Friday, July 11, 2008

Stop "whining" and get to work. Don't you want to be rich?

I was going to blog about the frat boy and the A-merry-can congress chipping away at what little freedoms we have left in this country, but I changed my mind. No one else cares, so why the hell should I? Let's just keep pursuing happiness in these divided states of A-merry-ca. You don't have relatives in the Middle East, so why should you care? Oh, and thank you "O" man for keeping it real and standing up for our right to privacy.....change [of position] we can believe in?

No, instead I want to blog....or should I say "whine" about you whining A-merry-cans. Yes, the other Dr. Phil was right, you A-merry-cans sure "whine" a lot. Hey, you pay $4.12 a gallon for gas, get over that shit, at least you have cars. You could be living in a Third World country where you could only dream of owning a car. So what if you can't drive it anywhere, at least you can live in that bitch. With the housing market being what it is, you might have to.

You all are just jealous because you didn't marry up like Mr. Morton. Hey, just keep believing in the A-merry-can dream, and you too can marry someone who can afford to spend $250,000.00 in one month on credit cards. You are bitching about gas prices, how much do you think the poor lady pays to fill up her plane for crying out loud? I guarantee you that shit is not cheep. But don't worry, you are A-merry-can, stop whining and believing. If you believe you can achieve. Who cares about gas prices when you can have a G-4 waiting for you at the airport?

A bunch of whiners, that's what you all are. I drive around this great country and folks seem to be doing pretty well to me. If times were so hard, the restaurants would be empty, and so would the movie theaters. Hell, my "homie" Will Smith brought in over 100 million last weekend with his new movie, Back To The Future meets Jungle Fever. If times are so tough how can you all afford to go to the movies and pay for someone else to cook your meals? I bet in Haiti and Rwanda the restaurants aren't crowded. And they sure ain't dropping $20 to see Will Smith looking for his lost love through the ages, while flying drunk.

Yeah you A-merry-cans are going to have to suck it up, and get over all this recession talk. It is, after all, in your minds. Look, if you lose your job, you can always use good old A-mery-can smarts and that work ethic that we are all blessed with to invent something. (Hopefully something to get us off the Arab tit) You will make more money than you ever would working a stinking nine to five. Start your own business's, work for yourself, and watch your wealth grow. That's the A-merry-can way.

Now stop whining and get to work.


szechuanpork said...

What an ill timed comment. I'm looking for work and have an interview next week, Phil. Stop looking at me.

Anonymous said...


That's a very funny commentary. Sharp satire.

Jody said...

I am a part of a whinin womens affinity group... at demonstrations against the war or the ftaa or gentrification... when we march, we chant, "We're tired, we're hungry, and we dont like the government!"

Whitney B. said...

Mr. Field,

:) You are sounding like szech and nsg. With no offense to you nsgoma.

But based on McShame's (and that has been proven in the press yesterday and today) 'lil buddy, we are a bunch of whiney snot nosed brats. Or, are we?

Today, the Dow tanked below 11K. We have more folks out of work today than when King George took office. Is this not part of the greater plan?

Not to mention that the po' folks who signed up to protect our "homeland" (e.g., the National Guard) are serving triple and double "stop loss" over in the land where we don't belong. A land that is the Rock of Ages and we have blasted and bombed the crap out of.

Then, to come back "home" with nothing and live homeless.

The folks, too, who bought into the high equity market for their little shitty houses to pay off their "instant gratification" credit cards only to be further in debt within months of their idiocy?

And, all the young 'uns have lain down in apathy. Where is the angst of the 60's and early 70's? I am still protesting, I am out there for the O'Man, and against the po-lice action. But, I don't see too many young 'uns. You can't bitch if you ain't gonna walk the walk and talk the talk.

You say you want a revolution, but oh, boy, you gotta dance! We ain't talkin' 'bout destruction, we only wanta work it out. You young 'uns gotta get with the plan.

Otherwise, you're going to see these fat white old cats saying and doing just what McShame's "advisor" did to promote this rant of Mr. Fields'. It was a little tongue and cheeky, but the message is very strong.

Revolt before you are no longer relevant.

