Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Rush, Dr. Naismith would not be pleased.

"It's not reasonable that you should understand the insanity that local and state and federal bureaucracies are doing. It's perfectly normal and understandable that none of what they do would make sense to you. My question -- OK, a 1 cent sales tax to fight gang violence. What do you spend the money on to fight gang violence? Afterschool program -- don't we already have afterschool programs? Don't we already have -- what do you call it, extracurricular events? Midnight basketball -- I mean, we've done it all. We've taken the favorite sport of gangs, and we put it at midnight to get them on the basketball court. We had 100,000 new cops with Clinton -- we've done it all. And the problem still is out of control. Liberalism doesn't work. [So this is where unconstructive feedback has been getting his talking points.]

I'm gonna tell you what. If they're gonna raise the sales tax in this little -- Salinas, California, wherever you're talking about -- if they're gonna raise 1 cent sales tax to handle gang violence, then the money oughta go to the purchase of bulletproof vests for the law-abiding citizens when they leave their home."

That was the new voice of the republiklan party, Rush Limbaugh, on his radio program recently, bashing liberal programs as only he knows how: By playing the race card and tying liberal social policies to those scary minorities.

This is coming from a man who calls the NBA the "TBA" for "Thug Basketball Association". Well, our president loves basketball, does that mean that he is a "thug"? Or, that he is the member of a gang? I don't think so, unless you consider A-merry-can presidents gangsters.... alright I will leave that one alone.

I love the NFL, but if they let Rush get even a sniff of the Rams Football team who he happens to be trying to buy I swear that I would stop watching, "cold turkey". Just because you have money doesn't mean you should be able to get whatever the hell you want. Rush as an NFL owner? No way! This guy makes Al Davis look like an alter boy. I think I agree with Michael Wilbon when he says that a lot of owners think like Rush but they don't spew their bigoted and ignorant thoughts for millions of people to hear. Hey the NFL has lots of liberal and black fans, too. And even a black quaterback or two. I wonder if Rush became a part owner of the Rams if he would try to pick up "5" as his quarterback? ....Naaawww.

Thanks Ben. (Media Matters)


MR.R said...

"I love the NFL, but if they let Rush get even a sniff of the Rams Football team who he happens to be trying to buy I swear that I would stop watching, "cold turkey". "

Got to love how open minded liberals are.In 2004,Seahawks OB Matt Hasselbeck and their fullback Mack Strong said the were Republicans.

Liberals went batshit posting in the Seattle Post comment section.Hundreds of "we hate the Seahawks!!!" "i hope Matt dies!!" post.


So ummm field, what has 30 + years of Democrat social programs done to stop gangs and gang violence in this country?

And how many millions of dollars have been stolen by these Democrats?

In the last 30 or so years,over 15,000 people have been killed in the war between the bloods and crips.

What Democrat social programs are ending this violence?

Anonymous said...

MrR "What Democrat social programs are ending this violence?"

The answer is none. the Dems are a weak anti-moral minded group with no compass or goal, except to judge and demonize Repubs. But the truth is the Repubs are winning because they are even more powerful when they are out of office than when they are in. They know how to market and frame political ideas that turn public minds around. That's why Dems rarely end up in office, and when they do, they still lose.

RE: Rush as an NFL owner, Rush would be good for the NFL. Interest, viewership and game attendance would reach a new high.

And no one would care whether Field watched or not.

Of course, Field is "lying" because he would be watching. As an avid race chaser and football fan, he would be following any team Rush owned and would even have it in his sidebar.

Anonymous said...

Field that young man was BEAT in front of a Community Center! he was BEAT by young Black men in front of a Black Community center!! not a white one, but a Black one!!!!

We are told that there are no program's in our community, but, yet, each and every Black Church I know of, has all type's of program's set up to help our Black youth!!! now how long is this half LIE going to be perpetrated!!! for I am sick of it! and from what the Media is saying Black inner city kid's KILL because they are not Loved!!! half LIE again!!

So we have unloved Black youth's, and so they have no other choice but to Kill!! we have Incompetent Church leader's! LIE, LIE, LIE!!!! when are we going to Stop allowing people to think we are just a GROUP of Pitiful, Helpless Black people!!!

So in other word's our Youth are Killing because they have had such a Hard Life! lie again!!! some kill because they just WANT too!!! some have hard working Parent's that are not illiterate! and these parent's try to raise their children to the best of their ability!

I am a sick and tired of our people getting on TV SCREAMING about (NO SOCIAL PROGRAM'S in the BLACK COMMUNITY) DERRION was beat in the front of a Community center! what is that center for? is it not there to help the community?

Now I know some people will find a way to blame the President, well, yes, he lived in Chicago but, what is the Police Chief for? why is he not called out to the forefront? why are our Black people allowing this incompetent man to get off the hook? why is there not a Curfew to keep young Gang member's off the street in Chicago? this can be done! but, that White police Chief could care less about black kid's killing each other! has anyone thought about this!!! do you think if these were White kid's doing this, he wouldn't use all the power and resource's he had to stop the Killing of White kid's!!


Hathor said...

Why don't you get your tough ass and do something about the violence? If you think like Rush and think you and your Glock 9 will do it, don't blink.

MR.R said...

You on the left are such fools.This is why Rush Limbaugh will pwned you for the rest of your lives.

Do people really believe this is a serious offer? Does anyone really believe the NFL would let this happen? HELL NO!!!1

What this does is give Rush free press,keeps him the topic of the day,and he enrages his haters.

Check the haters out on your fav sports site.

Mission Accomplished!!!!!!

Gwhizz said...

If the NFL were to allow this individual to become a co-owner, it would hurt the league immensely. I don't understand why Limbaugh would want to get involved in professional football, given his personal beliefs. Al Franken is right; Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat idiot.

Rock said...

