Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wingnuts Gone Wild.

So let me see if I have this right: Spurred on by their racist puppet masters, a bunch of protesters show up at B. Bernice Young Elementary School, disrupt the poor children's classes, and cause a major disruption in the day of the lives of the poor people of Burlington Township. All this because they think that the same children who they happen to be traumatizing with their protest were allegedly being indoctrinated with black militant and Communist propaganda by the evil one, AKA President Obama. Honestly, if there weren't children involved this would almost be funny. So children can't celebrate the first African American president by singing a song about it during black history month? Wingnuts you really have to chill just a little bit.

"The protesters, who were not permitted on school property, assembled across the street on the sidewalk about 10 a.m. for about 45 minutes of singing songs such as 'Bless America' and chanting slogans including, 'No politics in the classroom,' 'Reassign the principal" and 'Liar, liar pants on fire.' About 10 township police officers kept an eye on the protest.
'We want to keep this day as normal as possible for the children in school, which is what this is all about," Lt. Wayne Maver said. '"

Too late Lt. Maver, I would say that there is nothing "normal" in A-merry-ca anymore. But this is what happens when folks listening to Radio Rwanda act on their passions: they disrupt what should be a normal day for our children.

"We thought that the school would be closed on Columbus Day. Unfortunately it's not," Haney said. "We're protesting politicization of children. It's about politics. It's about an agenda. We think that is not fair. You should not use children for that purpose. Whoever organized this is trying to force their views on the children."

You are a liar! You knew school would be open. Why would you want to stage a protest outside of a closed school building? I swear these wingnuts must think that everyone in this country is as dumb as they are.

But the wingnuts weren't done there. Oh no, it seems that they made a statement up in Massachusetts as well.* Nothing like defacing a little golf course to make a political point. The swastika next to Obama's name? How original.

Anyway, back to the school protesters: Fortunately, the people of Burlington Township weren't falling for the Okey-Doke. They know outside agitators when they see them, and they acted as I hoped they would have.

"Dana Williams, the parent of a 7-year-old at the school and an employee in the Trenton School District, said he believes there was an ulterior motive behind the protesters' message.
'They shouldn't be doing it in front of the school,' Williams said. 'I'm sure many of the townships they come from have no diversity. Some of them are coming with racist attitudes, racist views, and they're trying to cover it up with politics.'

Linda Hoffman, whose daughter attended the school last year when she was in second grade, agreed. 'I absolutely believe this is racially motivated,' Hoffman said. 'I don't believe this has anything to do with politics. Do you see any black individuals down here in their group? Not one. These kids were so proud of themselves for what they did. They did this play; it was beautiful. There's no politics involved in this. They're second-graders. I just think the whole thing is ridiculous.'"

Ms. Hoffman, you obviously don't love A-merry-ca.


Bob said...

Yeah Field, that was such damned, pointless, stupid protest. Burlington Township is a scrappy place, not wealthy, largely suburban working class if I recall it. They're the enemy now, too? Just ordinary working folks?

Gregory said...


The wingnuts have the swastika backwards, if they are trying to associate Obama with the Nazis. They can't even get their slurs right.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. But isn't this free speech that should be respected? I mean, I read an interview with Maya Angelou recently where she said that Louis FaraKKKhans right to speak should be respected, that it was the American way. Certainly this same right should be respected when black folks don't like it right? These people are no nuttier than FarraKKKhan, so why are they demonized by the same black folks who give that black Nazi a free pass?

Gregory said...

Apparently "anonymous" thinks that vandalism is free speech. I hope s/he remembers that when s/he criticizes gang graffiti.

123 said...

1. Many schools across the country don't celebrate Columbus Day and 17 states (if not more) don't even recognize. I doubt they all decided to ignore that drunkard's holiday under BO's admin just to get at 'whitey'.

Did the school recognize Columbus day during the Bush admin? If not, then why protest now, especially if race has nothing to do with it?

2. @Gregory: Not only that, but the swatstika isn't tilted, so it has a different meaning. It looks more like an Islamic, Chinese, Ceylon, or Hopi swatstika.


Anonymous said...

Piss on them. Two words: Jesus Camp

mellaneous said...

Glad you brought this to our attention Field. Imagine someone describing as apolitiical the most politicized educational system in the world that for years taught history as if only what Europeans accomplished was important and if they weren't Europeans (Egyptians) they pretended they were and took credit for that as well.

Can you say irony? Most people believe the lies about what the US is because they were taught these lies in school. And since when is the pledge of allegiance and the singing of the national anthem not political. In fact the entire education system is designed to make citizens subservient and docile.

In fact its this miseducation that has these idiots protesting. Because if they hadn't been politicized against fighting for their own interest, they would have been in the streets protesting for Universal Health Care and not this watered down crap that the Obama administration is proposing. If they hadn't been turned into blabbering idiots by the US school system they would be defending their neighbors right to have shelter or calling for a moratorium on foreclosures or organizing a march for jobs.

But they think singing Obama's praise is the only political indoctrination their children got.These people really are scarey!

The 9/12 people don't appear to have a real agenda but are being used as mindless robots to forward an agenda that does not benefit them. And while they may not be racist they are definitely on the edge. I noticed that the majority of the children in the classroom in the video were white. It makes you think.This school is really trying to implement diversity and forward thinking and these people are protesting them?

Would they have protested an all black school in the inner city that was praising, of all things the idea of equal pay for equal work(one of the lines in the song)

I noticed Michelle Malkin has weighed in on this. These right wing journalists are clear opportunist who make money to stir all kinds of intra class hatred. Folks should stop talking about these people and giving them legitimacy. They have long since forfeited any claims to legitimate and well thought out opinion.

Field we may come to the point that we will have to fight to change this thing or sit and complain while these folks allow the ruling class to use them to take us into the abyss.

liberation then peace

Anonymous said...

"Hoffman said. 'I don't believe this has anything to do with politics. Do you see any black individuals down here in their group? Not one."

Well I don't see any white individuals in New Black Panther Party or Nation of Islam. And they are allowed to speak at many colleges and churches

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:10, I don't know what colleges & churches you've been hanging out at, buddy. Stop reaching.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

anonymous 12:10:

They have white people in the Nation of Islam. Are there any white people interested in joining the New Black Panther Party? BTW, how many black folks are in KKK, conservative citizens council, navity orgs, and neo-nazi supremacist org?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Greg Dragon said...

You all should probably stop answering trolls, it keeps them posting anonymously.

Houston said...

I think Fox news gave more time and energy to this faux-outrage protest against young children than they did the gathering of tens of thousands of "others" on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

With millions of Americans without healthcare, a "vietnamesque" war in Afghanistan, troops still in Iraq (for some reason i can't fathom), and a economy in the tank.These people decided that the critical issue at stake was their supposed children of the corn delusions.
BTW Columbus was from Spain, so basically they thought it "unfortunate" that American children were not observing a holiday of a guy that is not even American.Tsk tsk they should take away these guys " i am a real American" bumper stickers. How very "unamerican" of them, the bastards.However else you can dissect this incident, what is clear is that the wingnut machine is running stuff to be angry about.

John Crow

Anonymous said...

Burlington Township, NJ? NJ is full of racist Whites. What do you expect?

That's the kind of stuff that causes PTSD in children.

NJ Whites are merciless assholes who have a deep seated hatred toward Blacks. Whites in Georgia have better hearts.

matw said...

These kids were so proud of themselves for what they did. They did this play; it was beautiful. There's no politics involved in this. They're second-graders. I just think the whole thing is ridiculous.'

Linda Hoffman, I agree. Not because it was beautiful (maybe it was), but because the second-graders did it.

I read this week an article (http://www.miller-mccune.com/culture_society/morals-authority-1099 ) about a fellow named Haidt who’s premise is that liberals (my take: racism chasers) need to understand and respect that conservatives have a moral compass that points in a different direction. To be fair, from what I read, respect does not equal agree. Still ..

Now I’ll apply that idea. I’m going to try and imagine (you can join me) that my daughter’s second-grade teacher organized a play supporting George Bush II (cough). The guy’s a criminal, but my daughter (or her class mates) at 7 years old or so isn’t going to appreciate the implications of his crimes. But, they probably would sing about something like ‘points of light’ (I know daddy said it, but I’ll bet the shrub echoed it).

I just put myself in a conservative shoes, and you wouldn’t catch me dead protesting the play from across the street. If the kids understood, they’d feel like feces. I wish they hadn’t experienced racism mongering 2009.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Those people are crazy. Oh well, let them do what they do. The only thing they are doing is showing the world how uncivilized and ignorant they are. All that mess is going to backfire on them. You just don't mess with children like that and think that there is not a price to pay. It's another subtle form of mental child abuse. Smh!

matw said...

Granny, I'm with ya, but I'm not so sure how 'subtle' the abuse is. If I was a child hearing that protest I would probably be pretty upset.

I'm also encouraged to learn that the Nation of Islam accepts white members. Not that I'm surprised, but, while in high school, a black guy at a mostly black party admonished me that "black Muslims don't like white people". Sad to say the words stuck with me.

field negro said...

Yes Bob Burlington is a "working class" area,so you really have to wonder.

"Children of the corn delusions".

John Crow I love that.:)

Mellaneous, I loved your comments as well.

Houston did Radio Rwanda even cover the Gay March in Washington?

Does anyone know where I can get some good troll repellent?

Anonymous said...

oh, lighten up ! i thought liberals were suppose to be well more liberal!!! <- made a joke

anyway check out this link they have a Michelle doll now oh wow got to get me one them bad boys....err i mean girls...can have lots of fun with dat!!!!