'Sippi is calling me. As I am packing my bags, I am thinking, maybe I need to get the eff out of the city and into the simple[ton] life down in the land o' cotton.

Might get lynched by the thought po-lice :} Orwell lives today folks!


field negro said...

szechaun...good luck on that job interview, just knock em dead.

Seriously, these are tough times, so I hope you land the gig.

szechuanpork said...

Thanks Field

Whitney, Mississippi and Arkansas are always competing for last place. Lately they've been getting new plants more than us, really hard to understand with their laws. Little Rock isn't far away if you want to do lunch.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field,
Read This
Lab Director Disobeyed Orders to Fly Flags at Half Staff to Honor Late Senator...
' I cannot in good conscience honor such a man who fought so hard against civil and human rights throughout his life'

L.F. Eason III, the director of the state of North Carolina's Standards Laboratory in Raleigh, was forced to resign this week because he refused to follow an order to lower the laboratory's flags in honor of former North Carolina Sen. Jesse Helms, who died late last week. Eason, 51, had worked for the state for 29 years, the entirety of his career.

In email explaining his position, Eason wrote...

"I made a decision to refuse to lower our flags at the NC Standards Laboratory to half mast in honor of Jesse Helms as soon as I heard of his death. I cannot in good conscience honor such a man who fought so hard against civil and human rights throughout his life. Even to his death bed, he refused to apologize for the damage he caused. Now, I stand by this decision. It is a personal decision, but obviously affects my job at the lab. It has been over ruled by Division and Departmental Management and as I look out my window, I'm ashamed to see the flags lowered ...

"I also understand that my decision is not acceptable. You cannot ignore that fact. There is the law, but there is also a higher law I must follow as a matter of conscience."

In another email to his staff, Eason said he opposed honoring Helms because of Helms' "doctrine of negativity, hate and prejudice." He cited Helms' lifelong opposition to extending civil rights to African-Americans and his "doctrine of negativity, hate, and prejudice [that] cost North Carolina and our nation much that we may never regain."

The order to lower flags on all state facilities came from the office of Gov. Mike Easley, a Democrat, and flags were lowered at the state capitol, both houses of which are controlled by Democrats.

Eason is a Democrat, but he told a reporter that he often splits his vote...
[He] had no problems lowering the flag for former [Democratic governor and senator] Terry Sanford or President Ronald Reagan. But he remembers wondering whether he would be willing to lower the flag after President Richard Nixon's funeral.He never had to make that decision, since it rained both days.

Eason's decision to follow his principles in not lowering the flags for Helms exacted a great personal and professional cost:
[He] pleaded several times to be allowed to stay at the lab. [He] had worked for the agriculture department since graduating from college, was paid $65,235 a year as the state metrology lab manager.

"I designed and built that lab," he said. "Even though technically the bricks and mortar belong to the state of North Carolina, I feel very strongly that everything that comes out of there is my responsibility."

This story underscores the deep and abiding antipathy felt by millions of North Carolinians toward Jesse Helms, whose courtly manners masked a seething hatred of blacks, gays and other minorities. For the entirety of Helms' three decades in politics, voters in the nation's 10th largest state were equally divided about him, with 45 percent who loathed him and 45 percent who loved him.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Helms perfected the strategy of winning elections using the "50 plus 1" formula that Karl Rove and George Bush used to win the presidency in 2000 and 2001. To get to 50-plus-1, rather than building a consensus among blocks of voters in order to win decisively, politicians use divisive tactics to inflame fear or hatred among the lesser-educated, conservative-leaning undecideds that are guaranteed to drive them to the polls.

North Carolina Republicans cynically (and secretly) referred to Helms' tactics as either "emptying the pews" --- by creating a firestorm around so-called moral issues --- or "emptying the trailer parks" --- by creating a controversy around race. The most famous instance of the latter was in Helms' 1990 race against Harvey Gantt, the charismatic and politically centrist former mayor of Charlotte, the state's largest city. Just a few days before the election, Helms released his infamous "Hands" ad that depicted a white man losing a job, supposedly because it had been given to a unqualified black man. (See video of the ad above.)

