Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Greta's World.

I know Greta Van Susteren didn't just question why Barack Hussein Obama had to fly on Air Force One to Colorado today. Yep, that was her telling Rudy on her T.V. show tonight that the president should not have used tax payor's money to fly all the way to Denver to sign the stimulus bill. Nope, she wants his O ness to practice what he preaches. Yeah Barack, hop your black ass on Greyhound like all the other Negroes in A-merry-ca when they want to get from point A to point B.

And let me say a few words about Ms. Van Susteren: If you want another reason to hate lawyers, Greta does not disappoint. This former criminal defense lawyer actually made her bones playing the defense side on national television during the O.J. trials. (Yes, another nobody made somebody thanks to O.J.) Her daddy was a good friend, law school buddy, and campaign manager to the infamous commie chaser, Joseph McCarthy, so it isn't surprising that she ended up with the FAKE NEWS people. Of course her own daddy wouldn't know her now, thanks to some serious "Nip/Tuck" real life version. Yes, Greta has been under more knives than a dinner napkin. But I am not going to hold that against her. What I will hold against her is the faux journalism passive aggressive bull shit she pulls every night to millions of viewers. Thing is, I can't really figure out if Greta does it out of true blue convictions or the money. I am guessing that Greta does it for the money. Nothing about Greta says conviction to me.

"Is there any harm to this? I mean is there a chance that this will work? I mean... good Americans, we'd love to have it work. It's just that it scares most of us to think that you vote on something you've never read or you make up the numbers. It doesn't give us a whole sense of security, but I there is any harm in this bill?" Bullshit Greta! You don't want this bill to work anymore than you want your plastic surgeon to stop cutting. If it works, you will have egg on your face, and what will you do then? A-merry-ca can only take so many Sarah Palin interviews.

Oh, and did I mention that Greta has a blog? Yes she does. But unfortunately, it seems Greta has a problem keeping a certain element from her site. Greta, that's a problem you could fix tomorrow. Just get on the air and write a post on your blog about the truth. Tell the minions who watch you on FAKE NEWS and read your blog that they have all been hoodwinked. Tell them that you are only doing what you do to cash Rupert's checks, and that you could care less what happens to A-merry-ca. Of course you would get kicked off the FAKE NEWS network, but so what? You have made more than enough money off of those clowns. And honestly, we have seen and heard more than enough of you.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Is that her date in the background of the picture?

R. LEE said...

she obviously doesn't understand politics or ethics for that matter

The Angry Independent said...

I knew this would start sooner or later....after Obama took office. Since Obama is not a part of the white male club, he will be held to a different standard. Everything he does will be scrutinized through a different set of glasses.

She wants an accounting of all taxpayer dollars now all of a sudden????? But she didn't say a damn thing about the Grand Theft of the last decade?


I never did like Greta.

At least we know what to expect from her for the next few years.

Christopher Chambers said...

What a silly, silly c*nt. More evidence of wingnut derangement. They are preaching to a smaller and smaller maniacal choir.

Anonymous said...

"Yeah Barack, hop your black ass on Greyhound like all the other Negroes in A-merry-ca when they want to get from point A to point B."


sharon in ct said...

I want the names of all the congresscritters who voted against the ARRA without having read it. The ability to read, with or without electro-optical-mechanical assistance, is a requirement of the job, dammit. That's what you have a staff for. That's what we pay you for.

starrie said...

that's plastic surgery? gretta looks like she had a stroke...i'm not interested in what this woman has to say about anything...

dalit said...

Field aren't you a lawyer too? >:)

Anonymous said...

I can't disagree with your opinion of greta.
But wasn't the point she was making that Obama chastised the auto industry CEOs for flying while on the taxpayer dime. It's not as if he was flying home to Denver, there was no reason to fly to Denver to sign the stimulus bill except for the photo op with the snow capped mountains in the background.
As far as "the Angry Independent," do you feel that after 8 years of Democrats/Liberals blaming Bush for everything that when a Democrat was in office the republicans wouldn't return the favor?

Anonymous said...

LESBIAN!!! it show's all over her! I can see that SPIRIT a mile away! and it matter's not if she is MARRIED! and FIELD did you know, she talk's about how she did work in the BLACK COMMUNITY year's ago! their is one thing I know, once you end up on FOX NEW'S CABLE, you have sold your soul to the DEVIL!!! and I am very serious about this! their is something very STRANGE about that NETWORK! they thrive on DISCORD, and this go's on day in and day out, now to some people what I am saying seem's crazy, but, I saw ANN COULTER, on SEAN HANNITY'S show and she brushed her hair back and her EAR'S were pointed, and when I saw that, I said out loud, OH LORD!! I am a MINISTER, and you would be surprised at what really go's on in the EARTHLY REALM! their are people walking around in HUMAN FORM, but, they are DEMON'S!!! and their is no way, you can be a CHRISTIAN and be on FOX NEW'S, GOD will not allow you too!!


