Friday, January 13, 2017

An icon takes a stance.

Image result for john lewis images    John Lewis, the civil rights icon who literally bled so that America could  become a more perfect union, is coming under fire from people in the majority population for daring to speak his mind when it comes to Мистер trump.

Mr Lewis, when pressed by Chuck Todd of NBC, declared that he believed that Donald trump was an illegitimate president, and, as a result, he would not be attending his inauguration.

Oh the outrage!

Anderson Cooper spoke for most white Americans when he said the following:

 "I get he doesn’t like Donald Trump,” Coopersaid, “I get he doesn’t accept the results of the election, but is this helpful in any way?… If a Republican had said this about President-elect Hillary Clinton, Democrats would be up in arms.” [Source]

The president-elect has been saying for years that the president is an illegitimate president by questioning where he was born, but there was no outrage from the right, and no real outrage from the left. In fact, Мистер trump built his political career on that lie.

So now John Lewis is some kind of radical whose hatred for whitey is such that it is causing him to disrespect the presidency and the  traditions in our country.

This, of course, is the same John Lewis who forgave the racist klansman who beat his brains in and tried to kill him in South Carolina back in 1961. There is not a racist bone in the man's body, and I am sure that it has never occurred to America that his position about trump is coming from a place of principle.

So it has come to this. Democratic and republican leaders are trying to encourage Lewis to change his mind.

"Republican Senator Ben Sasse, who took a principled anti-Trump stance during the election last year, publicly reached out to Lewis on Twitter tonight encouraging him to attend the inauguration a week from today:

 To John Lewis, one of my heroes:

Please come to the Inauguration. It isn't about a man. It is a celebration of peaceful transfer of power.
With all due respect to the senator, it is about "a man",  a very bad one. 

And thank you John Lewis for having the courage to speak up for what you believe in; just like you did back in the fifties and sixties. 

You know, like I do, that history has a way of repeating itself.    

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Lilacpr said...

Ay Dios mio!

Lilacpr said...

Just because they did it to President Obama, doesn't mean we have to do same ya know!

There is such a thing as 'taking the high road'...???

dinthebeast said...

The transfer of power ceased being peaceful when they started trying to kill me. If I were trying to kill them, you can bet your ass there wouldn't be anything peaceful about their reaction.
My congresswoman won't be attending either, and I remain very proud of her.

-Doug in Oakland

Lance Cockstrong said...

I would like to believe that in articulating this misguided viewpoint, Anderson is trying to provide a provocative prelude to a discussion, or trying to preeempt the right wing response, echoed in said discussion by Trumpette Kayleigh. Paul Begala was correct when he responded that it is on Trump to bring John Lewis on board. I don't know of any Democrat that is trying to convince him to reconsider.

Rattler3X said...

Perhaps Lewis is still far more gracious than the P.E. in that he did openly respond and acknowledge his displeasure as any invitee should rsvp. Far better than P.E. did when announced he won't be living at the White House but visit part time; he never publicly acknowledged his displeasure at having to reside there after Pres. Obama , because he is African American. Who can blame John Lewis with his beautiful black self!!! Why waste your time?!!?

dinthebeast said...

"There is such a thing as 'taking the high road'...??? "

-Doug in Oakland

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

Bravo for John Lewis!!!

dinthebeast said...


-Doug in Oakland

Josh said...

"Oh the outrage!"

Well, it certainly was for y'all when people dared say it--usually even less than that--about your Lord and Savior Obama. The term "racist" was used more against white people in the past 8 years than in the past 800. Y'all couldn't control yourselves that someone, especially a white someone, may think of Obama as illegitimate.

And now you're skeet, skeet, skeetin' all over the drapes and walls every time someone proclaims the same about Trump.

It's really just confusing.

StillaPanther2 said...

Let the majority race bash in the glory retaining their image of power. I question where is the spine of the numerical majority
Here is a chump that said he would only respect the results "if I win". What kind of chump shite that is?.. Why should this man have any kind of respect when he disrespected the majority and the system repeatedly. His power comes from weakness of the people. I am going to enjoy all his ruthless putdowns of a weak nation in the future. He reminds me of Baby Huey- got to have his way and a cadre of minions (super Rednecks) explaining his buffoonery. Where were you "Baby donny" in 1969? Hiding behind mommy's apron. Isn't the rush to destroy President Obama's time in office attempts (365 days a year) worse than Mr. Lewis' absence from a one day event. I am with you Mr. Lewis. A veteran.... something donny was scared to be.

