Thursday, July 10, 2008

See what happens when you lay down with dogs Jessie?

And now comes word that the FAKE NEWS people may have even more on Jessie. Yep, seems they didn't expose all of Jessie's open mic audition for the world to see and hear. They say that they have more. And if they do, please believe that they will be playing it for all it's worth.

But this is what happens to those of us who seek publicity at all cost, we end up seeking it from the wrong people. FOX knows this, they know that there is nothing some of us vainglorious black folks love more that getting some shine on national television. Hey, we can say what we want about the FAKE NEWS people, but they do have their viewers. (They might have the combined IQ of Shaq's shoe size, but that's beside the point)

If you all are like me you are dying to hear what else Jessie said. I am sure it couldn't be too damaging to the "O" man, because if it was, I guarantee you that you would have heard it by now. Jessie should do a preemptive strike and just come clean and tell us all what else he said. But sadly for him, I don't think he is too sure himself just what the hell was or wasn't caught on tape.

To top it off, Jessie had his little slip of the tongue while taping for "FOX & FRIENDS of all programs. FOX & FRIENDS? Come on Jessie, you are better than that. Or, maybe not. Maybe this Obama presidency is bringing out the worst in all of us. Not only the ignorant bigoted folks of red state A-merry-ca, but the ego maniacal black folks who only care about their own self-importance and pushing their own personal agendas. Just reading the blogs and the comments alone is enough to make your head spin. From the "O" man isn't one of us (I read that on this blog), to he is a secret "Manchurian Candidate"planted by Al Qaeda, to he is gay and he has a secret lover stashed away somewhere, to...well, you get the picture.

Look, I have some issues with the "O" man, but it has to do with his politics, and his constant triangulation, not with who he is or who he might be. All the other shit is just distractions. And as A-merry-cans we have gotten used to distractions. We love them. We need them to keep our minds off all the terrible things that is happening to our republic right under our very eyes. It's why we love our entertainment, our sports, and our 24/7 celebrity culture so much. So why should our politics be any different? Jessie, our latest drama king, fits the bill perfectly. A-merry-cans (especially white A-merry-cans) love to talk about and fixate on him. He is a lightening rod for all ages. No one gets white folks as animated and upset on the issue of race more than Jessie. (Well, except maybe Al. the other part of Rev. Inc) Which is why FOX loves to have him on whenever they can. Gotta throw that red meat to the base, and give them something to chew on. Did you see that Jessie? Man what a racist. Boy is he ever a race hustler. He is always playing the victim and blaming it on us white folks..... The funny thing is that black folks have totally moved on from Jessie. He is not even relevant to most of us anymore. But the folks at places like FOX and some of the other main stream media outlets, can't get enough of Jessie, Rev. Al (lately Dr. Eric Dyson too), and all the other black race spokespeople. They have to have someone to speak for us black folks. (Where is the NRB when you need it?) And it can't be just anybody, no, we need someone that white folks will pay attention to. How is that for irony?

So now they have their wish. The older half of Rev. Inc. has been all over the 24 hour news cycle, and they are eating this shit up. Honestly, at first, like most other pundits, I thought this would help the "O" man. After all, Jessie putting him down could only cause most white folks to say: hey, he can't be that bad Jessie doesn't like him. But now, I am not sure. All this race talk can't be good for the "O" man. Not when he wants to portray himself as a race neutral leader (whatever the hell that means). Not when he wants white A-merry-cans to look at him and not see color.

But sorry "O" man. As long as there is FOX NEWS, and folks like Jessie to go behind their cameras, A-merry-cans will always see your black ass first.


Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I still appreciate Jesse for all he did for us. Without civil rights leaders like him making inroads in a hostile frontier, Barack would not be where is today.

He just got caught venting his anger over an issue in the wrong place at the wrong time. His biggest goof, in my opinion, was not even what he said because he thought it was a private conversation between brothers; it's that he accepted an invitation to be on Fox News. Yuck doesn't even describe that.

Miranda said...

Oh I really wish everyone was able to hear Rev. Joseph Lowery's take on all this....his wisdom shouldn't be limited to just us in the "A"......he keeps it 100% all the time.

Anonymous said...

I don't care anymore what Jesse Jackson said on his hot mic. And if Fox Fake News Inc. wants to keep running that shit into the ground let them have their fun.

Obama will always have to talk about race issues in America. This country was founded on racism. I don't blame Fox News for running the video after all they hit gold with Jesse.

As for this hole mess helping Obama I think it will in the end. But, for right now people will twist what Messy Jesse Jackson said to hurt Obama.

hennasplace said...

This is not the first time Jesse has said something negative about Obama, but it's the first time I was called on it. He is not relevant, hell his own son does not pay attention to him. Field is right most black people do not consider Jackson as a leading civil rights leader. I had a conversation with a couple of white people and one of them how disappointed he was with Jesse because he is a lead, and he was shocked when I said no he is not. The audacity of someone outside of the black community to me who the civil rights are.

This is nothing new about this so-called Rev. Inc. people. Jackson, Sharpton, and Dyson are egoist, and I do like Dyson but can only take so much of him. These are individuals with agenda and it is not always altruistic, but it means to help someone in the process while they fulfill their goals then it's only gravy for them. I am cynical when it comes to understanding the motivations of others it is the dark side of human nature.

I recalled of a time when there was all rock station was being sued by Al because there were not black artist airing on the radio. Someone should have told Al that I can count the number of black rock groups on one had and I do not think the O'Jays was a good fit between Aerosmith and Dep Leopard. He shook down the radio station and it certainly was not a civil rights moment for me, but got paid. I remember former black Panther member who was in prison for more than 17 years before getting for crime he did not comment said that Al Sharpton was an informant for the FBI. I do not think he liked Al very much.

Whitney B. said...