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

To paraphrase Christian Bale, she needs to STFU!

Anonymous said...

SHUT UP, ANONYMOUS 1:55, OBAMA is the PRESIDENT! he has run around AMERICA trying to keep this COUNTRY from going to HELL in a HAND BASKET! and he is not allowed to ride in LUXURY! for a couple of day's, YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK! this BLACK MAN is trying to undo, the DAMAGE that the WHITE MAN HAS DONE! you WICKED people!!! and I PRAY that you have a nice secure JOB! because if not, you may find yourself standing in the UNEMPLOYMENT LINE, begging for extra money, and if you do, just remember, that the PRESIDENT is responsible for your extra benefit's!!!!

Kofi Bofah said...

Ha @ your reference to Greyhound.

Anonymous said...

She's doing it for the money. Greta was somewhat tolerable back in the CNN days, but that was so long ago.

Swiff said...

Blacks creeped out; too much white niceness since election


John B. said...

Back when Greta first went on Fox she was the only reason I watched it, but she's long since been assimilated into the Borg.

Oh, and she's also a Scientologist.

field negro said...

Anon 1:55PM, I get yur point But as much as I killed the frat boy, I don't think I ever quesitoned him riding on Air Force One. I mean he was, after all, the president.

It just seems like a stretch to take that position. Unless you are an extreme partisan. Which is my point. If you are going to be "fair and balanced" you should at least pretend to be objective. No?

Christopher said...

That Greta broad sure is ugly.

She's so ugly she has to tie a pork chop around her neck to get her dog to go for a walk with her.

Jody said...

Well, this just shows the lack of depth of thought this woman has... First, Presidents cannot fly commercial for security reasons... she knows this. And second, she obviously doesn't get who Obama is. The fact that he actually goes to the American people to talk about what he is doing and why.... literally goes to the people, is what he said he was going to do.
She is just another blah, blah, blah of the chattering class who doesn't get it. For too long, we have had too many elected officials who just talked to each other inside the beltway. Obama is smart enough to go outside. Even she would have to admit, he is doing everything he can to explain to the American people why he is doing what he is doing... not just telling people what he is going to do cuz he is the "decider"

Christopher said...

Greta is just another FIXED News hypocrite flapping her cakehole.

Where was she when Bush fly Air Force One back to the Crawford, TX pig farm more than 500 times during his 8 years in office?


Where was she when Bush flew the twins back and forth to Los Angeles so they could party with their friends on the Westside?


Greta has nothing to offer except anti-Obamaisms designed to please her Massas and the FIXED Noise audience.

La♥Incognita said...

Um, all this talk about good Americans, then what's a bad American exactly?

Sorry I'm off point.

Anonymous said...

Of Fools and Democrats

With his lies, Roland Burris has sunk what could have been a respectable, if unimpressive, turn in the Senate.

and the hits just keep on coming......

ch555x said...

Yeah, I remember her from the "OJ Days". FoxNews is basically the Repub channel and that arguement really doesn't hold much wait. If that's the case, we might as well tell all public officials, police included, to just use their personal vehicles to save tax payer money. I can imagine the custom jobs they'd have, especially public safety...LOL!

BT said...

Check out Greta Von Stupid's interview of Baby Mama Palin:


Sarah Palin Says Abstinence 'Naive'
By Tommy Christopher
Feb 18th 2009 6:51AM

Filed Under:eRepublicans, Economy, Media, Sarah Palin

David Knowles brought you Bristol Palin's thoughts on abstinence yesterday, during her kinda creepy quizzing by Fox News' Greta Van Sustern. Now, Governor Sarah Palin weighs in on the futility of keepin' down the urges. As you watch, though, listen to how she throws in nauseating Republican ideology wherever she can.

I don't know how well the interview game works with this clip, but give it a try.

Every time I start to have some sort of sympathy for Sarah Palin, she goes and makes me want to barf. Here, she engages in that great Republican pastime of modifying her beliefs to justify her own situation, while continuing to judge others whose experience differs from hers.

