Saturday, February 07, 2009

Say it ain't so Alex.

"I have no respect for Alex Rodriquez. Alex Rodriquez is not the man that people think he is" ~Jose Canseco~

I heard someone say recently that "Jose Canseco is a lot of bad things, but he has never been proven to be a liar." Now it is looking like it's A-Rod, and not Canseco who deserves A-merry-ca's collective wagging finger . Not because he allegedly took steroids in 2003. (Incidentally that was the year he won the American League MVP award) No, A-Rod deserves our scorn because he did a Bill Clinton and lied to our faces about ever taking steroids. He looked Katie Couric and A-merry-ca in the eye and said he never touched the stuff. Now it seems, according to very credible sources, that he did.

Now let me say for the record that if it was a matter of him just taking roids I could care less. It has never bothered me when baseball players take steroids because I just don't think it affects the skills needed to play the game at a higher level that much. Besides, it's their bodies, and if they want to suffer the consequences that come with roiding up at some point in their lives, that's on them. They are big boys who know what's at stake. Any person with a vote for the Hall of Fame who doesn't vote in Barry Bonds and even A- Rod, for that matter, is a stone cold idiot. If you are going to leave someone with the kind of numbers that these guys have (steroids or not) off your ballot when you vote for the Hall you shouldn't have a vote. It's the baseball Hall of Fame, and if there were no rules against steroids in the game when these guys took them, then what's the problem? From what I can see and hear both pitchers and hitters were roiding up back then, and I am guessing that there is a huge iceberg under there that everyone is afraid of.

But field, baseball is A-merry-ca's game and the Hall of Fame is a special place, we can't just let anybody in. Why? We let Ty Cobb's openly racist ass in. Not to mention that boozer, Babe Ruth. And guess what? They both deserved to be there. Just as Bonds, Clemens and A-Rod deserve to be there as well.

But I serioulsy digress, this isn't about baseball skills and how roids affect your ability to play the game. This is about a potential liar and fraud being exposed once again to A-merry-ca for what he truly is.

For the next few days you will be hearing a lot about A-Rod's alleged steroid use, and most A-merry-cans will be shocked that one of the people who they see as one of baseball's golden boys (unless you are a part of Red Sox Nation, of course) could be touched by the evils of steroids.

First Madonna, now this. What's a Yankee and a Yankee fan to do? But as we saw with Michael Phelps recently, our heroes aren't always who they seem to be on the surface.

It's why we loved AI in this town, warts and all. Because he was exactly who we thought he was and he didn't make any bones about it. You might not like what he stood for, but you knew who he was, and what you were going to get from him. Sadly, with guys like A-Rod, you never really know who he is. They are always so packaged and presentable in order not to disappoint the highest bidder. Because here in A-merry-ca, perception is reality, and agents, owners and players all know that.

Oh well, I hope A- Rod can survive the fire storm that's sure to come over the next few days. I hear he is a pretty sensitive guy. Hey, at least he will have Madonna's shoulders to cry on.


rikyrah said...

Will they come after him like they did Barry Bonds? And why does it take until 2009 for us to find out?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"Will they come after him like they did Barry Bonds? And why does it take until 2009 for us to find out?"

Nah, that would break the American tradition of keeping the finger pointing in the black folks direction. That would be like leaking classified information.

Christopher said...

Yep, it's so.

A-Rod to A-Fraud in one Saturday. I'm curious to see -- if anything, the idiot Yankees front office does about the disclosure.

My guess is, not a damned thing.

R.J. said...

Actually, Madonna has a much younger dancer to tango with. A-Fraud is by his lying lonesome on this one.

I'm sure he can always hook up with that bodybuilding mistress in Las Vegas. I hear Southwest still has cheap fares going to and from McCarran.

Jose said...

Well you know, I already know that people will have their say in this, but fuck it. I'm a Yankees fan and an A-Rod fan, so this is going to come from a rather subjective point of view.

