Sunday, February 22, 2009


It's Oscar night and I honestly don't really care who wins any of the golden statues. I don't have a dog in this fight. I saw a couple of the pics that were nominated and I am not really feeling any of them. (What exactly is a "slum dog"?)

Still, I have my own list of winners, and in the field's world this is how they would shake out:

1. BEST ACTOR: George W. Bush- For his great job of pretending to be a President for the past eight years.

2. BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Karl Rove-(Karl barely edged out Rupert Murdoch for this one. )

3. BEST ACTRESS: Lark Voorhies-For her tour de force role as herself in the field's fantasies.

4. BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Condoleezza Rice- It was close between Condi and Hillary. Hillary has a greater body of work, (for her role as the loving wife to slick Willie all these years) but Condi, just for this past year, gets the nod.

5. BEST DIRECTOR: Dick Cheney- For his brilliant role in orchestrating and directing the Iraq War. I know it was a dud at the box office, (too much money sunk into making it happen)but you have got to love the guys passion for his work.

6. BEST PICTURE: Barack Obama's"Change We Can Believe In". Talk about a hit. This one was packing them in from coast to coast. Now let's see if there will be a sequel.


Anonymous said...

Am I first to post? I did not see any of the pics nominated, but did attempt to watch the Oscars....became bored and turned the tv to the Det and Cle game....I'm hoping Tariji(sp?) wins

Anonymous said...

Best boy = Christopher
Best campainger = Obamna
Best fall guy = Bush
Best suckup for Obama = mostly everyone, but that's changing
Best blog = FuckyouPenguin

Christopher Chambers said...

What the hell? Heath wins over all those great dudes (including Shannon who rescued Revolutionary Road from being utter crap)? I hope if I ever OD on Ambien, pills and booze, people will exhault me forever.

Viola was robbed.

I'm going to bed, Field.

Jon said...

Uhh...yeah Viola Davis or Taraji Henson should have won Best Supporting Actress. The other women didn't even come close in their performances, especially Penelope Cruz. That broad can't even act. lol. She's pretty, but her acting is so-so. Goes to show how African-American women are only nominated as window dressing for Hollyweird to feel as though they're being inclusive. Its 2009 and African-Americans still are rarely recognized by the "mainstream" producers as having talent. For every Jennifer Hudson or Halle Berry, there are hundreds of African-Americans whose noteworthy performances have gone unnoticed over the years.

The "Academy" rarely acknowledges African-American talent, yet they fall over themselves to give awards to the British, French, German, and everyone else that's non-American.

field negro said...

Chris, I think Ledger is the only one of the folks who were nominated in that category I saw this year.

Was Viola Davis the lady in "Doubt"?

"Best fall guy = Bush"

Anon, who did he take the fall for?

Anonymous said...

Field... The fall guy is someone that takes the blame and rightly so in this case.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't get into the Oscars. It's hard to feel anything for those movies when you haven't seen them.

The Love Guru deserved all three of those Razzies, and if Paris Hilton didn't put out "The Hottie and the Nottie" then Jessica Alba would have won some raspberries with Mike Myers.

La♥audiobooks said...

"I saw a couple of the pics that were nominated and I am not really feeling any of them."

Well, those movies represent the good American people, and friends. Everybody else want to make movies with bling bling, over-sexing, the n-word, and black men dressed up as women.

You know, I don't know why they are making such a big sh*t about slumdog. The movie is ok, but it has way too much hype, maybe because it's foreign in a condescending way. The concept of Benjamin Button was interesting, but it was still missing something, and I don't think Brad really fit the charector.

Field, how come you put Lark in the mix with those people?

Christopher C, Heath was good, but I think most of it came from sympathy votes.

"Best suckup for Obama = mostly everyone, but that's changing"

Anony, please explain...

Dr. Know said...

Well, it's nice to see that the Hollywood elite can still put on a show for the masses while Rome burns...

Timely post, Field, but I have to take exception to your choice of Best Actress. Have you considered therapy? ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's a shame Viola/Taraji didn't win.

Mrs. C said...

@Anonymous 11:57--actually, "fall guy" is the dude who has no fault in a matter but who allows himself to be scapegoated in order to cull favor with the dude who holds actual responsibility...I, personally, feel that Bush is equally culpable along with Cheney, so the term "fall guy" does not apply. No, no--thank yous are not necessary; it's been my pleasure to school you.

Unknown said...