Sorry, Rush. Unless it's the Lakers us people of color in Cali don't give a sh*t about basketball.

And if this blowhard buys the Rams that's one team Michael Vick can cross off his free agency list next Spring.

Monie said...

Does the NFL allow convicted felons to own teams?

Anonymous said...

I look at it this way...Rush has the money so what the hell is the problem?...Let's say Louis Farrakhan was buying the Rams would you still have a problem with it, Field?...

The only people that would be upset about Farrakhan buying it would be Jews, and many Whites with the some token Blacks thrown in to the mix. Most people who is against Rush own the Rams is minorities..

Gwhizz said...

Good point Monie. I had forgotten about the Oxycontin thing. Surely if the league is trying to hold the players to a higher moral standard, that mentality should extend to the owners too. "Should" being the operative word...

NSangoma said...

Anonymous 12:17 AM, no wonder you are anonymous:

Most people who is against Rush own the Rams is minorities..

Anonymous said...

@iseeisee -- I think we're looking at a containment strategy when it comes to inner city violence. Just like with Indian Reservations and Appalachia, upper middle class Americans never see the extreme poverty, the violence, the broken homes, the substance abuse problems and the general human misery of these place and they're just fine with it as long as it doesn't bleed over. Cities and law enforcement are playing 'seal them off and we don't have to worry about what happens on that side of town.' Part of it is pragmatic, the police don't have the money or manpower to protect the whole city but another part is racist and classist.

Unless people really commit to taking back every square inch of our cities then the cities will keep with a containment strategy and things will never get better under that. We're at the point where things literally have to be taken back by law enforcement and the communities before we can stabilize any of these areas and make them safe places to live.


field negro said...

J, that's a great point.Hey didn't they have a theme around that on "The Wire"?

Monie,you are right.Fat boy does have some legal issues.I forgot about that.So yeah,no part of any team for Rush.

Constructive Feedback said...

Entertainer & Sport Team Owner Rush Limbaugh Is Superior And Jay-Z, Nelly & Lil Wayne Are Inferior

So damned predictible.

Rush Limbaugh is an ENTERTAINER, just as Jay-Z is listed as one. However, for some reason, the words of Rush Limbaugh are seen as superior to those of Jay-Z despite the fact that both of them are worth about the same amount of money.

Question: How do we bring Jay-Z the sports team owner up to the same level as Limbaugh is held to?

JUST IMAGINE if "Media Matters" was to monitor HIP HOP LYRICS? First they would have to see these Black males as being EQUAL to the White Male Conservatives that they monitor.

field negro said...

"Got to love how open minded liberals are.In 2004,Seahawks OB Matt Hasselbeck and their fullback Mack Strong said the were Republicans."

No wonder they stink!

"Rush Limbaugh is an ENTERTAINER, just as Jay-Z is listed as one."

Thank you [un]constructive one for finally admitting that your boy is an "entertainer" and should NOT be taken seriously.

BTW, I am pretty sure that normal folks on the left do not get their politics from the likes of Lil Wayne or Jay Z. You people on the right on the other hand....well.

Tersi said...

@ConFeed "Rush Limbaugh is an ENTERTAINER, just as Jay-Z is listed as one."

You know, ConFeed, you're a bigger ENTERTAINER than the both of them.

Jody said...

Field, why do you give Rush any credence.... why repeat his words? He does not deserve your time or energy.... He gets a broader audience only because people keep reacting to him..... I really wish folks would stop. He will become irrelevant when WE stop giving him our undeserved attention. said...

Yeesh, this brings me back to Condi Rice vying for NFL Commisioner.

An onion column from the past:

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

You can like or dislike the truth about the conditions in parts of our community,the reason why people of Rush's ilk get so much play when they say the obvious about some of the black community behavior or habits is because we have allowed theses thing to continue to happen.So we need to get up off of our backsides and take charge of our children and out of control adults!

uptownsteve said...

Actually Limbaugh would be right at home in NFL management.

Not only does he represent the views of many of the owners but you'd be suprised at how many of the recent NFL head coaches and GMs are rightwing Republicans.

Bill Parcells, Dick Vermeil and Matt Millen are very vocal Republcians.

Jimmy Johnson actually brought Rush Limbaugh into the Dallas Cowboys locker when he was head coach.

Could you imagine Lovie Smith or Mike Tomlin bringing Louis Farrakhan into their locker rooms?

alicia banks said...

ditto fn:

i cannot imagine how painful it would be to work for a rabid racist like rush as CEO

i would have my resignation letter ready to go!...or already be talking to my agent about a trade...


even he is accidentally telling some truths:

too many toxic spawn ARE thugs who ARE becoming NFL/NBA players and ruining the images of those teams just as they are ruining our schools/colleges/public spaces etc...

NOTHING will fix any gang problem except stopping turbo breeding and ending toxic parenting...



did you hear about this chicago gang war style brawl at this HBCU???

the thugs are running the world now...racist rush, cowboy bush, and clone obama/gwb2.0 included!


uptownsteve said...

"the reason why people of Rush's ilk get so much play when they say the obvious about some of the black community behavior or habits is because we have allowed theses thing to continue to happen."

What the fuck are "black community behavior or habits"?

alicia banks said...


there are 2 americas!

and there are 6+ "american "communities"!
all divided by race and class...

i got it...

uptownsteve said...

AB baby,

I see you're in one of your moods today so I really don't want to get into this with you.

But please explain to me what a "black community behavior or habit" is.

And since you are a member of said community, would you have the same behavior and habits of a 19 year old inner city dropout?

Or a suburban accountant and mother of two for that matter.

alicia banks said...


be real

i took NO offense
as i know there are at least 3 classes in each racially divided america

there are typical habits for each

poor = gang banging

middle class = owning a hm

rich = owning a hm for each season


stop pretending that we are not divided and you will not be so easily offended...

