Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Guns again!

"Thank goodness you have no power over my three guns"

That's a regular *commentator on this site, "constructive feedback", giving me the business about my gun control position.

Really "constructive feedback"? "Three guns"? Wow! Sorry, but I bet my dick is still bigger than yours. That is what this is all about right? I mean doesn't having three guns make your dick feel bigger? Because unless you are a fucking Mexican policeman or you own a pawn shop, I really don't see the point. But that's just me.

Sorry about that folks, I just got a little side tracked.

May 5, 2008 was not a good day in Philly. Three men dressed in Muslim garb robbed a supermarket and in their attempt to escape shot a Philadelphia police officer to death one day shy of his 40th birthday.

"I am going to let him have it", is what one of the robbers told his accomplices before he took aim with his SKS carbine and ended the officer's life. "Tell my wife I love her" is what the dying officer told the people on the street who had rushed to his side in a futile attempt to stop the blood gushing from his wounds.

An SKS carbine can be bought legally for less than $200. It weights about eight pounds and is considered "idiot proof" by most folks in law enforcement. This particular type of gun was made for the Soviet infantry (How is that for irony? Did you right wingnuts read that? They are Soviet made) before they were replaced by the Russians for the more chic and sexy AK-47. They flooded the surplus market in the mid eighties, and you can buy a round of bullets for them on the Internet for less than a hundred bucks. According to the ATF they are "very deadly and pretty intimidating". Oh, did I mention that they can penetrate bullet proof vests? Officer Stephen Liczbinski was wearing a bullet proof vest, but it didn't help him.

There were other guns found on the bad guys later on too. One of them was actually registered to a god fearing man from the burbs. Unfortunately, his grandson had a crack habit, and the young man stole the gun from his family and traded it for crack. The poor boy's mama reported the theft, but nothing more was made of it until her poor grandson found himself in a shit load of trouble.

Boy those guns sure have a way of traveling don't they? You think they are tucked and hidden away safely in your home, and here comes your crack addict grandson to steal it and turn it over to those savages in Philly.

“People need to look in their hearts and minds about what happened,....That’s the kind of firepower our officers are up against.”

Ahhh sorry Mr. Mayor, too many people like my friend "constructive..." are trying to make their dicks grow.


Deedlelee said...


Long time reader; first time commenting. Here's my take on this issue.

I live in Baltimore, and we also have problems with gun violence. Our murder rate is the lowest it has been in some years. This doesn't mean that we have our problems with guns licked, it just means that the police here are using different tactics to curb gun violence.

I saw the Supreme Court decision and have mixed feelings about it. I come from a family who hunt and fish. I view guns as a way to supplement the table, so i have respect for them. I also feel that we should have the right to own a firearm if desired. However, I am not for the assault rifles, sub-machine guns and all weaponry like that. Those weapons aren't used to feed families; there used to assert power. Criminals wont use legal channels to acquire guns, so we should have the choice whether or not to own a gun.

As far as that Constructive Criticism dude; he bugs me to no end. Yikes, all that preachy stuff.

Jody said...

Wow, this is seriously shaping up into a macho pissing contest! Aint this the kind of shit (my dick is bigger than your dick) that starts fights/war;...
However I agree with your point, Field, about how these crazy weapons have no business being out in our streets, period. No excuses... all you gun advocates.... cant you defend yourselves without needing these crazy assault weapons? Wouldnt you agree we should ban the sale of these guns?

Anonymous said...

field negro said...

"Wow, this is seriously shaping up into a macho pissing contest! Aint this the kind of shit (my dick is bigger than your dick) that starts fights/war;..."

I am not sure about starting wars jody. I mean why would I want to start a war with a guy who has "three guns" ? ....give me break wiht that. But I hear you, I will try and keep my testosterones in check.

deedlelee, you actually make some great points, and I agree with you about smarter policing. And, like you, I have some respect for the legacy of legitimate gun ownership in this country. People who hunt for food, and for sport.

Not the faux cowboys who type away at their computers from urban centers in A-merry-ca (pick one) and pontificate about the dangers of chipping away at the second amendment, while gun-makers and NRA lobbyist get rich.

Bellini said...

