Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stripper troubles.

Let's play big bank, take little bank
You are looking at a shark in a fish tank
When I'm in the kitchen, I make plenty cash
Tell shawty come here, she got plenty a**
 Yeah, I love them strippers... "

I don't know why 2 Chainz loves "them strippers" so much, they have been nothing but trouble for us brothers of late.

First the football player:

"Jacoby Jones reportedly suffered his second bizarre injury of the NFL season. According to TMZ, this one occurred off the field.. on a party bus in Washington D.C celebrating teammate Bryant McKinnie's birthday.. where a stripper named Sweet Pea allegedly threw a bottle of champagne at his head.

Citing unnamed sources, TMZ reported on Monday that the bottle hit him and he was "bleeding everywhere."

Jones' agent, Kennard McGuire, told Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun that Jones is "fine." [Source]

Jacoby, it might be a good idea to stay away from strippers during the football season. If you can't do that, at least wear your helmet on the party bus.

And then there is the politician:

"Newark Mayor Cory Booker has been flirting on Twitter with a woman who identifies herself as Lynsie Lee. Her censored Twitter profile picture is above.

Cory Booker knows how to make a stripper blush.

The Newark mayor appears to be caught up in an online flirtation with a self-described "stripper model weirdo" whose name on Twitter is Lynsie Lee...
ooh just got a postcard from @CoryBooker in the mail. this is going under my pillow for later ;)," Lee tweeted, along with this picture, in July.

Booker, who is single, has been on the receiving end of more than a few sweet tweets from Lee, a Portland, Ore., stripper, over the past year, including more than one invitation to consummate the relationship.

Then, on Feb. 24, Lee tweeted, "@CoryBooker the west coast loves you (by west coast, I mean me) :)," an expression of affection that finally prompted Booker to respond.

"The East Coast loves you and by the East Coast I mean me," Booker, currently running for U.S. Senate in New Jersey, wrote in a direct message to Lee obtained by The News.

Cory Booker wouldn't be the first politician to flirt with a woman on Twitter. Above, a not-safe-for-work photo of Lynsie Lee from her account.

But in a statement, a Booker spokeswoman simply said the mayor "talks with people from all walks of life on Twitter." [Source]

OK, no harm no foul. Mr. Booker gets a pass from the kid. Because unlike a certain politician from New York, he did not send suggestive pics of himself to his stripping twitter follower from the West Coast.

So relax folks; it is only twitter. This is the kind of stuff that happens on social media.

Corey, just don't take it too far. Those strippers can be dangerous.


Anonymous said...

Geez Corey, are you really that hard up for nookie??

Anonymous said...

Right! That's some sleaze right there! and those tat's ugh! But, hey, he's a politician, gotta stay on everybody"s good side iI guess!

Hey Field! Puerto Rico loves you!

and by Puerto Rico, I mean...Puerto Rico :D
Thas a joke Field! Don't get upset!;p

Anonymous said...

and another thing, they like strippers because there are some pretty ones with very good bodies. and they like to party and have a good time, no strings attached!

Mayors are not immune to this call of the wild either BTW!:p

So when these boys are out and want to party, they get with the strippers. and Whats a little gash in the head from a bottle when you're having fun huh? ;)

Prolly didn't even feel it LOL!

Anonymous said...


You have the rough equivalent of two strippers swinging on a pole up in here. A cursory glance of your past few posts will reveal them swinging figurative magnums of champagne bottles as they throw electronic jab after jab at one another, but, hey, 120 comments is gotta be makin' it rain for ya! The inmates run the asylum, here, cuz it turns a profit. Damn, if they disrespect your work or not. They DO comport themselves like drunk, "say-anything-do-anything" hookers that I used to peep on the reg while in the music biz in FL. Yeah, bruh, your hook-up has degenerated into a straight-spot, with poles, track lights and sticky floors yo, but not like Coco's or the 'Lex (Rolex) - more like the Mint, a gritty storefront joint, said to be the very first strio joint in MIA. Last time I was there I was sitting by this 7 foot NBA Baller when platters of cocaine just started being passed around. The baller's eyes got big, as did mine cuz wudn't nobody on lookout or nothin', we both said, simutaneously, "dueces!"but not before we saw this dude shake a little Peruvian Flake just above this stripper's chochea and he began to snort y, entonces comé... Pues, you get the point. You allowed them to take over what used to be a very cool place to hang. Looks like you need a helmet right alongside Jacoby!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Cory have rumors about him being gay? I guess this squashes timely.

