Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Did he deserve it?

I am wondering if I had children if this next story would affect me in a different way than it has so far.

So there is this man who allegedly brutally raped an 11 year old girl after she dropped off a sibling at a day care in the middle of the day. She was found bleeding and dazed. The police were outraged, the poor girl's family was outraged; and, understandably, the citizens who heard the story were outraged, as well.

But here is where the story gets a little crazy: The police union issued a statement naming Jose Carrasquillo as a person of interest, and they offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. They even said that there would be a pay out within an hour of his capture. In effect, they put a bounty on his head.

Thanks to the publicity (Or no thanks, if you are Jose Carrasquillo) some folks in the Kensington neighborhood where the poor child was raped, spotted a man fitting the police description,chased him down, and delivered street justice by beating him within an inch of his life. Finally, the police came on the scene and rescued and arrested Jose at the same time.
Most people are saying serves him right, and if he is in fact guilty, I am too. (All indicators are pointing to the fact that he is the right guy) But what if this wasn't the right guy? Is it right for the police to issue a statement such as this and photos of a suspect for this type of a heinous crime? Was he just a suspect or a lot more? The police are saying that they did have every right to act the way that they did because the man was wanted on a bench warrant and had seventeen prior arrests. But did they?

Maybe it's the lawyer in me, or maybe it's because I have seen mob violence and street justice carried out in my native country in ways that you can't imagine. (Believe me, it's not a pretty sight. That stuff can have a lasting effect on you.) For whatever the reason, I have never liked when mob justice ruled the day. I understand anger and I understand raw emotions, but I also respect the rule of law, and no matter how despicable the act itself was, we have rules in this country that must be followed before we punish the actor.

Jose, if you did rape that little girl, you deserve everything you have coming to you. If you did not,well, just remember; street justice doesn't only happen in Third World countries.


boukman70 said...

As you know, I have a child. And, if anyone harmed her and I knew who it was, I'd have the bastard call the police and tell them, "My body can be found at..."

So, if someone hurt one's family and you took revenge, I could understand. I wouldn't condone it, and you'd definitely have to face the law; however, I would understand.

The police doing what they did, while understandable, is not their job. They should've arrested that man. That's why we have the rule of law.

west coast story said...

FN, I'm with you on this one. IMO, if you support beating this guy almost to death, then you support lynching, basically.

This is why I oppose the death penalty. Sometimes the wrong guy gets nailed.

Max Reddick said...

Boukman, I am with you. I have two daughters, and if something like this happened to one of them, and I had definitive proof of the ID of the perpetrator, I'd have to get into some ol' gangsta shit. I'd have to dispense some frontier justice.

But in the same instance, let's think about this thing for a moment. I respect our law enforcement officers, but they do make mistakes. What if this guy turns out to be innocent. What then?

It then becomes a case of irresponsible law enforcement. They would have caused that man to take the behind whipping of his life on a humbug.

field negro said...

boukman...I hear you,although I can't relate. But I am guessing that 99% of people with children would agree with you.

WCS,great point.

Max,one question for you: Do you have a bible scripture to go with your image? :)

Sandra said...

I believe in the rule of law. Our country has a history of this type of justice, lynching.

There was nothing wrong with the police issuing an APB, but, when the police issued a reward that told the public that he is guilty.

Can we be real about the term "person of interest." A person of interesi is a suspect.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

It could be the wrong man and therefore, it would have been better to let the police do their job, that's what they get paid for. I understand their anger but their actions were not called for because if he turns out not to be the perpertrator then they've gotten themselves in trouble and will face an assault case--that's a felony. Yea, it's easy to get in trouble but it's hard getting out.

Now, as far as a child rapist goes, for the life of me, I can't figure out why a grown man would want to rape a child like that, especially, with so many grown women nowadays giving it away like it is a peanut butter and jelly sandwiche. I have no sympathy for men who do things like this to children. That child's mind will be messed up for a long time to come. And he hurt her bad because she had to have surgery, which means he ripped her insides up and tore some tissues. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Oh God, what is wrong with these people?

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with the APB, but the reward money is way out of line. It encouraged people to take action in the same manner that one loon in Kansas did when he became one of Bill O'Reilly's culture warriors last Sunday.

If this guy is innocent for some reason, can you say multi-million dollar lawsuit?

Jody said...

Well, you got me curious, so I ran his docket..... this guy is a garden variety drug addict.... that is what most of his arrests are about, possession. And, interestingly, he has a couple of convictions for resisting arrest...and that was the only conviction... not the drugs. That really makes my radar go up.
Makes me wonder if part of the motivation on the part of the cops was they knew and did't like this guy... they hate guys that resist.

