Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Big Timer"

For those of you wingnuts who claim that I never rip people on the left, hold on, I am about to surprise you.

My friends and I have an expression, we call it "big time[ing] " We use it to describe what one person (usually someone with more power or fame than the person they are talking to or in the presence of) does to someone they consider beneath them, or who is not worthy of their very important time. As in; Donovan McNabb "big timed" me when I saw him at the Mayor's reception. To "big time" a person is not cool. I don't care if you are Oprah, Barack, or Bill Gates. You just don't do that shit. No matter how important you think you are, you are never too important to show mutual respect to a fellow human being. And the titles you earn don't mean shit, they are just titles, they don't say anything about you or your character. House Negroes love to try and "big time" people, because, well, they are in the house. But us field Negroes usually laugh at them, because we know better.

Which leaves me to the person that got me pissed off enough to do an entire post, Barbara Boxer. (D-Ca)

Seems Ms. Thing "big timed" a Brigadier General today while conducting a senate committee hearing. All the the poor man was doing was sticking to the military protocol guide and addressing Boxer as ma'am. Bad move. Because Boxer went all Eric Cartman from South Park on him.

"'Could you say 'senator' instead of 'ma'am? It's just a thing. I worked so hard to get that title. I'd appreciate it."The General's response? "Yes, Senator." '

Are you kidding me? "Worked so hard"? And who the hell didn't work hard to achieve anything in these divided sates of A-merry-ca? But I will tell you what the "thing" is: it's called your ego and your fucking sense of entitlement. The man is a Brigadier general for crying out loud, he should be "big timing"your sorry ass. And yes, I know it's the lowest rank of all the generals, but he still rates above a senator in the field's pecking order.

Come on Bar...I mean senator, get a grip, it's not that serious. Everyone knows that you are a U.S. senator, and that you chair the damn committee. You don't have to dress down a man who served his country, and who was only trying to be respectful to you. Stuff like that only gives the wingnuts red meat for their fire. Besides, wingnuts or no wingnuts, it's just not cool.


Mrs. Chili said...

May I interrupt with a question, please? Was the general calling male senators "sir?" If so, Ms. Boxer needs to shut the fuck up.

Mike Searches said...

Excellent, Field- I particularly appreciate "your ego and your fucking sense of entitlement." My wife has family in Arkansas with political history, and they operate along the same vein. The arrogance is unreal...bloody hands have they...Peace- BTW I will probaby use that quote in the future, properly sourced, of course.

FlyNMy40s said...

I see this alot in the medical profession. The problem is that it's seems OK for White doctors to expect people to call them "Doctor" but people trip when Black doctors ask for the same.

So while I don't agree with Sen. Boxer, I think the idea of who is "big timing" who depends on the situation. I know plenty of women who hate being refered to as ma'am, but they don't go spouting off about how they earned another title to be addressed by.

Had she just left it at "please call me Senator", she would have been OK. OTOH, if he called the other Senators, "Senator" and her ma'am, then that's another issue.

Anonymous said...

Considering I have the pleasure of voting for her every six years and she's the only "Congress Critter" I don't have to sign one of those online petitions for to get them to do the right thing, I'm giving her a free pass. Boxer does a lot of good things for the progressive movement and I'm not going to let this one incident blemish that.

BTW, it's funny that my verification word is "dipshea".

Anonymous said...

The General addressed Senator Boxer properly according to military etiquette. Ranking Officers are addressed as "Sir" or "Ma'am". Of course, "Senator" is appropriate also.

Senator Boxer probably knows very little about the military, and furthermore does not like or think much of military people. I bet she is from the San Francisco Bay area. They dislike the military so much there they will demonstrate if the military opens a recruiting office in the area.

San Francisco, Berkeley...get the picture?

No politician from the Mid-West or East Coast would ever publicly dress down a general like Boxer did.

But, they say California is like another country. Should have left that debt riddled pain in the ass plastic state in Mexico.

pluky said...

It's not just military. I've lived in Boston for 28 years, but was raised southern and military (Dad-Army, Newport News, VA, Mom-Richmond, VA). Sometimes I get the strangest looks when I use "ma'am", as I was trained to do with any woman over the age of puberty unless invited to address her otherwise.

east austin said...

i understand it’s been a long week .. she hasn’t posted at the field for a while .. she gambled against the lakers (something about kobe) .. potus wants to give the federal reserve power to monitor/examine the financial system (she didn't get the internal memo) .. her constituency keep calling the office, there’s the inside the belt-way politics and california is broke ..

someone please take senator boxer out for a drink (i’m speculating agave-based) .. she has had enough ..

cheers senator

Jody said...

I'm with Fly on this one..... sorry, but too many women experience being addressed as "Miss" or "Maam" when they are Doctor, or Senator, or Congresswoman.... or whatever title they have indeed earned.
I understand that he may have thought he was being "polite". but he may also have been yet another man who did not see this woman as the peer of fellow senators, but just as "maam" and yes, that is mildly insulting.

LACoincidental said...

You know the biggest complaint that many of my wingnuts friends have about lefties -- arrogance. Its the attitude of entitlement and superiority that really gets middle america's goat. It also gets you no love in the 'hood. Being smart is one thing. Thinking that your smarts entitle you to 'son' folks who aren't as gifted or assume that a fancy degree makes all of your ideas above approach.

And Barbara Boxer showed that with spades. Military folks and people raised in or around Southern folks tend to say sir or ma'am. Its shows respect for elders and superiors. Its not to demean you or belittle your role as a Senator. I say ma'am to my manager and she's only 15 years older than me.

But this is stereotypical nasty, know-it-all smugness of the left. Yes, we know you're smart and gifted, you don't need to shout it every time you enter a room. Its the reason why Nader couldn't get elected dog catcher, Bill Maher is losing rating and maybe why Obama ain't going full throttle lefty on a lot policies. And, if I may add, its all the fuel the right needs to regain power.

In general, so long as progressive and left of center folks act like snotty Ivy League art history and economics double majors who flaunt their SAT scores and self published poetry**, expect this country to never see real changes. No likes a smart ass, especially in our anti-intellectual society. Lose the ego, people! It ain't helping.

Given a choice between the over sensitive drama geek with the 140 IQ and the loud jocks who gave you wedgies -- everyone would pick the jock. At least the jock would give you a hug after you snatch your undies out your butt and buy your a beer.

** Note I knew many of these same type of self important drama queens when I was in an Ivy League school. And now that they're junior professors, corporate lawyers and whatever, they're even bigger egomaniacs. Which is why I don't go to class reunions.

brohammas said...

