maryscott O'Connor used to get a lot of traffic to her blog via Kos's blog. Something went down - not sure what, but it resulted in Ms. O'Connor getting her traffic cut via Kos, which she alleged cost her a good deal in ad revenue. Something about a TV appearance she made (not sure if it was on Fixed Noise), but she got called on comments via the "Kossacks" crowd, and started a negative campaign towards Kos and his apparent control of the "sheeple" that post over there.

All of this gave me the creeps, and while I read and visit, I don't bother to post anymore, because they all have escalated this feud to a whole 'nother level that's not worth crossing, when you can engage in debate about other issues more relevant and pressing to us, our communities and America as a whole.

Pissing contest, pure and simple.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

And, yeah, Francis does put burrs up their butts, and like Rikyrah said, if he weren't touching nerves, no bloggers would need to ban him from posting on their sites.

They are in danger of becoming what they most fear - losing 1st Amendment rights, yet they want to impose what people with viable comments have to say because they don't like it.

Caged Lion said...

Happy B-day Field

field negro said...

Thanks caged,Mahndisa, and lola, for your kind words as a brother draws closer to his social security check :) Lola,I refuse to answer that marriage question. What, do you think I am crazy? Lark might be reading this shit.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Field Negro: How you gon' thank all the other sistahs for wishing you a happy birthday, and I was the first to wish you the best on your birthday and years to come on this particular thread of posts. You just left me out of your little roll call. What's up with that? *wink* Was it cause I didn't actually say the words, "Happy Birthday"? Well, Happy Birthday, my brotha.

I can deal with not being acknowledged. I got mad confidence. LOL I'm just teasing you.



The Christian Progressive Liberal said...


I'm practically used to Field not giving any sistas love except Lark (who I wish would return the brotha's calls for her to surface so he can get his groove on, LOL)

Happy belated birthday, Field. You're a Virgo like my dad, and he was the Grandfather of Field Negroes.

DJ said...

Happy Birthday, Field.

For the record, I ain't no f*cking Klansman and I post at Kos.

field negro said...

Ahhhhhhh, I am sooooo sorry Angie and chrisian prog.lib., you both know I have mad love for ya ;)

christian prog.))))shout((( out to your Dad!

SouthernGirl2 said...

Hi Field

Wishing you the best ever!

field negro said...

"... ain't no f*cking Klansman and I post at Kos."

djtyg, I am quite sure you aren't, because if you were, you wouldn't be hanging in the fields ;)

Thanks jutice58, that's special when it comes from a soldier like you.

Anonymous said...

I admire Francis's persistence in exposing the fraud that is Markos Moulitsas Zuniga and his pathetic lie-filled website.

Just a thought to share with TFN and the rest of those who read TFN's excellent blog -- Daily Kos is not "white liberal" anything.

It isn't liberal, is what I'm saying.

They're more like Goldwater Republicans wearing the badge of the Donkey and the self-applied label of "liberal," which reveals just how big are their lies! They're not even remotely liberal, and it is a major lie for them to claim that they are.

There's plenty of white folks who aren't even remotely Republican or Bush-supporters, and who find Daily Kos to be a giant cesspool of sewage.

I'd suggest that Kos's lies are destructive to people of all colors, and people of all political ideas.

Francis Holland said...

Field, I was thinking of going to law school in New Orleans back in 1991, but I didn't, because David Duke was running for a US Senate seat from Louisianna. I knew I would flunk the first year of law school while campaigning against David Duke, because I just couldn't stand the idea of David Duke having a US Senate seat. I really think Markos C.A. Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ) is a David Duke in the making.

Sometimes I try to leave Markos C.A. Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ) alone, but then I wake up in the early hours of the morning with fresh ideas about researching his past, like the proof that he wrote an essay opposing ALL gay service in the military.

I think that's something we should know, because this guy has BIG TIME political aspirations! If you think it's bad when Republicans are open bigots, imagine if BOTH parties thought like MAMZ does! Can Blacks afford that?

Here's what the San Francisco Gate newspaper said about MAMZ, based on an interview with him:

"After returning to Chicago in the early 1980s and enduring his "humiliating" high school life, he joined the Army at 17. The idea was partly to improve his self-esteem and serve his country and partly to burnish his resume for a career in politics."