Limpbaugh said...

Lewis helped elect Trump with his disingenuous statement about Bernie Sanders' history in civil rights. The same goes for Elizabeth Warren who didn't endorse anybody until she came out for Mrs. Wall Street. This is a good assessment of what happened that doesn't favor Trump or Hillary.

Josh said...

"...said he would only respect the results "if I win"."

True. Trump said that. And the entirety of the left, none more so than the progressive left, lambasted him as an undemocratic, crybaby fool for that.

And what did the progressive left do after Trump won? Did they accept their defeat graciously, as they demanded Trump should when it was being pushed Hillary was 99% to win? LOL!

Here are just a few things you guys did/are doing:

- Rioted in numerous cities, costing untold millions in damages
- Blacks assaulted random white people, and it's still continuing today
- Leftists made death threats in the thousands to Trump himself, and most notably members of the Electoral College, some of whom even had their entire families threatened with murder if they didn't vote Hillary
- Some are calling for martial law and a detainment of Trump until which point we can put him in a kangaroo court over pissing prostitutes, find him guilty without a trial, and imprison him
- Begging and pleading for a re-election, even after recount efforts not only failed but showed that the Trump voted was under-counted the first time
- People railing in the millions that the Electoral College "must be changed" because California isn't allowed, by itself, to dictate who the president will be
- People viciously verbally attacking Trump's children in public
- Entire media corporations looking to smear Trump and render his presidency invalid, even if they have to use troll fodder from 4Chan
- And on and on it goes

There's never been a greater time in America for the LULZ.

Anonymous said...

Dear Field Negro:
Thanks for keeping it "real."
I don't think he should attend either, and I hope he doesn't change his mind.
He's a man of principles.
Like the phrase goes: "If you don't stand for something then you'll fall for anything."

Anonymous said...

Hey…all you folks that voted for "The Donald"….I guess you don't mind that the country is being run by the Russians.

To all those that accused Hillary for her misdeeds….You ain't seen nothin yet.

Anonymous said...

If Trump is being held to account for supposed 'golden showers' before even thinking of running, then Clinton should be put on trial for engaging in sex with sluts in the oval office! Now that's a real crime! That's how much he valued the office he held as well as his marriage and his wife and daughters feelings.

mike from iowa said...

Douchebag Donnie had zero evidence to point to that the election was rigged against him. He had adequate reason to know it was rigged in his favor. You fucking morons wanted this dumbest sonofabitch for Potus. Now own him. He is yours. Stop whining. You got what you asked for.

Infidel753 said...

Lewis is taking a principled stand against Russian meddling in a US election. The real shocker is that almost no Republicans are doing the same. Ronald Reagan would have been physically ill if he had lived to see his party acquiesce in such a thing.

Just because they did it to President Obama, doesn't mean we have to do same ya know!

The wingnuts' claims about Obama's birthplace, and almost everything else they used as a basis for attacking him, were lies. The objections to Trump are based on fact. The difference matters.

People railing in the millions that the Electoral College "must be changed" because California isn't allowed, by itself, to dictate who the president will be

This meme is a striking example of how far the right wing has sunk into idiocy. Hillary didn't win the popular vote because of "California by itself". Only with the millions of other votes from other states, along with California, did she do that. The person who gets the largest total number of votes from the entire country should win the election, like in every other democracy (or "republic", for those who claim it's a meaningful distinction).

Anonymous said...

I calL BS! Obama never did show his certificate! Show it to me then!

mike from iowa said...

Donnie Douchbag claims John Lewis is all talk and no action! WTF is the matter with Drumpf and wingnuts? Lewis ia an all-American, one for the ages, fucking HERO. Drumpf is worse than shit in comparison.

anotherbozo said...

Yeah, I say bravo to John Lewis, too, though another black man named Obama, I'm sure, is all for the "peaceful transfer of power" to someone who "won fair and square." As is at least one black friend of mine.

There's a lawsuit being started that claims to overthrow the Electoral College because it was just part of the machinery to perpetuate slavery (true) and should have died with the Emancipation:

RaiYah Bat Yisrael said...

