Sunday, July 06, 2008

"Onward Christian Soldiers"

"Rescue me o Lord from evil men; protect me from men of violence.

[men]who devise evil plans in their hearts and stir up war every day"

~~Psalm 140:1-2~~

I have a confession to make; I am a news junkie, I can't tell you how many different stories I read, watch, and listen to every day. But some stories always seem to get my attention more than others.

Like when I came across this story about the soldiers being sent camouflage bibles by various religious groups. Apparently this has been going on for awhile, but surprisingly, it just caught my attention.

Honestly, the shit is troubling. Although I suppose that we could reason that since we are a Christian nation our troops should be protected by christ. Hey, the "evil doers" according to some groups are praying to allah, why can't our boys who are charged to protect us, pray to our god?
But who says we are a Christian nation? Not history, and certainly not the facts. Weren't our founding fathers deists? Deism was what was practiced by the intellectuals in the early part of our Republic's history. And they were folks who who believed that human reason should be used to solve political and social problems. Deist did not believe in the divine inspiration of the bible. Thomas Paine, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, to name just a few, were deists. So where did this myth of us being a Christian nation come from? The slaves who were brought here, and who worked to build up this nation certainly were not Christians. Nope, if you hear their plantation owners tell it, they were pagans who practiced things like witchcraft, voodoo, and other "dark" mysterious things. The Native Americans, who were already here, were not Christians. Nope, I don't think that they had a Christian god in mind when they spoke of the "great spirits".

Look, I know I am not a true believer, and if I thought that the bibles would give our troops even a slight edge over those allah loving Muslims they are fighting, I would be all for it. Unfortunately, I don't think that whoever is up there pushing the buttons has a bias in this fight one way or the other. And let's be clear, I have no problem with Christians, Muslims, or any other religious group. Most of the folks I know (like some of the people who comment here) who happen to belong to one religion or the other are good decent people. It's the ones who try use their religion to impose their will on others that I have a problem with. You know the ones; the crack pots who fly planes into buildings in the name of allah, or the crack pot who sends innocent men and women to die because he thinks he has some divine right as the leader of a Christian nation.

I do know one thing, if there is an evil force out there, he [she] is glad for the person who put us into this mess. And if he [the person who put us in this mess] calls himself a Christian, and it makes him feel better about himself and his war, well then so be it. Just keep killing those "evil doers", and we will see where that gets us.
So let's keep sending those bibles, shall we. And don't forget to make sure that they are camouflaged. After all, we wouldn't want our soldiers to give away their positions while they read the good book.


rainywalker said...

When I was in school they took us on a field trip to a clinic in Cleveland. We toured most of the facility. I got to see Jesus, he was in a padded cell. Or at least thats who he claimed to be.
They passed out bibles in Vietnam to but they weren't OD. I think they give them out in the church services but nobody is forced to take one. It used to be one service sort of based on the chaplain but they have individual services now and nondenomational.

Whitney B. said...

Mr. Field,

To put it simply, most of the "Founders" of this country believed in a clock-maker God. That is, that it's built, it's put on the shelf ("...though it stood 90 years if not more." [old folk song]) And whatever was "up" there let US run with the ball, to put it in modern parlance.

I, too, am extremely irritated by this "Christian Doctrine". I am really horrified about this Bible stuff. What ever happened to the FREE Bibles which are in every hotel room in A-Merry-ica? (Achually, I steal them to deprive the next roomie of the pleasure of enjoying Gideon:) Have y'all ever seen Bibles in drawers when you travel outside of Dumb-Merica?

Now, to disagree with you again, that phrase "allah loving Muslims" has gotta go. That is bigotry!!! No where, in the Muslim religion, does it say that killing is rewarded. Muslim's are kinda Quaker like, more so than the "Christians" of today and yester-years.

In my book, the only really true "Christians" in this country are Buddhists and Native American Indians: if we're going to brook Christ with the word Christian, that is.

Just a thought.

Respectfully submitted to you, I am your faithful servant,

Whitney Brown

Jody said...