A title she worked so hard to obtain?
That alone is the problem... ahe is an elected official who is supposed to be serving ME!
She should call me sir, see public service for what it is, sorry, I mean, what it should be.

Monie said...

Isn’t it proper form to refer to senators during hearings as Mr. or Miss/ Ms.? So Ms. Boxer would have been correct not Sen. Boxer right? Either way she had a case of knee-jerk feminism with the don’t call me ma’am thing.

Anonymous said...

"I understand that he may have thought he was being "polite". but he may also have been yet another man who did not see this woman as the peer of fellow senators, but just as "maam" and yes, that is mildly insulting."

He is a military officer who generally addresses ranking people as "Sir or "Ma'ma". Again, it's military protocol. But I get your point. The military needs to change its usual way of addressing women. No more of this mildly insulting "ma'am" stuff that once was very respectful. Just address women by title or by name.

"Sir" can be left in the regulations. Thus far, that has not been mildly insulting. These men are fighting and dying in a war and a cold-hearted Senator from CA is stuck in the minutia about being called "ma'am".

Well, it's been changed. What else do you want to hassel the military over?

Mr. Noface said...

"'Could you say 'senator' instead of 'ma'am? It's just a thing. I worked so hard to get that title. I'd appreciate it."

That statement from the Senator to the General was a clear display of insecurity. In my eyes, She lost any respect that she sought to gain by demanding that the General call her Senator instead of "Ma'am".

field negro said...

I thought about this when I posted, the fact that women would look at this differently. I get the whole condesention thing, but this guy was in the military, that is how they address folks.I am pretty sure he wasn't being a sexist. And I understand that it happens to women on a regular basis. (Trust me, I used to hear the stories around the dinner table)But that wasn't the case here, and Boxer should have been smart enough to recognize that.

But maybe anon.9:57PM is right, maybe it's a regional thing.

east austin, we have all had those weeks. But I hear ya. I guess I will raise a glass myself.

"A title she worked so hard to obtain?
That alone is the problem... ahe is an elected official who is supposed to be serving ME!
She should call me sir, see public service for what it is, sorry, I mean, what it should be."


"You know the biggest complaint that many of my wingnuts friends have about lefties -- arrogance. Its the attitude of entitlement and superiority that really gets middle america's goat. It also gets you no love in the 'hood. Being smart is one thing. Thinking that your smarts entitle you to 'son' folks who aren't as gifted or assume that a fancy degree makes all of your ideas above approach."

Yep, smugness could be the undoing of the left.

Robster, my word verifiction was
"whize". Go figure. :)

Grata said...

I would hate to judge her harshly because of sexism she may have experienced along the way. Her irritation may have been built up and she just snapped on this one. But her reaction to the guy was a form of deballing. His "disrespect" may have been unintentional but her's clearly was and she looks bad.

However, is humility becoming increasingly rare? I imagine if I were on the top of my profession I would least be bothered by people that don't address me by my official title.

Anonymous said...

Again, the military addresses "sir" or "ma'am". The general addressed Boxer according to military protocol. Boxer has been in D.C. long enough to know that. I think she just hates the military, like most San Franciso bay area folks.

Hathor said...

It is not protocol it is a requirement to call a woman officer, Ma'am. You call a male or female non commissioned officer (NCO) their rank such as Sargent and of course the rank and file by their rank. Only in basic training can you call an NCO, Sir or Ma'am. It is somewhat different in the Navy. I would say the General would probably address the senators as he would officers.

I think Senator Boxer would have been exposed to enough military to know that. I suspect the reflexive confrontation was not about being respected, but about age.

Much in the military is not about politeness. Take this from someone who was reprimanded for failing to see the General's flag on a car and salute.

Eddie said...

So according to some posters, calling a woman "ma'am" is mildly insulting now? I've seen everything. I'll just go back to respecting women by calling them demeaning names like sweety and sugar-lumps. But for real, I think Boxer should have taken a chill pill before the meeting. The man is helping fight a war and the least the leaders of his country could do is not give him a hard time over how he addresses them as long as it was not blatantly disrespectful. She may have done a lot of good, but good job for calling her out.

Anonymous said...

Senator Boxer did appear to be a bit 'reactionary' on this one, but, I understand. It could have been the 'age' thing or the 'I earned this position' thing.

I'm a female faculty, and it annoys me to have students, especially young males, black or white address me as, Miss, Maam, by my first name or 'hey'. In my experience, when I request students to address me as 'Dr.', it sets a precedent for the academic environment. Some profs want students to call them by their first name, and they are usually other white male' faculty; I cannot afford students to get to 'chummy', friendly or relaxed with me, both as a woman and as an African American.

However, I hear these same students refer to my male colleagues as Professor, or Dr., and many times these colleagues do not have Phd's. I do. I do'nt think it is intentional, but, I notice it. It's annoying to request that students address me as professor or Dr., when I basically could care less. But, there is that 'respect' factor, that I must demand. As for the 'senator', maybe she was having a bad day. She was out of line for talking about how she earned that position--that's where she pushed the envelope. And my word verification was h--men. wth!

Anonymous said...

FN-"Yep, smugness could be the undoing of the left."

I agree, and it has already started with Boxer. At least the Repubs have respect for people in the military.

That's the trouble with arrogance. It is so repulsive that voters can't stand it for very long.

Anonymous said...

"It is not protocol it is a requirement to call a woman officer, Ma'am"

Thanks Hathor. The general was doing what was required of him by military standards and Boxer was giving him a hard time.

You can speculate on any number of excuses for her, but Boxer was being a Senatorial ass.

west coast story said...

No one has bothered to answer the basic question. How was the general addressing the male senators? If he was calling male Senators "Senator," and calling Boxer "M'am," that would be the equivalent of calling her "Little Lady," and she would have every right to be annoyed.

This utter nonsense that she works for you and doesn't deserve to be called by her title is pure unmitigated bullshit. She did work hard to get where she is so deal with it. I'm pretty sure most of her critics have never even voted for her so her status as a Senator really has nothing to do with you.

A woman asks to be treated in a certain way and she's arrogant and when a man does so, he's entitled.

Saleema said...

As a freshman in college I called a female professor "miss," and she nearly snapped my head off.

I was sure to call her "miss" thereafter, despite her requesting me to call her "dr." Whatever.

Ms. Boxer needs to relax.

Anonymous said...

"No one has bothered to answer the basic question. How was the general addressing the male senators?"

He addressed them as "Sir."

Anonymous said...

"A woman asks to be treated in a certain way and she's arrogant and when a man does so, he's entitled."

WCS-Where is this coming from? Boxer was wrong and arrogant. You must be from the San Francisco area.

west coast story said...

