Thursday, April 22, 2010

Progress? Maybe not.

I have to post early tonight because I want to see who my birds pick up in this year's NFL draft.
Tonight I have two stories that have me scratching my head. One is a sign that we are still not achieving progess in A-merry-ca when it comes to social issues, and the other, in my humble opinion, says that we are.

I will start with my man Conrad Zdzierak, who took this "Soul Man" thing to a whole other level. Seems old Conrad is smart enough to realize that if you are going to do wrong in A-merry-ca, there is no better way to do it than disguised as a black man.

"A white guy, disguised as a a black guy, managed to rip off four banks and a CVS in Ohio before he was caught. No, we're not kidding.Maybe Conrad Zdzierak was inspired by "Soul Man (1986)," or even Robert Downey Jr.'s performance in "Tropic Thunder" (2008), but the 30-year-old, former Florida resident didn't rely on tanning pills or surgical procedures, respectively, to darken his skin. Instead he played out his John Dillinger Chaz Williams dreams while wearing a Hollywood style mask (called The Player) that was good enough to fool bank tellers and police into thinking their suspect was an African-American. You don't get the feeling anyone bothered to ask, "Are you sure the culprit was black?," though. It wasn't meddling kids that foiled Zdzierak's plans, but the fact that he never bothered ditching his getaway car. While charged with six counts of aggravated robbery, bail set at $3 million, there is no word on whether or not Zdzeriak, who was born in Poland, will be craving black and white cookies while in jail."

Three Million? Damn that bail is kind of high. I guess old Conrad pissed off some white folks as well. [Story]

Now the next story has me hopeful. Here in Philly there is a race for the 182nd House District. And one of the candidates, the incumbent, Babette Josephs, has accused her opponent of pretending to be Gay in order to get votes. Yep, you heard right; pretending to be Gay. Seems her opponent has hinted to the powerful Gay constituents in that district that he is bi-sexual, but Josephs says that it's a scam. There is nothing Gay about her opponent.

"I outed him as a straight person," Josephs said during a fund-raiser at the Black Sheep Pub & Restaurant, as some in the audience gasped or laughed, "and now he goes around telling people, quote, 'I swing both ways.' That's quite a respectful way to talk about sexuality. This guy's a gem."...Kravitz, 29, said that he is sexually attracted to both men and women and called Josephs' comments offensive."

Don't you just love progress?

BTW, speaking of outing people. I see where Lindsey Graham (who supported a constitutional ban on Gay marriages) has been outed by his own teabaggers. That ain't right. Politics is really getting down and dirty these days. Oh well, here is hoping that if it's true old Lindsey will come clean. He will never get elected to a statewide office in South Carolina again, but he could always move to Philly.


Lady-Cracker said...

This country is really well stocked with people pretending to be other than they really are. The ones that annoy me the most are the pseudo Christians.

Me, I am trying to just fake being a real human being.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"Me, I am trying to just fake being a real human being."

LOL! That was funny.

Gregory said...

I wonder how many "real" black men got roughed up or hassled before Conrad was apprehended? Something tells me that this story isn't going win him many friends in the lockup.

As for Kravitz, I thought the old rule was that if you sucked just *one* penis then you were gay. Full stop. Kind of like the old One Drop Rule, this has been the basis for many jokes over the decades.

M. Rigmaiden said...


field negro said...

"As for Kravitz, I thought the old rule was that if you sucked just *one* penis then you were gay. Full stop. Kind of like the old One Drop Rule, this has been the basis for many jokes over the decades."

Now see..


Can someone tell me why the Iggles did not select the kid from Georgia Tech? Oh Lawd! And I have a feeling Dez Bryant is going to be a pain in our behinds on many a Sunday.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

You know, on the other side view, he does look like a black man on that other picture. Reminds me of those white women who claimed that a black man did it, and then come to find out there was no black man involved. It was them. Smh!


"I wonder how many "real" black men got roughed up or hassled before Conrad was apprehended?"

I was thinking the same thing when I first looked at that picture and read the story.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Oh yeah...I forgot. Now y'all know that in the future we'll be hearing about some other white man mimicking Conrad.

Lord watch over all our black men and keep them safe from the Conrads of the world.

field negro said...

Oh yeah...I forgot. Now y'all know that in the future we'll be hearing about some other white man mimicking Conrad."

