Wednesday, February 25, 2009

They won't be singing "Hail To The Chief".

Let me say this and get it out of the way right now: gentlemen, thank you for your service.

But now I am going to have to rip both of you.

I see where another A-merry-can soldier stationed Iraq has joined 1st Lieutenant Scott Easterling in his law suit against Barack Hussein Obama. It seems that these men refuse to serve under a Commander in Chief who they do not believe is eligible to be their president.

We can thank Orly Taitz, a California attorney (sometimes I am ashamed of my profession) for this latest joke of a law suit. This clown has joined the one who flew over the cuckoo's nest, Alan Keyes, to stir up this Obama birth certificate mess again. So now that they have two soldiers to join their ridiculous suit, they are getting pub from the likes of Matt Drudge.

"As an active-duty officer in the United States Army, I have grave concerns about the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the office of president of the United States."

Hey, I love our brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms, (I still mourn the loss of one of them who was related to me by law) but these two....I don't know. I guess the recruiting station is open to all types. And hey, this is A-merry-ca, so they have a right to their views. But they are in the military, and the O man is their Commander in Chief whether they like it or not. If they want to be deserters that Canadian border is wide open. I am quite sure that there were quite a few people who were serving in Iraq who couldn't stand the frat boy. But you didn't see them joining with crack pots and filing lawsuits to have him removed. This just goes to show you that this O thing could get ugly. We are only a little over a month into his presidency and the derangement syndrome (DS) has kicked in already. Hey, I could excuse an early DS with the frat boy, because quite a few people thought that he did a Jesse James with that election. But this....I just don't get it. Well, maybe I do.

"I am an Army reservist who was activated last August and am currently serving with a military police battalion in Camp Bucca, Iraq. I will be here until at least June 2009..
..When I enlisted last year I had to show my birth certificate, as well as my driver's license, high school diploma, college transcripts, social security card; I also filled out loads of paperwork to include listing the names, addresses and phone numbers of my family members and had to answer any questions regarding foreign travel. ...I think it is reasonable for Obama to prove his citizenship status thus certifying his eligibility. I too raised my right hand and swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States,... I believe the case you are filing could very well determine if we are in fact a Constitutional Republic or a nation of mob rule. I would be honored to be a part of your efforts."

That is what he told Taitz. Soldier you have got to be kidding me. You do realize, don't you, that what you are over there fighting for is the very thing that got Barack Obama elected. It's called a democracy, and this democracy has voted for Barack Hussein Obama to be your Commander in Chief, so get used to it.

"Until Mr. Obama releases a 'vault copy' of his original birth certificate for public review, I will consider him neither my Commander in Chief nor my President, but rather, a usurper to the Office – an impostor,..."

Yeah yeah yeah. Just watch out for enemy fire and shut up.


Jody said...

Wow, these lawsuits keep getting tossed and more keep popping up. And none of them have been held to have any merit. At some point, these lawyers need to be sanctioned for wasting the time of the courts and tax payer's money. It is a violaion of legal ethics to continue to file these baseless suits. Maybe something lawyers can do is go to their ethics boards in their states and file complaints against these wingnuts. I know of one lawyer that is doing this against Berg here in PA.

Anonymous said...

That's just sad. I took the oath once and proudly served. No way they win this.


Anonymous said...

Hey, if it wasn't for stupid White Soldiers, I wouldn't have to pick my own Cotton...So where is BHOs Birth Certificate anyways?? and BTW, this is a Republic, a Democracy is what they have in Haiti...

Anonymous said...

what's sad is taitz taking advantage of war weary soldiers who obviously don't know any better...

Jody said...

Frank... Obama has provided his birth certificate. It was verified as authentic by But for these wingnuts, that was not enough. I think that the only thing that would satisfy them is for his dead mother to come back to life, and recreate his birth, and his dead father to join in and confirm that this rebirth was not happening in Keyna.
They don't really believe he isn't a citizen. They simply cannot abide that he is their president. They are just hoping that the American masses will join them in their delusions. It is pathetic and a complete waste of time.

Hathor said...

I'm sure the soldiers didn't have to produce a vault copy of their birth certificates, what ever that is. You don't even have to be a U.S. citizen to serve in the U.S. Military, just have a valid visa, pretty soon, that might not be required.
During Viet Nam, I served with a Peruvian and Polish citizen that had gotten drafted.