Furthermore, FN, if you want to rip folks on the left, then how about the endless carping about gay marriage?

I support gay marriage and equal rights for all people, period. And I will vote to support those rights. But the post Prop 8 racist flow from the lily white gay/lesbian movement was a slap in my face.

Then I read a smart assed column over at Huffpo about "Where's My Martin Luther Queen?". As a commenter rightly pointed out, no president led the black civil rights movement. A black preacher became the leader of the movement with a large contigent of organizers behind him. The gay community wants Obama to lead them to the promised land and REFUSES to reach out to black and brown communities for support and instead believes that further alienating these communities will result in success.

This is a poster child of entitlement where a group wants equal rights but is not prepared to do the heavy lifting and is now bad mouthing Obama about being betrayed.

Where is the gay/lesbian political organization for gay marriage? Where are the gay/lesbian elected officials? Don't expect Obama to do your political legwork for you.

And it wasn't that long ago that gays and lesbians were divided over the issue anyway.

It has been pointed out repeatedly to gays/lesbians what a mistake it is to compare gay rights with black civil rights. White people have written about how much it pisses off blacks but white folks don't care.
For a lot of black people, it isn't about homophobia. It's about privileged white gays/lesbians putting gay marriage in the same context as the black civil rights movement. Have sense enough to know how these struggles are different, notwithstanding some similarities. Show some respect for a people that risked everything, and I mean everything, to vote, to eat at lunch counters and integrate public schools.

Sorry to hi jack your thread FN but the level of cluelessness on this issue is breathtaking and it's mostly from the smug and arrogant left.

west coast story said...

Provide the link to any recording that shows the good general referring to all Senators as m'am and sir.

Anonymous said...

Field, you really missed it on this one. He was calling her "boy."

Make sense now?

Anonymous said...

"Given a choice between the over sensitive drama geek with the 140 IQ and the loud jocks who gave you wedgies -- everyone would pick the jock."

Speak for yourself. I'd pick the drama geek, at least they don't generally physically harass people.

kid said...

I got this from Newshounds.One thing, if it was Sarah Palin FOX would be screaming how disrespectful the General was and call for his dismissal.

No one bothered to fact check the repeated claim that "Military Protocol" allows "ma'am" as an appropriate way to address a US Senator.

The "Guide to Protocol and Etiquette" issued by the Department of the Army in 2001 is specific on the point (under "Titles and forms of address for U.S. officials"):

Senator Doe or Senator

When the senator is a woman: Use Senator"

Not "ma'am" or "Madame Senator"... just Senator.

I've written about it at my blog, and pointed it out elsewhere; but the point needs to be hammered home: Senator Boxer was well within her right to request the General to address her according to protocol.

kid said...

I remember on Charlie Rose show Huey P. Newton was on and Charlie called him Huey. Huey broke out with "Dr. Mr. Huey P. Newton".The he said that white people are too used to call us by our first names.He's right. Just Like Justice Sotomayor,people on FOX called her Maria.Her first name is Sonia, but any other judge they call Justice.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

I appreciate your doing this story FN, although I could think of a million other things with which to chastise her tail!

Its a damned shame, getting riled up about title when she needs to be focusing on the needs of her constituency ie ME and other Californians.

She has said foolish things and advocated senseless policies, all against the wishes of the California citizenry.

I cannot stand that woman.

Anonymous said...

A-fuckin'-men, Field.
Sarah Dere

Anonymous said...

"As a freshman in college I called a female professor "miss," and she nearly snapped my head off.

I was sure to call her "miss" thereafter, despite her requesting me to call her "dr." Whatever."

How rude. I mean hell, she asked you to call her by her title and you chose to be an asshole. Way to go!

I don't get why people are so resistant to understand why miss is condescending and inappropriate.

Bob said...

If I were a senator, & a general kept calling me "sir," I'd probably become a little annoyed. But I doubt I'd mention it in public. If I felt really pissy about it, I'd send a note to the general's superior officer saying that we senators have our protocol, too. I try to use President Obama or "The Prez" in my blogging now, not Barack or Obama. I never felt that good disrespecting George W. Bush - but he drove me to it, over & over, & I don't believe he was legitimately elected.

grinder said...

I'm with Mrs. Chili, the very first commenter. If he was calling the men "senator" and Boxer "ma'am," then she was right to call him out for it. If he was calling the men "sir" and Boxer "ma'am," then she was wrong to call him out for it.

field negro said...

Saleema maybe anon 12:26AM was your professor. :)

Seriously, both my parents and my sister have Phd's. My mother got hers around the same time my dad did, and we got used to him being referred to as Dr. and my mother as Mrs.But it never seemed to bother her, maybe it's an age thing. Now my sister, on the other hand, didn't play that. Like Anon.12:26AM, she would demand to be called Dr. by students and her peers. She was very sensitive about that stuff. When she worked in academia I remember her going back and forth with my mother with stories like that. So I understand the argument that some people make.

But sorry, it doesn't work in this context. The woman, as some people said, should have known better than dressing down the man in public. (Fire off a nasty memeo to the guy) She is, after all, a politician, so she should have considered the fall out from her actions.

"Field, you really missed it on this one. He was calling her "boy."

Make sense now?"

NO! He was calling her Ma'm. The equivalent when referring to a man is Sir. So that's a poor analogy.

Hathor said...

What I said was not to imply what the military were required to call public officials. I was only trying to say it was probably a way the general was extending what he knew. It may have been incorrect, but I don't think it was done out of disrespect. I think that 2001 document may not have been as ingrained as the UCMJ.

kid said...

Hey Hathor,

I knew something was fishy when FOX went after her.Notice how the people on FOX say Governor Palin and call Secretary Clinton Hillary.They still call Bush President Bush and President Obama Barack.They're full of it. They devoted a whole day to calling the President a fly killer.

Mrs. C said...

Off topic, but I gotta applaud your picture-word association of the day...

This time it seems His O-ness is proving waaaay zen, but somehow not quite Buddist enough for some A-merry-cans. Can he catch a freakin' break?!

My word verification: "bugqta"--system is seriously playin' with us today...

Anonymous said...

Well as a woman who caught that clip on tv last night, I was wondering who pissed in her Cheerios. There is a time and place for all things and while I understand her frustrations about not being addressed the correct way, what she did and the way she did it just seemed wrong to me.

uptownsteve said...

How is this a "leftist" issue?

Boxer is just a pompous ass.

WCS yaps about the arrogance of the left comparing gay rights to civil rights but the fucking righties oppose both and always have.

Notice how these rightiwng figures like Sarah Palin and never refer to our Commander in Chief as "Mr. President" or "President Obama" but as merely "Obama".