I am extremely uncomfortable with this. Our system was set up with the notion of innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Too many times, I have seen innocent people charged with crimes, only later to be found not guilty... including Jose here... over half of his arrests charges were withdrawn.

I am not saying he is innocent this time. But, just because the police said he is the one, does not mean he is. Also interesting... no one has been charged in his assault.

biafrablk said...

FN, this man deserves what he got. No sympathy here from this quarter. An eleven year old for goodness sake. I was abused as a child and could not tell anyone because children were mean't to be seen and not heard from. Besides what was I doing in the servants quarters, that would be my step mother's reaction. That part of our compound fascinated me as a child because it was out of bounds. Why waste state resources trying to rehabilitate a grown a** man that took a little childd's innocence. There are lots of grown ups out there to satisfy that person's lust!

field negro said...

Yes Jody,there are some issues here. I didn't want to get too deep into it,but you are here and you are in the legal profession,so you are seeing and hearing the same things that I am.

Still, I wanted to blog about it to find out where the folks stand.

I suspect that many people will feel like biafrablk,but at the same time, there are those who will argue on the same side as Sandra.


Anonymous said...

He was beat in his own hood folks!!!
Use the brain God gave you the people that live around this piece of trash know him!!!
If we as a society would put an end to this kind of garbage swiftly these folks would stay under their rocks!!!
Instead we have these attorney’s that want that almighty dollar (yes that’s right just look at how they charge per hour!) oh, sure their do a little free work on the side…….news flash anybody that has time to do FREE work on the side is making a killing somewhere.
Anyway they get these people off so they can go right back out and commit the same crimes!!!! Everyone knows it!!!!
So, cry me a freaking river….I say good job to the citizens of that community!!!!
Bet he don’t do that shit again…

Whitney B. said...


Aren't rewards offered all the time? Is it because it was the Police Union that y'all are troubled by this? He was said to be a "person of interest" and nothing more.

Perhaps some of the folks that beat him up should have been arrested as well.

Folks who rape tiny folks should be punished to maximum prison sentences, as in "life in".

I reckon the truth will soon be known from DNA testing.

Fist bump to Alicia B for her super fine poem in yesterdays post!

Anonymous said...

It's great to see how many people already know that the accused is guilty. Having so many psychics around should make jury trial verdicts much more reliable.

What that guy got wasn't justice, "street" or otherwise. It was a lynch mob. The cops should get smacked down for what they incited.

La♥Incognita said...

Field, I too am not even 50% for street/mob justice because of those very reasons you presented. However, that will be the price a few innocent men might have to pay in a society where more male sexual predators unleash lifelong devastating mayhem against mostly women and children, or to the loved ones their victims leave behind in many unfortunate cases.

I have zero tolerance for sexual predators, this man might have also had a little similar “history” in his community. I could easily sympathize with the street mob on this one.

Even if he's guilty, he'll just be a casualty, a warning to the others.

La♥Incognita said...

I meant to say if he's not guilty, he'll just be a casualty.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I agree with you Field. In a country that has a history of lynching, I'm very uncomfortable with "street" justice.

Anonymous said...

The logical side of me says the mob beating was wrong, after all we have the rule of law. Let the man be found guilty.

But and this is the big but I am the mother of a little girl and thinking of what happened and imagining if that was my child makes me say, he got what he deserved.

Like boukman, I probably would have the man call the cops and tell em where his body could be found because after I got to working on him, there would not be much left as far as a body.

That child most likely will be screwed for heart breaks hearing this story. Again maybe its because I am a mother but in a case like this, I say screw the law. Maybe if more of this type of action happened, fools would think twice knowing they might lose their life and be looking at prison time if they survive the beatdown.

alicia banks said...


i agree with you and share your mixed emotions...

"an eye for an eye"
this is justice only if he is the actual rapist

if he is not the rapist, then he needs a lawyer like you


alicia banks said...

wb in chi:


fist bump back

off topic:

as a fellow chicagoan/dj/musicologist..i am mourning the loss of koko taylor today...

see more at:


ch555x said...

As long as this so-called mob justice doesn't get out of hand (targeting innocents), then no problem over here.

false1 said...

La incognita said: I meant to say if he's not guilty, he'll just be a casualty.

While no one has any sympathy for those who commit crimes of this nature, I wonder if you would be so flippant if it was your brother, son, or father who was "just a casualty"? The man might have been beaten to death. You want to explain to his family if he turned out innocent? The death penalty doesn't prevent murder, what makes you think a beat down will stop sexual abuse?

