Sunday, October 18, 2009

Strange Bedfellows.

Before I post tonight I have a quick question for all the fellows out there who are married or spend a lot of time with their significant other: Do you all get the treatment from the Ms./Mrs. when you try to use certain things in the house? By things I mean items such as silverware, china, or towels. I get it all the time. And tonight I got a one hour lecture from Mrs. Field about why I should never ever ever use her fine china. Ladies, what the hell is up with that? I mean what the hell are you saving it for? I swear that there is an entire closet of towels and hand towels in chez Field which have not been used since that day that we said I do to each other.

So anyway, now for my post: Maybe it's because of that little issue down in Hammond, Louisiana with the justice of the peace refusing to marry that interracial couple, but I keep thinking about John McCain pushing his O ness to pardon Jack Johnson. I keep asking myself why. Why is Mr. Morton so obsessed with his issue? (And I really want to know this so maybe someone reading this can comment on it and tell me.) Is Johnson from Arizona? Did one of his family members or descendants reach out to McCain? I mean what is it? I know Mr. Morton did a little boxing back in the day but would that be enough to get his passion up so much to push for a posthumous pardon of the former heavyweight champ.

We all know that he was convicted of violating the "Mann Act" and that the real reason was because he was hooked up with a white woman; an injustice to be sure, but a posthumous pardon?

From the AP: "Sen. John McCain on Friday pressed President Barack Obama to give a posthumous pardon to Jack Johnson, the black heavyweight boxing champion who was imprisoned nearly a century ago because of his romantic ties with a white woman.

McCain, R-Ariz., and Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., noted in a letter to Obama that both houses of Congress this summer passed their resolution urging a pardon. After the vote, the lawmakers wrote to Obama in August asking him to issue the pardon.

"Regrettably, we have not received a response from you or any member of your administration," they wrote in Friday's letter, adding they hoped that Obama would be eager to "right this wrong and erase an act of racism that sent an American citizen to prison."The White House declined to comment on the letter.

When he unveiled the resolution in April, McCain said he was sure that Obama "will be more than eager" to issue the pardon. On Friday, McCain said he was still confident the president would do so.

"The president's been very, very busy," McCain said in a telephone interview with the Associated Press. "Hopefully, this letter will be a kind of reminder that it's important to get it done. But I'm not critical of the president yet. We'll give him some time."
The senator said he hasn't personally talked to Obama about the issue.
"The conversations that I've been having with him have been on Afghanistan," he said. "But we'll see what result we get from this letter."

Johnson became the first black heavyweight champion on Dec. 26, 1908 — 100 years before Obama was elected the first black president. Johnson won the title after police in Australia stopped his 14-round match against the severely battered Canadian world champion, Tommy Burns.

That led to a search for a "Great White Hope" who could beat Johnson. Two years later, Jim Jeffries, the American world titleholder Johnson had tried for years to fight, came out of retirement but lost in a match called "The Battle of the Century," resulting in deadly riots.
Johnson was convicted in 1913 of violating the Mann Act, which made it illegal to transport women across state lines for immoral purposes. He fled the country after his conviction, but agreed years later to return and serve a 10-month jail sentence.

Filmmaker Ken Burns helped form the Committee to Pardon Jack Johnson, which filed a petition with the Justice Department in 2004 that was never acted on. His 2005 documentary, "Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson," explored the case against the boxer and the sentencing judge's acknowledged desire to "send a message" to black men about relationships with white women."'

I don't know senator, I smell a rat. But I could be wrong, maybe that Ken Burns fellow is just very persuasive.


Race Traitoress said...

It's a lose/lose, field; he grants the pardon and the publicity will fuel the haters; he doesn't grant the pardon and the publicity will fuel the haters.

I'd be surprised it this was anything to McCain but a Trojan horse.

Ernesto said...

I can't connect any dots here for why McCain is up on this, except that he might be old enough to have been a fan of his back in the day. OK that was uncalled for.

Field, thanks for the shout out on the sidebar. I am most humbled!

I just did a post on the extra bony supermodel story that was in the news recently. Check it out when you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

I do not know McCain's motives, but think it is odd for him to so focused on a pardon for Jack Johnson considering that the gesture is symbolic and I am more concerned with so many people dying in Afghanistan. I mean the gesture would be good, but it is important to be in the moment.

Field, speaking as a woman, I am one of those individuals actually uses the things she buys. I will eat off my china dishes and use my $80 roaster for my turkey or prime rib. I cannot see paying good money for towels and not use them. I use my crystal vase to place my knitting needles better than it just collecting dust.

Top of the Chain said...

Being a libertarian, I find what that justice of the peace in LA despicable. There's a lot of issues I don't see eye to eye on with many of your readers here, but I am disgusted by this.

alicia banks said...

ditto fn:

johnson was very abusive and brutish to all of his white females too
why is he a role model to mccain?

mccain is a sexist dog who tells lewd jokes and infamously called his own wife cindy a "cunt" in public....

maybe jm wants to make obama's racist haters feel that obama will make this oj-ish iconic boxer a legend, only to increase the legendary escalation of racism that is ongoing?

this is interesting viewing as it unfolds...