That goes for a lot of white conservatives I work with as well.

Just won't give a brother his props.

Let's not even mention Drugbo comparing Judge Sotomayor to a cleaning lady.

Anonymous said...

::Shaking her head.:: A person with a healthy self-confidence wouldn't have needed to have gone there. I gave Senator Boxer more credit than that. She showed her proverbial hand, and it was a bad one. Thank you, Field!

Christopher Chambers said...

Now that you threw your own trolls a bone, how about helping me with mine at Nat Turner's Revenge? (they are angry with my comments on THEIR comments shitting on the admittedly symbolic US Senate slavery Resolution) hahahaha. Note how easy it is, re: wingnuttery, to get riled up over bullshit. In the general scheme of things, who cares? And frankly Field, when ever righties talk abotu arrogance, it's b/c they want people to bow and scrape. Talk about smugness. And why shouldn't educated people be proud of their accomplishments? If you're a redneck, you get to exhault that but I cna't b/c them I'd be anIvy league snob. Unh unh.

A Person of Interest said...

I would have given a thousand bucks if the General had replied, "Why certainly Senator, I mean Boxer".

uptownsteve said...

Happy Juneteenth brothers and sisters!

kid said...

I wonder if Palin (I ain't calling that redneck skank governor) will attend the Juneteenth event this year. She was the only Governor of Alaska to not attend.It would be funny if she attended and they boo her.

ch555x said...

All this over how to address a person...SMH!

Rudy said...

We must not confuse refusal to stoop to a lower level as smugness from left-leaning people. This is the same line of thinking that is applied to studious blacks when they are accused of "acting white" when they speak proper English and excel academically.

I say a person should act in accordance with the stratum he/she resides.

alicia banks said...


sexism is real

"arrogance" in women = "confidence" in men (ditto for "lefties" v. "righties"...)

i agree with all who defend feminist equality...he should have called her the equivalent of whatever he called the male senators

sir + ma'am/madam
senator + senator

i make sure i call all phds
"doctor"...because the academic hazing endured to garner that title is horrid and they have all indeed earned that moniker


alicia banks said...

ps re mlk:

re: mlk & h8

Comparisons are not synonymous with equations. No fool would ever dare to EQUATE homophobia with racism in America. But, glaring similarities abound!!! Everywhere, everyday, homosexuals are refused services in public places, stalked, beaten, arrested, murdered, raped, verbally harassed, fired, evicted, legally discriminated against, rejected, slandered, libeled, scapegoated, and generally tortured, simply because they are homosexual.

Dr. King was never a gaybasher. He bravely battled with gaybashers often as he defended and respected a dear friend, an organizational legend, a fellow warrior, and a gay man named Bayard Rustin. Coretta Scott King was always a great ally to gay activists, and she will truly be irreplaceable as our most recent felled warrior among church folks.

Civil rights legend Julian Bond dared to reprimand the white sheep of the King family, Bernice King, and skip Coretta’s funeral service. Bond admirably and respectfully did so in a dignified protest against the rabidly gaybashing pastor of the church chosen to host the service, a fool named Eddie Long. Sadly and surely Bernice’s curious and equally notorious gay hatred had a hand in desecrating her mother’s service so…

Most black churches exiled gays, and most black people bashed gays LONG before blacks sabotaged Prop 8, irrespective of any hair splitting over voter statistics...
The white media have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the evil that black gaybashers do. From black gay celebrities closeted with padlocks, to the global black serial killers who lynch black gays daily, to the hate filled sermons that black preachers spew from pulpits everywhere each day, blacks continue to PROVE that they are indeed the very worst gaybashers in the world!!!

“Their Own Receive Them Not: African American Lesbians & Gays in Black Churches” also wonderfully calls several ruthless and legendary black gaybashers to task, like the notoriously adulterous heterosexual whore Adam Clayton Powell, the poster boy of the Republikkkan neocon clergy T. D. Jakes, and the bastard baby making, wafflingly inclusive "humanitarian" Jesse Jackson, Sr. It exposes the transgressions of droves of other sinful black pastors, like the opulent Fred Price, the tragically twisted homosexual Donnie McClurkin, and many others.

Contrary to Republikkkan religious rhetoric, hatred and lies are not godly values. This book meticulously exposes the hypocrisy of such sinful homohatred. It exposes how gaybashers defy God’s commandment to love everyone, as they encourage others to love everyone except gays. Gaybashers ban gay marriage as they ignore gay love. They use birth control religiously, as they falsely claim sex is exclusively for procreation. They demand that gays pretend to be reformed heterosexuals, as they condemn the “Down Low” homosexuals who destroy families and break heterosexual hearts daily. They claim the doors of black churches are perpetually open to all entrants, even as they slander our names and slay our spirits upon entry.

See how a Ugandan lesbian was beaten, raped, and tortured by gaybashing macho police officers. Feeling that those brutalities were inadequate to make this lesbian become heterosexual, her own blood relatives encouraged the police to literally murder her. See more:


Then, read about the Jamaican hatred of gays that has dominated dancehall music, popularized marauding death mobs for local gays, and made tourism fatal. See:



alicia banks said...

ps re h8:

nothing can ever defend a single black voter/gaybasher...ever!

In South Africa, gaybashing thugs rape lesbians because they sincerely believe that brutal gang rapes are a "cure" for lesbianism. To make sure this "cure" works well, these same sadistic thugs also rape the female children of lesbians.

These "corrective rapes" rapes are tacitly legal and rampant!

Children ruthlessly tease gays. Adults brutally rape gays. Gaybashers of all ages torture gays globally.

See a new video on "corrective rapes" here:

blacks are wilding ongays GLOBALLY!!!

cali and prop 8 = blips!

Murderous gaybashers exist and are religiously sanctioned in every human race. Yet, I remain convinced that racism and sexism combine to create a uniquely hot hatred of homosexuals within most black gaybashers globally. I have penned many columns, hosted countless talk radio shows, and engaged in heated debates with diverse friends on the subject of black gaybashers for decades. I have elaborated ad infinitum about precisely how racism and sexism combine and degenerate too many black men who regard themselves exclusively as life support systems for penises, and too many black women who regard themselves exclusively as concubines/breeders for these aforementioned black macho men.

