Monday, July 07, 2008

"O" man, you might want to consider Greyhound.

I have been getting on and off planes since I was a little kid, and unlike some folks, I have never had a fear of flying. Still, I can understand how some folks might have some issues with flying. Putting your life in the hands of some pilot who is hauling tons of metal at 30,000 feet, at speeds of over 500 miles an hour, can boggle the mind. Mrs. Field flies all the time; for work and for pleasure, and she still gets squeamish about flying when the weather is bad. But I always have to remind her that flying is 500 times safer than driving.

All this leads me to my reason for posting tonight: I bet everyone of you Negroes in A-merry-ca had Ron Brown flash backs today. Because unless you live on Mars, (or watch FOX NEWS) I am sure that you all heard by now that the "O" man's plane had to make an emergency landing in the "Lou". And please don't tell me that everyone of you black folks weren't thinking what I am thinking right now...yeah you thought it.

Here is the thing: Us black folks just don't trust the government. We remember too much uncool shit that they did to us in the past, and now that we are this close to painting the White House black, we are thinking to ourselves that there is just no way in hell that they are going to just give us that shit. Nope, too much at stake. Then there is the whole "military industrial complex" thing. I mean isn't the "O" man against the war? There are a lot of folks with a lot of money tied up in this war. I am just saying.

So dude piloting the "O" man's plane said he had some "control ability" issues in the "pitch" of the plane. Translated; he could not control that bad boy. "Control ability" issues? Look, I am no pilot, but I know one thing, if you are having control issues when you are trying to "pitch", then you have a freaking problem. Pitching is turning folks. "There was no need to assume the brace position.... he[the pilot] had full 'authority' of the plane". Yeah that "full authority" you talk about is a relative term Mr. Pilot man, but I hear ya. Oh, and while we are on the subject of pilots. "O" man, you might want to look over the want- ads to see if there are any brothers out there in need of a pilot gig. I am just saying.

Did anybody, anybody at all reading this blog from the "Lou", see a flash of light heading to the sky at anytime today? If you did, please holla at your boy, and tell me all about it.

Poor "O" man, he said he had never been on a plane that had to make an emergency landing for mechanical reasons before. Sorry "O" man, but you have never run for President of these divided states either, so I bet there are going to be a lot more firsts for you in the future.

Here is one Negro who is hoping that they will be all good ones.


Hathor said...

Why is that Flight attendant in half the picture. Is she vying for an audition for Miss Universe?

A.F. said...

I never thought that we got the whole story about Paul Wellstone's plane.

szechuanpork said...

Every time I've had a problem flying, it happened going to or leaving from Chicago.

Whitney B. said...

Mr. Field,

I have new noisy effing neighbors. But, you have given me way too much info tonight. Do I kill them or comment? Where's that pill?

Man, I love them radical sidebars!!! You are the best. Keep on keepin' blog, dude!



Whitney B. said...

OKay, I have calmed down. Ohmmmm. Now, you have given me sumthin' I never thought about, as in, was it planned?

Twighlight Zone?

Common, mon, you are freakin' me out. Ya think?

Been in some nasty situations myself having flown over a million air miles+...including little farmer puddle jumpers in the Midwest and South, and Alaskan bush pilots. However, the only really frightening things that I have been through are the eye of a hurricane (in the Key's, twice) and some s**t flying into Salt Lake City, (not to mention some other stuff on a landing in Lexington, KY). Oh, yeah, then I got to crash in a puddle jumper going to a gold mine in Alaska. Whatever.

'Planes will be planes. Don't read sumthin' else in this. When we had a rough landing in KY the oxygen masks fell down and everyone gave a laugh (of relief) that we made it on the runway.

Thank you God, Allah, Buddha, The Jewish God (I should know as Daddy was Jewish, but me forgot) and the Great Spirits in the Sky,


R.J. Lebeau said...

I'm not black, and I immediately thought of Ron Brown and Paul Wellstone. We don't need that happening.

Between the lack of shoulder room and bad food, I hate flying in those metal tubes.

Nicole said...

I should be sleeping, so I don't have the energy to google the story and find out at what time this occurred (wow, technology has made me really lazy), but I will say that a completely out of nowhere storm did go over the Lou this afternoon around, oh 2:30 or so (also too lazy to go did for my grocery receipt to confirm this). It came out of nowhere and was intense.

However, in a news report this afternoon the airline attributed it to an inflatable escape ramp deploying in flight. But I mean, they could tell us anything.