Anonymous said...

wow, yeah i dont get all the hype, and i remember watching the film about this, wasnt it with james earl jones? anyway, i don't really see the point of it, this ban against interracial fornification was already lifted is loving v. virginia, to pardon jack johnson now is sort of redundant, unless there are going to be some damages or something given to his heirs for this type of racism, but i doubt that mccain would want that, being a republican and all... j/k

Anonymous said...


Looks like the "Hunt for Red October" is going real well for those Phillies.

You might have a team in the W.S. this year.

Of course, it is not over yet.


La♥audiobooks said...

Field, after a long days work, I'm sure you appreciate running into your cosy bathroom to see all those assortment of pretty new looking towels folded dynamically for decoration etc etc. Ever wonder why they stay so vivid, fluffy and well coordinated? Well, this is where the hands off towel stash comes in, Ok? The same goes for things like china when your fancy pancy colleges come over for diner.

There needs to be order in the house, or the place will start looking run down. Don't hurt your head over these things, just leave it to us professionals. :) At least she's not like my mother, who has an entire living room and furniture designated for just looking purposes only, wtf. She even has hands off towels that are older than me. They are now threading, and she won't throw them away.

Regarding Johnson and Mr. Morton, It's a damn catch 22, arm twisting set up for Obama. I think pardoning his sentence makes no damn difference in this day and age. The anti-black female, white woman whore monger is dead, who the hell cares about defending his character? I think leaving this alone would do less harm for Obama if anything.

Look how many more black people died in jail during Jim Crow for similar trumped up racist charges. How is revamping this particular case going to affect or improve my Health Insurance carrier, or my greedy ass Bank? Next.

NOLOVE said...

Aint gonna happen that would require barak to right an injustice of a black person,when are yall gonna learn he aint us,this fool is kin to fucking chenney,yall watch powerful families toss the power of the country around like a football & you still buy into democracy & freedom for all in a land that committed genacide/slavery/child labor all to make money.amerikkans are nothing but drones & consumers,you deserve everything ya get for being some stoooopid mother uffers,niggas voting for a stank ass african his blood line helped put your black asses on the jewish slave ship called Jesus look it up,do your research & quit being so fuckn gullable!

RiPPa said...

Well field, McCain has a Black daughter (yeah I know she's from India, but that's not what his fellow Republicans said when they were push polling when he ran against Bush), and I think his family owned slaves in Mississippi. Maybe for him this is an act of contrition.


maybe it's part and parcel of that new GOP strategy to rope in the Black vote. Hell, they said Jackie Robinson was a "Republican Hero" - which was a lie, but don't tell them that - on their new site. Maybe they want to pardon Jack Johnson before they feature him on the site as well. But then again I won't believe it until he seeks a pardon for Mike Tyson.

NOLOVE said...

and stop waiting for some savior to clean up your rubbish,get a gun get to the range get familiar with your weapon & always by ammo when you get your groceries & you might be able to hold your home down when this shit jumps off,your enemy comes from a hunting culture & is damn good at it he can shoot & he's organized & the law will be on his side so your work is cut out for you!better to die with dignitty than live as some white mans beeeoootch!

Anonymous said...

Well, defending a black man who loved white women might draw some bm votes the GOP way. Maybe he's smarter than you thought.

alicia banks said...




obama is blood kin to both cheney and bush

and he was groomed to mask gwb's 3rd and 4th term as prez for decades!

their blue blood jokes are on all of us!

Anonymous said...

For once, I'm not suspicious. I actually think they're trying to do a good thing. The reason I say this is because this has been an issue for years. It's not new. McCain's also been working on it for quite some time (well before the election, IIRC).

I don't think haters won't get mileage out of it if Obama does the pardons him either. The reason I say that is b/c only the most hardcore racist would have a problem with it and since it's an effort led by McCain et al it's not Obama just throwing out a pardon.


Gregory said...

Consider this possibility: Johnson is an easy way for the GOP to establish credibility with blacks. Johnson is dead and his pardon is purely symbolic.

If Obama drops everything and pardons him, then McCain will take credit for pushing him to "do the right thing",

If Obama doesn't act immediately then McCain wins points. Brilliant, in a Karl Rove kind of way.

The question that I have is, what has McCain done for any living black man who might actually benefit from a pardon?

Anonymous said...

@Gregory -- I don't think this is a GOP recruitment drive but I could be wrong. IIRC, this is bipartisan and has been for a while -- McCain is just the biggest 'name' attached to the effort.

And please excuse the errors/typos in my previous post. Hopefully, I made sense despite the errors.


Monie said...

I think I read somewhere that McCain has been trying to reform boxing for a long time. I'm not sure why. Maybe he used to box or is just a boxing fan? I dunno. So I don't think McCain is trying to pull anything.

Both my mother and grandmother had fancy china in their china cabinets. It was only used on holidays. I don't have any fancy china yet but hope to get some whenever I get married. And I'm sure that when I get it I'll only use it on special occasions just like them.

