Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pep talk.

As most of you know I love sports analogies, so I am going to use one here.

A-merry-ca these days is like a basketball team with loads of talent that is getting beaten by a lesser team. We are down double digits at half time and we needed our coach to inspire us and tell us to go out and use the talent that we have and win the damn game.

The O man was our coach tonight, and he did a good job of trying to fire up the A-merry-can team. He laid out the x and o's to help us do it, and he inspired his players to get fired up and go out and lay it all on the line. That is what he needed to do. For too long he talked like a coach whose team was finished and was down by too many points. His players were hanging their heads and looking at the Dow scoreboard and thinking it was over. This speech tonight changed that somewhat, and I will be damned if his players probably aren't feeling like they might be able to pull out a win.

"But while our economy may be weakened and our confidence shaken; though we are living through difficult and uncertain times, tonight I want every American to know this: We will rebuild, we will recover, and the United States of America will emerge stronger than before.."

Put me in coach!

Oh, and before I sign off, I have to make a few points:

You all will notice that Eric Holder wasn't in the House chamber tonight. I think his O ness might have told him to be the one to stay at a hidden place in case of an attack. We don't need A-merry-ca being reminded about what "cowards" they are tonight, Eric.

I loved the first lady's hook up. Mrs. Obama I can honestly say that you are the first and only First Lady in history who made my johnson restless.

Who was the brotha in the greeting line who looked like he jumped off an Ohio Players album cover?

And was that his O ness hugging Richard Shelby? O man, maybe you can walk on water.

I am watching the republicans own version of his O ness give the republican response now.(Poor guy, even FOX is dissing him) And all I can say is that if imitation is the greatest form of flattery, the dumbocrats must be feeling downright giddy.


buffbaygrl said...

You have me smiling tonite.

As for Mrs O.Be careful you don't want the Secret Service visiting your Johnson. Best to keep it rested and out of sight.

Jody said...

Tonight, Obama reminded me why I voted for him. He knocked it out of the park (mixing sports metaphors, sorry)...

I thought he set a great tone and the themes of what we need to do, energy, health care, and education are right on.

Jendyl, by contrast, was just wierd. His cadence was like he was talking to Mr. Rogers neighborhood instead of adults. And, it seemed very, very forced. Is this really the guy the repubs want to hitch their hopes to? really???

Anonymous said...

Day-um its always Basketball and Johnsons with you Coloreds...and I don't blame Gerneral Holder, Capitol Hills a pretty tough area...

Anonymous said...

I glad he's "cheerleading" now, I guess I expected it eventually. I doubt that his policies and goals will change. Tax increases and cap and trade have a funny way of screwing the economy. But you'll sleep better at night, I guess.


Comrade PhysioProf said...

Mrs. Obama I can honestly say that you are the first and only First Lady in history who made my johnson restless.


Speaking of your johnson, how's the training going??

momo said...

On Twitter, the consensus seems to be "Prez FTW, Jindal FAIL." This is the first (not) State of the Union I have been able to listen to in eight years.

Dr. Know said...

As momo said, first time in years I've been able to make it through a speech and not want to attack the TeeVee. Our credibility in the world arena has been climbing steadily since Jan 20.

Sure, we can win - but are the 535(6) other idiots going to make the hard decisions necessary to do so. We shall see...

field negro said...

"Speaking of your johnson, how's the training going??"

Comrade....I am going to make that run in record time. And I think I will be You Tube ready. :)

Jody, you did mix metaphors, but yours was right on time as well.

momo, I am going to have to spend more time on twitter. I almost never check over there.

Anonymous said...

President Obama was magnificent--a great leader. SLUMDOG JINDAL is a sorry excuse for a Governor. First, the rethugs thought Palin was future Presidential material. Now Jindal? I think the entire Republican party needs group therapy on a weekly basis for the next 4 years.

field negro said...


Now see.....okay it was funny.

Chris said...

Such a great speech tonight. I was really moved when he talked about the young girl and her fight to improve her school.

Jindal...does he really talk like that? Felt like it was a bedtime story.

Jmee said...

Why did Clarence Thomas bumrush past Ruth Ginsberg like that??? He needs to slow his perverted ass down.

Not like he was actually interested in anything that Obama had to say.

Chris said...

Please don't make jokes about Jindal's ethnicity. There's more than enough to go on about his lousy response.

ActsofFaithBlog said...