Jesse Helms retired from the Senate in 2003, and spent his final years lost in dementia. In the few short years since, he has all but been forgotten. L.F. Eason was right on principle: Helms was an embarrassment who should not be glorified in death.

Being forgotten is better than he deserves.

field negro said...

Anon.11:05PM, this good man is already on my sidebar as an HFN.
But good looking out.

"Little Rock isn't far away if you want to do lunch." LOL!

Well, it's a litte too far to just pop in for lunch. I don't have that G-4 just yet:)

But when I am down that way again I might shoot you an e-mail.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I keep visualizing a revolution happening in America similiar to the French revolution during King Louie's day. Yup! Americans are getting restless, and it's not going to take much more for them to snap, and the powers to be will be wishing that Americans had kept on whining.

fairlane said...

This "inventing" angle sounds intriguing. Got any ideas you'd care to pass along?

And thanks for the props Field. I take that as a big compliment.

Anonymous said...

Great satire, Field. You had me thinking "What the hell..." when I read the first paragraph.

Feel free to cruise by Cali in your G4 if you can afford the fuel bill. Gas is at least 40 cents higher out here.

NSangoma said...

whitney b., when you mention your Sangoma, do so reverently; and as NSangoma.

Phil Gramm is no joke, coloured peoples.

Gramm is a vice-chairman of UBS Investment Bank. ... While advising the McCain campaign, Gramm was being paid by UBS to lobby Congress about the U.S. mortgage crisis. During this time, "the mortgage industry pressed Congress to roll back strong state rules that sought to stem the rise of predatory tactics used by lenders and brokers to place homeowners in high-cost mortgages." According to, Gramm had input on McCain's March 26, 2008 policy speech on the mortgage crisis.

Many news reports have pointed out that Mr. McCain more or less came out against aid for troubled homeowners: government assistance “should be based solely on preventing systemic risk,” which means that big investment banks qualify but ordinary citizens don’t.

Recall when your Sangoma told you:

... The world is being turned upside down financially and economically; new world powers are emerging, China; new financial and economic regional powers are emerging, Brazil, and India. 

The goal of Bush and of McCain is to protect the rich and the very rich from the coming (now upon us) economic and financial upheavals; the hell with the rest of us. ...

Phil Gramm don't not be jiving, Jack!! I recall when Gramm stated live and in living-colour on 60 Minutes, 'that though he was for the Vietnam War, he did not serve because it was more important for his family that he get his Ph.D in economics.' He said it, and did not blink a punk-gott-damn eye. Well, he is no longer US Senator from Texas, but he is making gi-normous cash-money euro, er, dollar bills.

Gramm was one of five co-sponsors of the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, which critics blame for permitting the Enron scandal to occur. At the time, Gramm's wife was on Enron's board of directors. Gramm left his Senate seat a few weeks before the expiration of his term in December 2002 so that his successor, fellow Republican John Cornyn, could gain seniority over other newly-elected senators.

Given that Gramm is a part of the McCain campaign, that should solidify for you what kind of person McCain is.

These people do not give a punk-good- gott-damn about the American people.
Where the euros at? Where the yuans at?

No matter how America fares economically, these people will be able to maintain their lifestyle anywhere in the world.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

You are right. Silly me I never thought about what poor Mrs. McCain must pay to fill up that plane's tank.

Very funny satire.

Granny, all long as folks can keep buying things on credit, reality TV is big and there's a Mickey D's on every's all good. If people didn't take the streets in large numbers about this war, our rights being chipped away, Enron, etc. not sure what the heck else needs to happen. I mean most folks can't even bother to vote. We have the lowest voter turnout of any G8 country and many "third world" countries, where voting can get you killed, have higher turnouts. Sad.

field negro said...

Nsangoma you deserve to have that N capped today,that was a great rant about the good Dr.

BTW,he looks just like this cartoon character...but I can't remember who it is.It's killing me now.Oh well,whoever he looks like,he is one rich SOB!

NSangoma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NSangoma said...

They ain't not Jiving, Jack!

Miranda said...