Mr. Field,

I have stayed away from Field greens these last few days, per "Priester". Now, picture, of my man (who I have shouted out at the TV) Mr. J.Jackson, "Operation Bread Basket" the original negro of Operation PUSH! Hello!!!???
I have no idea what you wrote and I am going to bed (before reading your blog of the day before yesterday and today) as I have had my umpteenth op procedure before I leave our "fair city" for ''Sippi". 'Cause why? 'Cause of them folks down there. Don't care what color.

I have heard from your peeps commenters and I am quite upset. Not on your blog (well), but personally like. Not in general, in universal. And, not toward me, universally. And, one topic:

We need a lot of things in this country, let me name one:

Health reform.

I have a PPO. Yet, last year, I paid out-of-pocket over $30,000. Good thing I could do that... Yeah, but not really.

Yet, but this year, I still have $5,000 out of pocket and counting. But, good thing I can do that?

How often to I have to pay? Granted, those less fortunate than I have to pay less, but the deal is, why do we pay? I am not a lawyer or a doctor or someone in in $200+ (sorry Field if you are one of 'em)) and, yet, a 54 year old, out of her "retirement" has to pay off her hospital bills.

Yeah, lucky bitch, she's got a retirement!!! Well, guess what? I worked 7 days a week, 12 hours a day to get that retirement and sucked up to "Uncle Tom" or "Uncle Sam", whomever you want to pick.

Am I angry? Hell, yes, I am!!! Because, cha know wha? Nothin' ain't nothin' if the market ain't fixed.

Angry white bitch outta topic, I reckon,

Regards, y'all......

But, I love you Jesse!!!

Jody said...

Today in this country Karl Rove arrogantly ignored a supenea from the United States Congress. Today in this country several hundred Native Americans ended a 5 month walk across America to deliver a list of grievences of Native peoples to John Conyers and his committee....
Today Iran test-fired more missles and Israel is rumbling about attacking Iran.
This matters.

Jesse Jackson and what he did or didnt say about Obama does not. It has nothing to do with what this country needs to do to end the war, deal with our energy issues or the economy.

Whitney B. said...

And, let me add, if it were not for my brother, Jesse, with whom this little old red headed gurl had worked for in the yester-today, we would not have "Head Start". Hello, folks!!! Though he has PUSHED himself in the forefront today, Jesse is the greatest living Negro (truly spirit filled black man today) that we live with and I will love him forever.

rikyrah said...

i can't believe there's more.

Like I said..

I believe even the toilets are bugged and Fox Noise.

Whitney B. said...

Funny, or Foxxy, I totally agree.
G'night and God-bless. A former journalism major, Whit

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Yo, Field, I used that album cover pic over at Jack and Jill Politics.

You should see the conversation it started, LOL.

But most agree Jesse set himself up to get played by Fake Noise. He's never been able to pass up a camera and a mic he didn't like.

I hope you put every black person showing up on Fake Noise on the lawn, if not in the House as House Negro of the Day. It's not like Fake Noise is going to turn legit because enough Black people appear on the air there.

Whitney B. said...

Const. Feedback,
Learned how to construct a sentence yet? Let us see it? Noun, verb, adverb, conjective, etc. Ummmm...Can't wait to see it, nor can Mother.

rainywalker said...

I may bleed 100% white, but I'm still voting for the "O" Man. While the Lap Dogs were talking about Jesse wanting to cut the nuts off the "O" Man the Congress was wiping their ass with the 4th Ammendment. Now they can spy on the whole damn bunch of us when they want to. No wire taps from a judge anymore just some guys with pointy heads in white sheets who all believe the same thing. Cut the Hillbilly and Fields nuts off!

barry4obama said...

does any mone remember that when bill cosby said almost the same exact thing, that he said it in front of jj and that jj responded with tears of joy and a hug for bill cosby

Whitney B. said...

Mr. Field,

With greatest of respect to the NRB, Mr. Jackson was and will be your spokesperson. In my mind, and thanks to my husband's family:), Jesse Jackson speaks to us all. He was only talking out about issues which mean something to him, and to us all.

My husband's family :[ for the most part, thinks he (JJ) is the devil incarnate. So, we should rejoice that Jesse is speaking out against Obama (as you seem to think he is). Me, I don't and won't believe JJ would support that nasty ol' cracker McSame (or, as I like to call him; McShame).

OK. Corn-fused? Aa am I? No more comment as I am feeling as if I am being mocked.

With highest regards,

freemanpress said...

Jesse is part of a dying breed of Civil Right leaders. He is your grandfather telling you what's wrong with the world. He felt Barack was talking down to people.

C'mon you have seen when your grandparents mistake your true meaning because it meant something else in their day.

I say we all get together and get Jesse a rocking chair and a subscription to CNN. Let him rock himself to sleep and call into CSPAN at 4am.

Ro said...

Maybe Rev Jackson should take notes from Venus and Serena and cover his mouth so outsiders won't know what he's whispering.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

The most dangerous place in the world is standing between Jesse and a TV camera so I'm not surprised by this at.

he loves the spotlight and is angry that the light is fading. Some of it is his own fault. His shakedowns, having a kid with his mistress and ill timed remarks has made him less than a moral authority on any subject.

Hathor said...

Do you have a link?

field negro said...

"The most dangerous place in the world is standing between Jesse and a TV camera..."

LOL nyc/caribbean/ragazza!

Sorry whitney b, the good Rev. is no longer relevant.

Christopher said...

What happened to the Dumbocrat boycott of FIXED Noise???

Obama started it, the Borg Queen capitulated on it, and now Jesse Jackson has a cot set up in the hallway to sleep in at the FOX studios.

I think Obama is correct. Lefties, liberals, and progressives need to stop drinking from Rupert's trough.

Hathor said...

Being around Jesse Jackson's age, I would like to think that I have relevance as a citizen and it does not have to be struggle between the old and the young. The issues have been the same in politics since I can remember my grandparents talking about Herbert Hoover, it is just the degree to whom it effects. Apathy by black folk have given rise to the egos, its not only the Rev. Inc, but some of the new black politicians, academics and bloggers.