Ok it was very inspiring and hella ambitious. Healthcare now? Wow. I "hope" this comes to pass. We are going to have to fight every Republican and lead-bellied Democrat to get this agenda done though. I am so sick of their grandstanding about "debts passed to my grandchildren". IRAQ!!!! They didn't care then. They didn't care about handing over $$$ + an extra $70B to the bankers. They have ZERO credibility and I sincerely hope enough voters get the shaft so they start voting some of these bozos out. I also couldn't help but notice how happy Nancy Pelosi looked. And yes "Shelly O" rocked. Will she be replacing Lark in your fantasies?

Chris said...

Not to keep on hogging the comments section, but tonight was the night I noticed that Michelle's pretty damn good looking. She's definitely the first first lady in my life(all 24 years of it) that I would...well. you know.

sorry, can't always turn that part of my brain off. :)

classical one said...

Mrs. Obama I can honestly say that you are the first and only First Lady in history who made my johnson restless.

I'm glad you said it!

ebonyI said...

If the Republican *dream team* to contest President Obama is Jindal + Palin (or the reverse!) then 2 terms is a lock.

I have to assume Jindal's response wasn't written by him, so he had no emotional connection - unlike the Commander in Chief, who spoke of being a father, and being responsible not only to yourself re: dropping out of high school but to your country, and that we can't be the country that invented the automobile and let our domestic industry die damnit! (I know he wanted to curse, he's a passionate guy).

I wasn't looking at Mrs. Obama like THAT, though I did think there might be some First Lady goodies served when he got home, just from the good vibes...gotta keep the party going ;)

El Machete said...

i got something for your refusal to label Obama a House Negro...


Man he's livin IN tha house...
Massa been good to him.
Your support of Obama and refusal to post any real critcism of him is slowly pulling you out of tha fields man. Stay true.
-El Machete
check out my blog..i encourage others to check yours out.

Minnie said...

"Mrs. Obama I can honestly say that you are the first and only First Lady in history who made my johnson restless."

Aye, cut that out!
She looked beautiful as always.

What was that Republican response about? Sooo unnecessary. The conservatives are sounding pretty salty on C-Span. That's a good sign, I suppose.

The Angry Independent said...


Great analogy...

And I have to confess... I have been in the closet on Michelle Obama for a while (even before the election). I thought I was the only one. But I figured... it wouldn't be very appropriate to say that the First Lady is Hot. lol

Anonymous said...

Field, here's some romance advice for the romance man himself: http://www.theonion.com/content/columnists/political_goals_for_2009


Cal Soldier said...

To me, the best comment of the night was, "And dropping out of high school is no longer an option. It’s not just quitting on yourself, it’s quitting on your country – and this country needs and values the talents of every American."
Oh, how long I've been waiting for someone to reaffirm that....

Anonymous said...

Dude, if O-man were a hockey coach I was ready to hop over the board and do my Jack Tatum on skates imitation. :)

And Jindal was a joke. I spent the whole time on Twitter making fun of his dumb ass. Who the hell can find a job in the Yellow Pages when the state's unemployment rate is 10% and it's broke?

Bob said...

I thought it was a terrific speech, in which never let the bigshots in the room forget that he was talking to us, explaining things to us.

Is Bobby Jindal the Repugs' bright future?

Black Diaspora said...

Gov Jindal did appear a little robotic tonight.

Are you sure that he's not some kind of stepford politician reciting what someone has programmed him to say?

Come to think of it, I believe that most of the Republicans I know, and those whose blogs I read, appear a little animatronic, as though they've been taken over my some off-planet race of body-snatchers out to destroy the world's economy one
stand-on-principles Republican after the other.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I can't believe that they actually want Jindal to be their next Presidential candidate. I almost had to get some toothpicks to hold my eyes open while he gave his speech. That was suppose to be a speech wasn't it? I'm sorry but they need to quit. President Obama is way out of their league. That's like putting a featherweight in the ring with a heavyweight. Yup, I agree with Anonymous 11:27"Republican party needs group therapy on a weekly basis for the next 4 years" or maybe longer.


See, what did I tell you. (wink) Everything gone be alright.

black rose said...

Great speech, great analogy.
I wanted to say something about your (cough) First Lady Comment, but I won't.

Granny, everything will be all right.

Clarence Thomas ran in front of her because he knew she would be greeted with a warm response and he wouldn't. He was uncomfortable being out of the house.

In the Field, smiling,
Black Rose

Anonymous said...

President Obama did a Brilliant Job. I was kind of holding my breath for him, but I love the way he seemed to put everyone in the room at ease.
Bobby Jindal... was painful to watch. What was that about? It sounded like he thought the campaign was still going on. Republicans need to sit their whiny butts elsewhere. I think America's done with them for a while.