This toxic combination of psychoses fashions turbo gaybashers in blackface, who passionately regard homosexuals as literal nullifiers of their very existences. Their twisted insecurities are expressed as fatal gaybashing/self-defense mechanisms in the paranoid and insane wars that their hatred fuels against sexual truths in general and homosexual persons in particular. Combine those toxins with the additional madness created by the oceans of blood awash upon the hands of droves of black pastors, who continue to preach lies about God and the bible to their mindless and robotic flocks. These evil and bigoted pseudo-christians truly regard gaybashing and murdering homosexuals as divine acts!!! Also, blend in the arrogant ignorance of uneducated masses who know and desire to know absolutely nothing about the universal scientific nature of homosexuality in literally every living species. All of these ancient ingredients mesh into a perfect and pervasive recipe for social poison that festers deep within the core of global black cultures and ferments into a potent emotional and psychic venom that is spewed by a diaspora of African gaybashers like legions of deadly cobras.

Anonymous said...

Damn, Alicia. I think I'd throw that dildo away, and try some real pecker, if I were you.

alicia banks said...


i love the bay area

i am a native of chicago
and i have lived all over the usa...

but oakland was once my fav city on the planet...
now there is an ongoing black exodus in that region due to elitism/racism/gaybashing though:


alicia banks said...

see anon/fool's sexism fn?

when women are angry they need sex
when men are angry they are warriors


most women do not have vaginal orgasms

clearly, you are the castrated one who could use an implant

i have no use for the organ you lack, nor any replica thereof


kid said...

Anonymous Rudy said...

We must not confuse refusal to stoop to a lower level as smugness from left-leaning people. This is the same line of thinking that is applied to studious blacks when they are accused of "acting white" when they speak proper English and excel academically.

I say a person should act in accordance with the stratum he/she resides.
Hey Rudy ,Mother Fuck you. when blacks say acting white we mean talking in a nasal voice. Using archaic words. Saying "gee whiz" and "neat-o."

Elvis "acted black",Sinatra "acted black", Satan Pagan...oops I mean Sarah Palin sounds and acts white.Don't equate intellgence with being white.Can you feel me ? Okially dokeally then, you betch ya for sure buddy.

uptownsteve said...


When I was growing up, "acting white" was directed to blacks who thought they were too good to hang out or date blacks.

And like you said talking in a nasal voice and using valley girl expressions.

This notion that blacks say studious blacks are "acting white" is rightwing bull$hit.

A couple of weeks ago I attended Bowie State University's graduation ceremony.

2,000 fresh young beautiful black people receiving their degrees after 4 years of study, sacrifice and discipline.

You think they told each other they were "acting white"?

The A said...

The military protocol is irrelevant in this situation because this was on the Hill. This is congressional protocol.

Senator Boxer was well within her rights to remind EVERYONE about the proper way to address a US Senator. ANY senator. EVERY Senator.

Her performance as a senator or her personal character have absolutely nothing to do with this situation.

As one of the 17 female senators on the hill, I'm sure this is a hot button issue for all of them. Wikipedia says there have only been "37 women in the United States Senate since the establishment of that body in 1789."

Was the Brigadier General being intentionally malicious or sexist? probably not. Even so, he was out of line.

Field, you missed this one.

Anonymous said...

Agree with "The A"

A Military guy, especially a General - should have got that right. It would have been covered in his briefing before he sat down in front of the Committee.

Call a General a Lieutenant...

And Hell hath no fury...

kathy said...

I used to think that equality meant getting the same treatment that men get. I don't think that anymore.

If Senator Boxer wants to be addressed as Senator, than that should be her choice, and it doesn't matter to me one bit how the other Senators were addressed.
To me, equality means having the power to ask to be addressed in the manner that you feel is respectful. Having the same power is equality, not having the same construct as men.

Zimbel said...

Sorry, I'm not seeing this one.

If she then, say, started calling him "Private" or some other appellation he didn't prefer, I'd agree with you, but as it is it looks like he messed up, and she corrected him.

sick freak said...

kid said...
Anonymous Rudy said...
Hey Rudy ,Mother Fuck you. when blacks say acting white we mean talking in a nasal voice. Using archaic words. Saying "gee whiz" and "neat-o."

When blacks say acting white they mean--

Graduating from high school

Going to college

Not having 10 kids by 10 different hood rats

Obeying the law

Being nice to people.

No wad i be sayin my brutha??

LACoincidental said...

@kathy, AB, others who agree with the Senator tongue-lashing a General over what is a non-issue,I must respectfully disagree. I have plenty of military folks in my family, and this how they address everyone.

For Boxer to make this a big deal and then add in the little dig about how hard she worked to get to the Senate shows a rather callous smug part of person. It that nasty aspect of the intellectual left -- I'm gonna show you ignorant peons what's up -- that stokes the flames and ire of the right against actually thinking progressively.

And as someone who was accused of 'acting white', looking back I realize I brought a lot of it on myself as a kid and work hard as an adult to make ammends. Sure, I got teased & my behind kicked by thugs on the block because I preferred books to sports or slinging dope.

But lording my intellect over other cats in my 'hood garnered me more fights and bullying then if I would have learned at an early age to make friends and loosen up. Everyone knows I'm 'smart', I don't have to prove it anymore and didn't need to prove it back then.

Believe it or not, most of our community don't hate intellectually gifted Black people -- just really arrogant and/or self loathing smart Black people whose see their brains as an ascension to Godhood.

LACoincidental said...

BTW, please ignore sick freak, as I believe he says things not to add to the debate but to raise ire.

FYI, sick, I went to an inner city high school where almost all of my Black and Latino friends have college degrees and own homes. In fact, in my immediate family, only my older brother did not attend college, and that's only because he's a certified auto mechanic, like my father and uncles.

Anonymous said...

Finally something we can agree on Field!!! I wish that General would have Dick-Slapped "the Senator" all the way back to San Franciso...
Sure, I get called "Doctor" but thats only cause people don't really wanta guy named Raoul or Josephus messin around with their innards'... When I'm out of the hospital I'm just plain old Frank...

Rudy said...

Kid said, "Hey Rudy ,Mother Fuck you. when blacks say acting white we mean talking in a nasal voice. Using archaic words. Saying "gee whiz" and "neat-o."

Elvis "acted black",Sinatra "acted black", Satan Pagan...oops I mean Sarah Palin sounds and acts white.Don't equate intellgence with being white.Can you feel me ? Okially dokeally then, you betch ya for sure buddy.

Mother fuck me? I would have expected more from you, man. That's cool. Fuck you, too.

sick freak said...

LACoincidental please tell the truth.How many times was your family or friends accused of acting white??

Please be honest.

alicia banks said...

as a teacher...

i see tons of meek shy smart kids who never lord over anyone get beat down and called gay etc just for being smart daily...

and i know many women who are educated and powerful and humble and STILL abused by sexists in all arenas daily....

we agree to disagree


uptownsteve said...

sick freak,

Or it could mean

shooting up your high school classmates

using your cleric collar to diddle with little boys

ripping off retirees and charitable associations

being jaihouse bitches

just sayin'

Amanda said...