I won't blame the cops on this one, though I wonder if the $10k reward was offered in the misguided notion the black folks won't "snitch". As if we wouldn't be interested in nabbing an "alleged" child molester unless there was a payout.

DaBlakkMan said...

I'm 50/50 on this one. One, I have 4-year old daughter. So, the guy probably deserved a beating. But not by some random mob. I could see if the mob consisted of family members of the rape victim. This guy basically had a bulls-eye on his body. We can ALL agree that this guy is the lowest of the low. Once in prison, he's going to get passed around like a kite. But, he also deserves a trial by jury and sentencing by a judge, not street justice.

Anonymous said...

Guys like this don't do well in prison. In a place full of violent offendors, a guy who hurts children is consigned to a special hell.

What do you think some of those former prisoners would do to a guy like that they found on the outside?

Maybe the reason you seldom hear about guys like Carasquillo in black and Hispanic neighborhoods...

Is the police usually never "find" the bodies.

Over 90% of the people in jail for sexually assaulting children are white men.When you look at the numbers for scum who assault children under 6 years of age, that goes to 96%.

Unless you are a racist ass like some of the trolls and coonservative types we have around here, there isn't any "racial" component to crime...

So, that number should be different, especially in view of the disparate police presence.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

That's a tough one.
People get away with too much shit these days because they think nobody is going to say anything.
If that had happened in a WV community 50 yrs ago, the body would probably never have been found. but it wouldn't have happened 50 yrs ago because the perp would know that his body would never be found.
Then again, we do like to see justice perfectly executed in Amurkkka with TV coverage, etc.
I think I ultimately come down on the side of community involvement.

Gregory said...

Like others, I also have very mixed feelings. This story has a "happy" ending so long as the mob caught the right guy. But....

Two thoughts. First, reward notwithstanding, the police must have known that with an emotionally charged crime like this, a mob was going to form. I doubt that the crowd would have been so enthusiastic about the beatdown if the crime had been vandalism, theft, a bar fight, etc. But a sex crime involving a child? That ignites a primal instinct to stomp a scumbag to death.

Second, you and others here know far better than I, oftentimes when the police suspect a black/brown man, any black/brown man will do. This time it looks like they got the correct brown guy, because it took place in his own hood (as I understand). However, I could easily see a similar situation where the mob selects the wrong guy, because there are people like our resident trolls who seriously think "you all look alike".

Rough justice is not justice, it is vengeance. Justice serves the needs of society, vengeance satisfies our personal bloodlust and the two are not always the same. In the heat of the moment, I would probably kill a child molester, without much remorse, but that doesn't make it right.

Yeah, it is a tough question, one that pits the head against the heart, and there are no black and white answers. No pun, of course.


A.Smith said...

Anonymous 7:58 brings a good point.

Ok, ok, FN you're right and I really do agree with you. We have laws for a reason.

Unfortunately those laws get twisted, way too often, in the favor of all the wrong people. So when a few individuals get a chance to unleash some "justice" they do it...

Now if this isn't the man that's gonna be really really bad. And because he might not have done it, the police shouldn't have issued such a bounty, true -- but I understand the mentality.

Sometimes, it's more than a vigilante attitude, it grows from people tiring of seeing the criminals getting away with everything.

Seems our laws were created to make sure the innocent are protected, but it seems the innocent are always screwed and the guilty run free.

Stimpson said...

I'm all for the rule of law, which is why people should face charges for assaulting the "person of interest." People shouldn't be allowed to get away with beating a guy to within an inch of his life when much less force could have been used to hold him until the cops arrived. Prosecute whatever vigilantes against whom a case can be made, I say.

momo said...

Leaving aside what others have already said about the history of lynching in this country (which is why I am totally against mob punishment for rape) what if the cops were either simply wrong or else punishing someone for their own motives? That means the rapist is still out there! For Christ's sake, it's important to get it right for a multitude of reasons, and mobs don't usually get it right, and the cops have too long a history of manipulating vigilante mobs in this country for us to charge off based on their APB.

And as the mother of a 14 year old girl and someone who know way too many rape victiims, I totally understand the anger and urge to violence.But I also know of way too many death row cases that were just plain screwed up by this kind of mob mentality or police bungling or corruption to put my feelings in charge of justice.
Hell, if my feelings were in charge of justice, there'd be a litter of bodies just from the folks who drive like idiots!

Shady_Grady said...

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, another man was also attacked.

I don't think that the man should have been beaten. He is accused, not convicted of a crime. He has to have his day in court like everyone else.