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Uptown I'm too old to get into pissing contests,I think AB simplifyed for you what I was trying to say,I don't think it's hard to see we don't take charge for the behaviors of some of our community members.And by the way UP turn down the bass my friend if you want people to take you serious!

alicia banks said...


there are exceptions to all rule

i am blessed to be a member of the upper middle class as an adult

my parents are rich

and i still live/work in all 3


i spend most of my time on the front lines with children of the poor as an administrator and an educator and i KNOW that we are doomed by the fallout of these frays

there is no single community

but we share a single doom by the behaviors of the INCREASINGLY POOR MAJORITY among us...

uptownsteve said...


I asked you a specific question because I damn well BigMacinPittsburgh ain't going to answer.

I asked "what is a black community behavior or habit" and you gave class and soci-economic distinctions.

And round and round we go with this subject.

Certain people are intent on tying socio-economic issues to race.

I understand why white racists do it.

But for the life of me can't understand why a black person would.

alicia banks said...

ok us:

black behaviors
by class

rich = teaching children that education is supreme and mandatory & networking children into top colleges

middle class = teaching children a
work ethic and grooming them to be diligent laborers

poor = teaching children that education is for nerds and cool people bang/pimp/ho/hustle/turbo breed


uptownsteve said...

Mr. R.

"So ummm field, what has 30 + years of Democrat social programs done to stop gangs and gang violence in this country?"

What Democrat social programs are you speaking of particularly?

I bet your dumb racist ass can't even name one.

Midnight basketball was actually one of George H.W. Bush's "thousand points of light".

uptownsteve said...



alicia banks said...


socioeconomics = social + monetary

social = racial + class

monetary = racial + class

what is there not to be "tied"????

and all of our behaviors and pathologies!

this is why poor blacks have FAR more in common socioeconmically with poor whites than with elite blacks...and sadly also why
they get more empathy and recognition from the kkk than they do from elite blacks like you!

uptownsteve said...


"I don't think it's hard to see we don't take charge for the behaviors of some of our community members."

How do you propose to take charge of the behavior of people outside of your family and neighborhood?

alicia banks said...


what is weak is to deny that class is real in every race

what is even weakER is that you dare to take offense at truths about an ENTIRE class of blacks that you simultaneously avoid, ignore, and betray


AArdvarker said...

How many prevention programs are actually in place and widespread? Anger and alienation which breed gangs comes from many places, poverty, racism, classism, invisibility, apathy, the knowledge that no one cares. Where are the programs that strengthen the poor families and single parents who raise these kids? Where is the outreach from churches? Not enough.

Rush is am ignorant chumpass.

True Blue Texan said...

off-topic, but here's a story about Harry Connick, Jr. that's been in international news.,25197,26181414-601,00.html

I can't believe this stuff is still going on.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

UP:It is hard to make any change alone at this point in time,so that's why I propose we take back our Church's from the rouge pastors that have abandon the least among us.How about we put some leadership in place in these mega-churchs that truly want to do the dirty work.In my judgement that's a start.

uptownsteve said...

And how do you propose taking somebody's church?

You sound kinda crazy.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

UP why are you so quick with the trigger,if you would stop trying to be right and maybe try to be rightious,you could see what another person is saying.The Church is the people,not the pastor,so if a church is leaning in the wrong direction its the members who must change its direction

uptownsteve said...

Don't you lecture me pal.

You aren't doing anything but blowing smoke.

First off Jesus took his gospel to the people so if folks like you are so concerned about the least of us why aren't you going into the 'hood and taking your message straight to the gangstas and dealers?

They don't go to church.

What's stopping YOU?

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Don't need to blow smoke UP, you and I must have two different Jesus and thats ok.And you will learn I don't bite at your bait of name calling,it serves no purpose!

chicago dyke said...

nothing like a post about the cowardly drug addicted pedophile to bring out the crazees, eh Field?

i can't watch pro football anymore, and i grew up on it and love the game. but the modern day coverage just sickens me, with or without Rush's participation. i find it interesting to compare the deterioration in political news analysis and coverage, and the similar trend in sports reporting. too many sports journalists think it's all about them, instead of the game.

as a former very serious college and HS athlete, i can understand why top athletes are often given to grandstanding and boasting. but i recall a time recently watching football at my mom's house (she's a huge fan) and sitting for over 20mins, listening to the sports show host talk about himself, his friends in the reporting business, his thoughts and opinions...all while saying nothing about the actual game in progress.

i hate the american media and these days i consume very little of its product.

uptownsteve said...


I didn't call you any names.

I am just sick and tired of negroes like you who wave around religion and talk about how they are "tired of black people's excuses" (I went to your homepage) as if you are the only black person in America who has job, raises their children, obeys the law and is taking care of business.

You want people who are screwing up to straighten up and do better?

So do I.

Take your message to THEM and stop smearing the entire community with the misbehavior and dysfunction of a minority.

The only people I'm responsible for is myself and my family.

If you feel it's your responsibility to transform the 'hood then God Bless you.

field negro said...

True Blue Texan,I am blogging about that story later,but not for the obvious reason.

uptownsteve said...

True Blue Texan

"I can't believe this stuff is still going on."

Watch "Telemundo" sometimes.

They have a show about a black spanish speaking family with white actors wearing blackface, Afro wigs and prostetic lips and noses.

Or this from a Bogota Pride Day Parade

alicia banks said...


i am so very glad that mlk/malcolm/harriet/huey and MILLIONS of other rebels cared about YOU and ME and not just:

"The only people I'm responsible for is myself and my family.