I too think she should have asked to be addressed as Senator instead of ma'am, as that is her preferred title. She should have left out the "because I earned it" part because that just made her look like an ass.

As a woman, I get her point, but you should save the attitude for the maliciously sexist moments (trust all women experience them with varying frequency) and used tact for the unintentional (possible) sexism this interaction displayed.

Happy Juneteenth to all!

kid said...

Blogger alicia banks said...

as a teacher...

i see tons of meek shy smart kids who never lord over anyone get beat down and called gay etc just for being smart daily...

I know I know don't feed the troll. I have to say that your comments about Bayard Rustin were on point. With that being said you want people to come to your site to comment, but you delete the comments.That don't make sense.What scare me about you is that you say that you work with kids. You claim to be a advocate for gays. Yet to insult me you call me gay. Does that make sense ?First I'm not gay (not that there's anything wrong with that)Then you made a comment about my dead father, that show class. Then you claim to have a 330 I.Q. A elementary school kid had a I.Q. test and got the same as Bill Gates 160.You are so busted.You act like Tammy Bruce, a gay that hates gays.You don't need to be around kids if you hate men/boys.

Rudy: Black people don't like being called stupid.I apologize to field for doing that on his site.Rudy I'll apologize.Now you still were wrong.Do Malcolm X act black? Do Franz Fanon act black?Do Lenny Henry act black?Negritude is a whole different thing. I have a friend who I talk to sometimes and forget that she's white. Some people don't think about race unless others bring it up.Nothing upset me more than people thinking that blacks are stupid N-words.

isabella mori said...

hm, this almost seems like a companion post to black woman think's

uptownsteve said...

Damn kid.

You're on fire today!

uptownsteve said...

I saw an interview with Craig Robinson, head basketball coach at Oregon State University and President Obama's brother in law.

He and his sister grew up on the South Side of Chicago, the biggest black belt in the country, excelled in school and attended Princeton University.

NOT ONCE was he told by his black peers that he was "acting white".

alicia banks said...


what is this insane obessession you have with my brain and my blog...espcially as you have neither?????

you are glaringly illiterate

i only post intellectual replies to my sites...

i admire field because he does not censor bigots and fools as i always have and will...

many of my best students/parents/friends are black males

though i admit none have any relation to the likes of you

i never said my IQ was 330
you are also a liar
i said the scoring/gpa ranges have changed at uiuc since 1976...
and that in 1976 my score was 250
i have papers to document that fact...

clearly, you never completed your own education
or you desperately needed superior teachers like me


alicia banks said...


how old are michelle and craig?

you cannot live in the past while our kids die today!!!

i am sure their schoolmates were not gunning each other down as they strolled to school back then too...

visit any AP classes and any urban schools asap..!!!

wake up,

alicia banks said...


the difference in you and i is that i care about the good and the bad in our world today...

i do not ignore/dismiss/deny experiences that are not my own:

"I grew up with many elite black kids who never spoke ebonics or slacked! We all coveted academic awards! It was never considered uncool to excel in my academic circles. In fact, academic excellence was our coolest aspiration and the focal point of our most intense competitions. Intellectualism was even mandatory for entry into and status within our elite black "in crowd."

most kids were not full time undergrads at 12 like me either

nor did most of craig and michelle's peers have the same dad/ivy league treks etc

and??? so????

our race will be saved or doomed by what you and i do for the current real lives of the least of us....not the best who will excel regardless...


Saleema said...

Down here, calling someone ma'am and sir is a sign of respect.

As for the professor if she had asked politely, then I would have obliged.

I know a professor who doens't teach anymore, but I still refer to him as professor, always. Just to show him respect.

The senator should have told him privately how she wanted to be addressed afterwards, so he would know for next time, or should have sent over an aid with a piece of paper with a written request, so the general wouldn't have been talked down to.

I worked for a congresswoman, and everywhere she went, aid were hovering around her, doing her bidding. Even if you didn't see any in the sight of the camera, trust me they were there.

We would stand to the side, out of view and watch for the eyes for hint, if she wanted us to come up to her and do something...

So there's no excuse for her behavior.

Persoanlly, I would respect a general more than an elected official. She got there because of our votes, but the general worked hard for where he is.

kid said...

Alicia: God bless you too.

uptownsteve: I went to school with brothers from England, Jamaica, Germany and Sweden. When they heard certain black Americans people talk they would say that they sounded white.Cubans have told me that Castro speaks with a black accent. That strange considering that Fidel is a Caucasian.Some say that he does it on purpose.Then do you remember Snow the Canadian rapper ? Some Jamaicans say that he had a authentic accent. Then there's a Hassidic rapper that do reggae.

Anonymous said...

You get her kid!

I'll bet she was lying about not having a big ole stap-on dildo under the bed, too.

alicia banks said...

anon/vulgar fool:

i bet you are obsessed with dildos because you have never seen one smaller than your own miserable excuse for a penis? huh?

i do not fret about any location in your is only that huge hole under your scalp that vexes me!


Anonymous said...

That didn't make one damn bit of sense Alicia, you genius.

uptownsteve said...

"you cannot live in the past while our kids die today!!!"

There were more homicides in America in 1977 than in 2007.

Stop the lies!!!!

alicia banks said...


how will those stats save a child in 2009 or 2010?...


alicia banks said...

anon/ignorant vulgar dog:

geniuses often confuse morons when they speak...

no biggie


you and us remind me of j edgar hoover

he was a gay and rabid gaybasher
ALL rabid gaybashers are gay!!!

he was as lewdly obsessed with gay porn as you are with dildos and for all the same dl reasons...

that is why he ruthlessly harassed coretta by sending her digitally altered gay porn with spliced images that made it appear that bayard and mlk engaged in sex...

fortunately, the female het coretta was closer to a real man than you and us she ignored jeh's gay porn video fetish...

just as i ignore your profoundly revealing dildo fetish


Mack Lyons said...

While the senator was within her rights to be properly addressed as "Senator", she should have done so in a more polite manner, not in the typical "snappy chip-on-shoulder professional black woman" tone that leaves a bad taste in people's mouths. The general was too professional to strike back with a response that would have effectively put her back in her place (lawds, it pains me to say that. Don't get too happy, Frankie Boy...).

"Satan Pagan...oops I mean Sarah Palin sounds and acts white."

Granted the woman is definitely NOT president material, the way she was treated throughout the last couple of months of the campaign left a bad taste in my mouth. I wonder if Gerradine Ferraro ever inspired a porno with a near-dead-on lookalike....