I would imagine that our soldiers would rather get gear that keeps their asses alive.... fully armored vehicles, kevlar vests.... and once they get home, the proper medical care. Shame the bible pushers dont use the money for more practical things.... Even more of a shame that the bible pushers dont pay more attention to THOU SHALT NOT KILL... and insist the war end now.

field negro said...

"When I was in school they took us on a field trip to a clinic in Cleveland. We toured most of the facility. I got to see Jesus, he was in a padded cell. Or at least thats who he claimed to be..."

Hey, maybe it WAS Jesus, who knows?

whitney and jody, it does seem a bit oxymoronic no? A camouflaged bible?

Dr. Know said...

"The more I study religion, the more I'm convinced that man never worshiped anything but himself."

Whitney B. said...

I visited my father in a padded room [cell] once, and never did he claim he was my Savior. But, then again, he was in a straight jacket so he couldn't lift up his arms, as it were.

Oxymoronic is right. Too funny and I never even thought about that! Megga :) :) :)

Deacon Blue said...

Gawd...I can't place my finger on exactly why, but the idea of decorating a Bible cover with the military camo theme makes me want to kill someone. Shame I didn't know about this story before I made my July 6 post...then again, maybe it's for the best, I already ranted enough in my post as it was.

I guess I look at it this way: If a soldier is Christian, I doubt he or she will have a problem getting hold of a Bible if he/she wants one, so why send a bunch with camo covers? If the soldiers isn't Christian, I don't see tossing a Bible at them as being the best way to bring them to Christ. People who are truly showing the light of Christ in their demeanor and actions are the people who bring other people to Christ.

They say there are no atheists in the foxholes, and that may be true...but that don't mean everyone is praying to the same God that they don't get shot.

Anonymous said...

"Religion is the opiate of the masses"...and a useful tool of it's masters.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Field, the "Christian nation" idea came about because the Founding Fathers didn't want to piss off the general populace, and they felt that an appeal to God, in all official publications, was a good sign-off for the folks.

Remember, those were desperate times.

We should just be comfortable now with the idea of freedom of worship.

And camo bibles might, just might, come in handy. ;)


mellaneous said...

Hey Field for someone who is not religious or Christian you wrote an excellent blog here and chose a great scripture.

I stay away usually from your blogs having to do with religion because while I am a Christian I am a "praise the Lord and pass the ammunition kind of Christian."I believe in a liberationist Christianity that believes that God does indeed takes sides and he sides with the downtrodden the poor and the oppressed.Brother Field He/She just may side with the occupied,dispossesed and oppressed Iraqi's. And I am a revolutionary minded Christian who is actually more radical than most of the folks who are always poking fun. I don't even support the fake two party system that ignores the needs of everyday working people in this country. I don't want to be lumped in with those other cowards and worshipers of Ceasar. In my view Christianity as it is practiced by most folks deserves to derided.

Like Bush when he says he is born again I don't know what most folks are talking about when they say they are Christian. They are warmongers, haters of their brothers who don't look like them, so comfortable in their middle class existence that they won't extend a hand to their poorer brothers and sisters, victim blamers and lovers of no one but themselves, refusing to stand for any cause, while denigrating and making life difficult for those who do.

I believe in a God that hates and I mean despises injustice and that's the one the I try to emulate. So I don't say anything cause I don't want Whitney or Jody or others to lump me in with the hypocritical, pious, conservative, moral majority right wing type of practitioners.

Or to be clearer I am not one of those who would sit in the audience on Fathers' Day and nod my head in agreement as one brother beats up on my poorer brothers, I would have walked out, but no I wouldn't have been there among the foot shufflers and cowardly kind of Christians. I wouldn't have taken his Saturday speech laying down either, enough of beating up on folks who can't defend themselves. And why isn't you know who talking about government responsibility to its citizens. Yeah I have problems with his Christianity as well, especially since he now wants to wait and see before leaving Iraq and hasn't even considered Afghanistan, and he wants the death penalty for rapists and he thinks government spying is alright and didn't have the grace to say kinder words to the Shawn Bell family than, we are a nation of laws" and ya'll better just chill cause violence won't solve it as if folks were talking about violence, and then all he can do is just beat up on the most oppressed portion of the US population like some bully. Well I guess I made my point about that.