Unless we are going to say that everyone gets to engage in such activities when someone is accused of a particularly heinous crime, the people who delivered the beatdown should be identified and prosecuted. Even if the man is guilty as can be, the law does not allow for assault on people that "deserve it".

sick freak said...

Once again we have a perfect example of how out of control minorities are.

I'm suprised it happen to a hispanic guy.Usually minority mobs will only attack white people who took the wrong turn into their hoods.

Monie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monie said...

The police practice mob justice all the time. Usually their's results in an execution. This time they just decided to invite the general public to participate in their madness.

La♥Incognita said...

False1, I didn't fully condone the mob, but I somewhat sympathized only because there was a crime of rape. Now, would you have been so flexible and considerate in thought if your mother, sister, wife, or daughter was just brutally raped? Perhaps.

But I'm afraid I am way too brutally honest and non-sympathetic for a debate in this. No rape, no street mob. If you want to be defensive and get angry with someone, get angry at the sexual predators that would place innocent men like you at risk in the first place.

Maybe then more men would care and get involved in helping to eradicate the rampant rape crisis of women and children.

Whitney B. said...

Alicia B,

Oh, yeah, Koko! I read that early this morning. I saw our home girl so many times when I lived in Chicago. She gave so much to so many. Koko was always the first to volunteer for charity events and fund raisers and free concerts in Grant Park. She also appeared at local Old Town folk and blues clubs, and I once saw her at Muddy's bar.

What a beautiful woman and I, too, mourn her death. Sigh........

Hey, girl, you never did answer me if Operation Push was still going.


La♥Incognita said...

And yes, I am dead serious.

grinder said...

It's a tough issue. I don't favor mob violence for the reasons Field has given. The police should have offered the reward for producing the man unharmed.

That much said, I have sometimes wondered whether or not it would be the worst thing in the world for the honest and law abiding majority in crime-ridden black neighborhoods to form block committees, Cuban style, and crack down on the people and the shit they everyone knows is happening.

There aren't enough police to do it, quite frankly. Direct justice does have a certain appeal, although it's easy to imagine how it could quickly go horribly wrong.

Whitney B. said...

Sick Freak-o!

WTF jive BS are you talking about? You have got to be the dumbest poster on this site. Get back in your worm hole and quit talking such jive nonsense!!!

Black folks get mobbed twenty to one or greater then whites or Hispanics! I've seen it happen!

A Person of Interest said...

You've had 119 murders this year in Philly, and nobody could take the time to bust a cap in this POS?

You guys are slackin' up.

alicia banks said...

re: operation push

i have not heard much about it since prez politico jesse temporarily morphed it into "the rainbow coalition"...



Whitney B. said...


There's a certain town here in Mississippi that is doing that. Unknown assailants beating up and shooting (wounding) bad guys. It's been in the paper (reading between the lines) but no allusion to it being vigilantes, it's just lately a lot of crims have been getting hurt. Too bad, eh?


kathy said...

I don't think it is right to beat anyone for a crime, even if guilty of the crime. It would be better to send the person to prison forever if found guilty. Beating someone, even if guilty, wouldn't be that much different that torturing accused terrorists. It is not right, imo.

Whitney B. said...

Alicia B,

The Rainbow Coalition was the head org for Operations Push and Breadbasket. I also believe that Jackson, et al, started Head Start.

Back when, before he became full of himself, he was a pretty good guy.

Thanks to him, I used to go into Cabrini Green to teach kids and moms how to read. Waller High School provided me with footballer body guards.

Cheers mon ami,

grinder said...

Whitney, when I lived in Boston, it was well known that Little Italy was the safest neighborhood for a single white woman to live, because anyone who attacked or harassed women would be missing important body parts in short order.

I can't actually advocate this, but I do understand it. As it applies to some black neighborhoods, from the outside it seems to me that things long ago reached a point where extra-judicial action would be understandable. Like I say, it's a very difficult issue.

grinder said...

As for Little Italy, the paradoxes abounded. Women were safe, but so were mobsters. One of my favorite restaurants had a few bullet holes in one of the walls from a hit. The holes were a minor tourist attraction. Go figure.

Adam said...


If this person gets convicted in a court of law for this, he'll being another wave of brutality towards the prison.

There is a code the inmates have in the prisons for convicted child rapists/murderers, etc.

A Person of Interest said...

Jose will end up with AIDS in no time flat, then us taxpayers can not only spend 60K a year to keep him in prison, but also pay God-knows-what for his treatments to keep him alive longer, so we can pay for his incarceration even longer.