Constructive Feedback said...

You know Filled Negro there are rare occasions that I agree with you but this is one of them. These White folks should not have been protesting outside of that particular school.

IF they cared about education they would have drove down to nearby Trenton New Jersey and protested about that failing school system where Dana Williams works. Trenton NJ Schools are rated 1 out of 10 in GreatSchools.net (http://www.greatschools.net/new-jersey/trenton/Trenton-School-District/)

It is not clear that if they protested against the failures of the Trenton Schools that Black people would have joined the protests though. The way some Black folks work they will DEFEND their failing school system simply because the White folks are attacking it.

That's a new one from Linda Hoffman though. The reason why she believes that the protests are RACIST is because there were no Black people in the protests.

Filled Negro - If I note that despite the performance problems in Trenton, Camden and Philadelphia THERE ARE NO PROTESTS - Is it logical for me to argue that the Black parents who are being failed by the school system are NOT protesting because they don't want to protest against their Permanent Democratic friends who run these systems?

Jody said...

The protester said:
"We thought that the school would be closed on Columbus Day. Unfortunately it's not," Haney said. "We're protesting politicization of children. It's about politics. It's about an agenda. We think that is not fair. You should not use children for that purpose. Whoever organized this is trying to force their views on the children."

Does this guy realize how incredibly hypocritical he is being??? Does he not get that HE is the one doing what he is accusing others of doing?

Houston mentioned the protests for LGBT equality on Sunday.... I find it very interesting if you look at the photos from the Tea Party demonstrations back in August and September and this march.... One is the past trying to push back the other.... the future.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote] In fact its this miseducation that has these idiots protesting. Because if they hadn't been politicized against fighting for their own interest, they would have been in the streets protesting for Universal Health Care [/quote]

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


You win the "Van Jones Circular Reference" award.

You see - Van Jones said on "Democracy Now" that we see the negative impacts of CAPITALISM. He would like to see the GOVERNMENT spend billions of dollars of DEBT SPENDING to build up a green economy.

Of course the leftist host, Amy Goodman never asked Mr Jones WHERE DID THE 'CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT BALANCE" that he seeks to use COME FROM, other than CAPITALISM?

In other words does non-capitalist Guatemala have the credit to initiate $100 billion in debt spending by the government to construct highways and infrastructure?

YOU are in the same violation with respect to your "Multiple Tax Payer Paid Health Care" logic.

I just talked with a family friend who is a doctor. She does "Doctors Without Borders" events in Jamaica, Ethiopia and the Philippines. Despite the fact that Jamaica has UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE - in theory - in practice the ONLY access to health care that most of her patients receive is WHEN HER GROUP OF DOCTORS visit the nation each year. The economic resources of the country DETERMINES THE QUALITY LEVEL OF MEDICAL SERVICES. You appear to believe that passing a law that everyone gets free health care is the magic trick.

Mellaneous - How do you reconcile these points?

The key people who have PROVABLY been "Voting Against Their Best Interests" are the ones living in the Rust Belt in the Progressive Northeast of the nation. They have a line up of favorable politicians after VOTING for decades yet the wheels have come off of their economies in many places.

This area leads the nation in Black male unemployment charts that are published by the University of Wisconsin-Millwaukee Center For Economic Development.


You are WINNING elections but LOSING your damned mind. (consciousness)

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Does he not get that HE is the one doing what he is accusing others of doing? [/quote]

I hope that you are acknowledging that those who operate Government Operated Schools have been doing such politicization that you mention. I bet if this man sought to do Home Schooling so that his child would avoid such politicizing that you would oppose it - figuring that he would indoctrinate his children with messages that are not conducive with the modern social norms that YOU favor.

[quote]Houston mentioned the protests for LGBT equality on Sunday.... I find it very interesting if you look at the photos from the Tea Party demonstrations back in August and September and this march.... One is the past trying to push back the other.... the future.[/quote]

Good morning Jody.
I should have put my :lol: on your post rather than the one above.

In YOUR view "Gay Marriage" is an ADVANCEMENT forward? But not a disassembly of the traditions that has allowed our culture to survive for over 2,000 years?

You believe that despite our intrinsic human physiological form that provides us with guidance about our natural relationships per the complimentary genitalia as expressed between male and female that YOU are moving beyond such physiological constraints because you have achieved a higher mental order? That people who seek to retain such Judeo-Christian cultural ethics are Neanderthals?

Do you notice Jody that Progressivism is nothing more than a carrot tied to a stick. INSTEAD OF having people look at the results of the land that you have already conquered (SouthWest Philly, North Philly, Camden) you instead have people always looking FORWARD.

They are to focus on where their ENEMIES have moved to and look to take that land as your next PROGRESSION.

I simply want to bind you to your immediate past and get you to produce the results that seems so elusive.

Jody said...

UnConn said:

"In YOUR view "Gay Marriage" is an ADVANCEMENT forward? But not a disassembly of the traditions that has allowed our culture to survive for over 2,000 years?"

You are kidding, right? Despite the attempts of homophobes and sexists.... that above mentioned traditions and history has been anything but static...... it has been a constant evolution of change in those 2,000 years... just a few examples.... until the 50s in this country... illegal for mixed race marriage in most parts of this country. Until the last couple of hundred years, perfectly legal for multiple wives.... In that same history of tradition.... illegal for women to work/divorce. Change has been a constant and there has been a progression of broadening rights over all those years you espouse.... to suggest otherwise is to be historically/socially dishonest.

You said:
"You believe that despite our intrinsic human physiological form that provides us with guidance about our natural relationships per the complimentary genitalia as expressed between male and female that YOU are moving beyond such physiological constraints because you have achieved a higher mental order? That people who seek to retain such Judeo-Christian cultural ethics are Neanderthals?"

The first is a false arguement. Gay and lesbian people have the same biological, emotional desires as straight people. It has nothing to do with "higher mental order" and everything to do with Natural attraction/connection. The same "God" you attribute to the natural/biological behavior of straight folk also created gay folk and in nature, outside of humans, gay behavior exists in animals and plants. What... you think your God created some of this world and not the other? Just as you did not choose to be hetrosexual, gay folks did not choose to be gay. When did you choose to be straight?

As for the Neanderthal portion of your question... Ummm... Yes!

Anonymous said...

Field, Field, Field...
and off topic, but why were the "Field" niggers better than the "House" niggers??? I'll take havin to clean up after Massah over gettin stung by Yellow Jackets in the Cotton Fields any day of the week...
The Hakenkreuz was obviously left by someone who never watched even 1 episode of "Hogans Heroes", White People are born knowin how to draw a Swastika, its instinctive, just like how y'all steal cars...
It was obviously done by niggers, and don't tell me it's Massachussetts, I've been to Boston, enough niggers to make a Tarzan movie, allthough they did have that cool Boston accent...
And anyway, it was done at night, coulda been the whole Harlem Globetrotters team outthere and noone would have seen them...
Unless somebody smiled,


Anonymous said...

Ohh it was NEW JERSEY...
just makes my point even more...the Nigger:White Ratio increases steadily from Vermont southwards, until you get to Florida, where it goes down a little, probably because of the Okefenokee Swamp...
Did you here what they found in the Michael Jackson Autopsy????

Ha Ha, gotcha Sambo if you're still reading...


ch555x said...

"Not only that, but the swatstika isn't tilted, so it has a different meaning. It looks more like an Islamic, Chinese, Ceylon, or Hopi swatstika."-123

Wishful thinking has me saying that was probably the purpose...


As far as these types roaming the prairie, I'll just refer to them as the post-Y2K fringe...the same cats who thought "Terminator Salvation" was coming, but all we got was pre-9/11 half-steppin'...

Constructive Feedback said...

You are so right Jody. Silly me.

I figure that with several hundred thosand more years of evoluation:

* The reproductive system of the female homosexual will shut off since "they were born that way" mentally and thus the mind and the body will become in alignment as they don't need the reproduction system since they are not 'breeders'

* The human anus will no longer be the end of the digestive track for the male who uses this as his main form of sexual gratification. Instead the natural bacteria that is associated with this orifice will vacate and he will assume the ability to "self lubricate" JUST AS IS THE CASE WITH THE FEMALE VAGINA.


I DO believe, however that there is a critical need to ENFORCE SOCIAL ORDER.

You had better believe that WOMEN and HOMOSEXUALS far better when there is ORDER that DEFENDS THEIR HUMAN RIGHTS than they do in systems that are DESTROYED and CHAOTIC.)

Jody - your "progressive" theories ONLY exist comfortably in the context of the SYSTEM that you ultimately seek to disassemble because it DISCRIMINATES in ways that YOU DON'T LIKE.

Some of you pretend that you are working for a DISCRIMINATION FREE WORLD. In truth THERE IS NO SUCH THING.

A society that fails to DISCRIMINATE is by defintion one of ANARCHY.

In truth, despite your lofty claims you are ONLY attempting to edit the list of attributes that can be discriminated again.

What you NEED TO DO, however, is to return to the question of "What is the FUNCTION of certain points of DISCRIMINATION". If it focuses people upon more productive ends and thus establishes a foundation upon which an organized society can be built.

uptownsteve said...

Well I'll be damned.

If it ain't Bill Bennett in blackface!

Tell me CF, who exactly decides who will be discriminated against in your ideal society?

Jody said...

UnConn..... all I can say is... Wow! That you see as acceptable the discrimination of your fellow citizens to maintain your vision of order.... wow! That is one sick and twisted justification for discrimination. That without it, we will have anarchy? Wow!

