Saturday, February 28, 2009

Look before you leap.

When a regular reader to the fields sent me an e-mail about the Barnes & Noble Book Store in Florida placing a book about monkeys with the Obama book display, I was fit to be tied. I couldn't wait to jump all over the Barnes & Noble folks. But something told me to chill and learn some more about the situation before I got on the grievance train.

Well I am happy to report that I did. Because as it turns out Barnes & Noble has apologized for what happened, and they swear up and down that they had nothing to do with it. Apparently the hard economic times are getting to those citizens down in Florida. They have to take out their angst on somebody, and right now it looks like the guy in power who they think is closer to the monkey in the evolutionary chain.

Now some bloggers still don't believe that Barnes & Noble weren't aware of the display, and they are still pissed at the large bookstore chain. I am not going to go that route, because I know how our fellow A-merry-cans can be. We can be hard on each other sometimes, and it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to see some customer going over to the display and doing a quick makeover.

But still, this is A-merry-ca, and a part of me wants to agree with the blogger, "Mr. Grey Ghost", when he posted this:

"'This was not a company driven decision," Edgar Chang, the store manager, said in an interview with TheDefendersOnline. “We are not sure how the book got in the window, but we believe it was put there by a customer who didn’t like the fact that Obama won the election.'

I'm not buying this apology. How does a customer get the time to place a book in a store window? Much less, how does the monkey book stay there long enough for people walking on the street to take photos? This sounds like the work of a bigot store employee. This Barnes & Noble store needs to conduct a thorough investigation of its workers, because so far their excuse sounds pretty lame. "

Hmmm, okay, I will buy the fact that it could have been an employee. And it shouldn't be hard to find the culprit. Just watch for the one driving out with the McCain/Palin bumper sticker on the back of their ride.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Okay, at first, Field I was going along with you on a customer could have put it in the display. That is until I read the part about it being in the display window. All I can say is someone got some explaining to do, and Barnes and Noble won't be getting another nickle from Granny who is addicted to books. From now on it's Amazon and Borders that will be getting my business. And that settles it!

brotherkomrade said...


This is a good post but I just wanted to give you an unrelated shout of love for being a mentor (the kind of community work that our conservative bredderin' don't do). I was working in an email-based mentoring program last year. It was good. And I want to give you a big shout out for giving a big shout out to my sister, Pam.

Ok, I'm out.

Town said...

How in the world would a CUSTOMER get all up in the Barnes & Nobles window to put a monkey book in the display without nobody noticing? Come on, now. We all it was the fat B&N employee who got stuck putting books in the "Black History Month" display.

Anonymous said...

Town it's not that much different making fun of over weight people than it is black or skinny or asian.

True Blue Texan said...

Two words: Public library.

Anonymous said...

I've worked in stores and it would not be hard for a customer to put a book in the display case unnoticed. Not to make apologies for B&N, but their display area is open and all it takes is an intrepid customer to find a 'monkey' book in the store and switch out the Obama book for the 'monkey' book. B&N's display window is not the CIA for god's sake.

field negro said...

"... was working in an email-based mentoring program last year. It was good..."

Brotherkomrade, that's what's up. I am a part of a couple of groups that do some great work here in Philly. It gets frustrating sometimes seeing all the crap still going on, but we can't stop fighting the good fight.

"Two words: Public library."

Yes,I think granny would agree with that, and she might be getting her books there from now on as well. I thought I was satisfied with their (B&N's) explanation, but now....I am not so sure. I might have to hear a little more.

La♥Incognita said...

I too think an employee did it. I won't be shock to know other employees were in on it, or found out and thought it was funny as well. We're talking about Jeb's people after all.

"That's me, field, doing my part with "Philadelphia Reads". "

I thought you said you were dyslexic.

classical one said...

Hmmm, okay, I will buy the fact that it could have been an employee. And it shouldn't be hard to find the culprit. Just watch for the one driving out with the McCain/Palin bumper sticker on the back of their ride.


There's probably allot of people with a Mccain/Palin sticker at that store. You see an incredible amount of anti-Obama bumper stickers down here. Obama might have won Florida but there is still much sentiment against him, at least over here on the gulf coast.

La♥Incognita said...

"it would not be hard for a customer to put a book in the display case unnoticed"

Well we know for sure it's no one black, they notice everything we do in a store.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I call bullshyt from Barnes and Noble.

And I'm with TrueBlueTexan - I already have my electronic library cards, and I haven't been in Barnes & Noble since 2006.

In dire economic times, they think insulting Black people who might come in there to buy a book, is the right way to go.

Good looking out in the mentorship, Field.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 10:36:

" would not be hard for a customer to put a book in the display case unnoticed."

You don't know how bad I would like to think that that is what happened being the book fanatic that I am. Let me show you how much I love books. When Field recommended that book, I ordered it right then and there on the spot. Not only did I order that book, I ordered 16 other books along with it. I had to force myself to go to the checkout. I have books in plastic containers, on shelves, to make a long story short all over the house, and even in the garage. Yup, I confess, I'm a bookacoholic.

Anyways, most B&N window displays are up by the front counter or on the side of it. By the looks of where that book is positioned in the center, over a little ways, it's gone take some serious convincing on behalf of B&N to get me to believe that. Not only that, just how long did it stay up in the window before it was taken down?