Nah Granny, there are not that many black men masks to go around. :)

Val said...

Why am I not surprised to hear this about Lindsey. Did he an Ralph Reed have a thing? Lol

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I pray that they don't have that many black men masks to go around. Lord knows I do, because I do not want to see any black men become a innocent victim behind some mess like that. I'm shocked! Black men have enough on their plate to deal with just living in America.

Val, I like your icon.

Anonymous said...

Granny pulease. Worry about yourself woman. That's why black men like the Thrasher will continue to disrespect black women like you as an excuse.

agape2010 said...

@ FN:

I see no humorin this white boy from POLAND...if all places...coming to this country and getting away with robbing banks while wearing the mask of a black face pretending to be a black man...nothing funny about it at all.

I have said this to many white immigrants that come to this country and I will say it again on your blog...


(Sorry field...I'm just sick of it!)


I hope "they" do have something on Lindsay...oops I meant Lindsey...I hope they have pictures and testimony from the ones that sucked or got sucked...oops again...that would be all his constituents in South KaKKKalacky.


agape2010 said...

typos...apologies...agape is upset...


GrannyStandingforTruth said...



LOL! You told the truth there.

Val said...


agape2010 said...

Thanks Granny...

And let me just add this:

I remember a time in this country when only whites robbed used to never hear about a black man robbing a it's so twited that the only way a white boy can rob a bank if he dresses up like a black man...this is a sick country we live in...

And I want to add one more thing...

Why is it that blacks take the worst part of white culture to idolize and be like...?... and whites take the worst part of black culture to idolize and be like...?...(this excludes the tanning, the big butts and full lips, dreadlocks etc...all that is good ;p


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


LOL! You have a way of expressing things and sprinkling a little sweet innocence on it that have granny ROFL! Did that make sense to you? LOL! Anyway, you tickle granny at times.

agape2010 said...


To off my dearest friends say that to me all the time!

One is in her 70's and she is the one that told me I should go to this site. For the longest time I thought you were her...:)


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hmmm...I did tell a few young women and men to come and visit this site. A few of did. Now, you got me wondering. LOL!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

*a few of them did*

agape2010 said...

Honestly I thought you were my frined flying under the radad as she loves to do on the www...but you would recognize me by my screen name...:)

You remind me of her so much. You're both no holds barred, with so much knowledge and wisdom, mixed in with a youthful flavor...

YOu both have so much knowledge on what it really means to be black in America and what it MEANT to be black in America....:)

Right now she's travelling and having the time of her life.


agape2010 said...

Okay - I do not make that many typos...I know I had a full day and evening...but I think you're blog has some stuff going on FN.

Nite Granny...early day for me tomorrow...what happened to Mell? I thought for sure he ould weigh in and tell us about the irony of this Polish boy passing himself off as rob banks!

Or CF...maybe the stret pirates are actually white and they have infiltrated our black neighborhoods killing us while passing themselves off as black...

(that one made me smile)


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I used to love to travel too, but I don't get to do that too much anymore, just every once in a while. She must have a lot of grandkids. Mine keep me young. The most joy in life is being a grandmother. I tell my friends all the time that when you are a parent you at the apprenticeship level, but when you become a grandparent you at the journeyship level.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Night Agape!

agape2010 said...

@ Granny:

"when you are a parent you at the apprenticeship level, but when you become a grandparent you at the journeyship level."

I'm still an apprentice...:)

I'm going to put this quote on my FB...thanks.

Peace and out.

Gregory said...

Do you remember when Saturday Night Live was funny? Here's an Eddie Murhy classic:

White Like Me

field negro said...

Agape, we don't care about typos on this site. :) I hope you have calmed down a little this morning. You were en fuego last night. :)

Gregory, thanks for that link.

Constructive Feedback said...

Filled Negro:

You warm my heart as I take a quick peek at night in order to see what your next "racism chasing" chum-fest will be.

UNFORTUNATELY this time your analysis is wrong.

This White boy did not dress as a Black man with the goal of having the Police to apply their bias against Blacks as a means of advancing his WHITE ADVANTAGE. You act as if a White cop saw this White boy with a red stained $100 bill drop out of his pocket as he walked by the bank and then the cop picked it up and handed it to him without question.

Instead this White Street Pirate used the Black face as a DISGUISE. A DECOY to fool those people who are trailing him.