Wonder what the going sentence is for raping an eleven year old girl these days?

jane doe said...

To begin with, I don't believe for a second that a people here, like LaIncognita, would be an appologist for this kind of thing if it were whites doing a beat-down of a black of hispanic man. What part does race play in this? The suspect is hipanic. Was the mob also? If not, it very well may be just an excuse unlease racist agression. After all, if this really was about the sexual abuse of a little girl, why dont things like this happen to R. Kelly?

grinder said...

To begin with, I don't believe for a second that a people here, like LaIncognita, would be an appologist for this kind of thing if it were whites doing a beat-down of a black of hispanic man. What part does race play in this? The suspect is hipanic. Was the mob also? If not, it very well may be just an excuse unlease racist agression.<>

Damn good point. If they started doing this vigilante stuff in L.A., the place could easily explode.

jane doe said...

"If you did not,well, just remember; street justice doesn't only happen in Third World countries."

No if he did not do it, it was not street justice, it was a lynch mob.
The mob should be held accountable if it was the wrong person cause they put themselves in that position when they chose to take the law in their own hands. Furthermore, a little skepticism is in order. A lot of young men are looking for a reason to beat some up. They might not have been doing it cause they were angry at the crime, but the alleged crime gave them an excuse to act like a thug and get away with it.

Jody said...

A Person of Interest.... IF he is charged (he has not been yet, and IF he is tried or pleads guilty... He is facing a max of life and in Pennsylvania, life means life. There is no parole for life sentences. Given the publicity around this case, no judge is going to give him the minimum.... the sentencing guidelines say 40 years to life.....

I am betting this guy, if found guilty, will be getting life.

alicia banks said...

ditto wb

jesse j sr. has been shady since he lied about blood on his shirt ETC after the mlk murder...

i liked him once too before he betrayed gays with the church folks:


grinder said...

Actually, it's a lynch mob whether he did it or not. You don't have to be innocent to be lynched. Now, if blacks in some neighborhoods decided to clean up the joint without the involvement of the police, you could easily imagine that spirit spreading.

Imagine if it were to spread to L.A., where things like this go on. There is no small amount of tension between blacks and Latinos there, and I could imagine a very dicey situation to matter where the guilt lay.

We'd all like to think that people can tell the good guys from the bad, but it's not necessarily the case. Life and people tend to be more complicated than that.

uptownsteve said...

It's amazing how the two white whiners on the board, jane doe and grinder, do more racism chasing than anyone else.

This article was about a rapist who met with some mob justice and the first thing out of the goobers' mouths are 'what if he was black and the mob was white" ad nauseaum.

La♥Incognita said...

Jane Doe, race does not matter to me when it comes to sexual predators.

You could be the grand wizard's wife, and I would still feel the same about your attacker regardless of his race. Why don't you stop being such an irrational racist troll for once.

alicia banks said...


on a related note...have you seen this?

a black male imprisoned 14 yrs for a murder he did not commit will break the record as he has won a suit against frisco cops for 4.5 million:

cops do often frame bros...


jane doe said...

"We'd all like to think that people can tell the good guys from the bad, but it's not necessarily the case."

I agree with you 100% Grinder. The reality is that people often hide behind things like this to act like thugs and get away with it. For instance, when white men would lynch a black man accused of raping a white woman women it was under the guise chivalry and protecting women. But would a rich white man be subject to a lynching for raping a poor white women of questionable morals? Hell no. A white man lynched for raping a black women, Hell no. It does become a matter of race because these angry lynch mobs are usually using an event, whether real or not, to committ murder and get away with it. And they themselves are often of very questionable character.
It is similar to how cops and criminals sometimes have similar mentality. Likewise if you look closely "street justice" usually isn't comprised of people demanding justice, it's thugs who want to committ violence and found an excuse that society will accept as valid.

jane doe said...

btw uptownsteve. Are you the same uptownsteve that has been barred from participating in a dozen blogs for your irritating, persistent, and completely irrelevent rants?

uptownsteve said...

What "dozen blogs" might you be speaking of, my trailerpark damsel?

A Person of Interest said...

I do happen to know Steve was banned from the blog "HonkeysRus".

uptownsteve said...


Nobody says "honkey" anymore..

That went out with "The Jeffersons".

A Person of Interest said...

Sorry. I'm old, Steve. Old as you, matter of fact.

So, what's replaced Honkey these days. Surely not Cracker....that's gotta be just as old.

uptownsteve said...

How about....

"soon to be minorities"?

Anonymous said...

