Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yes Katie, it's me again!

"People are 'scratching' their heads about your opposition to the surge..."

Really Katie? Well people are scratching their heads and wondering why you didn't question Mr. Morton on getting the timeline wrong regarding the surge. In fact, people are "scratching" their heads and wondering just why the hell your network did an edit job to make Mr. Morton look good.

"Katie Couric: Senator McCain, Senator Obama says, while the increased number of US troops contributed to increased security in Iraq, he also credits the Sunni awakening and the Shiite government going after militias. And says that there might have been improved security even without the surge. What's your response to that?

McCain: I don't know how you respond to something that is as-- such a false depiction of what actually happened. Colonel MacFarland was contacted by one of the major Sunni sheiks. Because of the surge we were able to go out and protect that sheik and others. And it began the Anbar awakening. I mean, that's just a matter of history.

In fact, as Spencer Ackerman and Ilan Goldenberg have reported, the record firmly establishes the opposite: instead of being caused by the surge, the key signs of the Anbar Awakening occurred not only before that strategy was implemented, but before it was ever conceived."

Yes Katie, I am on that ass again tonight (Not literally of course; you are not my type). And you wonder why your ratings are tanking? Like WTF? I expect shit like this from FOX, not a so called real news organization. Look, I know you have some hard feelings for the "O" man, but on your way out the damn door, could you at least try to preserve a shred of dignity?

And why is this not a major news story? Can you imagine if CNN or NBC had edited an interview of his "O" ness to cover up a gaffe? You would try to turn off your fucking T.V. and Rupert Murdoch would find a way to turn it on again. The shit would be wall to wall coverage.

Instead, we have Alan Greenspan's wife (who has probably been to more plastic surgeons than her husband has years on his hoary body. And that's saying something), and Katie Couric bit....(whoops I can't use that word when referring to women) whining about the lack of access to his "O" ness, while he is on his world tour. (More on that in a minute) Katie, get over that shit, and try to do a good job when you do land a big interview. Here is a nice little start for you: try telling your damn producers not to edit what your interviewee says next time. Just a thought. Since you are reporting the news, and not making a fucking movie.

Now as for that world tour the "O"man is on: Yo "O" man, a word of advise from your friendly neighborhood field Negro: Stop acting like you are already the president of these divided states. In case you didn't notice, you are not flying on Air Force One; so calm the fuck down, and tell your aides to do the same. There is nothing white folks hate more that an uppity Negro. And I know you want their votes ( You have been throwing everything black under the bus to get it. Has anyone seen my blackberry? Ahh sorry Senator, you threw it under the bus. Don't you remember? .....let me stop.), so you might want to chill a little bit. I know you are not here to hear it, but they have been talking. And your opponent damn near told the rest of A-merry-ca that you care more about becoming president than what's best for A-merry-ca, and no one in the media is saying shit about it; because, I suspect, that there is a black-lash building up against you.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your trip. And stay away from Katie and Andrea.


Angie-Nuvision said...

Your blackberry is under the bus?
Yes, even though I'm an Obama supporter, I had to laugh at that.

szechuanpork said...

She's going to vote for Obama, you goof. And the people that watch her will too. What stories do you remember Huffington breaking? Oh yes, the one about the hillbillys being bitter and clinging to their guns Obama quote, nice PR that was.

Dre said...

Not to be a proponent of ageism, but dang McCain is definitely starting to sound like my grandpa, always mixing up dates and historical facts. Its also ridiculous that they complain about biased media coverage and he's getting edited interviews. Btw, I'm also pro-Obama yet was rolling on about the "blackberry"

heartsandflowers said...

McAncient is just jealous. If Obama had messed up it would've been all over the news. So he's doing well and looking good and Presidential and ish - oh my!! They are just lame.

heartsandflowers said...

Field - have you actually watched these CNN specials?They kinda suck. A little too conventional, too much negativity, the oh they're poor, not married, lots of kids etc. Send it back to the drawing board!

field negro said...

Angie and dre, I know you guys are Obamaholics but at least you can laugh at your boy sometimes. Some of you all....I swear.

Yes, the MSM has totally ignored all the f*****g Mr. Morton has been doing lately. What gives.

heartsandflowers, a couple of the features were alright. But I am going to wait until after tomorrow night to pass judgement. Some of the features, I must admit, were just a bit lame. But we will see.

jp said...