Please detail what societal stereotypes he exploited? It was his GUN not his MASK that scared the White women at the bank prompting them to hand over the money.

Filled Negro I have news footage from a local Black high school. They did an anti-drunk driving skit. They had several Black kids painted in WHITE FACE to represent the youth that had been killed in drunk driving accidents, having failed to refuse to get into the car with their friends.

FILLED NEGRO - in seeing these Black folks in WHITE FACE can you tell us the societal messages are being exploited? I will give you the address of the school for you and other Racism Chasers to conduct a protest.

How does it feel to know that any FACELESS WHITE PERSON has the POWER as derived from their SKIN to get a featured article on the FILLED NEGRO BLOG?

That is POWER!!!!!

Farman said...

I really find that southern drawl to be a bit...uhm....sissyfied, if you ask me. God, I grew up in Mobile, I heard it all my life and after moving to San Antonio and not hearing it for a while, then going back, it just makes me want to puke!

Jeff Sessions.

Farman said...

To clarify... I was born in Idaho. Out west no one has an accent. We moved to Mobile when I was 9...I did not pick up that southern drawl, just for the record.

Stacks said...

When I first saw the picture before I read the article, I thought it was the guy posing as a pimp outside acorn office.

Right now I have two goals in life.
To be able to afford legal representation and a gun.

uptownsteve said...

"Filled Negro I have news footage from a local Black high school. They did an anti-drunk driving skit. They had several Black kids painted in WHITE FACE to represent the youth that had been killed in drunk driving accidents, having failed to refuse to get into the car with their friends"

CF as God is my witness, you are the most relentless, determined Tom I have ever witnessed.

Do you ever visit any white blogs?

It seems to me that white folks should know that they have such a devoted servant such as you.

Anonymous said...

Granny is the new AB. Look at all those posts. Still playing the mammy bit too.

Thrasher said...


I hate doing this cause I have major hate for cowards posting under anonymous..

But your post about grannie was GREAT!!!!

I love the mammy,lol,lol

Thrasher said...


Need any help inflating that doll?? lol,lol,lol

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]CF as God is my witness, you are the most relentless, determined Tom I have ever witnessed.
Do you ever visit any white blogs?

Let me TRANSLATE that for you because I understand what your perverted view of "White" is.

I go to:
* Economic Policy Institute (left)
* Fox Business
* Bloomberg
* Concord Coalition
* American Enterprise Institute

To you many of them are "the Klan"
because they are warning of the disaster of centralized dependency upon the federal government.

If you were a serious man you'd go to and realize the gross flaws that you strategy will inflict in due time.

It seems to me that white folks should know that they have such a devoted servant such as you.


I opened up a shoe shine store and put a "Whites Only" sign on the front. As "The White man" walks in the front door my mouth opens and all of my teeth are showing. I give him a warm greeting letting him know how much I appreciate his business.

All the while I am watching him.

What started out as a $8 shoe shine as I listen to him run down Black Street Pirates turns into a very profitable affair.

* I note that his heels are run down uneven and I send him to the Black chiropractor in Suite 101.

* I note that his pants have a tear in it and I send him to the Hispanic tailor in Suite 102.

* I see that he could use a hair cut and I send him to Suite 103 for the White lady to give him a cut and a shave

* I note that his car was sounding loud and in need of a tune up so as he is doing all of his other personal care a brother with a garage around the corner picks up his car and does the tune up, car wash and detailing

You see WhiteBowieSteve I SERVICE THE WHITE MAN indeed. It is very profitable for me and for OTHERS in the office park that I own.

YOU and that White man saw a "Shoe Shine Boy" when you both walked in. YOU spat on me and called me a "Tom" as you thought about throwing a brick through my window and form a protest that I was a RACIST, not letting you in.

That WHITE MAN who originally saw a shoe shine boy left seeing TWO THINGS

1) That tall Black man who he came to for ONE point of service is actually a pretty shrewed business man. He ADDED VALUE in one convenient space.

2) He saw his BANK STATEMENT at the end of the month and noted that the eco-system of services that I offered to him INDEED COSTS MONEY but I gave him a fair price.

HE THEN CALLED a bunch of his WHITE FRIENDS and told him about the Black Man in the office suite right up the street.

He said of me to his friends "That Nigger is pretty sharp and I am pleased with his work".

