Monday, February 16, 2009

Dorothy, aren't you glad you are not in Kansas anymore?

If you happen to live in Kansas and you were planning on how you were going to spend your state refund check, don't head to the lay away section at your local Wal-Mart just yet. Unfortunately, you won't be getting a check this year. Yes folks, like so many other states in A-merry-ca, Kansas is out of money. And not only will its fine citizens have their refund checks suspended, but apparently, their state workers might not even be getting paid.

Come on field, why do you care what happens in Kansas? Because what is happening in Kansas is indicative of what is happening all over the country. It's happening in California, it's happening in Michigan, and it's happening right here in Pennsylvania. States are in trouble, they are all being forced to make tough choices, and their books are all in the red. To say these are tough times would be an understatement. We are in deep do do, and this seems to be just the tip of the iceberg.

Every time I think about the dire straits that we are in, I reflect on those days under the frat boy, (oh boy here comes field with the "W" bashing again) when he took us into an unnecessary war and shattered our A-merry-can dream; not to mention our children's future. The Bialystocks (that would be the republicans, as in Max Bialystock from "The Producers". Think about it) are bitching and moaning about 700 billion dollars for the stimulus package, but they had no problem with almost three trillion dollars for Iraq. Can you imagine what a trillion dollars would do for the folks in Kansas, California, Michigan, and Pennsylvania right about now? I can, but we can only wish. That money is long gone. The frat boy and his buddies would like to thank you for that. I bet they aren't feeling the recession.

Bastards! I wish they all lived in Kansas.


Anonymous said...

Oh hells no..."here come da drums!" Somethings fishy...When was the last time people didn't receive their tax refunds? This is really ridiculous...

Anonymous said... is ok for a Republican to spend 3 trillion dollar...ooh Lord that is alot of $...............but when President Obama wants about $700 or $800 billion it is a problem....This country is in so much trouble...our great grandchildren is going to pony up to pay this bill...Better get a timeshare or purchase a condo in another country...because the stream has not blown off of this top yet....Better stockpile as soon as you can...get the paper, can good, and good freezer...Gas is up $.25 in three will get back to the $4 by summer...

Republicans are joke and laughing always to bank with the $ they received with the last bailout..

and now they want to speak out on President, I said President Obama stimulus package..they are a joke and the world is not talking them seriously....

The people who have the money (Middle East and China) are enjoying this time...because the mortgaging of most important building and wetland in this country has been they want payback..and they are about to call in there loans...that when we are going definitely know we are in a straight recession/depression....

Get your breadmaker might come in handy....

Kristin said...

I know everyone is hurting now. I would like to point out for those in really dire straits shopping at local farmer's markets and places like Sprouts will save at least 50 on the bill. It is something we all are having to deal with. I wish the people in Kansas the best.

Dr. Know said...

Kansas? How about the Hague or better, a pea farm in Alabama.

In California, you can try spending ArnoldBucks.

Anonymous said...

And I say again, if Grover Norquist and the rest of the Regressive Society for the Criminally Insane (aka the Republican Party) had formulated a plan to "drown the government in the bathtub," wouldn't that plan look an awful lot like what is happening right now? Spend the government(s) into insolvency so that massive layoffs of local, state, and federal employees occur? I realized listening to NPR on the way home this afternoon that the RSCI would probably like nothing better than a second Great Depression, only this time without the recovery. The folks with the Swiss bank accounts will be safe behind their fortresses, and the rest of us can just go begging.

Christopher Chambers said...

But these rednecks out there are now so deranged, so broiling over a smart negro running their nation (all in-house critique aside from you and moi, Field) they can't see how screwed they are. And their moronic representatives in the GOp are resorting to their usual tactic: stalling the government, shutting it down. It didn't work with Slick Willie and newt, it won't work in Kansas...

PS on National Geogrpahic there's a special coming up on violent places on the earth run by nihilistic young hoodlums. One episode in Kingston. Lord at some point people are NOT gonna call me a Nazi for saying Depro provera is an integral part of attacking this problem...

field negro said...