First, she insists that Bristol will raise a "contributing member of society." What the hell is that supposed to mean? If you look at the context of her remarks here, I think she means one that doesn't need government help. Of course, the "contributing member" requirement only holds until it doesn't, until Governor Palin's own lifestory justifies government teat suckleage.

Then, idiot Greta Van Sustern points out that the difference between Bristol and all of the bad teen mommies is that Bristol has lots of...family?!? Really, that's the difference-maker here? Other teen moms' families are just heartless and cruel? It has nothing to do with an utter lack of financial resources?

Palin jumps on this with both feet, pointing out that while it's now OK to get teen pregnant, it's only OK if you have Bristol's "support system." By that, I mean money. Palin doesn't get that, though, as having enough of everything is just a given to her.

So, if you have a teen pregnancy while surrounded by family who are financially able to drop everything and help out, you're a "blessed anomaly." If not, I guess you're still just a dirty, deadbeat whore.

I will say this, in Palin's defense: I don't doubt her sincerity anymore, and I don't really even doubt her compassion. I think she has as good a heart as anyone, but it is limited to that which she has personally experienced.


Anonymous said...

I care nothing about Greta and believe that she and her show is a joke (ruse to keep the Sheople, sheopled).

But, I do question why Brack Obama needed to go to Denver to sign this bill.

You skirted over the subject, insinuating that there is some sort of racial thingy, but I want answers to why Mr Obama flew to Denver to sign this (and I could care less whether or not he is first class or on the back of the bus).

Is it possible that there is something deeper, more significant... something that is figurative or has meaning for him to do this?

Some believe this may have something to do with issuing in the NWO.

I dunno, but I do feel that something is strange about this site selection and the imagery around it. Don't you?


Adam said...

Regardless of her motives - regardless of whethers she cares or not (or any journalist for that matter).

The question is still worth raising: "Why haven't our representatives read that bill before signing it?"

I suspect that question will still be raised in the weeks to come...and still ignored.

I sat down with my new mortgage contract two nights ago while sipping my coffee. Read every word of it - made some highlights and marks, and new I needed to make some calls.

Why can't someone who represents 500,000 people per district care enough?

DuchessDee said...

Its becoming harder and harder for me to watch "news shows". I have to make myself actively listen to the commentators just so i can understand what "A-merry-ca" is really thinking. I dont want to blind sided or have my head stuck in the ground when someone throws shyt at me. I try not to get angry at many of the comments so i can hear the responses. And when my fingers instinctly turn to another station i turn back. FN I try to be fully aware of my surroundings. These are dangerous times.

ms_hgrits said...

ROTFLMAO at Christopher!!! She really is quite uneasy on the eyes.

Field, what say you about the New York Post's chimp & stimulus bill 'cartoon'?

Loved your V-day list by the way. Thank you Mrs. Field - universal truths to be sure.

Naj in VA.

Anonymous said...

Palin is a closet racist..Duh. A hubby who is a 'state's rights' advocate. The 'contributing member' snideness. A government noted in Alaska for it's whiteyness.

Odd that an attorney, Greta, asks less probing questions than the Brits do when looking at zoning issues.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Bristol Palin, an unwed single teen babymommy managed somehow to garner national broadcast airtime all on her own. The decision to keep the bastard was hers alone (watch her body language). She no longer dresses like the white, well-to-do party girrl of days past. Wonder why? Must be Sarey wants to stay in the public eye...but knows we are sooo tired of her ignorance. She overstayed her welcome... about six months ago.

Greta's obvious looks are immaterial and it seems sexist to bring them up as a reason to dislike her. Now, her inability to ask decent questions, her puff (faux) journalism, and her hidden agenda may be more of what you should be posting.


BT said...

Buelaman sez - "But, I do question why Brack Obama needed to go to Denver to sign this bill."

To make the point that the bill benefits folks outside the Capital Beltway?


BT said...

Or mayhaps, the reason the O-man is traveling:


Anonymous said...

I really do not understand why Greta is opinion about the President Obama flying in Air Force One, he is not using the plan for his personal use. He needed let people know that he is keeping his promise to work on the economy, and what better to do than to sign the stimulus bill far from Washington, it's a good symbolic gesture. Politics is imaginary.

Is she going to complain about the face that the President in Arzonia today to talk about his plan to tamp down the mortgage crisis? Unfortunately, Secretary Geither does not have the charmisa to sell the plan to anything, so it will be up to Mr. Obama to do so.

Here is another question, why are paying attention to some feckless and trifling person who does not anything about politics. She talk about Travis the Chimp, it's probably a better topic for her.