From my perspective, I don't see the youth rocking the world. The energy of the 60's is certainly not in the 21th century. I not saying this, because I expected youth to look an think like the sixties, but because there is no actuality of ideas. Youth could look at the bad neighborhoods "as the south"; a place where you could make a difference. It is no more dangerous there, as Montgomery County, Mississippi was in the sixties, but I wonder if fear is the reason I don't see the same kind of commitment.

Miranda said...

I wish I had a link. I listened to him on WAOKam here in Atl yesterday. That station is awful about putting up the clips of their guests on. Rev. Lowery has been on quite a few times lately and he is a breath of fresh air.

JWJ said...

freemanpress said... "I say we all get together and get Jesse a rocking chair and a subscription to CNN."

Now, don't go dissin' old folks. What Jessie did had nothing to do with his age, and more do to with a flickering light that doesn't shine so bright anymore.

If you're lucky, one day you may be a septuagenarian or better.

But, if you keep up the trash talk against us oldsters, both Granny and I will take you across our knee and give you a good thrashing.

evita said...

I don't know I I believe O'Reilly about there being more... If there was Fake News would have aired it. What the heck do they care about Jesse?

gwpriester (i before e) said...

FOX Noose?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, and read it faithfully. I am an 'older' white woman (from Utah, so you know there is progress in the world!) and just wanted to share this wonderful column by Gail Collins from yesterday's NYT, in case you missed it:
The point is that we ALL have to get behind Obama or this country is going down the tubes FAST. He is our only hope.

Kellybelle said...

"But this is what happens to those of us who seek publicity at all cost, we end up seeking it from the wrong people."

That is some timeless truth Field.

And I agree with you on Jessse, Al, and MED being more interested in becoming media stars rather than black people committed to the well being of black people.

BigJB said...

Damn Field, I'm glad you have officially put Dyson in the group. He is another one of these culture pimps. I like how he went on O'Relly a couple years back and let that Klan King put him down. Then comes back at the New Negro PowWow (that event Tavis Smiley has) and talks that goodie good smack. Yo, Starr used to call him Soul Glow. (I missed that dude's show, over most people's head).

Whitney B. said...

Hi all,
Mr. Field,

Well, the Rev. Jesse did a good thing by critting the O'Man. How can that be so, you say? The crackers are moving to the left. Just as I thought they might since they hate the Rev.

Just remember, back in the old cold days, when Mr. Jesse was relevent, he did do lots of good things for my Windy City, and "his peeps", which in the end are my peeps, too. He started some enormous movements which still exist today (in the same or newer versions); Operation Bread Basket, The Rainbow Coalition, PUSH and Head Start. Maybe he's just jealous that he never made it (winning NC warn't no big deal) in the bid for POTUS. I still love the man, though I have disagreed and yelled at him mightily when on TV talking jive these last umpteenth years.

I still consider it a big privilege that I got to spend some time helping him with his movement in the baddest parts of town, in particular Cabrini Green, surrounded by footballers escorting me in and out to reach out and teach men, women and children how to read and write.


I have missed you. Glad you are enjoying your baby brother. When it comes down to it, it is family, no?

Yes, I will agree with you about everything that you've posted, however, I worked with the Rev. JJ and at one time he was "the bees knees", especially after we lost Dr. King.

Respectfully submitted to you Ms. Granny and Mr. Field,

Whitney Brown

Whitney B. said...

Wassup with this being black or white enuf? :)

Anonymous said...

So Jesse Jackson feels uneasy about Barack Obama. So damn what.

Are we responsible for making Jesse Jackson feel better about the candidate?

Is Jesse Jackson running for President? Is Jesse Jackson the best chance we have to keep this country in salvageable shape for the next decade? No and no.

So maybe in 1984 he ran for President. Well, 1984 is over and it's 2008.

I'm sorry if Barack is not black enough, or not really black... or too black! And also a black militant Muslim! And he wants the white women! It's the same sh*t as the campaign, everybody projecting on him whatever they fear or want to see.

Bah! When did Barack say he was the Messiah. HE DIDN'T. *WE* DID. And when he inevitable didn't live up to those expectations, because he's a politician trying to win an election... LIKE A GOOD POLITICIAN SHOULD... then we all took a dump all over him and decided he's a secret Muslim, a woman-hater, an outsider, an Oreo, etc etc.

Give the man a break. He's a man, just a man. But a better choice than the older man. So give him some $$$ and get out of his way so he can win already.


Christopher said...

Jesse may've stuck his foot in his ass, this time. The kids are turning on him now.

Rapper Nas told MTV that the civil rights leader is finished.

"I think Jesse Jackson, he's the biggest player hater," Nas said.

"His time is up. All you old, time is up. We heard your voice, we saw your marching, we heard your sermons. We don't wanna hear that no more. It's a new day. It's a new voice. I'm here now. We don't need Jesse; I'm here. I got this. We got Barack, we got David Banners and Young Jeezys. We're the voice now. It's no more Jesse. Sorry. Goodbye. You ain't helping nobody in the 'hood. That's the bottom line. Goodbye, Jesse. Bye!"


Jody said...


Whitney B. said...

Jimbo (anon),

Right you are!!! Jesse is passe, but he should not be dissed. He did a lot in his time.

Yes, we are in a NEW time and hopefully a better time and things have got to change. We don't need no more senile Re-Guns (McShame), we need a new power.

Yeah, I am sick to death of everyone jumping on the O'Man for moving left of center. Had to do it at the time, but now it's a new game, time and place. Go, my O'Man, live well and prosper!!! Maketh thy word known and then changeth it onc't in office. Let the regimes of today suffer and fall.

This country has already gone to hell in a handbasket. My worst fear is that EVERYTHING from here on out, come November, will be blamed on possibly our best hope for a future of a color free and undivided A-Merry-ica. But, we are such "polar-bears" today, how could that be possible? Dreamin' a little dream for me.