My brand of Christianity sees Jesus as a revolutionary and the prophets of the Old Testament as visionary fighters for justice. And there are some others like me who really do see loving our brothers/sisters as ourselves as rolling up our sleeves and fighting for whats right in this society come what may.

Brother Field I am opposed to this war and have vigilently organized against it and would not be sending anyone Bibles which won't help them much in their condition but will continue to denounce the war every chance I get. The Christian thing to do is not help them in their misery but to work to get them out of it which in my mind means that supporting the troops means bringing them home from this unjust war.

"Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream"

"What Oh man does God require? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." said...
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szechuanpork said...

I like the idea of reading about Babylon while living there. I'd do it. Whitney, Are you real sure about the reward clause? I've read two different interpretations of what it means, so I'm skeptical about it not existing. said...

Hey Field Negro!

Yes, the Bible evangelism overseas has been going on for years or more... (SMILE)... I am serious...

The camo covers have been out for about five to ten years at least... I don't see anything wrong with sending those Bible to soliders... the soldiers are getting other items sent to them that they didn't specifically ask for....

There are also steel case Bibles too! I have one...shall I send you one? (smile)

Really now... is your issue that the Bibles they are sending have camo covers?


Is your issue that they are sending Bibles to soliders? (Because THAT has been happening for several DECADES...)

There is Bible evangelism for the prisons too..this really is nothing new... many groups send free Bibles to the chapels of prisons throughout the world...

Please don't tell me THIS type of evangelism is brand new to some folks....{shaking my head}

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Bob said...

Unfortunately, the "I can do any religion" chaplains represented by Father Mulcahy on M.A.S.H. are disappearing. As our nation becomes more diverse, the chaplain corps becomes more weighted with evangelical protestants.

Mission groups have been sending Bibles to soldiers since the Civil War.

R.J. Lebeau said...

I wish there were more Christian leaders like Rev. Jim Wallis. He's one of the few religious leaders out there who makes sense and follows the true teachings of the Bible.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Mellaneous like you I don't know about Bush's so called born again religion. I do know that many religious leaders are against this war.

Not to be cynical but I wonder if there was no oil in that region would we even be there? Also since the war began oil production in Iraq is down. hmm.

I don't have an issue with the bibles as they have been sending them for decades. I do think the cover art is weird. Ironic no?

Anonymous said...

Off Topic:
Larry Elder on FOX News,:

He just got a job in the Kitchen.


field negro said...

"Really now... is your issue that the Bibles they are sending have camo covers?


Is your issue that they are sending Bibles to soliders? (Because THAT has been happening for several DECADES...)"

Both! But that's just me :)

r.j. lebeau, who is this Rev. you speak of? I would like to hear more aobut him.

mellaneous, I love Christians like you. You realize that if there was a Jesus, he wouldn't be hangiing around in the million dollar temples and churches, but in the soup kitchens with the down and out.

"We should just be comfortable now with the idea of freedom of worship."

And NOT to worship as well, right Hugh?

Deacon blue, it is always nice to hear from you when we discuss religion. You are one of the Christians that I talked about in my post. One of the good guys.

Christopher said...

I'm Italian-American. My family immigrated here in 1930. Although I was baptized Catholic and attended Mass until I was 18, I sprinted away from Catholicism when I realized I am a gay man and the Vatican doesn't like men who sleep with other men.

But that's all fine and good.

As I've written before, I think humans created belief in a Supreme Being -- an uber Father, because we afraid of death. Who isn't afraid of death? So we created this wonderful fable that says if we're good little girls and boys on earth, our reward is eternal life in heaven sitting at the side of "our Father" where we rub his feet and fetch him beer, for ever and always, Amen.