Our library has book sales every first Wednesday, 10 books for two dollars, and a dollar for hardcover and 50 cents a book on other days. I'm one of their faithful customers. The Librarians and I are first name basis.

La incognita:

"Well we know for sure it's no one black, they notice everything we do in a store."

Ain't that the truth. They even do that in Christian bookstores. smh!

Daisy Kingston said...

Wonder if the store has security cameras? If so, they can review their tapes.

And I love the public library. I hadn't gone since college, but started again a couple of years ago. Saved me so much money on books, magazines, dvd's, and cd's.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Now this here tops the cake. Unbelievable!

Bullet proof weave saves woman's life
Staff Reporter | Posted February 23, 2009 8:53 PM

A woman in Kansas City came within a hair of being killed but was saved by her super strong hair weave, according to a report from Fox4 WDAF in Kansas City.

Briana Bonds, 20, was allegedly shot by her ex-boyfriend while she was parked in a convenience store parking lot. But the bullet couldn't penetrate her wig. Watch the video to see it for yourself.

earlgrey said...

I think we should ask B and N for equal time then. How about a display of all the books about the last administration and then put this one in the middle.

I was convinced it was an accounting of them anyway.

marci said...

wow.... president obama is bringing out the 'creativity' of racists and haters.. this is nuts..
companies should be held accountable for their premises and what goes on in them.. getting tired of the 'i didn't know' / 'who me?'excuses...

R.J. said...

I'm certain it was an employee. At the B&N in my 'hood, the window displays are not accessible to customers because they're behind the counter.

And this is Florida, where the Stars and Bars fly high and can be found on commemorative license plates.

Freaking sad. I shop at B&N frequently and I'm a member.

Grata said...

I lived in the Gulf Coast first around confederate tatooted people. This kind of behavior is not surprising from that end. It could be much worse.
I liked the analogy on the blog you linked before, the racist is akin to a domestic abuser. As their control slowly slips away, they become more aggressive. And this is what we are seeing now. Those are some seriously sick people. No wonder people people hate being called racist because only sick minds can engage in such acts.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


It might be the one you shop at. Nevertheless, the display windows are set up exactly how you described it in all B&N stores. Whelp, now you know what they think of black folks, a group that is one of this nations biggest consumers. I got a feeling their sales are fixing to drop.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"president obama is bringing out the 'creativity' of racists and haters.."

You ain't seen nothing yet. I keep trying to tell everybody that it has just begun. It's going to get worse. However, it's time for the cover to come off of these hateful folks so that the whole world can see it. It wouldn't surprise me if they try and burn a cross on the White House Lawn. Expect those crazy, sick-minded folks to do any and everything. Their hatred has consumed them like leprosy.

Yup, separating the sheep from the goat. Un uh! The goats are those folks who are stubborn and want to hold on to hatred in their heart and refuse to let go of it.

Jon said...

I'm going to have to go with the "customer did it" excuse. Something similar happened in the display window of Alexander Books in San Francisco. A picture was posted on the internet and there was a modest uproar about boycotting Alexander until someone pointed out that Alexander has a number of Black employees and has the largest Black lit and Black studies section of any bookstore in San Fran. The window in question looks out on a bus stop that serves one of the few remaining mostly Black neighborhoods in San Francisco. If someone wanted to stir up trouble, It would not be all that difficult to reach around a corner and drop a book on monkeys into the middle of the display.

There are lots of racists out there who feel threatened by Obama. Good. I hope they really are threatened. I also hope that stirring up trouble in bookstore windows is the worst thing they are capable of doing.

Black Diaspora said...

I'm going to give B&N the benefit of the doubt here, and accept that it was either a malicious customer or a malicious employee.

With that said, I have a bigger bone to pick, and I hope my perceptions are wrong.

With a black man now in the White House, I had hoped that more white Americans would begin to see all Americans as Americans, regardless of nationality, or ethnicity.

Let me explain:

When Murdock's Post newspaper liken Obama to a chimp, how many e-mails did the Post receive from whites, and how many marched out front of the Post building protesting this obvious racist attack, and suggestion that Obama be killed before he does more harm to the country by supporting more "socialist" legislation?

Please tell me that whites were as outraged as we were to learn of this offensive cartoon.

Please tell me that they bombarded the Post with thousands of e-mails in protest.

Please tell me that they marched, calling for a boycott because of the outrageous treatment of their president at the hands of this rag.

Granted, some whites did send e-mails, and some did protest, and some did march, and some will boycott, but will their outrage match ours, will their actions compare to our actions over this mess.

I really hope so, but, right now, I'm not feeling it.

This is one occasion where I really hope to be talked down, to be corrected, and corrected with a great deal of evidence to the contrary.

Here's another: Pat Buchanan on MS-NBC told those listening that the problems of the black community are not America's problems, but black America's problems.

Please tell me that that is not so, that when a young black child is taken from her home, raped, and killed, that you weep as we weep when a white child is taken from her home, raped, and killed.

Please tell me that a crime in the urban areas of the country is felt as deeply as a crime in the suburban area of the country.

However, if the media is any indicator, I'm just not sure how much of what happens in the black community is felt by all, regardless of ethnicity.

I don't see where a missing black child's disappearance is given the same coverage as a white one.

Or the rape, or the killing of a black woman or child, is met with the same contempt and rage as that of a white woman and child.

I really hope I'm wrong. Please somebody, very convincingly, talk me down here, show me where I'm wrong with these assumptions.