If you feel it's your responsibility to transform the 'hood then God Bless you."


god never truly blesses the selfish

selfishness is the reason people abuse their kids/turbo breed etc!

and we are all family!

alicia banks said...


evil racists like rush limbaugh agree with YOU!!!

they could not care less about the transformation of black hoods

NO transformation = the racist genocide they dream of and pray for!

your apathy and selfishness AID that genocide or people who look like you and your family!...shame!!!

those boys and girls who are never transformed may marry/murder/maim your own perfect kids etc...

and we all have to live/work/survive with them too...

alicia banks said...


obama feigned caring post his olympic fiasco

he sent eric et al


toxic parenting trumps dc's pr!

alicia banks said...

i meant

there was a brawl

THEIR presence meant NOTHING to these violent toxic bred heathen spawn

uptownsteve said...


Stop it, please?

You know damn well that you don't do anything in the 'hood, don't go nowhere near the 'hood, don't know anybody in the 'hood or know anything about the 'hood.

With negroes like you and BigMac, it's all mouth.

alicia banks said...


my entire life is an open book at any local library and online

here is what is truly tragic:

lost euro elitist niggers like you actually dismiss poor blacks so much so that you find it IMPOSSIBLE to believe that anyone could actually care and seek to fix an entire class of people that LITERALLY ARE NONEXISTENT to you due to the POWER of your own DELUSIONS!

if you ever admit they matter/exist:

you would have to condemn your own brazen and proud apathy and detachment


you would have to stop flying off the deep end and attacking every black slur that did not apply to your class


my life with helping poor people officially began as a 12 yr old undergrad and mentor...then a 17 yr old IL youth chapter naacp prez...and now a rebel educator and tutor of poor parents and children...

you slur me because i refuse to ONLY assist my elitist peers and my own family as you do!

what makes you the evil snob that you are is that rebels like me are everything you are NOT...even with our elitist trappings!

like the good parents in the ghetto, we are far too few

like the rich rush l's of the world and all of his fellow cloned blackfaced house niggers like you, there are far too many of you

it is that imbalance between the evil and the kind that dooms us matter where we live from wall st to the projects!

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...


I honestly think Rush Limbaugh hates Black People because he wants to be like BLACK PEOPLE.

He wants to be "hung" like he thinks most brothas are "hung", and face it, he's so big, he hasn't seen his "tool" in years.

He wants to screw sistas, but knows he'd HAVE TO PAY FOR IT for a sista to even CONSIDER screwing his ass.

He wants to be a Black Man, cause the way he currently is, he sucks as a white man.

That's why he's attacking Black People. He can't be like US.

alicia banks said...


man up you BLACK race traitor!!!
your monied wimp is flossing!

it is easier to pretend that i am lying

than to admit that i am doing what you have never done and will never do....AS YOU SHOULD AND AS WE ALL MUST!

no one is ever going to save us but us!!!

He gets my vote as the most beautiful and sexiest chocolate man on the planet! He is an ideal husband and model dad. He is a gifted and uniquely versatile actor. His superb acting is always convincing whether he is playing a realistic dreadlocked Jesus, a sultry bank executive, a conscious lawyer, an intensely tender lover, a bitter villain, or a psycho killer.

He is a regal, afrocentric, and classy gentleman who is married to a beautiful black queen. He is the doting father of three beautiful black children. He is a quadruply talented actor, author, director and intimate social activist. He is a magnetic intellectual as the perfect combination of brains and brawn.

How does such cerebral and carnal ebony male perfection ever get any better? He just demonstrated precisely how that occurs. Blair Underwood just magically elevated his own perfection by financing and launching a FREE HIV/AIDS clinic in Washington, DC. KUDOS TO A KING!!!

This is what will save America. This is the only real change we need. Authentically black people must save poor black people. No one, including the blackish President Barack Obama/GWB 2.0, will ever save us but us!!!

Read more about the gorgeous and godly man who is BLAIR UNDERWOOD:

M. Rigmaiden said...

Use tax dollars to help fight crime against national terrorists like the Skinheads, KKK and so forth. Rush is an asshole.

black grl #1 said...

i used to be a die-hard college & professional football & basketball fan!

i stopped watching the NFL because i couldn't continue to ignore the conservative-pro-military-gun-toting-nascar-T & A image it's been peddling. although i'm aware that that's what most of its customer-base finds attractive. i mean between the truck and join the military commercials i started getting real irritated. then i could no longer ignore how incredibly problematic that the Washington D.C.'s team mascot are called the Redskins.
i mean come on --- really?! this same organization has also started going after season-ticket fans (no longer maybe), people who've fallen on hard times because of the economy, unemployment, mortgages, etc. who wanted to opt out of their season tickets, by suing them, causing them to go bankrupt:

but then we're talking about an organization (& its college counterpart) that's run by Right-wing nuts who believe that coaching football "...draws a parallel between the standards and rules that most coaches set for their players and the Republican vision of how American society ought to operate."

i also used to watch college football religiously but i also couldn't stomach all the crap that these coaches allowed to happen during their watch: remember Barry Switzer at Univ of OK? under his "leadership" players were either beating the crap out of their girlfriends or found w/ assault rifles in their rooms?

but then these same coaches turn around, talking about GOP 'values & ethics." i just couldn't stomach it any longer. even going so far as to run for GOP office (Tom Osborne of NB) w/ hardly any criteria - but we all know you don't need that.

these same college coaches often found breaking NCAA rules & regulations while the school, the kids get penalized while the coaches get offered other multi-million pay-outs to "promote" their "values leadership" at another school. i feel less sympathy for the NFL players - they're adults - mostly because of Lynn Swan (what's up w/ that Field?!) or Plaxico. & is there anything worse than a steroid-induced-300+pd fool w/ a gun?

so yeah that's why i not surprised that Limbaugh might own the Rams - they "deserve" each other.

on the other hand: the Nets just got bought by a Russian billionaire known to have Russian mob ties back at home, who'd been looking to own something legitimate. even though there were 'takers' from NJ! but Ratzer (current owner) is apparently desperate to leave NJ behind so he can get that arena built in Brooklyn by pulling an "imminent domain."