"That didn't make one damn bit of sense Alicia, you genius."

Alicia Banks is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, no matter how much she tries to dazzle people with her "intellect". And she types in stilted prose, too? I always wondered about her mental state. People who are incapable of typing or speaking in complete sentences are usually two cans short of a six-pack, no disrespect intended.

alicia banks said...

slack lyin:

it is called brevity

i have tons of completed sentences herein and all over the internet

my dazzling is effortless

i take pride when sexist ignorant fools like you lie and slur...

it lets me know i am telling rebel truths


alicia banks said...

the anti-intellectual hatred and envy evinced by so many mental slackers herein...

is precisely what dooms our public schools


alicia banks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A Person of Interest said...

Funny would think after reading Alicia's self-written Bio on her blog, that she would have an entry on Wiki. I mean, with all those accomplishments...well, let's just say if Dr. Doofenshmirtz from the cartoon Phineas & Ferb has an entry, one would think Alicia would at least have a mention.

alicia banks said...


you are far too easily impressed by open public sources..

i am one of millions of educators who bans wiki in academia

primarily because it is composed by random fools like you

never fret as i have many other valid mentions in superior you?


A Person of Interest said...

Nah, but I once had my picture in Post Offices all around the country.

alicia banks said...


just another envious criminal thug...

like so many baby thugs who ruin public ed


malik said...

I have received the same claimed but false umbrage when I have called female judges "m'am" in court. Most don't have a problem with it, but the insecure ones seem to complain more.
Most of us who are military officers have a special vent installed in our heads so we can quickly filter out this type of crap when it is shoveled at us.

Slack Lyin said...

Woman you do protest too much. Just where the hell are your goddamn pills???

Lisa J said...

Mack Lyons said...
While the senator was within her rights to be properly addressed as "Senator", she should have done so in a more polite manner, not in the typical "snappy chip-on-shoulder professional black woman" tone that leaves a bad taste in people's mouths

@Mack Lyons, the Senator is white so I fail to see why you would say she had a snappy chip-on-shoulder professional black woman" tone. Are you trying to conflate black women with people having chip's on their shoulders? That is just soooo wrong. Some black women, professional or not have chips on their shoulders but certainly not all, or even a majority. Anyone can have a chip on their shoulder. Rush Limbaugh has a HUGE chip on his sholder, does that mean that all white men do? Nope. Kind of problematic then for you to make that statement. Bordering on sexist and racist (and even if you are black, that is still true b/c black people can be racist against other black people- some of the trolls on this site are a case in point.)

alicia banks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
alicia banks said...

slack lyin:

if i was the dumb bimbo u claim
all would be medless and bliss right?

do not hate me because you prefer your women meek and mindless

i need NO intellectual warrior
soul is all the medicine i need...

got valium/anti-insecurity pills?

elle said...

@Saleema If she would've asked nicely?

Speaking of entitlement. Do you have any idea how many times that woman might have encountered disrespectful students who wanted to call her whatever the hell they wanted to call her and acted as childishly as you did when she corrected them?

And then, "miss?" What a problematic, infantilizing term. Had it been me, you could've hollered "miss" all you wanted.

I wouldn't have responded.

P.S. I notice how you gush on and on about the respect you show a male professor or how a male general is more worthy than she.

True Blue Texan said...

Like you, Field, I have a Doctor of Jurisprudence. No one calls us "Doctor". My clients automatically call me by my first name, although I respectfully use titles, especially "Dr." We lawyers deserve respect as well, but that's a whole different post for you.

Don't know about military protocol, but many of us in the South were taught not to simply answer "Yes" or "No", but "Yes, Sir" or "Yes, Ma'am". That was respectful, not condescending. It's how you address your elders or a stranger whose name you don't know. We might address a woman with a medical degree as "Dr." but respond to her with "Yes, Ma'am".

"Miss", on the other hand, is condescending and belittling. I've had this discussion with people from other parts of the country, however, who think the opposite.

sick freak said...

Talk about irony--

Obama Sends USS John McCain to intercept North Korean ship thought to be carrying weapons.

Anonymous said...

i said the scoring/gpa ranges have changed at uiuc since 1976...
and that in 1976 my score was 250
i have papers to document that fact...

You mean a 2.5 - which is a "C".

Since nobody gives a rat's ass what your GPA was 4 years into a career (except Law firms)...

Why exactly is that relevant?

Think Kid picked on the wrong person - I believe it was Fly who was talking about that massive inflation of her IQ.

alicia banks said...


stop hating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my gpa was


Outstanding Young Woman of America 1986

Who's Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges 1984

UIUC Dean's List 1984

UIUC Senior 100 Honorary 1984

UIUC Black Alumni Association Earl Dickerson Achievement Award 1983

UIUC Black Alumni Association Potential Leadership Award 1982

UIUC 5.0 GPA Award 1982

alicia banks said...


envy + error = egg on your face

i was responding relevantly to all of the irrelevant lies about my academic and professional careers

uiuc was on a 5.0 scale from 1976-1984...


alicia banks said...

ps btx:

i founded the first black independent radio station in the big 10 while i won
all those academic awards at uiuc too...ya heard???


simultaneously no less!!!...

do not hate!


kathy said...

Alicia, give me a break there aint no five o.

i don't like the things said to you here by anonymous, but on the other hand, some of the things you say to other bloggers is wrong and not called for.

personally, i hate to be called mam, sounds like i am old or something, and you know what, in other languages, calling a woman mam is an insult!!!

i don't really care what military protocal is, if i don't like the way i am addressed, i will tell you and i already know that you probably going to judge me or say i should have phrased it better, or something, so i say it the best way i can.

alicia banks said...

you all are really being arrogantly ignorant

and amusingly envious

MANY universities had 5.0 scales once...


Mack Lyons said...

@Lisa J:

Nice shot, wrong basket -- apparently, I was thinking of Maxine Waters. Original comment still stands, minus the "chip-on-shoulder black etc" part.

rainywalker said...

If she wants a set of balls, she needs to earn them.

Anonymous said...

When I left earlier today, this thread had 60 comments. When I came back it had made an incredible jump to 100+. I immediately knew that "dazzling ab" with her 250 IQ was commenting and holding everyone's attention.

Let's face it. There is no one on this blog who can match ab. She is so far above any human being in intelligence that only a fool would try to take her on.

It's time for Field to post a permanent photo of ab on his blog out of gratitude for her many many sensible comments that have inspired so many 'friendly' and 'loving' replies to her. Single-handedly, ab has been responsible for sending comments on threads into the hundreds!