Please tell me that Obama is right when he says we're not a white America, and a black America, we're not a straight America, and a gay America, we're not blue states and red states.

Please, somebody, show me, tell me, convince me that Obama's got it all right, and I'm just being delusional, or exceedingly pessimistic.

I'm waiting!

Anonymous said...

THIS was going on during the CAMPAIGN, their were MONKEY'S and GORILLA'S in COMMERCIAL'S like mad, I knew what they were saying, their was a CARTOON MOVIE made last year, about a family of APE'S from out of SPACE! I commented about it on BET, so this is not new to me.

This is getting bad, and these people are BOLD! in your FACE BOLD! could care less BOLD! could care less about losing a JOB BOLD!

GRANNY I keep the PRESIDENT and his family in CONSTANT PRAYER! GOD only know's what go's on behind the scene, cover the PRESIDENT and his FAMILY LORD! cover the WHITE HOUSE LORD, cover their TRANSPORTATION LORD!

GRANNY I pay attention to everything, before the OBAMA'S moved into the WHITE HOUSE, their daughter's were being taken to SCHOOL in a limousine, and the youngest daughter was looking out the window smiling, she was exposed to the world, I had a FIT, their is no way that child, should have been seen in that LIMOUSINE, this thing is REAL, RACIST are on the RAMPAGE! they HATE the PRESIDENT! cover those BABY'S LORD, and hide them behind your CROSS, in JESUS NAME!

StillaPanther2 said...

Brother Field... saw Russ Limpbaugh on CNN (TV).
The audiance was never shown from the front.. the image reminded me of the Grand Wizard speaking to members with hoods on, seeing that their faces were never shown. If this was his message to Amerikka, it was delivered.PSS. Read post from two(?) days ago about juveniles. The solution was out the box, buttt maybe these sokutions can start a return to save our children.

StillaPanther2 said...

Brother Field... I cried with the enjoyment and pride in your picture about the mentoring. This madness that have taken over my race will only be saved by you and us(sssss). Thank you strong Black man.

Town said...

This is to the person who claims that it wouldn't be that hard for a customer to put the book in that display:

The Barnes & Nobles window display is BEHIND THE COUNTER. You tell me how a "customer" could get BEHIND THE COUNTER and slip a monkey book in the display?

We're not talking about a display in the middle of the aisle. We're talking about something behind the counter where the cash registers are.

You really think a customer is going to get behind the counter where the cash registers are and NOBODY notices?


Christopher said...

An accident? Listen, Barnes and Noble corporate needs to be hipped to this.

Sorry but I'm just not feeling this post-racial America thingy either. Ever since Obama was elected, every racist scalawag seems to think it's party time and having an African American in the White House, somehow means it's OK to pull some racist stunt.

But don't believe me. Believe the Southern Poverty Law Center, who tracks organized hate groups. These groups are busier than ever now that Obama is president.

At least the mayor of Los Alamitos, CA is resigning after the watermelon email fracas.

Frank Drackman said...

Only reason they changed it was cause the Chimpanzees complained!! Heck, never understood the whole Monkey/Black thing myself, Thin Lips, Straight Hair, Able to Think Abstractly... Anyhoo, not like there's alot of Brothers browsin through B&N,its just reverse psychology to keep y'all down at Best Buy stealing CDs...

Anonymous said...

Im a Black man and I do not associate myself nor President Obama with a monkey .

emptysuit said...

are we shocked at the fact that a barnes/noble store had this display or the fact that people are embarrassing obama with referrences to monkeys. this has been going on for years and will not stop. watch this summer someonw will refer to a zoos primate cage as the white house. what makes us think obama was going to be omitted from name calling. he is the president and people are going to talk about him for that and he is black and people are going to talk about him for that. america has four years to listen to insults about obama. he will be call names

Anonymous said...

Best way to deal with morons like this...

Is to ignore them, and continue to succeed.

field negro said...

I wish we could get someone who reads this blog and lives in Coral Gables to give us the 411 on that stire. Inquiring minds want to know. Now I really need to get up on this, because I am having second thoughts about B&N. See what you guys did to me? You made me a cynic like you.

"I thought you said you were dyslexic."

I am. The truth is, mentoring helps me and the kids that I mentor:)

La~~incognita, you are on a roll today. You have some funny stuff with you there girl.:)

Thanks for the kind words StillaPanther2. We are trying to hold it down here on the East Coast.

Black Diaspora I have been wondering about that too. Where are all the white Obama supporters when all of this kind of crap goes down? Let's hope that they have been equally outraged at the bull s*#t, and that they have been sending e-mails and calls to the corporations involved.

Frank Drackman said...

Hey Y'all wanta get angry, y'know what they call Brazil Nuts??? And don't be hatin on Brazilians, most of em come from Bolivia...

Anonymous said...

More important is the security breach which delivered the technical specifications of Marine One, the helicopter which the President flies to an IP address in Tehran, Iran.

It isn't unreasonable anymore to ask the question whether the sort of froth at the mouth racist conservatism we are seeing now at CPAC and from Drugbo might influence their followers to sell America down the river...

Just to get at the nation's first (recognized at least) black President.

Some call it Treason...



Christopher said...

Where are all the white Obama supporters when all of this kind of crap goes down?

Blogged it today, Field and wrote a complaint email to B&N corporate.