Talk about not giving a damn.....Phil Gramm said "yeah I said it and I ain't takin it back" too.

gwpriester (i before e) said...

IOW Let them eat cake. :-)

Christopher said...

Douchebag Quote of the Day

"Has anyone ever noticed that we live in the only country in the world where all the poor people are fat?" - Phil Gramm, economic adviser to the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, John McCain, stomping on the poor

How many ways are there to hate these asswipes???

Kellybelle said...

Phil Gramm said that?! Maybe it's all the high fructose corn syrup the govt pays farmers to make that's in the cheap "Red Drink" poor people can afford.

Wow, so we're whiny and fat. Talk about being out of touch.

NSangoma said...

Folks, these dudes are hard core:

... During one of the many Republican assaults on Social Security, the issue of cutting back benefits for the elderly came up in the Senate. “They are 80-year-olds,” howled Mr. Gramm. “Most people don’t have the luxury of living to be 80 years old, so it’s hard for me to feel sorry for them. ...

... Barack Obama got a lot of play with his clever response to the Phil Gramm madness. “You know, America already has one Dr. Phil,” said Mr. Obama. “When it comes to the economy, we don’t need another.”

Cute. But woefully inadequate.. The Democrats, timid as always, should be pounding the populist pavement from one coast to another, explaining how the reckless and deliberately inequitable policies of the past several years have gotten the U.S. into this terrible fix.

Jibreel Riley said...

I see the T-Shirt go from "stop snitching" to "stop whining"

-I'm going to go to the mall today and it will be packed

-I'm going to stop at a popular restaurant and grab a bite to eat and it also will be packed

-I'm going to drive past the baseball stadium and look in the stands from the highway and it will look like its packed.

-I might even stop at the bar for a few beers and sho nuf its going to be busy.

Irony I here the economy blows but Sen Obama is razing crazy amounts of cash. Even with gas the way it is, I doubt people really have $5,10,20,50,100 bucks to spare (unless its all coming from George Sours).

That Northeast Media Bloc is trying to pull a 1992 all over again and that trick dose not seems to be working that well. I dont get why would the Dems be picking up more Congressional seats with a %9 approval rating? Holla at ya boy %9 Nancy. 62,000 jobs were lost, I wonder did they have to do with anything that involved transportation? With gas as high as it is, that landscaping company can keep around as many of its workers as previous years. There has been many (driving) based companies (small business) who have just shut down. Liberal clowns dont realized that America runs of Diesel Fuel, these our the same clowns who hire the landscapers.

Lets face it: gas is a bitch right now. Not all of America has SEPTA/MTA/MBTA/CTA/NFTA/MUNI ect. I wonder how those So Cali dwellers are handing all of this right now because NO ONE takes the bus in LA.

Anyhoo, I'm still keep shopping and I'm still keep debunking the myths about the current state of the economy. FN and friends you guys keep crying and waiting for the government tit to drop. I'll do my own thing.

Hathor said...


On that album cover JJ looks like the only one that belongs. Our mayor looks like that middle aged dude who tried to be hip in the 70's. Al Sharpton should be on another cover, period.

Hathor said...

I said our mayor, but I thought in that context it couldn't be him. Who is it?

Anonymous said...

If we do have a French-style Revolution, let us transcend borders so that none survive.


field negro said...

hathor, that's him. Although I don't think he would be a lead singer with the Obamas. A backup maybe :)

Anonymous said...

There is no question that the economy is not good. I was listening to Carly Fiorina yesterday morning on Morning Edition who is an economic adviser on the McCain campaign who believes that tax cuts are good despite the fact that the deficit will only increase and the same holds true for Obama's tax cuts. I wonder if she will ever say that is not such thing as a tax cut, but I digress. Isn't Carly Fiorina the same individual who cause her company to have inconsistent returns from the merger between Compaq and HP which eventually was fired by the board? It's just me, but I wouldn't have her advising me on matters of the economy when she did not a very good job at running a corporation.

Of course people like her and Phil Gramm are out of touch because they the wherewithal to weather the economic storm, but it will get much worse as I believe federal regulators will have to intervene and seize the assets of banks as they will not have cash to continue operating such as the case IndyMac due to the housing crisis. I think Fiorina and Gramm will be crying the blues soon when they lose a significant amount of their personal wealth.