so in the end i'll stick to women's basketball, thank you very much.

black grl #1 said...

as for taxes to fight gang violence - we HAVE to do something. in the LA area alone- there are reportedly more than 30,000 gang members.

giving it to the usual suspects doesn't seem to be working though, i think they need to come up w/ some innovative ways to deal it. i say take these kids out of their environment for a while: sending them to juvie- isn't exactly taking them out of their environment. send then to some kind of NGO program - maybe they'll re-gain their humanity. & some of them are 18, make them join the military. they want to fight - there's their chance.

as for the parent(s): mandatory adult education - which includes classes on parenting & real-life skills. also some kind of mandatory volunteer program. finally, as part of this program - there needs to be a much more comprehensive program that addresses sexual & reproductive health. not necessarily from a love-their-bodies kind of way but more of a tough love sort of way. cause really? we've been having 'this conversation' for a long time. perhaps it's time to cut the Black church out of this equation -especially if they're operating from the "procreation" philosophy.

AB: you're right that most of it has to do w/ shoddy parenting!

uptownsteve said...

We've had 3 generations of unsocialized, uneducated and uncivilized children producing children in the inner city.

It's a situation that perpetuates itself.

"i say take these kids out of their environment for a while."

That's the only solution as I see it.

Either change the conditions they live in or remove them from the environment.

Poundcake speeches are not going to provide a young person with life skills and a work ethic.

alicia banks said...



hater wimp elitists like us run the world and most churches

ditto to all u posted!


how many fewer gangs would ALREADY exist in LA if all those homohating church folks who have been battling gays and prop 8/
h8ing had chosen to save their own het gangbanging child kin instead???

obama/gwb 2.0 will attack kanye west (who is the child of a queen and is childless!)
but he will never attack DROVES of toxic parents whose collective genetic drama and its fallout makes kanye's look tame!...

here is another tip from my law enforcement netwks:

after ronny raygun and his lowly bm drones flooded our hoods with crack in the 80s and...a surge of OG's went to prison...simultaneously crack addicted turbo breeders forged IDEAL RECRUITS who now RUN to the gangs anew...

now the OGs who have been released since are back on top with less humane ybm soldiers than ever before...
this the is the problem in chicago

toxic parenting = ideal for gangs
and elitist rulers who save/make cash when we kill each other!

alicia banks said...


you are right about poundcake speeches

but you deny millions of us who ACT and SPEAK as we share our elitist cakes with the masses!

even a poundcake speech is superior to you cupcake apathy!

alicia banks said...


even a poundcake speech is superior to YOUR cupcake apathy!

cake recipes are irrelevant

the ONLY recipe for saving gangs is ELITE BLACKS to help, teach, and finance the black poor!

no one else will ever care...

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

What you don't get UPTS is that we all sooner or later pay for the bad behavior that has infected our community.You can't pretend just because you live in the burbs that this behavior is not your problem.As much as you would like to pretend that you are removed from the madness,White America will gently remind you on the 6pm news that you are not that free,because you won't be the one they telivise,it will be Skippy and Ray-Ray and guess what they look just like you and me without the bling!

alicia banks said...

ditto p:

we need better parents, bio or not!

we need mandatory monitoring of parenting and much more!....

and this is proof that it works!

look at keshia cole
what if neffie had reared any of her 11 kids by 11 dif men?
(3 are still missing)

and this great young black foster parented man:

alicia banks said...


i meant frankie had 11 kids


The Angry Independent said...


I've been in a state of mourning all week.

Can't even blog about this at my own site yet.

I'm trying to figure out what's worse..... Limbaugh owning the team.... or the team being picked up by someone else and moving out of St. Louis.

I'm slowly coming to the realization that these are two bad choices....and Limbaugh may be the least bad of the two. We may have to just accept it.

uptownsteve said...


"What you don't get UPTS is that we all sooner or later pay for the bad behavior that has infected our community.You can't pretend just because you live in the burbs that this behavior is not your problem.As much as you would like to pretend that you are removed from the madness,White America will gently remind you on the 6pm news that you are not that free,because you won't be the one they telivise,it will be Skippy and Ray-Ray and guess what they look just like you and me without the bling!"

This post says it all about you.

Those ghetto negroes are embarassing you and you want white folks to know that you hate the Ray Ray and (skippy?) as much as they do.

Free yourself BigMac.

Decolonize your mind.

White folks don't define you and damn sure aren't in any moral position to judge you.

You have to know and love yourself.

uptownsteve said...


You might have heard that a black man is the leader of the free world.

Why don't you look to him as an example of blackness.

alicia banks said...


i read that same clip
and i read it as:

Those whites folks hate all of us much as they hate the poor blacks. So your elitism wins you no white love or white absolution as a rich black man US. That is why white folks rarely feature rich blacks on TV newscasts on TV and see "The Cosby Show" as sitcom fantasy even as the Obamas dwell in DC. So you may as well wake up and help save some poor blacks who look like you...


i say you just tried to pass big mac a whopper of projection us

you flipped his collective self love to justify your personal self hate


big mac:

did i misread it?

uptownsteve said...

"So your elitism wins you no white love or white absolution as a rich black man US."

That's one of the many differences between me and you AB.

I'm not interested in white people's love.

Just be polite when you deal with me.

alicia banks said...

ditto us:

just properly translating that clip you posted re lack of love from racist tv editors....

and i am not interested in white love either

that is why i will NEVER never share their hatred/lack of love for poor black people just because i share some of their green cash/assets

as you so proudly do!

Xi said...

Big Mac and Alicia,
Upsidedownboy is merely an angry insecure race baiting little man with a chip on his shoulder bigger than Dallas. If a white person disagrees with his odd nonsensical philosophy then he/she is a racist redneck and if a brother or sister dare to disagree with the self righteous upsidedownsteve then we are reduced to an uncle Tom or house Negro/Negress.
Do not allow yourselves to be baited by such a pathetic petty punk.