I don't know if I believe that they'd go to that much trouble to disguise getting rid of him. As one of my husband's childhood friends who is now in sr. law enforcement in west Texas and looks every bit the part said this weekend: "there are a few well placed snipers ready to take care of that problem."


And then there's this guy:

It's gonna be a loooooong journey to November...

Whitney B. said...


Don't insult my fair city. O'Hare can't help being hub to the stars. Homegurl is mighty upset wit' you. Fly into Midway. Better yet, fly Southwest into Midway, and then you will (almost always) be on time and happy with yo' little skinny seat-mates (I always look for them:) and "ax" 'em to sit down beside me.

Yeah, you not so frequent mileage folks on this blog think I am full of ugh.....but, eff you. I'm jest having fun.

Zoe said...

I'm not black and it flashed through my mind too. Then I told myself, "Self, don't be so paranoid. Nobody else is going to jump to that conclusion, you're too cynical." Guess not.

Prayers for the "O" man!!!

artchess said...

My mind wandered over to the worst possibility just a little bit. I'm glad I'm not paranoid.

Keepin you in my prayers always Obama :)

Whitney B. said...

Off topic, Mr. Field,

Ain't it great that "Lift Up Our Voice" and sing died a quick death? How weird is that? I figured this would be the "media event" for the next few weeks. That O'Man sure has figured out a way to squelch this stuff, or do I live in zombie land?

But I love the O'Man, really I do!

O in '08!!! Yes, pleez Gawd, give me the fix:) Ark, ark.... I have been your (Obama) supporter forever, but don't piss me off now (by picking some picayune idgiot).

Whit-ster (I'm backin' yo' back Field)

rikyrah said...

I said a few prayers, FN.

I shall not lie.

I'll say a few more.

I wear the tinfoil hat as well as anyone.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

What really happened to Ron Brown's plane?

I just want November to be here already. I hope his Secret Service protection is on point. As we get closer to the big day I fear some crazy person is going to snap because they cannot believe what is about to go down. said...

Hey there Field Negro!

It amazes me that Obama is THAT CLUELESS... he really thinks that these "incidents" aren't part of a larger plan... his white team of advisors are clearly living under a rock and are not checking everyone's background or else a pilot who could not steer a plan would NOT HAVE been carrying the future President of the United States... hmmmmm..... I smell a stinky fish in the advisors camp....

I wonder if Michelle has caught a whiff of it...!!


mikeb302000 said...

It's interesting how paranoid things can sound until later when we look at them in retrospect. Anyway, I'm rootin' for Obama and praying for his safety.
My worst experience was an attempted landing at O'Hare (sorry whitney b.) Three times the pilot circled and tried to bring the plane down through the gusts and three times gave up and finally flew us up to Milwaukee. During each of those attempted landings the passangers were either screaming, praying frantically out loud or just vomiting. Some were doing all three. I've never been the same.

Whitney B. said...

O'Pleez, conspiracy everywhere? Com'on, folks, you all are being craaaazy. They won't kill the O'Man yet, it is too early in the game. Wait until the middle of October...

Nah, they can't do that!!! I am serious, this O'Man will be our next Prez. Not the POTUS, but the President of these United (of all colors and stripes) States of A-Merry-ica (bow to Mr. Field). I talked to my Union brothers today (and sum uv them are sum racist MO-fers) and they (Lawd bless 'em) are also behind the O'Man. I was even chided for my sceptical views :). Yes!!!

I have hope for this ignorant country and I pray that my life in 'Sippi will be as lovely as my life has been here, in Philly (or, as Mr. Field likes to call it, Killadelphia). Gotta disagree with you there again, Mr. Field. We have made sum improvements in my 'hood.

Whitney B. said...

Mr. Field,

Now, more than ever, that pic you have on your side-bar of McShame being hugged by The Shrub looks like a crotch job. Can you pleez get rid of that? Every time I check your side-bars, I wanna puke!!!

Anonymous said...

Do negroes need to make up painful shit, drama to feel alive? aint no body worrying about that sell out Backtracking Obama.

Whitney B. said...


You are full of grief about O'drama. He's not selling out, he is pandering. There is a big difference. He's got to shuffle 'n shake right now. Yes, you are right to be sickened, as am I. But we have to wait and see.

Big question for everyone: How come when a Demo shifts back and forth, that is flip flopping? And, yet when McStoopids do it it is just shifting positions?