I received a copy of the book, "Becoming American: The African American Journey."

Thank you and Tara Cuskley for it!

I love the book. As a mother of two young boys, I've been looking for a book that historically discusses the African American experience. This book takes it ALL the way back and brings it up to the present (so glad to see President Obama in there!). It also timelines the global experience of African peoples in conjunction with our experience here, placing events in a much larger context. Comprehensive, concise and in an easy to access format. I love it.

I also like Part Two of the book, which includes important texts, speeches, songs and literary works.

This book will be a primary resource for our family for years to come.

Thank you!

field negro said...

R.j.please tell me that you didn't PAY to see "The Love Guru".

"Timely post, Field, but I have to take exception to your choice of Best Actress. Have you considered therapy? ;-)"

Dr. Know, I have. But I am afraid of what he/she would tell me.

"Field, how come you put Lark in the mix with those people?"

I....ahh,don't know. :(

Szpok, don't mess with Mrs. C! One day, [when I can afford it] I am going to hire her to edit all of my posts. She does not play.:)

Barbara, you are welcome. And thanks for commenting to let the folks know that you got the book.
Good luck with your sons. I am sure that with a mom like you they will be fine.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I came across it from another blogger site. The name of it caught my eye.

Anyway, your nominations for the Oscars sound much more entertaining and intelligent.

I am awaiting my copy of the book. Maybe it will arrive today. I am really anxious to crack it open being a history major.

Constructive Feedback said...

Filled Negro:

You really need to stop shutting out the members of the "Municipal Actors Union".

Mayors Who Have Done More Material Harm To Black People yet their parties got REELECTED In A Promise To Do Better:

* Mayor Of Philadelphia
* Mayor Of Detroit
* Mayor of Newark
* Mayor of Camden
* Mayor Of Baltimore

Democratic Mayors Who Did Best In The "Perp Walk"

* Sharpe James - Mayor of Newark
* Kwame Kilpatrick - Mayor of Detroit
* Mayor Of Birmingham
* Shelia Dixon - Mayor of Baltimore
(Write In Candidate - William Jefferson of New Orleans who will return from jail and follow in the footsteps of Marion Barry with the change "We can't let no WHITE FOLKS pick our leaders"

Best Essays Written By Failing School Systems Ran By Democrats

* Shaqueta Jackson - From Overbrook Elementary School, West Philadelphia. Title "When My Brother Wuz Shot Dead Doing A Lay Up While Playing Basketball In Tustin Playground My Role Model Fouled Out Of The Game Of Life"

* Obama Mitchell - From Kennedy Middle School In The Vine City Section Of Atlanta. Title: "Though The Police Are Bad The Thugs With The Guns But No Academy Training Are Worse. I'm Putting My Faith In The Cops"

* Lil Weezy Johnson - From The "Hot Boys High School", New Orleans: Title "How To Witness A Murder And Survive During The 60 Day Rule In Louisiana"

Attention Filled Negro - Next time you MAKE SH** UP why not focus on MORE RELEVANT stuff that will bring down the murder counts in your F up city and others around the nation?

Who is paying you man?

Anonymous said...

Gosh Porch Simian - Started to put together a list of black Republican Mayors who had been indicted to counter your list of black Democrats...

Then I remembered...

There aren't any black Republican Mayors of any major cities.


Anonymous said...