I have no problem with the 2nd Amendment, but i feel like the nuts at the NRA are callous towards the circumstances we live in --there is a way to have a happy medium, but the NRA position of all or nothing is hurting cities all across the country -- and the NRA won't crack down on gun manufactureres or gun shops--there has to be some restraint somewhere

jp said...

Nobody wants to ban hunting rifles. You don't need a Tek-Nine or even a .45 to hunt Bambi. This whole issue comes to this, a large segment of our society is afraid of their fellow man. They've been bred by our culture to think the worse of anyone who is different, and they feel they need their gats to protect them. The think is it won't.

Anonymous said...

jp: You'll have to pry my gat out of my cold dead hands.

rainywalker said...

I really want you and I to have weapons when those fools inside the beltway try to take control. I may be from West Virginia originally but I'm voting for the "O" man. Other wise another eight years of some crazy man and we'll need the AK-47's.

plez... said...

when the Bush Supreme Court (also known as "Scalia and his Scalawags") gets finished with mis-interpreting the 2nd amendment, we're all gonna need AK-47's to protect us from ourselves.

there is not another civilized nation in the WORLD that encourages (almost forces) its citizenry to take up arms. and when you look at the death and misery caused by handguns in places like Norway, England, or even Canada, you will see that whatever The Founders had in mind when they ratified The Second, it had NOTHING to do with arming each household to the teeth against some imaginary foreign threat!

how five grown-ass men in robes can continue to disregard the provision of protecting the individual States by the establishment of a "well regulated Militia" as the purpose of "bearing arms" is beyond me!

and now the State of Georgia says it's okay to be packing while throwing back mojito's in your favorite watering hole. you can read plezWorld's rants about the lack of gun control here and here .

StillaPanther2 said...

Nuff said people.Things I am seeing enroute to the grave. A tragedy is only when it visits you. Brother Field I too wish that all guns could be taken out of the human story. But its way too late for that. Having more and better guns only motivate others to get more/better. Be alert at all times.

Anonymous said...

I've got three guns. My left bicep, my right bicep, and the other muscle that's going to win the contest.

Anonymous said...

I am a hunter, anybody who says they hunt with an automatic weapon is full of shit. Every muscle the bullet hits ruins the meat in that area. The meat will be worthless if its riddled with bullets. MEAT is the only reason I hunt.
I also own a handgun. Dont carry it on the street, have it in a safe place in my house. Never had to use it, hope I never will.
Automatic weapons, armor piercing rounds, silencers, streetsweepers have no value for the law abiding citizen. The are priceless to criminals. They should be outlawed. They should be confiscated by law enforcement and anybody caught with one, even if its grandpa, should do a long stint in the slammer.
An NRA "nut" I know says he has his M-16 for target shooting. TOUGH. He can shoot targets with his scoped rifle he shoots deer with. He says the govt will have to kill him to get it from him, I hope they do.
Common sense and reasonableness should enter into this debate. My home is safe with my handgun. If you feel you truly need an automatic weapon to keep you safe then you have pissed some powerful people off and you may need to relocate far away.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

When will this craziness end?

I don't know how we are going to get all the guns that are now circulating out of the system.

Too many people are making money from this madness. I don't see a solution any time soon.

An expat here was telling me she was driving on the 10 in Los Angeles and this guy cut her off. She said something to him and he pulled out a gun. She was lucky he didn't shoot her. It's not like he would have been found or brought to justice.

Bob said...

Old-fashioned right on.

Newark police turned on the brand new TV street surveillance system & first thing they saw was a guy wanted for a shooting standing on the corner waving his gun around like a slinger in Tombstone. They didn't get there in time to catch him.

mikeb302000 said...

I live in Italy where, thankfully, the madness doesn't exist. Many people have tried to explain why this is such an American problem including Michael Moore in that Columbine documentary. I don't know, but I'm glad I'm not raising my kids there.

Christopher said...

".....a regular commentator on this site, "constructive feedback", giving me the business about my gun control position."


Everyone knows (Un)constructive Feedsack is a horse's ass.

The cat has 4, maybe 5 blogs attached to his name and absolutely no traffic. His blogs are as dead as his game. He's clueless as to how you generate traffic.

I bitchslapped him yesterday after he badmouthed you and I noticed how one of the "anonymous" posters came to his defense. Anonymous? Please. I'd be curious to see if the IP addresses match. My guess is, he uses a doppelganger.