I happen to know Steve was banned from several blogs
"IntelligentBlackManForum" "BlogForThoseWithAverageOrHigherIQ"
(apparently on the above Steve met only one of the two criteria)

uptownsteve said...

was it something I said?

Jane Doe said...

This guy was beaten because he was ACCUSED of molesting a child.
Woody Allen, Michael Jackson, and R Kello have also been accused of this crime. Before anyone points out that they were all exonerated (although their expensive lawyers might play a huge role in this)remember that this hasn't even gone to trial.

Jane Doe said...

This guy was beaten because he was ACCUSED of molesting a child.
Woody Allen, Michael Jackson, and R Kello have also been accused of this crime. Before anyone points out that they were all exonerated (although their expensive lawyers might play a huge role in this)remember that this hasn't even gone to trial.

A Person of Interest said...

" uptownsteve said...
How about....

"soon to be minorities"?

4:49 PM"

I heard that! That's why I'm retiring to Australia or New Zealand.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Off Topic:

Thank you Jesus, the Lord heard my cry. My prayer has been answered. Lord, I pray that my prayer about Hannity, Beck, Coulter, Rush, O'Reilly, and the rest of the hate crew are answered as well. God is good! One more thing Lord, could you add sickfreak to that list as well. In Jesus Name. amen!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I feel that there should be stiffer penalties for people who rob a child of their innocence. Two wrongs don't make a right, and trust me I'm not in no way defending a child rapist or molester in no shape, form, or fashion.

However, the only thing I have against them taking the law into their own hands is that if this man turns out not to be the one that did it, the law will go harder on these men even though they felt like they were doing the right thing and more because they are black men. They will not be treated like men who defended a child's honor because the child is black. There won't be any excuses made for them or any of those good neighbor stories for them, and even if there are they will be ignored by MSM an the scenario will be that they are harden criminals. We live in America and that's the history of our country and the way they treat minorities who take the law into their own hands.

Don't get me wrong because I feel everyone's anger and deep inside I share that same anger and feel no sympathy for anyone who would do such a thing to a child. I am a mother, a grandmother, a aunt, and a great-great-great aunt, and I love children they are the sunshine in my life. However, I know how the law works and I know that black men don't always get treated the same as a white man in America for defending a black child's honor. The scales are not balanced for black men in America. If that wasn't true, it wouldn't be so many of them getting out after spending so many years in jail for a crime they said they didn't do after DNA test.

There is a chance the man could be the wrong man. If that is so it will be trouble for those men. However, if is the right man I cannot lie and say that I feel sympathy for him because I don't.

Sharon from WI said...

This story reminds me of the Night Stalker (Richard Rameriz) case in which a mob ran after this serial murderer and beat him so badly that he fled into the arms of the police.

I sincerely hope beyond a reasonable doubt that this is the right guy.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Jane Doe:

He wasn't accused of molesting, he was accused of RAPE, there is a difference I believe.

"Woody Allen, Michael Jackson, and R Kello have also been accused of this crime. Before anyone points out that they were all exonerated (although their expensive lawyers might play a huge role in this)remember that this hasn't even gone to trial."

Nevertheless, that statement is true.

Sharon from WI said...

Can we be real about the term "person of interest." A person of interesi is a suspect.

1:30 AM


I always took the term, person of interest, to be less than a suspect, someone who isn't necessarily a suspect, but someone with possible information that the police would like to obtain.

Sharon from WI said...

If this guy is innocent for some reason, can you say multi-million dollar lawsuit?<<

Oh yeah.

Sharon from WI said...

Aren't rewards offered all the time? Is it because it was the Police Union that y'all are troubled by this? He was said to be a "person of interest" and nothing more.<<

Absolutely, but it's usually for acquiring information, not putting a bounty on someone's head.

Sharon from WI said...

"IntelligentBlackManForum" "BlogForThoseWithAverageOrHigherIQ"

Sounds like a bunch of forums any thinking person would be banned from.

You might as well say he should hang his head in shame for being banned from

What's your point?

Sharon from WI said...

This guy was beaten because he was ACCUSED of molesting a child.
Woody Allen, Michael Jackson, and R Kello have also been accused of this crime. Before anyone points out that they were all exonerated (although their expensive lawyers might play a huge role in this)remember that this hasn't even gone to trial.<<

There are many here who agree that the accused should not have been treated this way. If this guy is the wrong person, the police department there is going to be in for one hell of a lawsuit.

alicia banks said...

ditto granny!

decades ago, rush and his clones wilded on radio in america with the help of colin powell's son michael powell/neocon FCC czar

the neocons bought up all the radio stations and then kicked all of us liberals off of the air nationwide...then they went completely insane on their monopolized emipres' mics...

finally the chickens may come home to roost as the white male reign ends in all karma or bankruptcy!


good news!