Thanks for shouting out CNN and Soledad for the "Black in America" piece. I'm watching it now and went to the pre-screen here in NYC. Very well done piece.

Don't Turn Ya Black said...

Field: "There is nothing white folks hate more that an uppity Negro."

Field, I hear you, but if whites are going to take offense to His Uppityness, why give him the uber-uppity job of POTUS to begin with?

I know you only lookin' out for the brother.

field negro said...

"don't turn ya black" [LOL at that handle.]I mean the brotha well.

Christopher said...

I am more than a little curious why Katie Gerbil is in the tank for John McCave?

The very notion that CBS News would alter his response to a question involving the "surge" suggests to me that the network and their $15 million dollar a year news reader are no better than the pond scum on FOX Noise.

I think Missy Gerbil deserves to be fired for her stunt. She's not a journalist and I would take a step further and argue she's not a human being.

Jody said...

If Katie was a serious journalist, she would have raised a stink.... and she didnt.... I agree she and the editors should be fired. Can you imagine Mike Wallace or Ed Bradley doing that? CBS is sinkin fast! pathetic.
As for Obama.... I think its GREAT that he looks so presidential and that all who have met him have treated him with such dignity and respect..... the fact that he visited the West Bank and met with Palestenians is very hopeful...
Like me, the rest of the world wants this man to be the next President.

Daddy said...

Yo Field.

Haters are just mad because their boy doesn’t look presidential. Please don’t you fall into that mess. Whites have always expected Black folks to shuffle and bow to them. I’m old enough to remember White only this, and White only that. Well it’s good to see there is at least one Black politician that understands that he is above that. If he doesn’t, he’s nothing more than another Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton. Now I’m not taking anything away from the two gentlemen, but they are not presidential material. They have a different agenda. (yeah right)

Hold your head high Barack Obama! The white folks think your acting too much like you’ve already been elected president. Could it be they think he’s acting too much like he’s White but don’t have the balls to say so?

I’m sorry, but the brother has it going on. He’s doing nothing any different than he ever does. Stop listening to the pundits, and just watch the man. The brother walked into the Jewish museum and wrote something profound off the top of his head!

Is it his fault leaders of other countries are eager to meet him? Whites are hatin on the fact leaders of other countries don’t like Bush, and they for damn sure don’t like McCain.

Hate on me if you must, but what other American politician ever rated a ride to the airport, and Da King was driving? Come on now I’m waiting!

To me I’d think you would want a candidate who looks, and acts the part he’s trying to play. Oh no. You want a walking dunce cap for your candidate.

If you’re paying attention to folks from around the world, you’ll see that they see Change in Barack Obama. They feel they may get a better hand with him as president.

No matter how you look at Barack Obama, you have to admit at least the man has something to say. McCain of late only attacks Obama. When was the last time you remember McCain talking issues?

Attack Obama, clean up afterwards because he got all the facts wrong. Then start all over again.

Come on everybody. Let’s stand tall with Barack Obama, and see it through all the way to the white house (can it truly remain the white house?).

No more shuffling and kowtowing to the man. THE JIGGING MUST STOP!!!!!

And on the CNN program Blacks in America, from what I’ve seen so far is alright. Every Non- Black person should watch this program. Too bad as usual no one has a clue as to how we’ll change up this sh*t. Funny how we’ve had these documentary’s through the years, and we never come up with a plan. Things that make you go HUM!


Professor Tracey said...

Sorry Field, but you are wrong as hell about Soledad O'Brien. She completely fucked over black women with that bullshit report.

I am sick and tired of those same old tired stories being done on black women. She presented absolutely nothing new. She set us back.

szechuanpork said...

Obama is going to pressure NATO to help out more in Afganistan when he visits Germany. That will be the only presidential thing he's done so far. I still can't believe you're demonizing Kaitie. I guess the left wingers just hate everyone.

Jibreel Riley said...