Anonymous said...

As an active duty member of the Air Force, I'm almost ashamed to admit that there are some real nutcases running around in uniform. And it's funny that this guy who joined in the suit is a reservist. What? He doesn't have the cajones to go active? Or perhaps he doesn't have a real job. And what's even more sad is that a lot of members of the Armed Forces go all ga-ga over republicans but when it comes to voting for veteran's benefits, the republicans are the ones who vote against them. Why in the hell would you vote against your own interests is beyond me.

Vérité Parlant said...

I applaud the service of our military, but a wingnut is a wingnut.

Anonymous said...

I hear the Iraqis are looking for a few good men.

Unknown said...

this daily assault on president obama is so frightening.. have just read about the watermelons on the white house lawn too..
you have traitors running around spewing hate and lies openly.... it needs to be addressed and dealt with...

it is shameful.. i feel for his family.. i cannot imagine this going on in my work place each day and having to go home to my kids.. what would you say to them??

Anonymous said...

"Why in the hell would you vote against your own interests is beyond me."

Well obviously these folks ain't too sharp. Otherwise they would be doing what other Republicans are doing; sitting back drinking beer while someone else does the dirty work of empire-building.

Eileen Gunn said...

It's unfortunate this soldier thinks he gets to decide who is president. I'm sure his officers will enlighten him.

The A said...

The president that wasn't really president left town 20 January.

I didn't hear these nimrods complaining 8 years ago. I think they should just worry about getting those latrines clean before inspection.

momo said...

I can respect a conscientious objector's stand on principles, but this is the rankest of BS. I hope they throw his AWOL ass in prison.

Bob said...

Let's see these guys refuse to obey direct orders from immediate superiors on these grounds. If I was commanding them, I'd tell them not to worry what the commander in chief does because they damn well have to worry about what I'll do.

browngrl77 said...

I was in the Army, stationed at Fort Jackson SC , the first thing you are taught in Basic Training is to never break rank, and to never EVER speak against your "Commander In Chief"!!! ( anyone who has ever served will testify to this) Come to think about it they really frown against disclosing your political affiliation....This soldier has definately lost his military bearings SMH

Anonymous said...

Fratricide can do wonders in this situation. So would serving the remainder of his enlistment in "custody" at Guantanamo while it's still open.

I've been waiting eight years to say this. They're unpatriotic and if they don't like A-merry-ca then they can go back to where their ancestors came from.

Anonymous said...

I believe it's insubordination to speak out against your Commander-in-Chief or any other ranking officer. Those soldiers are subject to immediate disciplinary action and may end up in military court.

The military cannot operate effectively with soldiers questioning orders or whether or not their Commander-in-Chief should be in charge. These two soldiers should be made an example of-pronto-before things worsen in the ranks. I am sure officer will have their heads. To question their Commander-in-Chief who was elected by the people and for the people is outrageous. Those guys are not soldiers. They are untrustworthy moronic imbeciles. America and the military does not have time for this type of BS.

Those lawyers filing suits have no moral compass. They cheapen their profession. The sad thing is that the good lawyers seldom do anything about the bad sleazy ones. In a way, they support the bad ones by doing nothing.

Regardless, those soldiers know better and their lives are about to turn into a nightmare.

Black Diaspora said...

For a soldier to sign on to this lawsuit is tantamount to insubordination. And the nature of this suit could get any active member of the military kicked out, regardless of rank.

But knowing President Obama, that's not going to happen.

Didn't I read somewhere that someone took down Old Glory and substituted it with a Confederate flag, stating that the election of a black president was an illegitimate act, because it opposed the founding fathers' vision of the country?

Now if this catches on, maybe some people will stop paying their taxes, filing their taxes, leave their government jobs, stop saying the pledge of allegiance, and stop singing the national anthem.

My God, this thing could really get out of hand!

What was America thinking when it elected a black president?

Because the people of this nation elected a black man to this nation's highest office, these red-blooded Americans can no longer participate as citizens in good standing, nor continue to be the patriots that they were before the people of this nation lost their ever-loving minds, and put a Negro in the seat that was graced first by such white dignitaries as George Washington, and George W. Bush.

Shameful! Just Shameful.

Anonymous said...

Yeah fuck those guys. If you were proud to serve a moron like Dubya but refuse to serve Obama, you need a brain scan.

Anonymous said...