Monie said...

"can't connect any dots here for why McCain is up on this, except that he might be old enough to have been a fan of his back in the day." - Ernesto


Unknown said...

It's just a another game of "We Still Run This" were even though the leader may be black, you want to make him do whatever you say. My opinion though is that the President shouldn't pardon Ole Jack because it is a part of history. The guy may have been an asshole in life, but it shows how bad whites would treat a black man back the. The unfair judgment goes along with it. If that is overturned, what were we fighting for? After that it makes it seem like a bunch of ungrateful negroes got uppity and turned on poor "massa". I say let it stand and let it stay in the history books so no one forgets.

Rainy said...

I saw the Ken Burns documentary on Jack Johnson a few weeks ago. That dude didn't care what anybody thought back then. They tried to frame him but he just went about his business.

Anonymous said...

I smell a rat. Anything having to do with race and Peter King always turns out wrong because he just loves picking on brown people of all types.

And let's not forget McCain's initial stance on MLK's birthday as a holiday in Arizona, which he only reversed after opposition to his stance became untenable.

Anonymous said...

humm... it can all be explained by watching a re-run of Night of the Living Dead.. classic in black and white zombie relations.

Ask yourself these questions, how come Ms. VP running mate of McCains has been on a foreign relations kick lately but out of the domestic media for being over there - speaking stoopid speak? Why would a ex-Nam POW who obviously has problems with all folks of colour be lobbying for a posthumanous pardon of a "Negro" boxer when he has failed to support the MLK holiday in his own state? Simple, he is attempting to use a dead black man against a live half white/half black one in a patronising attempt to hide his own racist and gain media hype points. Ask yourselves why did he pressure his friend Bush during his eight years to pardon J Johnson? Was not he deathly silent? Wake up.. this is media hype patronising of all people of colour especially those mindnumbed enough to be siding with republicans contra democrats who are equally patronising. One does colour and the other class.


So how about this change of venue in the Oscar Grant case. It seems the local folk in County of Alameda for Oaktown think the having the trial locally will lead to a pop off in the community and a conflagation that they just cant handle but aint that what it's suppose to be... community justice of your peers? Seems like no one learned anything from what the Panthers tried to put in play..

anyway....maybe Don King can schedule a McCain and Tyson 3 rounder... just cause

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

What I want to know is why do white folks always come up with pardoning black folks or making them heroes after they are dead? When they were living they made their lives a living hell. Another thing, is why didn't they petition for his pardon during Bush eight year term?

Also, take into consideration that President Obama is the offspring of an interracial marriage. Fox would have a field day with it and try to spin it. Don't forget how McCain said one thing and used trickery during the elections but always did the opposite of what he said and then tried to make President Obama out to be the villian in the scenario; therefore McCain is not trustworthy.

Was Ken Burns related to Tommy Burns?

Some racist whites will pretend friendly to get up close to you to do you a job. A zebra does not change its stripes.

Word verification Judsmo.

Cocoa Goddess said...

Jack Johnson was from Galveston, TX.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, maybe McCain is on the up and up.

Lady-Cracker said...

It feels a little "funny" to me. Somehow just off topic in our national dialogue. Since I am fairly naive, I like reading all of the other takes on this that were put up.

Yeah Granny! Sometimes the verification words are downright uncanny.

focusedpurpose said...


Bellah said...

history is history you cant whitewash it away. Let the mans family ask for his pardon. and let the senate and the house take on the injustice of black men in prison today. they dont have to go back in time to make a difference. Do something about the here and now.

field negro said...

"Looks like the "Hunt for Red October" is going real well for those Phillies."

Yes Makaii, the Phillies scored more points than those stinking Iggles yesterday. (Congrats to your Raiders, Rock) And I know that the "Flying Hawaiian" get lots of love in your parts. :)

La~Incognita and hennasplace, thanks for the female perspective on those household items. I am still not sure if I get it, but hey, men are form Mars....right?When I was a kid my mom would do the same thing, and I always wanted to grow up to do whatever the hell I wanted in my house. Reach for a towel;use it. Reach for a piece of china;use it. Oh well, I guess I married my mother.

Some people made some good points about McCain, didn't he oppose MLK's B-Day in Arizona? Hmmmmm.

"Well, defending a black man who loved white women might draw some bm votes the GOP way. Maybe he's smarter than you thought."

Now see, Anon. 11:47PM, that ain't right.

"..maybe it's part and parcel of that new GOP strategy to rope in the Black vote."

Rippa, did you say "ROPE in the black vote"? And was a pun intended? :)

"What I want to know is why do white folks always come up with pardoning black folks or making them heroes after they are dead?"

Granny you kill.

Anonymous said...

Sorta off topic but if y'all have seen the most recent "Heroes" section, you should check it out. Every male on the first page except for Lincoln and Ronnie Ray-gun is black. Now, if their base ever manages to realize that (a lot of the heroes are light skinned brothers that could easily pass) I wonder what they'll say? Has the GOP been brainwashed into being ashamed of its 'white heritage' by liberal college professors and the liberal msm?