My point is, some of us who count ourselves Americans are Atheists, or Buddhists, or even Scientologists.

Wine Dog said...

Field, I've said it before and I'll say it here. What happens when all of these pious asses get to the pearly gates? What happens when Jesse Helms gets there? What happens when Jerry Falwell gets there? All these guys that spewed all this hate and racism in the name of God? What happens to all these people who judged and hated and killed in the name of God? What happens with George W. Bush gets there? Don't you want to be a fly on the wall when St. Peter has to sit them down and says "What the fuck were you thinking?"

gwpriester (i before e) said...

Flag Lapel Pin Christians.

Kategra said...

Hey guys can I recommend to you a great Christian Music Videos site? well its very cool

classical one said...

I'm with you on this one Christoper, humans need to explain the unexplainable and hence religion. Humans also have the need apparently to control and persecute other humans and hence organized religion.

Rich said...

Well said!!

hennasplace said...

I too have a problem with other people imposing their religious beliefs on others. I do not make an attempt to answer my door on Saturdays in fear of the Jehovah Witness ringing the bell. I had a conversation with a woman who was a Witness and she asked me if Christmas is a religious or secular holiday, I replied by saying it's both. Of course, she looked as me as if I had two heads but she did not know the history of Christmas from the religious or secular perspective. Many people do not know that Christmas was not celebrated in this country for more than 61 years after the signing of the Constitution because Americans did not want to be associated with anything English, and Christmas was an English holiday. In fact, Congress in 1789 was in session on Christmas Day. In some part of the United States, Christmas was banned. Christmas does come into vogue until the 19th Century.

Well enough with that history lesson. I think religion is used to control the masses at time. And people in the United State to simplify the enemies by calling them evil. One man's terrorist is another mean's freedom fighter. If we look at the Colonialist, were not terrorists to Great Britain? It's a matter of perception, but not necessary reality.

We live in a complex world and religion does not answer all the questions, but humans like to have a sense of order and comfort in knowing that things are black and white. It's a matter of keeping it simple. People have a better understanding of explaining something in religious sense.

Ensayn1 said...

"Religion is culture deified"..Dr. Yusef Ben Jachonan. Thus bibles to the soldiers in Iraq. One culture, Christians are fighting another culture, Muslims an age old battle. It used to be called Christians against the Moors! How many people know Jesus/Yeshua spoke the word Allah when he prayed to his God? Was he a Christian, Muslim or Jew?

Kellybelle said...

Are the soldiers requesting bibles? If they are--you know there are no atheists in a foxhole--then I don't have a problem. I hope they're sending the Torah, the Qu'ran, The Watchtower, and the Book of Mormon, too.

I'm always disturbed by people who claim we are a Christian nation, because they are usually more concerned with controlling the nation and not with practicing Christianity. I just finished "The Family" by Jeff Sharlet, and I was shocked by how much influence on policy a small, stealthy group of prayer-breakfast-having Christians have on this country and others.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

This comment is off-topic, but I wanted you to know how thrilled I was that my Outlook program almost had a meltdown this morning.

I got all these emails, thinking, "wow, when did I get so popular, or so well spammed?"

Turned out they were all for you, Field, because I made the mistake of checking that little follow-up box!

Where's that #%@# box so I can uncheck it? :D (Oh, there it is..."unsubscribe."

Don't worry, I still be reading. But I'm leaving Outlook out of it!

freemanpress said...

Hey after Ipods, they gave them the Camo-Bible! I think Ipods would have been a better gift.

There is a large segment of the US that believes that if they introduce you to the teachings of Jesus you will change. So in order to pacify them you find Bibles in your hotel room and in any humanitarian effort and WAR!

I haven't seen it work yet, but whatever. Enjoy your Ipod!

classical one said...

Christians are fighting another culture, Muslims an age old battle.

And really what is the difference between the two? Crazy christian evangelicals in the United States( Bush administration, Neo Cons, Christian Coalition types) vs. Ayatollahs in Iran, Sadr and his Shia nut cases, Taliban groups in Afghanistan) it's too bad they just can't wipe each other out and leave the sane folks out of it.