Dear Friend, Yesterday, the day after President Obama signed his stimulus bill intolaw, the NY Post ran a cartoon depicting the bill's "author" as a deadmonkey, covered in blood after being shot by police. You can see theimage by clicking on the link below. In the face of intense criticism, the Post's editor is standing by thecartoon, claiming that it's not about Obama, has no racial undertones,and that it was simply referencing a recent incident when policeshot a pet chimpanzee. But it's impossible to believe that anynewspaper editor could be ignorant enough to not understand how thiscartoon evokes a history of racist symbolism, or how frightening thisimage feels at a time when death threats against President Obama havebeen on the rise. Please join me and other members in demanding thatthe Post apologize publicly and fire the editor who allowed thiscartoon to go to print: The Post would have us believe that the cartoon is not about Obama.But on the page just before the cartoon appears, there's a big pictureof Obama signing the stimulus bill. A reader paging through the Postwould see Obama putting pen to paper, then turn the page to see thisviolent cartoon. The imagery is chilling. There is a clear history in our country of racist symbolism thatdepicts Black people as apes or monkeys, and it came up multiple timesduring the presidential campaign. We're also in a time of increased race-based violence. In the monthsfollowing President Obama's election there has been a nationwide surgein hate crimes ranging from vandalism to assaults to arson on Blackchurches. There has been an unprecedented number of threats againstPresident Obama since he was elected, with hate-based groupsfantasizing about the killing of the president. Just a week ago, aman drove from Louisiana to the Capitol with a rifle, telling thepolice who stopped him that he had a "delivery" for the president. There is no excuse for the Post to have allowed this cartoon to beprinted, and even less for Editor Col Allan's outright dismissal oflegitimate concerns. But let's be clear who's behind the Post: Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch, thePost's owner, is the man behind FOX News Channel. FOX has continuallyattacked and denigrated Black people, politicians, institutions atevery opportunity, and ColorOfChange has run several campaigns to makeclear how FOX poisons public debate. I don't expect much from Murdoch. However, with enough public pressure,we can set the stage for advertisers and subscribers to think long andhard before patronizing outlets like the Post that refuse to be heldaccountable. You can help, by making clear that the Post's behavior isunacceptable, and by asking your friends and family to do the same.Please join me: Thanks.

Anonymous said...

How bad is the economy?

White folks done quit drinkin' beer! :)

But something was very, very different in the fourth quarter of 2008. Sales of alcohol for off-premises consumption were down by 9.3 percent from the previous quarter, according to the Commerce Department. This is absolutely unprecedented: the largest previous drop had been just 3.7 percent, between the third and fourth quarters of 1991.

Beer accounts for almost all of the decrease, with revenues off by almost 14 percent. Wine and spirits were much more stable, with sales volumes declining by 1.6 percent and 0.9 percent respectively.

Dayam! We're in deep doo doo!


Anonymous said...

Field, why are you feeling "Sandra Rose"?? I only visited one time and that was more than enough. She is one self-hating knee-grow, that's for sure. However, I've seen her picture, she has cause.

Anonymous said...

They missed on last night!

Best stand up comedy by a Lawn Jockey...

The winner - Alan Keyes!


Swiff said...

Field, any thoughts on Alan Keyes' so-crazy-its-almost-funny video rant?

I mean, calling Obama an "abomination" is one thing....still spouting that Birth Certificate conspiracy bullshit is another....but calling him a "radical communist"? Saying the military should mutiny against him? Saying "we have to stop him" or else the U.S will "cease to exist" and break out in civil war? WTF, this clown is beyond bitter. Guess he took that Senate race ass-whoopin hard.

Swiff said...

....aaaaand I get beat to the punch again. Proof reading my posts shall be the death of me.

? said...

Could the Oscars have been any worse? Loved Bill Maher though!


There were really SOOO many nominees for "best actor" on the political scene....

Anonymous said...

CF. For someone who doesn't like this blog too much, you seem to be a constant visitor here. Sure I may not be a political expert and know-it-all, but I know a hater when I see one. Who is paying Field? Who cares? Sure,he may be liberal and extremely partisan. Oh well. Thats him. But to be a constant hindrance to him shows that you get off on getting on other people which is pretty sad.But no hater I've seen is as persistent as you unless it is you who seems to want to sabotage him with some sort of payment that you are getting. And before you go on an anger spree and start calling me names, just acknowledge the fact that you are talking to a high school student who is black. Field Negro. I just like to say that I enjoy reading your blog and I have also scavenged around your archives. I'm kind of shocked that you don't talk about the tyranny of Viacom, but of well.

Anonymous said...

"For someone who doesn't like this blog too much, you seem to be a constant visitor here."

Blogging 24/7 for CF is just compensation for never getting laid.

Catnapping said...


field negro said...

Anon 5:13PM, thanks for reading and ataying engaged at such a young age. I guess this means I will have to watch my cursing now.
And don't worry about Unconstructive....he is,well, different.:)

"Best stand up comedy by a Lawn Jockey...

The winner - Alan Keyes!"

LOL! Yeah Alan has pretty much become unhinged.

Eurasian Sensation said...

Slum Dogg? Isn't he a rapper?

field negro said...

"Slum Dogg? Isn't he a rapper?"


Anonymous said...

Consumer confidence slid to its lowest level ever in February.

Thanks Obama!!

Anonymous said...

"What can a Slumdog Field Negro possibly know anyway?"

This list is way better than the list of actual winners. Bravo Field Negro. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

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