Anonymous said...

I actually stood up and clapped when Obama told America's parents to turn off the television and to read their children a book. Best thing he's said so far during his presidency.

The only thing I can say to the Louisiana Governor is: Bobby Jindal you are not my (destiny) "Jai Ho!" (Think: Slumdog Millionaire)

Swiff said...

I predict that Secret Service agents will break into Field's home and pummel him in the crotch with nightsticks.

By the end of the week.


Sorry, Field.

field negro said...

Folks, to be fair to Jindal, that was a tough act to follow.

But why do I get the feeling that he is a serious pawn?

field negro said...

"I predict that Secret Service agents will break into Field's home and pummel him in the crotch with nightsticks.

By the end of the week."

Oh Lawd! But Swiff, it's not a weapon. Well, not a deadly one.:)

Let me stop, it's early, and I have been up all night working on a some legal crap.

Miranda said...

Was I the only one expecting Bobby Jindal to recite some 5 yr old's Easter speech when he came out?

Orchid said...

Miranda lol! No, you were not the only one.

BuelahMan said...

"But while our economy may be weakened and our confidence shaken; though we are living through difficult and uncertain times, tonight I want every American to know this: We will rebuild, we will recover, and the United States of America will emerge stronger than before.."

So that is the line that fires up Field?


I am sorely disappointed in you. I thought you were a thinker.

Take care, dude.

tjwash said...

I have got to say that Jindal is a world class jagoff.

First the asshole spends spend 10 minutes reciting his autobiography, then delivers his "rebuttal" like he was telling a 5 year old a scary bedtime story. Fuck him...we are coming fresh off of 8 years of being talked down to by someone with the intellectual capacity of a gnat.

Oh, and don't drag out the same tired, beaten message of "goverment bad" "taxcuts fix everything". The whole fucking country has been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, wore it out and we don't want another one.

Maybe next time he'll hold a flashlight under his chin when he gets to the scary parts about the government and bureaucrats rampaging through the streets and eating brains.

Christopher said...

I stopped counting the standing ovations after 30. It was Obama's night. He is the face of the Democratic party and with an approval rating of 70%, we finally have a president we can respect and believe in.

Oh, the horror of being a Republican today.

As far as the GOP bringing out Bobby Jindal, he was dreadful. A corpse. He would've been better if he had spoken in tongues.

ABlackGirlNameBev* said...

*sitting on the bench looking ancious and waiting for the coach to put me in the game!!*

uptownsteve said...

Great speech by the O man.

And Jindal was pathetic.

The GOP has a real knack for finding these mercenaries of color like Jindal and Steele who gleefully play lawn jockey for 'em.


Anonymous said...

I noticed the bumrush by Uncle Tommy as well. Nearly knocked the petite and frail Ginsberg over. Un-freakin-believable!

Insofar as Jindal - that was a sad performance last night. Looked like a puppet with his strings showing.

Obama's speech was a smackdown of the Rethugly obstructionism. Even Jindal had to admit in the high point of his wooden soliloquy that the Rethugs had forked-up the last 8 years of their rule.

Rethugs pioneered the recall election with Grey Davis in California...

What goes round... comes round.


Christopher Chambers said...

Most Indians I know aren't a big fan of Jindal's. They aren't exactly liberals, but they look at him as a sort of freak.

But only in La. could a freak rise. Look at the clowns on the other side--mary Landrieu, Ray Nagin...Bill...gulp...Jefferson...

404Kim said...

Field - I think your sports analogy is spot on.

Hell, Congress was treating the man like Jordan! I think it took him 30 minutes to get out the room from having to autograph those booklets.

And Jindal? Please! I wonder how man times they had to wind him up in order to get through that whole "speech"...

Christopher said...

Bobby Jindal: the great hope of the GOP in 2012.

Maybe he and Palin can run on the Republican ticket and assure Obama/Biden reelection in 2012 with a sweet 68% majority.

Anonymous said...

Christopher - Jindal is an able and effective administrator when the objective is to get a job done. He has done (overall) a good job as Governor, and cut through a lot of the corrupt crap in Louisiana to help with that states recovery efforts.

Like a lot of Rethuglys though, he's like something out of the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" after being "prepped" by Rethugly aliens. It's like they lose their fucking minds whenever you get more than 3 Rethuglys in the same room.