SickupandFed said...

I went to her lame ass site and she is half assed trying to make excuses for the comments made.

Hell, they are commenting to what she's writing. Admit your own responsibility I say.

SickupandFed said...

Oh and you are so right about the plastic.

Folk got a lot of nerve talking about Michael.

Christopher said...

I read Greta had plastic surgery a few years ago.

I just don't understand it. Most people who go under the knife look better afterward.

Not Greta. Maybe she went to a blind surgeon?

Sharon from WI said...

First, Presidents cannot fly commercial for security reasons...

Exactly. It would be a logistical nightmare if Obama took a commercial flight. The same issue was in play when he was a candidate and had to travel by non-commercial means to Hawaii to visit his ailing grandmother.

The media alone would swamp any airport and would post a major inconvenience. It'd give the Secret Service fits.

Air Force I is for the president to use as needed--for security and efficiency.

Marc B said...

"Her daddy was a good friend, law school buddy, and campaign manager to the infamous commie chaser, Joseph McCarthy, so it isn't surprising that she ended up with the FAKE NEWS people."

Wrong again. The phony, new-age, neo-cons on FOX News take every opportunity bash and slime the memory a genuine hero like Joseph McCarthy. They use him as whipping boy, to make the distinction between themselves as the good, enlightened(read: Eastern establishment. globalist conservatives) and the "knuckle-draggers" concerned about crazy things like US sovereignty and the dissolution of the middle class in A-Merry-CA.

Anonymous said...

Old greta van stroke face.i hate that woman.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE, take note of the NEW YORK POST WEBSITE!!! they are comparing, the PRESIDENT to a CHIMP!!! in other word's they are saying that as far as they are concerned he is nothing but, a WILD CHIMP, when it come's to the STIMULUS PACKAGE, to put it bluntly, he is out of CONTROL! and he need's to be STOPPED!!! the BLOOD of JESUS cover's the PRESIDENT!!!

Sharon from WI said...

Wrong again. The phony, new-age, neo-cons on FOX News take every opportunity bash and slime the memory a genuine hero like Joseph McCarthy. <<

You consider McCarthy a hero? Have you no shame?

Miranda said...

Christopher, Greta had a few surgeries....that's the best they could do..I mean damn, they gotta work with what's there! Considering what they started out with, that's a pretty good job...sadly.

Anyway, Greta can go to hell. She's got one more year before they bump her off and give Meghan Kelly that spot. Because you know its coming. LOL!

La♥Incognita said...

Ok I get it, you'll are obviously being bad Americans here on this site.

Christopher said...

U right, Miranda.

Greta started as Frankenstein but ended up looking Chucky.

She's so ugly now that her husband can screw her in any position and it's still Doggy-style!

Adam said...

Man, I wish I had luxury of watching more TV.

Given the level detail expressed on this thread, I get the feeling there a lot of regular viewers of Fox News who post on this forum. Yet, ironically, most of you hate it.

The temptation I face here is to go into whether or not it is normal, healthy, or sane to be a regular drinker at a tavern that serves you what you hate.

Maybe I should start watching this channel more often so I can understand what is ruffling all tail feathers.

Christopher said...

In Wednesday’s New York Post, a cartoon by Sean Delonas shows a dead chimp and two police officers, one with a smoking gun.

The caption reads:

“They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.”

Apparently, the cartoon refers to Travis the chimp, who was shot to death by police in Stamford, CT, on Monday after it brutally mauled a friend of its owner.

The cartoon obviously links the chimp to President Obama, who signed his administration’s economic stimulus plan on Tuesday.

The New York Post is owned by conservative media mogul, Rupert Murdock. Those Klan hats are still a fashion accessory in klanservative circles.


Adam said...


That could be. Though the writers of the bill were Congressional folks.

They way I would interpret it is that the bill was put together in such a rough-shod fashion, that chimp could probably do just as well. (So easy a caveman can do it - type of thing.)

But, I have made the mistake of giving some people in media too much credit.

A lot of "Chimp" references were made in connection with George W. Bush, wasn't there?

uptownsteve said...

All white people
report to the cotton field
at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow
for orientation

President Obama

Adam said...


I am there if there is a free meal involved.

Anonymous said...