Hank Nasty said...

I'm kinda confused... all the police did was let the community know he was a "person of interest" and offer money for information, right? They didn't issue a "beat the hell out of anyone who looks like this guy" notice, right? Isn't that routine procedure for police? (not the "beat the hell..." part)

Naturally I would find it terrible that he was beaten if he committed no crime. I would also find his beating abhorrent if he DID commit the crime (much less so, but like other commenters I don't feel public citizens need to be dispensing justice). But either way, I don't feel the police can be blamed for this one.

grinder said...

This article was about a rapist who met with some mob justice and the first thing out of the goobers' mouths are 'what if he was black and the mob was white" ad nauseaum.<>

Take your meds, Steve.

grinder said...

Hank, all communications carry a text (what you say) and a subtext (what you don't say, when you say it, how you say it, etc.), and the subtext of the police flyer was that the guy is a child rapist.

That's how people read it, and I think that's how it was designed to be read.

mo wa said...

I think your blog is thought provoking, well written and a must read for me...agree with you re:Kensington alleged rapist...outrage understandable, I share it, but official approval of mob rule is disturbing...thanks for the great reading ..keep up the wonderful work..

Robert M said...

I did not know the mob was whipped to a fury because of an immediate payout for finding a suspect. That behavior will have many innocent people killed.
Nonetheless I suspect that w/ only a picture to the public crimes against children are going to result in mob justice to the perpetrator.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Hal is one person whose arrest was long overdue. I pray that he snitches on Hannity again. The only thing I can say that I liked about Hal was when Hannity lied trying to snake his way out the fact that he and Hal were friends when Malik exposed their relationship on Fox. He and Hal were, also, lovers at one time.

Hal admitted that they were friends and gave up a tad bit more information about Hannity. I pray that he does it again to get a deal in sentencing. Yup, let's see how much they believe in the snitch policy when it comes to their own. I know, I know, Granny is being a tad bit messy. (wink) Pray for me.

Dawn on MDI said...

I used to agonize over decisions like that when I was a newspaper editor in a small town. Do I run the mugshot on page one? What if this is not the guy? Have I just wrecked his life? Oh shit.
I think the police would have been better served to go out and be everywhere after they hung that bit of fresh $10,000 meat in the air to make sure they got their suspect in one piece. Makes me think they weren't too concerned about it to begin with.

alicia banks said...

ditto granny!

i knew hannity when he was just a local pest in atlanta and he has always been a rabid gaybasher!!!

i used to slay him on his own show at wgst etc!...

ALL rabid gaybashers are gay!


“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

William Shakespeare - " HAMLET"

- Act 3 - Scene 2

William Shakespeare would love a new film that outs rabid gaybashers who are gay.

Without exception, ALL rabid gaybashers are closeted and demented homosexuals. “Holy” homohaters are increasingly the most rabid gaybashers of all as they feign becoming ex-gays.

Real heterosexuals do not hate gay people. They are too busy with their own relationships and sex lives. Secure and actual heterosexuals never fear and bash homosexuals. And, likewise, homosexuals never fear or bash heterosexuals who do not attack us first.

A classic new film exposes politicos who destroy the lives of homosexuals in order to mask their own homosexual lives.

See OUTRAGE today:


ghetto whiteboy said...

Granny standing for truth.
where's those peanut butter and Jelly
sandwich's at!
theres law and then there justice.
now I'm not saying what was done was right.but if his own hood did it.Then
more more than likely it was deserved
whether did it or not.but the police
putting a bounty on him.thats plain ass wrong.If it been my daughter,I would have taken his ass to an abandon house an damn near killed him for 3 or 4 days before I got done !

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Granny don't have no sympathy for child rapist, child molesters, or rapist period. I remember back some years ago when that woman shot her son's child molester in court and killed him. They gave her some prison time, and to be honest I was hoping they would let her off on an temporary insanity charge and give her probation.

I dunno and can't say what I would do in a situation like that because I'm only human. But I would like to believe that I'd do the right thing. But like I said I cannot be certain how I would react and pray that I never have to find out.

Anonymous said...

hey guys lets have contest. who's the most argumentative female commenters on this site? forget about the trolls, give a winner and then first and secon runners up. this is pure out of fun.

Hank Nasty said...


But would a reasonable person come to the conclusion that they should administer a critical care strength beatdown to the guy on sight? The flyer could have said "this guy is a kid-raping crackhead, a complete disaster of humanity and we [the police] don't like him and neither should you", but I don't think the police can be said to have incited violence against him.