The little girl from South Carolina last night, who had written letters to each Congressman and Senator about the desperate conditions in her school was a poignant reminder of the separate and unequal days before Civil Rights - and the fact that they still exist in Rethugly ruled states...

In the case of South Carolina, where their Rethugly Gov. Mark Sanford is saying he isn't going to take the bailout money for his state.

The new Rethugly confederacy doesn't look much different...

Than the old one.


Anonymous said...

It's not good to give a wet blanket response when the President had an excellent speech with the goal of inspire morale of the country. Bobby Jindal ended up looking like a sap which is ironic since his a Rhode Scholar. However, it's also ironic for a person who has a degree in biology supports intelligent design.

I agree with Field, if that is the best the republican party can come up with, then it's happy days for the Democratic party. I saw Michael Steele on Morning Joe (another sap) with the same boiler plate stance. Someone should have told the man that his glases were on crooked.

Christopher said...


Bobby Jindal is clueless about the realities in his own state of Louisiana.

Jindal, a the darling of the Sunday morning TV blab circuit, keeps repeating the myth that Hurricanes Katrina and Rita caused "no oil spills" in his state.

Jindal's comments on FIXED Noise, stunned everyone from the EPA, to the people of Louisiana, to FEMA, when he said it was a "great unwritten success story" that there were no oil spills after Katrina and Rita.

He's an idiot.

Christopher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christopher said...

Beyond speaking in tongues, here's another tidbit about Bobby Jindal.

He calls himself “Bobby” because he was obsessed with The Brady Bunch as a kid.

I guess it's a good thing he didn't watch "Lassie."

Adam said...

I am reminded of how pathetic Walter Mondale (D) was in the face of Ronald Reagan (R) in the 1984 campaign.

The (R) party, at least for now, cannot produce a spokesperson with the skill level of Obama.

Wolfhound said...

I've been reading this blog for a while now and normally really enjoy your point of view, field. But to objectify Michelle Obama in such a blatant way really upset me and at the risk of being called humorless I need to say so here in the comments. Your statement leads me to believe that you believe Ms. Obama (and by extension all women) to be receptacles whose value is determined primarily by how attractive you find them. Very dehumanizing, and not cool. I'm going to have to take a break from the field for a bit.

Adam said...

I did not vote for Obama in this last election and I have not voted Republican for a very long time.

But, President Obama is the first Democrat that I have admiration for.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes... There is a little justice in the world -

When Bush was asked a few months ago what he planned to do after he left the White House, he said he thought he’d give a few speeches in order to “replenish the ol’ coffers.” There have apparently been no offers so far. It’s hard to imagine who would pay to hear a speech by the Worst President Ever.

But the Republicans’ former Dear Leader is not the only member of his administration in exile to be otherwise unengaged. According to the report, 75 percent of the 3,000 people who worked for the Bush government are still unemployed.


Guess resumes with the description of last job as - "ran country into the ground"...

Aren't very high up on the search engines.


Anonymous said...

Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them. Fact check this CNN;


Swiff said...

Hey Field, were you aware that the Philadelphia Daily News is biting your headlines?

And LOL @ Jindal's wack ass speech. Don't try to dunk after Dr. J, pal.

Go B. said...

I know right? And for the first time I feel like we actually have a leader for a President. Don't get me wrong I liked the Clintons but I was still a teenager when he was in office :)

Please don't get me started on Bobby Jindal who happens to be my governor...*sighs* I have to blog about that disaster of a "speak out"


Go B.

Anonymous said...

So you jack off to our beautiful First Lady when you see her, huh?

Amazing that an educated Black man is unable to comment about an attractive woman without referencing how you want to dyck her down; your mentality is no different than the fools on the corner psst pssting at attractive women who walk by.

Why not just say she looked lovely/stunning/etc? Sometimes I honestly believe many BM can only relate to BW on the most base, primitive level and your comment underscores that.

True to the stereotype, and just plain ignorant.

Christopher said...


Here's some post-racial America, Orange County-style.

This guy is a real douchebag.

The mayor of Los Alamitos, CA is coming under fire for an e-mail he sent out that depicts the White House lawn planted with watermelons, under the title "No Easter egg hunt this year."


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

What I found interesting about Jindal's so-call speech was him praising a sheriff that has a reputation for racial profiling blacks, seeing how I've, also, heard a few rumors about Jindal's racial views.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, This is insulting to me.
You're quoting Malcolm X and then talking about Michelle Obama as if she was posing in a bathing suit on a poster. She has earned our respect. I don't know about you, but I am going to treat her and her family in my commentary as I would someone that I thought was doing the right thing. I've noticed a certain insensitivity to black women on this blog...I guess you attack what you can not control or do not understand.