Anonymous said...

@granny -- Now, white folks do that with all good people not just black men. The only time you can get consensus from the conservative side is after someone's dead and the reason for that is dead men and women tell no tale's and they surely don't say, "Ye hypocrites and liars! When I was alive you were exactly the kind of people I was fighting against!"

For starters see: Jesus, the Kennedys, or the Heroes section (minus Ray-gun) I mentioned in my last post.


Jody said...

Pardons usually happen at the end of the year.... I agree with Granny.... too bad this only happens after folks are dead and gone. Wonder if Texas will give a pardon to the innocent man they recently executed?

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

McCain and a three dollar bill is the same,so what is all the debate about!

Anonymous said...

Yeah its a bit fishy. In that he has become such a fierce advocate. I mean its understandable that he would be a co-sponsor,because its one those "safe" motions where there is no real controversy.

Even Rep. Lynn Jenkins R-KS (the same republican who made the "Great White Hope" comment) sponsored the motion, and after the "brewhaha" over her comment admitted she did'nt even know who Jack Johnson was when she sponsored the bill.

McCain's motive is to keep this on the radar of some blacks in America. Let us be honest there are some blacks who are unsure if Obama will tackle issues affecting them on the daily. What McCain is trying to do is reinforce that doubt with this issue.

McCain is trying to make blacks ask these questions:

Man if Obama does not have the will (or guts) to correct a clear injustice meted out black man who has been dead for decades? What guarantee do i have that he is going to tackle the "injustices" affecting me a guy that is still alive?

I mean what is Obama's problem? I mean look even John McCain is pushing for this, and isnt he a republican?

Could be that Obama doesn't care about black people?

And the questions can go on and on.

My view is Obama should do it.Why?

First,like i said before its really non controversial issue in my opinion.

Second, the motion as gotten significant sponsorship from repubs in both House and Senate, and this can provide some cover (if he would not have the guts to do otherwise)for him to approve the motion.

Third, this could become a wedge issue between the "wingnuts" and "moderates" in the republican party, and allow the country to see what "types" are under that tent.

Fourth and finally he would be seen by some blacks to be doing "something" ( as superficially symbolic and non life changing as it is) for black people, and eliminate any linger doubts.

I try not to underestimate McCain, because i know that MUM-RA is no fool.

John Crow

uptownsteve said...

Fuck Jack Johnson.

Free Mumia.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Granny - and with Field. I woldn't trust McCain to do the right thing if there was money in it for him. Yeah - if this is important to him, why didn't he get Bush the Younger and Stupider to do that pardon thing? Because it was not politically profitable, that's why. Every - EVERYthing the Rethugs do is to f*** up Obama and the Dems. Period. Let's stop being Charlie Brown (Charles Schultz cartoon kid)and the football, okay?

Sarah Deere

Xi said...

It seems that for far too many folks, whenever a Republican, especially a white one, does anything whatsoever that could in any way be positive for a black person, it is argued that there must be an ulterior motive.

Consider this hypo: If a white Republican discovered the cure for AIDS and provided free treatment for the entire black world community his motives would be questioned.....blacknecks and rednecks would join forces in his condemnation and neither would see the irony or the ignorance of their actions.
John McCain and his wife have actually walked the walk that Obama merely talks when it comes to providing aid to the disadvantaged in this country and throughout the world.
How Sen. McCain came to adopt a little girl of color, how that child was raised and how his protection of her privacy trumped his political career when he ran against GWB are telling as to the character of the man. John McCain may be a white Republican male, but that is not justification to taint his honor or integrity.

LACoincidental said...

This could a be set up. But McCain is one DC's most well known boxing fans (one of his few redeeming qualities), so I don't know, he might be sincere.

I would say Obama go ahead and pardon Johnson -- send a signal to the race baiters out there. However, he should do it only after he finishes everything else.

uptownsteve said...


Kissin white ass with a big grin as usual!

Have you no shame whatsoever man?

Could you please explain how pardoning Johnson would somehow be a gift to black people???

Xi said...

1. Your racist and personal attack comments are uncalled for and hateful;
2. Righting racial injustices are beneficial for society at large whenever they are corrected.
3. Remedying a racial injustice is not a gift; it is the right thing to do based on the merits.

uptownsteve said...

So you agreed the Jena, LA protests then?

If not, why not?

uptownsteve said...


While we're at it, you must be a supporter of reparations as well, right?

Farley said...

Yeah he's doing this for the same reason the republicans put Mr. Potato Head as RNC chairman. It is supposed to make their tent look bigger.

Just another day at the circus.

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is why do white folks always come up with pardoning black folks or making them heroes after they are dead?

Why do black folk always want to defend white-skin-lusting black males? It seems like the more you dishonor and disrespect black women/chase white women, the better off you'll be.

Anonymous said...

Xi said:

John McCain may be a white Republican male, but that is not justification to taint his honor or integrity.