Just as I blogged the NY Post cartoon mess and wrote the editor a complaint letter and the same with the Los Alamitos, CA mayor watermelon email mess, that led to him resigning.

What else do we do? Mail them Anthrax? In the case of the NY Post, our voices resulted in a formal apology from Murdock and a promise such a cartoon won't happen again. The Los Alamitos, CA resigned after he was bombarded with complaint letters.

All I know to do is let them have it each and everytime some racist douchebag feels a sudden burst of entitlement.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"All I know to do is let them have it each and everytime some racist douchebag feels a sudden burst of entitlement."

Christopher, you got the right idea.

Field, Granny was looking at your picture on the sidebar and I was wondering is to late to accept that marriage proposal? (wink and smile)

On a serious note though, keep up the good work Field. And yes, the most rewarding thing a person can do is help a child. Children are honest and sincere and you'll be surprise because you will learn from them as well. Granny loves children of all ages. Children are my heart.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

You know, Frank's comments really shines the light on him. I can just picture him sitting at the computer in his wife beater tee shirt and shorts, huge beer gut, cigarette dangling from his mouth, empty beer cans scattered all over the place, a six pak of beer, week old pieces of pizza laying on the table, six or seven junk cars sitting out front along side an old beat chevy truck, a hunting dog chained to the trailer post, weeds and grass knee high, a hunting rifle laying next to the door, in dire need of some dental work, and IQ the size of gnat, a confederate flag flying out front, and a confederate hat to match.

Yup, that is the picture of him that his personality projects.

Anonymous said...

crying again like a BIG baby about a monkey...shame on you....dont you have anything better to do??? Oh, I'm such a manly negro I can't stand myself.

Anonymous said...

one more american blacks are so effing sensitive its enough to make one puke in disgust. next you know you'll be banning blacks from reading jane godall

404Kim said...

My sister sent this to me and I initially didn't think it was real - first thought popped in my mind was Photoshop. Never even occurred to me that this was real...

Anyhoo, I will tell you all as I told her. I stopped shopping at B&N a while ago anyway - they don't even have an African American authors section. I thought it was maybe just the store by my house... I live in a really yt area. But then I went to two others and they didn't either. What really set me off was when I was at Wal-Mart and noticed their "book section" had an AA authors section! I decided not to patronize those stores any longer.

...thank goodness for Boarders and the library!


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Borders, Amazon, and the Library all have a black authors section. Also, Ebony has a order blank for black authors in their magazines. Thanks for telling us about Walmart. The Barnes and Noble out this way has a black authors section, but I won't be buying anymore books from them.

field negro said...

"one more american blacks are so effing sensitive its enough to make one puke in disgust. next you know you'll be banning blacks from reading jane godall.."

Where exactly in South Aftica are you commenting from? And I thought Apartheid ended there ahwile ago.

Granny, I would take you up on that offer, but I am sure you have enough problems in your life.:)

And thanks for the imagery of Frank. I am betting it's close to being accurate.

Jim said...

Question, why does it matter whether it's an employee or a customer? Just as jerky either way.

Comment: seems like paying attention to this kind of (insignificant) stuff would just make this idiot's day. Just get store to fix it and move on.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 4:23:

I keep him and his family in prayer as well, not only that I pray for this nation and the people that post on this blog. I'm really praying hard for two people that post on here because they are going to through a rough time right now.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 1:39 and 1:40:

If you think that you're going to stop us from speaking out and voicing our opinions on racism, whelp, you'd better think again. As long as I have breath in me and if the Lord is willing that will be a long time, I promise you I am going to speak up and out. Not even a hospital bed will keep me from speaking out.

Therefore, your little childish and amateurish taunts, I'll give you ten seconds to figure out what you can do with them. Usually, I only give one second but seeing how you might be a little slow in catching on, I'll allow you a little extra time to figure it out. That's the least I can do and be fair.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

A few months back, Books a Million had a display table with a bunch of Obama books and a bunch of McCain books in piles. I took a bunch of the Obama books and used them to cover up McCain and anti-Obama books.
I'll go with the snarky customer explanation.
Barnes and Noble would probably not advocate something stupid as some people are describing.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Sagacious Hillybilly:

Yea, I would understand and dismiss it if it was a display table, but we talking about a display window. Most of Barnes and Nobles display windows are situated up front behind the counter. The display tables are situated throughout the store in the center of the isles. That's what the problem is.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

BTW, Barnes and Noble might not advocate something that stupid but one of their employees could be capable of doing that. I'd suggest they investigate and find out which one did it.

Frank Drackman said...

Day-um, 80% Illegitmacy rate, who the neck knows the literacy rate, over %50 of the prison population, ditto with the Hivee, and y'all upset cause someone didn't put a monkey book in the right place...Heck even if it was intentional, y'all just askin for more of the same by carin so much...

Houston said...

"Well we know for sure it's no one black, they notice everything we do in a store."

That's the funniest line of the day, and it's also the god's honest truth.

Truth be known, it's a lot easier to wreck havoc in retail establishments that you might imagine. First of all, the staff is probably half of what it was a year ago, and the remaining half is probably busy. It could be a customer who saw an opportunity, or a low-level staff person who saw an opportunity, but we know damn well it wasn't a Barnes and Noble corporate decision. They're much too opportunistic to do something that stupid.