Anonymous said...

I'm cynical like Anon(1:29 AM). This stripper thing is a bit much considering the rumors about the Mayor. He's acting a bit childish. Just let people say what they will, don't get desperate and start phoney relationships on twitter with strippers.


Anonymous said...

Strippers, ugh. Corey Booker is a disappointment. A man of his position should do better. What is this world coming to?

I knew the post about strippers and men would get Desert all steamed up, crossing boundaries, and making innuendos to Field.

Well, I guess lust, stripping and sin does that to Negroes.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. I wonder what the Bible says about 'strippers'? I mean, can a stripper and a politician get into heaven on Twitter? Field, I'm not trying to be funny, I think that is an important question and needs an answer.

Is there is something somewhere in the 'good book' about this? Any bible experts about this?

Mr Field, from a racial angle, it looks like our peeps are headed for hell. All this partying and drinking champagne with strippers on buses can't be good. That's a set-up by a lustful devil to lure folks into the fire of hell.

Brother Field, this is so depressing. Don't laugh...this is not funny. hell is not funny.

The Purple Cow said...

"Don't laugh...this is not funny. hell is not funny."

Oh but it is! Hell is brilliant fun, I've been there. Party all night, all day for eternity. It's like they always said, the devil has the best music.

Heaven is dull, man. Tedious in the extreme. Spend all eternity playing the harp, reading poetry and listening to Mozart... That sound like fun to you?

Satan is OK really, the most chilled white dude I ever met. Jesus just has a better P.R. team, that's all.

Anonymous said...

Well, awright, Purple Cow(@6:52AM)... Well put.
Is this serious about Corey Booker? Damn! Very disappointing; thought he, of all people, knew better. Damn!


Jamie Diamond for JPMorgan Chase is meeting with Eric Holder TODAY to discuss an 11 BILLION dollar settlement regarding the run up to the 2008 financial crisis ...


STEPHEN is talking about Corey Booker flirting with a stripper , and some other nonsense about a NFL player , and another stripper...

Throw in a few champagne bottles , and the post is complete....

Strange times we are in ...Strange times.....

Anonymous said...

Jesus! A body can't lighten up around here! :D

Holy cow! Hey guys not everything can be lightning and thunder! Hellooooo!

Obama is in Maryland right now talking bout the health reform! It's on CNN, go on and watch it! :)))

and lighten up will ya! The world isn't coming to an end! Least not yet anyway!

Black Sage said...

Why don't everyone calm down and take a shot of Southern Comfort and forget about ObomBer, Mayor Booker and those obviously cheap theatrics hookers. On three, ... 1, 2, 3, slowly tilt your head back and let it flow. Damn sub-par Professor, I could clearly see an ugly ass frown on your face all the way from Cali! Relax bro!

Gaybama said...

This is obviously a "beard" story to try to cover the fact that Corey Booker is a peter-puffer.

But why should that be an issue? Obama tasted the penis, and he got to be president!

This is the New America, where we shall be ruled by Jews and half-breed sexual deviants. Right down to the bloody end. So let's get to it - time to burn it all down.

field negro said...

Gaybama, it might be time to stop fighting who u really are.
Sounds like u might have some issues.

I hope it gets better for u.

Anonymous said...

Strippers are daughters who have gone astray. We're all just the children of parents. No one's special, but a lot of us are out of our minds, sexually and otherwise; plain and simple.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

cory is cool by me...


this reeks of a beard stunt

from Philly said...

okay, I get the stripper (hooker) thing, blowing off steam, whatever, but why do those girls mess up their body with tattoos?

BTW, I'm from Philly, and back then there were some very nice escort ladies....just sayin

Anonymous said...

I know white women think they're the most beautiful of all women on the planet. Please, ladies, put your clothes on and stop parading everywhere half naked. All of you appear to me, as uncooked Perdue chickens and a couple of uncooked pigs feet; and your men too. You're humanity's uncooked meat. Nothing special. Nothing special at all.

ThatDeborahGirl said...

I've been meaning to ask you, Mr. Field: What do you have against strippers?