Anonymous said...

Dear ab and BigMac,

why do you waste your time talking to an idiotic jackass like uts?

uts cannot converse sensibly and respectfully with anyone. his game is to hurl insults to cover up his low IQ. the man is an authentic mean-spirited moron.

Anonymous said...

ab "that is why i will NEVER never share their hatred/lack of love for poor black people just because i share some of their green cash/assets

as you so proudly do!"

AB, i love your insight and intellect and how you can put a sorry pathetic human being like uts in his place. it is clear that he hates being black and because he managed to escape being a poor black all of his life, he now wants to spit on those who haven't.

uts is very much like rush, hannity and beck. he might as well be jessie lee peterson's cousin.

i hate rush but i hate blacks who piss on their own race, even more! they are the worst humans on the planet-and uts is one of them.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

AB,our friend UTS is still a work in progress,the universe is not finish with him yet.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me UPTOWNSTEVE! but, we are Defined as a Group of people, that cannot keep a Sixteen year old young man from LOSING his LIFE!!!

Now we can scream (Social Program's until Jesus come's, but, the truth is, Black men are allowing teenage boy's to Kill off one another!

So you men can talk all the MESS you want to talk on this comment form but, at the end of the day! Black men are looking pretty Weak if you ask me!!!

It is a shame that Eric Holder had to leave Washington ,to come and do the job of other Black men!!! we have Black men sitting back that are afraid to put their Neighborhood's in Order! this should not be! but, it is!

Some of you people talk about what the Church should do and is not doing, well, when was the last time any of you Profanity writing people attended Church? for your writing leave's me to believe, you have not stepped foot in a Church in quite a while! for their are Black Church's begging Black men to attend Church!!! most Black Church's have GANG prevention program's and the list go's on. but, do they get credit for that, NO!!!!

Now, Black men can continue to blame White men, but, this is about us!! the Government has spent Million's of dollar's in our Black neighborhood's trying to get us Right! it's as if, we are a mindless Group of helpless people! and we are not!

Black men are allowing Rapper's to define our RACE, they are allowing Gang member's to define our RACE, they are allowing irresponsible father's to define all Black men!!! now, who is the blame for this! BLACK MEN!!!


Anonymous said...

Y'all can debate this shit 'till the cows come home, but the real problem is that there are no consequences or repercussions for the bad behavior of these people. It doesn't make sense for someone to have more than 1 or 2 misdemeanors. Some of these fools have pages of juvie charges and then get pages of adult charges and are then back in the neighborhood doing the same damn things. Education will not work until the consequences of criminal behavior outweigh the rewards. Unfortunately, the kids learn the behavior from the parent(s) and then pass it on to their children. So to stop this, there has to be serious consequences for the adverse behavior and until this happens, those fools will be in the news.......Prison doesn't cut it. And neither does NCLB.

kathy said...

Black men are allowing Rapper's to define our RACE, they are allowing Gang member's to define our RACE, they are allowing irresponsible father's to define all Black men!!! now, who is the blame for this! BLACK MEN!!!



hey i know i aint the most popular person to comment, but isee, blaming Black men, when women get to raise MEN, well i say bull shit, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, you seem to be a very sweet person, but, you do not want to do BATTLE with me!! trust me, you do not!!! so I will excuse your comment!


alicia banks said...

ditto isis:


are you really blaming black women for the fleeing of black men?

only the most clueless of racist sexist bm loving wfs would dare due blame abandoned bfs for the sons they rear solo....


big mac:


i have faith the universe will wake us up someday

all of us and us too


alicia banks said...




uptownsteve said...

I'm still waiting to hear what BigMac is doing in the 'hood to end the pathology.


Yo mama.

alicia banks said...


when he tells you, will you just lie and dismiss it as you have my 30+ yrs of hard work in the hood?


big mac:

take your time....

your reply will be to no avail

yo sista,

alicia banks said...




uptownsteve said...


He's not going to answer.

You know that.

BTW, XI is a buckdancing fool who claims that blacks should be thankful their forefathers were enslaved and brought to America.

You endorse that?

alicia banks said...


no way!
i never heard him say that

i agree with noone 100%...

and i also do not endorse you denying my decades of toil in the hood...

uptownsteve said...

He didn't say it here but on the Digital Publius blog where I smacked him around for being the negrophobic, head-scratchin white arse kissin buffoon that he is.

Which explains why he's so upset with me.

tee hee

If you say you've toiled in the 'hood then God Bless you.

I just don't see how you reconcile that with the vile and insulting labels you've hurled at poor blacks.

It doesn't wash.

alicia banks said...


i was not there
i love big mac!
kid lies on me regularly
i have never posted anything at it is irrelevanto me

you do nothing herein but hurl slurs at people all day every day!
got hypocrisy?

your MO is to distract,dismiss, exaggerate, tangentially lure and lie

i am CLEARLY dedicated to all of the SUPERIOR parents and kids who are INCREASINGLY RARE exceptions in the hood...

YOU LUMP THEM ALL as you dismiss, betray, and ignore them all..not me!


alicia banks said...


i "reconcile it" by my DAILY interactions and observations for decades...

i call them as i see them
good and bad

you slur and erase them all from a distance

you are in no position to judge me
until you dare to visit and toil too!!!

Xi said...