I do hope everyone who walked by the display took a moment and walked into the store and screamed at whomever was in charge, though. I would have, and that's for damn sure!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"Day-um, 80% Illegitmacy rate, who the neck knows the literacy rate,"

Yup, and your statement proves that illiteracy is a problem that you really need to be involved in as a student. You should be running to library to enroll in their literacy program.

BTW, it's heck not neck, illegitimacy instead of Illegitmacy, and damn instead day-um. Keep it up and I'm gone take up a collection in your behalf to prepare and help pay for you at least a GED. You make Sarah Palin look like a genius.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

rikyrah, kid, Frances, and sagacioushillbilly:

I just wanted to let you guys know that I visit your blogs on a daily basis and enjoy reading them. rikyrah I really love reading the comments and the topics on your blog. They are very enlightening. Kid I like your artistic ability and how you expose racism. Frances I love how you speak your mind and don't mince words. sagacioushillbilly I love your down-to-earth way of communicating.

Christopher, granny would visit yours as well, but I don't know what it's listed under. Of course, Field and Newshounds will always be at the top of my favorites list.

aunt mary said...

It had to be an employee or a customer. Someone could have been a look out for them. I can't believe any company would choose as a marketing tool to display one of the most egregious racist symbols most recently a subject of much outrage. Nobody is that stupid, right?

Black Diaspora said...

Christopher said...
Where are all the white Obama supporters when all of this kind of crap goes down?

Blogged it today, Field and wrote a complaint email to B&N corporate.

Christopher you have consistently championed civil rights on this blog and yours.

And I give you mad props for that, but I not feeling this from many of Obama's white supporters on this issue.

And man, I hope I'm wrong on this!

Whether Obama's white supporters have remained quiet on this issue, or not, many other issues will present themselves in the not-too-distant future to prove me either right or wrong.

And I hope that I'm proven wrong!

daedalus2u said...

Field, how many books were they trying to sell about Obama? I see 7 in that window display (I can’t quite make out the top left book, maybe it is 8). If Barnes & Nobel (corporate) were bigoted, they wouldn’t carry 7 books about Obama. They wouldn’t display 7 books about Obama.

I think it is either an employee (not very likely), a customer (not very likely either), or some red-neck bigot who just walked in, moved the book and then left without buying anything (most likely).

Florida is in extremely bad financial shape. Anyone with any financial interest in the sale of books about Obama would be a complete fool to try and sabotage their sale. The GOP has been pretty good at getting people to vote against their self-interest. This may just be more of the same.

MHJones said...

So people who have a McCain/Palin sticker on their cars are racists?

Man! How bigoted is that comment?

Why is everything about race to a liberal? Why do you have to paint everybody with the same hateful brush?

Give it up. Obama won. Get on with your life while you can before the liberals drain you dry.

Can't you think of anything original or even thoughtful to say?

Melvin Jones

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Okay, so a customer just walked in B&N, went behind the counter where the cash register is located, climbed up in the display window, or reached over in the display window, and put a monkey book smack dab in the middle of the other Obama books. Whelp, I wonder how many times has the cash register been left unattended and cash missing out the register mysteriously?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

BTW, I really don't believe that
B&N would advocate against their own interest in sales. I don't believe a customer did that either. I really think that one of their employees did it.

Anonymous said...

Could have been a black employee that was mad at the manager and wanted to make him look bad. It could happen


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"Could have been a black employee that was mad at the manager and wanted to make him look bad."

Now, I have to give it to you szpork, that's very creative. However, I doubt that very seriously, not the way black folks are put under microscopic lenses in America and dissected down to a sneeze.

Frank Drackman said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Granny, go find something else to do. You're trying to make B&N responsible for the monkey book like corprate had something to do with the display is tedious. Contrary opinions are not wrong, they're just other opinions. You've run me off this blog and its comment section. You're like an overbearing church lady that won't shut the f#@k up!

Orchid said...

Anonymous 9:20, Frank, we all know you're bitter, angry, decrepit but please go away. You have absolutely nothing of importance to say other than berating people and insulting them. That is uncalled for. Take your hateful BS elsewhere. Come back when you don't have hate and ugliness rotting you from the inside. You're stinking up a perfectly good discussion.

Kelz said...

I am sure one of the posters have suggested it, but what about a surveillance camera video? I am sure if a n*@@a would done anything wrong in that store, they would have found video, and 4 witnesses. . . I'm just saying. . . yall be eazy

field negro said...

Anon 9:20PM, is that anyway to talk to a lady? You must have just left the CPAC convention down in D.C.

We love Granny's wisdom and knowledge around these parts. So keep em coming Granny. Anon. you are free to debate her if you wish. :)

Anonymous said...

Personally, this isn't going to stop me from using the B&Ns I have here in NYC, especially on the UWS--aka Blue State Central. There's a display at my favorite B&N at 66th St and Broadway and there Obama display is 3 times the size of this one in FL. I still see people, at least 3 a day, on the subway and around Manhattan rocking Obama buttons and paraphernalia. And most of them are white. About white Obama supporters putting up with racism. Go over to HuffPo and see that a lot of white posters e-mailed the Post en-masse about that chimp cartoon--not just the editors but every employee at the Daily News they could find. They, and a lot of people at Daily Kos wrote Sen Shelby via e-mail. Just b/c you don't see them in the streets doesn't mean they aren't e-mailing these racists about their behavior. I think white Obama voters were really good about fighting racism, especially on the blogs. Trust me, after Palin started her crap PUMAs disappeared.
In the FL case,
even if it was an employee, which is very likely, it's not corporate's fault that they have a disgruntled employee. If on the other hand, they are hiding this person, yeah, boycott them. If they find the person they should fire them ASAP, but this could have been any employee for a multitude of reasons. I'd rather focus on the Los Alamitos mayor who's still going to be on the Lost Alamitos City Council.