The dominant culture in this country is full of people who have a habit of being selective in what they call history...they don't own up to their past...they get riled up if so-called black people begin to turn the tables and think for themselves. For 8 years they've denigrated Obama...called him anything but a child of The Most High Yahuah...thwarted every move he made...even when those moves would have benefited the entire divided states of Amerikkka...well...let the president elect deal with what he has wraught...I stand with Lewis...I won't be tuning in...the greater evil won the election...let them make Amerikkka great again...I won't be participating.

mike from iowa said...

Poor widdle spoiled rich brat Drumpf. Just can't walk away from any perceived slight. Joh Lewis has every right to voice his opinions- maybe more of a right than Drumpf because Lewis has walked the walk and paid a severe price for his color. Maybe he should be given a Purple heart for being wounded in service to a whute America that wants to spit on him again.

Racist wingnnuts and Drumpf could have ended this by saying it is John Lewis' prerogative to speak his mind and boycott the inaugural. But, every one knows whiny sappy spoiled widdle Drumpf can't take the high road. Drumpf and wingnuts immediately take to the sewer where they do their best work.

Dru,pf is not man enough to carry John Lewis' jockstrap. Drumpf doesn't know what it means to sacrifice, to face hordes of police and attack dogs and National Guardsmen- all with a hard on for mistreating POC. Drumpf will never know struggle. He is a phony plain and simple.

mike from iowa said...

US woman dies of infection resistant to all 26 available antibiotics

Drumpf is so illegitimate that antibiotics stopped working just to spite him.

Anonymous said...

mike from iowa said...

...Lewis ia an all-American, one for the ages, fucking HERO. Drumpf is worse than shit in comparison.

9:30 AM

and did Obama do something for Lewis? a medal, anything?

field negro said...

What RaiYah said.

field negro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mike from iowa said...

John Lewis Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom
The Georgia lawmaker and civil rights hero gets the nation's highest civilian honor awarded by........wait for it....... wait for it........wait....... the best Potus ever. President Obama.

Anonymous said...

John Lewis is a national disgrace. He is the man who lied about being spit on by Tea Party protestors. He has always been a rank partisan who who would stoop to the lowest of the low in sowing hate and misinformation. America will be a better place when he is in the ground.

mike from iowa said...

AnyMoose sed- something, something, John Lewis something, wah wah wah. Spoken like a true white racist klan lover. Bucking for a spot in Drumpf's swamp, pal?

mike from iowa said...

Can't find where John Lewis lied or said anything about about being spit on. Mo Rep Emmanuel Cleaver definitely reacted like he was spit on and confronted the honky that did it. Shortly afterwards Cleaver is shown wiping at his mouth/cheek. Film at 11.

mike from iowa said...

Around 15 second mark you can see Rep Cleaver clearly react as though he was spit on. John Lewis and another Rep had already passed up the steps. If Lewis was spat on, he did not react as though he was. I ain't saying he wasn't. He has been subjected to such treatment and so much worse through the years it probably doesn't bother him.

AnyMoose on the loose, the video cooks yer goose- you loooooooze.

Anonymous said...

Someone put up $100,000 to anyone who could provide video or audio evidence of anyone spitting at or using the "n" word as Lewis claimed. There were dozens of media and hundreds of people with cell phones there, but no one ever claimed the prize.

Fancy that.

John Lewis should spend more time trying to improve his district instead of pushing his racist national agenda.

mike from iowa said...

The reward was $15000, Did you watch the tape I provided. Not the altered ones from Fake News? Of course you didn't.

Flying Junior said...

Very disheartening that so many would come down on Senator Lewis. Anderson Cooper? I guess he knows who butters his bread. Lewis isn't generating a huge controversy. He's just standing on his own belief in what I consider a very peaceful way of protesting.

mike from iowa said...

dead Breitbart did offer $100 grand for a video proving teabaggers used the n-word and lost. Then he blamed Black Caucus members for walking through a crowd of protestors to get to where they were going.

Anonymous said...

"Breitbart did offer $100 grand for a video proving teabaggers used the n-word and lost"

No he didn't "lose" - no proof was ever offered.

You are seriously fucked in the head.

mike from iowa said...