Chris with the pic,

Yeah, we need good old Jesse to keep the sheeples (crackers) moving over to the O'Man. :)

Gregory Williams said...

Yes, Jesse is old news! But we are about to be subjected to a week's worth of "news" from another irrelevant group.

The naacp is having their convention next week here in cinci-sippi.

These folk at the national level had to be forced to use local black businesses for a variety of things, security being one of them.

They were actually going to bring a major money maker to a city known for current racial and economic problems, and cut out the local businesses!

Fortunately we do have some strong folk here on the ground humping everyday.

Malcolm was right! First we have a lot of housecleaning to do!

HaileSallasieLives said...

Yeah, I must admit that Jesse's relevance as "civil rights" role player has diminished...but who the fuck is Nas or Young Jeezy, or David Banner to be dissing ole Rev?

These niggas ain't done shit but become whores for corporatist music moguls who are REALLY gettin' paid. I know I digress, but these house niggas ain't done a quarter's much as Jesse's again I admit that nigga (Jesse) has gotten a lil slimy over that pass few decades but he certainly has more historical and political relevance in our community than 50 Cent!

Insofar as Faux News...Jesse should know better. They promote and propagandize race-baiting shit that ignorant, hateful and illiterate..well, er, and some not so ignorant white folks eat up like vanilla ice cream.

And let's keep it real, ANYTIME the Revs. (i.e., Jesse...Al...Wright...Farrakhan) say or comment on ANYTHING, even if they're RIGHT, Limpballs, O'Lielly, Sean Handjob or that lil' bitch Tucker Carlson got to turn it into some attack on white america.

It ain't (IMHO) as much as what Jesse said as where he said it...any black person with a semblance of self-respect would avoid be involved with Faux News.

With all the other shit going on (i.e., FISA, secret military ops in Iran, economy tanking...) the bullshit media is doing it's best to keep the sheep at bay.

So fuckin what...he's said somethin' about cutting Obama's nuts off. Get over star-struck kneegrows should be more worried about Obama's irritating lil' flip-flopping act.

Anonymous said...

This post is simply obnoxious. I had hoped that this episode was fitting opportunity for you to address FOX FAKE NEWS production values. Is it lawful, is it positively ethical to RECORD the conversations of persons employed or not employed by a corporation? (Check your case law so to inform actually your readers.) Rather, you're content to villify Mr Jackson for his stupidity or senility. I expect you'll be advocating next for the security features of the FISA Modernization Act -- dragnet in "Killadelphia" will save lives.

In fact, it would be reasonable for Mr Jackson and his correspondent to presume an expectation of privacy. In the first place, they're not employees, are they? In the second, they are intimates. Do you know who is Dr Reed Tuckson and his business relationship to Mr Jackson? That relationship goes to, as the attys will say, to expectation of privacy and the content of their conversation --what is and has not been disclosed by FOX.

Further, I presume that conversation likely implicated current events in which Mr Obama announced his intention to adopt and expand Mr Bush's current federal funded "faith-based intiatives." Anyone can look up the distributions at But you have studiously ignored the facts and the case law on Bush agency violations of the Establishment Clause and Title VII. Decisions and appeals as late as 2007 render Mr Obama's assurances pretty damn disingenuous --given his chosen "surrogate" Jim Wallis-- and Obamaholic supplications to the new generation equally fantastic.

Don't you ever feel a little foxy, when you compose these posts to your readers?

Anonymous said...

I want some suthin fried chickens, oh yes, I do!

JWJ said...

@ cristopher: "We don't need Jesse; I'm here. I got this. We got Barack, we got David Banners and Young Jeezys. We're the voice now."

What Jesse did was disrespectful, but for us today to diss this civil rights icon, is also disrespectful. Hold him accountable for his actions, but honor him for what he did do on behalf of blacks.


Because it disrespects the courage, commitment, and devotion that it took to advance blacks to a point where they can now call him, and others of his ilk, "irrelevant."

If Martin Luther King were living today, he would also be called irrelevant.

If you're one of those that got the ball rolling, and now it's rolling pretty much on its own, only an ingrate would turn on the ones who got the ball rolling in the first place.

Without Jackson, and others like him, being "relevant" at a time when they were, you may not be enjoying the fruit of your labor today.

And we met the challenge head on with uncommon courage--many of us fought in the trenches one-on-one, and together, but we fought.

We continually hear about "freedom" not being free, and we honor those that died to make it possible. We even set aside a national holiday to honor them, "Memorial Day."

Where is our Civil Rights "Memorial Day." And don't point to Martin Luther King's Birthday (although he deserves such an honor) and don't point to Black History Month (although those blacks of the past also deserve honor).

Where are the shrines and commemorations to all those blacks slain, jailed, hosed, suffered dog bites, and other inhumane treatment, so that you may diss those who marched, and stood twelve abreast through some of the most hostile territory of this country--the deep South.

Don't you dare call us irrelevant.

I call this generation "irrelevant." You have taken our legacy, the one you inherited and squandered it.

We didn't fight so that you would be "free" to call our beautiful black women "ho's and bitches", for you to make intellectual pursuit synonymous with emulating whites, and instituting a "no-snitch" policy with the urging and support of those very hoodlums that are threatening our black communities and bringing them down, and using the word "nigga," ubiquitous in our community, that seared our psyche as we stood our ground against the tyranny of racism.

Where is your fight? I know: it's to make as much money as you can by selling drugs, disrespectful music, and holding the black community hostage to violence and abuse.

What we wanted, and fought for, was for blacks to become better educated by having and attending some the best schools in the world.

What we wanted, and fought for, was for blacks to create some of the most enviable businesses in the world.

What we wanted, and fought for, was for blacks to stand in solidarity with other blacks to assure that black progress would continue, and be assured.