Cheron, are you going PE on me?
"Can't truss it" :)

"Better stockpile as soon as you can...get the paper, can good, and good freezer...Gas is up $.25 in three will get back to the $4 by summer..."

Mesha, what good is a "good freezer" if I can't find shit to pit in it? The toilet paper I can always use.

field negro said...

CC, I saw that NG promo. I think it plays on Tuesday night here. You know I have to check that out.

Anonymous said...

California and Kansas are only the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

Hi Field....

Mesha, what good is a "good freezer" if I can't find shit to pit in it? The toilet paper I can always use.

Grow a darn garden...visit some of local farmers...ring a darn chicken neck...get back to the as lawyer should know the inside and out of the legal system, put that knowledge on how to survive without relying on grocer store...and get a generator too...

Anonymous said...

How could this be happening??I thought the Obamassiah would reach out with his hands and lift us all up.

I will say the Maddiah prayer again tonight.Please everyone pray with me.

Our Obama, who art in the WhiteHouse,
Hollow be thy Words.
Thy Presidency come,
Thy nation will be done for,
In the White House as it is in Congress.
Give us this day our daily bread line.
And forgive us our mortgage debts,
As we forgive our credit card debtors.
And lead us not into energy independence,
But deliver us from the Republicans.
For thine is the Presidency Kingdom,
and the power,
and the glory,
for two terms (or less)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
How could this be happening??I thought the Obamassiah would reach out with his hands and lift us all up.

seems like we got one of those old fart McClain and prom queen followers in here...

Run this country in the ground for 8 years because of lie and we are not suspose to support the O least O man cab admit his failures..even after a month..but the other "that one" come in as
Anonymous. "Man up"

What a coward..........and tell your followers President Obama won by 10 million votes.......

Anonymous said...

Well Fields, looks like we may be heading in this direction
Tell me what you think. It may be time to go Paul Bogle.

Jody said...

I have a friend who works for the state in Kansas and she wrote that the word is they are not getting their next paycheck..... I don't know about the rest of you, but if I didn't get paid, my ass would be out on the streets in a very short time.
If this is how it is going to play out, then I suggest we all prepare for massive resistance and organize ourselves to be squatters, get some seeds and plant food all over the cities in open spaces, and really do all we can to support each other...

rainywalker said...

Field that beaver on the Detroit River, the first one in 75 years? He may not make it through the winter. Alot of fat, but if you put it in the freezer you can scrape the fat off. Put some tarter sauce on it and it tastes like ground hog.

brohammas said...

Come on Field, in all fairness to say Bush caused the mortgage bubble to burst is much like giving Clinton credit for the dot com bubble.

These are all things that many many people can take credit for and the either president is WAAAAAAY down those lists. No where near the top.

While I agree we should not have gone to war, that is not where all Kansas's money is.

If we keep giving both credit and blame where it doesnt belong than we will continue to have these problems.

Anonymous said...

Is he right?

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

You have no idea how messed up CA is right now. We have our very own Sarah Palin named Ah-nuld the movie star who was and is unfit to govern. No budget since last July - it's now $42B in the red and he's trying to bust up the one of the biggest unions left in the state the SEIU. The one that supported Obama. I see a coincidence here. But it's not just the Rethugs, because our pretty boy SF Mayor is trying to get rid of them too. I see Dumbocrat and Rethug collusion on both sides, but def a lack of leadership from the Austrian who thought he'd get the Constitution changed. Oh and Newsom thinks he can ride the gay marriage bandwagon and become the next Guv. No way!!! No to Meg Whitman and no to DiFi. If her bungling of the Inauguration is an indication of how she'd run the state I'd have to move.

Anonymous said...

This is so not the news I wanted to receive from this great blog. You know why? BECAUSE I FREAKING LIVE IN KANSAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

What about the 800 million dollars all in $100 bills that was shipped to Iraq to fund the restart of the Iraq National bank under Paul Bremer, the Bush appointed manager of Iraq redevelopment. The entire shipment carried by a convoy of trucks disappeared on its way to the Iraqi bank and was never seen again. This crime has never been investigated, nor has anyone been prosecuted for this gigantic theft. When Bremer appeared before congress and was asked about it, he said that he had no idea what happened to the money after it left for its destination in the truck convoy. No further questions were asked of him even though he alone was responsible for the entire shipment. That $800 million would certainly help a lot of Americans out as this depression drags on....