I know I have to spend money on a new pair of glasses as my current pair fell victim to falling on the train tracks while waiting for the train. The wind blew my glasses off my face while bending to down to pick up a bag and I watched my glasses fall off my face and the wind carried them off the platform and onto tracks and the train rolled over them. I called Lencrafters today and the guy told me that lenses alone depending on my prescription could run me $310. However, he did tell me I do get a 25% upon buying the complete package which means buying frames. I am not the kind of girl that buys $400.00 frames. I will be looking at the clearance rack to pick the best looking frames. However, I am still looking at close to $500.00 with the examination for a new pair of glasses.

Anonymous said...

Well it's about time. Someone has to tell how they really feel and he felt you are a whiner. Can't you see the opportunity surrounding you. Look out your door that foreclosure sign is a opportunity, GM stock is at a all time low, Gas Smas it's just oil and when we win the war it'll go down, they laid you off OK that means its time to start something new, your in debt hey it's time for the greatest comeback in modern History, look around dumb ass there is so much you can do.

I love those guys because they can't even fake it. They know they don't know how to fix the economy so they tell you it's in your head. I hope everyone's house depreciates,and you line of credit dries up, and your bank goes under as the FDIC only insures for 100K.

It's going to be a great year. Take your 600 bucks and make it rain on your local Strip Club, because Strippers got to eat too.

Anonymous said...

Answer to poster above, the buses are now packed in Los Angeles! Less pollution is a nice side benefit of high gas prices... Fieldy don't jump on the Obama Fisa attack wagon, 'kay? He did that because he is a good strategist and is aiming to be elected. He knows that bill can be rescinded and not voting for it is an opening for the rethuglicans to say he is soft on terror. Obama is hitting the mark, give him the benefit of the doubt!

Whitney B. said...

How 'bout dinner? Since I'll be working again (after being unemployed since Mardi Gras day) I'll buy. But, let's eat chicken :). I haven't been to Little Rock since campaigning for Bubba Bill.

I thought Loseeana was competing with "Sippi. What's up with that? I hope that your interview leads to a job that you will enjoy.

Whoa - sorry dude (chemo brain gurl), megga apologies about the inadvertant name change!!!

Good stuff about Phil Gramm. You shure are a brainiac! Much respect for all the wisdom you bring to us.

Been some very interesting reading on this blog today. Lot's of thinking and new slants on WTF is wrong in A-Merry-ca.

Jonzee said...

Personally, I am tired about all the whining abs out gas--myself included. As I mentioned before, I went from constant access to decent public trans to having to drive 60 miles everyday.

Maybe, we will finally see that our "cul-de-sac, gas-suzzling v-8, way out no where" suburban dreams are not only unsustainable resource wise, but unsustainable in maintaining health community fabric.

Miranda said...

Well - I don't know why McCain is trying to pretend he's distancing himself from Phil's comments now, he kinda said the same thing back in April:

"a lot of our problems today, as you know, are psychological"

Whitney B. said...

Off, but kinda "on" topic,

Bimbo alert!!! Cindy McShame. I received a glowing email about how wonderful she is......sent by a well meaning but clueless white chick.

But, me, I know better and so...

Apparently sum in the "news" media, if you can call THEM that these days, are bringing to the forefront McShame's durty little (big) past. Womanizer that even makes Bubba Bill look like a saint.

Meanwhile, rich little Cindy, while married to McDaddy-O was stealing drugs from one of her non-profits (which she set up) for her addiction. The good Senator got her off "with good behavior".

If we get THAT in the White House, that is what the stoopid folks deserve.

Even though "Google is making us stoopid", look up "McCain's first wife" and see for your own selves.


mellaneous said...

Hey Field isn't it funny how these guys sometimes say what they really mean.

Like somebody said recently, " who said capitalism doesn't work, it works just fine for the capitalists."

Hey Whitney B and Jody its good to know that you are still out there protesting I have to rejoin the lonely few who protest against the war in front of one of the malls in Miami Dade (Shangrila) every Saturday.