All I can say is Thank Jesus, Budda, Allah, Krishna, Yahweh that your thinking is not the mindset of the majority of our fellow citizens.

Constructive Feedback said...

If it ain't Bill Bennett in blackface![/quote]

Fewer people who were caught after doing a Drive By Shooting that killed a Black person have been found with their radio TUNED TO BILL BENNETT than had a Jay-Z, Lil Wayne or Young Jeezy CD collection in their CD player of their car.

[quote]Tell me CF, who exactly decides who will be discriminated against in your ideal society?[/quote]


I would be first in line to STOP and then TESTIFY AGAINST anyone who I saw beating YOU if I saw you in on Pennsylviania Ave in Baltimore, cross dressing as a woman in heels.


Again - There is SOCIAL DISCRIMINATION with the goal of maintaining social order. Do YOU support a 40 year old man marrying a 15 year old? Tell me the difference between a 15 year old and a emancipated 16 year old who is no longer a minor?

Then there is DISCRIMINATION that violates the RIGHTS of someone. If I do a home invasion in Bowie MD and kill a father of 4 BECAUSE he is a Progressive - I have discriminated against him and I should be punished for violating the law.

GET it?

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]That you see as acceptable the discrimination of your fellow citizens to maintain your vision of order.... wow! That is one sick and twisted justification for discrimination.[/quote]

Jody - I have learned from the past to NOT ALLOW YOU AND OTHERS TO PUT FORTH the "So tell me when did you stop beating your wife" type questions.

Please articulate a scenario in any society where THERE IS NO DISCRIMINATION?


Are you a lawyer or just a "Paralegal" because I am trying to adjust my expectations of your ability to DEFEND our point based on this.

YOU lose nothing by maintaining your PROGRESSIVE dogma. YOU can be for "Peace, advancement, A CHICKEN IN EVERY POT and the FULLY MAXIMIZED RIGHTS FOR ALL HUMANS, REGARDLESS OF THE COST!!!!".

Sadly YOU can't even bring this higher level thought forth in North PHILADELPHIA, asking the criminal defendants that you work with to RESPECT THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE THEY HAVE VICTIMIZED!!!

Why not practice your theories upon THEM rather than seeking to change the government there in?

Now I'm supposed to accept your straw man about all types of DISCRIMINATION being evil.

Clearly - every society has RULES of order.

Anonymous said...

If a bunch of little white kids were goose steppin' for Bush 4 years ago it would be interesting to see how the wingnuts of the left would react.....just sayin'.
But then again Bush was stupid and Obama is Godlike so the comparison is racist and unfair on it's face no doubt.

Anonymous said...

UTS, AKA the poster boy for the liberal wingnuts, is not going to be happy with your comment and will spew out some irrational racist hatred your way shortly--so brace yourself homey.

uptownsteve said...


blah blah blah

Criminals should be prosecuted and punished.

Nobody disagrees with that.

You specifically said "discriminated against".

Tell us who you believe should be discriminated against?

uptownsteve said...


You talking to yourself again?


Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Tell us who you believe should be discriminated against?[/quote]

Why do you ask WHO instead of WHAT?

There are BEHAVIORS that should be "discriminated against". In as much as you are an EQUAL HUMAN BEING who transacts certain BEHAVIOR - a response will be triggered.

You don't mention anything about where GOVERNMENT meets CULTURE. (Civil Rights versus Cultural Enforcements)

I would LOVE for you to apply your theories upon certain areas that each metro surrounding tends to have where "ANYTHING GOES" rues the day.

Are these places enlightened because they don't DISCRIMINATE and thus no one has any particular standard to LIVE UP TO so they all wallow in the mud?

uptownsteve said...

"There are BEHAVIORS that should be "discriminated against"."

Like WHAT in particular?

That isn't already illegal.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Tell us who you believe should be discriminated against?[/quote]

Here is the MAGIC ANSWER that has eluded the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser for too long.

You all have grown up in the context of being in a CONSTANT STRUGGLE AGAINST RACISM (or is that Republicanism?). You have been so proud that YOU HAVE NEVER DISCRIMINATED AGAINST ANYONE.

Now you find yourself in control of more TURF than ever before. Your days of being able to dangle a carrot on a stick and have your masses move forward AGAINST an institutional threat are COMING TO AN END!!!


It is now time for you to shift from STRUGGLE over to IMPLEMENTATION/DISTRIBUTION AND RETENTION of whatever order you prefer.

By definition you are going to have to become CONSERVATORS of this order.

Thus - STEVE - my logic tells me that you must REVERSE ENGINEER A SOLUTION.

1) Start off with your END GOAL. I have been feeding you this for years:

* Safe Streets
* Quality Education
* Thriving Local Economy Providing Employment and Trade Opportunity
* Healthy Lifestyles

2) From THIS POINT you must figure out how to guide your people toward this end point.

3) You translate the pathways from where they stand to where you want them to go by developing CULTURAL ENFORCEMENTS



(You always CLAIM that I don't provide SOLUTIONS. Steve - IF THIS IS NOT A SOLUTION FRAMEWORK - please tell me why not? Otherwise please never mention that I do not offer solutions.)

alicia banks said...

ditto fn:


as a teacher, i truly feel the lyrics were WAAAAAY over the top and VEEEERY hitlerish

i am not a mom, but if i was, and my child sang the EXACT SAME lyrics about bush, i would have a complete fit!

i see obama as gwb 2.0
so i feel their pain
and i am not angry about their righteous protests at all

MOST kids are illiterate today
anyway...we need MUCH more reading instruction and MUCH less political songs

see the "we honor YOU"
lyrics here


uptownsteve said...


You're full of guano.

A total fraud.

Jody said...

UnConn... as a legal assistant (not a lawyer) let me try to discern for you the difference you seem so obviously incapable of grasping.....

There are laws, and rightfully so against conduct, behavior as you seem to get from your last post.... We, as a society have a social/legal contract that states that behavior, usually that creates a harm (rape, assault, murder, dui, etc) is illegal and therefore those engaging in such conduct are subject to arrest and prosecution. This is not an issue of discrimination. These are laws governing BEHAVIOR that we as a civil society have, over time and through legislation, deemed unacceptable and therefore illegal.
This is, I repeat, not a legal issue of discrimination.

Discrimination laws are issues of doing harm based solely on who a person is..... be that race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age...... Last I checked, none of the above is a behavior... it is a part of an identity.... Something one is.... female, person of color, older, disabled/mentally retarded, or LGBT. And therefore, discrimination law over the years has asserted and asserts that laws that deny anyone the same rights that others have, based solely on their identity, are illegal. Examples: access to school, work, benefits, housing.... cannot be denied based on race, gender, sexual orientation, disability.... Except in over 30 states: sexual orientation IS not protected and people can be fired or lose their housing, or be denied benefits of their partner or denied access to the hospital in the event of a grave illness or survivor benefits in death. Plain and simple, Discrimination.

I may not be a lawyer, but I suspect that I have a better understanding of the law than you do.... And, I imagine if you checked with most lawyers, they will tell you their legal assistants understand the law pretty damn well.

uptownsteve said...


Good post.

CF knows exactly what laws are and their function governing behavior.

He just thinks he's so slick that he can somehow make discrimination against that which offends him sound reasonable.

XI said...

Your rebuttals speak for themselves. You sir, are an angry simpleton devoid of any rudimentary logic.
I may not agree with Ms. Banks or Conservative Feedback on every issue but they consistently present their respective positions in a thought out meaningful way and do not resort to racist or profane insults as your weakness of character unrelentingly demonstrates. It is hard to believe that you are as successful as you portend based on your total lack of intellectual acumen as revealed on the various blogs you harass folks through for daring to disagree with your odd drivel.


Blueberry said...

How come I knew you wouldnt have anything positive to say. lol.

Get a life.

uptownsteve said...


Right now I could make an idiot out of you, but why should I take all the credit?

Constructive Feedback said...


You have not rebutted point that I have made.

You simply point to the notion that you are a Philistine and a Secularist.

I will YIELD TO YOU - in full candor that issues such as SAME SEX MARRIAGE is one of POPULAR MANDATE.

I will also yield that I:

* Have NEVER discriminated against a homosexual
* Do not care what two consenting adults do in their own private relations.

I will further add:

1) as Chapter president of my college frat - I "DID NOT ASK" a male who was later found out to be gay about his sexuality nor did anything to block his membership. (He later died of AIDS - true story)

2) As a manager - I did not block the hiring of an effeminate gay man. He was most qualified.

3) Had a close relationship with a female business associate who was gay. We had our profession in common and had good times together.


Its funny how you can articulate about Black Criminal defendants that you work with who come from broken communities yet you work to undercut some of the very traditional constructs that you likely see as the SOLUTION to produce better outcomes in this crowd.

I DID NOT SAY THAT 'Gay Marriage Will Destroy Heterosexual Marriage"!!!!!!

I do say that the TOTALITY of the departure from the 2,000 year+ standard which works will simply perpetuate the problems that you see.

You seek to adopt SECULARISM but have failed to field a solution that keeps people CULTURALLY in line with a standard upon which THEY DON'T DESTROY THEMSELVES.


I no longer accept CHERRY PICKED SOLUTIONS from the LEFT.
You all's strength comes from your ability to:

* Get morally outraged by a "Obama Nazi" cut into grass - while ignoring the 2 Black men murdered in your city last night

* Look past the fact that progressives totally control Chicago yet despite having a lower graduation rate than the Confederate state of Georgia - you attack the federal government for lack of funding instead of the people that YOU PUT INTO POWER Over these schools

PROVE YOUR WORTH by showing the local areas that you dominate WHICH HAS THRIVED in a wholesale basis.