I don't mind people criticizing Obama, b/c he's a politician and that's the American way, but for the love of Pete, could these people be original? Could they not let it be attached to race? It just shows how shortsighted and lacking in imagination most racists are. And furthermore, if they keep on doing this, when there really is something to criticize Pres. Obama about, people won't hear their message, b/c they've already played themselves.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 9:24:

First of all, show me where I said B&N Corporate had something to do with it? Scroll up and read! I can voice my opinion on here just like everybody else. Everybody has an opinion. I plan to voice mine whether you like it or not. This is an adult blog it's not a kiddie blog. There is no one on earth that will ever stop me from speaking my mind. If someone can run you off a blog than you probably don't need to be posting on one. I would never let someone's fonts run me off.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 9:49:

"About white Obama supporters putting up with racism. Go over to HuffPo and see that a lot of white posters e-mailed the Post en-masse about that chimp cartoon--not just the editors but every employee at the Daily News they could find."

I'm glad you mentioned this. What you've said is true. I read a lot of the white posters comments over at HuffPO speaking out. Yesterday, I was over at HuffPO and they were getting on folk's case about racism. The whites over there had me laughing so hard I was in tears. They really got on Michelle Bachmann's case and ridiculed her. Also, the Newshounds and a few others speak out. There are many whites that are speaking out.

It's just a small percent that is drop in the bucket that are going along with the racist cartoons and sly remarks.

That mayor is resigning or has resigned already behind that watermelon cartoon.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Whelp, can't say it's a man shortage in the jailhouse that is if your a female sheriff.

17 charged in drug, sex probe at Texas jail
Female jailers allegedly had sex with inmates; ex-sheriff to surrender
updated 3:55 a.m. PT, Sat., Feb. 28, 2009

FORT WORTH, Texas - A former sheriff and several ex-jailers were among 17 people named Friday in a 106-count indictment on charges ranging from having sex with inmates to bringing them drugs at a now-closed county jail.

Former Montague County Sheriff Bill Keating was charged with official oppression and having sex with inmates, according to the indictment. Keating was defeated in a primary election last spring.

Several female jailers were charged with having sex with inmates and bringing them drugs, cell phones and cigarettes, while several male jailers were charged with drug possession and with bringing inmates banned items, according to the indictment.

Whelp, I see some women have become very creative during these hard economic times.

In hard times more U.S. women try to sell their eggs
Reuters - Fri Feb 27, 10:44 AM ET
NEW YORK, Feb 27 - Drawn by payments of up to $10,000 (70,000 pounds), an increasing number of women are offering to sell their eggs at U.S. fertility clinics as a way to make money amid the financial crisis.

He should be given the Dummy of Year Award.

SoCal robbery suspect tries to become policeman
AP - Sun Mar 1, 6:35 AM ET
CHULA VISTA, Calif. - Authorities in California say a man wanted for a store robbery was arrested when he showed up to take a test to become a police officer.

Whelp, it does say that laughter is good medicine.

"Parliament of clowns" laughs off financial crisis
Reuters - Fri Feb 27, 2:32 PM ET
BERLIN (Reuters) - Clowns from across the world met in Germany Friday to pitch laughter as a way to survive the economic crisis.

I bet he's a Neo-Conservatives.

Man accused of putting camera in women's bathroom
AP - Fri Feb 27, 9:03 PM ET
WESTON, Mass. - A 37-year-old man has been accused of secretly installing a hidden video camera in a women's bathroom at the Cambridge School of Weston. Homer Rogers, the assistant director of information technology at the private school, pleaded not guilty Friday in Waltham District Court to a charge of secret video surveillance of a partially nude person. He was released on personal recognizance.

Hmmm...let me see now, $25,000 x 15 = $375,000. I wonder how many folks applied for this job.

15 Most Wanted
The U.S. Marshals want your help finding their "15 Most Wanted" fugitives, a notorious list of suspects fleeing everything from murder and robbery to child sex charges. To date, about 200 of the fugitives profiled on the list have been found. Tips leading to an arrest are rewarded up to $25,000.

ActsofFaithBlog said...

Why would people assume a white person who voted for Obama is racially conscious or anti-racist?

Why aren't people supporting their local owned bookstores and black bookstores? Screw the chain stores! We've lost one of the best a little over a year ago and now another really good one bites the dust.

Frank Drackman said...

The Monkey things a Smokescreen, a Diversion, to get y'alls attention off the REAL scandal...Y'know the CIAs been contaminatin crack with HIV for YEARS?!?!? How else can you explain %55 of AIDS victims are Black...Hmmm?? Hmmm? and Y'all be wastin time over this lame ass Barnes and Nobles sheeeeeeeeee-iiiiittt...
The Truth is Out There

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Well, seeing how you claim to be a Physician and you took an oath to save lives. Looks like you should have been one of the first people to expose what the CIA was doing to the public. Then you would have been doing your job and upholding the oath you took as a Physician. Why wait until 55% of blacks are contaminated when you could have stepped up to the plate and prevented it. So now, the person who wasted time is really you!