What we wanted, and fought for, was for blacks to stand equal to any white, and to aspire to any position (including the presidency with the "audacity of hope" of achieving it), to possess what they possessed in any state, city, or community of this country.

What did we get for our sacrifice, and our efforts?

A generation of gangbangers, rappers that disrespect black womanhood, and each other (glorifying a gansta lifestyle and values), too many black men in prison and not pursuing the freedom that comes with being educated, black communities where the denizens are too afraid to leave their homes, black children being born out of wedlock and raised by the state or single moms.

I could go on, but you know how our legacy was used and abused.

No, I reiterate: This generation is "irrelevant."

It didn't advance our hopes, wishes, and "dreams." This generation became self-indulgent, self-centered, and exploited the weakest among us, modeling some of the worst behavior and attitudes possible--a slap in the face of those of us who took a slap in the face so that you wouldn't have to.

field negro said...


gregroy williams, I like that name!

"Don't you ever feel a little foxy, when you compose these posts to your readers?"

Hmmm, let me think about that for a minute.......NO!

"It didn't advance our hopes, wishes, and "dreams." This generation became self-indulgent, self-centered, and exploited the weakest among us, modeling some of the worst behavior and attitudes possible--a slap in the face of those of us who took a slap in the face so that you wouldn't have to."

wow jwj, that was deep! In fact, it was sidebar worthy if you ask me.

Whitney B. said...


Thanks for that....great rant. Peeps need to know what went before their lucky arses today. I have worked hard for the sound of freedom, but you put it in such words that I can't begin to appreciate the depth of them. Side bar is right, Field.

Yeah, the generation sumthin's have no clue what black folks and women (color or not) did before them.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Yes, indeed! The youngsters dropped the ball and got to comfortable with all the things us old folks fought and died for them to be able partake in. It was a time when they wouldn't have been able to even look up and look white folks in the face, unless they wanted to risk being hanged and for that they turn around and practically spit in your face. The bible is fulfilling.

Last night, I was thinking about what Fox did to Jesse Jackson, and it kept disturbing and snagging me for some reason. It was a setup to discredit Jesse Jackson. It's typical Fox News dirty work to discredit influential blacks and to kill their voice. I don't doubt for one minute that they didn't know what they were doing. Fox has a habit of dissing, smearing, and discrediting blacks with the main objective-to kill the black voice.

I was trying to figure out how Jesse let himself get caught in that position, because he knew better. Jesse knew that Fox had been trying to discredit him and kill his and other blacks image. That was the only thing that upset me the most. He knew better, and he let his guard down and got caught up, and that could happen to anybody to be honest.

Another thing, I thought about was Fox operates and has a pattern of pulling underhanded dirty tactics to discredit black folks. They did the same thing with Farrakhan, Martin Luther King, Malcom X, and other influential black men. They even tried it with Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks, and the list goes one. Nope, they don't spare black women in their quest to discredit black people as a whole either. Fox is the enemy and it's no secret.

The more I thought about it last night, I came to the conclusion this was a setup done on purpose to turn the black community against Jesse Jackson and kill his influence. Fox is trying to stir up more division within the black community. If you go back 8 years ago, when Bush first ran for president, this is when all the attack on all influential blacks and their community really took off on Fox news starting with Farrahkan and has become a vicious pattern.

The only ones they don't pull this with are those blacks that come on their show and smear, degrade, or discredit their own black race. They praise Jesse Lee Peterson, a self-hating black man, who is also, funded by Sean Hannity. Jesse Lee Peterson is one black man that if I had a rope, I'd lynch him myself, and lynching is an abominable thing to me, because I had family that was lynched back during that time period and I value human life.

Although, Jesse Jackson put his self in this position, because he of all people should have known better. Because throughout the years, Fox had discredited Jesse Jackson, and painted him as a race hustler and villain. Fox news reminds me of how news reporters did a thriving and prosperous black community back in the 1900's, in Oklahoma, called "Black Wall Street." The reporters were very racist and they reported lies, smears, and stereotyped black people who lived in that community. In the end, a whole black community was burned to the ground and many black people died and lost their homes and businesses.

Yes, Jesse made a mistake, but don't turn your backs on him. If anything we need to stand by him, and let Fox know that we're not going for the okie doke and their dung anymore. Controlling the darkies is a thing of the past. Obama and Jesse will work it out between themselves. Obama is an intelligent man and is aware of the games they play. Let's not turn our backs on Obama ,Jesse,Al or any of the rest of them that Fox tries to destroy. Because if it was one of their own, believe me they would do it without a blink of the eye and have done it many many years and some, and they've done worse things than say something negative about someone, they've killed innocent people--Megar Evers, Martin Luther King, and the list goes on.

Gregory Williams said...

Cinci-sippi is exactly what it's like for the masses of our people today. Even with a "black mayor" and a black city manager, nothing changes for the masses.

Hell, right now the state has a tourism agenda designed by and for blacks called "livin' for the weekend!" to keep us broke and stupid. Giving all of our hard earned $$$ right back to those that we got them from.

Eventhough we earn decent $$ we don't spend with each other and as a result the masses stay broke and livin' for the next weekend so they can get broke again.

While I have no problem with what others have said in this thread where are the solutions?

The best solution is Economic Independence! Where we don't just save for retirement. where we don't just go to school so we can get a "good job", it's where we plan as heads of our families to save and train ourselves to be successful ON OUR OWN! To spend with each other purposely. to recirculate our $ at least 5 times within our own communities. Then our children won't be having the same conversations 40 years from now , like we are still talking about the same thing we were 40 years ago.

And let me say this. Don't say that I have hate for anyone because I express concern for my own as a primary goal. hell, if others were really paying attention to what has been done to our community they would truly understand what's about to happen to theirs.

I'm through!

field negro said...

Damn Gregory, sounds like Philly.

Gregory Williams said...

First, it's just greg to my friends (that's a google thing) and yeah Philly displays a lot of the same characteristics. I have spent some time there and have family there.