You are seriously fucked in your ass. Your side gets proven to be liars then you simply move the goal posts and start all over again. Breitbrat is dead and he lost the wager. Whether or not he bothered to pay makes no difference. John Lewis never claimed he was spat on. Congressman Cleaver clearly was spat on or as your side brushes it off and says he got to close to a protestor and got sprayed with saliva. Since it was directed at Cleaver's head I'm guessing it was deliberate.

Anonymous said...

Eff the high road and eff making nice with the traitors.

God bless Representative John Lewis.

It's time for patriots to stop bringing knives to gunfights with the ultra-right ultra-white nationalists and start bringing cannons. The white supremacists, because they are SO stoopid, have been co-opted by the Russians, who, if you recall, want to bury us.

God bless Representative John Lewis.

Effing Commies are not our friends, just because they don't call themselves Commies anymore.
(They must've learned that from the "alt-right", who, if you recall, used to be called the "Klan"... Or "Nazi". Take your pick.)

Patriots better grow some, 'cause the traitors are coming for us, black or yellow or brown or white, who don't bow before them.

God bless Representative John Lewis. More cojones than anyone else in Congress.

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

So there's an "intellectual conversation" about spit now?

If the weak White boy starts talking about eating diarrhea sandwiches, y'all going to engage him in that too??

That's exactly how Whooteemoos keep us distracted from real issues, by successfully engaging folks in dumb ass conversations about spit.

mike from iowa said...

I'm just a dumb retired farmer from iowa. Zero intellect here. Someone needs to engage these liars so the rest of you can carry out your mission. If we don't engage them on some level, they will infiltrate and take over. I've slopped hogs and believe me, they are much cleaner than right wing rabble. But it needs to be done.

mike from iowa said...

Giuliani Describes Trump’s Attacks On Press As ‘Trying To Get Us Back To A Free Press Okay.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are Sore Losers.

Yīshēng's husband said...

Yīshēng is dumb as spit.

The Ministry of Truth said...

If anyone should not be at the inauguration, it's Hillary Clinton. I can't believe she has reportedly decided to attend.

After the revolting, multi-faceted defamation of her in the campaign, there is no reason she should be a good sport about Trump's becoming president in an extremely contaminated (by a politicized FBI, Russian hackers, and Republican voter suppression measures, to name just a few factors), illegitimate election process.

Anonymous said...

"illegitimate election process."

What a loon.

Bubble-dwelling progs have completely lost it.

Jinx said...

I'm Team John Lewis. An election that was aided and abetted by KGB Putin is not a peaceful transition of power. And Ii's False Equivalency to pretend that they were respectful to Obama so we should be respectful to Trump. Hey wait. They actually WEREN'T respectful to Obama!

Goad said...

Financed by elite global bankers, the left convinced people it represented the little guy. And it worked—for a while.

Now the game is over.

Anonymous said...

I love how the Left has rediscovered criticizing the President, after 8 years of saying it was racist to criticize the President

eric said...

John Lewis lied about Tea Partiers yelling racial slurs at him and when confronted did not apologize or remedy in any way. A reminder that the man is a snake.

The Ministry of Truth said...

"Financed by elite global bankers, the left convinced people it represented the little guy. And it worked—for a while.

Now the game is over."

Everyone is "financed by global bankers," since shilling for gobs of cash is now an inescapable part of our broken political system.

The difference is that the Left want to fix this broken system, while the Right manifestly do not, having created it with lawsuits that argued that "money is speech."

The little guy is going to find how much Trump loves him when he stomps him into the dirt. Starting by snatching the little guy's health insurance, which Trump promised not to do, but will immediately do.

Anonymous said...

Blind opera star Andrea Bocelli backs out of singing at Donald Trump's inauguration after receiving death threats:

Something must be done about these commie progs.

Something brutal.

Josh said...

"Only with the millions of other votes from other states, along with California, did she do that."

I really can't help someone who doesn't understand math on even a grade-school level.

Yep. You b rite, yo. Just keep saying so...

dinthebeast said...

" Anonymous Goad said...

Financed by elite global bankers, the left convinced people it represented the little guy. And it worked—for a while.

Now the game is over."

I'm a "little guy" (read that a poor person with no political clout other than being white) and I would be blind right now if the horrible Democrats hadn't passed a Republican authored health care bill that helped pay for my cataract surgery last year.