AB, on behalf of Field and the many grateful readers and posters of this blog, I thank you. Call me when you are ready to do a few solo posts and I'll be sure to let Field know. You could be his substitute whenever he goes to Disneyland or to Ensign's Vegas Zoo. I know he will see the benefit of having you as a second writer because your comments are very stirring. I know you will easily triple the traffic to FN blog. I can see where you would bring so much traffic that the site might crash!

God bless you. God used his finest clay when He made you.

FlyNMy40s said...

btx3 said...
Think Kid picked on the wrong person - I believe it was Fly who was talking about that massive inflation of her IQ.

Why in the hell are you bringing me in on this? You under achievers are ALWAYS hatin'!!

FYI, I never claimed to have a 330 IQ in fact, my IQ is barely genious level, AB has the lock on that. Unlike her, I graduated undergrad "Thank you lawdy", no where near honors.

Now grad school in Pharmacology Chemistry? Well now you can kiss my 3.9 GPA having ass!

As for how to address lawyers, I have never in my entire life addressed an attornety by their first name unless instructed to do so. I always address them as say, Attorney Field.

Spanky said...

There is no accounting for class or the lack thereof except for lack of home training. Thank you ma'am.

Saleema said...

@ Elle,

Like I said, freshmen in college just come from high school where they call their teachers Miss ____, so I called her that, all she had to do put it nicely but she chose to be a bitch about it.

And down in Texas, ma'am and sir is a sign of respect, and upto high school, we call teachers mr. and miss.

Elle, why so angry? Since schools are out, and I teach, I have taken up a summer job at Smoothie King. IF you have one near you, go down there and buy yourself a smoothie and ask that they put "Stress Relief" in it. It really helps.

The A said...

General Beltway Insider Rule: Respect the position even there is no respect for the person holding the position.

Again, Congressional Protocol -particularly while visiting Congress- trumps all other arguments about how other people, military included, allow/expect themselves to be addressed.

The Brigadier General was out of line. Meaning he was wrong.

Had he broke military protocol, no one would be complaining about him being dressed down.

Did anyone actually WATCH the video? (see Field's link) I would hardly consider that being dressed down. Senator Boxer was right to say it and she did it politely. There is nothing snide or disrespectful about her tone!!!!!

so I wonder if this would even be "YouTubeable" had this been a male Senator. Or a Republican. jus sayin...

@AB- Why would you care what random people on a blog think about you? Breathe, stretch, shake, let it go!!

Anonymous said...

Southerners say ma'am, yes.

But what irritates me no end are the people, and they are legion, who call the male professors "Professor" or "Dr." but me "Mrs." They *mean* by this that they aren't giving me the professional credibility they are giving the others. I'll bet Boxer has been through a lot of that in her time.

I mean, seriously -- I wouldn't care if they called us all by our first names, I think titles are pompous, and most people I know IRL around here call me Ms. Firstname, and it's fine. But when people come out with the Mrs. thing when everyone else gets their actual professional title recognized, well I'm against it.

Spanky said...

With tatoos being the rage, why not ink your title on your forehead and there will be no guessing? I am all about solutions and any transgression thereafter could be considered intentional and deserving of correction.
Some things are just so simple.
Glad I could help.

grinder said...

Pardon me for my repetition, but I think the issue here is equality of treatment. We haven't been told whether the general was calling the males on the committee "senator" and the female chair of the committee "ma'am," or whether he was calling the men "sir."

To me, that is the crux of the issue. Until and unless we have the answer to that question, it's impossible to judge this one. This is the point that Mrs Chili made in the very first comment of this thread, and I think she nailed it.

Anonymous said...


If, as I agree with other women, he was doin' the "yes ma'am" then eff him. But, if he was doin' "yessir" and "yes ma'am" then she was way outta line.

Just sayin........

libhom said...

She was correct to speak out against the sexist treatment.

Anonymous said...

I'm retired military woman and I do not find the term ma'am insulting. As an officer, was insulted when a senior officer kept pointing out that it was also proper to call me "sir". Since when is it insulting to be called ma'am? Who made this decision? Did I miss a memo from NOW and spend the last 20 years as a Naval Officer being insulted? I fought hard to be recognized as a woman in the military. I did not join to "be one of the guys". Whenever I encountered someone who gave out the "yes sirs" to the male officers but only gave out a "yes" to the female officers, I didn't hesitate to correct. And yes, I consider myself a liberal, but there is always a place for being polite and respectful. I say "yes ma'am" to my mother, mother-in-law, my aunts, etc.

I encourage some of you to read the transcript of the whole conversation. The General offered up an equal amount of "sirs and ma'ams".

Thank you Mr. Field Negro, sir. Great post.

Commander, USN(retired)

field negro said...

And thank you Commander for your clarification and for your service.

Grinder, there you go. There is the answer to your question.

grinder said...

Anon 4:28, I believe you, but could you give a link to a transcript? I've posted about this elsewhere and would like to be able to post the link.

So yeah, Field, I'm on board now. She was "big timing." Great label, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Grinder, you can find the full webcast at this url:

I should have included this with my original post.

Commander, USN (Ret)a.k.a. Anon 4:28

Anonymous said...

She is a US Senator call her Senator.

maggie said...

I was so upset to read this post on your site. Anon at 2:38am summed it up perfectly when s/he said:

"Field, you really missed it on this one. He was calling her 'boy.'

Make sense now?"

What do YOU know about this woman's reasons for not wanting to be called "ma'am"? What the fuck RIGHT do you think YOU have to say a woman shouldn't be able to be called what she wants to be called; to say that she should shut her mouth and not inconvenience the rest of the world by daring to demand she be called by her professional title. Anon 2:38am compared the potentially condescending use of the word "ma'am" to that of "boy" because, presumably, as a black man in this country, the latter would hit closer to home / actually show the fuck up on your radar.

maggie said...

And the day women are proportionately represented in the United States Senate is the day I won't laugh in your fucking face when you point the finger at a female senator's supposedly outrageous "sense of entitlement" to being called Senator.

Black Rose said...

She was correct. She should be addressed as Senator. Ma'am can be demeaning as well as a sign of respect. A General should have known to call her Senator.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey all- I actually can see where Senator Boxer is coming from- there is a certail paternalistic aspect in our society that we unconsciously have- for example is okay to refer to Hilary Clinton -running for president no less- as 'Hilary' whereas every other white male is Senator such and such.

I know the General himself wasn't being rude he was just being respectful. The true question is - was he calling the male senators 'Sir' or 'Senator' ?

I still remember when we started that war in Iraq, Senator Boxer was the onle one with the balls to vote against it.

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