You know what Steve - Since I learned that I CAN'T CONTROL what a person might SAY of me in a private conversation I instead choose to focus on CONTROLLING WHAT I CAN CONTROL. With this disposition others around me profit greatly because I didn't MISLEAD them down the RACISM CHASING path - where what this WHITE MAN SAID triggers my focus and consumes my time.

(That how you counter punch Thrasher)

Don said...

Conrad, Conrad, Conrad.....I can only imagine how many black residents managed to get pulled over and possibly harassed while in search of good ol' Conrad. While his disguise was somewhat clever it probably would have helped if he had ditched the getaway car. Yep. That is a pretty high bail. I wonder what the punishment will be.

Politics is really getting down and dirty these days

Indeed. Almost as if there really is no honor amongst thieves.

NFL Draft: Can you believe the Saints did not draft Taylor Mays! He was right there for the taking. Instead, they drafted another CB Patrick Robinson. I guess they still can use some coverage guys though.

I actually like the Tebow pick. Maybe I am one in a million though.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GrannyStandingforTruth said...

CF as God is my witness, you are the most relentless, determined Tom I have ever witnessed."

I swear, CF must be trying out for RNC Chairman.


CF, is this a confession?

"You see WhiteBowieSteve I SERVICE THE WHITE MAN indeed. It is very profitable for me and for OTHERS in the office park that I own."

CF, I always knew it was about the money with you.


I told you yesterday that if you think by switching to anonymous that you are fooling someone, you fooling you!


I think we've got a real, you know, sick person on our hands. Why don't you have someone standing by just in case. You never can tell about these people who are mentally unbalanced.

I'm signing offline got a lot of things to do today. Have a blessed and victorious day!

Black People Suffer From PTSD said...

Doesn't surprise me. They used to dress up as Native Americans and attack rural homes as an excuse to commit genocide.

RiPPa said...


I'm gonna figure out a way to disguise myself as a white guy, so I can walk into a bank and get a loan. Or maybe even get them to fix my credit (which is good btw) so that I don't have to succumb to higher mortgage rates than white folks who share similar credit scores as mine.

As for the assumed racism by what this white cat in Ohio did? I'll just say that it wasn't racist. The real racists are those police sketch artists. You ever notice how they put together composite sketches of suspects with wide noses (sorta like yours and mine field), but they're almost always not smiling?

Well, I'm not gonna believe that "criminals" are never happy; and therein lies the prejudice of police sketch artists. Yep, it's because of them that cops are always on the look out for angry looking brothers on the streets and not the happy ones.

Oh, BTW, don't move to Arizona. I heard that they passed a bill that grants police the ability to stop any black person with a doo-rag because it qualifies them as people with the probability of "suspicious and criminal behavior".

RiPPa said...

Oh yeah, Field...

House Negro oif the day nominee:

Henry Louis Gates Jr for - Ending the Slavery Blame-Game

d love to hear your thoughts on that one.

Roderick said...

My bud always said that Lindsey Graham looks like a butch lesbian.

Maybe he's intrasex.

BTW don't he and John McCain hang out together a lot.

As the old saying goes: birds of a feather.......

sickandfuckingtiredoftrolls said...

dont feed that nasty fuckin troll if it aint ab it is one of her types

u keep paying attention to it and it will cum back phuuuuckem

M. Rigmaiden said...

Rippa, I just read the article by Gates. What about it would make him a House Negro? Looks like he did research and told the truth, as uncomfortable as it sounds. Why the ire?

RiPPa said...

"Rippa, I just read the article by Gates. What about it would make him a House Negro? Looks like he did research and told the truth, as uncomfortable as it sounds. Why the ire?" - M. Rigmaiden

What Gates has done with that one piece, is to sell the idea that Africans are just as culpable for slavery when it comes to the discussion of slavery.

Now, make no mistake, slavery was a longtime economic institution well before the Atlantic Slave Trade. However, to suggest that the culpability "for the treatment of slaves in the new world," as he says, should lay at the feet of Africans who sold them into slavery is absurd.

If your child was hit and killed crossing the street by a drunk driver. Do you sue the makers of the alcohol the driver consumed? Further, do you sue the guy who worked in the rum distillery for your loss?

Think on that for a second...

Lastly, what Gates is selling has long been the rebuttal of non-whites so as to shed any assumed responsibility for slavery and the subsequent inhumane treatment of a race of people.