Let's think about that folks!!!

Christopher said...

When I heard the story I said to Jim, "What kind of airplane is Obama using?" He didn't know.

I checked it out and it turns out to be an MD-80. Not a dangerous airplane by any stretch and one of the most popular but it has been involved in a number of "pitch control" episodes over the years.

Remember when the Alaska MD-80 corkscrewed into the Pacific Ocean off Malibu killing everyone onboard a few years ago? The flight was enroute from Mexico to San Francisco and the pilot reported an emergency to LAX that he couldn't control the leading edges of the wing or the vertical tail flap.

Barack Obama is the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. Why isn't he using a 737 or a 757? If I was his campaign manager, he wouldn't be flying around in an MD-80.

field negro said...

Chirstopher, my thoughts exactly: WTF is he flying in an MD-80?

Damn whitney B, and mikeb302000, you all have had some pretty hairy situations up there in the friendly skies. I have had a few, but nothing like that.

And daaaaaamn, I forgot all about Paul Wellstone! Why did you all have to remind me of that now?

But nicole, did you aee a flash?

field negro said...

Whitney B, that McSame pic is starting to freak me out too :)

Anonymous said...

Hathor said...
Why is that Flight attendant in half the picture. Is she vying for an audition for Miss Universe?

She's actually posing. Who wants to see her? Why didn't she just back out? Some people.

gwpriester (i before e) said...

That flight attendant might be staff. C'mon, just because she is not a man does not mean she might not also be a Secret Service agent. (And I am not demeaning cabin attendants).

John Kennedy Jr. was killed flying a small plane.

blackgirlinmaine said...

Add me to this list of suspicious folks. At this point nothing would surprise me, while I am not a 100% happy with Obama at the moment, I will keep in my thoughts.

szechuanpork said...

whitney, Midway in the winter can be scary but at least the planes aren't bumping into each other on the tarmac like they did at O'Hare. Chicago has great pizza and Harry Carary's restaurant offers Italian food as good as it gets. My meager attempt to bail water...

La ~ msviswan said...

"That flight attendant might be staff. C'mon, just because she is not a man does not mean she might not also be a Secret Service agent."

Well she’s not much of a secret standing there so close and modeling for the camera. I don’t know how she expects to catch the bullet with her teeth when she’s obviously distracted.

vdubjb said...

his ass should be flying on Soul Plane, ha ha

Whitney B. said...

Chris (with the pic) and Field,

Question, if the O'Man really wants to portray himself as "of one with" us little folks, why ain't he and his entourage flying coach?

Whitney B. said...

Kinda just a tad bit off topic:

Since I am such a mongrel white chick (if a little Jew in me allows for me to be a white chick:), I have decided that I, too, need a suffix before the word American. Us mixed breed whites can now be referred to as Urban Americans; or the case of them who want to split the city, SUB-Urban Americans!

MissLynette said...

He needs to watch out for the government, but also for the redneck assholes servicing the plane. Too much room for sabotage :(

Even back in ancient times, Corporate America and the robber barons tried to mount a military overthrow of FDR's presidency. Anything is possible.

Whitney B. said...


Harry Caray was Italian American? Wow, you'd never know it by the name! Wish I had sampled some of that. One of my favorite food groups. You did good, friend.

Whitney B. said...


Let me explain about the "red neck assholes servicing the plane".

Those "assholes" have to be certified by the FAA. All of us are suddenly invincible, perfect, and make no mistakes?

It is unfortunate that this incident had to happen to the O'Man, but cha don't have to see it as an intended incident.

That being said, I still believe Brown was killed.

JFK, Jr. was flying and piloting that puny plane of his. In the FOG and did not have the experience to be flying in the FOG nor the equipment on board to deal with the FOG.

A MD-80 ain't no shrimpy plane and it does have an excellent record. There have been a good share of 737 incidents, Chris with the pic.

If Obama really wanted to portray himself as the "Change" Man, he'd go back to what FDR did and get him a fancy box car and train around.

Oh, but there've been all those train wrecks throughout the years and Gawd forbid!

Whitney B. said...


Got a question for ya:

You know our favorite little pic? Well, is Shrub suddenly taller than I thought he was or is it that McSame has to stand on a soap box when he is at the lecturn? Just wondering:) :[

The Angry Independent said...

Actually these incidents are not all that uncommon. The real Air Force One has issues all the time....and has had to make "unscheduled landings" on several occasions. But since this is a political season, with the backdrop that Hillary helped to lay out when she made the RFK comments, I can see how people might be a little concerned.
We can just hope that he has good pilots.