You all focus on GROUND YET TO BE TAKEN rather than upon the ground that you have trampled.

(Did someone say DETROIT?)

alicia banks said...



i am so impressed by your intellectual debate skills...

surely your own life, so clearly devoid of anything better to contribute to this conversation than your delusion that i actually care what you deem "positive", is even more impressive...

Constructive Feedback said...


XI - I don't know what "ESADYSM" means but if it means:

"Shut The Heck Up You Loser" I am 100% behind you.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]I will YIELD TO YOU - in full candor that issues such as SAME SEX MARRIAGE is one of POPULAR MANDATE.[/quote]

Lost my train of thought (Starting to fire off posts like Alicia Banks :lol:)

The issue of SAME SEX MARRIAGE is one of ATTRITION!!!!

At some point it will be popularly accepted.

Though I disagree with the practice you will NOT see me taking up arms and shooting people because of it.

I DO MAINTAIN - that it is very likely that those who are SOCIAL CONSERVATIVES are likely to face oppression and suppression of their views some time in the future. Those who once were DISCRIMINATED AGAINST will become the oppressors. Just as INTOLERANT as those who they called as such.

As always when "Karate" meets "Karazy" - it is KARATE who must practice his DISCIPLINE and thus PICK UP AND MOVE, settling into a new place where his own societal ideals can be put into place.

I don't think that YOU have any particular plans for relocation to a place of your own. You are CUSTOMIZING America and its capitalistic system to your liking.

I don't see any independence or self sufficiency being constructed for any sort of relocation. I just wonder how you will fare when and if the SYSTEM that you resent departs your presence despite you remaining on the same land and having control over the institutions? (Think Southwest Philly)

The key flaw in your world-view Jody is that you promote RIGHTS over SOCIAL FUNCTIONALITY. As a woman your RIGHTS are incumbent upon your presence within this system and the agents that can enforce them.

YOU MIGHT be in practice of LAW - but I assure you - in carrying a LAW BOOK at 12 midnight in North Philly is not going to stop someone from robbing you as you tell him to stop because what he is doing is illegal according to the law printed on page 649.

If the Pirate is illiterate then you are really screwed.

La♥Incognita said...

Gregory said...
"Apparently "anonymous" thinks that vandalism is free speech. I hope s/he remembers that when s/he criticizes gang graffiti.'

Good point, I just wanted to highlight that.

Btw, don't worry CF, your friend won't even know how to go up against you. Even though I don't always agree with you, YOU at least show sophistication when expressing your opinions. Go ahead and speak your mind (Always remember, Monkey know what tree to climb).

Anonymous said...

uts has been outed. congrats xi on exterminating the dummy!

uptownsteve said...


I was wondering why AB hasn't been going off on CF.

You're always on the case!

DCM said...

Uptownsteve calling someone else an idiot? Now THAT is the joke of the day. You go Xi.

BS Detector said...

Xi, why are you posting under different names attempting to appear to have a fan club.

That's something a 9 year old would do.

For God's sake be a man, boy.

Anonymous said...

OMG uptownsteve is now resorting to baiting others to do his bidding. Problem is Alicia ain't his puppet girl.

Xi said...

BS Detector,
You are sooo right. Who would support me over the likes of the renown upsidedownboy? My bad for turning our firm onto this blog. I'll send out a memo post haste to apprehend the culprits. Meanwhile, upsidedownboy AKA "BS Detector" maybe an introspective analysis of your alter ego might be in order.
Big Boy Xi

alicia banks said...

ditto to all regarding the blatant wailing for assistance in vain herein...


can you believe that lie/kola is still monkeyshining in heat up in the trees herein after after her rabid ass got brutally chopped down yesterday????

dyam!!! what a masochistic grounded monkeybrained simian slut she is!!!

only the most suicial monkeys keep calling out slayers like me when they clearly are so unmatched with NO weaponry...NONE...NUNYA...shoooooooo!!!!!!




i love you

watch for falling feces from the shrew li/kola wilding in the mist yet again herein

alicia banks said...


you should be able to handle cf on your own

without begging for any help herein

especially from moronic monkeys
like li....not a good look

man up dude

Anonymous said...

whew uptown where's the love?now you got women calling you on yo weak azz shit.or do ya think xi is now masquerading as alicia banks.you're a trip little brother.manning up is a tall order for a silly little boy but you ought to try anyway.

Cocoa Goddess said...

The largest public school district in Texas, HISD (Houston Independent School District) didn't close school on Columbus "I could have sworn I was in Asia" Day.

Also, did they not see the absolute hypocrisy and absurdity of protesting politics in schools -- at a school? Geez us, it's amazing how people completely ignore good sense and logic.

kathy said...

It was not easy to find the lyrics, the you tube video in the link was removed.

What was really scary was that when I tried to find the video on you/tube, there were all kinds of Obama Hitler type crap.

I was able to find the lyrics at a really weird website that ab left a link to, and I can't figure out why a parent would get upset about that song. Seemed like a nice song to me.
Some people are getting weirder by the minute:))

kathy said...

Cocoa Godess"Also, did they not see the absolute hypocrisy and absurdity of protesting politics in schools -- at a school? Geez us, it's amazing how people completely ignore good sense and logic."


omg, that is funny, you are right!

alicia banks said...

the parents protested politics outside the school...literally

their children need to learn MUCH more than politics inside the school...immediately



your glaring ineptitude is not made less visible by your brazen hypocrisy

YOU were unable to find the lyrics anywhere

i did

beggars cannot be choosy!

it is your right to embrace the hitlerish lyrics

but you have no right to bash any website that you were too inept to google

i was only referencing the lyrics
it was no endorsement of the site
that ref was FAR more than you managed to offer!

alicia banks said...


we agree to disagree

i find it SCARY that children so young waste precious instructional time being coached about a MAN and lyrics that clearly worship that MAN who has done NOTHING to garner such worship

and here are the HAUNTINGLY similar lyrics that hitler's nazi youths were IDENTICALLY coached to sing about him:


alicia banks said...


the ONLY irony i see in this is that those children were singing about a man who has made their brand new lives and the lives of their parents POORER
for decades...

and a man who has also bankrupted the very children who are singing for DECADES to come...tragic!!!

alicia banks said...


cornel west said it best

why should anyone of any age sing praises to obama????


"On the other hand, I'm profoundly disappointed. When I look at his economic team, I see he's been seduced by Wall Street--bringing in [Larry] Summers and Timothy [Geithner]. These folk are the same deregulators that got us in trouble, and [he] thinks, somehow, they've changed their mind? But, for them, poor folk have always been an afterthought. They've never been concerned about working people.

[With] the bailout, they gave $750 billion to Wall Street, but not a penny to poor people? As though that's how you bring recovery. He [President Obama] just has the wrong priority.

I was very disappointed when he brought them in; same is true in foreign policy. You look at Susan Rise and [Richard] Holbrook--these are the same recycled neo-Clintonites that were running things in the '90s. And I'm looking for a Change.

You know, I see him reassuring the establishment, instead of trying to put pressure on it in a way that would make working people and poor people more central.

"I just think it's gonna really put him in a limelight because ... you know, you already sent 21,000 troops. You might send 65,000 troops. That's not a Peace Prize-acting activity. You see what I mean," the activist said. while referencing efforts to address the recent death of Chicago honor student Derrion Albert.

"And so, for me, another thing is that peace is not the absence of conflict. That's what brother Martin used to say. Peace is the presence of justice," West said. "So if you can take a jet to Copenhagen and can't meet with sister Albert in Chicago to deal with peace in the hood, it doesn't look good. It doesn't look good at all."


alicia banks said...

the sheer worship of obama the man...in spite of all the DOOM in our world...is undenibly hitlerish


today a coworker actually stated
"i love the way obama walks so he is cool with me"

he is not denzel
this is not a movie
this is LIFE
wake up!

obama's walk will never pay his own bills or any of ours!

Xi said...

Ms. Banks,
Your 4:05 post was well done. Obama has abandoned Main Street for Wall Street. When fellow blacks see that Obama is actually more aligned with the elitist white man than he is empathetic to fellow blacks, physical features notwithstanding, it will be too late; as we will have already been sold down the river.
I am ashamed how racist black America has become to our own detriment and ruination. Have we learned nothing from our past that we feel so compelled to perpetrate on others the same injustice that was our own legacy? Shame on "us" who publish this fraud.

kathy said...

Alicia, I thought you linked to that website cuz you read that kind of stuff, like that Planet website that you link to on your blog.

Actually, Obama is paying his own bills, lol.

I agree that our economy looks dismal, with creeps at AIG still trying to steal taxpayer's money, and the loss and lack of jobs, but Alicia, I know you like talking about Hitler and socialism, but didn't Hitler have to create social problems because of the collapse of their economy?
The way you constantly call Obama a nazi is really quite an insult to all the people who got killed in WWII, that's what I think, anyways.

alicia banks said...

ditto xi:

your posts are always on pt too!

we are the only people on earth who literally rush to act as co-slayers of our own race/agents of our own genocide

we worship those who seek to destroy us/gods who do not look like us/spouses who help us breed ourselves out of existence etc...

we use guns to slay clones and
worship gods who look like our slayers...

obama has already sold us out
way beyond his already dead public option

and we still dare to defend teachers who would teach our kids to sing praises THE ONE who has already killed us

while is "peace" prize is still warm to the touch, obama just quietly sent 1000s of soldiers to die in WAR in afghanistan

how many look just like us brother?
how many of us will die in the worst battles?
how many who look like us will care?
how "sexy" will these bros "walk" to their graves?


alicia banks said...

see his new surge here



i see more about kate and jon on tv than i do this major news

Xi said...