Maybe I was wrong to suggest him being a House Negro. Maybe instead he is seen as a Slave Catcher for suggesting a shift in the slavery blame-game when discussing the subject which was reparations.

Gregory said...


I am also a bit puzzled about the point Gates is making. If reparations are essentially back wages from the slave owners for stolen labour, then what did these African slave merchants steal?

From my point of view, Africans who sold slaves stole the slave's homeland and heritage when he put them on the slaveships bound for the New World. How then is that to be repaid? I'm sure that some of our more conservative "friends" would be happy to suggest repatriation to Mama Africa.

I think Gates may be engaged in a bit of pearl clutching melodrama when he suggests that African involvement in the trade is a forbidden topic or that it is unknown.

Hathor said...

I believe Walter E. Williams beat Gates in that blame game.

Just two days ago I read a comment which suggested that the African, specifically the sub -Saharan African, as the architect of slavery.

I must say that the same reason that the
Dutch and the Portuguese were able to conquer, is the same reason they were able to mechanize slavery like the Nazi's genocide.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

off topic

Listen, I just got back and dropped by for a hot second to tell y'all that they signed and passed that immigration bill in Arizona. Maybe, going into a white mask or bleaching cream production business might not be a bad idea. Racial profiling is back in Arizona, I bet Texas is next.

I'll try to come back on later on, but that depends on how things go today. Have a blessed and victorious day!

Gregory said...

I should have finished my previous comment but interruptions abound.

Just because, in the opinion of some, the topic of African involvement seems to introduce "complexity" shouldn't prevent the discussion of reparations as being too complex.

Furthermore, whether the slave exporters knew or didn't know of the circumstances that their merchandise would ultimately have to endure is entirely beside the point. Since they watched the human cargo being packed on the slaveships, they could hardly assume that the treatment would become more humane when the slaves reached their port of disembarkation.

An African slave merchant's knowledge, or lack thereof, of the life of a slave in America in no way absolves the slave owners in America of their crimes. Nor would it diminish their own cruelty by asserting that the slave merchants were cruel first.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]I swear, CF must be trying out for RNC Chairman.[/quote]

My dear Granny:

Why would I want to run for the RNC Chairman when I am not a Republican?

I have no interest in advancing the agenda of the Republican or Democratic Party and thus THEY WOULD INDEED FIRE ME if I was the "HNIC" over there. (Hell - they might catch me in an actual Strip Joint. Gotta go there from time to time to insure that they are enforcing minimum wage laws for the workers you know.)

Granny why do you claim that I am "in it for the MONEY"?

Did you see me DEGRADING MYSELF in the scenario that I posted? Instead I ENABLED OTHERS to receive revenue from the relationship that I built, becoming a trusted consultant to "Da Man".

I got it Granny.
YOU were disturbed because I agreed to call that White man who came into my shop "Mr Charlie".

I have an answer for that Granny. You see when I called him that I had read his name off of the CREDIT CARD that he gave to me for payment for services rendered: "James H. Charlie".

I called him "Mr Charlie" out of respect for my customer. He later told me to call him Jim.

Why do you have a problem with me allowing other business owners to prosper?

Constructive Feedback said...

Black People Suffer From PTSD said...


Can you tell me how Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder is TRANSFERABLE to people who WERE NEVER ENSLAVED?

Anonymous said...

Constructive Feedback,

Can you please tell me why you think it means "slavery"? In case you didn't know, it is a shortened form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but why let facts and assumptions stand in the way making a statement?

Anonymous said...

And before you make another asinine comment based on erroneous assumption, this is BPSFPTSD.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Post Traumatic Stress Disorder[/quote]

Anon #25:


Despite the fact that certain "boutique Black psychologists" have coined the term "Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome" the claim that BLACK PEOPLE universally suffer from "Post Traumatic STRESS Syndrome" is equally prejudiced and generalized.

This label does not:

1) Indicate WHO administered the stress. Now of course - if you read the writings of our Yoda-like character on the blog - Mellaneous - you will see that the STRESS administered by a fellow VICTIMIZED BTSD racial partner is NOT equal to the stress enacted by WHITE FOLKS or CAPITALISM.