I am not a fan of flying myself... and I have never bought the argument about flying being a trillion times safer than driving. The two modes of transportation cannot be compared from a safety standpoint, because they are just too different. If everyone flew their own planes, there would be more accidents. And drivers don't have a fraction of the training that a pilot has.

And look at the way that airlines cut corners when it comes to maintenance.

I hated flying when I was a youngster. Being born overseas...and living overseas a second time as a teen, I had no choice but to fly. I would get on the plane and immediately force myself to go to sleep.

But one year we had to return home for a funeral....A flight from Frankfurt to New York... the turbulence over the Atlantic was horrific. Even the pilot said that it was the worst he had ever seen. "A sudden change in the Jetstream" was his explanation... all I know is... when the flight landed in New York, the passenger compartment erupted in loud applause. Then we had to switch planes to get to St. Louis... another takeoff and landing. (Takeoff is the worst).

I prefer driving over flying any day. If my car engine stops... I can pull to the side of the road. Planes don't have that option. And I like to enjoy the scenery anyway. Nothing like driving Americas highways. My dad drove his a-- off.

But I know that eventually I will have to fly again.... probably for a job. And I am dreading it. I have already rehearsed how I might try to talk my way out of it. lol.

Christopher said...

Question, if the O'Man really wants to portray himself as "of one with" us little folks, why ain't he and his entourage flying coach?


Time. The schedule would be impossible to drag his entourage onto commercial flights and keep to his schedule.

In you run for president today, you lease a plane that you can use like a car.

gwpriester (i before e) said...

Whitney B exactly one in every three comments in this thread are yours. Do you think someone else could get a word in here? :-)

Jody said...

I personally am looking forward to Sen. Obama getting on a plane at the end of this month when he takes on his European tour. This will be an opportunity to see the future American President being greeted with cheers and flowers (you know, like we were supposed to be in Iraq)....
This will be a chance for Americans to see what the beginning of restoring positive international relations will look like.
In the meantime.... Im with those that think this incident was purely accidental. And thank goodness his pilot WAS competent... it could have ended badly, but it did not.

kathy said...

I was thinking of John Kennedy, Jr, when I read about it.
Here's a link:

I think the guy links to some weird stuff, but some of his evidence is compelling.

Anonymous said...

That "Mr. Pilot man, I hear ya" line is a hoot. You're funny as hell. Truthfully funny, I might add. I'm sure you tell your clients, straight up, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

MacDaddy said...

field, yes, I thought about Ron Brown. Then I thought about Bobby Kennedy: How he, like Obama, was on his way to the presidency but Bobby got murdered and, instead of Bobby, we got Richard Nixon.

Woozie said...

Yes, it's the white man's sinister plan to hill Obama by having an emergency slide deploy in flight. It's so stupid it's stupid.

You best be joking with this post.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

This is why Hillary 'suspended' her campaign, not ended it. She's waiting...

The June hit she alluded to didn't happen. Wonder if she's pouting now that deja vu a la Ron Brown didn't happen either.

Seriously though, I think the United Corporations of America will keep him safe for now. He's paying homage to the issues they most care about, i.e. globalization. Obama also hasn't said jack about Resolution 362 which will be voted on soon, and if it passes, will allow the US to form a naval blockage around Iran, which they consider an act of war.

It's all part of their scheme to continue Manifest Destiny, which I wrote about the other day. Let's hope he outsmarts them.

freemanpress said...

Of course I thought Ron Brown, and I still think Ron Brown with a bullet. But like I said Obama is SuperMan about this election it's really "Do or Die" or could be "Do & Die" we'll see.

I think everyone else thinks you are joking but I don't. We think Obama is crazy for running and we think the rest of the country is crazy for not thinking they will try to kill him.

Yes we're paranoid YES YES YES!

Lance L. Martin said...

Hmmm. You don't trust the government but you're supporting a liberal Democrat who will take government bureaucracy to the next level. Interesting.

gwpriester (i before e) said...

And what the hell is wrong with that, lance? Do you think the last 7 plus years leave no room for improvement?

Don said...

I really hope this wasn't a 'test run' where some unknown sect is gearing up to break the hearts of millions and millions and millions of Obama supporters. Cause if it is...

field negro said...