He thinks he's so cleaver using UPPERCASE letters to scream his point. What a moron.

Shady_Grady said...

What constitutes "legitimate gun ownership"? Why should having a rifle or shotgun for hunting and sport be any more or less legitimate than having a handgun for self-defense? Are hunting and sport constitutionally protected activities while self-defense isn't?

Yes, if you have a gun in your home someone might steal it and use it in a criminal behavior. If you don't know how to use it someone might even use it against you. You also might use it to protect yourself or others. Having a gun (rifle, shotgun or handgun) is a decision a responsible adult is entitled to make for themselves.

It doesn't matter how many people do something wrong with a gun, that has nothing to do with a right to responsibly own a gun or the right of self-defense.

It's a done deal. Home gun bans are not constitutional. The focus now should be on preventing crime and giving longer sentences to people who use guns to commit a crime.

field negro said...

LOL at r.j., how exactly does "that other muscle" win a contest?

Now now Chris, don't be too hard on, I actually like the guy. I think he is funny, and even necessary for "constructive" debate on certain subjects. But he does have a certain I was always the guy that got my ass kicked in high school, and now that I am an adult I am going to get my revenge persona about him, that's kind of
irritating :)
"I am a hunter, anybody who says they hunt with an automatic weapon is full of shit. Every muscle the bullet hits ruins the meat in that area. The meat will be worthless if its riddled with bullets. "

Thank you for that insight anon.2:42AM

"The focus now should be on preventing crime and giving longer sentences to people who use guns to commit a crime."

Yes shady_grady it should be. But I always hear people say we should just "give" longer sentences to people who commit gun crimes, trust me, it's not that easy. I work in the system every day defending some of these individuals, and there are reasons we have laws and statutes on the books. Prosecuting someone for any kind of crime is a tough drawn out process, and there are quite a few things to consider when doing so. Just saying we are going to give someone a long stiff sentence for comitting a gun crime is wishful thinking.

field negro said...

BTW plez, thanks for the link to your site. Those were two great posts.

Anonymous said...

There is quite a bit of fun shooting auto or semi-auto weapons. On a range. If you want the real deal, enlist in the mil.

You want scary? Watch the NRA video that details gun confiscation during Katrina. The NRA take is that the process was unconstitutional. My version is 'Thank Dagon the cops took guns from these bozo losers'. Adult aged men with the developmental age of a six year old and all had at least five guns. And every one is a stoopid. It is actually a strong visual for stringent gun control laws. Doofus McDumb@ss with multiple weapons. Scary.


Shady_Grady said...

Field, what's your take on mandatory minimums? Hate crime statutes?

There are situations when if someone is found guilty of a crime and certain other facts have been proven the judge is required to give out a certain sentence. Correct?

So I think it should work the same way for gun crimes. If you are found guilty of assault, a burglary, an armed robbery, murder, manslaughter, etc and also use a gun, then you should get extra time. Take some discretion away from the judges and prosecutors.

I don't think this is the only answer to violence. It's multifaceted. But whatever answers are found need to be consistent with constitutional rights.

To me, that means that the DC ban was unconstitutional but it also should mean that the NYPD stop-and-frisk policy should have been found unconstitutional.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

the sks is a great rifle im holding one on the cover of my book.
but again, i have just as many guns as i have computers
but then again, im a libertarian
and maybe some call 911
i dont
i will save your tax dollars
and bury whoever and their car on my 11 acres
besides, p11 wouldnt be able to locate my farm to save me anywho
wasted tax dollars
but i undrestand yawl city folks who buy water and think food grows in a grocery store and aversion to guns

nice spot folk

Dispatcher said...

Hitchens subjected himself to a waterboarding experience to determine if it is torture or not. Wrote about it in vanity Fair.

Anonymous said...

Christopher; You bitch slapped nobody. The only thing you slap is your partners bony ass through worn leather chaps.

FIELD; Im not a lawyer and have never "been through the system" I hear the term "minimum mandatory" used alot. How does that relate to sentences imposed by a judges discretion? As with many legal terms it sounds neat and clean but probably in practice is less so. Could minimum mandatory work? What are your thoughts?

Admiral Komack said...

"Really "constructive feedback"? "Three guns"? Wow! Sorry, but I bet my dick is still bigger than yours."

-Coming soon on American Idol...

Anonymous said...