Damn shame the lengths that these individuals will go to try to remove the president that the people elected.

Unknown said...

No way they are gonna win this, as a Vet. I know that if they refuse to fight it's cowardise under fire and those guys are looking at a long prison sentence. While their attorney get's paid either way.

Anonymous said...

never speak against your Commander In Chief. Is the rule. Its to late for this argument for birth certificate. That should have been done two years ago.

Anonymous said...

Who authenticated the birth certificates of past presidents? Why did they assume Dubya wasn't hatched in a pod on another planet and sent here? I hate these idiots.

field negro said...

".. BTW, this is a Republic, a Democracy is what they have in Haiti..."

Thanks Frank Drackman, I see you
are our resident Constitutional scholar.(I am sorry, I missed your books)

FYI, Haiti's system of government is called a presidential republic, and they have a pluriform type of govt., with a President and a Prime Minister appointed by him.

And yes, our form of Govt. is also classified as a republic, but it takes a democratic form with the people electing who we want to rule us. That was the point of my statement in the article.

Must be nice to come out to the fields to get some knowledge. I am glad I could help.

Jddy, you are right about those frivolous lawsuits. I know I would be scared to file some crap like that. How do these wingnut lawyers get away with it?

Anonymous said...

No Problemo Negro, but even a Big Negro Brain like yours should know the People only vote for Electors who then select the President. Jokes gonna be on Y'all when Y'all find out O-bama ain't even Black, I mean C'mon he talks like hes from friggin Indiana or sumthin' 4 years in the Public Eye and I've yet to hear a "Nome Sane"...even his "Motherfucker" sounded forced...

earlgrey said...

Actually refusing to recognize the Commander in Chief is closer to treason then insubordination. I think we still shoot people for treason.

Field, I know that you put this stuff up for discussion. I also know it is not great to ignore the babbling of idiots. But can't we just ignore this birth cert crap. I have had enough. It's like that annoying kid in middle school, you can get mad every time he talks, or you learn to just ignore it.

Oh, all my apps are in the test is done. Now we just wait ;)

maria said...

honestly, please don't dignify these jerks and morons by writing about them. ignore them. this blog is just contributing to their fame.




Anonymous said...

Hey, it’s ok everybody settle down. According to all God fearing bleeding heart, liberal, ACLU loving attorneys even a convicted criminal can file a law suit. That’s right my liberal friends prisoners can sue if they don’t like the bacon being served to them.
So, if the good people of this blog don’t like it you’ve got the likes of Mr. Field to thank.

Anonymous said...

I was born in Germany in 1956. My Dad was a German citizen at the time, my mother was an American citizen. When we came to the US, my Dad became a Naturalized citizen in 1963. Let me remind Republicans, that they have a Gov. in California that is foreign born. If he were president instead of Obama, I doubt that these people complaining would be complaining. I think it smacks of Racism. Incidentlly my father who is in his seventies now is a big Obama supporter. Obama is such a breath of fresh air after the eight years of frat boy cronyism that we've endured.

Anonymous said...

You know - once upon a time the Military had a base for folks like this in Antarctica, where the principal daily duty was shoveling snow to keep the runways clear...

Might be a good time to consider havin' a few of these guys bring Democracy to the Penguins.


Anonymous said...

If BHO is not a citizen, then please also show me the actual birth certificates of all past American Presidents. Are they really natural born?

Mr.Bobby(A.K.A. scorpionbbb50) said...

I think i`ts sad that we have people serving the country who are color struck b/c the guy next to him in the bunker is`nt looking at his,he only wants to know if he`s got his back in the pinch, so when the enemy starts shooting they dont look at the color of your skin but the color of your uniform so wake-up soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Easterling in Leavenworth?

Why is the Army tolerating this bull$hit?

Evidently Easterling forget that a passage of his oath of enlistment was "I will obey the orders of the President of the Unites and the officers appointed over me".

The righties can't accept that they lost the election and that a brother is in the White House.

So they try "Birth Certificategate".

Taitz is a bottomdwelling hustler and Keyes is........well.

I'll let it go.

Anonymous said...

Lt. Easterling reminds me of a lifelong welfare recipient who refuses a job at McDonalds, or anywhere else, because it's beneath them. This guy is pathetic crybaby having a fit because his side didn't win the election. Wrapping yourself in a fallacy under the guise of defending the constitution is the same as living off taxpayers because you weren't offered the job you want.
Loser or kook, it doesn't matter, suck it up and accept the will of the voter or quit (I'm sure the army can survive fine without him).