Joking? Me Joke? I don't know woozie I was kind of joking, but then I read some comments from the wwingnuts and other government types, and now.......I don't know

And now the NTSB says that this was a serious incident....hmmmmm

gwpriester leave my girl Whitney b alone :) Hey, she is a white girl (and correct me if I am wrong whitney b) living in SW Philly, and she hung out in West Kingston back in the day. Shit she get's mad props from the field all dy long for that alone. :)

Now lance, could you answer gwpreistter's question please?

Christopher Chambers said...

The entire air traffic system and the airline business is broken. O man could have used as a campaign issue. EVERYONE become damn near socialist when it comes to the airlines, air travel, etc.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Us black folks just don't trust the government[/quote]

Perfect example of your disconnectedness.

YOU claim not to trust government yet you support policies that have more people depending on the GOVERNMENT than ever before.

They will give you health care, they will give you a pay raise, they will educate your children (NO choice), the list goes on.

"Blacks don't trust government" My backside.

Obama - the Government man is central to your racial development - in your view.

Anonymous said...

ooow i didnt hear about this one but not a big deal.. i love to fly especially back and forth across the large bodies of water -atlantic, pacific, or indian O-- O man with a bad plane aint got much to worry about over land given all of the airports between points also pilots dont matter for much if they aint got no real, sane drug free mechanics and ground refueling staff. most errors are to be found in sloppy ground staff attendance during a short turn around for flights.. recall planes are now like taxi cabs and a domestic flight's average turned is less than 1.5 hours from the time that you get off it until it is gone back up yonder. this can be dicey... my fave hopper across the pacific lands in SFO at 08.30am.. by 12:10pm it is back on tarmac heading back across pacific obviously that leaves time only for cleaning lite and refueling not much maintenance checking and overhaul if not reported by pilots via instrument alerts... recall the jetblue flight circling LAX due to a improper nose wheel landing gear alignment problem...

my fave thing is to ask a cabin crew member 4 hours out over nothing but water if i can step out and get some fresh air and sea mist---

so i doubt if O man will having any plane mishap...shucks has William Gates in that little thing he pops around on globally... gulfstream citation something...besides, aint he got service secret folks in the plane right behind to take the hit should something come along? :)

if O man does become elected then THEY will surely pin the tail on his donkey with being fiscally irresponsible as the economy that is teethering on full on depression gets there in a post election excelerated pace.

interesting to note that neither gent [mccain nor obama] nor ms.clinton has called for a forum with business CEOs and heads of financial institutions to discuss economic issues and employment creation given the abysmal failure of bush so-called tax stimulus concept to do anything really.. Here is the main problem.. it is the middle of summer and May college grads can not find meaningful jobs and school loans will be coming due in six months. Meanwhile, employers are not hiring [some are announcing global massive job cuts] and doubling up jobs on burnt out staffers creating a problem of not only moral but when those employers do decide to increase staffing levels their burnt out folks are in no shape nor mental mood to adequately train newbies...double whammy no decent productivity go to straight from stockholder meeting to jail...just how much iJUNK and gadgets made in china prisons or someboy-else's name across my pecs or boobies folks really need to have to feel they are worth something or they are somebody... shucks body naked with no concepts of nothing and will die broke with no mind left to have no concepts of nothing...

J said...

I'm so tired on the red vs. blue crap Lance blindly eats up like a fat man at a chinese all you can eat buffet. Hey, Lance! Since you haven't figured it out our society is being divided along class lines. Every day the struggling middle class shrinks. This isn't about liberal vs. conservative. It's about America vs. those who wish to control it. Do some studying of Latin America and see what the ruling elite has in store for all of us, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, Communist and Independent. Do you think it coincidence that jobs have gone oversees, everything you own from the car you drive to the the shirt on your back no longer says "Made in the USA", oil prices have ballooned to $136 a barrel, middle class Americans find it increasingly difficult to buy a decent college education (I myself will spend more this fall in gas than rent trying to finish that degree and thank God I chose the major I did)and then find a job to pay for it later on, the cost of living isn't keeping up with inflation, most Americans know more about the spending limits on their credit cards than the interest rate they're borrowing at, or that most of us don't save money while the Chinese save at around 30% of their income? We are asleep at the wheel.

Anonymous said...

RONNIE WHITE? Was he convicted or accused? I thought you had to be convicted of the crime BEFORE you do the time?

Maryscott OConnor said...

Yeah, I thought it.

JP said...

The "O" man could always consider:

GoGetter JetSetter

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