More likely the guy was just an asshole that nobody liked, and they finally had a good enough cover to beat the stew out of him.

Grata said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Grata said...

Mob justice has to be discouraged. It would only be excusable if the man was caught in the act, then may the mob do their thing.
They have to find a way of penalizing those that carry out mob justice on a mere suspect to discourage a possible trend.

Whitney B. said...

I have to admit a lot of confusionin with a lot of these posts. Where did we leave off?

Baby rapers should PAY dearly for what they have done, life behind bars or death. I would prefer they lose their nuts before death, but we don't do s**t that way in A-Merry-ca.

If this bastard is guilty, which DNA will PROVE, then off with his little head, I say. But, no, we don't castrate here in A-Merry-ca.

Whitney B

Whitney B. said...

Weird how Sick Freak always climbs back when I tell him to get in his little worm hole. I'm beginning to worry that I'm Eve!!!

Laughing out loud with my head spinning 360!!!

Cheers and goodnight,

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I was watching Rachel Maddow and something interesting came up. That voter thing with the Firefighters seems to already have been decided by Supreme Court 5 to 1 and will be overturned. The thing that I thought strange about it is that it hasn't even been heard yet in the Supreme Court. These are some of the things that make you go hmmm...

Whitney B. said...


How can it be heard 5 to 1?

I think it's already with the Supremes. That's the whole trouble with Sotomayer or however this stoopid white girl spells it. Tell us more.

I love you, Granny. You always tell it so.........Whitney B.

Whitney B. said...

I am the stoopid white girl. The brown girl is not stupid.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


That's what I'm wondering. I dunno what's going on with that. But how do you overturn something if you haven't heard it yet? I don't think it has been heard yet, I think if I'm not mistaken they're taking it to Supreme Court. Granny curious.

jane doe said...

uptownsteve said...
What "dozen blogs" might you be speaking of, my trailerpark damsel?

Uptownsteve, stop talking ebonics. You have your section 8 housing, your food stamps, the government takes care of your children for you since your baby daddy lifestyle doesn't allow you time for such petty things as raising your children. Take that crack pipe out of your mouth, learn how to use a condom, if you stop threatening people at the drop of a hat you will be "harrassed" a lot less by the police than you currently are.
Any btw, if you are going to refer to white folks in derogatory stereotypical ways DON'T bitch when it comes right back at ya, my sweet welfare king..

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I love you too Whitney.

grinder said...

Hank, that's the genius of "coded" messages, i.e., communications where the meaning is embedded in the subtext. Squirrels everywhere can deny their meaning while enjoying the result.

uptownsteve said...

"Any btw, if you are going to refer to white folks in derogatory stereotypical ways DON'T bitch when it comes right back at ya, my sweet welfare king.."

So it took you till after midnight to come up with that retort?

So much for the Bell Curve theory.

Rudy said...

Totally irresponsible of the police to put "a person of interest" name and picture out there like that.

Anonymous said...

Of course parents of raped children are going to feel an urge to murder someone they believe to have hurt their babies.

That's why they don't let them serve on the juries of said trials.

The desire for vengeance is completely understandable. That doesn't make it right. Innocent people will and have been hurt. They've been hurt in the legal system, too, but we acknowledge those wrongs as wrong.

I'm with you on this, Field.


J said...

Few things:

Dangle 10 large, THE RIGHT WAY, in front of anybody and you could get them to sell there mother out to the authorities. In this case, the decision by the Police Union, which is a labor union of law enforcement (not a law enforcers themselves), was at the very least irresponsible. I wonder if it was not criminal to incite mob mentality with the money AND the implication that this man is guilty until proven innoncent.

For all those stating that DNA will prove whether this man committed this crime remember this: the strength of DNA evidence is only as good as the person collecting it, handling it, and analyzing it. The problems within the Houston Crime Lab illustrate this perfectly.

I'm not sure why people are using the logically-impaired argument that if it happened in his hood then he must have deserved it. All it takes is one convincing person with an axe to grind (or $10,000) and your hood just turned on you.

For everyone bringing up race into the equation you are directly contributing to dumbing the discussion down. The fact is, a crime was committed. A man was apprehended. He has yet to be indicted and stand trial. Everything else, except for the vigilantism that occurred, should be ignored in the interest of justice. You are guilty until proven innocent for a reason in the country. The burden is upon the state to prove that you should lose your right to liberty. No mob or a labor union should have the right to mete out justice as it likes.

Anonymous said...

There goes my race theory...

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