It seems like Every week Sen Obama comes out and says something that reminds me why I'm not voting for him despite being black (its like a automatic no brainier that I'm voting for the black candidate despite he dose not represent my views on jack chit) however this took the cake by denying the surge has worked!
This is worse than the samples not clearing on the latest Kayne West album not giving credit to the US Military. As being a former Marine and looking at this nation (well the looney left) go on the verge of calling us "baby killers" the least this guy can do is say the flipping Surge WORKED! The Iraq PM has give the green light to the Obama plan already saving his ass from a damaging flip flop however typical "black" voter ya'll dont care about what this guy stands for just as long as he gets elected. Sen Obama could select Dick Chaney as his VP and you will be still in a rush to feed him grapes. I done my part to make sure this GWOT could go over smoothly just to have this opportunist ride this limp pony into the White House via the Media.

P.S. Obama loses PA in the FALL!

ac said...

As a former journalist myself, I can tell you that there are anchors who are serious hardcore journalist who have risen through the ranks on the basis of their substance and then there are the others. We called them the "talent". People who rose through the ranks on account they "look good", come across as credible and can read a teleprompter. Two guesses which camp Ms. Couric falls into?

I read your first piece on Katie and thought you had it right - she's in over her head and sinking fast but she wants to blame that shyt on sexism. I didn't comment then, because I was feeling my Momma's advice - "if you can't say something nice...".

All that changed after I learned of the selective editing she did of McCain's interview. Any real journalist worth their salt would have left that in. That is, for better or worse, the meat of the interview. If the purpose of journalism is to bring an objective eye to the story and attmpt to find the truth of an issue then how does CBS justify removing McCain's completely errorenous rant, cobbling together an error free answer taken from another part of the interview and editing that into it's place? In a Presidential election where we are measuring where the candidates are on foreign policy, domestic policy and the ability to carry out the duties of commander in chief, isn't one candidate's repeated blunders regarding who is who and what happened when in the Middle East kinda important? Particularly as we're fighting two different wars there and he's joking about starting a third?

If this episode doesn't convince you of the complicity of big media in influencing and manipulating the American public for a different agenda then that of the "public good" then I don't know what will.

ac said...

@jibreel - I'm not going to jump up and tell a Marine who fought for our continued freedoms, including the right to vote, who he can vote for. You cast that ballot anyway you want, and thank you for doing your part that allows me to cast my ballot the way I want this fall.

But I gotta stop you on the "looney left" wants to call us "baby-killers" comment. I don't speak for all the left but I'm left, I'm NOT looney and I most assuredly do not think of our armed forces as "baby-killers". Matter of fact, I'd put a beat down on anyone who would dare suggest such a thing in my presence. I spend a lot of time in left leaning blogs, attending left-leaning events, and I have a lot of left-leaning friends. I haven't heard even a whisper of such a slanderous thought.

Have you really encountered people saying such things or are you being provocative?

Jibreel Riley said...

I'm not one of those dudes that takes that chit, I will confront you. This is why I can't stand TV pundits on the right because they get all soft on these issues, even John McCain is soft when it comes to confronting the press. Americans are whining too much and the Surged has worked. Maybe we can now to a troop draw down "gasp" is this what the Left wanted for us to LEAVE Iraq? Well now it looks like, we can leave successful and it stings to give President Bush and the US Military any credit but just do the damm thing Sen Obama. The more this guy speaks, the more he becomes a empty suite. I'm always provocative: I'm young, black and conservative.

Anonymous said...

And why is this not a major news story? Can you imagine if CNN or NBC had edited an interview of his "O" ness to cover up a gaffe?

Digg - Obama FALSELY CLAIMS to sit on the Senate Banking Committee!

What about when Obama didn't even seem to know what Senate Committees he is on? Does this merit MSM coverage?

Christopher said...

Obama is going to pressure NATO to help out more in Afganistan when he visits Germany. That will be the only presidential thing he's done so far.

More mindless fuckery from szechuanpork. Get your facts in order before banging on the keyboard.


Barack Obama's visit to Israel Wednesday gave him a chance to talk tough about Iran's nuclear program, reaffirm Israel's right to defend itself and to suggest that the election of moderate Palestinian leaders has opened a window for achieving a Mideast peace deal.


Obama's itinerary included stops at Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial, a visit to this Israeli town regularly shelled by Palestinian militants from Gaza and a trip across a checkpoint to meet with Palestinian leaders on the West Bank.


The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee held a series of meetings with Israeli leaders, including President Shimon Peres, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, the leader of the Labor party, Benjamin Netanyahu, former prime minister and leader of the Likud party. He also planned a meeting later Wednesday with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.