Anonymous said...

I was going to pull some quotes out of the latest Bob Herbert column, but I want everyone to go read the whole thing:

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Whelp, Granny is not surprised. Remember back last year, I told people to learn how to grow their food, be your own banker, and stock up on can goods. Some of y'all, not all, probably didn't pay what I said too much attention, and that was your choice to make. Only thing, I could do was warn people and leave it up to them whether they believe or not.

When I told people not to vote for Bush in 2004, they thought I was just being a typical Democrat. The thing is that Granny was never really into politics nor did I have any interest in it. My main interest was in Jesus, the word of God, a personal relationship with my creator, helping my people, the poor, youths, and the elderly. Politics was as far away from my mind as the man in the moon.

The Lord blessed me with a few gifts. I knew what was up ahead for America if Bush got in office, sounded the trumpet loud, and clear, every chance I got. When Bush decided to go to war with Iraq, I felt in my spirit very strong that what he was doing was wrong, that some lies were being told, and America would pay a price for it.

I told folks that before Bush term is over, the people would want to drag him out the White House. They didn't drag him out physically, but in the end, they were trying to push President Obama in the position of President before Bush's time was up.

Without a doubt, I knew Obama would be the next President of the USA. I’ve said this time and time again; he is a gentleman and a very intellectual one at that. Make no mistake, President Obama is not a weakling, nor is he a dummy. He reminds me of an uncle of mine. In addition, he reminds me of that song, “This Little Light of Mine”, and his light is, definitely, shining the spotlight on corrupt politicians.

Whelp, a Repairer of the Breach is in the White House trying to bring integrity back to the USA. “And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in.”

The war in Iraq was part of a distraction to keep the people from seeing what was really going on with the transferring of wealth into the hands of Bush’s rich buddies. People’s eyes are opening up, but the damage has already been done. Thank God, Bush didn’t get to push his plan to privatize Social Security through or get his way with turning folk’s retirement plans into stock.

There’s going to be some rough times up ahead, but eventually, things will work out. President Obama is doing all he can to turn things around and in the end he will be successful. Now is the time to pray like never before. Those of you who pray, pray, those who don't, now is a good time to start.

Going back to the basics is a good idea. So is learning how to share with one another. That is how the older generation survived. Example: one might have had sugar, another might have had cream, and the other person might have had the coffee, but when they combined their resources, they all had a good cup of coffee. It’s sort of like a potluck in a sense where when everybody brings something there is plenty to go around and some leftover.

However, more than anything prices on consumer products and services need to come down as well and end the greed syndrome.

Anonymous said...

I hate the Republicans in California. It's all because of ONE of their votes we don't have a budget passed yet.

Bastards don't get it. Tax cuts don't work. Quit asking for them.

Anonymous said...

I also live in KS, this is terrible news for me since I've been out of work for more than a while. I guess Gov. Sebelius won't be getting her promotion to the cabinet.

Bob said...

I want Repugs singin'
"Prisoners of love
Blue skies above
Can't keep our hearts in jail"

Anonymous said...


So how do we recall a state representative or state senator? I live in California and they are so damn slow we might have a shot at shifting a rep or senator before they actually pass a budget.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I think about that 3 trillion spent in Iraq and just shake my head.

Black Diaspora said...

@Anon: "What about the 800 million dollars all in $100 bills that was shipped to Iraq to fund the restart of the Iraq National bank under Paul Bremer, the Bush appointed manager of Iraq redevelopment."

@Granny:"The war in Iraq was part of a distraction to keep the people from seeing what was really going on with the transferring of wealth into the hands of Bush’s rich buddies."

Anon, you gave no reference for your claim, but, even if true, it's only half the story.

$800 million was little more than pocket change for these looters, given the billions that were actually stolen.