Ms. Banks is correct when she points out the Hitleresque similarities of Obama.
Simply because he is a black man, has a nice smile, has an attractive family, has a silver tongue, struts with authority, etc. does not excuse his reckless behavior. If you were to study Hitler and his fascist teachings and methods, the similarities to Obama would be more than striking.....they would scare the Hell out of you.
As for the death toll of WWII...you ain't seen nothing yet sugar.

uptownsteve said...

What exactly are the similarities between Hitler and Obama according to you?

alicia banks said...


you are increasingly arrogantly ignorant

obama sold his soul to pay his bills
your soul was an attached freebie i see

his walk pays NO bills
not his
not mine
not yours

obama collapsed our economy FURTHER
wall st soars
as jobs and homes bleed

obama makes bush look like a miser!!!
he spent more in 8 mos than bush did in 8 yrs

what the hell are you defending?????


kids sang praises to hitler even as he gassed jews!!!

are you jewish?
i have many rich jewish friends who share my fears and recongize the VALID similarities even more KEENLY than i do...


alicia banks said...


i have stated them many times...

but i will play:

No sane person would ever equate homohatred and racism. No sane person would ever equate President Barack Obama/GWB 2.0 and Adolf Hitler. Likewise, no sane person would deny that many distinctions between Obama and Hitler are distinctions without differences.

Obama is not a socialist. Those who call him a socialist do so only to distract us from his genocidal global script as a rabid and ruthless elitist.

Obama is not an anti-Semite. His elitist puppeteers know that all wealth always trumps all racism by their own design.

Obama has not murdered any Jews, blacks, or homosexuals in concentration camps (to date). But, Obama’s legendarily bilked trillions have financially slain millions of persons for decades to come. Obama has decimated poor blacks as never before. Yet, amazingly, poor blacks are his most suicidally loyal worshippers. Obama’s brazen serial betrayals against gay voters and his ongoing bromances with brutal gaybashers like hypochristian Rick Warren and homohating homosexual Donnie McClurkin have murdered the spirits of millions of homosexuals…

In the tragic case of Obama, stark distinctions are politically insignificant differences! Our denials will never protect us. Obama is indeed petrifyingly similar to Hitler in many ways:

Obama is blindly worshipped. Hitler was blindly worshipped even as he gassed Jews in ovens. Even as Americans are increasingly homeless, unemployed, and hungry, Obama is increasingly worshipped unconditionally. Obama has not saved one home or job. Yet, his adoring fans endlessly excuse every failure he botches and every blatant lie he tells.

Obama is coddled and unchecked by all mainstream media. Hitler rigidly controlled media and fabricated truths as he implemented genocide and fiscal chaos. His fans that rule media have blatantly ignored truths about Obama. Truth is always the initial casualty of war. We who seek any truth about Obama lost the media war long ago.

Obama’s fans are suicidally loyal clones of Nazis. No one dared to speak against Hitler without dire retributions. I am an afrocentric scholar who has dedicated my entire life to global African truths and social justice. Yet, I have received worse hate mail than Clarence Thomas or Michael Steele since I proudly voted for Hillary Clinton. Fortunately, Obama’s horrid antics to date have made each moronic missive and harassing incident become poetic justice.

Most Americans are arrogantly ignorant and proudly illiterate. They know absolutely nothing about precisely how Hitler rose to the absolute power he abused via Nazism in Germany. If they knew Hitler’s history, they would never doubt the accuracy of many undeniable and valid comparisons to the affiliated ascensions of George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Hypocritically, Obama’a adoring fans never objected to Bush being called Hitler. Still, Obama is Bush 2.0. The New World Order is in progress. Obama is its new blackish face. Obama and his Nazis will continue to blur distinctions and differences each day...

Your denial will never protect you. Your knowledge will. Study the similarities between Hitler and Obama here:










alicia banks said...


another example

obama sent his drones to fact check SNL!!!

a scathing comedy skit!!!

a comedy show!!!!

hitler controlled all media

alicia banks said...


obama is also trying to silence local rebels in dc

i am blogging on this hitlerish move asap this pm

stand by

MR.R said...

Democrats don't like swastikas now?I would have tought after the last 8 years the swastika would be the offical sign of the Democrat party.

kathy said...

off the top of my head, i do know that Germany had economic collapes due to the sanctions imposed from WWI, Hitler introduced social problems to solve those problems, so people did like him for the relief he provided, which, under your version, doesn't make sense that Obama would be worshipped since jobs and the economy are still not recovered, Hitler was all about HATRED, so there is no comparison, this makes me feel sorry for you Alicia, that you must carry around all those weird thoughts in your head, since I know you are smart and write some very good posts, then all of a sudden, you blast away with this stuff, wtf?

kathy said...

i mean social programs, sorry i am tired today!

krystalxlyte said...






La♥Incognita said...

Alicia, on another thread you said you are not teaching at the moment, instead you tutor children (I would assume private, and by your own leisure?) . Do you have health insurance? Just curious.

alicia banks said...


are you actually dismissing ALLLLLL of the similarities between hitler and obama ONLY because he is not an anti-semite????

what about the gay hating bromances he flaunts and his brutal playing of gay voters???
which has only escalated the gay hate that you ignore/boldly find less valid than anti-semitism?

do you really not see the hatred that obama's political lies and abject poverty are causing the poor/uninsured/elderly/ill?

can you really not feel the white hot hate that gets whiter and hotter each time wall st gets richer under obama and his blank swindleus checks???

did you not see citibank give no loans post bailout and just gain NEW record profits???

are you really dismissing all that obama has done to increase the hatred between rich & poor/black and white/gay and straight etc/dem and rethug?

keep sending this drivel "off the top" of your dome...it is only aiding my pts!

save your comical pity for your demented and clueless dome..."top" to bottom

got a library card?

research hitler's political climb
way beyond his anti-semitism
it is identical to obama and his drones like u

it will do your empty dome good

Xi said...

Obama vs Hitler Similarities Are Uncanny. The List; Anything else?

Obama - people follow him blindly without question
Hitler - people follow him blindly without question

Obama - political rallies are held in stadiums
Hitler - political rallies are held in stadiums

Obama - changes the American Flag to the ancient symbol of Horus Sun worship
Hitler - changes the German Flag to the ancient symbol of Black Sun worship

Obama - political rally held in Berlin Germany
Hitler - political rally held in Berlin Germany

Obama - Writes a Biography; Barack Obama: What He Believes In
Hitler - Writes a Biography; Mein Kampf: My Struggle

Obama - Writes another Biography; The Audacity of Hope
Hitler - Writes his 2nd Biography; A New World Order

Obama - his Father leaves baby Barry for a professional career (divorces mother)
Hitler - his Father leaves baby Adolph for a professional career (mother dies)

Obama - his real family identity and his name Soetoro gets buried in the media
Hitler - his real family identity and his Jewish name Schickelgruber gets buried in the media

Obama - has a chain gang Youth Group singing Alpha Omega blindly praising Hussein on Youtube
Hitler - had a Youth Group singing songs of nationalism praising Adolph (Pope Ratzinger was a member)

Obama - was part of the Chicago slumlord regime
Hitler - was part of the Nazi regime

Obama - has Soros and Rothschild as financial backers
Hiteler - had Prescott Bush and Rothschild as financial backers

Obama - tries to conceal his Muslim Faith and Foreign Citizenship by manipulating his Birth Certificate
Mainstream News covers Obama's illegal alien federal felony here: [link to www.youtube.com]
Hitler - tries to conceal his Jewish roots by entering Austria and chasing down his Birth Certificate

Obama - could have another false flag burning of 911
Hitler - had the false flag burning of the Reichstag

Obama - has a half-brother, George of Nigeria, he disassociates from
Hitler - had a half-brother William Patrick lived in the USA died 1987, a half-sister named Angela

Obama - probably hates either or both parents
Hitler - probably hated either or both parents

Obama - vote fraud and poll manipulation - ACORN, Propaganda; Obama Girl
Hitler - vote fraud and poll manipulation - Minister Joseph Goebbels control of all News Media

Obama - economy is in a Recession
Hitler - economy was in a Recession

Are there more things to add...????

P.s. Posted with 666 users online
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 511260
10/15/2008 9:17 AM
Re: Obama vs Hitler Similarities Are Uncanny. The List; Anything else? Quote

alicia banks said...


eat a banana in your own tree

worry about your own insurance

picking those fleas and tics from your fur can lead to tons of infections

alicia banks said...

amen xi!

valerie jarrett is a slumlord too

so glad they did not get to UPGRADE all those slums they planned to flip and cash in on during the olympics

alicia banks said...


i have 4 jobs
supreme insurance
(that obamacare will nullify by monopolizing inferior medical svcs for all)
unlike u
i still care about the poor
teabaggers and all

millions are/will be starving and homeless and broke under obama...

soon even you may be blessed to find any tea or transpo anywhere you can find it...

when those shiny obama t-shirts start to feel like dresses on emaciatied bodies, many starving obama nazis will awaken

Xi said...