Michelle said...

As a person who is not a Christian and has no Christians in my family ancestry, I really hate it when people state that this is not a Christian nation.

Because -- it is. It is a European Christian nation. The fact that the Christianity is more implicit and woven more subtly into the fabric of the dominant culture here than in other European nations doesn't change reality.

This "it's not a Christian nation" thing is IMO an illusion and doesn't help get to illuminate for real critique the dynamics of the kind of evangelism you're describing in this post and the systematic relationship between Christianity and this war and others and the nation's actual founding.

As a cultural outsider to Christianity (including an outsider to the Christian individualist notion that religion is between an individual and the spiritual system or deity rather than being collective, cultural, ancestral), maybe the illusion is more obvious to me.

Deacon Blue said...

Well, Winedog, Jesus had a little something to say about the kind of folks you wonder about:

Not everyone who says to Me, “Lord, Lord,” will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter. Many will say to Me on that day, “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?” And then I will declare to them, I never knew you; depart from me, you who practice lawlessness. (Matthew 7:21-23) said...

This has to be one of the most entertaining blog post I've read today. Very humorous and enlightening. I do appreciate your invaluable efforts.

Just keep killing those "evil doers", and we will see where that gets us. This line brought a great chuckle... said...

@ 3:57PM

Michelle, darling, is that you? LOL.

Jamerican Muslimah said...

The camo Bibles don't help the belief some Muslims already have about this being a war on Muslims and Islam. And sometimes when I hear the war-supporting evangelicals speak I start to wonder. What I find depressing is the Black people who feed into the rhetoric. It's as if the same people who espouse the garbage aren't racist, sexist or xenophobic. They're just honest, upright Christians who want to protect their country.

BTW, I am an "Allah moving Muslim" and I'm not trying to kill anyone...

Shady_Grady said...

What does it mean to be a "Christian nation". If it means that most people are Christians than I don't have an argument with that. It's a true statement.

If on the other hand the person stating "This is a Christian nation" is trying to proscribe or promote some behavior or belief than I would direct him or her to this Thomas Jefferson quote.

I have examined all the known superstitions of the world, and I do not find in our particular superstition of Christianity one redeeming feature. They are all alike founded on fables and mythology. Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined and imprisoned. What has been the effect of this coercion? To make one half the world fools and the other half hypocrites; to support roguery and error all over the earth.

A.F. said...

Jesus is just alright with are Krishna, Allah, The Buddha, etc.

I know that the camoflaged bibles are ostensibly for the purpose of camoflage, but correct me if I'm wrong, this isn't the type of engagement in which soldiers have to camoflage themselves to match their surroundings, or would get killed because the bible didn't match those surroundings, so the only answer could be that these bibles send the not-so-subtle message that Christianity is about killing, as well as any other number of unsavory messages? I don't know of any religion that advocates overthrowing a country to maintain economic supremacy. So anyway, those bibles give me the creeps, Field.

Whitney B. said...


Just what did you mean about two worlds? Heaven? I believe in none. When you are dust you are dust. The Bible might have it right there. There is no here after. That's my belief and that alone. Peeps may be confused, but it is not for me to judge.

Me, being a left-wingnut, I would never think to foist my feelings on to anyone else! I like to agree to disagree, and not let it get in the way of my friendships. If those particular friends don't like my opinion, oh well. Don't end the friendship over some silly thing such as this.

My mother, who claims to be a non-believer (in the Christian God) likes to think of herself as a Buddhist. Well, I for one, would not want to come back as a cockroach. Especially if there are cats in the house!


How could you think that I would "lump you in" with the idiots? I respect your right to believe what you believe and have always liked to read your posts. I would like to think of a vengeful God, I just haven't seen it. All I see is poor folks suffering. Being a gurl, in a man's world, I've got the first butt of that. I have a high respect for "true" Christians, whether I agree or not. And, I know that you are one.