The issues has nothing to do with McCain being white.As for honor and integrity explain this:

When McCain was running in the 2008 Repub Presidential Primaries.Some republicans were agitating that he was born in Panama (although on an American base)and therefore was not qualified to run for President. It was Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama (possible future opponents) who drafted a motion in the Senate stating that John McCain was an American and therefore qualified to run for President.The motion passed and McCain's legitimacy became a dead issue.

When the "birther" issue came up about Obama's legitimacy as President. What did McCain, the man of integrity and honor do? Did he reciprocate and draft a resolution as Obama did stating categorically that Obama was an American and therefore the rightful President of the United States?
No. He became a sponsor of a bill that requires all future candidates for president to "prove" that they are Americans.
Honor and integrity Xi? Please spare me.

John Crow

uptownsteve said...

"Why do black folk always want to defend white-skin-lusting black males? It seems like the more you dishonor and disrespect black women/chase white women, the better off you'll be."

Bullshit Alert.

This describes most black conservatives to a tee and they are always complaining about how mean black folks are to them.

Whatchoo talkin 'bout?

Anonymous said...

I'm talking about Skippy Gates, Van Jones, OJ, Kanye (black woman hater) Wesley (Asian fetishist-black woman hater) Ne-Yo, this boxer, Michael Jordan, and on, and on, and on.

uptownsteve said...

What about Uncle Clarence Thomas, Uncle Shelby Steele, Uncle Larry Elder, Uncle John McWhorter, Uncle Ward Connerly and on and on and on.

Your list comprises a very small percentage of public black men but my list comprises about half of the most visible black coonservatives.

Get real.

Anonymous said...

Good point Steve,

These men are disliked for political reasons, not because they bed white women. If they had the "correct" politics they would be well loved. My real point is the inherent disrespect and second class citizenship that black women endure is an accepted part of the black community. No one give s a fuck about a black woman's honor (unless a white man is involved.) If people had any respect they would condemn the attempt to pardon a white fetishist like this boxer and demand a pardon for someone who actually did something for AAs.

Anonymous said...





uptownsteve said...

"My real point is the inherent disrespect and second class citizenship that black women endure is an accepted part of the black community."

Oh puh-leeze.

You're just another angry female who can't get a man and hasn't figured out the real reason for that.

SouthernGirl2 said...

Hello Field,

Hope all is well with you & Mrs Field.

We would appreciate it if you would add to your blog roll and vice versa!

Thank You, Kindly!

Anonymous said...

UTS, I hope McCain will change his mind and agree with you and just say, "Fuck Jack Johnson."

Would that make you happy to just disrespect a great black champion like Jack?

Are you really Black or you just another lost black male from the hood with no decency or dignity?

Anonymous said...

Justice58, is that really you in the photo?

uptownsteve said...


I'm gonna try to dumb this down to where an inbecile could understand it.

I might aiming to high with you though.

It doesn't take a lot of courage nor will it have much effect to pardon an athlete who has been dead for 60 years and was convicted of the Mann Act.

It would, however, show some real cajones and conviction to at least grant a new trial to the wrongly imprisoned Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Obama mmm mmm good said...

You negros slay me.You will trust Marion Barry,but not John Mccain.

Why is McCain pushing a pardon for this dead bitch slapping negro?

One word.BOXING!!!! Boxing is/or was big business in McCain's home state. McCain has always been in the back pockets of boxing promoters.

Remember 6 or 7 years ago when John McCain tried to have the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) banned? Why did he do that?

Because UFC was passing boxing in popularity.

Some negros and wannabe negros have said this is a trick to try to get the negro vote.thats false.

Republicans know negros won'tleave the Democrat plantation.Negros would rather be told what think and follow their Democrat masters lead.

SouthernGirl2 said...

anon 1:58pm


uptownsteve said...

"You negros slay me.You will trust Marion Barry,but not John Mccain."

Who the hell even mentioned Marion Barry and what does he have to do with this discussion?

This is the Hannity technique of debate.

False associations, false choices and false premises.

There goes the Bell Curve theory.

Xi said...

Birth on a United States military base has the same legal effect as being born at a US embassy; both are considered US soil as a matter of law. To extrapolate that to Kenya for Obama or to Austria for Schwarzenegger does not follow.

Whether or not an individual has integrity or was born on US soil is not a quid pro quo determinate.

Unlike you and people like stevie, racial identity is not the sine qua non for all things. Human beings have a commonality that transcends racial identity and should be embraced not scorned.

Perhaps intellectual debate on the issues of contention without racial overtones or baseless insults would lend itself to a more meaningful and appropriate dialogue in the future? Just a thought.

uptownsteve said...


"Unlike you and people like stevie, racial identity is not the sine qua non for all things."

Your problem is that you are a black man who furiously defends all that is white.

"To extrapolate that to Kenya for Obama or to Austria for Schwarzenegger does not follow."

However Obama was born in Hawaii, not Kenya.

But you already knew that, right Ruckus?

alicia banks said...


how are you the only person in america who really KNOWS where obama was born???

please cc this proof


uptownsteve said...

Try this AB

You're not a birther too, are you?

What's next AB?

You gonna try to join the Daughters of the American Revolution?