DB said...

Just watch for the one driving out with the McCain/Palin bumper sticker on the back of their ride.

A McCain/Palin supporter at a bookstore? Ha!

field negro said...

"A McCain/Palin supporter at a bookstore? Ha!"

Thanks DB, what was I thinking?

The Public Eye said...

Barnes and Noble SHOULD catch hell for this. It is their store and their display - AND their employees, who are paid to monitor the store and they're ultimately responsible. No sympathy.

Frank Drackman said...

Jokes on Y'all, White Folks been hiding valuables in hollowed out Books for years...Who needs a Safe? Works even better if you put a bar of soap on top....

DuchessDee said...

Go GrannyStandingforTruth Go! Please continue to bring your insight here. Even if I dont always agree with you, I value your opinion.

Every sunday evening, I spend my time at Borders, I usually purchase 20.00 per week in magazines or books to read on my ride into work. Not that I have chosen one bookstore over another its that Borders is in my neighborhood and B&N is not. I will continue to spend my time at Borders. FYI: I have sent this information around and lets see whatthe power of money can do to a business. I dont need to speak at all.

Marcia Erickson said...

We live in a racist society and this kind of incident is a perfect set-up to help facilitate dialog. Thank you for the dialog that takes place here.

Who knows who did what to get this despicable act (monkey book displayed along side Obama books) in the window but what happens in our conversation will surely define what will be in 10-20 years.

Hopefully we will have woken up to our ignorant ways.

Again, thank you for facilitating dialog here.

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time thinking a B&N employee didn't do something as shameful and disgusting as this. I also have a hard time thinking upper management wasn't aware of this and possibly in on it.

It was in the display window, ok?

Racism is alive and well. This and the shot-dead crazed monkey cartoon from the NYT is proof enough that "some" just can't get with the program and try to move forward as nation.

Pity...but, not unexpected.

VERY typical...

Anonymous said...

I stand with GRANNY, you see I'm a CHURCH LADY as well, and PROUD of it, you see, it is the CHURCH LADY'S that GOD EXPECT to speak out on INJUSTICE! we PRAY, for your DISRESPECTFUL behind.

We all know that it was an EMPLOYEE, that put that book, on DISPLAY! and it look's like a BABY CHIMP at that! so what doe's that say?

I see thing's for what it is, and yes, GRANNY, don't be surprised if we see a BURNING CROSS on the WHITE HOUSE LAWN!

We can debate until JESUS COME! but, the truth is WHITE RACIST are out to get the PRESIDENT, it's PLAIN and SIMPLE!! how much more do they need to do, to wake us out of our so called SHOCK, let's keep in mind that their is a BLACK FAMILY in the WHITE HOUSE, the KEY WORD'S are WHITE HOUSE, this place, was not build for AFRICAN AMERICAN'S to REST, RULE and ABIDE! so we need to, face the fact as AFRICAN AMERICAN'S that, we may have a BLACK PRESIDENT, but, the SUFFERING, HATRED and INJUSTICE, yet remain's, but, thank's be unto GOD, for he must know something about us, that we don't know about ourselve's, AFRICAN AMERICAN'S are the THORN in the WHITE MAN'S side! they may hate us , but, we keep going forth! we cannot be STOPPED, the AFRICAN AMERICAN, is the most HATED RACE in AMERICA, but yet, we SURVIVE the HATRED, we shall not be MOVED, we are here to stay! GOD ALMIGHTY is on our side,

Frank Drackman said...

Amen and pass the Cone Bread Church Lady.. but what about...

1: That 60's musical group "The Monkeys"? inspired by...
2: The Beatles...who had a little ditty called "Everyones got something to hide except me and my Monkey"
3: "Planet of the Apes" with NRA member Charlton Heston no less,
4: Peter Gabriel's hit "Shock the Monkey"
5: Daryl Dawkin's "Go-Rilla Dunks"
6: Cartoon Character "Magilla Gorilla"?
Y'all got some work to do

dalit said...

guys...let it go...we got bigger problems to worry about. What does it matter whether it was an employee or a customer anyway?

Even if you could prove it was an employee, what exactly do you want B&N to do, background check and interrogate every employee who works there with a lie detector?

This is just an isolated incident, we should instead focus on institutional racism.

Also, I wish people would stop attempting to simulate thunderous preachers by putting random words in all caps.

Sorry I'm crabby today...

Sharon from WI said...

Field, is there a way to email you information your fans run across. In a related topic, this aritlce was sent to me via email from Shalom-Sistahfriends:

dalit said...

Sharon, as offensive as that is, some stereotypes are true.

According to

African Americans disproportionately visit this site.

Just an amusing tidbit I thought I'd share :). In fact, you can confirm many stereotypes by looking things up on quantcast.

Mr. Noface said...

Things like this will be occurring frequently in all parts of A-merry-ca four the next four (and hopefully eight) years. I'm not gonna flinch at every little racist action(that's a victim's response). Instead I'll focus on the larger battles in this seemingly never ending war against Racism.

MHJones said...

Mr. Noface, what are the bigger battles against Racism? Be specific. Other than personal racism, which is a matter of the heart and not law, what are you talking about?

Please be specific.

Melvin Jones

Sharon from WI said...

Dalit: Sharon, as offensive as that is, some stereotypes are true.

