Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Hey, say what you want to about the repubs--those boys sure know how to get their freak on. I know they are always preaching to the rest of us about family values, christian morality, and whatever other bull shit they can feed us to keep the spotlight away from them while they hide those skeletons. But, you gotta love 'em.
Let's see now...there was Newt Gingrich--you remember Newt, don't you? This scum bag had an extra marital affair behind his sick wife's back, while he was trying to impeach the first black Prez for getting his freak on. There's also Bob Livingstone--another cheating scumbag, who was exposed for the fraud that he is, for saying one thing and doing another.

And now...let's fast forward--shall we. Ladies and gentleman I give you another Louisiana republican, the Honorable David Vitter. Apparently, my man's number was found in a D.C. Madam's little black book. Of course, he has since held the mandatory press conference (wife-in-tow, of course) and declared, as Bernie Mac says; "it was a long, long time ago, a very long time ago, you know!" And ...he has since found God and family. There was also Mark Foley, (no explanation needed) Bob Allen, (Remember Bob? I posted about him. He is the guy who was going to fork over $20 for oral sex because he was intimidated by all the black guys in the park). And now, The latest playa in the republican freak parade is Airport Larry Craig himself.

Hey, they not only like to have extramarital sex in strange places, but it seems they like to do their drugs too--just ask Thomas Ravenel, Rudy Giuliani's state campaign chairman for South Carolina. Apparently my man was busted with some cocaine recently. OK, so they love sex and drugs. If only they had some rhythm. They could complete the trifecta. But hey, they are republicans, so the rock and roll stuff will have to be left to some other group.