Good Luck.

alicia banks said...


obama controls all msm

usa today is the digest version of all msm
even worse

try this:


i refuse to join any racist orgs...DAR included

that is also why i am not democrat like you "bruh"!


i am sticking with obama's kenyan grandma

how dare you refute her????

Anonymous said...

uptownsteve said...

"Unlike you and people like stevie, racial identity is not the sine qua non for all things."

Your problem is that you are a black man who furiously defends all that is white.

"To extrapolate that to Kenya for Obama or to Austria for Schwarzenegger does not follow."

However Obama was born in Hawaii, not Kenya.

But you already knew that, right Ruckus?

Off-topic much?

uptownsteve said...


This is bull$hit from the friggin Michael Savage show.


I can't take you seriously anymore.

alicia banks said...

here is more from his granny

she trumps you us

obama's deadbeat dad had other white wives and other biracial children also born in kenya


alicia banks said...


i respect the truth from ANY source

racist m savage included!

just as you ignore the truths from ALL sources, that is my perogative!

alicia banks said...

more on obama's dad's wild rainbow seeds:

alicia banks said...


for the record

i never took you seriously

but i will never stop seriously calling you out on your rabid elitist denial


Xi said...

Imitation is the highest form of it's a start. We can only hope that you do not limit yourself to parroting back simple analogies. CHANGE....yes we can!

Anonymous said...

"I can't take you seriously anymore"

Only now you're finding this out?

"obama's deadbeat dad had other white wives and other biracial children also born in kenya"

Then maybe it's the other half black babies she saw and was referring to..

alicia banks said...


to say you are irrelevant would be akin to saying fire is hot

and i was referring to obama

there is no other reason for his reticence and dodging of this issue that could be squashed by the orginal document in seconds

obama has even lied about his date of birth!!!
we have see NOTHING to document any IOTA of obama's paper thin resume...not even his college or law school transcripts!

no prez in history has ever been as clandestine and secreted....EVER!


alicia banks said...


in addition to granny

the ambassador of kenya trumps u too


Xi said...

Ms Banks,
You are wiser than most give you credit for....keep up the good fight notwithstanding the naysayers that continue their weak attempts to quash your input.
Insults are no match for your reasoning.

Anonymous said...

I am not at all surprised to see that NONE of the male commentors responded to the marriage question at the beginning of the post.

Typical. Black men act like they're allergic to marriage.


Xi said...

Good point. My wife and I have long held to the joint belief that the "fine china items" should be enjoyed at every opportunity and not saved for either of our funerals. Life is the journey, not the final destination. We are all merely temporary custodians of the material possessions we are blessed enjoy them responsibly.

Hathor said...

As I understood from his biography, Obama's father's mother had died by the time he went to Kenya after his father died.
The woman he calls grandmother is one of his grandfathers wives. I wonder who translated her statement, since English is not her first language.

grinder said...

So McC is a Republican, and I am a lifelong partisan Democrat, but I don't see the harm in pardoning Jack Johnson. Doesn't make him any candidate for sainthood but I don't see the wisdom in calling him a piece of shit for it either.

grinder said...

On china and towels, I think the rule ought to be simple. But then, I am a simpleton.

So here's the rule: If she (or he, in my house) puts it out there, then it's fair game to use it unless it's out there a couple hours before a party and any idiot ought to know it's there for the guests.

If it's not out there, then don't go rooting around in cabinets looking for it.

Now how hard was that, anyway?

vanishing point said...

I would guess that since McCain's party has that new African American hero section, this would be a big hit over their, and McCain could take credit for it.

@Hathor, the entire transcript proves the opposite of what that snippet indicates, I don't feel like getting into this over and over and over again with her..

the ot question:
my grandmother's dishes are packed up in boxes, never even used them once, they probably got newspaper ink all over them.

grinder said...

p.s.: If you've got whole closets full of crap that's never been used, then maybe right after you've, ah, rocked her world, you might ask very sweetly whether ALL of the crap has to FOREVER be hidden away.

And if she says, "yes," then shut up and go to sleep.

Unknown said...

What part of the tap dance is that?(I like him, but our boy O has been tap dancing lately for the repugs amusement)
I find it very suspicious that McCain is pressing 0bama to pardon Jack Johnson. I feel that it'll definitely come to "Look the Black President, pardoned a Black athlete".(Even if he is dead) If Obama wants to pardon someone in order to make a difference, get that bullshit charge off of Michael Vicks' record and give him back all the money he lost dealing with that drama.
McCain seems like he's setting up a practical joke that he can't wait to see executed.

alicia banks said...



it is a pleasure watching you slay us...


Anonymous said...

Uts "It doesn't take a lot of courage nor will it have much effect to pardon an athlete who has been dead for 60 years and was convicted of the Mann Act."

What do you know about courage? McCain has more courage in his white finger than your black ass will ever know.

I have a high regard for what Jack Johnson did as a boxer and a human being, even if it was 60 years ago. By your thinking, all unacknowledged Black figures of more than 50-60 years are irrelevant.