There are some people who not going to or refuse to understand the problem with assault weapons in urban areas and/or empathize with police in dealing with criminal who carry them. Here you have a crack addict who stole his father's registered weapon and traded with crack that resulted in the death of a police office, and it speaks to my concern about people stealing register weapons ending up on the streets.

That officer did not stand a chance with a AK47, a weapon that has the power of almost cutting someone half and bullet proof vest does not protect a person from such a weapon. You can purchase the weapon on the streets for less than $200 meaning affordable access for a lot of people.


I don't mind that you are having a pissing match because the topic is too important. Let me know if you need someone to measure the phalluses as we want to have an accurate measurement (being a smart ass again).

Anonymous said...

Henna, I know where you're coming from. There was an awful shootout after a bank robbery in LA. The thieves were were excellent body armor and had assault weapons and high caliber handguns. It took a long time to stop those guys.

This is where I disagree with you. Modern assault weapons are designed to be cheap, low recoil, low maintenance rifles that use light ammo. No way they tear someone in half and the only way the pierce armor is if you use rounds that are already regulated. Wal-Mart sells better rifles.

RisingTide said...

The research does say that blacks are longer... on average.

But the real reason why people shouldn't own handguns is those people are Stoopid. They think that a handgun is gonna protect their jewelry.

Well, first question, when does a thief raid your house? When you're gone, that's when!

Second question, do you sleep deep? If someone wants to go and kill you, rape you, whatever, it isn't going to matter unless you're wide awake.

Third question, do you keep that blasted gun on you at all times? Trust me, if it's not easy to get at, you won't be getting at it.

Fourth question, do you want to take your loaded gun and try and shoot someone, getting blood and guts everywhere, or would you rather CALL THE POLICE?

There are better solutions. Most of them are illegal. In general, boobytrapping your house and yard is a good way to keep the robbers out. But there are DaMn good reasons we outlaw that.

I'd force anyone who wants a handgun to take two years training, and have to pass a test before being allowed to take that gun off of the range (where experts can keep you there, if you're a psycho). But that's me.

west coast story said...

My apologies. It's my Thursday morning rant.

The murders in Oakland are like a bad dream. We had seven killings in one weekend and we have a population of less than 400,000.

NYC has had a dramatic decrease in crime, particularly homicides, by employing the broken window model. The model is identified with a couple well reported examples of police excess so people are inclined to throw out the baby with the bath water, which is too bad because a city that looks to be neglected and where there are no community standards for what is appropriate behavior is a city where crime thrives.

Oakland is a city with an over representation of poverty but it also has a respectable middle and upper middle class. Many of the thugs in Oakland are home grown but a surprising number commute from other parts of the Bay Area or the Central Valley. You are doing all right if you can afford to motor up from Stockton or Modesto every day or so to conduct your illegal endeavors.

People tend to come to simplistic conclusions about crime, such as it's all about poor people, and we need more job training. It's so much more than that. It's ex-offenders who come out of prison and create chaos because they simply cannot function in a non institutional environment and have no basic job or social skills. It's dysfunctional families (middle and working class families) that don't recognize gang involvement by their kids or just refuse to admit it. It's self involved parents who don't invest in their kids and/or put their kids' needs before their own. It’s parenting that springs from guilt and doesn’t require young people to be productive members of their family and community. It's cultural differences with people who come from other countries and are not prepared to raise an "American" child. It's easy access to guns, it's a culture that has moved away from behaving with basic courtesy to others whether it's boom boxing at 2AM or someone's nine year old calling you a bitch. There is more undiagnosed psychiatric issues than anyone wants to acknowledge. It isn't just about racism and poverty.

Real life is more complicated than that but people want to go back to the 1960's (which is my era also) and use old concepts that don't take into consideration the proliferation of drugs, guns, and a popular culture that has capitalized on violence. It's the complete breakdown of the educational system that is more concerned about making sure someone's auntie got a non teaching job at the school district than making sure Johnny can read. And don't get me started on the teachers union. Forty seven percent of Oakland students graduate from high school. I understand it is worse in some other cities. It's the racial politics of urban areas where every ethnic/racial/interest group has to get it's "fair share," whether or not it means that serious problems are addressed and resolved.