I feel what you all are saying, the younger generation has to pick up the mantle. But we have to understand they are victims of much larger doses of capitalist propaganda than we were. And they were growing up in a period in which it seemed that more folks had actually "arrived" in this country.

And we have to be honest in the 60's, 70's and even the 80's there was more breathing room for radical ideas and you could jump in and out of the economy.(Speaking of, good luck Szechuan I'll whisper a prayer for that job)

Of course contrary to Gramms foolishness, times are much harder. And something else I have observed in the black community is that the more progressive minded young people are entrepreneurs or are seeking independence through financial means. Please someone let me know if they have noticed this trend as well.

I have also noticed that the younger folks appear to be adverse to studying, history and political history and the system they live under. Many who want to be conscious run off half cocked quite a bit. Oh and the other thing --well at least I have noticed this particularly among black youth ---they assume that they just have rights, without any sense of the fact that in order to enjoy rights, you have to be eternally vigilant to protect them.

Well maybe it isn't just the young folks who assume this, as the populace has quietly accepted being spied on (FISA) torture by its government and the denial of Habeus Corpus. Hell the press didn't even put up a fight to cover military funerals at Arlington National Cemetary.

"Talking bout a revolution," shh they maybe listening.

Whitney B. said...

Hey Mellaneous,

I have to agree to disagree. I have made my own protests. Honk if you're not a honky :) No, seriously, I was out there for the O'Man before the populance drank the Cool-O'Aid.

But, you are right about the younguns, they so don't want to study OUR history. The fact that we went out before them and did the job. As in JOB (that dude in the Bible that suffered the stuff).

However, Grannystandingfortruth has been there and done that and I will disagree with any disrepectful talk to that glorious woman. I have known many great women of her (and my little bit later) generation who stepped up to bat and got beatin' for truth...including this little redhead. I don't see how you can say times are much harder unless you want to count the fact that there's all kinda crazy drugs out there, but they belong to all young idiots, not just folks of color. And, when I was growing up I had my fair share but didn't end up a gangsta.

It isn't a color issue, it is a generational issue and we need to let kids know that if they feel the angst, they need to act on it. Not wit' guns, but words and deeds. Just like our folks taught us to do.

With a lot of respect to you, Mellaneous (as I mostly always agree),

Whitney Brown

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

nyc/Caribbean ragazza:

Baby, granny wasn’t really being serious with her comment, I was venting and having one of my crazy senior moments. (wink) Anyways, that’s the true nyc/Caribbean what you said.

Nevertheless, Enron did a job on California. California had a price cap on the amount charged for buying electricity if it was brought in California, but not if it was brought from another state. What Enron did was brought electricity from California, transported it over the electricity grids to another state. Then, they would turn around, transport it back across the grid, and sell it to California at a higher price. In essence, what they did was sell us our own electricity back to us at a higher price. The people are paying for their mess every time they get their utility bill—higher prices.

Barbara Bush, Phil Gramm, and several other high profile people had stock in Enron. Instead of a retirement plan for Enron’s employees, they had a plan where the employees invested in company stock, which was supposed to guarantee them millions when they retired. Whelp, when Enron was, finally, exposed, those up at the top left the company with 10 or more million (trader insider thingies), and the employees zero.

When the Enron trial was going on, Bush claimed he didn’t know Ken Lay, but that was an outright lie. I saw pictures of him, his daddy, and his momma at some of Ken Lay’s company functions. I even read the letters that Ken Lay wrote Bush when he was governor of Texas, letters telling him what legislation to pass. In fact, the social security plan that Bush wanted to execute for the USA was modeled after the employee retirement plan that Enron had, and why I was against it.

The Enron executives were something else. Everybody in high positions was going with someone else’s husband or wife; it was a common practice among the higher ups. One woman executive thought that she was all that and a bag of chips. She would make her entrances to Business meetings by throwing her fur coat down on the floor before her. They brought a $50,000 motorcycle for a decoration in the office, and had elephants imported for office parties. Enron screwed a lot of companies in the process of bloating their financial statements to get money.

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