Despite what people may feel about A-Rod, you're right: you can't have those numbers just because of the steroids. That's illogical. We have TONS of people who took steroids in that era and yet so few are actually remembered. Now, we needn't pass judgment until the other 103 players who tested positive come out. Wait, that's 103 players? You mean that A-Rod wasn't the only one? And if we think about it, that's really about 4 teams worth or about 11 starting line-ups? Not to mention all the people that have already been mentioned by the Mitchell Report?

You mean America's past and present favorite pastime are tainted by performance-enhancing drugs? And when did the HOF committee become the morality police? Because if so, I'm sure everyone's got a story of infidelity, gambling, lying, racism, etc. for any one of those players in any HOF, whether it's Canton or Cooperstown.

Now, of course, A-Rod is going to lie about steroids. Why wouldn't he vehemently deny it? He'd just struck the highest paid contract in MLB history. I'd be lying through my teeth. Yet, when we compare him to MJ, for example, let's remember MJ's horrible gambling problems (the secret reason why he had to quietly leave for those first 2 years).

A-Fraud? Some of us are probably fraudulent for cheering all those fantastic homeruns and great web gems but boo the player for doing what we exactly pay them to do with our money. Psh.


Black Diaspora said...

I know how to take all the tobacco chewin', snuff dippin', ganja smokin', whiskey drinkin', and steroid takin' out of America's favorite pastime.

Replace all those pampered, highly paid, colossal-ego, womanizin' players with robots.

Yeah robots!.

Then we don't have to worry about who's roiding, and who's not, who's going to get traded and who's not, who's sleeping with whom, and who's not.

In short, give the game to the 'bots. It would mean fewer headaches for management, and more home runs for the fans.

Yeah, you're right, I'm just a so-so fan of baseball.

When players walked out on strike in 1994, canceling the World Series for that year (My God! The World Series!), I haven't given a damn about baseball and baseball players, since.

Anonymous said...

Former KKK member Elwin Wilson who beat Rep John Lewis asks for forgiveness....48 years later...Change?

Rudy said...

John Lewis a better man than I. I wouldn't have forgiven Elwin. Then again, I didn't the Civil Rights era. So, maybe I am overreacting.

Christopher said...

They got Roger Clemons' DNA in a syringe and Congress is ready to lob contempt charges against him for lying to them about juicing while under oath.

This time, Clemons doesn't have his fellow Texan and good buddy, the Motherfucker from Midland in the White House and a GOP majority in the Congress to protect him.

I have NY1 on my Time Warner line-up and they asked fans on the street yesterday what they think about A-Fraud and the comments weren't kind. It will be very interesting to see what happens when Madonna's boy toy walks onto the grass at Yankee Stadium the first time in April.

field negro said...

Jose, you make a very good argument there my friend. And I co-sign with most of what you said. (Are you sure that being a Yankee fan didn't have an affect on where you come down on this subject?)

I have issues with him flat out saying he didn't juice if he did, he should have told Katie that he can't comment on it, or something to that effect. Gary Sheffield flat out denied it too, and there could be some issues with him later down the road as well.
And you nailed it about Jordan and company. Of course they are frauds.

Black Diaspora,you are killing me. :) ROBOTS? Interesting idea, and maybe one day in the far distant future. But for now I think that people love the human drama of competition too much.

buelahman said...

It has never bothered me when baseball players take steroids because I just don't think it affects the skills needed to play the game at a higher level that much.


Why would they do it? If there is no competitive edge given, why bother? Why chance lucrative deals and careers, if it didn't give you some advantage?

Take away B Bonds 'roids and he sets no records. Bet?

The fact is that it does give them an edge... an advantage. Anyone who has ever spent time in a serious gym (especially in football) knows it is rampant and that they do it for a reason.


It is no mere coincidence that they win awards and set records after juicing up.

The whole shebang is a farce and the true ballplayers will be lost to history over fakes and cheats.

Jose said...

Well if you think about it, if that many people were taking steroids, then I guess all those people would have been "breaking records." Sorry, not everyone on that list is going to be a "record breaker" nor would they have if you take off the talented 10% from that list. Guys like Clemens, Bonds, and Rodriguez were already Hall of Famers before they started "roiding" and that's the problem.