Anonymous said...

FIELD NEGRO! what is your PROBLEM? you should clean that remark up! MICHELLE OBAMA is the FIRST LADY! and you, would make a remark like that!

MICHELLE OBAMA is to be RESPECTED! and how in the world, can you say something so DISRESPECTFUL, and you say, you are a MARRIED MAN! JESUS!

FIELD NEGRO, let me remind you that, your WEBSITE is open to the PUBLIC, so that mean's, that anyone could be reading your BLOG! even the FIRST LADY!

grinder said...

Obama's speech bored me so much that I was barely awake for the Republican's talk. What I did see of it was a joke, as usual. I must have not been in much of a political mood last night.

grinder said...

By the way, Mrs. O was lookin' damn hot, and I don't even like girls. That camera shot of her at the beginning of the speech was probably the highlight of the night.

Adam said...

Hey Field,

Those of us regular drinkers at your tavern know your heart's intentions.

But, after scrolling through this thread, I am sensing a coming Tsumami of angry posts headed your way on your remarks concerning the First Lady.

You may want "modify" that statement somewhat.

The A said...

I'm with Adam.

Don't let a false sense of familiarity diminish the respect we have for the lady, the office, or the married couple. How would you feel if people were openly discussing Mrs. Field is such lascivious ways?

Sure we've grown to expect first ladies to be dowdy but let's keep the sexual comments to nil.

As a black woman- I'm so uncomfortable with how okay everyone seems to be discussing the Obama's sexual relationship. Give respect.

If Sean Hannity were saying what you said about Mrs Obama, we'd be up in arms against the old racist stereotypes.

Take that Shhh back to the barber shop.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Oh, if you think this is the end of these little sly racist stereotype jokes and comments, whelp, it's not. In fact, they've just begun. I live in CA and black folks are well aware that Orange County is embedded with racism. This mayor will probably be picked for the next GOP presidential candidate because of two qualities the GOP uphold and that is lying and racist views. He is lying when he says that he didn't know this would be offensive to black people. I'm tired of these so-called educated people feigning they didn't know that certain stereotypes are offensive to blacks. Yeah right!

And Field, you do need to eat a little humble pie on your comment towards the First Lady and apologize. I understand that men little hormones sometimes get out whack and the dog in them sometimes gets a little frisky. That's why sistahs have to train 'em every now and then and pull on their little lease. If I was Mrs. Field, right about now, your dinner would be burned to a crispy, tar black through and through and like Madea said, "Lock,lock..." Next time, I'd advise you to just take a cold shower and keep it to yourself.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I don't know what took some men on this blog that long to see that Mrs. Obama is a beautiful woman. She has a rare type of beauty that most women would die for, the kind that shines inside out.

Chris said...

Get lives if you people think men don't think about these things.

Adam said...


I think few men would dispute the fact that our nation's first lady is a beautiful woman.

Yes, OK, I should have posted that sooner.

I think she carries herself with a grace & finesse and yet she has a commanding presence at the same time.

It will interesting to how her roll unfolds during Obama's presidency.

Michelle Obama in 2016 anyone???

classical one said...

And Field, you do need to eat a little humble pie on your comment towards the First Lady and apologize. I understand that men little hormones sometimes get out whack and the dog in them sometimes gets a little frisky. That's why sistahs have to train 'em every now and then and pull on their little lease.

I don't think this has anything to do with black men per se. Didn't many white men make overtly sexual comments about Sara Palin during the election? We can demand people don't talk about it, but truth is men and women are just different. Even if we like and admire a woman we sexualize them in a way women don't do to men. Is that wrong? No, it just is what it is. These things are in a mans nature, weather he says it out loud or not.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I don't think it's just a male thing, because women do it too, but they do it amongst themselves.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I'm really sick and tired and fed up with the chicken, foodstamp money, monkey, watermelon, and other little degrading and demeaning so-called stereotype jokes that are coming up left and right at the President's expense. Enough is enough! A black man is just that a MAN just like any other man with the same hopes and desires as any other human being. He has the same bodily functions, organs, bones, muscles, tissues as any other human being, and when he bleeds, red blood flows from his veins as well. That mayor shouldn't be in a position that serves in and presides over a public office that is suppose to represent all the people.

Whelp, I'm going lay down for a spell. I'm not feeling the best today. Have a blessed and victorious day!

field negro said...