Both Americans and Iraqis were fleeced by those Bush appointed to provide oversight for American and Iraqi monies.

And, yes, Granny, Bush and Company made many of their cronies richer than God with one war profiteering scheme after another.

Here's an online article of just how it was accomplished when Bremer ruled Baghdad.

It's entitled, How Iraq was Looted, by Evelyn Pringle.

If our congress can't get to the bottom of military-related greed and graft, how in the hell can we, the people, do more than hollar in the wind?

Hopefully the power of the voting booth, and our recent election of Obama, will bring back some measure of honesty and accountablity into our government.

But I'm a little cnynical here, and won't be holding my breath.

field negro said...

Anon 9:01PM, I love the Paul Bogle reference, I will have to check out that article.

"Come on Field, in all fairness to say Bush caused the mortgage bubble to burst is much like giving Clinton credit for the dot com bubble."

brohhamas, you are right, but what about that money for Iraq? Wouldn't some of that come in handy right now?

Mesha, I can ring a chicken neck (Hey, I am from the rock remember?)so o problem with that. The PETA folks better back the f*** up.

"Off Topic: Field said "I WOULD RECOMMEND IT FOR EVERY PERSON OF COLOR IN A-MERRY-CA." Why not everyone?"

LC, you are right, but it's just that as a people, we need to know our history more than others. Nothing against my friends in the majority population.

And for you folks in Cali, isn't the e-bey lady running for Gov? And isn't she somewhat of a nut job?

BuelahMan said...

Yeah... Thank God we elected Mr Change, right?

Gonna fix it all, when in fact, everything he does mimics Mr Bush (yet the Sheople can't recognize the repetition).

BTW: Clinton enacted many of the issues that we face (and I certainly am not defending The Cowboy). They are all the same, Field.

You and your readers need to understand this very important fact.

Obama is a Brezinski protege, just as was Clinton, in many ways was HW's protege.

I don't see how anyone can still be wondering whether or not what I say is conspiracy or down-right truth. For it takes what appears to be dead brain cells (as opposed to the "audacity of hope") to not see what is obvious.

Perhaps this little list from UNDERNEWS will help show that what I claim is true... Obama is just another one like the other ones:

Obama's moves to the right

Pushed for what appears to be the largest tax cuts in American history in order to placate the right. He is also only the second president in American history to institute tax cuts during a war. George W. Bush was the other one.

Named the most conservative cabinet of any Democratic president of modern times.

Plans to expand the failed war in Afghanistan.

Has come out in support of the right wing approach to public education.

Is expanding Bush's so-called faith based programs.

Obama's retention of rightwing programs

Refuses to end renditions

His Attorney General plans to continue secret searches of library and bookstore data files.

Will not prosecute Bush administration members for war crimes

Refuses to object to Karl Rove's claim of executive privilege in refusing to cooperate with a congressional investigation.

And he is different than "W", how?

BT said...

Yup... We ain't in Kansas...

Even the shyst...errrr... Lawyers ( :) ) are getting laid off!

Laid-off lawyer in predicament she never imagined

Steve Lopez
February 15, 2009

"I can't get a job anywhere."

I've been getting a lot of e-mails that start like that. This one was from Ellie Trope of Mid-City in Los Angeles, near La Brea, who lost her job more than a year ago. She wrote me after reading my column two weeks ago about the endless mob scene at the employment office in Van Nuys.

Trope, 43, is an attorney with 15 years of experience, and she said lawyers are losing their jobs in droves.

When people in banking and the mortgage industry were getting the heave-ho, it came as no surprise. In fact, on Friday I spoke to a banking executive with 20,000 employees under him who got fired in December after 21 years on the job. But I would have thought anyone with a law degree would be able to talk their way out of a layoff, file for an injunction, whatever.

Not so. Trope told me it's gotten much worse of late, and when I made some phone calls and checked on the Internet, I found that law firms in California and throughout the nation have been handing out pink slips by the dozens and the hundreds.

"Job cuts in U.S. legal sector hit 1,300 for January," said a headline at

"Today isn't over, but it already has a name: Black Thursday," said a Los Angeles County Bar Assn. blog this week, making reference to hundreds of layoffs in the legal biz that were announced around the world the other day.