She Draws said...

Oh great another idiot. Sad but true I love people like this. In the end they end up making an ass of themselves.

If I were Barack I would tell him" oh that's fine you don't have serve under me at all. Just send me my guns,uniform, and MRE's and find your way back to American bytch!

I know that was bad huh! BAD BAD BAD girl!


Christopher Chambers said...

Maybe Jimmy Kimmel or Chelsea Handler should have these guys on their shows. The way to stop this is hold them up for sport and that's it. Otherwise, the judge can just rule 11 these attorneys and magically--when $ and sanctions are involved--they stop. I don't sweat this stuff. I consider these wingnuts bacteria. I don't curse the germs for infecting my cut or bruise--that's what they do, that's what God created them for (if you believe in "intelligent design" LOL)so why get mad? best is to apply the rubbing alcohol, and make sure I don't injure myself.

FYI prisoner lawsuits are different. When someone, even Jack the Ripper, is deprived of their bodily freedom, then a whole different apparatus is triggered, habeus corpus, mandatory appeals and review, due process related, blah blah. In a regular civil suit, there must be a modicum of good faith and a proffer of something related to the elements of a cause being litigated.
So, ye troll, see?

Ponder/debate this possibility: the military is full up of rednecks and other miscreants--the last 8 years has been a stimulus package for Red State folks. The DoD has even studied KKK/Nazi related groups infilitrating the Army. The military is employer of last resort, the bases provide jobs and health care, courtesy of the taxpayer for the double-wide/mobile home set, Congressional pork, farm subsidies, etc. do the rest.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the reminders why I ETS'ed from the Army last year. I would dare to say that most soldiers share Easterling's comtempt for President Obama; however, most don't share his lunacy.

The typical U.S. soldier's view is an enigma. First let me define a typical U.S. soldier:

1. He's white.

2. Has a high school diploma.

3. Probably played sports in highschool.

4. Is staunchly conservative (so he thinks).

5. Grew up in a rural setting.

6. Has a shiftless and lazy partner who he calls a wife (i.e., Army wife), who sits around the house all day or mills around the PX with her two or three kids.

7. Uses the Army's tuition assistance program to take classes at an online degree/diploma mill.

I say his politics is an enigma for the following reasons:

1. He will be the first to yell President Obama is a socialist, but he's a lifer/careerist in one of the most socialist institutions in America-- the armed forces. Make no mistake about it. The Army is a socialist institution that defends democratic principles. Anyone who has served one day in the Army knows what I am talking about.

2. He's rail against programs such as affirmative action, but his wife will be quick to use "spouse preference" when applying for a government job on post, or he'll be quick to apply for veterans preference when he applis for a government job after his military service.

3. If President had promised military personnel a 10% raise during his campaign, he would have secretly held his nose and voted for him.

4. His spouse is probably on government assistance (i.e, taking a handout).

5. Chances are that if he has overextended himself financially, he is receiving foodstamps, while railing against those other people for receiving handouts.

? said...

The truth is the army needs anyone it can get. Obama is about to send thousands of people into the crucible of war in Afghanistan; consequently, how many people would be willing to risk their life in an operation like this with almost no chance of success?
He'll need as many crazy folks as he can get to square off against the Taliban.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call it a crucible. Nevertheless, I saw the writing on the wall in 2003 and had to wait five years to get the hell out.

Further, Obama's decision to redeploy combat troops from Iraq and leave 50,000 non-combat troops behind is stupid.

It sucks to be one of those 50,000 support soldiers to be left behind.

Anonymous said...

Rudy takes one to the wall.

Great post.

Anonymous said...

I bet (and hope) he gets court martialed and dishonorably discharged. Refusing to follow orders is a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and hopefully they get his ignant a$$ on that.

By and large military people are great, but just like with the regular population, you gets some seriously unhinged crazy folks

Anonymous said...

Follow the money.

These bottom dwelling coonservatives like Keyes don't launch these ventures without funding and encouragement from far right foundations and institutions.

Ward Connerly's anti AA initiatives were bankrolled by rightwingers like Joseph Coors and Rupert Murdoch.

And Uncle Ward pocketed $1 million in 2003 alone for his efforts according to IRS documents.

Anonymous said...