I believe JJ was a very courageous man who stood up and fought for his rights, human dignity, and color. He brought a lot of 'color' and excitement to the game of boxing and he did not shy away from challengers. He was a great champion, and he made a lot of Negroes very proud to be who they were, during a time when Blacks could not even go in the front door of public places.

Jack Johnson deserves to be honored for being a symbol of courage and sacrifice.

I know you disagree. You have already said, "fuck Jack Johnson." You have made it clear to everyone that your low opinion of Johnson is inextricably linked to your desire for Mumia Abu-Jamal to be free.

You show that you are incapable of separating people, places, time and events. You can't handle more than one idea at a time without being confused, and often ONE idea is too much for your dumb ignorant ass.

In your shallow mind, you must 'negate' Johnson in order to free Abu-Jamal. In other words, there isn't room for 'two' brothers in that tiny mind of yours-you idiotic House Negro.

My dog can easily accept BOTH Johnson and Mumbia simply by wagging his tail. But that is foreign concept to you. It is too much to comprehend for people like you and Uncle Clarence Thomas.

How pathetically stupid you are!

Anonymous said...

Why does steve hate black women?

Andre said...

Maybe Johnny Mac is trying to make up for the ignorance of some of his boneheaded constituents.

Anonymous said...

Xi said:
Birth on a United States military base has the same legal effect as being born at a US embassy; both are considered US soil as a matter of law.

Agreed. I know that , you know that but the republican campaigners who were claiming that McCain was not legitimate apparently did not. It took a Senate motion from Clinton and Obama to silence the issue brought up by republicans and white. C'mon Xi you claim to be balanced give Obama and Clinton credit for what they did.

John Crow

Anonymous said...

Alicia Banks said:
i am sticking with obama's kenyan grandma

how dare you refute her????

no one is refuting her however you have to understand the context in which she made that statement. If you listen to the interview the "reporter" uses the name "Barack" throughout the interview. Why is this important? Obama father's actual name IS Barack Obama. Therefore if the interviewer were professional he would made attempts to make the distinction, which he did not. So there is significant possibility when asked "Was Barack born in Kenya"
The woman would most like say yes if she thought he was referring to Obama's father BARACK OBAMA.

Alicia Banks said:
the ambassador of Kenya trumps u too

Here is the question why would you believe the Ambassador of Kenya? The link u provided is not proof he simply made a statement but did not provide any verifiable proof, you know like a birth certificate.

So the question is why would you believe a foreigner who is unable to provide proof only a suspect statement. But you wont believe a certificate provided by the Hawaii Health Services, Records Administration, witnessed and signed by the Governor of Hawaii (a republican).

John Crow

Anonymous said...

Trina said:
Typical. Black men act like they're allergic to marriage.

LMAO... I don't thinks so. Beside i am not married so i could not relate.

John Crow

Anonymous said...

Hey John, want to hear some stats?

For every one hundred black women in Chicago ( supposedly a black mecca) between the ages of twenty-two and thirty-four, there are only sixty-eight black men in circulation [alive, unimprisoned and not in the military] . . .

For every one thousand adult blacks living in Chicago the city, twelve people were married in 2006 (emphasis added). That’s six marriages, a rate that is comparable in Port-au-Prince, Washington, D.C., or the Gaza Strip.

Nationwide black women are farrr less likely to be married.

Anonymous said...

Hey now, no stats please... they disturb UpTown and his misogynistic hatred of black women. "Bitch jus cunt get no man cuse she ugwy..

La♥audiobooks said...

John Crow at 10.09 pm. I'm glad you shared that information. It's amazing how some people choose to see what they want. I am no big Obama fan, but I always try to be fair with logic.

For some time now I've been convinced that Alicia's resentment towards Obama isn't truthfully based on politics or caring about "poor people in America". It may not even have much to do with his stance on gay marriage, nor the priority he gives the issue.

I sense the core of Alicia's suspiciously inflated hostility towards Obama is personal, and perhaps deep rooted in some politically unrelated way (just my sixth sense here). I think something else is eating Gilbert Grape. Just my opinion.

(now, on with the pompous ineffective insults and the juvenile name calling).

Anonymous said...

How does this (Maybe it's because of that little issue down in Hammond, Louisiana with the justice of the peace refusing to marry that interracial couple) turn into a boxing blog?? The official in LA said he was doing it for the kids. They did get married and when they have their first child, how much black blood will the wife have running thru her body , if any? If she ever went to a bloodbank, would she have to tell them that she has black blood running thru her veins??

La♥audiobooks said...

Anony 12:11 am, there is no such thing as "black" blood, nor white, purple or green blood for that matter. Blood doesn't have the same ethnical makeup as DNA.

i like the house said...

damn, field, why so suspicious of the old fella? he just likes boxing ... a lot ... he's always getting involved with boxing related controversies ...

Visibility said...