WHY are some of you people so SIMPLE MINDED! this is not about AIR FORCE ONE! this is about, GRETA, and many other AMERICAN'S, that cannot get over the FACT that a BLACK MAN is riding in AIR FORCE ONE! it is hard for them to accept, the FACT that we have a AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN as the PRESIDENT! POINT BLANK, and yet, some of you people are trying to figure out rather or not, the PRESIDENT should take COMMERCIAL FLIGHT!! and of course, we have SHARON on board once again with her so called (LOGIC) when are you people going to get it!! GRETA brought this subject up because she is well aware of the fact, that RACIST WHITE'S will find another excuse to HATE the PRESIDENT, GRETA is IMPLANTING, DISCORD!!

Sharon from WI said...


First of all, it's impolite to yell.

Of course we get it.

Greta's b!tching and moaning of course is over the fact that O is black.

The posters and I--being so logical--were just driving home a point is all.

Now, take a deep breath and calm down.


Christopher said...


The author of the "cartoon" is taking a lot of heat for it.

Word is, even people in the Post's newsroom are pissed at him for this one.

This isn't the first time Sean Delonas stuck his feet in it.

BT said...

Think the O-Man just lost my support -


Will give him a chance to get behind "Locality", which would bust up the media conglomerates in favor of locally controlled media...

But I'm not a happy camper.

Anonymous said...

ADAM, let me enlighten you, first of all, this has nothing to do with BUSH! his time has come and gone! this is about a BLACK MAN being compared to a CHIMP! so don't try to make it seem as if this was not RACIAL, it stink's to the core! and if you are an AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE, don't forget the WHITE MAN see's you as a CHIMP as well, but, if by chance, you are not, then it is easy for you to over look the TRUTH, and the truth is, their are people out there, that want to HARM, the PRESIDENT, and if they can't do it, then they will encourage someone else to do so!!!

Sandy Gholston said...

Yeah, Greta is supposed to be a "liberal" on Fox News. Dang, with friends like that who needs enemies?

Anonymous said...


Christopher Chambers said...

Field I got a shout on NPR for this today re: New York Post cartoon:


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Off topic:

My grandchildren have parts in the church's black history play. One of my grandsons will play the part of Barack Obama, one of my granddaughters will play the part of Rosa Parks, and one of my youngest grandsons will play the part of one of the police that arrested MKL, and he is also, the speaker at the end of the play who will sum it all up. My grandson will say this: "Rosa Parks sat so that MLK could walk. MLK walked so that Barack Obama could run, Barack Obama ran so that we can fly."

Now back on topic to Greta the Fox Soap Opera dragon lady. I thought that Greta only did missing blonds segments. Whelp, just goes to show you, when you fool with trash, it'll get in your eye. Sometimes it will blind you.

If you want to know what Fox is up to just visit the Fox Newshounds Blog, they do a very good job of telling you what happened on Fox Soap Opera for the day. I don't watch it, because I don't want to have to keep replacing televison sets, and plus I don't want to help their ratings. Another thing, you can do is go out and rent that documentary, "OUTFOXED" and it will run down how Fox operates. Or go to Youtube and watch it.

Christopher Chambers:

I read about that article today on Huffingtonpost. It pissed me off. Some folks want to keep on playing games and throwing out the little racial insults. It's gone backfire on them big time though and they're going to wish they hadn't print it.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


BTW, thank you for recommending that book. I collect black history books, and I'll be able to add this one to my collection. However, I wish I would have read all of what you said, it might would have saved me a few dollars. *sigh*

gwpriester (i before e) said...

Because he is the President you ignorant little woman.

EzMun said...

"She's so ugly now that her husband can screw her in any position and it's still Doggy-style!"


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


http://www.usatoday.com/news/pol...ain- taxes_N.htm


- thousands of dollars that the State of Alaska paid for Palin's husband and children to accompany her when she traveled on state BUSINESS.

- Palin also cost the State of Alaska about $55,000 for transporting her family on the state plane which costs $971/HOUR to operate.

- Palin owes taxes on nearly $17,000 in per diem allowances paid to her as travel reimbursement for nights she actually STAYED AT HOME in Wasilla.

- Palin spent $50,000 of city funds to redecorate her office without bothering to get the authorization of the City Council, thus making it an ILLEGAL EXPENDITURE.

Why isn't Greta talking about those things up above? Fair and balanced?

maria said...

she's a scientologist. don't pay any attention to her. they are all lunatics.

cinco said...

Fuck Greta.

President Obama is our President and he should travel as all the rest have...in the best, safest ways.

I just hope he doesn't take as many vacations!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of fake news you do know Greta had her own show on CNN before oj ?

Anonymous said...

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The mouse father was very happy. He finally knew mouse was the greatest person in the world. He would marry his daughter to the handsome mouse next door.

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