A decade before he had assumed power after a peaceful election, Hitler had already seen how his socialist ideological cousins in Russia, Lenin and Stalin, had liquidated millions of their own precieved enemies with nary a mention from the New York Times or much notice from the world's liberal elite. In fact, Lenin and Stalin were hailed by many liberals back then as "progressive" and still are in some quarters.

No, Barack Obama is not like Hitler in that he would never initiate any of the above and no, Obama is not a racist or an anti-Semite but his opponent for the presidency, Senator John McCain, has now accuratly called him a Socialist. And even though Obama is not like Hitler in the real sense, their are nevertheless certain distinct similarities between the two in terms of style and an approach to socialism in general and these factors have been alien to American politics and culture until now. Obama's campaign and personality posesses a more than subtle whiff of fascism.

Examples abound. Hitler held massive rallies that employed various forms of sensory enhancements such as bonfires, strobelights, music, and hypnotic styles of speech that seemed to cause a mass trance according to many eyewitnesses at the time. Obama seems to have a similar effect on the unprecedented crowds who flock to his public speeches and who appear to be in an almost trance-like state. Hitler promised to change the world, to create a new social order and to go after the allegedly wealthy Jews who he claimed were responsible for the suffering of the average German. Obama employs some of the same utopian us against them rhetoric when he talks about taxing the rich.

Hitler created a Gestapo, a national police force that would crack down on a dis-armed and defenceless population at will. In a speech he delivered at Colorado Springs on July 2, 2008, Obama called for a national police force. In that speech he said: "We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

Hitler rose to power with the help of several disreputable men who shared his socialistic outlook and worldview. Obama was aided up the ratline by the racist and anti-Semitic Reverend Wright, the terrorist William Ayers and the corrupt convicted Chicago criminal Tony Rezko among others.

Hitler used the excuse of the Reichtag fire, in which the German Parleament was burned about a month after he came to power, to suspend the German constitution and to declare Martial Law. Obama's Vice presidential nominee Sen. Joe Biden has made dark references to an impending international incident that will test Obama six months after he becomes president. Biden said: "Watch. We're going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy. And he's going to need help . . . it's not going to be apparent that we're right."

Like the socialistic Nazis and Communists before him, Obama is a hyper-nationalist. He believes that, with an "enlightened" leadership, the State can change society and therefore the State has a right to "spread the wealth" around. In other words, the state has a moral claim to decide how to dispose of the proprerty of the private citizen through confiscatory taxation.

Obama is like a hologram, a light that eminates from an unknown location and then creates a beautiful illusion. Since so little is actually known about him, and this apparently even includes exactly where he was born, the average citizen, having been convinced that life is so miserable that some sort of a change is needed, will project their own beliefs and values onto the tabula rasa that is Obama. Never before has this society allowed such a demogogue to get so close to the presidency let alone be POTUS!

alicia banks said...

amen xi!

you made my day!


and women sexually adored hitler just as they do obama

just like the bimbo who thinks his swag will pay her bills

Sharon from WI said...

Can't help but notice that these geniuses got the swastikas pointing in the wrong direction.

Many schools and businesses are open on Columbus Day. Even the Dow Jones is open. Guess folks on Wall Street are un-American



Sharon from WI said...

Hmm. But isn't this free speech that should be respected? I mean, I read an interview with Maya Angelou recently where she said that Louis FaraKKKhans right to speak should be respected, that it was the American way. Certainly this same right should be respected when black folks don't like it right? These people are no nuttier than FarraKKKhan, so why are they demonized by the same black folks who give that black Nazi a free pass?<<

No one is denying their right to protest. We (and the folks in that township) are exercising our right to note how assinine they are.

Sharon from WI said...

Apparently "anonymous" thinks that vandalism is free speech. I hope s/he remembers that when s/he criticizes gang graffiti.<<

Thank you.

Xi said...

Rather than blindly goosestepping to your Pied Piper Fuhrer's bullshit, pretend for a moment that Obama was a white man. His black appearance clouds your objectivity. Judge him by his actions and the content of his character, not the color of his skin, my brother; lest you follow him to your demise.

La♥Incognita said...

Yes, I have health insurance through my employer. I just wish other people/Americans were as fortunate as I am when it comes to health care.

Also, I saw how I may have upset you earlier, and on the previous thread (I really meant no harm, and I'm never mad at you). It's just that months ago you declared that I was anti-gay and a gaybasher etc. All because I stated to someone that I take offense to the black civil rights being compared to, and used as leverage for gay rights and animals rights. Which is my entitled opinion and respectful viewpoint.

However, you came out of no where and stated that I was comparing gay sex to bestiality. This misguided interpretation was not only baffling, but it appeared to be your initial driving force of anger and vulgarity towards my character hence fourth. Not to mention you have now taken on more emotional anguish by morphing me with Kola Boof - who you obviously have unsettled grievances with. I'll admit, I may have provoked it, but I had no idea.

Anyway, so forgive me if I can't help but notice that you also attacked Iseeisee on the other thread, but didn't attack or berate CF for what appears to be, very "anti-gay" statements he stated above.

(btw, I don't agree with what iseeisee said, but there were also a lot of contradictory things you said in your responses, yet I left it alone - I'm on your side)

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

What amazes me is the rightwings fascination with Hitler. The funny part is that those Tea-baggers were the ones carrying swatiska signs and those neo-nazi whose symbol is the swatiska are all on the right side of the political fence organizing marches for the rightwing party.

Ix, comparison of Hitler and President Obama are a joke and shows ignorance, naive, barbaric, and uncivilized thinking. Smh!

Reminds me of the 50s when the Republicans were calling Martin Luther King a communist. Now they're trotting him out as a Republican Smh!

In essence, is it really black people that should be looking past the fact that President Obama is black or is it really the Republicans? Because they seem to be the ones that are obsessed with his skin color not blacks.

alicia banks said...


Kola incognito = la incognita

Spare me the passive aggressive/feigned noble bs!
You are ditching your jackleg biblically illiterate pal sheblindsheblind
ONLY because I slew you both with ease as always

I know the putrid rotting brains from your dually crushed and busted monkey faces must reek terribly but… too late!

You have proven to be even more retarded that the kid as he ditched you long ago!

You do not get to rehash the belated debated in which I slew you to edit them and try again...FAIL!!!

Many herein called you out for your bestiality slurs and they are not gay

Only gaybashers pretend that gay rights are not human rights

Only gaybashers dare to suggest any human rights are akin to animal rights

You are not "on my side"!
you are my arch enemy and the official leader of the ab hater posse that lurks herein

You just want to distance yourself from the pulverized buybull toting village idiot herein…NOT!!!

i get that she is fading the posse

you know i will never forgive you
so do not ever again bother pretending to ask me to!

now stop playing monkey games you worldwide wench!!!!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Lord Jesus! Smh!

alicia banks said...


i just saw your post on gay marriage

you do not need me to slay us

we agree to disagree

i have no desired to be married

i have NEVER seen ANY argument to prove that gay marriage hurts ANY society

many gay kis are the ONLY glue that holds many black families together
as aunts/uncles/foster parents etc

i love the film
holiday heart
a femme gay ving rhames was the only moral person and the best parent in the entire movie

see much more on gay marriage at


Slick Willie has signed the "Defense Of Marriage Act." It is ideal legislation
for heterosexual hatemongers. Indefensible haters of homoseuxals who have yet to
define exactly what they are "defending".

The following is a list of reasons DOMA stood so firmly on such rotted political
foundations: ( I welcome your own additions.)

1. "Angry white men" (read: "politicos") know that they have lost control of ALL
those they have oppressed for centuries. They OUTLAW ALL that they no longer
control (e. g. immigrants, radicals, quotas, militias, feminists, welfare recipients,
homosexuals, affirmative action etc.). They do so in vain. Homosexuals have
become warriors. We are out of the closet to stay and we remain defiant in our
spousal unions!! They have won this battle. But, we will ALL win our respective

2. Nothing is more threatening to a capitalist patriarchy than two women who
legally share their love and wealth. It is the ultimate spiritual and physical threat to
current powers. Also, homosexuals must be demonized as aimless whores who
produce and acquire nothing. Legal marriage would destroy these useful myths.

3. Homohaters are arrogant about their ignorance. They know nothing about the
science of homosexuality. Homosexuals are born in every living species: plants, insects,
animals, and humans. Sexuality is NEVER a choice. Homosexuality is my LIFE.
Being a columnist is my lifestyle. Likewise, being a homohating politician is a

4. A vote for DOMA is a vote for homosexual equality. All humans ARE equal.
Homohaters have never been able to accept this fact. For women, poor people,
Africans, gays...inequality is mandatory for subjugation.

5. Homohaters must continue to slander homosexuals. We must all be depicted as
sexual predators. Pseudo-christians must retain the angelic illusion of matrimony as
they, simultaneously, betray the same vows they dare to legally restrict to
themselves. I wonder how many married senators spent the evening with their
mistresses/young male pages/young call girls etc. the same evening they voted
against DOMA?

6. Slick Willie and his peers know that most homosexuals are better spouses than
they are themselves. They don't want us to show them up in divorce courtrooms as
they assume we all do in our bedrooms.

7. Homohaters know that homosexual unions, child support statistics, and parenting
skills are superior to droves of their own. Fewer of our children will end up on
death row and in psychiatric wards. We are uniquely qualified to teach our children
superior lessons about pride, self esteem, invincible character, independent
thinking, and unconditional self-love. Warriors breed warriors.

8. Finally, if homohaters admit that homosexual marriages are "OK", more men
would immediately become bachelors by circumstance, not choice. Especially
pathetic politicians who abuse and neglect their wives. The worst gaybashers are
always the most sexist and abusive men.