Before Adolph Hitler tried to take over the world, he was a little puke with no low-self esteem, just like MAMZ was, before MAMZ was trained by the CIA. Some people say I'm obsessed with MAMZ. If people had "obsessed" with Hitler instead of letting him gain so much power, then WWII might have been avoided and millions of lives might have been saved.

Once I start a job, it's very hard for me to stop before the job is complete. This has always been one of my assets as well as one of my curses. This dogged perseverance got me through law school, even though I often thought it was far too hard for me to finish.

This same perseverance also made me work to elect the first two Black elected officials in my home town, even though it took FIVE YEARS of activity to get the first Black city councilor elected. Five years is really a short time when you consider that the city had previously gone 200 years without a single Black elected official. I just couldn't stop until it was done.

I'm not afraid of battles that seem unwinnable at the outset. I campaigned for Jesse Jackson in New Hampshire, before he won the Michigan primaries.

We have some strategic interests in American politics. I want to see the end of the 43-term white male monopoly of the presidency, and I see that as within our grasp. My contribution to that will be to take on one of the people (MAMZ) who is a proponent of that white male monopoly and try to lessen his impact.

Discrediting MAMZ and reducing MAMZ's influence on the process is a way influencing, in a small way, the outcome of the 2008 presidential race in favor of ending the white male monopoly of the presidency. That's why I got into this, but a lot of other good reasons have accrued along the way.

When MAMZ starts attacking Obama and Clinton in earnest, arguing that only a white man can win the presidency, you'll all be glad for the research that has been done that makes it possible to fight MAMZ's fire with fire.

But, there's an even more dangerous possibility. Unchallenged, MAMZ could contribute to a Clinton victory and then find a job in a new Democratic administration. If you think it's hard to participate at DailyKos, imagine a Democratic administration in which MAMZ has significant influence, a significant role as a "gate-keeper"!! Do you think any Black people could crash those gates? Would you want MAMZ sitting at any table where Blacks' access and rights were being decided?

Should Black leaders have to go through MAMZ in order to make an appointment with the Clinton Administration? What if he ended up in charge of online media outreach (blogs) in a new Democratic administration? That would be an absolute disaster for us, and that's just the kind of disaster that I'm trying to avert.

I haven't forgotten the AfroSpear. Neither will anybody else, when they see that our incessant research has redefined and discredited Markos C.A. Moulitsas Zúñiga.

We are going to show them that it really is unacceptable to run a CIA-trained, homophobic white supremacist apartheid group within the Democratic Party. :)

Lola Gets said...


Anonymous said...

Field, of course that being the stereotype uptight white guy, my opinion on this is suspect...but IMO Francis is what is known colloquially as a "raving nut job". Or as Monte Python so eloquently put it, a "looney".

Seriously, he just posted a semi-coherent rant about Markos becoming a gatekeeper for Clinton. Except that Markos has pretty much been against her, which Francis alludes to in the same rant earlier on. So he's bad because he opposes Hillary and represents a white male dominion, who will become a gatekeeper for Hillary.

Uh...okay then.

Look, the reason Francis gets banned is because he's a raving nutter, who gets abusive and insulting. That's it. If he could hold logical consistency, he'd get away with it. If he was a nutter, but nice to people, he'd get away with it. But a mean spirited nutter who can't even maintain an internally consistent logic?

Seriously Field, I get the "enemy of my enemy (or at least people who really annoy me)..." concept, but there's no way you don't get this.

Unknown said...

Field ... seems that i missed your natal day. Happy happy young brother!

Did Lark send you a card?

re: Francis. Your original post is on target. My feeling is that creating our own blogs gives us the right to talk about whatever we want. Those blogs that allow comments provide another forum. Personally, I don't spend any time on the large white liberal blogs. I don't have time and the few times that I went I wasn't interested in the info or the vibe.

My preference is to work to uplift our peeps and our community thru efforts such as The AfroSpear. Umoja in action.

Of course, I may need to devote some time to get you hooked up with Lark now that I know the extent of your obsession. (smile)


field negro said...

"Of course, I may need to devote some time to get you hooked up with Lark now that I know the extent of your obsession. (smile)"

Villager, if you can do that for a brotha, I will be forever grateful :)

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