Can you be goaded into understanding reality, or are you another dead loss to society dittohead who believes everything Rush tells you?
You know what? Never mind, I seriously don't care. Have fun when you need health care you can't afford, or your teenage daughter needs an abortion they're about to outlaw, or even birth control which will no longer be free, or easily obtainable.
Go ahead and fuck up the country while you can, and we'll just fix it again like we always do. The sum total of your impact will be a few years of unnecessary hardship for people who are not wealthy. We've lived through worse, and most of us (minus a few tens of thousands who will die due to lack of access to medical care) will live through this and go back to helping you and your family with the whole not-needlessly-dying thing.

-Doug in Oakland

Flying Junior said...

In no way does Senator Lewis' stand impede the peaceful transfer of power. To say otherwise is to be dishonest.

Peaceful transfer of power = Slow motion train wreck

That sickening feeling of knowing that there is nothing that you can do to stop it.

So Josh is saying without California, Trump would have won the popular vote? BFD. I know you've said this several times, but it doesn't really make sense. That's why nobody ever had any idea what you were talking about. That is a completely meaningless statistic. You could also say without the confederate states Hillary would be the president-elect. It's just a ludicrous, poop-flinging, big, fat nothing. Most presidential elections are very close it seems these days. We are a divided people.

Why does it eat you that Hillary won the popular vote? The foxes, wolves and coyotes still got the farmhouse and all the guns. They can take back all the money that Obama gave to the poor people and buy more houses, cars and yachts.

Josh said...

"without the confederate states"

So, to argue against me, you have to use multiple states instead of one.

I highly doubt the founders could have predicted CA specifically, but they predicted the idea of it beautifully! Because some areas in America might become exponentially larger than others due to populous, and the fact that politics is as cultural as anything else per herd mentality, it thus stands to reason that one state/area cannot be allowed to be over-represented vs. other areas that might not have that traffic. It's bad enough CA has like 55 EC votes, FFS.

CA is used because it's far and away the place where Hillary won the most votes, and it's far and away the state that has the most people. Plus it represented the widest percentage gap for D-R in the nation. Therefore, because CA's population of liberals dwarfs its population of conservatives, Hillary was able to get nearly four million more votes from one state alone. One state alone. That's the point. To argue against it, you're using an amalgam of states.

Because of its obviously wider-than-typical margin, CA stands out among all other American states. Its immigrant population, its minority populations, its wealthy population -- they all went Hillary (which, of course, is no shocker). But to remove this one lone state from the equation*, we see far and away a different story of the election. Trump won the popular vote. The EC was an even bigger landslide. The county EC maps look entirely red around the entire nation, save the overpopulated coastal areas.

*People are only arguing removing CA from the equation in this rhetorical exercise because CA is the ONLY state the anti-Trumpers want to matter when they speak about the popular vote doing away with the EC. California's vote would be the only way possible that Hillary would have won. You'd have to bring up, as you're doing, a multitude of states to change it any other way. It was the largest demographic of voters and the largest margin of victory for HRC. To bring up confederate states is basically reducing the argument to absurdity.

"Why does it eat you that Hillary won the popular vote?"

Holy shit. Are you seriously retarded? Are you another Mike from Iowa? It's because progressives are DEMANDING that the EC be replaced by the popular vote! They don't want my state to matter! My state has 8 million. CA has 39 million (not counting illegals). My state, and the vast majority of other states, would not be represented in a representative Republic if the EC were done away with! It doesn't matter to you progressives, but it matters to the rest of us.

As for the rest of your straw-men, they're not worth speaking to.

Good try.

Otto said...

They don't want my state to matter! My state has 8 million.

And my state has 4 million. So what. The point is for every person to be equally represented. That means the candidate who gets the most votes wins, regardless of how those votes are distributed geographically.

Josh said...

"That means the candidate who gets the most votes wins, regardless of how those votes are distributed geographically..."

No. That's not our system AT ALL. LOL The very reason we have the Electoral College is so that does not happen. All of America deserves representation. The way y'all want it, the cause-of-the-day will allow for a majority-rules system that implements tyranny over everyone else.

Black folks are in a unique position, IMO, to want to stay far away from majority rules. At least the progressive victim blacks. After all, they think white America, on the whole, is inherently and viciously racist toward them. Okay, so let's have a nationwide vote. Take blacks back to Africa: Yes or no. (Obviously it would be a landslide for "no," but you get the point...) Is it fair for racists in America to vote blacks out of the nation just because they have five times the numbers?