Even if, as you say, blacks disproportionately consume watermelons, do you honestly think it’s to the extent of putting a watermelon patch on the White House lawn?

Russians are known for their love of vodka. Would it be fair to suspect that any appointee of Russian descent would be a drunk who pours it on his cornflakes for breakfast?

dalit said...

of course not Sharon, I was not being serious. Although in my defense, watermelons, unlike vodka, are not intoxicating.

Anonymous said...

Wow...gotta love how something like this happens and everyone jumps all over it screaming "Racism! Racism!", but when Bush was compared to a monkey all of you laughed about it.."It's funny because Bush is stupid like a monkey. Har har" F*@%ing hypocrites.

To the person boycotting B&N because they don't have a black lit section at your store, get over it. Blacks want be equal, why the hell do they need a special section in a book store? Is it not fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, or a biography if it's written by a black author? Why do blacks need a special month? Why do they need anything special? Being equal means not getting any special treatment.

So people who have a McCain/Palin sticker on their cars are racists? Man! How bigoted is that comment, asshat.

And so I say Adieu.

PS. Just a nice little awakening sermon:

Jesus would not support Barrack Obama!

"I'll keep my money, my freedom, and my guns and you can keep the CHANGE"

Sharon from WI said...

To the person boycotting B&N because they don't have a black lit section at your store, get over it. Blacks want be equal, why the hell do they need a special section in a book store?

The same way there's a women's section, a social commentary section, a gay section, a cooking section, an arts section, a section devoted to Hispanics and the one that's devoted to religion. It really enables easier navigation around anybookstore, including B&N.

Is it not fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, or a biography if it's written by a black author? Why do blacks need a special month?

You do realize that March is Women's History Month, May is Jewish Ameican Heritage Month and September is set aside for Hispanic History and accomplishments, don't you?

I don't have a problem with a month being set aside for women, Jews and Hispanics--and you should't either. And the same goes for Black History Month.

Btw, since when were WASPs depicted as being like monkeys and apes?

This has been a long-standing canard against black folks for some time.

Everyone knows this, so the context is much different with the Bush's intelligence being compared to a chimp and Obama being depicted as a simian.

Either you have been in a cave all your life or you really are being disingenuous.

MHJones said...

SFW - I have a problem with all the months and weeks. And I agree with Anonymous. Why the heck is there a seperate section for Blacks. I would also apply women, Hispanics, and Left-handed Latvians. Are they not able to compete with the Big Dogs?

You sound like Napolean the pig in Animal Farm. "All the animals are equal but the pigs are more equal than the rest."

Get a life and a backbone. Compete on your own not as the part of a group.

And as I said earlier, that comment about Palin was a really idiotic remark. But I forget - only Whites can be bigotted. The Sun People are only pure in heart and motive.

What a crock. We have a Black President. The top lawenforcement boss is Black. We've had a Black Secretary of state (twice), and on an on. What, exactly, do you want? The complete absence of all racism everywhere? Ain't gonna happen. Get used to it and get a life. I sick of listening you and the rest of you whining.

Melvin Jones

MHJones said...

By the way, despite your opinion, I'm Black. However, I grew a self-reliant backbone years ago and realized I was a conservative. You might want to try it. Then you won't have to make excuses fro folks like Barack Obama, the man who is dragging us kicking and screaming into socialism and tyranny.

Melvin Jone

john said...

Defensive Driving Florida offers Florida online defensive driving courses.

dalit said...

You agree with anonymous, MHJones?! You agree that comparing Bush to a monkey is the same as comparing Obama to a monkey?
I have nothing but respect for black conservatives, until they start feeling that they have to go to ridiculous lengths to prove their loyalty to the conservative party. Calling Bush a monkey is an attack on Bush. Calling Obama a monkey is an attack on all black people, and don't pretend you don't know why.

look said...

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MHJones said...


my point is two pronged. People insult presidents in whatever way they. Have we been called monkeys before, and will people call us monkeys in the future? Certainly. So what? Personal racism will be there. Address it as you come to it and move on. But don't expect the government to address it. And don't expect a Black president to get rid of it.

I don't expect the hearts of men and women to be changed just because of who's in office. And I don't care if they are changed. I am pleased that we have moved past the segregation inforced by Woodrow Wilson, FDR, the Dixiecrats (who didn't simply become Republicans), Margaret Sanger, the institutionalized racism of Federal, state, city, and county governments, and the overt racism of major industries.

Personal racism will always be there. Get used to it.

Wite respect to Bush, he got all kinds of personal attacks heaped on him, just like the ones you see being heaped on any Conservative or Conservative Black on the right side of this blog. The thoughtless and vile nastiness shown to conservatives of any color is really quite impressive. It's what convinced me Liberals don't think, they simply emote.

It also scares me since it indicates an unwillingness on the part of the nasty one to allow individuals to follow their own conscience. Apparently, all Blacks have to think alike, vote alike, and spew venom alike.

No thanks. If I object to something, I present the reasons I object and not simply denigrate the person who holds the view I object to.

MHJones said...

And by the way dalit - how did conservatism get included in this discussion? And how am I defending conservatism by pointing out that Bush was compared to monkeys?

Understand, I am more than willing and able to defend conservatism. But the constant attemtp to equate conservatism to racism is rather tiresome, and intellectually dishonest.

How about we let's discuss the issues rather than attempt to demonize?

Anonymous said...

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