Trope sounded weary when I spoke to her by phone. The financial pressure of losing her job took a huge toll on her marriage, she told me, and she and her husband are now living separately. They share custody of their two children, and despite the financial strain, Trope hasn't wanted to put the nanny on the bricks too, so she's shuttling back and forth between households with the kids.

"I'm definitely not desperate," said Trope, who worried about coming off like a whiner when so many people are in far worse shape.

But she didn't sound whiny to me. Instead, she was very forthcoming about what it's like to fall from your perch and realize, to your surprise, that being humbled isn't entirely a bad thing.

"Attorneys used to be recession-proof," said Trope, and she assumed she was too...,0,7634251.column

Dang! With the Lawyers getting laid off...

Time is short for the bean counters...

'Cause there's no beans to count anymore.

brohammas said...

Sure the money going to Iraq would be nice...especially truck loads of cash, but just looking at a price tag isn't the whole story.

Lots of that money, or price tag, translates directly to manufacturing and tech jobs, or military payroll... Jobs are what we want right?
The great depression was conquered by, not caused by, war.
I say this not to defend the Iraq war, which I would not do, but to illustrate that it is not spending that is bad, it all depends on what you spend it on.
Lets begin to peg responsability and blame/credit where it belongs. lets look at true cause rather than spout party rhetoric or just fan flames.
W is not a hedge fund manager.
Obama is not Obama is not a communist.
Clinton was not an economic genius.
Calling any of these things would be like calling Mr. Field a rasta when we know he is a crazy bladhead.

ch555x said...

Black Diaspora, Granny, and a few Anon's:

Good calls on that Iraqi mess. That's where a good chunk of the problem is/was. I had that bad vibe back in 2000 when they succeeded in placing W into office after the so-called Clinton trials...and this eye-balling Obama 24-7 and playing "politricks" is just some more smoke & mirrors while wasting time.

Granted, I'm not placing all my chips in his corner since he can't do everything (where's everyone else???). I'm just not falling for the "messiah" satire being thrown about like its some kid's game. This place got looted by criminals coupled with the usual sheeple suspects keeping mute. Folks need to retake that loot and herd the sheeple back to pasture...ROFL!!!

brohammas said...

uhh... "bald-head"

stpid non-spell check comment box.

Anonymous said...

there will be alot more folks putting guns to their heads and their family heads because they have forgotton whati its like to live. I am sorry to say but us poor folks already know how to make 400 dollars last by shopping at the savalots, aldi, price rites or any other discount stores. We already know how to make a cup of coffee intstead of paying $8 or making a meal stretch with the roasted chicken on sunday, chicken sandwich on monday, chicken soup on tuesday & wednesday. Ya you may get tired of chicken but the kids are full, warm and loved.

I continue to pray i have a paycheck to the bills i have now. because the shelters are full and people are living in their cars.

Everyone have my prayers

BT said...

Damn... Even rich white Rethuglys are beginning to get the message -

Romneys to Sell Two of Four Homes

The former presidential candidate and his wife want to fetch $8.25 million for one home in the Boston suburbs and another in Deer Valley, Utah.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BOSTON -- Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is selling two of his homes.

A spokesman for the former Massachusetts governor says Romney and his wife, Ann, have put their 9,500-square-foot Deer Valley, Utah ski lodge on the market for $5.25 million, and are also selling the suburban Boston home where they raised their five sons. The 6,400-square-foot
Colonial on 2.5 acres in Belmont is expected to fetch about $3 million.

Spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said the Romneys are "downsizing and simplifying."

The Romneys still own a $10 million home on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro, N.H. and a $12 million beachfront compound in La Jolla, Calif.

Fehrnstrom said the couple intends to buy a condominium in the Boston area.

Don't cry for me, America...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

there are a LOT of lawyers getting laid off. Hoopajoop was posting poems about Black Thursday on Calculated Risk.

Field, I gotta story I wanna tell you, it's so messed up!