Being a Yankee fan has kinda skewed my view on this mainly because I know that the Yanks pay TOP DOLLAR (sometimes over the top) for whoever they need to fill up those holes. I mean, since the late 90s, it feels like there were at least 8 HOF candidates per starting line up. (Jose Canseco was on the bench, I mean damn).

Bonds was an excellent player before he roided, but as anyone close to him can tell you, he did it BECAUSE he saw McGwire and Sosa getting all the hype while he was having a rather excellent career but none of the glory.

Christopher said...

A-Fraud is a mess.

He says everyone is mean to him because he's so good-looking and rich.

No moron: because you're a liar and a primadonna and douche.

field negro said...

"The fact is that it does give them an edge... an advantage. Anyone who has ever spent time in a serious gym (especially in football) knows it is rampant and that they do it for a reason."

Does it? Or do they just think it does? I have spent quite a lot of time in the gym, and yes roids are supposed to buld muscle and strength. That's great if you are an offensife tackle,it's not so great if you are a baseball player.

As for Bonds; he was going to set recods with ot without roids.Maybe not HR records, but records nevertheless.

Comrade PhysioProf said...

Dude, you are totally out of the motherfucking loop: Madonna dumped Yay-Rod's ass for some younger dude a while ago.

How's the training going? You ready for your nude run down Broad Street? You know Comrade PhysioProf's not letting this shit go, right?

field negro said...

"Dude, you are totally out of the motherfucking loop: Madonna dumped Yay-Rod's ass for some younger dude a while ago."

ARE U SERIOUS? I am so clueless when it comes to this shit. And yes, that run is still coming.

I am watching the Grammys now. And someone please tell me that Whitney wasn't high. :(

Anonymous said...

What i don't get with this Field is that this happened in 2003 why is it only coming out now. I'm thinking it was done to take the heat of pothead Phelps.

Allweez said...

Madonna's very cut up and strong shoulders....The sad part about this whole situation is that I don't think guys like A-Rod or Barry Bonds needed to use steriods. They had great numbers without them.

Blah Blah Blah said...

Do I care that he does steroids? Not so much. Do I care more about him getting paid ridiculous money and be an under-performer...yea, just a tad. But what I really care about the hell is he going to get with Madonna!
I have no respect for him NOW!!!

Chris said...

He admitted it, FWIW:

It's so.

DuchessDee said...

If A-Rod, Clemens, Babe Ruth and others can get into the Hall of Fame why not Pete Rose (ya i love hockey Eric Lindros). AI, PR, EL -Our Philly players always get the end of the stick.

Anonymous said...

I don't know for sure if Whitney was high or not. Whitney tongue was a little lazy or maybe just tired.

black grl #1 said...

i wish i could 'care' about steroids in baseball... i'm sorry folks i just can't. on the list of things i need to be concerned about or the things that we need a Congressional hearing on... that just doesn't rank high for me.

& i've heard the argument that 'roids' gives baseball players an edge... but i just don't believe it gives him THAT much of an edge, steroids doesn't improve hand-eye coordination, then you have the hit the ball in such a way to hit home-runs or base-hits or throw a perfect strike... i just don't see it.

it sort of drives me nuts how much we LOVE to criminalize anything related to drugs that aren't being pushed by the pharmaceuticals. besides A-Rod was a 'Super-Sell-Out" anyways... someone who was surprised when he & his wife were denied membership to a country club in TX that Cheney & Bush belonged to.

so whatever.... to hear "Breaking News" about A-Rod or Phelps hittin' the bong or Miracle in the Hudson over more substantive news... drives me nuts!

Billy said...

Most ballplayers today are taking homeopathic growth hormone oral spray because it's safe, undetectable, and legal for over the counter sales. As time goes on it seems it might be considered as benign a performance enhancer as coffee, aspirin, red bull, chewing tobacco, and bubble gum.

Anonymous said...

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