I don't give a good g*d damn about a mutha f ing Jack Johnson. Look, I know that love conquers all, but really? It was the turn of the century, and he loved someone so much that we was willing to risk everything, even go to jail? Okay, good for him, but really? A little thing like male ego and saying f you to the White man didn't have anything to do with his "love" for his White woman, did it? He is a controversial figure and yes, got the raw end of the deal. And don't presidents do all the pardoning at the end of their term in office, so that their political careers aren't derailed by pardoning some jack off?

This, I say, ain't right! Something stinky is afoot, my friends!

Field, the reason why people register for fine china when they get married is because fine china is INCREDIBLY expensive. It is nice to have a group effort in acquiring a nice set of china, hence why couples get nice things like that when they get married. So, when it comes time for a beautiful xmas or dinner party you can break out the beautiful china. If, it gets used for every day stuff and let's say a Mr. Field breaks something while watching the World Series, then someone has to cough up maybe 30-40 dollars to replace that plate. Can you see why Mrs. Field would want to "save" it for special occasions?

Anonymous said...

@John Crow, there is an emotionally disturbed Anon@12:43p who is typing in all caps and using your name.

Anonymous said...

when are yall gonna learn he aint us,

He is more of one of us than most black men. He is a prominent black man with a sister who looks like a sister and so he is alright with me....

And Barack does not even trip about being half white. I often forget that he is biracial and that is saying something because there are biracial blacks with white mothers who will NEVER let you forget that they are half white with a white mother...he is definitely not one of them...

alicia banks said...


you are a diseased whore and a rabid obama nazi (good names?)
so you adore obama "personally"

it follows that you would assume i hate him "personally" too

it is not rocket science

i hate obama because he is a blackish clone of gwb
i hated gwb also
no more
no less

such simple facts are impossible for moronic dogs in heat like you who worship obama and blame bush for all of his SOLO FAILURES to grasp

as you adore obama

gwb never signed one bailout

never bought one auto co

never bankrupted your great great grandkids

never lied about his love of wars etc.....

the only thing personal about how i feel about obama is how i personally despise his robotic groupie bitches like you

alicia banks said...


this is really revealing
your choice of words says it all here

"I sense the core of Alicia's suspiciously inflated hostility towards Obama"


and obama has dogged blacks
a millions times worse

he has allowed millions of black homeowners to become homeless

he has gutted hbcus

he has insulted nola/katrina
and blatantly ignored them



get over that you moronic shrew!

Anonymous said...

@Visibility "I don't give a good g*d damn about a mutha f ing Jack Johnson."

Unconscious self-hating demoralized people like you spend a lifetime cursing and trivializing the lives of Blacks for "no good reason".

From your foul and vile words, any drunk cussing sailor would enjoy spending time with you while the ship is docked for a few hours.

@Visibility- "A little thing like male ego and saying f you to the White man didn't have anything to do with his "love" for his White woman, did it?"

And what do you know about love or the male ego, you foul mouth bitch?

"He is a controversial figure and yes, got the raw end of the deal."

If he got 'the raw end of the deal' what's your problem with making it right?......Isn't that the 'right' thing to do?

"Visibility", your name belies who you really are. Change it to "empty heart" or "blindness".

Sammy said...

Hey Anonymous @ 1:39 AM: After reading some of the illeterate crap posted by some of the people here, especially you (did you attend any school?), I am the glad the President "aint us".

However, I gladly claim him as the very intelligent, educated, high-class man he is and not some low-life getto butte-crack head rag wearing thug.

Anonymous @ 1:39 AM, you are like so many other low achieving semi-literate black people, just another Crab in a Barrel.

Visibility said...

@Anon 11:54 am....

You are right about me on so many, many points.

My only question, since I am sure that you are a saint yourself, is why did you stoop so low as to use foul language in calling me a b*itch? Even I, an "unconscious self-hating demoralized, foul mouth(ed) b*tch", didn't actually spell out the words. I just think that is interesting.

No, I don't care much for a controversial figure like Jack Johnson and no, I don't think that he deserves a pardon. Jack Johnson has had a play and a movie about his life, both of which glorify and lionize him for the most part. He will go down in history as one of the best boxers to ever play the sport. I know that I am empty hearted and blind, but even still, I think that Jack Johnson should simply rest in peace, without Barack Obama's presidential pardon. Let John McCain spend his energy on figuring out the best way to deal with Afghanistan, or better yet, come clean about his ex-running mate Sarah Palin instead of trying to cover for her all the time. Oh wait, I have to go....methinks I see a ship on it's way to port!

uptownsteve said...

"Typical. Black men act like they're allergic to marriage."

Maybe black men are just allergic to you.

Anonymous said...

@Visibility "Even I, an "unconscious self-hating demoralized, foul mouth(ed) b*tch", didn't actually spell out the words. I just think that is interesting."

No you didn't actually spell out your words, you 'only' said this:

"I don't give a good g*d damn about a mutha f ing Jack Johnson."

You use god damn and mf in the same sentence but because you didn't 'completely' spell out those vile words, you think my spelling of the word "bitch" is interesting? That's really good thinking, Miss No-Visibility.

Go find yourself that drunken sailor before he sails off into the sunset. And do yourself a favor--try not to get pregnant. You are too stupid to be a parent.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

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