It pays to be an Uncle Tom in this era.

Anonymous said...

Look forward to the Michael Steele Minstrel Review over the next 4 years.

Javier said...

Hey Soapbubble, what's your beef with reservists? Last time I checked they fight, bleed and die along with their active brothers and sisters. They also sacrifice a lot more when they put jobs on hold that pay substantially more than the active pay. Those same jobs are the ones that put food in their seed's mouth. So when I hear you denigrate reservists you sound as if no one ever gave you this piece of advice: Better to be called a fool and stay silent than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. I'm done with you.

Regarding these individuals, if they take issue with their CIC they should do the honorable thing and serve out their contracts give up their commissions. The military laws that people have repeatedly brought up above are in place to preserve military discipline and order and uphold the chain of command. Has it ever occurred to anyone that in our nation's history we have never suffered a military coup? Politicizing of the military is dangerous ground to tread upon and in recent history we have the jingoistic Bush Administration and their response to 9/11 (Iraq War) to blame.

But ultimately the shame lies at the feet of the American people because we did not become the true patriots this country needed and voice our dissent. We cannot hide behind the excuse that we were lied too. I remember those days as if they were yesterday. Where are the big American flags hanging from the Ford F150s and the magnetic flags on every car. I used to play a game on my hour long drive to work. I'd count the cars that DIDN'T have flags. We got exactly what we asked for when we as a nation allowed the USSC to vote in GWB. We received our recompense when we didn't take to the streets to stop the illegal invasion of Iraq in response to an aggressor supposedly based out of Afghanistan. We should have been questioning every story that came out of the mainstream (complicit) media and the Bush administration. Our consent was manufactured (NC).

I can have no sympathy for anyone who joins the military and disagrees with their CIC. Ours are a volunteer armed forces. You walk through that door a free man but once you pass the threshold, your butt belongs to the government to serve at its will.

One last comment. If these perpetrators of insubordination are not swiftly dealt with then that should tell every American the condition of the loyalty and honor of our military and that should send a chill up everyone's spine. If they won't listen to their democratically elected President they won't listen to your pleas to stop when they come for you after martial law is declared.

Anonymous said...

Steele is not only a Tom. He's ignorant. He doesn't even know about black people, the very people he wants to woo to the Republican party.

This idiot believes that if you associate the Republican party with hip-hop, then "wes a come a running to the Right."

I would hope that we are more sophisticated than that when choosing a party.

Further, Obama didn't choose hip-hop; hip-hop choose Obama, because they like his message.

Steele thinks like a typical Republican white man when it comes to races-- in stupid and simple generalizations.

Javier said...

One more thing. As someone else stated, where was their dissent when it was determined that GWB falsified data to enter us into Iraq? I guess their wasn't a problem their because there is a big fat "R" after Bush's name. Clearly this smacks of racism that they need proof (that has already been given and verified) that their black CIC is the true and unlike his predecessor, democratically elected President.


Anonymous said...

Many may wonder why this person hasn't been dealt with yet. There are several reasons:

1. He hasn't done anything wrong per se. When this idiot says he will not follow the orders of the president, he is uttering empty words.

Why are his words empty, you may ask? Well, there are 11 degrees of separation between this idiot and the CIC. The president will never give him a direct order. The president's directives flow through the chain of command.

This idiot is sitting in Iraq. He is already following the orders of the president. Whenever this idiot follows the orders of his company commander, he is following the orders of the CIC, because the company commander receives his authority from the CIC; it's called a commission.

2. His rant isn't worth the time to mette out judicial punishment. If his company commander wishes to start the paperwork, he'll probably receive non-judicial punishment (garnishment of wages and extra duty)

Javier said...

While I agree with you you miss an important point, Rudy. Failure to address this sets a dangerous precedent. These two individuals need to be made an example of. They swore an oath to defend their Constitution. If they don't like their situation they should have thought about it and gone to law school instead. They could have argued the Constitution and gotten paid well for it.

Certain personal freedoms are laid down before you enlist or accept a commission. One of those freedoms is your right to say what you like about your CIC. I urge anyone to get a copy of the UCMJ before talking to a recruiter.

Dr. President said...

This has absolutely nothing to do with a birth certificate. Those racist assholes are hiding behind that, they don't want a black president, that's what this is really about.

Anonymous said...

As a former NCO, I don't think I have missed any point. I am looking at the situation as unbiased and unemotional as I possibly can.