Upsidedownboy's convoluted logic is painfully self evident as demonstrated by his nonsensical angry rants. It is telling when an individual reduces his argument to baseless insults rather than addressing the core fundamentals of the issue at hand. Uptown argues through innuendos and half truths bastardizing reality to suit his agenda of self hate that he projects on to others.
Uptown cannot comprehend a black man, such as myself, not hating all white people merely because they were born white. The fact that I dare have white friends makes me a white azz kissing ingratiating "Tom", according to crazy man uptown.
As for Digital Publius' blog....why not read the exchanges between me and uptown for yourself and draw your own conclusions.
Uptown has a very low self image. He resents his blackness and lashes out to compensate for this sad insecurity.
I am proud to be a black man. However, being black does not require me to hate all those who are not black.

uptownsteve said...


I'm from the inner city unlike you.

Unlike you I refuse to label human beings as "toxic or turbo breeders".

I refuse to accept any responsibility for criminals who happen to be black.

My responsibility to my nation and community is to obey the law, pay my taxes and exert responsibility over the children whom I brought in this world.

I'd like to see evidence of
"giving back" from the same negroes who are always yapping about what black "don't do" or what "we" have to "take control of".

If not, you're just blowing smoke.

'nuff said.

uptownsteve said...


You're not only a Tom but a liar.

I have white people in my family.

You just hate being black and want to be white.

Did you or did you not suggest that blacks should be thankful their ancestors were captured and enslaved?

Since I've been exposed to you I have never read one postive remark about black folks from you.

Not one.

You can prove me wrong at anytime but you won't.

The self-hatred is too intense.

alicia banks said...



us sits in here all day bragging about his income and home and calling peoople names

and he thinks that qualifies him to bash rebels?

even as he feigns caring about how i bash turbo breeders?

what an arrogant race traitor he is!



my entire academic career and my resumes as a rebel social activist and educator can be found at any local library and online...

where is your resume?

what have you done in any career for anyone other than your own family as you brag about incessantly?

how dare an elitist snob like you who never even drives through the ghetto question me?

alicia banks said...


i also get why us is such an obama nazi

obama is a clone of him:

a rabid elitist
clinging to his glossy trophies
as he ignores all those dead black babies at war in our streets...

Xi said...

Uptownsteve is living proof that you just can't fix stupid.

alicia banks said...


when u someday visit the ghetto, you will find it is filled with persons who are not "criminals"

what is truly criminal is yor evasive denial and blanketing slurs on an entire class of people you deem too poor to matter..

uptownsteve said...


when did I suggest that the ghetto was exclusively occupied with criminals?



If you're not kissing white ass you're hiding behind a woman!

alicia banks said...


do you read your own posts?

got glasses?

got scrolling?

uptownsteve said...

Maria is right.

You're absolutely nuts.

I'm out for the weekend.

Stay away from sharp objects AB.

Xi said...

Upsidedowner's elevator doesn't go to the top floor so don't sweat the fool's game...he probably has a white boss that rides him for being a dumb azz and he pretends he's a bad azz on blogs when in reality he's nothing but a wanna be homey that ain't all that.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]BTW, I am pretty sure that normal folks on the left do not get their politics from the likes of Lil Wayne or Jay Z. You people on the right on the other hand....well.[/quote]

Filled Negro:

With the Federal Attorney General going to Chicago with the former Chicago Public Schools chief GOT TO CHICAGO TO ADDRESS THE PROBLEM WITH BLACK PEOPLE BEING MURDERED - do YOU see a problem with who BLACK LEFTISTS VOTE FOR?

The former CPS head who, despite graduating only 55.1% of all Black and Hispanic Student HE GOT A PROMOTION to become Federal Education Secretary.

Think back for a minute Filled Negro. Back when Eisenhower called in the feds to protect Black people it was the RACIST KLAN ELEMENTS that were a physical threat to Black people.

Sadly today - those who kill our people are often found with a CD COLLECTION full of Jay-Z, Nelly, Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy recordings.

JUST THINK Filled Negro - when the Abortion doctor was killed - you and other Leftist bigots salivated that he had a Sean Hanity or Bill O'Reilly book in his house.

YET for some reason the fact that so many of the KILLERS OF BLACK PEOPLE are influenced by Hip Hop artists - means noting to you.

With the city of Chicago having 49 out of 50 alderman being DEMOCRATS and then the Dems controlling all the institutions locally, state and federal - yet BLACK PEOPLE ARE BEING MURDERED IN GREAT ABUNDANCE - why is it that you focus upon RUSH LIMBAUGH as a threat?

How many dead bodies is Rush Limbaugh responsible for in your Philly Murder count?

Constructive Feedback said...

I thought that the BIBLE said "Don't bear false witness"? Yet some people put a LABEL in their name yet have no clue how to live up to it.

[quote] The Christian Progressive Liberal said...


I honestly think Rush Limbaugh hates Black People because he wants to be like BLACK PEOPLE. He wants to be "hung" like he thinks most brothas are "hung", and face it, he's so big, he hasn't seen his "tool" in years.[/quote]

Where do I start?
How this rises above anything more than 8th grade slander is beyond me.

Get the IRONY. This same person is likely a FEMINIST voice protesting against TEAM OWNER NELLY seeking to OBJECTIFY BLACK WOMEN with his "Drill Tip" song. YET she does one hell of a job (in Jesus' name) to OBJECTIFY the BLACK MALE PENIS using a stereotype.

"HOW DOES SHE KNOW" should be the question. What would JESUS DO when it comes to talking about a mans dick that she is not married to?

[quote]He wants to screw sistas, but knows he'd HAVE TO PAY FOR IT for a sista to even CONSIDER screwing his ass. He wants to be a Black Man, cause the way he currently is, he sucks as a white man.[/quote]

WOW. No need to even comment.

[quote]That's why he's attacking Black People. He can't be like US.[/quote]


Wait a minute. Let me go fishing for a TEAM OWNER'S "Attack on Black people".