Oh those republicans man, I swear. There are lots more of you, too. I just don't have time to write about you all right now. And folks, if you think I am lying, peep this site for a nice list.
"If we had a coach, the coach would take us into the locker room and scream at us"

~~~John Feehery, former press secretary to Dennis Hastert~~~

I am down with that, but may I suggest a good ass whopping first?


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

08 29 07

Hehhehehe sho you right FN, the blatant hypocrisy of those asshats is sad. Then again no one political party ever has had a monopoly on good OR bad behavior.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Well, let's see, we have:

Airport Larry Craig (I'm not gay)
David "DC Madam" Vitter (GOP diaper-wearing lawmaker, also known here in DC as "Vitter the shitter") I shyt you not;

Bob "groping for titties" Livingstone, who had the Speaker's job and had to give it up to Denny "never met a ham sandwich he didn't like and could be a closet gay" Hastert;

Newt "don't believe in 'sickness and in health" Gingrich (word to the current Mrs. Gingrich, don't get SICK or Newt will hit your ass with a divorce decree);

Bob "will suck Black johnsons for $20" Allen

Rick "man-on-dog" Santorum (his obsession got him tossed out of his Senate seat, but he currently shills for Fixed Noise)

Where does it end with the ReThugs?

They are so self-hating that they think legislating behavior will keep them straight, even though they constantly look for ways to break the law if it personally benefits them.

Kitty Glendower said...

I really detest this picture. It normalizes rape. It contributes to the pornification of our culture. Must ever effing point be made by the analogy of rape? For the love of rape victims and potential rape victims, please do not use this image ever again.

Last time you used this picture I boycotted your blog for a month. Must you make me suffer again?

I don't even know what you are talking about because I cannot get past that insulting image.

justice58 said...


That picture is too funny! LOL

Caged Lion said...

Hey Field, thanks for the props on the side.

Kitty, it may be because I'm male and can't see it, but that picture doesn't make rape palitable for me.

Do you really think rape analogies are ubiquitous, as you imply?

field negro said...

Kitty, rushing out the door, and I saw your comments.

I am sorry, where do you see a rape being committed in this picture? It looks to me like the donkey is a willing partner in this little tryst. But hey, like caged lion said; maybe it's a male female thing. I know the elephant is the dominant partner in this picture, but couldn't they switch it around later? Hey,I am just wondering out loud.

This might be an entire post unto itself. Maybe we should talk :)

But I am sorry if I offended you, I will try to do better next time ;)

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I have always thought that the elephant/donkey graphic above was about the rape of the Democratic Party by the Republican Party, for example the theft of the 2000 election by Republicans. I thought that was the point.

In that sense, I'd have to agree with Kitty that that this sort of language on blogs erects a barrier to women's participation, just like color-epithets at white blogs erects a barrier to Black participation there.

To me, the point of the graphic is that sometimes we Democrats DO feel as if we are being anally raped against our will. If that's not the point of the graphic, (and even if it is) then maybe the graphic DOES use the rape metaphor inappropriately. Rape happens to A LOT of women, Black and white, and it's not something we should joke about, because it doesn't leave women in a joking mood.

Republican Senator Larry Craig's record on gay issues does seem to be criminal in a metaphorical way. But airport and city police officers are not the people who should prosecute that kind of criminality. Leftists and gay activists should go to these gay hangouts and photograph Republican legislators actually having gay sex in bathrooms, so that these photographs can be used to destroy the hypocritical political careers of these gay anti-gay crusaders.

field negro said...

Francis, that's a good point, and when viewed in that context, I agree with your assumption.

But isn't the picture also just about two animals taking part in a sexual act? I mean how do we even know that the elephant is not the female of the two? I mean it could be two men for all we know....

The theme of this post was about the sexual misconduct of certain hypocritical republicans, not the "rape of the democratic party". Kitty is right about my previous use of the picture. Because given the theme of that post, I agree that it might have been inappropriate. But this time....I am not so sure.

But hey, I will have to do some soul searching about that. Maybe I do have sexist insensitive tendencies. I will try to work harder to get in touch with my more feminine side next time.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...


I don't think this is about "sexist tendencies." I'm certainly not accusing you of having any. It's just about being sensitive to imagery, and refrain from potentially offensive imagery, the way we demanded that Intel be sensitive when they used that image of the white slave driver lording it over the hunched Black sprinters.

Let's face it: A lot of what is potentially funny so some of us in life is also potentially very offensive to others. So, often we refrain from saying things that we certainly find funny, because we don't want to cause offense to others.

There are things that we men will say amongst ourselves that we find funny but that women would find hugely insulting. If we want to have women participants in activities that we engage in, then we have to consider EVERYBODY's aesthetic, and not just what WE find insulting. It's not even necessarily about sexism, but rather about consideration for the everyone's feelings. But chronically and insistently failing to consider the feelings of women is sexism, just like chronically and insistently and knowingly failing to consider the feelings of Blacks is a color-based discrimination.

We don't need to confess to "sexism" as much as we need to just refrain in the future from presenting images that would discourage women from participating in forums that we create.

But here's the trick: ONLY WOMEN know what those images are. We cannot decide whether something offends women, or whether it SHOULD offend women, because we are not women. We have to rely on women to tell us what offends them, and then we have to take action to avoid offending them, even when things that offend them would not offend us.

It's not about "right" or "wrong," and it's not even necessarily a matter of sexism, unless we persistently refuse to take the hint. Sometimes, it may be just a matter of different aesthetics.

For example, in ballet dancing, why do the women wear skimpy bikinis while the men wear full-body leotards? Isn't it because the males who control ballet productions LIKE to see womens whole bodies, but DON'T want to see men's whole bodies?

The same thing happens in all sorts of advertisements. Women are shown in bikinis while men's bodies are covered, and these are virtually ALWAYS advertisements made and paid for and sponsored by men, so the reflect MEN's aesthetic tastes and also men's power over the media.

I think that if women wear bikinis in advertisements then the men should be shown in bikinis also. It's only fair to women and gay men, who might want to see more male flesh.

If showing men in bikinis and thongs in advertisements seems insulting and obscene, then maybe NOBODY should be shown that way.

Ross said...

Damn, Ted Bundy is on the list. This motherfucker worked for the Republican Party.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Hey, Ross:

I heard Charlie Manson (yeah, that ONE) was also a member of the ReThug party (or at least espoused their ideology while committing "Helter Skelter")

Kitty Glendower said...

To begin with donkeys and elephants do not have sex with each other. This image is clearly a “FUCKING IN THE ASS” type image. The bigger one (conveyed as the stronger and most ruthless because elephants are currently in control) is on top doing the FUCKING, ---in the ASS! RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE!

Donkeys do not want to FUCK Elephants, therefore if an elephant is on top, that elephant is RAPING the donkey! Donkeys do not give elephants consent! This image is RAPE!

Thanks Francis, I do believe you understand.

I will take a breather for awhile.

Caged Lion said...

Good comments, Francis. I have learned from them.

Anonymous said...

Why is Clinton called the first black president?

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...




HAT TIP: David Seth @ Daily Kos:

Those phone calls and petitions (thanks to Color of Change) really do work when done in orderly fashion.

Now lets think of a strategy to get this brother free, and sentence commuted to TIME SERVED.

Anonymous said...

Um he deserves to stay in jail just doesn't desrve to be executed.

Woozie said...

I don't know if you heard this or not but Mr. Foster's sentence was commuted to life just before his scheduled execution. I don't know if he'll be up for parole or not.

Woozie said...

Oh look at that, you did.

Damn, I should really read these comments.

How can anyone know whether or not donkeys want to fuck elephants? Besides, donkeys are asses. And asses don't fuck, they get fucked. That or they shit.So it's only natural to see an ass getting fucked if shit isn't coming out of it (or sometimes while shit is coming out o_0).

Argument over :)

Nick Stump said...

I don't see rape here. Sorry, but for me that's just stretching a cartoon into something it's not. I realize people see things within their own context, but making this cartoon about rape is, in my opinion, a big stretch.

Further, I think the cartoon is funny and it's because it's the truth--the truth being that Democrats have been getting screwed by Republicans for years.

The only thing that's weird about this cartoon is the look of surprise from the Democratic Donkey that once again, he's getting fucked by a Republican. I would think, by now, the surprise is over.

august said...

Has anybody listened to Larry Craig's interrogation tape? At some point the cop goes' I expect this from somebody from the hood'. Wow!

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