The only punitive article of the UCMJ that could possibly apply to this idiot is Article 88. I suggest you read it.

The man has "grave concerns" about whether the CIC is eligible to serve in this capacity. Since when is having a "grave concern" tantamount to disrespect?

The U.S. Army runs a tight ship, especially in a combat zone. If Easterling was in blatant violation of any article in the UCMJ, or refused to carry out his tasks in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, then he would have been yesterday's news.

This idiot is upholding the Constitution by serving in Iraq. I can only assume that he is carrying out the duties that he has sworn to uphold.

vdubjb said...

Last time anyone went to war for Democracy was in 1941 and even that's debatable. At least the Obama is gay rumor never got legs..

Anonymous said...

Rudy sez - "His rant isn't worth the time to mette out judicial punishment."

Yeah... Maybe his commander will assign him the task of handing out recruitment flyers for waitresses at the new Baghdad Hooters...

On some street corner in the city away from the former Green Zone.


L. Marie Joseph said...

WTF is this real? lol

ch555x said...

SMH up: Is POTUS really an earthling?

Anonymous said...

"This has absolutely nothing to do with a birth certificate. Those racist assholes are hiding behind that, they don't want a black president, that's what this is really about."

Uh, yeah.

The real perversity is that Uncle Alan Keyes gleefully offers himself up as HNIC of the attempted takedown.

How do these negroes sleep at night?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Dems in the Senate just bent over for a royal Rethugly ass job again...

Senate bars FCC from revisiting Fairness Doctrine

By JIM ABRAMS – 55 minutes ago
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate has barred federal regulators from reviving a policy, abandoned two decades ago, that required balanced coverage of issues on public airwaves.
The Senate vote on the so-called Fairness Doctrine was in part a response to conservative radio talk show hosts who feared that Democrats would try to revive the policy to ensure liberal opinions got equal time.
The Federal Communications Commission implemented the doctrine in 1949, but stopped enforcing it in 1987 after deciding new sources of information and programming made it unnecessary.
President Barack Obama says he has no intention of reimposing the doctrine, but Republicans, led by Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., say they still need a guarantee the government would not establish new quotas or guidelines on programming.

Why does any Dem in their right mind give a rat's patoot about what "guarantees" Jim DeMutt wants?

Yellow belly chickensquat do nothings.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"I believe it's insubordination to speak out against your Commander-in-Chief or any other ranking officer. Those soldiers are subject to immediate disciplinary action and may end up in military court."

The last time I heard that is suppose to be correct. However, they're a few military brass high up in rank against President Obama, because they stand to lose money if he ends the war in Iraq. They're trying to cover up what happened to all of that money that has not been accounted for because some of their hands are dirty. However, it's going to come to the light soon.

Smh! It amazes me how some whites still don't want to be under a black man and take orders. They want to believe the myth that a black man isn't as qualified as them to give orders and is inferior. What is even more insulting is the fact that another black man would be the leader in agitating, keeping this mess going , going along with this insane mess trying to destroy another successsful black man. Talk about crabs in the barrel, Alan Keyes takes the cake.

Maybe someone should start a petition asking Alan Keyes to prove that he is not jealous of President Obama and is not seeking revenge. In addition, I would start digging into his past business dealings to see who is paying him to spread false rumors and look for all of his unscrupulous business dealings and scandals in his closet. It's time for him to be exposed for the puppet that he is. I guarantee you that he is real deep in dirty dealings.

Anonymous said...


Don't fret though my brother.

The Senate did pass a bill giving DC a full vote in Congress.

Anonymous said...

These so called soldiers need to shut the fuck up,keep thier weapons clean & continue to be the pawns they are in this illegal war.The empires hired killers can't question orders from the top.They need to question what the fuck they are doing in Iraq in the first damn place.
33 & 1/3 King

Anonymous said...

Steve sez - "The Senate did pass a bill giving DC a full vote in Congress."

The Last Plantation is FREE!

Well, at least 1/2 way - there still is the matter of their two Senators.

Good news, indeed...

But the Dems up there are still a pack of chickensquat cowards.


Anonymous said...

What were they saying in 2000 when Bush was anointed President by the Supreme Court?

Unknown said...


Jody said...