No lie can live forever. Where there is no justice, there is no peace. All love
conquers all.

The politicos in D.C. come for us homosexuals today. But they WILL come for
YOU tomorrow. None of us are free until all of us are free.Your silence will never
protect you. No matter who you call "spouse"....


Anonymous said...

La incognita, you tried but she can;t be helped... either too much drusgs are not enough.

alicia banks said...



gaybashers lie
it is a complete lie that gays are angry at obama ONLY because of doma:

We are enraged at Obama for his failure to deliver on any significant component of our diverse political agendas. Much like your political advisory skills within your grossly offensive missive to homosexuals, Obama has failed us miserably. His broken promises to date include: the eradication of the military’s bigoted “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy; enacting the “Matthew Shepard Hate-Crimes Bill”; and securing insurance benefits for gay spouses of Federal employees. Obama’s failure to repeal the hateful “Defense of Marriage Act” is literally the tip of the iceberg fashioned by a series of Obama’s iciest political betrayals.

Initially, Obama
cavalierly embraced the gaybashing homosexual Donnie McClurkin, as they wooed votes from ungodly homohating black church folks on his hypochristian campaign trails. Then, Obama legendarily honored rabid homohater Rick Warren by allowing him to deliver his inaugural prayer as a sacred slap in the faces of millions of homosexual voters. Next, Obama proceeded to begin a third passionate bromance with macho jock gaybasher Tony Dungy, who millions of gays believe may have driven his own homosexual son to suicide.

Like millions of other wise gays who refuse to be political doormats for Obama, I am absolutely appalled that the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has chosen to invite him to tell homosexuals more lies. It is akin to inviting Don Imus to speak at a black hair show. It is as painfully awkward as inviting Tony Dungy to speak at a PFLAG convention. It is as senseless as inviting Donnie McClurkin to host one of his suicidal “workshops”, which teach gay men to be abusive down-low adulterers, to speak at a Black Gay Pride rally. It is as vulgar as choosing Rick Warren to pastor a gay wedding.

We homosexuals never requested invitations to Obama’s White House parties. We expected to share his alleged passion for actual change in DC. We do not need his cocktails. We demand his courage. I doubt that Obama would have accepted an invitation from the National Black Justice Coalition as readily as he did this confusing one from the HRC. He has typically and infamously avoided other black and black gay events to date.

Millions of blacks rejected Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice as proof of racial progressiveness from the racist King Shrub/George W. Bush. His racist antics trumped his largesse to black neocons within his cabinet. Likewise, Obama’s token gay appointees do not authenticate his friendship to homosexuals.

As Obama continues to openly cater exclusively to ultra rich white men, the poorest Blacks continue to coddle and excuse his genocidal and elitist antics. Why expect homosexuals to be equally masochistic? The equal right to be coddling clones of Obama’s black bone catchers and political doormats is not the equality we homosexuals seek!

alicia banks said...


you are as gullible as you are cowardly, clueless, coddling....

Anonymous said...

ab "MOST kids are illiterate today
anyway...we need MUCH more reading instruction and MUCH less political songs"

ab, I agree 100%. I love the way you cut right through the petty misdirected bs.

Anonymous said...

Granny Standing For Truth or Old Woman Clinging to Old Stereotypes?
I'm guessing you and UTS are related, am I correct? UTS is your angry little grandson raised by white foster parents until PO Po took him away. You taught him to blame and hate white folks for all his misgivings after you were released from prison and re-connected with him as part of your mandatory community service as a condition of your parole, correct again?
Facts and reality are ugly words to folks like you 2.

alicia banks said...





see how obama is betraying black parents and students in dc




still formatting
but it is posted now

Anonymous said...

Anon7:30p "La incognita, you tried but she can;t be helped... either too much drusgs are not enough."

Didn't you make the same comment in a previous comment under the post "O Ye Of Little Faith"?

Please refer to Anon 2:09am and YOUR Anon comment @ 10:22pm.

Not only are you an imbecile but you can't remember what you have said. It is no wonder you keep repeating yourself with your parrot-like comments in everyone of Field's posts.

Now you are back in this thread with the same ole tired mindless parrot-like comment...

YOU need a drug to retard your advancing alzheimers.

Of course, nothing can be done about your imbecility-there is no help for that.

La♥Incognita said...

Yes Anony, I tried. I don't know why I even engage her, she clearly needs professional help, and I'm not helping matters. But it's fun.

"unlike u
i still care about the poor
teabaggers and all

And I'm sure this would hell-bentingly change if you were reminded that most of them are more likely anti-gay, never mind anti-black.

"Many herein called you out for your bestiality slurs and they are not gay'

I could easily ask you to name one of them, but I know you won't be able to. Sometimes it's hard to tell if you deliberately make these things up, or if you actually believe them yourself.

Furthermore, there was no mention of Bestiality, nor any remote reference to it. This is a prime example of your self projecting twisted delusions, and constant skewed thinking.

And just a minute, never mind CF's views on gay marriage. Did you see his snide remark referencing gay sex and the human anatomy? I thought that was very obvious. If I, or someone else had said that...

I'm just trying to show you your selective bullying and display of double dealing virtues. It's as if you're careful when approaching CF (and certain people for that matter) regarding his "anti-gay" comment. Based on your history of obnoxious vulgarity and spastic postings, I feel you was not going to abide and conciliate with someone else. Is there a reason?

Since you also humor yourself into thinking you "slay" people (just by hurling vile names and without substance), perhaps you feel even CF who is similarly bullyish as you, would prove to be much more sophisticated if you even dared. I find this to be blatant posturing and fraudish behavior on your behalf. I get it.

btw, that highly suspicious one and only anony friend of yours is suffering from "the enemy of my enemy" syndrome. They don't mean well for you. They're only riding you for their own agenda, and laughs I'm sure. You are being used. It's ok, I too get a rise out of you. So go ahead and "slay" away, claim your self awarded victoriousness. You provide good entertainment when many need to unwind. Everyone sees this except you. :)

you know i will never forgive you
so do not ever again bother pretending to ask me to!

You hate her so much, yet you still aspire to be as renowned as her. And all while you miserably fail at mimicking her art of writing and self expression. Get a life and stop piggy backing Field's blog for attention. Now, I bid you peace and mental help.

alicia banks said...



you selectively pretend that i do not slay you and your entire tag teaming posse always...solo vs. a pack to boot!

you selectively ignore when you sic your posse upon me...even the fellow simian and inept sheblindsheblind...shame!!!!

got amnesia?
got a conscience??
got any shame???

i am far more renowned than you
...my celebrity preceeded yours...it w3as even briefly pimped by you to get yours...
and therein is the real problem
huh shrew?

get your own blog and police that

i will keep slaying you herein
and i always will

why is FN so much more secure about his own blog than you are?????

could it be because he is not swinging and bleeding herein you wounded monkey?????

now slide on off atop those smashed monkey brains...and SCRAM!!!!...you evil stalking lying monkey globally assed out wicked bitch!!!

Constructive Feedback said...

WhiteBowie Steve:

I did nothing to DISRESPECT Alicia Banks or any other person who prefers same sex individuals.

I have no obligation to AGREE with everything that someone else believes in order for me to state my opinion and give my reasoning why.

I stated that it is, in fact, very likely that same sex marriage will be made legal in due time. This does not mean that I am going to participate in a gay march to demand it.

It appears that YOU are the one with the problem Steve.

If you weren't so dishonest and actually learn how to debate.

alicia banks said...


kudos on whipping kola and us so badly today that they had to bait me to help them on the sly!

us and kola ONLY BAIT...they NEVER DEBATE!....they slur and slant and slither away...always...and all who are paying attn know their tired MOs


homosexuality is PART of the natural order

fertile homos exist and breed in all living species

just as STERILE hets are also part of the natural order in every living species

steve and kola ONLY BAIT...they nEVER DEBATE!


-The film "Jurassic Park" is based on ACTUAL scientific study. Millions of viewers missed the actual bisexual frog used to clone all those female dinosaurs. These exclusively female dinosaurs bred.

-Many animals can change their sex at will. Many animals are bisexual. Many male animals become pregnant. Many animals have multiple sex organs. When such animals mate, both parties are impregnated simultaneously. (Research oysters, frogs, sea lions, cardinal fish, sea horses, river bullhead fish, mouth brooder fish, angler fish, lyre-tail coral fish, ten-spiked stickleback fish, orange sea perch, slipper limpets, roman snails, banana slugs, ravens, emperor penguins etc.)

alicia banks said...


never fret

hets and gays will always exist
in all species
as we all always have

For more information on the science of sexuality, read:




Jocelyn Elders M. D. by Dr. Jocelyn Elders

Lesbians Lists by Dell Richards

The Gay Book of Lists by Leigh Rutledge

Queer Science by Simon Levay

Human Sexuality by Vern Bullough

And, there are countless other sources...

We homosexuals are who we are born to be, in EVERY species!!! God creates us and always will. Unlike ignorance and blasphemy, life reigns supreme, in all its wonder and splendor.

alicia banks said...


here is more



Most religious gaybashers have never read or studied their bibles. It follows that they have also never studied the science of any sexuality. Biblical scholars know that the bible says absolutely nothing about hating all homosexual couples or gay marriage. Scientific scholars know that homosexuals are born into every single living species, humans included.