Be right back: 7:44pm

7:46 - two minutes and look what I found from the OWNER OF THE NEW JERSEY NETS:

[quote]First of all wanna thank my connect
The most important person with all due respect
Thanks to the duffle bag, the brown paper bag

The NIKE shoe box for holding all this cash (ok)
Boys in blue who put greed before the badge (ok)
The first pusher who ever made the stash (ok)

The Roc Boys in the building tonight (hey)
Oh what a feeling, I'm feeling life (hey)

Thanks to the lames, niggaz with bad aim
Thanks to a little change, I tore you out the game
Bullet wounds'll stop your buffoonery
Thanks to the pastor rapping at your eulogy

To Lil Kim and em, you know the women friend, WHO
Carry the work cross state for a gentleman
Yeah, thanks to all the hustlers
And most importantly, YOU the customer

The Roc Boys in the building tonight (hey)
Oh what a feeling I'm feeling life (hey)
You don't even got to bring your paper out
We the dope boys of the year, drinks is on the house (we in the house)
The Roc Boys in the building tonight (hey)
Looking at how I'm chilling I'm killing this ice
You don't even got to bring your purses out
We the dope boys of the year, drinks is on the house (we in the house [x2]) HEY

OH YEAH - I forgot - BACK IN THE 1970'S RUSH LIMBAUGH told a Black caller "Take the bone out of your nose".

THIS "OFFENSE" is SUPERIOR to anything that Jay Z could ever say about murdering black people.

Constructive Feedback said...

OK - Speaking of Rush Limbaugh's DICK: Here are the words from the OWNER of the Charlotte Bobcats.

[quote]I like to see ya independent wit ya job
I like ya got ya own house and ya own car
But ya say you gotta lame ass nigga in your life
And he cant get the mental and physical part right

You playin wit ya toys but ya toys dont bite
See they dont talk shit and they dont hit it how you like
See I just want the first right of refusal, when you catch mood
Just call and I come through and sock it to you, promise you booboo
He said he got the magic stick, well ma my shit is like voodoo
That there stay harder than a rodeo you can ride like Isuzu

But all you need is your leather boots, we riding in birthday suits
My time is movin fast, so thats why I ask ya

Hey Shawty, Shawty, Shawty
Whats ya name is (whats ya name)
Whats ya name is (whats ya name)
Whats ya name is (whats ya name)
I Said now, shawty, shawty, shawty
Whats ya sign (Hey)
Hey Whats ya sign (Hey)
Hey Whats ya sign (Hey)
I Said now, shawty, shawty, shawty
Where ya man (man)
Hey where ya man (man)
Hey where ya man (man)
I said now shawty shawty
Gone n do ya dance (do ya dance)
Go do your dance (do that dance)
Go do your dance (do that dance)
Shawty [/quote]

I ASSURE YOU that when Nelly went to the NBA to seek partial ownership of the Charlotte Bobcats - our friend Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist never talked about his PENIS!!!!

She prayed to JESUS that a BLACK MAN would be made owner of a professional sports team - REGARDLESS of the WORDS HE SPOKE to earn his money.


Anonymous said...

@Field -- Missed your comment til now. Did the Wire do an episode on containment? If so, good for them. It needs to be brought to light. They put Appalachians on reservations and sealed them off. They put Indians on reservations and sealed them off. Now, they're sealing off and containing the "bad" parts of the cities. It won't work forever or as well though. The Indian Reservations and Appalachia are geographically isolated and the people too poor to get out because of various issues but pretty big among them are transportation and distance. With the inner cities, folks can get on the subway or bus to head downtown a whole lot easier. They'll contain much of the problems and keep people from seeing the true human wreckage that poverty, broken families, substance abuse, crime and so on wreaks but they won't be able to keep the criminals inside the ghetto zones forever.

That said, I think the biggest thing that keeps Americans from giving a damn is that they don't get to SEE the human wreckage. They don't know how bad it is. If we want people to commit to taking back our cities, to improving life on Reservations and in Appalachia they've got to SEE THE DAMAGE and residents must be shown in SYMPATHETIC rather than exploitative way. I still remember Bill O's reaction to Diane Sawyer regarding poverty in Appalachia where he pretty much said it was hopeless and we shouldn't waste our time and resources. People feel the same way about the inner cities and ghettos. I long for the day when a Michael Moore-type comes along to tell the story of poverty in America in a sympathetic way for all to see and understand (I say that b/c I think mass media films/docs/tv series is about the only way to reach the general public) -- when someone picks up the torch that MLK dropped when he was killed before his time.

The only way to get the resources we need to these areas is to focus the attention of either a President or the general public on the plight in a sympathetic way and we need a real Civil Right leader and social movement to do just that. The cause is righteous and it's past time to fight for it.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign anon 8.15 pm was me.

And another thing -- Don't forget about the Delta. That's another area of poverty sealed off and unseen. It's a national disgrace that we've abandoned so many Americans.


cinco said...

Rush Limpdog is a low life coward. May he rot in his own shit, vomit and urine, burning from the depths of his bowels of unrelenting cancerous tumors. May he find himself broke, alone, unable to speak and unaware of his environment . May his Angel of Mercy be otherwise occupied when his tears of fear and death form icicles on his cold, cruel heartless body. And may the only person to relieve his suffering appear as a minority, and may he reap hundred fold the horible seeds of evil that he has sown...

He is the 'Poster Child' a worthless pile of dung!

alicia banks said...


i see the delta often
i mentor adults and children there
and it is like a lost land in africa

Anonymous said...

"New"? Nothing Rush says is new. I've got notes from 1989.

But that's not the reason I'm finally joining this fine conversation.

Here in Atlanta there are two top-rated AM stations. They broadcast all the major sporting events. They also broadcast hour after hour of rightist talking points. I remember how bad it felt right after Katrina, knowing the the people who came here for shelter, listening to a Braves game, would also be on the same station where Limbo was making fun of them. I wish these Braves, Falcons, Hawks guys would grow a pair and at least MENTION their disapproval.

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