We don't have as many murders here but from the way some so-called negroes act, you would think we have more.

See they pulled the okey doke on us after the rebellion in 2001. The police said, "Oh you won't let us do it our way we won't do anything! And take some of this heroin with you" It wasn't long before negroes were almost begging them to come in and do something! Don't you all make the same mistake.

But Philly has been off the chain for a while!

JWJ said...

Field, thanks for the sidebar recognition, and the opportunity to express another point of view.

JWJ said...

whitney b. thanks for your comment, and the sidebar vote.

Thanks Granny. I have great respect for your opinions and never fail to read your posts in their entirety.

You said: "...throughout the years, Fox had discredited Jesse Jackson, and painted him as a race hustler and villain."

This is why I'm surprised by his willingness to appear on Fox and give them an opportunity to substantiate their claims.

The Angry Independent said...

Damn shame.

That's what he gets for dealing with Faux News.

And notice how the producers never told him his Mic was on. I wouldn't be surprised at all if this was a set up... that they knew Jessie was a camera hog and that they could take advantage of him. Even if it wasn't planned, the way that they have leaked the information after the fact, should be a clear lesson.

What Jessie needs to do is stay at home and keep his mouth shut until after the November elections. Same with Bill Clinton. By having them out on the campaign trail, or doing any kind of interviews, they will provide nothing but ammo for the McBush campaign. Although in this particular case, I am hoping that Obama gets a boost. It could also hurt Obama with more traditional Black voters.

Obama has made things hard for himself lately... FISA... Now Jessie Jackson reminding American voters that he is an Obama supporter... This was his way of saying "Hey America, remember me? I'm Jessie Jackson, the leader of Black folks". And that is not necessarily the kind of imagery that Obama needs to be associated with right now.

The idea of leaving the stage is killing Jessie Jackson (and his peers). No grace whatsoever.

Wine Dog said...

All I can do is quote Glengarry Glen Ross.

"What you're hired for is to help us--does that seem clear to you? To help us. Not to fuck us up..."

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"This is why I'm surprised by his willingness to appear on Fox and give them an opportunity to substantiate their claims."

Yes, I know what you mean and that is what had me so upset with Jesse. It's not a wise move to give them ammunition to turn around and use against us. Fox makes up enough mess on their own in their quest to destroy black's right to voice their opinions. Fox does not want blacks voices to be heard or for them to have any say so whatsoever. An equal voice is a stepping stone to equal power.

Every time the economy was bad, blacks were used for an escape goat, and it has been this way throughout history. Black were always the last to be hired and first to be fired when the economy got bad. Everything that's going on right now, has been done before using the same tactics--it's nothing new. Nope, there is nothing new under the sun.

Studying the history of American politics and black politicians during the Reconstruction period is a necessity; because it’s the same deal all over again—making black politicians look corrupt, bad moral character, dishonest, etc. For years, they worked on destroying any black activist or politician’s character that took a stand and tried to help their own community. One of the Ten Commandments is “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. Well, I’m here to tell folks you can kill with your mouth a person’s influence. Fox does it every single day.

The young people want the torch passed on to them, which is fine in my book, let them have it, because they should be stepping up to the plate, it's their time. However, talking about it doesn’t get things done, unless you’re coming up with a plan and solution to counteract the attacks and take action. And sometimes you can’t let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. That’s how we did it. There were people who didn’t agree back during the Civil Rights Movement, because black folks are tribal, but even they understood united we stand, divided we fall, and worked together united for the common good of all.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Can you remember how if a child did something bad, their parents wouldn't say nothing to them in public, they'd give them that look, and oh,sometimes they would even defend them while in the public's eye. But when they got that child behind close doors they'd beat the hell out of them, and preach a sermon to them last would last for hours and sometimes days. One thing is for sure, that child didn't do whatever it was again.

Although,now, there were some parents who would tear their tail up on the spot, and didn't care who was looking.

JWJ said...

@granny..."Can you remember how if a child did something bad...they'd beat the hell out of them, and preach a sermon to them last would last for hours and sometimes days."

Do I ever!

Granny, I could take the whippings, it was the "sermons" that caused me the greatest pain.

The "tongue lashings" brought me more misery than the belt or the switch.

Knowing that I had disappointed, or displeased my parents was more excruciating than any thing they could do to me physically.

When a whipping was inevitable, my
mother would tell me, "Find me a switch, and you'd better bring back a big one. You don't want me to get it."

And I didn't. So I'd bring her a really big one with the hope that she'd relent and find a smaller one. She never did.

My mother had her own whipping technique.

She would brace my little head with her knees, revealing my turned-up bottom, and whale on me for what seemed like hours, and, if I struggled to break the vise, she would lock her knees tighter around my ears, exacting pain from head to bottom.

Her whippings were so instructive that I never wanted her to repeat her impartation of knowledge.

I quickly gained a PhD in whipping avoidance, and parent-pleasing.

Plantsmantx said...

"Jesse is part of a dying breed of Civil Right leaders. He is your grandfather telling you what's wrong with the world. He felt Barack was talking down to people."

"C'mon you have seen when your grandparents mistake your true meaning because it meant something else in their day."

"I say we all get together and get Jesse a rocking chair and a subscription to CNN. Let him rock himself to sleep and call into CSPAN at 4am."

So...what's your plan, young man?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Your mother and mine must have been related, because they sound too much alike. (smile) Yes, indeed, I know you know what I'm talking about. Sassing grown folks was out the question, even when we became grown ourselves. We learned respect for our elders. These young kids nowadays wouldn't have got away with what they get away with now. Nowadays, the kids are telling their parents what they will and won't do.

However, I was using that example to lead up to something concerning the incident with Jesse Jackson. I kind of have a feeling that it would have been best if our people would have reprimanded him in private instead of in public. I have a feeling it's going to open a door later on down the road; we'll be wishing someone would have kept shut. Just a gut feeling I have.