After all is said and done, it is true that Jesus was on this earth, and he was out to crack some heads over stuff...just like the stuff that is going on today.

To paraphrase you, the "fake" born-again's have gotta go. Bye bye Shrub and your ilk!

With highest regards,

Whitney Brown

Whitney B. said...

Hey Field and Christopher (with the pic),

Whaddya guys do with (un)Constructive Feedback? Has he gotten stuffed in a sack. Like a Cat In The Hat?

I kinda miss gettin' pissed off. My former anger-baiter, has become my instructor. Ohmmmm.........

:) Whit

Shout out to you Nsg.....!!!

mellaneous said...

Whitney B. thanks for the compliment and I apologize if I was a bit presumptuous.

In my view much of what is being discussed these days and titled Christianity looks nothing like what Jesus was talking about, especially this wrapping themselves in the flag thing. And frankly they really tick me off. Especially since the last thing you find them talking about or doing is loving anybody or advocating for just policies for the living.

hennasplace said...

I asked myself that question what is a Christian nation since we are not living in monolithic society. I do believe it's about having the freedom to practice or not to practice the religion of your choice. Does it mean that Christianity is superior than all of the other religions in the world?

This isn't a Christian nation, I think it's more unchristian nation insofar as there are a lot of hypocrites who cannot seem to bring themselves in performing the smallest acts of kindness.. I just have a problem with people who claim that they are christians and will not bat an eye in stepping over a homeless person. I find that bothersome.

szechuanpork said...

whitney b.

"No where, in the Muslim religion, does it say that killing is rewarded. Muslim's are kinda Quaker like, more so than the "Christians" of today and yester-years."

I've just never heard anyone question the existence of the reward after death for dying in Allah's service ie: jihad or struggle. I have heard different interpretations of what the reward actually is. I've never read the Koran and don't know if it's in there or not.

Hathor said...

I think blogger ate my comment. Has anyone else thought that. I followed all the right steps. even saw its appearance, then I come back later and it is not here.

Whitney B. said...


Are we addicted to our daily dose of "Field" greens or what? :) Here's my story. I am married to a non-believing (ex-Cat-lick) who has a Cracker white Cajun family who is mostly, of the worst part fundamentalists evangenlical white crackers that think nothing of using the N-word (and yet they go to church two or three or more times a week). I am writing this with swift pissed-offedness (not at you, at them damned crackers). I am sick of this bullcrap. I don't care if it comes from them or the black church, which won't accept gay folks. Enuf is enuf.

It's like this, it is OKay for all of us to live within the same realm? As I keep harping on, Rodney King said "Why can't we all get along?" Okay, if you are a real true Christian, which I know and totally believe you are, you will forgive me for not believing as you believe. You will pray for me to know your Christ. That is the real Christian ethic. Not the BS about flag, and terrorists and all the phony crap that the Shrub's (el King, Geo. Bush) are pushing forth on whites and blacks and Hispanics, etc.

Thanks, Mellaneous, and no harm intended or felt,

With very fond regards to a very much more wonderful person than I,

Whitney Brown

Christopher Chambers said...

Hold on now. You know we negrofolk love our religion. Love the light Jesus gave us as we got unchained off the slave ships. And 80% of the time, it was Muslim who helped the Dutch or Portuguese or English put us on the ships in the first place...

OK, I'm messing around re: the first comment, and the second (though sorry--the facts do indeed bear out that thorny little issue of Islam and slavery). Still, too many of us are suspectible to this waving of the cross to sway us--to the point where some bammas have even joined rightwing white churches, or ascribe to peddlers like Osteen, who say Jesus wants us to be rich.

field negro said...

"I think blogger ate my comment. Has anyone else thought that. I followed all the right steps. even saw its appearance, then I come back later and it is not here."

hathor, I promise it wasn't me :)

"I got all these emails, thinking, "wow, when did I get so popular, or so well spammed?"

Turned out they were all for you, Field, because I made the mistake of checking that little follow-up box!

Where's that #%@# box so I can uncheck it? :D (Oh, there it is..."unsubscribe."'