"And Field, you do need to eat a little humble pie on your comment towards the First Lady and apologize."

CO, I will think about it.....ok thought about it,and I decided that I have nothing to apologize for. If anon. 1:42 thinks that what I wrote is the definition of "jacking off", well then he/she might have some bigger issues that can't be solved here.

"Why not just say she looked lovely/stunning/etc? Sometimes I honestly believe many BM can only relate to BW on the most base, primitive level and your comment underscores that.

True to the stereotype, and just plain ignorant."

May I suggest Duracells?

"Sure we've grown to expect first ladies to be dowdy but let's keep the sexual comments to nil."

"The A", why exactly would we do that? I will never tip toe around A-merry-ca's prurient sensibilities.

"How would you feel if people were openly discussing Mrs. Field is such lascivious ways?"

A better question would be how would I feel if they did not. I think it's a good thing if people find your mate sexually attractive, no? I sure as hell know how Mrs. Field would feel.

Granny, I hope I did not offend you with the supposed ribald way which I described the First Lady. But you might just have to think of me as one of your unruly children that you have to scold every now and then.:)

Hagar's Daughter said...

You said: I loved the first lady's hook up. Mrs. Obama I can honestly say that you are the first and only First Lady in history who made my johnson restless.

My response:
Your comment about Mrs. Obama was inappropriate and sexist. There is no humor in sexism. It's the same as receiving an email with watermelons on the lawn of the White House.

My comment is not in response to "defending" Mrs. Obama, it goes beyond this one woman.

Chris said...

He wasn't the one that wrote that, genius.


And who cares if someone did? Get a life!

Chris said...

"There is no humor in sexism. "

That's rich. Me and hundreds of other comedians, and millions who've laughed at an assortment of jokes disagree. Comedy is a science, and you just don't seem to believe in evolution.

The A said...

I'm having a real Kizzy moment with this.

My discomfort with these comments is based in the history of black women's bodies being subjected to the vile sexual glare and violent acts of anyone and everyone. It's about black men in this country being unable to protect even their wives and daughters for many years. There is something that makes me want to see Mr. Obama break his foot off in your asses for being disrespectful of his wife.

It's also about people respecting Mrs. Obama like the beautiful intelligent black queen that she is. It's about not being able to name ONE black woman that has ever been treated with the highest respect in this country.

It's about respecting the dignity of our First Lady of the United States. Here is the highest profile black power couple EVER in the highest office of our country and all I keep hearing is if he's getting any.

I'm not denying the fact that men are simple and immature and have these pervvy thoughts. I'm just saying it's elderly-dirty-drunken-uncle-with-sunspots creepy and really nauseating to hear you guys going on and on about it.

Remember the scene in Boomerang when Lady Eloise (Kitt) was hittin on Marcus (Murphy)??!!

Yeah, that feeling.

field negro said...

"Remember the scene in Boomerang when Lady Eloise (Kitt) was hittin on Marcus (Murphy)??!!"

What was wrong with that scene? I actually thought Lady Eloise was kind of...well, you know, looked good.

"I'm not denying the fact that men are simple and immature and have these pervvy thoughts.... "

On that we can agree.

"It's also about people respecting Mrs. Obama like the beautiful intelligent black queen that she is. It's about not being able to name ONE black woman that has ever been treated with the highest respect in this country."

I can't name all of them. But every black woman I meet every day is treated with the "highest respect". And I really don't have to defend my body of work and my actions to people posting here because of their own sensitivities. Let's just say that my momma raised me well. And people who know me know that.

Let's just chill and celebrate the fact that men (and women) find our first black first lady attractive. Our own version of Jackie O, what's wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

Don't be so LOW re: the First Lady. Your moniker is Field, not DIRT.


Chris said...

So many people seek to find themselves offended. That's all this is.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


You didn't bother me or offend me with your comment. That's why I made light of it and was playfully teasing you. Some of the things I've heard some women say in private would make you and most of the men on here blush. :>)

El Machete said...


Anonymous said...

I too, find Michelle attractive, in a Dr. Zira kind of way...

texascowgirl said...

After watching that fool Jindal hive that terrible speech, I ot only don't want him to be President, but I wouldn't want him near my children if I had any. He came across as creppy and pervy. I kept envisioning him saying "here little, girl you want to come in my house and have some cookies?". He was just gross with that demented Mr. Rogers voice and sickly look.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


LOL! His speech was pretty bad wasn't it. I felt like I was being tormented.

Anonymous said...

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