Sort of, like when we were kids, our parents told us that our business wasn't to leave out of the house, and our business is not everybody's business. We knew not to tell our business to people outside our family. And we knew what they meant by that, because if we did the opposite, it left a door open for everybody to put their two cents in and that's when family business would become a big mess. It turned into dung that once everyone else got to stirring it, stank.

I know it's a lot of people on here that might not agree with what I'm trying to say. We didn’t always agree with our parents either, but we didn't let others talk about them and the rest of our family to us either. Everybody has one of those crazy uncles and aunts in the family, who whenever you had a family get together, it never failed, that they’d opened their mouth and upset the whole family and ruin everything. You know the ones that said things before they think, but we still loved them dearly. Yet, we never excluded them from any future family functions we gave, because that was unheard of—they’re family. If we had company over when they got to acting up, our company knew to mind their own business, but most of them had sense enough to excuse themselves and go home.

Nonetheless, we knew how our uncle or aunt was and what to expect from them whenever we had a family gathering. Yet and still, we also, knew all the good things they were capable of doing and had done for us. That uncle or aunt was the one that was always there for you.

If my cousin would have done what Jesse Jackson did, I would have done the same thing Jesse Jr. did, but it would have been in private. Yup, I would have given her a good tongue lashing. However, because of my home training, it would have stayed behind close doors, no one would have known, but her and me. We may have fallen out with each other for a few days, but after the healing, we’d get over it, and our relationship would remain the same. If your brother or sister is at fault, you go to them and try to reason with them, not help others destroy them.

Whitney B. said...


Is it not the greatest thing that the Rev. JJ opened his mouth and put his foot in? After all, the racists (who hate JJ) may move to the left of center.

Perhaps this was a planned move? No, I don't believe in conspiracy, but wouldn't this be the best conspiratorial move?

Hugs, and megga respect, as I know we are kindred spirits,

Whitney Brown

west coast story said...

My original post was lost in cyberspace. Anyway, JWJ said it better. To recap:

Nas can't tell me a damn thing. I am fed up with the hip hop generation bashing older folks. If the future of black folks depended on you, we'd be sunk waiting for you to fit in between the gym and the wine bar.

Yes, Jesse made an ass of himself on Fox and has become a caricuture (sp) of his former self but he's not irrelevant because of his age. Consider that some of you will be irrelevant at any age.

I'm with JMJ and patiently await to see what this generation's legacy will be beyond some amorphous immature fascination with hip hop.

I guess you think you are where you are today because you are so wonderful and not because a lot of people were beaten, jailed, and in some cases murdered. What exactly did your parents teach you?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


After I had thought it about, I believe that it was a setup. They want to discredit him and cause division. Back in Reconstruction day, these same tactics and patterns were used bring in Jim Crow.

BTW, about the kindred spirit I was thinking to myself, Whitney must be kin to me. (wink)

Grata said...

"The most dangerous place in the world is standing between Jesse and a TV camera so I'm not surprised by this at".


LOL! I have to borrow this quote. Its the funniest thing I have heard in a while.

Grata said...

"Yes, Jesse made a mistake, but don't turn your backs on him. If anything we need to stand by him, and let Fox know that we're not going for the okie doke and their dung anymore. Controlling the darkies is a thing of the past. Obama and Jesse will work it out between themselves".


I wholly agree with your message. The desire to fragment the BC has never and will never go away. Unfortunately there are those with in the BC that don't need outside forces to fragment BP. These are the ones that don't consider Obama as family.

JWJ said...

@Granny: "I kind of have a feeling that it would have been best if our people would have reprimanded him in private instead of in public....

"We knew not to tell our business to people outside our family."

As you know, it's also called "airing your dirty laundry."

We, as a people, appear too eager to "air our dirty laundry" in public, as well as "bad mouth" other blacks.

And I don't mean these blogs so much as I do Cable News Television with the whole world having access to what is said, and how it is said.

We're too willing to bring down a brother or a sister at the behest of some white television or radio personality.

They bring on these black guests just for that purpose.

They know just which blacks are willing to cooperate in such a sham (and you know them, too), and they're invited time and time again to say for these white hosts what the white hosts would like to say, but are afraid to, because of the possibility of an ensuing backlash.

They don't wish to be called racist.

When Brian Gumble made his so-called controversial statement about the Winter Olympics, Fox News brought in two prominent blacks from the community to attack him.

You remember the statement:

"So try not to laugh when someone says these are not the world’s greatest athletes, despite a paucity of blacks that makes the Winter Games look like a GOP convention."

I e-mailed one of the brothers with my concern that he had been used to denigrate Gumble.

He was angry that I challenged the advisability of his action, but he never again appeared on Fox.

Arsenio Hall was given radio air time in the aftermath of a race riot (Oops, 'racial unrest') in Los Angeles.

They provided him with this forum so that he could calm the "restless natives."

I will always respect him for insisting that he was not there to attack blacks, or black leaders, or anyone black, because "family" did not discuss "family business" in public.

And he kept his word.

I'm afraid, Granny, that this kind of "airing of dirty Laundry" is not left to the clotheslines of our community, but is hung out on any clotheslines, be it white or black, or be it on radio or television.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Yes, and that is not good. We as a people have always been lumped in one boat together and never viewed as individuals by other races. The reason is because people have been programmed to think that way by the news media, television, and even advertisements. All black folks can dance, all black folks steal, all black are not to be trusted, etc., but it’s always ALL, and not an individual. We even have people in our own community that believe that the news media is a bible. Yes, we, also, have those in our community that help tear us down too. It’s time to wake up.

If we get a job, more is expected out of us; if we go to school more is expected out us than is expected out of any other race, in fact, there is not practically anything we can do where more isn’t expected out of us. It’s like we’re constantly being ask to prove ourselves different from all these stereotype labels that have been stapled on us as a people.

The reason I’m so against “airing our dirty laundry” on everyone else’s clothesline is, because they turn around and use it for ammunition against us somewhere down the line to destroy our image with others, and build a case against us—not just as an individual.