The illiterate, hatemongering, “holy” hypocrites, who pretend that God hates homosexuals just because they hate homosexuals, must continue to blatantly ignore the scientific fact that homosexuality is natural in many species of animals. If these bigoted fools ever admit that animals are born gay, then they must admit the following also:





This sinister silence about undeniable scientific fact is precisely why gaybashers are so obsessed with the last three remaining blue ducks. One is female. Two are males. The two males are gay. They will not breed.

These last two remaining gay ducks did not cause the extinction of their species! It was caused by what humans have done to erase all of the heterosexual blue ducks from the face of the earth. But, gaybashing “journalists” are moronically and maniacally blaming these two gay ducks for the extinction of their entire species.

DON’T BELIEVE THE HOMOHATING HYPE!!! If a nuclear war left only three humans alive on earth, one female and two gay males, the human race could become extinct also. But, the nuclear bomb would be the cause of that extinction, not the natural sexual mismatch of its survivors!

Humans are indeed the most rabidly ignorant and ruthlessly violent animals on earth. They prove that fact as they slay other species and each other each day.

Homosexuals have always been born into every living species. God creates us and loves us just as we are. Just as heterosexuals, homosexuals have always been everywhere and we always will be.

Read more about the universal nature of homosexuality and naturally gay animals here:





alicia banks said...


never worry your envious little head over those i debate with in kind and respectfultones here

they set those superior tones...

just as you do you inept trifling canine clown!

alicia banks said...


thank you for NOT pretending that us or kola give a damn about you insulting gays intentionally or accidentally...

i see them always
and so do u


Anonymous said...

LI "btw, that highly suspicious one and only anony friend of yours is suffering from "the enemy of my enemy" syndrome."

No JAWS, I am for real. ab has a lot more friends than you think.

And you have a lot more people who can't stand your filthy monkey ass more than you think. So stop trying to analyse ab and the people who agree with her for your own self satisfaction.

You and your band of bullys are disgusting. You think you are entertaining but you and your gang of merciless judging bitches have been building offensive karma for a long time, you ruthless blackass snake. You are repulsive.

BTW, there are Jehova Witnesses on this blog who don't appreciate you calling them wicked, you ass-scratching dingle-berry eating monkey.

I see you have ditched iseeisee, you anti-God evil blood-sucking leech. When are you going to ditch Granny and Kathy? Oh, I forgot...

You can't ditch Kathy because she is your twin in white skin made by the hand of Satan with a special IQ of 10.

I find that amazing: Untouchable Black and White twins, with the same IQ brought into the world by Satan as a loyal friend of cold-heartedness and an enemy of goodness and mercy. JAWS is too good of a name for you.

You and your band of followers are living proof that evil lives and that "ignorance is bliss."

alicia banks said...



ditto to all!!


for many yrs, kola/li has had COUNTLESS aliases online...and her posse herein often post as "anon"...

so they assume everyone else is as dishonest as her

i have been online since 1990
and i have never ever posted as anyone other than myself

and i never will!

i am always real!

check out her web page and bio
then see the same at

li is soooooooo clearly kola boof!



alicia banks said...



ditto to all!!


for many yrs, kola/li has had COUNTLESS aliases online...and her posse herein often post as "anon"...

so they assume everyone else is as dishonest as her

i have been online since 1990
and i have never ever posted as anyone other than myself

and i never will!

i am always real!

check out her web page and bio
then see the same at

li is soooooooo clearly kola boof!



alicia banks said...

li is kola!!!!

her bio:

Once black female advocate, now better appreciated by cut-throat pirates. But save your black t-shirts for someone else. Mother of three, one tween, two cats. Cyber trouble maker. Able to argue fluently in three languages. Love electronics. Love humor. Love air conditioning. Hate gatherings. Hate crickets. Hate my fucking boss. Loyal friend. Mac computer Lover.

kola has 2 sons etc....

compare all

and u will see that li = kola

Anonymous said...

ab, thanks for LI's bio. It is amazing that she proudly admits she attracts cut-throat pirates! That validates my perception of her: that she is a blend of evil and stupidity.

And now Kola/LI is the mother of two little "sons"?

Wow! that's scary. It takes some very heavy karma from several past lifetimes to end up being LI's sons- considering she hates bm.

Her poor sons are in for some cold-hearted and wicked upbringing.

alicia banks said...



not to mention her setting so many GLOBAL AMORAL
examples...her karma from ALL of the people she has abused and betrayed like me!!!


allheavens said...

Okay, AB, XI AND ANON are officially BATSHIT CRAZY!!!!

When three people spend this amount of time pontificating and can only come up with the SAME tired talking points as some undereducated, ill-informed hillbilly from West Dumbfuck; than two of them are totally unnecessary. Don't you think?

Come on, one of you take the initiative and ditch the other two alter-egos or co-dependents and stand alone in cyberspace to be "bullied and mercilessly judged" by the resident vipers.

Afterall, you have your certitude to shield you.

And shame is right AB. Shame is so right...

alicia banks said...


how the hell did you cc this to only 4 people herein??????

there are sooooo many people you have left OFF of this selective bs missive

what is shameful is that you have ineptly and incompletely interjected yourself into this


alicia banks said...





alicia banks said...


how the hell did you leave us and li/kola off your bogus list when they started this bs as always????????

spare us your fallen angel antics!!!

allheavens said...

-what is shameful is that you have ineptly and incompletely interjected yourself into this


Because like you, I can.

And oh, I think that would be "brazen triflingNESS".

AB you are way TOO easy and obvious.

-spare us your fallen angel antics!!!-

**golf claps**

Ernesto said...

AB off her meds again...tsk tsk. I gotta admit that it is almost semi-entertaining to watch her debate the voices in her head, though.

And CF displays the notable right wing trait of ignoring American history:

"does non-capitalist Guatemala have the credit to initiate $100 billion in debt spending by the government to construct highways and infrastructure?"

No, mainly because capitalist America has spent the last 100 years or so raping and pillaging the wealth of these "undeveloped" countries. Check out killinghope.org. Guatemala gets no less than three tragic chapters.

Anonymous said...

Allheavens "Okay, AB, XI AND ANON are officially BATSHIT CRAZY!!!!"

Since you are the resident expert with the direct experience of insanity, I won't argue with you.

You have the nerve to call someone else co-dependent? The hallmark of a co-dependent is one who can't mind their own business.

You are truly co-dependent, sick and crazy you ignorant jackass. Go join co-dependents anonymous and get some recovery before you go around trying to fix and control everyone else, you moronic imbecile.

alicia banks said...


thank you!

what a brazen gnat like wench allhellafoolish is!

buzzing in as she demands others stop buzzing on us and li/kola

notice how many mangy pet female dogs li/kola masters herein?

she sent sheblindsheblind first and i mauled her akin to an outmatched pit bull with her own buybull bs...

now she sends another heavenly hound to get slain too???

i sense a new canine theme among the ab hater posse drones...

earnestly envious:

my only med is reality

i get that you have no idea what that med is as, like all fools, you speak only fantasies

maybe if you had a brain or a voice
then you might relate to the insanity of the schizoprehnic slurs you pathetically dare to spew like a tired old mantra herein...

since you are made dually clueless
by the absence of any intelligent thought or statement, you are dually irrelevant to me



you are even more inept about grammar than you are at minding your own trifling business

the only thing worse than a pestering hypocrite is one without a formal education

fix that before you dare to expand your self appointed keystone blog cop antics to equally inept grammatical policing herein

alicia banks said...


you were as selective about the questions you failed to answer as you are about your inept policing of this blog

scroll NOW to check all you omitted above!

Anonymous said...

AB: "how the hell did you cc this to only 4 people herein??????"

She only called out 3 people, how did you get 4? Something must be really wrong with your comprehension, see that's your problem right there.

alicia banks said...

assnon anal factchecker:

i quickly scanned her horrid punctuaction...my bad

allhellauneducated wrote:

"Okay, AB, XI AND ANON are officially BATSHIT CRAZY!!!! "

i quickly scanned and the incorrect comma, preceding a series of 4 names etc, "Okay" is not a poster/name...OK!

but i really must
thank you assnon...for 2 (two) things:

1. you have PROVEN that allhellabold is EVEN more gramatically illiterate than i previously stated...dyam!!!

2. she is even MORE selective in her bogus hypocritical directives
as 3 is even LESS than 4...her silly list is even MORE incomplete than i originally stated!!!...wow!!!


gee....thanks assnon!

Anonymous said...

ab "she sent sheblindsheblind first and i mauled her akin to an outmatched pit bull with her own buybull bs...

now she sends another heavenly hound to get slain too???"

Yeah, it looks like LI/Kola is sending her finest and most loyal disciples from her Allheavenly dog pound to take you down.

Every weak-minded illiterate dog from that pound will be challenging you as ordered by LI.

I wish she could find someone who with an IQ above idiot.

But considering they all are followers of LI/Kola, what can you expect?

"Stupid is as stupid does." LOL

alicia banks said...

ditto anon!


if these canine shrews simply hated my posts they would actually debate them
or just ignore them

this is about their harassment
which i will NEVER endure like so many others do herein

i NEVER tolerate bullies
that is why i despise buybull toting gaybashers...
that is why i will always slay the hater posse herein

Anonymous said...

The picture presented was in a Democratic stronghold in Southeastern ,Massachusetts. the secret service was called in to investigate, nothing new since

SOS said...

Good that Ms. Hoffman, who I assume was White, could see through the racist crap.

For the last election, the Repubs only got 4% of the Black vote. I wonder what percentage they'll get in 2012 after all their nasty, racist shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

Field get the story straight. it happened on a Golf course on a putting green!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

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