Barack Obama has assured Palestinian leaders he'll get involved in the Mideast conflict quickly, if elected U.S. president.


Obama met for about an hour Wednesday with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Barack Obama accomplished more in Israel in one day than did the Motherfucker from Midland in eight years.

Anonymous said...

Marines are very good at breaking things. If you want a machine-gun taken the Marines. You want sophisticated policy that wont bite you in the @ss later (see North, Oliver), call someone else.

Our military should not be there and forcing 'stop loss' and other such nonsense tells us exactly what AWOLGeorge and Didn'tServe Cheney think of our Armed Services.

Loved the 'talent' comment. I would place Soledad in this category. Chirpy, perky, and oh so easy on the eyes. Competent, not so much. She's the token Hispanic reporter. Gahh, the lookers on Univision and Telemundo actually have reported news.

CBS went gutless with the BushAWOL scandal. Rather than stand on principle, CBS folded like a centrist Democrat.


tenacitus said...

That woman is a fool when it comes to being a serious journalist.

Anonymous said...

where are the positive stories about my irrelevant generation, this is the lead story? what about Nas and 600,000 signatures protesting Fox News? you never stop talking about Fox and you lead in with this?

szechuanpork said...

Chritopher, Don't you think "the most presidential" phrase is obviously subjective? I think the speech in Berlin was great. Challenging Nato countries to do more is the right thing to do. Their armed forces have slacked off. I gave up on a Palestine state when they rejected Clinton's negotiations.

gwpriester (i before e) said...

People are scratching their heads to try to understand why the so-called main stream media have their heads so far up their bums that scratching their heads is nigh unto impossible.

Hathor said...

jibreel riley,
I thought you were a Viet Nam vet from your initial comments. I haven't seen any hostility toward the present military or veterans as you imply. The most hostility I have seen is from the current administration in addressing the medical, homelessnes and the benefits issues of current veterans.

Anonymous said...

Professor Tracey... After watching the 1st installment, I am thus far unimpressed with Soledad's overhyped CNN production (Hopefully it'll improve from here).

After struggling for years to get family & friends to make "Common Sense" changes to their lifestyles --- I've tried damn near every method I can think of --- And being faced with too many disappointments & failures, I have to ask: How else do we reach them?

I'm growing weary of being my sisters' keeper, when it's painfully obvious that they aren't listening to anyone who makes any type of sense --- not their hearts, not their families, and not the church. We are nothing in comparison to the influences on the street and on TV and in the movies.

So how do we reach them? Shaming them on national TV hasn't worked so far: Folks tend to get all bent out of shape when their dirty laundry is aired. They'll cuss you out and call you a traitor and make your life miserable --- but they won't spend an ounce of energy cleaning their dirty laundry.

I refuse to turn my back on them, but I'm getting tired of wasting my time & money when the benefactors keep reverting to the same behaviors that got them in bad situations in the first place.

Admiral Komack said...

"Yes Katie, I am on that ass again tonight (Not literally of course; you are not my type)".

-Yeah, righhht. ;-)
Sure hope Mrs. Field didn't see that.

C'mon, Field!

Couric & Co. were exhibiting a little journalistic integrity (what, you CUT the film? TWICE? Damn! Oh hell, just splice it together; no one will know the difference!)

field negro said...

anon 3:04 PM,I hope you sign the petition on my sidebar. And there is a picture at the top of my sidebar celebrating that event you mentioned.

I hope you not seeing those things was an honest oversight on your part, and not a reflection of your generation's inability to focus at times.

tenacitus said...

Jibreel Riley please get it right we don't call you baby killers anymore. That is sooo 1960s man, Please don't try and jive us like a day old frozen turkey.

Most leftists nowadays make it very clear that they are against the war and not the troops. Jibreeel if you can point to a someone calling a veteran a baby killer or spitting on them I would really appreciate it. Otherwise please go back to troll school

If you need a better argument at least stop by free republic for the latest talking points.

Joy said...

He threw his ole white grandmothter under the bus too. It's gonna get crowded under that bus as time goes by.

Constructive Feedback said...

Wow Field-Negro - a journalist presses Obama and this is grounds for attack by you. I see how it works.

I guess if she showed stars her eyes for Obama like the rest of them - she would have never gotten any play from you.

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