A friend of mine knows a couple who's getting divorced over cable TV. That's right, CABLE TV! Apparently the wife found out that was the only thing that made her marriage tolerable.
So, my friend is helping both of them (without letting them know that he's helping the other one) get divorced. And they're BOTH trying to cheat the other one.

Problem is, the wife's dumb, and teh husband ain't no dummy. He's sitting there collecting evidence on all of his wife's cheating, so that he can absolutely crush her in court.

My friend? He's gonna get subpoenaed from both sides, probably -- if they can find him, which is unlikely (he hates courts and loves mischief).

The whole thing is SO fucked up! Be glad this isn't your case (unless you need the money, as this looks like it could take a while to sort out).

Anonymous said...


I read your post last night at the same time watching CNN when John King announced that the state of California is laying off 20,000 state workers. It's probably the reason why Gov. Arnold and Gov. Crist supported the stimulus bill because they are desperate need of funds. New Jersey is in the same situation, and Gov. Corzine has been trying for the past two years to get legislation passed to raise tolls and the voters voted against spending on stem-research which probably would have created some jobs. He is the process of asking teachers to forgo a raise, and the state will the raise retroactively when the economy is back on track and does not have to resort laying off teachers, but the union does not want to do it. That has a deep affect on all of us.

Anonymous said...

Do Field Negroes really salute dead cops or are you doing it to kiss ass because you are an attorney and you may need their low life asses some day? I've never seen a Field Negro salute dead cops. Who cares? They know the perils of the job. They are no different/no better than anyone else on this blog. I'm thinkin' you are House Nigga in disguise.

Christopher said...

As with all things, what happens in California eventually effects the rest of the country.

Be it social and cultural trends, foods or, economics.

How the biggest, richest, most diverse state in the country reached the point where a $42 billion dollar shortfall occurred will be studied and debated for years to come.

But I do know this: the current economic morass happened on a Republican governor's watch, just as the national recession happened on a Republican president's watch.

If you connect the dots you can trace this mess all the way back to Saint Reagan's administration. But hell, don't believe me but you might want to believe Reagan's first Budget Director, David Stockman, who in an interview told William Geidner that Reagan had such contempt for social programs that he and Stockman figured out if they could set the nation on a collision course with deficit spending, eventually programs like Medicare, Medicaid, education, the NIH and foreign aide would be impossible to maintain. The only expenditure Saint Reagan approved of was the military.

Well, folks -- we're just about there.

Anonymous said...


I'm with you. What the EFF is up with a so-called Field Negro saluting someone whose profession is PROUD to treat Blacks especially poorly, to the point of rendering their lives least valuable?! And Field calls the President "soft?" What the EFF. WHAT.THE.EFF.

Anonymous said...

Field Negroes salute the cops who are out there trying to protect the community. There are too many incidents where police don't do their job. The ones who do the right thing and the ones who are killed while trying to do the right thing deserve respect.

President Obama tried to extend a hand to the Republicans and they repeatedly slap it away. Let it be on record that he tried to work with them. He should move forward, without them.

BT said...

Nikki from Vegas said - "Do Field Negroes really salute dead cops ...?"

You bet. This one does.

Any cop who murders an unarmed black kid needs to be strapped to a gurney and have a needle shoved up his ass.

Ditto for any black thug murdering a cop.

Seems to me we just fought an eight year battle against folks who believe in different justice for different people.

Scooter Libby, after committing treason, resulting in the deaths of dozens of our people...

Wrists never being graced with iron cuff links, and having his hand tap sentence commuted.

While the Blago gets greeted in front of his house by a dozen swat teams cuffing and frog marching his ass to jail for the temerity of trying to sell a Senator-ship...

Instead of buying a politician the old fashioned way - bribery.

The old saw - "No Justice, No peace"...

Cuts both ways.

west coast story said...

I'm changing my withholding after my tax preparer does her magic. I'm never going to be owed another nickel by the state or the feds. I'd like to carve out what I'm from Arnolds backside.