2) Describe a FIX for this stress. For example when it comes to war - one way to not get PTSD is to make sure that the soldier distances himself from any BATTLE FIELD. Now you would be hard pressed to show that the Black Establishment has us on the course of ORGANIC INDEPENDENCE from the BEAST who's STOMACH ACIDS burn the skin off of our hide due to our PROXIMITY.

I think that we need to explore the question of if this STRESS that you speak of, though harmful is not as PAINFUL as the bigger THREAT to some people who have the indoctrinated psyche - that of being ALL ALONE, their umbilical chord disconnected from the stomach lining of the BEAST within which they reside.

Though the BEAST unwittingly sleeps with its mouth wide open and the path through the esophagus is illuminated by the MOON LIGHT of the night - FEW are willing to take that pathway OUT OF this den which apparently causes them so much stress.

Anon #25 - in their consciousness the far greater STRESS would come from them collapsing their stomach in an attempt to trigger the flow of nutrients through the umbilical chord only to find out that it is NO LONGER CONNECTED to the American Hegemonic MACHINE which they skewer so much in their rebellious banter.

Why else would someone hold their hand over the stove, producing stress Anon #25?

My challenge to you is to ask: HAS THE LEADERSHIP THAT YOU HAVE ACCEPTED AS YOUR OWN BEEN BUILDING UP THE COMPETENCIES OF THE MASSES THAT THEY INFLUENCE or.....have they merely laid out the RIGHT to have a certain flow of resources through said umbilical chord, thus assuring that the masses live for another day- STRESSED OUT knowing that if their tether is decoupled they might DIE from exposure? A DEATH that no Tea Party killer could ever render- the death of one's DIGNITY AND FREE WILL to PROJECT his EQUAL HUMANITY upon the rest of the world.

field negro said...

"My dear Granny:

Why would I want to run for the RNC Chairman when I am not a Republican?"

Destructive Wingnut, how do you type when your nose gets in the way? I know it just keeps growing with all those fibs.

Anonymous said...

The only questions that begs to be answered is why does my name elicit such a response from you and not the comment. Your rant/diatribe amounts to the price of tea in China in relation to this story.

I also feel no need to go into an in depth conversation pertaining as to why I think my screen name is aporpos for my experience as a human being, with someone who obviously holds a very distinct view on the matter of said matter. I am not in the habit of casting pearls to swine, so to speak.
I am also not in the habit of feeding trolls, so if you don't have anything conducive to add to the conversation at hand, then please feel free not to grace me with any more of your dubious attentions. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I wonder just how many genetic recessives have used this ploy. Very crafty, cunning and devious in just their way.

Race Traitoress said...

Conrad's disguise cost him $700 for the mask and twice that if he bought the matching "sleeves" to cover his hands and upper arms.

So he drops maybe $1400 on a disguise and gets caught because his Volvo is spotted. I wonder how long he's been robbing banks?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hey, Race Traitoress, I haven't seen you since Moby Dick was a minnow, but I'm glad to see your fonts again. :)


Oh so am I to believe that you've suddenly changed the error of your ways? And that capitalism is no longer one of your vices.

field negro said...

RT, you are right. My man Conrad isn't too bright.

Thrasher said...

Gates propaganda will only serve to enbolden white folks who seek to deflect and avoid the accountibility of white supremacy and related derivatives (white privledge, exclusionary practices)..

My focus is on reparation here in America..My focus is on the holocausts here in Amercia in particular slavery and the residuals of slavery( jim crow, segregation, disparate treatment, profiling etc)..

Gates timing in this propaganda release also revals to me the nature of Obama's inner circle..It is full of voices like Gates and white folks like Rahm, Axelrod et al

As such we can expect more of this happy negro excuse making themes from the white house on Black issues..

Obama's dna has never included the likes of a field negro mindset..

Race Traitoress said...

Thanks, Granny!

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]And that capitalism is no longer one of your vices.[/quote]


Your thoughts are published on a blog that is PAID FOR BY CAPITALISM.

With the Google Stock above $300 per share they have the MONEY to not send you an invoice for the storage that your words cost them.

Constructive Feedback said...


Did you see these WHITE FACE/BLACK FACE videos?

Despite all of this - I love you man. You are one of my best buds. Just as long as you are never allowed to have political power over ME - we are cool.

NOLOVE said...

He will have a lot of black in him in federal ass pounding prison!
they hate us becuase they aint us
NOLOVE Research
"duty now for a crakkker free future''