As someone who has been an advocate for dissenting voices (and has been a dissenting activist for years) I hesitate to demand jail, punishment, or other efforts to stifle dissenting voices. Even voices with whom I viruently disagree. Whoever said above that the Commanding Officer he would have to refuse is his direct superior. And, I doubt very much he is refusing those orders. And, its not like Obama is gonna go to him and personally issue a direct order.

So, I don't really have a problem with soldiers speaking out. I have supported many soldiers who spoke out over the past 5 years against the war in Iraq. (many DID suffer consequences, but they were willing to accept that).

What I do have a BIG problem with is the fucking lawyers filing frivolous lawsuits and sucking fools in because they think, hey a lawyer is filing this, it must have merit. Berg, one of these dudes, presents himself as a "prominent attorney in philadelphia." Bull fucking shit! He is known as a loon locally. But how would someone not a part of the legal community or from outside the area know that. So, these fools get sucked in.... The lawyers need to suffer the consequences of that.

Anonymous said...

This is just another sad example of someone so IGNORANT ,CRAZY AND RACIST . He is so against the concept of a a Black Man holding the highest office in America - it is driving him insane- what a nutter- he just can't accept this reality....

Unknown said...

C'mon, Orly Taitz isn't even a naturaly born citizen of the U.S. She has some nerve. How is she any more "American" than BHO? She clearly speaks with a thick acent. Anyway, I hope these soldiers get a court-martial. These people can't stand to see a black man in the White House.

Anonymous said...

Can you say court martial?

Sure you can!

Anonymous said...

BLAME this on MICHAEL STELLE, KEYE'S and all the other DISGRACEFUL IDIOT'S, I am so ashamed, as a BLACK WOMEN! it hurt's my heart to see BLACK MEN on T V LYNCHING the PRESIDENT.

BARACK is fighting against RACIST WHITE PEOPLE, and yet, BLACK MEN are on the band wagon as well! the PRESIDENT is trying to help poverty stricken AMERICAN'S and the last person that should be fighting him is the BLACK MAN and BLACK WOMAN! how in the world, can you be a AFRICAN AMERICAN, and open your mouth and DENOUNCE BARACK! WHAT A BUNCH of TRAITOR'S!

Karen said...

If Barack had a European daddy instead of an African one, this wouldn't be a spoon-fed thought in their simple little heads.

Anonymous said...

The US State Department has already done the heavy lifting on this issue. Why isn't this fella asking to see BHO's passport? Oh, I know why. Because it's an AMERICAN passport.

I heard a story last week about a woman who, every time she sees a newspaper or magazine cover with Obama's picture on it, turns it face down on the newsstand. Never in all those 8 years did it ever occur to me to do that with the frat boy's covers. That's the difference between liberals and conservatives.

Anonymous said...

I'm personally embarrassed sometimes by my country. Kind of like sometimes your profession embarrasses you. They wouldn't be asking this question of a white man. It's horseshit. It's not like he stole an election. (twice) Or went AWOL from the service because his father was a rich and powerful man. Or was a drunk and a coke addict. He was just born black in America.

Field, I have to ask, if the NY Post cartoon wasn't racially motivated, could someone explain to my why it's funny. If the OC watermelon joke isn't a racial joke, could someone explain the punch line to me, I don't get it.


Anonymous said...


"Good news, indeed...

But the Dems up there are still a pack of chickensquat cowards."

Indeed because although DC finally got a vote the Dem Congress had to approve a new (white and Republican) Congressional district in Utah.

So it's a wash.

Anonymous said...

LOL, wasn't he already there (in Iraq) before Obama was elected? His case is moot. Sounds like something he should be taking up with Bush. (I swear some of these people's faculty abilities wearies me.)

Kai said...

The US is not fighting for democracy in Iraq.

Seda said...

Jesus! At least Obama was actually elected. The frat boy got there by fraud. How low can you go?

You know, they used to criticize Democrats for protesting the war because it was illegal, etc., etc., and they said that was giving succor to the enemy, blah, blah, be loyal whatever. So what the hell is this?

Oh. Yeah. That's right. The O man's suntan doesn't go away during the winter...

F*^&%g creeps.

Anonymous said...

First class trash!!!

Anonymous said...

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SFC JONES said...

You dumbass whatever if I was to see you on the street and you would say that I would beat your ass I am in the military and proudly serve as the Commander In Cheif your dumbass better do as he says because by law you have to so stop being a dumbass shutup and fall in line.

Anonymous said...

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