And while I'm on the topic, I want to thank all of the knuckleheads responsible for the recall of Gray Davis and giving us the Governator. Yes, indeed, things are so much better. Now that we know that the energy crisis was a scam and now that Arnold has agreed to raise the vehicle license fee, a fee he railed against during his campaign as a ripoff of taxpayers, I just want to say THANK YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Man, I knew it would not take long for the Republicans to be the left's scapegoat for the economic woes.

As though the Democrats did not have one hand in this during Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 1and Clinton, and Bush 2?

Oh well...I think I'll kick back and watch this train wreck (in slow motion) unfold. I may take up cigar smoking and gardening in the months to come.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

West Coast:

Girl, let me know when you ready to do that carving out of Arnold's backside, because I'm gone help you. And amen to what you said, I agree.

I have two cars, an SUV, and a convertible, so you know I'm not happy about the vehicle license tax. I'm still trying to get used to paying what almost is similar to a car note payment in amount on PG&E and cable as well. Arnold lied about school funding too. BTW, whatever happened to the money from the lottery that was supposed to help the schools?

I wish folks would let these actors stay in Hollywood where they need to be and stop voting for them to be the governor of our state. Can someone tell me why they always vote for actors that are just like their movies,no good?

Yup, Enron did us a job. Ken Lay another one of Bush's rich buddies. Just think, Enron's retirement plan is what Bush wanted to model Social Security after. Whelp, I don't have to tell you how Enron's retirement plan worked out. Those at the top got paid, those at the bottom, whelp, S U C K E R. I wish someone would investigate Barbara Bush too and see if she got an insider trader deal when Enron crashed. I don't put nothing pass the Bushes.

My favorite was Noelle Bush though, she got more nerve than a brass monkey. Busted for drugs twice, went to a drug rehab, and got caught for possession of cocaine in the rehab, now that's nerve. If I remember correctly she was selling it. Or how about the Jebs youngest son who got caught having sex in the Tallahasee Shopping Mall parking lot. Yup, the Bush kids are truly a chip off the old block. Must be some bad blood somewhere along the ancestor line.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


No you didn't say that Democrats were using Republicans for a scapegoat for the economy woes after these last past 8 years of so-called Republican fiscal responsibility. Okay, I got it, you must be bored today and trying to drum up some excitement.

If you just want some excitement for today why don't you just try skydiving or car racing or safari hunting or rodeo riding. Either one of those will get the old adrenalin pumped up, but please don't try to put the blame for the economy on the Democrats. Have you been listening to Rush the drug addict? Lord Jesus help Adam today!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't find how to contact you directly, so I'm posting here. I've been reading for a while; recommending you around.
Welcome to the freaktent, featuring Hal Turner:

Anonymous said...


Oh...I never cease to be in need of the Lord's help. Cynicism is one of my worst enemies.

I was actually more optimistic when six months ago when the market first tanked. My optimism has withered considerably.

It takes too much faith to believe, however, that one man (Bush) and one party (Republicans) is SOLELY responsible for this mess. I will grant that Bush and Co. pushed us there a little faster. But, this crazy train has been gaining momentum since Vietnam. Every administration and congress have had their hands in this mud pie.

Bush and Co. is a very convenient scapegoat (and they are so easy to dislike) but the nose-miners sitting on both sides of aisle have profited greatly from thet terrible monetary and economic policies this country has had.

This choas is also global and it has been coming for very long time.

Anyway, I expect that portraying Republicans as the only culprits will be the flavor and style for the years to come.

Anyway...I would not mind seeing some political chaos in Washington myself - get members the Greens, Libertarians, Socialists, Reform, and Constitutionalists all in there with our beloved Dems and Repus to shake it up.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


To tell you the truth, just about all of those politicians, well not quite all of them, up in Congress are getting on my last nerve.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

I co-sign 100% with Annon 7:00pm

Anonymous said...

Cheron, are you going PE on me?
"Can't truss it" :)

Okay that was a makeshift booby tramp just in case you wasn't one of passed....lmaoooo

field negro said...

No Anon 7:00PM, and 7:20PM,I appreciate YOU guys, and so does Mrs. Field. Without you, I would not have my sanity. So big thanks to the folks who read and comment here. I mean that!