However, by allowing every county to have its say, we'd see a different result than just majority rules. Majority rules is fucking dumb. It only (barely) works on a local level.

What if America started accepting Swedish and German immigrants, they all went to Texas, and suddenly Texas had 70-million people? Now they're not counted as a single state per your system. Their millions of individual voters get to override the rest of America. It's tyrannical. And we always notice a trend with these things: When it's the candidate or policy you personally want, then a majority is okay. But if it's something you don't want, then it's not okay.

How's it working out for the black community in America that a majority decided on science and English and math curriculum? Not well. "Cultural bias" is what we hear. But they need to shut the fuck up, right? After all, it's what the majority want! And the majority is ALWAYS right! Right?

I say we have a majority rules vote in America on a referendum that an American citizen needs at least an IQ of 130 to vote. Must show your ID and verified test results before casting a vote.

mike from iowa said...

Imagine slum lord Drumpf with a slum lord SIL basically accusing a national treasure name of John Lewis of being a slumlord when Lewis' district better educated with more college grads than the majority of America.

Drumpf the fraudulent crime wave has no business talking about crime anywhere committed by anyone other than himself and his family of crooks.

Standingo said...

John Lewis isn't smart enough to think his way out of that paper bag he is always holding up by his face.

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

mike from iowa said...
I'm just a dumb retired farmer from iowa. Zero intellect here. Someone needs to engage these liars so the rest of you can carry out your mission. If we don't engage them on some level, they will infiltrate and take over. I've slopped hogs and believe me, they are much cleaner than right wing rabble. But it needs to be done.

What's the end game? Racial harmony and peace? You clearly have NO concept of world history because history has taught us time and time again that people like this are NOT redeemable. Storm Thurmond ONLY came around to racial equality and peace when he realized that a Black man would be wiping his ass for the rest of his life. And I'm sure he wanted him to do a great job (with all that ass he was carrying around), so he changed his political leanings.

mike from iowa said...

t's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said.. you need to lighten up on the hairspray and go with the moment. How much fun can you have ignoring these imbeciles?

Former Drumpf mouthpiece Katrina Pierson sez John Lewis is playing the victim card here. Just when you think a nutjob dipshit can't get any nuttier or dippier, they blow you away with stoopidity based in fantasy worlds. These people really are too god damn dumb to be allowed to live.

dinthebeast said...

Mike: I think what she is saying is that engaging with the trolls only lends legitimacy to their awful, awful viewpoints that they in no way deserve. It's the Craig Newmark "Don't feed the trolls" strategy.
They don't care whether you're right or not, being right doesn't matter to them. All that matters to them is making liberals and people of color cry.
I could be wrong, and Yisheng can obviously say exactly what she means, but that's the way I understand it.

-Doug in Oakland

mike from iowa said...

Doug you are probably right, but where else can one go and have so much fun flinging poo right back at the apes? Fun is my failing.

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

mike from iowa said...
you need to lighten up on the hairspray and go with the moment. How much fun can you have ignoring these imbeciles?

Hairspray? I wear my hair natural so hairspray isn't needed. But rather than lighting you up like new years eve in Manhattan for that dumbass, mysogynist comment, imma' suggest you watch the hairspraying your damn self. Harumph!!!

When dumb ass racists regularly make up over 75% of the comments on a Black blog about empowerment and addressing issues important to the Black community, that's a problem. So yeah, I think by you constantly engaging them, you're encouraging their behavior. And by your non complaint, compliance in their bullshit agenda, you may as well be spewing the SAME bullshit THEY are.

So the answer to your question about how much fun I have ignoring them, is a TON or 10 whooteemoo mammies worth! There's NOTHING a yeti crab d*ck size white boy hates more than being ignored by a highly educated Black woman Scientist and future Doctor!!!

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

And yes Doug, I agree 1000% with your last post!

mike from iowa said...

Not hairspray? Must be glue yer sniffing.

You do yer thing, I'll do mine. Like I said, I'm in it for fun and nothing gives me greater pleasure than making it possible for these loonies to hoist themselves by their own Captain Petards. Thanks for asking. :)

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

@5:48, roger that!

Jenny said...

Anderson Cooper, the Republicans DID say exactly the same thing about Obama for 8 years and the world didn't fall apart. Obama could take it.

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