We have a non functioning city government but everyone's council person is not the problem and the same ineffective people get reelected year after year and people just can't fathom why things don't get better. There are politicians who racialize every issue so that ending cruising becomes an attack on black men. Or trying to end something called the sideshow, where people have died and women get sexually assaulted, is also seen as an attack on men of color and poor people. The usual refrain is “There’s nothing for young people to do.” Young people who can afford to buy high performance cars and drive to Oakland from San Jose can bloody well afford to find something to do that doesn’t destroy someone’s neighborhood.

And just how old is a male before he is a man? When a 15-year-old is accused of committing a serious act and should he be treated as an adult, you hear “That 15-year-old is just a child.” But if a person calls that same child a boy then you get “He’s not a boy, he’s a man.” We are calling grown assed men in their late 20’s babies, for crying out loud, when we are not calling adolescents men. So when do you become a man? Ever?

Anything that most cities don't tolerate is tolerated in Oakland because it will ultimately boil down to a clash over race and become an us vs them issue and not an issue of being able to enjoy your neighborhood without full scale chaos in the streets.

This is a rambling mess. All I know is that with all the meetings at city hall, drafting plans, and organizing neighbors, the killings continue and more and more young people are unable to negotiate this brave new hostile world and will spend most of their lives on street corners (because we can’t have anti-loitering ordinances that interfere with the First Amendment--and a person’s right to sling drugs). People who don’t live in the flats are drawing conclusions about the problems and the solutions, often out of complete ignorance. We refuse to look at the total problem and fall back on racism and poverty and wonder why things are so much worse.

west coast story said...

Oh, crap. I can't go back and edit but the first sentence in the third paragraph should read "respectable SIZED middle..class", not respectable middle..class.

gwpriester (i before e) said...

Field - I can just hear you in court. Your honor, you have to give my young client a break. I know he shot the deceased 30 times with his semi-automatic, but he suffers from small dick syndrome and was just over compensating. :-)

Whitney B. said...

West Coast Story,
How right you are in this instance.

Yikes! All I know is that hand guns should be outlawed. As for the other weapons of mass destruction, those have got to go, too.

Mr. Field,
My days are numbered here in Philly, and to be off topic, what about the draft? Yes, you are right to keep harping on this issue, but..........

Other peeps little kids are dying for no reason. Lawdy, help us.

Interesting stream of information, but, we really need to stay on target. Do we vote with O'Man or not? It really comes down to do we want the McWhities running this country or not?

Hand guns have no place in our homes. Sorry about all of you who think they do.

ms aja said...

WOW! @ anonymous - 11:01 AM

- That wasn't necessary.

LMAO! @ gwpriester

Ha'd be surprise at the kind of arguments some attorney's use. He'd probably get off just for making the Judge as hard as I just did.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

07 03 08

FN: It is sad what happened to that police officer. But a sweeping ban on all guns will not fix the problem. The examples you cited were all illegal procurements of these guns, indicating that crooks will get guns no matter what their legal status. I feel as though your view is somewhat myopic because you live in Philly. But what about people like me who live in the rural suburbs? We like to go hunting and fishing and this is integrated into our lifestyle. Would you disallow us from continuing our lifestyle because a few jerks commit crimes with guns? Why don't we make money illegal because people like the CEO from Countrywide mortgage and the Enron folk manipulated it and committed crimes with it. That is silly logic.

I saw a man get shot and killed in front of my house in East Oakland, CA as a kid. And YET I still feel like guns should be legal for the common man.

Lastly, if you believe in doom and gloom and that our country is about to collapse, we had all better own a gun!

Hathor said...

Longer sentences? To some that is a badge of honor.

RiPPa said...

Damn, thats a sad story about that cop being killed. And I think your point was made well just in relating this story.

For the record, the crackhead grandson thing is something that alot of us can relate to. There's a crackhead in every family, and apparently thats how guns are getting into the hands of criminals.

Screw the war on terror, I say we get focused (again) on the war on drugs because crack is to blame. Now that I think of it, wasn't John McCain down in Columbia the other day hooking up drug deals for Nino Brown?

Woozie said...

Enough with the gun talk! At some point shouldn't one of you realize that you're never going to change the other's mind on the subject and therefore it is a waste of time and energy to keep bitching at each other about it?


And I for one don't care about the size of anyone's penis here.

Except my own =D

Anonymous said...