What Jesse did was let his jealousy blind him, and in the end, it caused him to trip and fall into a ditch that he can’t get himself out of. We got to find it in our hearts to forgive him. He is another human being, and no human being is without fault, nor is one perfect. We got to stop jumping on the bandwagon and helping to destroy us.

JWJ said...

@Granny: "It’s like we’re constantly being ask to prove ourselves different from all these stereotype labels that have been stapled on us as a people."

So true.

onealbear said...

I love this rant, Field, But it's "LIE" down with dogs, not lay... unless there are eggs involved.

field negro said...

"I love this rant, Field, But it's "LIE" down with dogs, not lay... unless there are eggs involved."

onealbear, you are right of course. But you know me, I just say whatever. I give my grammar coach, woozie, fits :)

field negro said...

Now I am confused. Because Mrs. Field says that I can use lay or lie depending on whether I am speaking in the pastgense or not.

I thought you were right onealbear, because lie is to recline or sit down, and lay is to put something down. But Mrs. Field says because lay is pastense to lie, it's cool.... sheeesh.

See what you caused?

Where is woozie when I need him?

dbrowsers said...

Before I explain my take on Jesse Jacksons comments, I think all of us Black American’s need to reflect back on history and try to understand the course or path that have gotten us this far, before we start to make judgemental statements about how Jesse should just ride off into the wild blue yonder. Mr, Jackson has raised the conciousness of American debate more on racism, social, economic, political and legal injustice than any African American in our nations history since Dr. Martin Luther King. Regardless if some of you think that over the years, Mr. Jackson has been self serving, you must remember that as a man, he has had to feed his family just like everyone else. Many of you are responding out of ignorance, not really understanding your history or the nature of Politics. Jesse Jackson has been on the forefront when many cowered and exiled themselves for fear of reprisal or retribution if they spoke out. There are some leaders who have even left the country to live in other nations only to find the same oppression of darker peoples prevalent in their respective lands. There is a saying that, “people are the same wherever you go.” I believe that the “crabs in the barrel syndrome” is not applicable in this last instance here, regarding Jesse’s statement about how it would be wrong for Obama to follow Bushes’ race based initiative program. However, Jesse could have kept the metaphor to himself. He did not mean it literally. The statement made, was for the benefit of all of us whose grandfathers slaved for generations for no wages. You see, Obama’s father fled the country, for whatever reason. But our grandfather’s are buried in towns and cities all over this nation. So before those of you who wish Mr. Jackson would quietly leave the scene, it was him who stood up for us when no one else would. To this very day, he has remained convicted with hope despite his mishaps and occassional blunders. None of us are perfect. His political genuis and oratory skill is unmatched in the African-American Community. This generation of leaders and its constituentcy has not had to endure the struggle and pain of the baby boomer generation and some of their parents that are still here today. Matter in fact, we are your elders, and you must respect us with every ounce of civility in your souls. The oppression that we all have had to endure has left a lasting scar on the American psyche that will never be erased, no matter what black person is catapulted to the highest office of this land. Sometimes, people have to be put in check and must not take anyone or anything for granted. For God giveth and God can take away. When a child is growing up and he does something wrong then gets corrected by his father, although it may seem grievious, that father still loves and receives love in return. This is when forgiveness overrides any emotional hurt or pain. What we witnessed was a mutual respect of two men who are fighting the same battle at the same time. One older and wiser, and one younger and still learning. Was Jesse’s statement one of insubordination, no, for he is the elder statesman and in any family, the elder uses his ability and wisdom to correct, enforce and reward when it is necessary or merited. Being an African-American man in this country has been a castigating experience for millions who have been disenfranchised, marginalized, shutout, scapegoated, slandered, abused and denied equal access to the playing field by the white ruling class. Matter in fact, the reason why some of your fathers did not stay around is because they were denied a chance to prove themselves and some chose to walk away or cop out. Jesse Jackson stayed and is still here. There is a lot that you people need to learn! When you decide to examine the chronicles of history with a microscope than you will come to understand why standing up is the mark of a true man! Even if he has to draw his sword! Liberty or Death! You decide! Only cowards walk away! No one needs to tell Mr Jackson when to retire, there are many lessons that you kids still need to learn. Wake-up people and unshackle your minds for "it is a terrible thing to waste.”

Gregory Williams said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gregory Williams said...

dbrowsers, take a breath sometimes when you post. That huge paragraph was too hard to follow.

Jesse had to know what he was doing. I give him more credit than to think he is the old, irrelevant, mindless, money grubbing poverty pimp that others like to call him.

Besides, what the hell was he doing on the fake ass news channel whispering to begin with? He sure as hell didn't whisper about Cosby or any of the millions of us that know the truth of what's being said.

And all the while we blather on about something that happened a week ago, the financial meltdown of ameriKa goes to another level.

But y'all keep spending your money making others rich, while the whole thing is crumbling around us. Is the next bank failure going to be in your town or mine?

Can you read?

Constructive Feedback said...


Can I set this up for you?

You are attempting to turn this expose into the battle between the "back in the day" civil rights actor-vists and the New Jack Obama Hope-ers into a masturbation session on Fox. Where as the divide between the old Black leftist and the new Black leftists should be talked about as a means of understanding the dynamics YOU would have preferred that a more favorable news network spike the story for the sake of saving face.

Do you see Field-Negro - you don't mind when the New York Times or other operatives release CLASSIFIED material to the public or go forth an undercut the US military while they are in the field of battle BUT.........the news channel that posted a portion of Jesse Jackson's attack on your "Jesus' Return To Earth" and you go after the network for doing so.

Glad to see that you have your priorities straight.

Gregory Williams said...

I hate to do this but this gift is going to keep giving!

Fox said they had more and they do. So now we know that they are going to try to drip jesse all summer long , i guess.

What a complete dumbass! T

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