Now I have to be my usual asshole self again:

"Do Field Negroes really salute dead cops or are you doing it to kiss ass because you are an attorney and you may need their low life asses some day? I've never seen a Field Negro salute dead cops. Who cares? They know the perils of the job...."

Nikki, with all due respect; you are a fucking idiot. FYI, that cop saved a bus full of people of color just the week before from a knife wielding maniac.Some of those people were old and black.

He was also a husband and soon to be a father. Failing to recognize someones humanity because of the color of his skin or his profession is house Negro behavior. You are no better than the people who enslaved your dumb ass. Until you free your mind you will forever be a slave.

But thanks for commenting.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Granny is with you 100% on your comment, "Failing to recognize someones humanity because of the color of his skin or his profession," because Granny don't want to see anyone's life ended either, regardless, of who they are. I would, instead, prefer only if they're crooked or racist for them to get some act right and do the right thing.

And, definitely, amen on they have family that loves them just like anyone else. People should have compassion for families who have lost their loved ones, because they'd want someone to have compassion for them if the shoe were on the other foot. That man's children will grow up without their father and that is sad.

In mean the time, granny is gonna keep on pitching a hissy fit about the corrupt and racist jerks, until they do, which will probably be until the day the Lord calls me to come home.

BTW, Anon 7:00 PM, that was a nice gesture and I agree and cosign as well. Field has a brillant mind that challenges people to think.

Anonymous said...

dont worry the feds will come up with your salary. u will be spared the pain. i guarantee this. you should kiss obama feet

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


BTW, Jesse Lee Peterson belongs to Project 21, and so does David Amasi, Mychal Massie,and Michael King who are all full of dung. Anything that Peterson has a hand in is rotten to the core and has extreme racist views.

Anonymous said...

I co-sign 100% with Annon 7:00pm, along with Paul Bogle on that. Thank you!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

This is what some of my friends are talking about.

These are the folks who Bush let help themselves to the U.S Treasury:

Lockheed Martin
General Dynamics
General Electric
United Technologies
Northrop Grumman

How no bid contract companies<---some of Bush's buddies were stealing billions in Iraq by failing to do contracted work, doing shoddy work, oh yeah, and painting old Iraqi equipment and selling it to us as new.

Oh yeah, Fox News said that folks that lost their homes are deadbeats who would be profiting at the expense of working people.

Anonymous said...

i'm actually quite surprised more folks haven't taken to the streets with pitchforks and torches all the way to dallas texas, home of dubya....

Kofi Bofah said...

California is in big trouble.

Anonymous said...


The Great State of Texas an't broke :)

We're Repub ruled.

Anonymous said...

well, we got Obama elected. that's something at least! (with the potential for martial law after 10/10/08... it wasn't a sure thing).

1 in 12 chance of a ten year long depression.
1 in 20 chance of American Civil War.
1 in 3 chance of Southern California riots.

Times are bad. Anyone who hasn't read Stiglitz' article in Vanity Fair -- he calls out the responsible parties. And one of them AIN'T Carter(the last truthworthy president)!

Greenspan got the party rolling, and it's been building up steam ever since.

Anonymous said...

No Field. I'm not the slave. You are the slave apparently. Cops do shit all the time to black people but you-the supposed Field Negro- hardly ever seem to call them out. That smacks of House Negro-ism. The fact that you have your head stuck so far up the cracks of cops? That again is House Negro-ism. I never said anything about the color of his skin, it just so happens that white cops are the biggest perpetrators of abuse against black people. IMO, you are the dumb ass and the idiot on this matter. I've never seen you assault white racist commenters the way you just insulted me. I understand. You probably have some of your shitty cop friends reading this blog and you have to put on an angry front. I will never support the police. I will also never do anything to put myself in their line of fire. Things such as riding the metro or going out past 7 pm or eating from a dorito bag or walking out of a store with only a receipt and no bag.

I love you brutha but, we are just gonna have to agree to disagree on this one.

Anonymous said...

Nikki what about all the black police officers that have died in the line of duty?

Anonymous said...

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