I do not have a problem with owning gun like shotgun or even a handgun, but you do not a ban of assault weapons because as in the case of the police office in Philly he did not stand chance against an AK47. You do not an assault weapon to hunt because there would be nothing of the deer for you to eat. What is the point?

Now there is a very good article in the July issue of the Atlantic Monthly that gives detail how crime is spreading out to the suburbs and rural areas. The article suggest that since the demolition of high rise public house that crime spread out rather than concentrated into a confined radius in the city limit. Crime did not go down or up, but more likely the criminal just changed the location. This has happened in Newark, NJ when the federal government demolished the projects, the people did not have anywhere to go so they moved to places Irvington where crime was not a problem 16 or 17 years ago, and not we have such a problem with crime that Irvington need to have the State Troopers to come to the town to patrol it. Crime moved to a different location. This is indicative of the problems you see in places such in the Memphis suburbs or other mid-size cities throughout the country. I remember Rudy Giuliani boasted about how got the prostitutes or as my grandmother use to say strumpets off of 42nd St and now it's family friendly. Let me tell you something hookers moved onto 9th and 10th which is around the corner. However, Rudy did not say that he rid the city of prostitution, but he got them off of 42nd St.

Another problem I have is tend to forget about children. I am not saying that there is some insidious or nefarious plot to get them, but you do you the victims from gunshot wounds and stray bullets. The answer would be children. However, we do not think about that because we are busy thinking about ourselves not as concerned about the public at large. I happened that my decisions have consequences for the good or for the bad, and has a direct or indirect impact on the people around me. There also the issue of domestic violence, and men do abuse their wives in the suburbs as well. We do need to look at the problems from the police officers' perspective because come in contact with criminals more than we do.

This is very violent society and it doesn't matter if you have violent criminal or a trigger happy jack like Joe from Texas who would just shoot than to look at you. The mentality is the same with one being criminal or the so-called law-abiding citizen. I think Joe from Texas is a criminal just hiding under the law to justify his actions he isn't different than the two men he killed.

field negro said...

hennasplace, I saw that article n Atlantic Monthly, and it was kind of deep. I think there is a post about that down the line.

Honestly, as a people we have some issues, and we really need to work on that s**t.

mahndisa, I feel you, and as I said earlier, I have no problem with you rural folks owning guns. But please allow some communities to restrict the use of gun purchases and certain assault rifles. Is that too much to ask? I know NRA, slippery slope, slippery slope.

"Longer sentences? To some that is a badge of honor"

Great point hathor!

gwpriester, you and woozie should hook up. I swear you two were comedy writers in another life :)

Anonymous said...


The irony of the that article in the Atlantic Monthly is that people living close experienced what was happening to the demolition and the people had no affordable place to move. My cousin and I had noticed the change years ago and social scientists and law enforcement are just studying the problem. It's a deep article.

Ivan Ivanovich Renko said...

First-- when one rails against "semi-automatic assasult weapons," do you realize that other than looks, there's absolutely no difference between an 'assault rifle' and a hunting rifle?

You pull the trigger once, one bullet comes out of the business end; one cartridge casing comes out of the ejector port.

The biggest difference between a "semi-automatic assault weapon" and a "semi-automatic hunting rifle" is the shape and composition of its stock.

Matte-black polymer pistol-grip stock-- "assault rifle". Lacquered walnut stock-- "hunting rifle."

One trigger pull. One bullet. Period.

Automatic rifles are something else again-- you pull the trigger and three or more rounds come out the business end. Fully automatic and burst fire firearms have been specifically regulated by the ATF since 1934; and unless I'm mistaken there have been no more than a handful of incidents where legally owned, licensed automatic weapons were used in the commission of a crime.

Second-- as a firearms owner, I think having a gun for self defense is as stupid as not wearing a seatbelt because you might accidentally drive off a bridge and into the water. As a result my weapons are kept locked away except when I'm taking them to the range for practice.

All that notwithstanding, I have not yet heard an even faintly plausible scheme for removing the millions of guns from American hands.

Seriously. Field, you wrote metaphorically earlier about 'draining the bathtub,' but with respect, I just don't see how the hell you do it. Not here, not in A-merry-ca.

I know these "conservatives." I've worked with them for the last thirty years. And I'm telling you that some of 'em would just as soon wear a pointy hat; and all of 'em are armed.