Hugh, welcome to a day in the life. :)

Whitney B. said...


I read the Koran a long time ago, back in University (took a class that required we read most parts of it, at any rate) and I have no recollection of the fact that Muslims have to die for Allah and get some "pie in the sky" reward. Kinda like that stoopid song from the 70's: "Spirit in the Sky". I don't remember a bunch of virgins being available to a killer of many. Maybe it's just me and I smoked too much reefer and hash, or ate too much acid or whatever, my skool days were a lot of work and serious study. In between bouts of trippin' the light Fandango.

But, whatever.

Thank you for responding to me. And, I am really not wanting to be flip or disrespectful here, I just seriously don't remember them "hazy crazy days of summer" my friend.

With regards,
Whitney Brown

Whitney B. said...

Oh, yeah,

I gotta add. The "Founders" were a bunch of little, tall, big and fat white dudes, most of whom left England due to Religious Oppression. That would be the fact that the King (let's look at our current King George) was against anyone believing other than the Chruch of England. So, therefore, they were the "Clockmakers". Those which believed the Almighty came and made the Earth and then kinda crept away to let us do mass destruction.

They, when they added "God" to whatever writ they were writing, had nothing to do with you're current belief in the "God Almighty". Check it out and do the research yourselves.

The "In God We Trust" is a newish thing on our coins and I am sick to death of having religion and state mixed. Our founders, whether slave owners or not (and not they should have been were we in a "perfect world"), were not about the false-hoods of religion!!! They wanted complete separation. You preached then, you're taxed...that's what was meant. Not like these damned times. Actually READ the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution, instead of spewing forth your diatribes.

And, guess what? I really and truly do respect and admire the REAL Christian folks. No lie. Because Jesus, it has been proven, did walk and talk... and what he preached is not being practiced today.

Respectfully submitted,
Whitney Brown

field negro said...

"Whaddya guys do with (un)Constructive Feedback? Has he gotten stuffed in a sack. Like a Cat In The Hat?"

No, he is at the shooting range. I think he is planning a trip to Pilly soon :)

Whitney B. said...

Ha! I'm leavin' here soon so let him follow me to "Sippi". Come on there big strong (un) Constructive man, follow this dumb little red-headed white chick. I'll give you a clue: I drive a Hyandai, blue, with KY license plates. And, I live in Eastwick.

Look for me, I pr'bly live in your "Hood."


I am green, you are purple!!!

Original Black Buddha said...

For my perspective on CNN's upcoming series Black America (July 23 & 24):

The Original Black Buddha

Anonymous said...

I am lurker. I dig you Field. You seem like a cool dude.

I always get so frustrated though, when those who don't believe in Christianity seemingly ridicule faith. In this post, maybe you are just ridiculing proselytizers but not the actual faith. I think tough, it sort of think that the same thing.

I'd like to say that it is a difficult path to follow God and "walk in love" all the time. Sometimes you screw up.

But, though I love God I am still fallible and don't always operate in love. (I believe that God is love) Just because I love God does not make me God (perfect). I still face the same temptations that everyone faces, perhaps more so, because I have outwardly chosen to follow a specific doctrine. Now, there are people watching to see if my relationship is real. You see some of you wait to see if we will falter so that you can validate your belief that what I (we as Christians) believe is fallacy.

You can't necessarily judge the faith by its followers; but I know that people do. So, I try to live it in the best way. But, as I mentioned above we make mistakes, too. Allow us the opportunity to make mistakes.


hawa said...


I have been itching to write a post on religion. So many others, like Deacon Blue, handle the topic so well that I keep "passing" on the assignment.

Well, I couldn't resist some kind of reaction piece to your post, so I posted quickly while ducking at work (LOL):

Run Now If You Hate Discussions About Religion"

The Bayou Rabbi said...

Enough of this trite christian crap. You are all delusional and will face retribution for it! I can’t say christian soldiers don’t deserve it. As I have written before the best thing for the world is if Christians and Muslims wipe each other out! Come see the truth:

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