Some really smart people see economic collapse on the horizon; and while I hope brother Nulan is wrong, I see the same signs he does.

Some scoff at the Turner Diaries-type race-war rhetoric of the Stormfronters, but it only takes one of the crazy fuckers to ruin your day, and they are heavily armed.

(as an aside-- you should have some of the shit some of these people were planning if things went bad at Y2K. Blowing overpasses to keep "some people" out in the event of major power/water/food disruption, for instance)

I'm not afraid my weapons are gonna jump up and pull a drive-by; so why should I give them up?

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

07 04 08

Happy Fourth of July FN:
Okay, I see that you are not advocating that ALL personal firearms be banned,so that is a start. And as Mr. Renko has said above, if we follow doom and gloom logic,you had better believe that we all need that type of protection at some point. I live in the belly of the beast and just about everyone I have come across has a firearm and Lord knows how these weapons would be used in the case of a serious economic collapse. I say we all need to be prepared for that, along with stocking canned goods etc. Oops, now I sound like one of those survivalist militia type folks. So be it!

Phil4Real said...

As a female officer told me.
Why 3 Guns is normal.
1. Upstairs in the closet.
2.Downstairs near the front door.
3.Kept in the trunk or glove compartment of the car.

Rozella said...

Bottom line is this is about a big a powerful gun lobby, who make tons of money off of firarms sales. There is no practical reason for most of these weapons, and there is no rational justification for the production of so many guns, when it is clear that a sizable portion of the weapons being produced are headed STRAIGHT to the criminal underworld.

THis is simply another way that money controls politics, it is as simple as that. THey tell us about democracy, and say little about capitalism, and we spend our whole lives trying to figure out why democracy never seems to reflect the will of the people.

Its capitalism, and it and democracy are mutually exclusive. THe sooner we realize that, the sooner we can evolve a socialist alternative.

EarthTone said...


A history of guns and the black community is here:

Constructive Feedback said...

Field-Negro: Thanks for the moment of laughter that you have caused me.

[quote]Really "constructive feedback"? "Three guns"? Wow! Sorry, but I bet my dick is still bigger than yours. That is what this is all about right?[/quote]

Its simple:

1) Targus Revolver in the house - in case a thug decides to enter my property

2) A Ruger 9mm pistol for my car - in case someone who has put these other people to death attempt to do the same for me.

3) A K-tel .32 caliber pistol for my truck and which is small enough to use my "Concealed Weapons Permit" that, thankfully you and other gun grabbers have no right to snatch from me.

Concerning the size of my private parts. My wife is content with both the size and the utility of it so I am not concern about phobias and shortcomings in the area.

Lastly - No I was not the "guy who was beat up in high school".

I wish that you were more concerned with the quality of education that is coming out of Overbrook High school and Lamberton High both in West Philly.


Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]while gun-makers and NRA lobbyist get rich.[/quote]

Jesus there is no help for this boy.

If you are worried more about the NRA and the Gun Makers coming in and SHOOTING YOU rather than the Thugs then you are more disconnected than I thought.

What happens, Field-Negro when all of your ghosts are gone and you must rely on your ability to MANAGE YOUR OWN PEOPLE as the primary means of achieving social control? (While respecting their constitutional rights when you only apply selectively).

I am happy that your polices were not in place when the racist Southern Democrats ran through our communities during Reconstruction. They wanted to confiscate our guns so they could have their way with us. What is your justification?

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]when the Bush Supreme Court (also known as "Scalia and his Scalawags") gets finished with mis-interpreting the 2nd amendment, we're all gonna need AK-47's to protect us from ourselves.[/quote]

Plez - you know not what you say.
Could you tell me WHO many of the residents in violent inner city communities are seeking PROTECTION FROM? The Klan?

You and Field-Negro can only fight against EXTERNAL adversaries as your primary m.o.

there is not another civilized nation in the WORLD that encourages (almost forces) its citizenry to take up arms.[/quote]

It bothers me to hear a Black man talk in terms of "civilized" or "Third world". For me England and the Netherlands is not a reference upon perfection Plez.

Listen to your words "encourages its citizenry to take up arms". How about this "DOES NOT SUPPRESS THE PEOPLE'S RIGHT TO OWN GUNS OF THEIR OWN"? Isn't this a more accurate statement?

Constructive Feedback said...

Christoper - you make it hard for a man to restrain himself...from striking back upon you.

[quote]The cat has 4, maybe 5 blogs attached to his name and absolutely no traffic. His blogs are as dead as his game. He's clueless as to how you generate traffic.[/quote]

My Blogs are my own opinions. Anyone interested in having me DEFEND my position has plenty of reference material. (What about you and your positions Christoper? )

I am sure that if I were to parrot the views of the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers that is more POPULAR I would indeed get more posters. (I am happy with my traffic. Several hundred people view my work each day). I was recently invited by a local newspaper to contribute to an article about a local issue - due to my critique of the antics by the local Democrats who take the voters for fools.....and the voters appear to comply in kind by proving them right despite what they do.

I don't care about POPULARITY Christopher this is what you don't understand. If I was seeking Field-Negro's "Brother of the Year" award I would then have to SELLOUT from what I know to be true.

I ask Field-Negro and other "beholden Blacks" to MAKE NOTE that YES "you are more popular that me". This also means that

* You are running our schools
* You are governing the forces that are supposed to manage the safety of our streets
* Your policies shape the business climate in our communities
* Your social mores have the strongest influence on the children of these parent who also support your POPULAR ideology.

YES! They are IN POPULAR CONTROL. But does Field-Negro and others look like they are happy and SATISFIED that the communities they control the most are able to produce a high quality of life for the people WITHIN with maximum use of their own resources to produce this state? (Oh I forgot Obama is going to deliver this Utopian state to us all. Talk about a "Faith-based Initiative)

[quote]I bitchslapped him yesterday after he badmouthed you and I noticed how one of the "anonymous" posters came to his defense. Anonymous? Please. I'd be curious to see if the IP addresses match. My guess is, he uses a doppelganger.[/quote]

I guess it takes a "bitch" to "slap" someone as such. Where was this exchange Christoper? You "slapped me" and I didn't even know it. You must feel like you accomplished something, don't you?

In your own phobia you are lead to believe that THIS ONE TIME I chose to post Anonymously where as all my other posts have the avatar that makes you run to Field-Negro to have my words deleted. Please tell me Christoper - what gives you any indication that I need to "hide" in response to any response you can ever give to anything that I post? Does it appear that I am fearful of you in an intellectual debate?

You are the one who must resort to name calling where as I read your dribble, make note that "it is just not worth it" and instead keep my comments focused upon YOU and your line of reasoning.

Christoper - I notice that you do best in a crowd of sympathetics. This is the only way that your rants have a chance of standing and not being picked apart.

You will not see me post Anonymously anywhere. I can defend my positions.

field negro said...

"3) A K-tel .32 caliber pistol for my truck and which is small enough to use my "Concealed Weapons Permit" that, thankfully you and other gun grabbers have no right to snatch from me."

You still have a truck with gas [thanks to your party]selling at $4.25 a gallon?

No wonder they say conservatives are stupid!

You sure have a lot of guns. I hope you know how to use them ;)

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]You still have a truck with gas [thanks to your party]selling at $4.25 a gallon?

No wonder they say conservatives are stupid!

You sure have a lot of guns. I hope you know how to use them ;)[/quote]

And thus your theory about the Philly Thug being made into a murderer BECAUSE OF his access to guns falls on the floor.

Think about it Field-Negro - I am a Black Man from West Philly - just like many of the other Black men who contribute to the body count of your favorite city. This Black man having 3 guns has not done anything to increase the body count in the place where I live..

Clearly you and your "gun snatching", Constitution violating friends need to go deeper and begin to inspect the KILLERS rather than attempting to suppress me and my rights. I have done nothing wrong. The thugs are doing wrong and you with your obfuscation are ASSISTING THEM.

If you fight for them to be considered "equal men" in society Field-Negro.....then it is time to EXEPECT them to act as EQUAL MEN and do their part.

I believe that your ideology has you bound and thus you can only fight against big entities with deep pockets. Sadly, however, these entities can be regulated while those unchecked individuals are inducing "death by a thousand little cuts".

You must change your ideological bonds and figure out a way to MANAGE the masses one individual at a time. Discard your "non-judgmental" B.S. and work toward directing them toward a certain end and THEN allow them to be liberals (after they learn how to read and have sufficient job skills).

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